Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1954 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1954
Page 5
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MONDAY. APRIL 26. 1954 Selling Old Thresher* Steam Engine Enthusiast Is Going Out of Business ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH HARDIN - Fred Kiser of Detroit in Pike county has long heen known as a rollenor of steam thresher engines. His collection of 11 engines at his farm home along Rt. 36 has drawn much attention for several years and has brought him visitors from several states. It has been a lot of work to keep the hie steam trartors fainter! and polished. Most of idem have been steamed up now and then to insure their condition. Kiser, an ar- | dent Republican. Rot his biggest : thrill by steaming up some of i Ihem on election night in Xovem- | her. 1352. then celebrating Kisen| hower's election by rousing the I countryside with their whistles. C'ontmrtH I*i>t«n>ntnt; Last summer he contracted I paint poisoning, while painting one of the machines, and it was then he dfcideti to hreak up his collection. It \vas not haid to find buyers, as every state in the union has numbers of old thresher- Important Announcement . , , We take pleasure in telling you that we are now baking a variety of mouth-watering ALL BUTTER coffee cakes. They fire truly different and something thot you will be proud to set before your family. We use only pure dairy fresh butter in these coffee cakes—no other shortening is used. One can imagine what this will do for flavor. When eaten, you will not be disappointed. On your next visit to our shop may we suggest that you take one home and place it before the most important jury in the world, your family. We feel confident that the verdict will be a wholehearted clamor for more. EVANS PASTRIES . 2B11 STATE ST. 1100 MILTON ROAD BIAL 2-9421 DIAL 2-9186 men who are keen Shout owning steam fractii-m engines Eight of! them have been solrl and only j three retained. These three are a small Jirmbo. a small Case, and a little stationary engine which he calls "Butch". Four of the eneines were sold ft- hohhyists in Kalamazoo, Mich., who hauled them home on iowboy trailers. They were a Jumbo, a Nichols and Sheppard, an Advance, and an Advance Rumeley. A 'X horsepower Minneapolis ucnt to the Pukenski Brothers in St. Paul and a 16 horsepower Ru.sse'l \\as sold to Neil McClure of Macomh. 111. This was one of the newer models and was built in 1925. One of the finest engines is a Port Huron. It was sold to a tobacco grower in Kentucky and will again be in service as a sourer of steam in his curinR and packing plant. An 1S93 model, Glamor Gin, was sold to Frank Stark of Rilling, Mo. Authority on Threshers Riser's experience as a thresh- erman and later his hobby as a collector has "made him an authority on the subject of steam tractors and on the threshing art of a generation ago. He has written one book and many magazine articles on the subject. His collection has also been photo. graphed and published in many newspapers and magazines. Travelers along Rt 36 are going to miss the display of those big awkward machines which brought fond memories to many of them. PAGE FfVfc The cross became the acknowledged symbol of Christianity a I the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine. OPEN TONITE MONDAY NITE 5 TO 9 SPECIALS MUSLIN PILLOWCASES Sn«WT whit* bleached muilln woven of thrifty cotton. Buy a. iilpply tonlte and tave. LATEX PILLOWS 5 to 9 Tonite Scl«ntlflc»ny proportlonrd, allergy free, ndorl itelf air condltlonrtl, wuhhable core. *Max. shrink, MUSLIN SHEETS Reg. 1.99 1 55 Sin Good quality sheets you'll u«« everjr «»y. Bleached white, tape nelvafeg. Hni ii s Force MilA/irrnnm* tip in CalhfWH HARDIN - Thursday's warm rain caused countless mushrooms to spring up i-.11 o\er Calhoun f'ounty and seekers after them had the higg-st day of the season Friday. Although thpre ha\e been I-P- ports of bir; finds for thp past two or thrpp works, they were not to be compared to the thousands of mushrooms that were bagged alter the rain. These are the later ones and are all of the white and gray varieties, always more In demand than Ihe red ones. Probably no family in Harrtin has failed to onjoy a platp of mushroom* thp past fpw days. Friends divided up with others who had to stay home, and many hunters went after the funfri com- meroially. They found ready sale for all they could find at $1 per Ration. No spring srason is complete to a local riti/en without a hij; feed or two on mushrooms, and | no one has ever hern sick from j eating- them. i A new stiRar refinery at Mossi- RP. Madasrnr. is the hiRRest In , the Indian Oeenn area. Some NPAV Zealand ha\-e women tellers for ftie time, Auckland reports. The Orman furniture industry is fully hooked up for t&t present. Cologne reports. Butter has hee/,i largely SO&planted hy margarine from domestic eopra in fndonesift. ALTON CIVIC ORCHtSflA TONITI 8:15 P. M. WEST JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL ALTON AREA DRAFTEES—ftftrrn young turn from the Alton drnfl board nma, and two transfers, reported at Kchvardsville this morning and boarded a bti.i for Army Induction in St. Louis. In the Kroiin are, loft to riRh<: Front row, Randall David Beck, Donald l^p Porkinson (volunteer), Kenneth KtiRene McDonald (volunteer), James Warren Williams and Charles Kdward Kethorn, also volunteers. Second row, seated, John Louis McDaniels (volunteer), Lerov Robert Rnhright (volunteer), James Lester Daniels, George Robert Williams (volunteer), Llwood Julius Wieseman. Back row, John Henry Thomas (transfer from Irvington, N. J.), Robert Arnold Stetson (volunteer), Robert Charles Merkle, Joseph Aaron Williams, Jr. (volunteer), James Klwell Gilbert (volunteer), Leo John Saroian, Robert Fulton Moss (transfer from Sheridan, Ark.). Five recis- trants from the Tri-Cities left with the contingent.—Kvelyn Bowles photo. CHENILLE BEDSPREADS Soft as liahy'» touch with smart Million fringe. 1"re- slmink—m. Ironing. Harmony lloute colon. Full- twin siirs. NYLON PRISCILLAS Reg. 5.98 3 97 S to 9 Tonite F.xqulslle nylon—>o filmy and pretty! l.nvrly window complement far any room! Eaiy to launder—quick drying. END TABLES Reg. 1.98 Mahogany finished end table sturdily made of white pine. A real buy at this low price. Get yours now. Jersey Petit Jurors Listed \\ ill Report For Duty On May 17 JERSKYVILLK — The petll jury for 1he Jersey Counly Circuit. Court has hern drawn and members will report for duty nl 9 a. m. May 17. The panel is as follows: Klsah —Joseph Finkes and Edward D. Bradley; English _ Josephine Coslello, Raymond Runsn and Lillian Devening: Fidelity- Carl W. Arnold and Esther C. Searles: Jersoy-Oren Priest, For- resl Pirtle, Oliver Gell, Edith .7. Nail. Byron Gary. Robert Hunter, Harold Arnold, Dennis East, Thurlow Frost, William O. Parsell, Elmer Campion and George W. Pickerel; Mississippi—Marion Cooke and Philomcna E. Oohpen: Oiler Creek-Dorothy O. Wahle, Paul J. Cory and Clarence L. Breden; Piasa -Marion Laubscher, Earl Downs, Joe Kiel, and Holland Yost; Quarry-Francis Banfield, Arthur M. Presley, Virginia G. Wilson. Calvin P. Palton and Marie J. Critrhfield; Richwood— Leo K. Schaaf, Mary Kanallakan and Virginia Wiist; Rosedale— Charlie Daigger, George M;, Healey and IlaVcrn Davenport. Wills Scholarship JERSEYVILLE — Larry L. Ferguson, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Ferguson of Jerseyville, was among the high school students whose entry in the Greater St. Louis Science Fair for 1954 won for him a four year scholarship at a university. Only KEEP COOL LIVE LONGER in hot.htart-straining weather NYLON SLIPS Reg. 3.98 1 99 S to 9 Tonitt Permanantly pleated trim at bedlce and fl.unca In white only .Buy tonlta and i»ve. HOUSE BROOMS Reg. 1.29 ea. S It 9 Tiniti TERRY WASH CLOTHS Reg. lOc ea. Soil abiurbent and fluffy white ctttan terry with ttrlped border o< blue and red o r green. Lock illU'bed (diet. WITH FEODERS NEW ROOM AIR CONDITIONER AMAZING 1UIIT-IN WIATHil IUIIAUI Pren a button for the cool wtuher TOU tram. $«</' />)•//.'. Itjat/ COOlfl The cooling power of H refrigerator! for leu ih«o the price of one. Cir- culiiei air I Veniildeil Never a draft! ClIANII Ovcriize nlteri catch dun. din, polltn Help relieve omeriri of hiv ft»«r, aithma. Keepi roomi cleaner. OIHUMIDIFIIII Removal up 10 30 quirn eic'en moiiiure e diy. keepi iff health- full? dry. No pipei or at jaaa\ 4aVjaV ductl Deeded. V^gfJOO VOUII »oa At tOW At aiBAWK. Free Installation , For Limited Time Only ACT NOW—PHONE 2-9751 IRONING BOARDS ALTON STORE HOIJ»8: 4 fri. « to 8. R»>f 8 to S. ALTON BOTTLED OAf SERVICE "GAS SERVICE" t HEATING t AlrVCONDIT!ONINO • APPLIANCES 1 Mile North on Godfrey Rd. PHQNf 2-9751 VISIT OUR NEW URSCYVIUE STORE ill S. STATE 8T. studcnls in thr ^lissourl-Illi- nois nrrn received (his mwmi, Ferguson, who is n senior B! p Jersey Community Hind Srhool received H half luiiion irholnrship for lour yenrs nl Illinois College in .Incksonville. Ilis exhibit \wis n radio project whieh previously \\oii rr-copni- (ion n( the 5lh finnunl Scietico Fair r<l Ihe Jei-sey Community iRli School in March. Telegraph Want Ads CLICK American n p I t H 1 is being sought to establish sandwich drive-ins in Singapore, which hnsn't. any thus far. not 5285* not 5279** Come In tortoy and •» the »en»at1on«l new ottrlnn AM,.TR\N«l»TOIl Hearlnt AM • It imei no "B" batt»rle»— no vncuum tnht>«. Plenty of power! Aliio »»K for rletallt of otir nr.NTAt. PJ..VN and FftKli TUVOIIT Vmril be «urprliied at Ihe new Inn com of better hearing. A, E. McCUNTOCK OTARION OF ALTON 410 SI'KINti ST. Ph. 2-flSfU Aflnr 3 I'. M. Batteries and Accessories For All Type Aids not lift* rtn«wti»ii tatiiirt „ | ' minus,i. DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK HEARING AID By Makers of \Vo rld-Famom Zenith TV and Radios, * H, llmt Operates for 1 SM month instead of $4.50 to $9.00 a month for vacuum, lube aids. No "B" battery ... one IS* "A" battery operates entire aid for 30 days or more. Greater-than- ever clarity! Fewer interruptions In power, fewer battery changes! ln« eludes built-in Phonemaanet. You Con'l Buy a Ittttr Hearing Aid At Any Pricif THRIFTY Rexall DRUG STORES KOMI AT THE I'OLLOW'IIVG STOKES ONLY • S2S HKI.LK ST. • I IB W. TIIIKH ST. • 2B28 COLLEGE Open from 9 to 9... Come in for Your Share of the Savings! Rotary Mower Cuts Any Height (Jra«s, Wecrfs Power Mowers l-Cycle, 1.2 1-I.P. Engine 70,08. Only $0 Down Ken. »!),SO. Only $8 Down cui» ifi-in air-in, i a ii.p, „„, ,.„ ([Inn aim-In emlly. 4-wlierl muprrl- pi-L-vdntn lawn tcalplng. Acljunt- ahle rut. Dunlap Plastic HOM Top Quality Red Plastic «......-..'. 3.88 *79 -.-.^WKl «cinl-pnBuinii«c tlrei. Han- Extra light to take the work out dy .pood throllle. Entire ronatruc- nf | M wn and Harden watering. Verv lion of rigid pre»»ed it«cl. 18-ln. flexible, reMiits kinking, weight I cut - pounda. SO-It. Housing Designed for Greater Cutting Efficiency 19-in. Mowers Regular 98,00 • 2-cycli gasolint rotary mower Height of out adjusts 2-3" Trims close to fences, trees, etc. Direct-drive 2 HP engine. Economical operation. Automatic governor control. Nick- resisting steel blade. Rugged. 21" Rotary Mower ....... $85 Plastic Nozzles 49e Ughtwrlght • n ,j colorful! Adjuiti from powerful t« fine spray. Modi toe long aervlce. Steel Wheelbarrows Knsy-Rolling Rubber Tire Wliool RPR. M.OS I 1.77 Hti»k,v tterl ennalructlon, Made for bin loadi and hard use! Rubber tiri> rolli amoothly, abnorba bumpa. Hand grip*. 16-in. Hand Mower Cniflsinun \r£iftftw3 Craftsman Rakes 16.95 Stronger lhan cant I inn. longer life! 5 reel nljuloi: Urge sohrl lubber tirr». Plaatln handle grips. See it today.! * IB-Inch apread 01 Z2 flexible TVi-ln. double locked apring ktepl tinea. Buy 4 now at Searal Electric Drill Kit With Dunlap ',i-iri. Drill Keg, 27.03 $2 Down Drill. «and, polfuh. grind with ONE LOO). Complete with 10 high apeed bit* and accetaoriet, Sturdy metal i" Electric Drill Reg. J36.B5 31 195 Only 14 Down Mghtwelght aluminum frame; ea»v handling. Fineii "Supreme" geared key chuck, trigger awltfh . . . 7-h. cord, » Molding Head Set .Make Your Bench Saw Veisnlilo Keg. ID.IIS Oi95 Do molding, rabbeting, Jointer and planer work on .vour bench »aw! Set la complete with »ix ieu of bladfi, box. 24 M 32-Plcce Socket Sets Rl|. 95.00, Crifttmin Quility „ nown Ideal for mechanic or out owner! No one vllal pjere hat been overlooked. All parti are "Super-lull" iteel, heat treated, tern, pered, fininhed. Superior liniibed tool box, attractive red tray, Regglqrly $158.00 ... Buy Todoy ond You Sove $31.00! 8-in. Saw Outfit 10'in, Btnch Saw CYafUnian Tilting Arbor Reg. »».50 Only 18 UOHII... Exlr» heavy duty tea led preclflon ball be»rlnj» never need lubrication. Make* *lop operation /a»Ur, •aner. Complete $ 127 79.88 Sole special! Includes 8-in. tilt arbor bench saw, tool bench, Vi HP 3450 RPM motor, tool light, two toble extensions, mold* ing head and bits, belts and pulleys. Save now at Sears! Phono 3*5511 STORE HOUKSi Moa. »nd Frl. • to 9, Qlter Wai i 8 to ft,

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