The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, DfeCEMbER iO, 193(5' Record Crowd Greets Roosevelt in Buenos Aires LE, (AUK.) COURIER Demonstration Club News Notes Tlife Dogvvbd Homo Demonstration cliib hiet Wednesday ftflor- I neon nt llic home of Mrs. John Burkb Tiienlj-eight members mid biife visitor, Mrs, T,' J. Koohce, \y?re present. Mrs. Albert Payne led the devotional in which Mrs. W, J. Fnught gnvc'n lending. Six "chairmen present gave reports. Tlie coinmlllde lo isian llic Christmas iwly was named I Mrs. W; J, Pmight, Mrs. Ira Koonco imd Mrs. Hugh Harlicrt. I In Hie election foi the new >cai thesfc bfflcers \uie nnracd 1 Mrb Albeit Pasnc, piesldcnt; MI4 \V J FYiiiglil. \Ice-picsldont; Mrs!, Knrl Green, Irenwrei, Mrs j Chailcs Lutes becietaiy 1 In the social limn Mrs Albeit Pnjne was siiiprked vilth a thow- er in honor to her service to the club as president. Refreshments of fruit salad, pie iiid coffee were iservcd. Almost obscured b> the dense throngs (hat lepeiledly broke through police lines in the enthusiasm of their greeting President Roosevelt (pointed, out by arrow) waves ills silk topper in acknowledgment of Buenos Aires' acclaim on his aitival to open the Pan-Aincricau 1 PeacS Gonfereiicc. No Action Likely Before January On Utley Suit CARUTHERSVIIAE, Mo.. Dec. 10—It;was indicated here today by Judge James M. Reeves that it \vould probably be somelims in early .January before Jiij definite court action would be taken on the injunction asked against Hubert Utley and J. D. "Speck"•'.Barnctt, proprietor aiid bouncer, respectively, of the Crescent Night Club; In,the early, part of I^ovembsr, iniunctibns were filed against five, "places" in the county, «nd disposition 1 /has already been made in four instances, but' numerous delays have occurred in the Ulley and Barnett hearing , ' The Crescent ;Cl»b, according to Prosecuting Attorney II W Hawkins, "has been operating under a temporars injunction since earls •part of this yearT-'which, specified it 'j'no one connected with the pJa'ce 'hinst (.airy fireaims," and also .that "all ^.gambling devices must be dispensed with.' The charges u-crc filed against Utley and-.'Barnett, hailing them *nto court in November, -following the slaying of Louis Howard, 24 Poitageville jouih who was beaten to death: at the club.-.utlev and BarncU are now at liberty undei bond of 510.000 on murder charges each in-connection mth the •jlaj- ins. Bake'jy a minor, arid brought Ills behalf bj E M DeBakey names W. H. Howell, stecle chief of police, and the Nalloml Surety C6rp:,.\vl(h which Howell v'as bonded a& defendants, and was filed following v joutig DeBakej s arresUand short detention in the stecle jnll The other suit, asking $1,500 in an amended petition which first asked $3,000, filed by Samuel T. Berrjv.v.'ho seeks damages on about the same tount as does joiing De Bakey Ho«e>ci, Berry s petition states that following his ariest while sick he wns attacked by an- othci prisoner aftci being placed In jail. one-Hilard LaRue,.and sustained some broken rib when la- Rue beat him up. This. suit nariies (he city of steele, LaRue J' H Mayes, night marshal, and J. -H. Smith and J H Workman Majcs-' bondsmen as defendants the First Ohrtsllan church, which also sponsois Tioop 38, of which J A Puckctt is leadci There, are now! 19 members enrolled. These will: meet every other Tuesday night in-small groups at liomes;-of - members and on the alternate Tuesday nights will meet In a body nt the social hall of IV Chiistian church, Pat, Crowe Proposes Hithway o Circle U. S. (UP)— Pat Ciowe, foi 36 \ears nolouous as the kid napci ol Edwaid A Cudahv, Jr, and for 30 >ears America's best- 1 110*11 reformed criminal has ad- \anfced a plan foi a modem highway 'to cncir6I6 .the United States and lo be. built by joung unem- Cecil Branson at Head Of Senior Honor Roi CecU Branson leads the hoiini roll of the city high school fo the second six weeks term of th first, semester, v,ith 13 hono points Theie arc 36 .student on the loll Close seconds ar Jerry Cohen arid Jiianita ' Schc Nend, each with 1214 points Others In the honor of their rut Ing tire- rarris Richardson U Russell Parr and Jojco Sumers U; Harry iCloyd, and SKe Rhine' 10", John Charles Bright, Bill! Lcgsfett and Marian Tompkln 10, Betty Iberrit Eh/abcth Abr.i ham, Bonnie Jenn Buchanan Ilil drcd Bunch, Helen Phillips, <)'/j Niaijorie Warren, 9, Virginia Lit tic, Haiold Rosenthai, John S.imi ersj 8"., Nouna Ciowe Ellzn belli ndnnids, Snrn Kviard, Mar porie Mass, Frances Parkei, Jew Rice, 8. Paillinc Hllburn, Jose Iphinc Shibley, T/_, j c Bnkei, ' Itary Fitzgerald, Henry Muer Horace Walters Juanitn white 6">, Coirmc Bl.ickard, Alice Jan Hester, Mary Eunice La j Son, 0 Honorable mention \\enl lo Marj Jean Afflick, Ellznbel Ba\lor, Mary Jo Buchanan Jo Burnette, Billic Craig, Wimfrc Crawford, ^Betty Dugan, R..I Orant, Geneva. Graves, Mol Guard. Helen Hood, Jack John Cub Pack Being Formed For -Boys, Age 9 to 12 Bojs in Blytheiille between the ages of nine and 12 seals who «ish to prepaie foi scouting aie being organised into a with Jimmie Edwards Master The group is Cub Pack as Clio sponsored . plojcd men bplall homesteads Would be established along tlic land adjoining .the rlght-ol-way, which would be taken o»ei by vaubus elates b> light of ciiilnenl domain These homesteads would Be, given to under-privileged youths. Ciowe believes Che plan would be valuable in presenting crime. ston, Howard Utoore, U W Maor Amy Rdth Morris, Floi*e Rame Odic Rice Alice Palibi Maner Saliba, .AVyiiettc Shepheul, l" 0 Waid, Clint Wheat and Patric Wood Read Courier News Want Ads Second City of Steele Damage Suit Continued CARUTHERSVILLE, .Mo., Dec. 10.—At a one-day session of circuit court Wednesday, the second damage suit, in the sum of 51,000, against the City of Steele, was continued until'the next term of court. It was filed by Thurnian DC- HELP 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To Flush out Acidd and Other -. Potabhons Waate D&ctora say your !:i<3ncj-3 contain 1". Mil^of liny tubca or liltcrs which help to purify the blood nmV keep you healthy, >]KI frcofus pass p.Myt J pints a day or about 3 pounds of waste. Vrcqucnt or scarify i passages with SDurting tad burnicg siiowg tbcro may he something wrons wit'' your VicJticys or I>!adi3er, An ciccss of acM» or pcirons in your blood when duo in funr u nil ^»Inc> disocOtr" niy ho iKc twpntims ol nigginz LacVioIip r! cu ninlicpiim lumbrgo Ie« pjin^ ln<aof p^nnn'l cncrgj-, getting up night*, ewclline. injffinc53 un;!cr the fryes,' licathc!iC3 nml tliiimtii. Don't i^raitl Ask \out onipgnt for Dean a Pill?, u,=cd FticcCjJullj bs millions for o\cf-JO years. They civc liappj relic! inri ml! lain tic Jj MLfea of t-frfncy tub's fiwh 011 prutmoos ^•asto from iou r fclooti Get Doan a I itlj Christniifs Decorati6ns f6r the'Home-and Tree Oui stock includes holiday oinamcnts pnd dccontions of all kinds, Christina's wrapping paper, slickers, Girds, clc c e Chrislinas Wreaths 25c io c 9 in Electric \Vreath complete ihth bulbs, ideal' for windov/f etc 8/2 Inch Wreath witli'Artificial Candle stniclion of it $25,000,000 load progiam Plug Takes af to Cleaners Tutting Witchrtun Lets Thkves Take SUel fails WTTLi EPAtAS, k Vi lUl') 'no men ppprOAehM tlw ihWh- fntm hi lite NO* York ccnUal mllrcod yards hi §»ilsbliry Centci, Identified IhemseU'fs fcs Korkn^n and carl«d •»*&>• aid ffel of rails. 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HUBBARD HARDWABE CO/' 1'hotic 152 HESS' YOUR CHRISTMAS STORE «j p , c - mp ° 1 , 1 ncs ' a iiehuiifui hnc o f Ladii!s i, " n ^, SH(in '''ijnnm,^ I5«th Rnbes and J.oiangjhg Robes witli House Shoes , to hiaUh « fatl, ynu can dwirlble ifts for r the fhmiiy right hwe prices. dwirble gifts for rea&onablc Lovel ly New Liiigerio gowns, "pajnmas, lingerie nnd undies of all soils to make her happy on Christmas mornlnir By all menus give her some of these luxurious undei- Hosiery Is Certain To I'lease Sheer new hosiery shown in all the- season't most popular shades •would adoic °°^ of these) '1'hcy Can Alnajs, Use NEW GLOVES \ Dressy MCVV ^Ibye slyles in .kid and fabric lo har- monlic with tho ne* ouinls. A (Jowl Anbttcr To Ont'of Your Gift Problems— HOUSE SLIPPERS K\ery flhin WahtB TIES The 'chalice's arc lie's counting o n kome this Christinas. . We have [I fine selection. Will Catch His tije , SCARFS We have.some really smart . Scarfs this year, both Viooleii nnd silk Something For Lounging IIOBES And House Slippers Sc6 our new Rotes nnrt Slippers bcfdro you decide oil his e'ft. Why Not GUc Wim A J3ELT SET Shop Early At.Hcss' % Remcrtbt;! Uiat Christmas, stocks ( (ire going fail antt We cannol - \ Styles similar to that shown n t left ar.e- Very popular and make most i acceptable Sills. Biai-ance that these , Items will Wst-. until- the Holidays Notv is the tlmc'td blry t }OHi 1 Coiivi'iiionily Located!^ Hess,' i.s locpted in iho Heart:of, the Business District—Just across the street from the Ritz Theatre Black'and Un tea- Iher Belts •with smart buckles All complete In gift boxes. Cerlairtly "She" Wants One of These SmaH SCARF 1 SETS 3 fond 4-plcce novelty Scarf sets foi . adics Very smait tins season, I good for a •?£ | present I [S » 'li CITZJ Ust time Today Friday - Pal Night f^ Aflults Adnillled-fOT Price of-t *"<" Paramount News and Coincdy •••" Matinee—ID i 26o ,, ' Nijhl—10 '* Mo, , , Tl 1'iraniount PlHorUl > jfadl "•"'V Novclly Shiris' ' ^ JUKSDAY, DEC, 15J- §100.00 ISANK NIGrlT! ROXYs iys Ib ft 25c—lc Tail' .„,. JW r.vcry,Nlghi MnttneiS Friday, S'lJnfdijT, Stovitsy " " Friday i Sundity fllatlnets—Z.lSjJl SilUritay Matinee — <• Conlinuoui *„, —"1:00 Ml 11:09 P." & •*>» Last Time Today H PAL NIGHT! § I Adults Admitted for Price ol 1 £JS' All Children—ICc tP 11 * 1 FURNESS) • ARTHUR TREACHER YMOND Abo Selected Shortss 1 Friday - Saturday BRANDED A', , /• ' 8ANOIT1 • ken Cartnon and Srrial—'The Clulth- Ing Hand" with Jack Moliul ,

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