The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 14, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1930
Page 2
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MOB TWO Craned Li>ng Filler... Hand Made The individual foil-wrapping of each cigar preserves for you the full fragrance and aroma of the tropics. He Is Anxious to Bkve % Marine LeayeThere Soon asPossible. - SIGNIFIES HIS IXB1AWAPOL1S SOLD BY ALL GOOD DEALERS THE HOUSE OF CHAISE IMPORTERS EVAN8VILLE INDIANA DRY. J following. Smith"- has the backing iof the Citizens Republican league (Continued From Page 1.) i which is waging a fight to re- last two or three years, and some observers are wondering, now moist angle has been-given to the Democratic, congressional contest. Samuel Pettengill, South modifi- move the'imprint of Cplfinism | Bend lawyer, is out on a from Marion county G. O. P. af-j cation platform as is> Clarence that "'the iron hand of Shumaker Lfairs. Both Smith and Mowrer are |Manion, dean of the Notre-Dame has been stilled by death, whether the league.will present the same terrifying spectacle to candidates it has in the past. Particular interest in the wet and dry angle has been prccipi tated by developments in the In- university law school. The third entrant, J. Harry Browning of overseas veterans, • both were | wounded in action? Smith with j the Fifth marines, and, Mowrer i Elkhart, has not declared him with the First division. 1 Many believe that Anti-Saloon league officials were responsible for the withdrawal from the race | self. The winner will be pitted against Congressman 'Andrew J. .Hickey of LaPorte, a veteran of the house and listed as a dry. . That the commission appointed by Gov. Harry G. Leslie to study the causes and effects o£ crime with a view to making]; recommendations to the next • legisla- dianapolis congressional situation j 'of Frank E. Wright, oftentimes on the Republican side. Two i referred to as the author of Indi- avowed wets, Ira Holmes and ; ana's "bone dry" law. j Wright, Ward B. Miller, and two equally; who filed at the last moment as a avowed drys, Asa Smith and' dry ; candidate, announced In! Schuyler Mowrer. have filed for '. withdrawing that he wished his j ture will be forced to include the the G. O. P. nomination. A. M. J support to go to Mowrer. That Wright "bone Hall, looked on as dry, is also in i seemed definitely to fix Mower's the running, while Warren Samp- [.status as the fair haired boji of' dianapolis attorney, anda mem- sell, a Republican ward leader, j the organized drys. I j i ber of the commission, announc- has filed as an independent modi- ! The Anti-Saloon league is op-jed that he would urge, as a crime ficationist, which will assure him ; posed bitterly to James! A. Col- j preventive, repeal of the_dry act. dry" law became svident when Leo., Rappaport, In- ilBUNB - • '_ :;. . !:!'; limit its Intervention in Haitian affairs, definitely to those actlyi- UM for which provision is «Mde for American assistant ice by treaty 01 by specifics agreement between til e_two governments.'' > I ""••'ih-v'. , j !"• • ! VQWWmS AMB USES BIBJTHDAV: ANNIVERSARY; | Mrs. Margaret Holliday of Hobbs Celebrates 82nd Birthday. ) Equitable Di facilities Is Si Air : Washington, D. C, April lji.-y Gradual withdrawal at American military forces from foreign tions haa become the detnlte gram of the Hoover jadmtalatra- tion. President' Hoover*,* approval of the report of J the Forbes commission recommending j removal of the marinesj from Haiti as soon as possible is in aetord- ance with a policy which he proposes to follow : elsewhere . and follows out a declaration which he made in. his annual 1 to congress in .December. We still have marl bee on! foreign soil in Nicaragua, Haitij and China," said the president in his annual message: "lit the large eense we do not wish [to be repre sented.abroad in such manner. 'About' 1,600 marinesf remain in Nicaragua at the urgent request of that government, and the leaders of all parties pending) the training of a_ domestic constabulary capable of {insuring tranquility. We have already reduced these forces materially andj we are anxious to withdraw them further as the situation warrants. In Haiti we have about 700 marines, I I I ! but it is a much more difficult problem, the solution of 'which is still obscure. Our forjees in China constitute 2,605 men, which we hope also further to reduce to the normal legation guard." ' j Since delivering his i message order.; have been issued for the return to the United States jof more than onelthirdI of the marines in Nicaragua. The report lot the-Forbes commission"which the I i • i • i 'President Haiti points to the substitution'of Brig. Gen. John H. Russell of ., the United States marines]' high commissioner, by an American 'minister and the gradual withdrawal of the marines. • 1 • • • 'j • '• • j . ! President Hoover i by his approval of the Forbes commission report indorses .its opinion! that, while Gen. Russell has rendered I Washington* April 14.—An entirely new^Bcheme of allocating radio broadcast! facilities to the tea la being" sought as the Seni committee on. interstate; com,- rce pursues its task of revising Comeus commi nicatipns bill the hope of reporting It to con- soon. •".->.!'. One plan for a nore equitable viaiA among; thj states has in submitted by - Capt. ' Guy .ill, U.;-S:, A.; engineer of the federal radio commission to report tor military du:y in the Philippines, '''I' -j ,.. II Other plans are being worked t by Commission™ SaKzman Lafount in' cor formity ' with seir promises to tie senate com- Ittee. All the proposals are predicted upon the repeal of the day at with t avis • equalization! •hlch now divides ties equally among ortion. : SHERIFF CALLED (Continued From Page 1.) |cene of fleers -T, Di, of amendment, radio facili- zones in pro- Howard and the Kokomo Single -mind- interests | of con- a place on the ballot this fall. | lins, judge, of the Marion) Crimin- Louis Ludlow, Democratic in-. al court for piore than jeightcen •cumbent, who has negligible op- j years, because of his 'liberal in- position, is classed as a dry. terpretations of the 'Jfry laws. Unless an unexpected turn over Collins, seeking the Republican occurs, the battle for the Repnb-. re-nomination and .faced with lican nomination is between ( several opponents, has; broken Smith and Mowrer, not because • with Coffin also.,The league also This is especially interesting to many because Gov. Leslie, who selected Rappaport, pledged in his campaign not only, to support the "bone dry"' law but to help strengthen it if need be. Rappaport's announcement did not strike a, responsive chord in •van Osdol of Anderson, or M. Ogden,;. attorney-gen- Probate- court be-jeral, who is entertaining the idea of-the wet and dry angle so mucli! plans to'pay'attention to i the-can- j E. A. as because of factional rows. j didacy of Smiley Chambers for [chairman of the -committee Holmes, for ' years one of the Democratic nomination for j James George V. Coffin's -chief lieuten- j judge of the. ants, apparently has been cut adrift by the boss, who is said lo j the association against the prohi- be looking with favor on Mowrer. j bition amendment. j ^ Hiner has little, or no political | Up in Ihe Thirteenth district a cause lie has been a member of;of becoming a candidate for gov -j ernor "in 1932.. Nevertheless he said lie would press to have the- recommendation included in I those made ,by the commltttee, if; for nothing else than to have tho members go on record-.'; While it has- been shown Hhat violations of the prohibition laws are- responsible for nearly one half of the-persons lodged/in jail in Indiana,"it is not likely, judging from the'makeup of the crime commission, that,it will have any recommendations v to.,' make rela-l tlve to the "bone dry" laws. If anything it probably will . urge stricter, enforcement and may ^">;K}.,^I^I^I^E ; - '• | even approve more drastic penal- • > {ContlB^#| , «w »Pso »_4.), hifhway eom«^»jf«f r*adcon- Btyw^lon rmad r mafat>J»iif|. f Br. «|iia ^«njipn^|4. i lluit ot 960,406- Ucenstlt-lMMd. -4,»1« 12 YEARS AGO Thomas Beatty police force were there. The men [ik-the Oldsmobile had been ta)/;en in^o Kokomo by Robert M. iMorrison of 516 East 5th street, Peru who passed the scene of the accident. | None of the persons in the Summers car were! badly 1 hurt and they were takenHto Kokomo in Sheriff Devault's car. The fact' that" j the accident f appened right at | the crossing nd the Rayls carj was in this i oiinty, makes it jjossible to file harges in the local;courts if the uthorities decide to so do. The action or the authorities here wil| be governed largely; by that of the Kokomo authorities. Prosecuting Attorney A. W. Bolton was investigating the matter Monday arid had not decided fully what!he intended to^ do. ;• ' Carson Delong who'was in the jOldsmobile is said to be the owner of a drug store in Kokomo and .the other two are iwell known in that city. ' •• i • • : ' - -. The | S 2nd birthday anniversary of Mrs. Margaret . H.o.lliday was -very happily celebrated-Sun- the family honle In Hobbs, big birthday dinner ank a home gathering of. the chtldreii, grandchildren and great gr'and- childrtn' of Mrs^ irplliday.'Mrs. HoIIidny/s anniversary fMl" oh Saturday April 12th but .the\ver t was observed on' Sunday'"tor-tie" conver ience of the relatives. -At i he dinner which was sery- ed at the noon hour there were' a number of., large birthday cakes brought, her in remembrance of the day and -all graced th} prettily decorated table. All of Mrs. Holllday's children were present except a; daughter, Mrs. Vlattie Hadley of • Pryoir,- Oklahama'and her family. ,The children present were: Mrs. J.' C. Russell and family of Fishers; James Holliday and family of Arcadia, Mrs. Anna Henderson and E^rl Holliday of Hobbs. Grandchildren and great grandchildren and Ojther guests present were Mrs. Thelma Warner, Mrs. Gladys Williams and daughter of-Area dia, Wayne Tranb'arger and fam ilyofj Peru, Mr/ and Mrs. Tom Gregg^ and daughter Annetta of Noblejsville, Denzil Gregg ahd Mrs. Newman and daughter jof Hagerstown, Glen Holliday and family of Tipton, Gerald Holliday of Fort Wayne, Mr. and Mrs. Raybnrn Magnctt aiid family and Louis Samples of Goldsmith". .Mr and Mrs. Clarence Russell and family of Fishers and Junior Allen of Indianapolis. M^SJ Holliday. was < April 14th. Charles H. Long of Kempton, died in the Deaconess hospital al Indianapolis of pneumonia. * * * Master George Boldon found a glove on the streets and left it at this office for the owner. *'*.* iMiss Elsie ' Redding of the Redding & Moier store, was at Blufftpn attending the" funeral of her aunt Mrs. Sarah Fair. * * *' Byron Legg who had charge of the Y. M.C. A. work at Camp Shelby, was transferred to Ft. Benjamin Harrison. Political • The Tribune, from now unr til the date of the • primary election, i| will carry political announcements in this column' payment for the same must be made inn advance. For Judge. As a candidate for the Republican nomijiation for judge of the Tipton circuit court, I hereby respectfully! solicit your support. 1 S. A. CULVER. "whole-hearted and ed devotion to the Haiti as he conceived them, tinuatlon of a I military admini stration 'is not desirable "The failure of the occupation to understand the social problems of Haiti," isaid the commission!in its report, "its brusque attempt to plant democracy there by drill and harrow, its determination;to set up a middle class—however wise and necessary jit may to Americans—all these explain why, in part, the high hopjBs j of our good works in this land have; not been realized." i j The Forbes j commission held it to be too early to decide exactly; what the United States should do with respect to Haiti at the ex-, piration of the "present treaty! in| 1936, but it seemed to be the opinion of its) members thkt the', people • of the black republic! 1 ! should be allowed (to shift forj themselves at j the earliest pos-j! sible date,' even thougbi "an un-. stable g.overnmenj. results. ; | The commission irecomn ended •an increasingly . rapid Hi ttianlj; zation of the Btrvicas, .with the objact of having Haltb ns ex< perienced' In every departn ent) of the government ready to taks over full resp^nsibliity at he mx4 piration of the existing trei ty." Itj was recommended jthat " it L the espiration oi '<Qeh. Riuaell • tour of >.dnty. ia Haiti; anil la an p such' event not be,f6re the inaugaration of the - penuuent preeide^t, the bflca of hiflk.- cohUBtssionjar # j». ab>iiahed?aad ••«" nonj-miliuijy mm AploaaticfrepreeMJtftlve .r HAD THRILLING. (Continued From Page 1.) | Sn jail and was to receive a hearj- ing Monday. Although) search was made- no booze was found on. his person or in his car,' but according to the Tipton people he had plenty inside himself. ! Mr. Terwilliger ! went j to Noblesville Monday to appear as. a witness for the state when the man's case was called for trial. |The damage to his car is covered by insurance and! fortunately none; of the occupants i were injured, but it, was no! fault iof the drunken driver they j were !not.. , Phi Beta Fsi. The Phi Beta Psi Sorority will be entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. ^Esther Stewart Waymire in El wood at 7,:4p o'clock. ' Every member! is urged to be present. '• • :, '•• 1 ' : :|'.. .— 4 .V ; ' ) .;'• Little Miss Betty Mitchell of Chicago is spending! a couple of weeks with her grandparents, Mr.; and Mrs.; George Krumanaker on West Adams street. - -given large number of beautiful and appreciated gifts from the relatives in remembrance of the day and ;>he was also given a slictwer of beautiful flowers " li'oth. put flowers and blooming plants that turned' her living room into j 'i flower garden and she'also :re ceivedjlOO or more post! cards with loving greetings from relatives and.friends who'could not conveniently call, and express personal greetings. - j That the daughter, Mrs. Had ley might have some share in hie birthjday dinner party which,she -:ould not attend, one of the fine 'argo birthday cakes received! by Mrs. Holliday, was sent T'ryor. Mrsi' Holliday who was born in Brookville April 12, ISIS- was the ilaughter of'•'Lawreuse and Mali! iq^ Walmsley, , pioneers j bf hat Community. She and a bro 1 - ' - -i • '.her George Walmsley of Franklin county are the only ones liv ng of! their family. Mrs. Holliday has been a resident of- the Hobbs community for many,, years anil is kno)wn and loved by the eiitlire community. Crow Tl SALE STARTED <Jf>OI>. d Watch Maniiructiife of IfiV' ing Itoom Suite. e| sale of Tipton-made"f(ir-' niture', which started at. the Young Furniture Company's plac of business Saturday,- -attracted n number of persons and during the day six of'these splendid s'uitjes \yerc sold. Diring the afternoon and pv enin?. Max Cooper, expert builder of tlhis product which has madi Tipton famous in the furniture built a coniplete s'ult.bcfpri line, the the" Get a Sheltom permanent. Polly Prim Shoppei' i Phone- B83. i 1 c-169 See. our; line of I ladies* leather purses. Trittschuhj' leather, goods. I . c-165 Admiral Dewey, of Manila bajl tame, was at 1 one (Jme in command of "Old Ironsides." !At night A fine bab'y boy was born Prof, and Mrs. E. J. .Gatwoodr to For County Treasurer. I am a candidate Tor the nomination, of treasurer ot Tipton county, subject to the Republican primary, May 6, 1930. 1 shall appreciate jji'ny assistance given me in my campaign. THOSj B. BARTHOLOMEW. James Landsaw and Arthur Sourlajid,- west end engineers, were called to enter the service. !•'*.*.*.Frank -Curj-an was adverstis- ing some extra good" corn from the. 1917 crop.'.'»'«* Friends were grieved to learn that Mrs. John Woodruff had died on the 13th. Foot Bruised. Var County Clerk. I-hereby announce myself an a candidate for the nomination for clerk or pie Tipton circuit num. subject to the decision of the Democratic voters at the primary election to be held May H. 1 !)::•). !! PARKER DUNHAM. I have announced as a li.-nm- cratic candidate for the nnniiiia- tion for clerk of the Tipton circuit court, subject to the primary election May 6. 1-930. Any support given me will be sincerely appreciated. JOHN' F. HEATH. Dr. John C. White, pastor of Kemp. Methodist church is laid up at the parsonage with a badly bruised foot and will be unable to get about for a few. days. Dr. White just returned from Ames, Jowa. Saturday where he had been on solnu business affairs for a few days following his return from the conference at.-Hartford City'the .first of the week. You can now buy Girard's Tip-Top Chicks for less -mousy; get our new low price list o-oinx into effect Tuesday, April 15. Tipton Hatchery. Phone 51. c-l(>5 il For Trustee. I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for trustee pf Cicero township, subject to the decision of the Democrat voters at the' primary election to be held Tuesday May 6. 1930. RKC L. HASKETT. I am a candidate for the Democratic nomination for trn.-?'.of Cicero township and will appreciate anj- aid that is ejven me in my campaign and in the primary election.: JOHN C. BOZELL. Drake Beauty Partor Graduate of Rainbow Academj Call 15 for Appointment Second Floor, Masonic Bids. M. & N. SHOE STOKE Nothing Over ^4.98 COURTESY OTJri MOTTO Insurance of All Kinds Life -j- Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your v Piersonal or BusincM f Needs May Be. LEE F. GRIlrTTH INSURANCE AGENCY :! Phone 57. New Majestic, Model 00,. Complete| With Tubes, $110.50. Lee S. Leatherman •FUNKKAli nrUKCTOIt. W. A. PumphrOT, D. C. CH1KOPRACTOR OHl (C Over Foster jjcwclry Store, i Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. walk- .was oyes of the public store and front crowded with people watching this interesting performance. . i At advertised this suit was spld mediately to the highest'bidder,, and was purchased by. Mrs.-Laura Moore, of.Tipton, whose bid y as 179.60. The sale will continue un- till all the: suites are-sold: \J Trlhnue rlasaified-ads nay. >Votir Bulk Compton & Son LOANS $25 to 9300 —Your Own Sri ur - ity—Quick and Conftdential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Rm. 4, Masonic Bldg. JJ. >!ain. See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishing I' • 6 East Jefferson St. II is Someone's Birthday Today We have jus added several nam? bers ;to our al-, ., ready large selection of greeting »-| RADIO SERVICE We (io Anywhere — Aerial Work—full Iih*c Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop Phone 30X7. Our New Spring Woolens Are Arriving— Come aad See Them CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and In'i Shop 10*» Notth Mala Street. We for Yo«r pM «M i I ' ' INIBACII eet Jefferson St.

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