Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 4, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 4, 1957
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., TUESDAY, JUNE 4, 1957 Congressmen Urge Russia Let Ike Talk Graham Says Preachers Must Talk About Sex By OKOKGK COKNKI.l. NK\V VOflK— :.f— I'ri'iichors need to do more lalktng aboul to help curl) n rise in immorality that threatens the lite o[ .... nation, Billy Urahain said last night. "The Bible- lalfa aboul it> plainly," Graham told a crowd of 17.UOO al Madison Square Garden j man ' ".Ministers need to preach about " -• [should seize the opportunity to it. We've been loo silent about it." th WASHINGTON Wv-IU-p. Brooks Hays <D-Ark> said today Ibal if lUissia should grant radio-televi-u n j sion time lo an American spokes Time Bombs Exploded In Algiers, Nine Killed Dial PA 2-1600 for a WANT AD Taker ALGIERS - . - .................... • ..... man ' President Eisenhower our leisure lime." Graham fired some straightforward ^cminents on the subject. dectering that a current (langcrj to America—greater than l '"n)-i|A |> i munism—is the corruption of sex-,""* Oil I nrt standard,. !1J|-()|)||] ruin this nation unless we findi S|)Cilk to tllp people of Russia, •onslructivr to do with Administration o f f i c i a 1 s appeared cool however lo any idea of asking for Russian radio-TV . i A . - facilities to match those accorded AlUI IjiH Soviet boss Nikila Khrushchev in R filmed interview on a nationwide 11. S. radio-TV hookup Sun Six persons died last nighl when time bombs cast iron bases of the posts went! ' off almost simultaneously. The ">'ORK ^— Both Dn I'onl - The death toll climbed lo nine lodav from * '" d<Wnlown ' A ' Ei <" ' nl0 cvtning rush llour placed in the ' " lv lie siiid pornographic litcraitir.. Improper dress, idleness of youth. and ey^n educational (rends hau 1 ' .>'•" iwr\i\ *-—num uu rum OUILV i-a-pimmcm oincjais sr given-impetus to sexual license aml General Motors sold lover in;no decision had been reached [early slock market trading today.'asking for equal Russian air time,!. h'Tlie loss in General Motors was]which several Congress members]! 0 ". 8 and clinic. The,, evangelist, on Ihe 'artmcnl officials said on I dead included five Europeans, among them two children, and one Algerian. More (han 80 persons were injured in the crowds of ler- rificd thousands. Two Kuropcans, one a 6-year- old boy and the other a young '" r, and a Moslem died today of lliave suggested be done . „ of his"Xesi ; York crusadi.v| vcl '- v smal1 said increased leisure lime spent I Action of these stocks attracted --. • -- — — . in "idleness. luxurv. r-nterlam-allculion in Wall Street because<" uuse ^°reign Affairs Coniniitli ment and amusement \rn( ' ' ~ • '"" """'' ''~ "-' -~- " ' ... wounds. The outburst was Ihe first ser- imbing incident in this cap- rebellious Algeria since 15 to ; of yesterday's Supreme Court m|.Impressed doubt thai any Russian '' ' that Du font violaled'".' 1 ". lim f. wmlld bc given to the immorality "I tell you." he said, his fisl'anlitrusl laws by holding 23 pe slamming on the pulpit, "it wiU'cent of General Motors slock. i\t .-<iJK£i.-,-)il.-lt UC UUJH'. i .... ° -....~- ... Hays, a senior member of lhe' p " so " s w* killed and 60 wound]ea when two bombs exploded in crowded football stadiums. The Nationalist Algerian Movement i.MNAi mailed a statement to Paris newspapers saying its , r jUniled States. Hut if it were, he (continued, "it would be important I0 ,.|? n , s " ew spapers saying its c 'enough for the President to prc- P? Illlcal bllrea " demanded (he b he American mint of vim*." '"'m^'ale withdrawal of French „ us save you time and money by financing your new car .. . CUMBERLAND U VAIE Memb.r F.ti R.,. Syi!»m LONACONING I Member F.D.I.C. Your Bank Is The Best Place To Borrow sent the American point of view,' Army Chief Sees Danger ~ forces from Algeria and their replacement by United Nations in ternalional forces." , , The statement said the polili- cqu| P ment cal bureau decided that-its "representative in New York .should appeal as soon as possible to Ihe („ n,_ , .- ..... ; ° l . „ ,_ , is of utmost importance "to main- ° en ra ^ ln > tain mnhita clrarno/^ r^o^T-.Fnc- «r '. ' til tain mobile strategic reserves of Arm}' forces ready to suppress any 'brush fire' quickly before it can spread.'* A nuclear conflagration "must not be allowed lo occur." he said. In a speech prepared for graduation exercises at the U.S. Military Academy here, the Army chief of staff drew a comparison of Ihe "down-al-the-heel" Army he entered 35 years ago and the present million-man force. Robinson's Son Given 60 Days In County Jail HOLLYWOOD—UN'S)—Edward Jr.. son of the tough guy. must :G. Robinson, famed movie ._..„.. „„, „, (spend 60 days in county jail despite his attorney's impassioned pica and his father's bitter tears. The 24-year-old playboy was given the senten Court yesterday for drunken driving. Four Hurt In':.Fire NEW YORK —(INS) —A five alarm fire flared out of control in a Bronx tenement house lo day, injuring at least four fire ,meu Time Buying Clash Aired lagon officials go before a Senatel neav >' thunder storms were re- commiltee today to air a Defense Department disagreement with Ihe Mr Force over installment buying of weapons and equip- nicnl. The Senate Defense Appropriation subcommittee called for the public explanation of the dispute. A committee member. Sen. Symington iD-Mol. suggested that a crackdown on credit buying issued by Secretary ot Defense Wilson could cause costly delays or ac- ual elimination of y-i billion dol- ars worth of important Air Force Wet Blanket Covers Wide Area Of U. g. By The Asiocioled Press More wet weatlier was indicated in seclions of the Southwest and South but it was pleasant in most other parts ot Hie country loday. The only large area of precipitation this morning again extended in areas in Texas, Oklahoma and extreme western Louisiana. However, rainfall in most of the wet belt was light. Some locally 'heavy thunder storms were reported, including 2.56 inches of •ain at Raleigh. N. C,, more than DALLAS ifl—Thousands of Tex-, as and Oklahoma farmers, pray~- w.,^ vniuikviuu laiinvia, |Jici>- dan uus — inmiei, jn many to ing for rain six weeks ago, today crops have been a total loss. ""•- "* ------ '""' ----- — J " : The MNA long ago was banned NEW YORK «v_The Commu- lisl party yesterday announced seven national " tier. Mcssali HL..,. .„ utl ,, s held on an island off the French °The lamppost explosions were beTeenTo'n I'hT concentrated in an area of about t h " - monthly a dozen blocks. Each bomb was u ve placed near streetcar or bus slops. Several Algerians were seized i suspecls by members of the angry crowds. Police rescued them from possible mob violence and then took them in for investi- electzon of cretaries to run the party col- ctively on a day-to-day basis The seven will he a national administrative committee, acting '" ~~ ~" ' h 1 y meetings of National Execu- Je elected last month. The new setup replaces the former system of having a national chairman and general sec- relary. Reich Recruits Drown Anti-French violence continued '" ' 1<rai "'"g Maneuvers in other scatlered areas across Algeria. Two persons were killed and 19 wounded by a grenade blast at Blida. Ten children were injured by another grenade at Tlcmcen. Scattered shootings look the lives of Ihree Europeans. Violence again also cxlended to France itself. One Moslem Icalh in Versailles i., u „ rican miner was stabbed to death in Roubaix. Ellerslie PTA rr\ ~t l* 1 OC13 MUNICH-*INS)—The drowning of IS West German army recruits m a training accident yesterdaj raised a nationwide demand to day for an investigation of the disaster. In circumstances recalling lasl year's "death march" of "u. S Marine recruits al Parris Island 23 young German draftees wearing heavy equipment were ordered to wade in the normally shallow tiler River near Kempten in Bavaria. Big elo*"Baton" Seeing is Come hi and watch os demonstrate how even the toughest slains come oot without harta to color or pileJ. 100 No more "keep off the carpet" signs with this new tweed broadloom! Tbe toughest stains clean right out with everyday household cleaners, and the color won't come out with the stain —even if you have to use bleach. That's because Baton is made of amazing Staylux carpel rayon with color sealed in. Baton's rich town and country tweed hides soil and footprints, too. Its fashionable multicolors provide a beautiful background for any color scheme. And you'll love the smart new look the luscious texture brings to every room! Extra/ Baton is also mothproof — and highly rcsistant to mildew, sun fading and salt water bleaching. 12' and 15' widths in 9 tweedy multicolors :y ELLERSLIE - The Parent- Teacher Association of Ellerslie School will hold a buffet supper en the school playground today ja't 5 p. m., according to Mrs. JAima Connor, president, who said Ihe event is being held to mark the blacktopping o£ the iplayground. The supper will precede a Lille League baseball game, which will be followed by a talent show. Officers of the PTA were installed al a recent meeting by Arthur .Miller, a past president The officers are Mrs. Connor re-elected president; Nial Cook- vice president: Mrs. Betty Shaf for. re-elccled secretary, and Mrs. .Marie Bramt, re-electee treasurer. Miss Alma Logsdon. principal said the school ivil! hold its grad nation program al 1:30 p. m Wednesday. The graduating stu dents will be in charge of the program. Miss Logsdon said adding that a highlight of the affair will be the exchange of Safety Patrol belts. Carolyn .Miller is the new cap- lain of the palrol. the first girl Y'. to be named to that post in the ^schoolji history. Ihe principal ~, , lieutenant '?< ' ;don was elected secretary. | Miss Logsdon said the gradua- lion program will be followed by a party in honor ot the graduates '(Parents and friends. A full set of adult teeth num bers 32. There are only 50 ir he set of baby teeth. I I Cumberland's Only Completely Air Conditioned Furniture Store! •• I I ^1 Ef •% ^L • «• ^F ^^ ~ ™ ^* "^ 40J.413 VIRGINIA AVE...CUMKE»LiMn MD . No Extra For Easy Charge Cradit Fan for the Whole Famil? T»Ve thsm by train and forg»l Ihe li»ffic. Enjoy cool, cUsn, • ir conditioned comfort. Goby Western Maryland B«twe«n Cumb«rl»nd and Eliim |D»ily «xcept Sund»y) r«.d <io»a P - M 8:15 IT. Cnni^rlnd A S:5* HeCool. (K. T i,i) 5:31 finoiw «:1S Hhi,. »i«>d tittiu Aii jei • gtnl *ot timmtOt «U nidoni on toil, H AX. . ]] ; 30 ]0;+J S:16 7,35 *i the inch al Burwood and un- Farmers Fix Flood Loss At 27 Millions This Year Floods are a different—and dis- astrous—rmilter. In many cases, ' 1 inch at Dallas and Shrevc The Weather Bureau reported ideal spring weather from Wisconsin and Illinois eastward north of the Ohio River across the -real Lakes anti the Alleghenies :o New York state and New England. Skies were clear and temperatures mild in most areas, Moffa Pushes His Bid To Head Teamster Union WASl!l,\'GTO.\-fINS)-Team-l sters Vice President James R.] lloffa has intensified his bid for! he union presidency through a nationwide canvas of supporters in Ihe UOO.OOO-member labor! organization. Representatives from the Team- slers Central States Conference and Southern Conference were: reliably reported to have confer-! red with Hoffa yesterday in a secret meeting in" Chicago. Grain Prices Drop CHICAGO wi _ Grain and soy-, bean fulurcs continued lo move downward at the opening on the! Board of Trade loday. Losses' were fractional. j , faced the prospect of anolher ruined crop because it's too wcl. H isn't true everywhere in the two stales. The situation changes almost from day to day as torrential downpours fall first one place and then another, Many farmers, particularly in the north Texas wheat bell, are looking forward lo some of the best crops ever grown— if they can get into their fields to harvest before lite planls fall on the ground, or in time lo spray before insects and disease cat them. The Texas Defense and Disaster Office and Ihe Extension Serv. ice have jiard figures Jor agricul- lural Flood losses — 527,289,090. They reported 1,567,755 acres of farm and pasture land damaged. This does not include "wet weather" losses olher ihan floods. Oklahoma farm experts set no such hard figures, bul say floods "wiped out a lot of crops." The Spaniards brought ths grapefruit to the West Indies and Florida. WANTED Business woman stu- School young dent wonts private home where she may work before and after school and on return week-ends in return for board and room, or where she may pay for room and board. DIAL PA 4-0866 THE REVOLUTIONARY VENETIAN BLIND • f AST TO CLIAN • COMPLtTCLY WASHABLE • NEATER APPEARANCE • MADC WITH THt flNCST MATtKIAlS AVA/UBJf , {UNCONDITIONAL SERVICE GUARANTEE"! > Ask lor esiimal* t?J _no obligation The SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL COMPANY Queen St. at B&O R.R. Dial PA 2-2600 II Says CAR LIFE, Jhe Family Auto Magazine ABOTI; brief clipping tells ycra wwJds -»• about the '57 Buiclf. It tells you we went all out to maJre this car completely new-yet we didn't sacrifice a single Buick virtue. So you still get that unmistakable Buick »tyling. You still get that big-car room and comfort afld that solid Buick quality, But you also get so complete a change Jn the vitals of this car that the driving of it is a wondrous new experience. You g«t a brilliant brand of performance thot't different from anything eke that goes on four wheels. Words won't describe it. Telling vtni there's an all-new engine, an instant new Dynaflow,* completely new power train-none of that convey this news to you. What yon have to do Is get m this car and drive it. Drive it around the block, through town, out on the highway. Actually fee? what happens when you press the gas pedar, turn the steering wheel, touch those powerful new brakes. ' Then-and not till then-will you know why folks call this "the dream car to drice." The best advice we can give you, by far is this: Ask your dcorer /or o frial run today. <Xcw . - m at frtrncoii on other Series. j , SAFETY- BUZZER* o U , ,« « rt ,„ rtoy »*«• jw. ((rep b>lew iW unw AwroMotMi AM urnr MMCK win WHO Biff. '*<&. 81B YOUR AUTHORIZED BUIC DEALER

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