The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina on May 19, 1903 · 6
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The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina · 6

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 19, 1903
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(J 6 7. THE SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN. TUESDAY. MAT , 1HL J THIS HORSE HEAVILY BACKED T0-L0-TAN Cures Catarrh iND HIS RECORD JUSTIFIES IT ; ' ' ... , ' ' 4 PRAYER. I have llted my lite and that which I have don May be within himself make pure! but thou. If tbou shouldst never em mw fae again. Pray (or my aoul. More thing are wrought by prayer Than thia world dreams of. Wherefore let mv voice Rise like a fountain for me night and day. For what are wen better than sheep or goats That nourish a blind lire within the brain. If, knowing God, they lift not hands of prayer. Both for themselves and thoae who rail them friend? For ao the whole earth la every way Bound by gold chain about the feet of God. .Alfred Tennyaon. THK SOUDIRGE. IBy lit. Ilev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe, sometime bishop of Western New York.J 'Then aald Jesus, Will ye alao to way? Bt. John. The organ played sweet music While as, on Easter Day, All heartless from the altar The heedless went away; And down the broad aisle crowding, They seemed a funeral train. That were burying their spirits To the muale of that strain. As I listened to the organ. And saw them crowd along, I thought I heard two voices, Speaking strangely, but not strong; And one. It whispered sadly, "Will ye also go away 7" But the other spoke exultlngly, "Hat the soul-dirge hear It play!" Hear the soul-dirge! hear the soul-dirge! , And sea the feast divine! Hal the Jewels of salvation. And the tramping feet of swine! Bear th soul-dirge! hear " the soul-dirge! Little think they, as they go. What priceless pearls they tread on, Who apum their Saviour sol Hear the soul-dirge! hear th soul-dirge! tt was dread to hear It play, 'While the famishing went crowding From the Bread of Life away They were bidden, they were bidden To their Father's festal board ; But they all, with gleeful faces, . Turned their back upon the Lord. Ton had thought the church prison, Had you seen how they did pour. With giddy, giddy faces. From the consecrated, door. There was angels' fond all ready. But the bidden where were they? : 0r the highways and the hedges, Kra the soul-dirge ceased to playr Oh. the soul-dirge, how It echoed The empty aisles along, As the open street grew crowded With the full outpouring throng! And then again the voices; Ha! the soul-dirge! hear it play! And the pensive, pensive whisper, Will y also go away? Few, few were they that lingered To sup with Jesus there; And yet for all that spurned him There was plentv and to snare! And now, the food of angels Uncovered to my sight. . All-glortoua waa the altar. And the chalice glittered bright. Then came the hymn of Trlsaglon, And rapt me up on high. With antla and archangel To laud and magnify. -v--- 1 seemed to feast In heaven: And downward wafted then. With angels chanting round me. Oood-wlll and peace to men, I may not tell the rapture Of a banquet so divine; Ho! everv one that thlrateth. Let him tsite the bread and wine Jleer the Bride and Spirit saying, win-we-alao go away 7" or go, poor soul, foreva ' Oh! the soul-dirge hear It play. . Methodist Protestants are to have - double celebration next month, via. the IT.Olh anniversary of the birth of John Wesley, and the 71th of the - founding of the denomination. Eac conferenc-e-jslll have Us own celebra - tlon, but In the Maryland ponferenee, the largest In the body, the oecusion will be used for the raising of n tin I -ne-o45000needed to complete the payment lor propmy--rmUiused for nooK concern and publishing now The building purchased is In Baltimore and cost 126,000. It is to be a gift from - the Maryland conference to the Oenen conference, and the litter will enutp with a printing plant, givlug Method in rroiestama tor tne nrst time-in thclT-rhHitoHiithelr own publishing plant The Methodist attestant, of which Rev. Dr. K. T. Tugg I will be prttOedahere. Thia la the old est religious weekly Trr-Amertea. hav ing been established In 1S1ST the Wesleyan Repository. JVrThea, Brntton. rector of St -Mary's KcnooTTtt-Ralelgh. has accepted - tn- pisnorprlr or Mississippi-to whlc hewaa recently -elected, Befoi consecration to this high-- office lr, Bratton's election will have to be rat Ined by---majority- of the dioceses of ne American Kpiscopal ehuixh and afterwards the conwHiCof a majority of tha bishops of each dloceaemust be obtained. These prellmlnarles",winl take some time and It will be two or I three months before the date for hi Tonaeorallon will he fixed. The enm mission to cWneecrote will be Issued by the Right Rev. MarTh-Ulark. t. n hlahp of Rhode Island, and "PfeTrtding Hiannp or. tne cnurcn In the i n I ted States. General --Booth's seTenty-fourth - ---- birthday-has beett-eeltbrated cntTtts Isstlrally by Rnlvatton Army workers in Exeter halt Jxindan The Cong regatlonallst belleveslrfat -"The as me business reasons exist for wie . merging or denominations doln th same work In the same field on the same principles, as exist for the merg ng m grea i Business enterprises." 1 The Installation of Mgr. O'Connell as rector of the Catholic University of America, Washington. u. was con i ? Intry Jo precedent, behind closed door. This proceeding was In conformity with the desire of Monslgnor nVoiinell. Not even the students knew when the ceremony took place. In a strong editorial on "The: Rullg-lous guestlon," the Christian Register ays: "Nolhln- would do the world so much good as a revival of religion set free from the bondage of creeds and sects, and directed to the moral rectification of human conduct" Rev. J. Ross Stevenson. D. P.. states that while the real estate of the Presbyterian churches In the city of New York Is valued In the aggregate at 1 10.-OtiO.eOO, the present generation has contributed practically nothing to that wealth. A New York committee representing six Protestant denominations has been appointed to devise some means by which the various denominations may co-operate in overthrowing Mor-mouism and establishing the larger Christian civilization and life. Pope Leo XIH. has outlived all but one of the sixty-one cardinals who elected him, and has twice renewed the Sacred College. He has erected two patriarchal seats, thirty-four archbishoprics; has sent missionaries to artous Darts of the world and rounded ecclesiastical colleges and is giving the gospels freely to the Italian people. At the division of conferences at the recent meeting of the college of bishops of the Methodist church. Bish op A. Toke Smith, of Charlotte, was ssigned to the ninth district, with me following schedule: Tennessee conference, Murfrecshoro, Tenn., November 17; Western North Carolina confer ence. High Point, November 11; North Alabama conference, Tuscumbla, Ala., November 2R; North Mississippi conference, Holly Springs, Miss., December !: South Carolina conference, Greenville, 8. : December 9. CHRISTIAN CONQUEST MOVEMENT GROWING Editor of The Cltlien! I write to request your co-operation In extending the Christian Conquest Crusade. This movement Is of peculiar Interest to the people of your state Just at this time, because the State Sunday School Con vention recently adopted the Christian Conquest flag, and recommended Its use, together with the national flag, as decorations in all of the Sunday schools of your state. Originating In connection with the tragic death of President McKtnlev, this movement has snread marvelously. until now it has assumed national, and even inter national proportions. It alma to secure the adoption of the Conquest flags by all ?hurcheand christian organisa tions as the flag of the chrlstlan-relig-lon. This flag, associated with the na tional flag, ia to be used as a means of arousing and uniting all christian forces for the sake of world-wide christian conquest, the rhttraeterlsa tlon of the national life, the cultivation of patriotism and the teaching of the duties of citisenshlp as a definite and organised part of the life and work of every christian church. This flag has already been adopted bv the state Sunday school associa tions of Missouri, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina and It Is rapidly being adopted by other states. It has also been adopted by tne Illinois Ant I-Saloon Lengues and by the Internatlon Convention of the DIs-rlules of Christ, at their meeting at Omaha, last October. It has been endorsed bv many of the leading denom- matlonal and missionary organisations of our land.. It has spread to other lands and the movement seems destined to assume world-wlile-pro- portlons. Perhaps the matter of most special Interest to the general reader Is the success of this movement In Inducing the churches to take up definitely the teaching of the duties of clt-Ixneshlp as christian duties, In the line of the creed of Christian Patriotism, enclosed herewith. It led to the establishment, by the International Sunday SchoW-C-uiiypntlcm. at Denver, Colorado, last Jmierf-!iMtlxiieship"-Sunday, the fourth Suiiy--tNjiyemher, euh year, when the duties cT"cTtrxefw. ship and temperiilce are to be taught throughout Ihe Sunday schools of North America. - S, M. JOHNSON. Chicago, 111.. 212 Tticomn Building. "LIBERTY-LIGHTING THE WORLD' Eivnia Lasnrua' sonnet (IHSSi, pnwln brnnse within the pedestal. Not like Greek fame, With livid connueiii' limbs from land to land: Hai'Cjit our so-washed sunset gates shiflt stand A mighty woman with a torch, Whose flame Imprisoned lightning, and her nan Mother of Kxlles. Frorn--hiaLle!con Jjnnd Glows woTldSiJc- welcome: and her mild eyes rninitnti The nlr-brldged harbor that twiiTc - frame Keep ancient lands, your storied up! cries she With JllenTiltHirglve nie your tired. -- your poor. " Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched? reTusp-ttf-A-om- teeniine pl shore fndhesie the homeless. "TempesUtost, 10 me: I lift my lamp beside the?oMrH-.4uotr Cincinnati, May .'ft. A special from Jackson. Ky., says: Judge Redwlne en a special term of theTnr- tor aiay TJt'-uuuPiirpose of Impaneling a lurvto investl?aTeTTte--asaaaslna- tion or rnckrell and Marcum In col - 4 - n?S!!,, ,vl,h the recent feud troubles ofBrt hitijminty. TO-L0-TAN Cures Catarrh Tlie--bj!:i 71 on vlnnt of HHHsSsUCsflHHais Saccoromter Is one the of the great Always plenty of money nt the buck of to get u chance to place their money on CHURCH WRONG TO ALIGN 'WITH WORLD No Promise That Masses Can Be Saved by Even Wise Civil Government SAULS METHOD INCORRECT Christ Is Head ot the Church and i'What Concord Hath Christ With Belial" - Written for The Ashevllle Cltlr.en. one of the greatest mistukes ever madejny the great body of christians i that sceirraealoug to forward the cause of righteousness IW thoUueITorts ' put forth to accomplish a rooirpurpose. through alliance with worldly organizations. And this mistake must certainly follow from nn ignorance, If not Ignoring, of the fact that God's merely providential control over the movements of the world, us it Is seen now, does not assure, a In the past, Ills taking a directly governing Interest in what goes on among men. - There was a time when such was the case. lie had a people of His own In strict cov enant relations whose very battles were Jehovih's buttles. And this relation will be resumed In the future when that same covenant, earthly, people shall have been "grafted In" Hgain. A great change haa taken place In God's government 'of the world. Jlis character waa formerly displayed through the nation of Israel. He spoke directly through that nation to themselves, and to the world; and when Israel had '-Victoria and defeats, or Joy, or woe, thev came Immediately from Him. B'lt when Israel was merg ed In the mass ot nations, then (Jod in some way retreated from the immediate control of the earth, and now at a greater distance from the scene. He merely displays His power and government In a form of sovereignty tttuclilng all peoples alike, In providence. hen we-eonaider the sharp distlnc- ;H to he observed between theJwo kliigfnnTTJirml-b.eteen the earthly and the heavenly people "rrf-ftwiLvve should the more easily recognize the c christians regarding their connection with the affairs of this world. The moment we remember the plate of Christianity in the world's chronology, and that christians are an heavenly rrHp)iLwhlle the earthly people of ls- Tart-aretpinpoTarlly-jjff. we see no earthly fruit ioneC- the prophecy ece't in nbeynnw-llll'-the restoration of the earlhlv inherltunfe-.- ;liLhe ivenly people realize only heavenly pFonuacs-ln this world trib ulation Is their lieritiTg- Keeping before us these dTsTtTiHlciikT FmmhBtluLdiy until this. fluuracteiistlcs and always first align rn oitrseives-whether--ve belong to the klindom of this world or the kingdom that Is from above-?-lt would seem an easv matter to 'determine how-far In the attempted establishment of moral aul religious principle through the methoTlTii-dtH'Aeii y Caes- r the effectuating of good How iimclr-atreas should we lay on such methods, and how-fushoukl we pray and struggle for successto any-specified human operation? . If we will divide time into dlspensn- "rtwiafijiiid learn the nature of the present as ceuiattstinaulsheil from the past and the f muTer--wi IT soon remind -ourselves that at the pTenentl time, tioas work is nm uiuneuiateiy connected with the movements "of 'the world. Its stages of progress and de-ciTne-aejiot the expression of His will, although Halwaya exercises a providential care over them Beseems too often- forgotten that It Is notfrhe- proper province of Thriuianltyto run the world. , Lyman Beecher was at Litch field likermwvL-jireiichers these davs. ho looked well afterprrWarfairs and tried his utmost to control them: BntLuat ordained to be operated for the later on, when asked how he was get ing3ilong..Jir replied: 'O'h. very well Jimleed, ainie T tmvtoppedtrylng to ruir-tAewaiuo; u true cnrmttmsann especially preucnr?ild-bmrnrw the kingdom of the coming Klng lsT7xrtleTnTrt--i never to be brought -in by their seal tn I'uuui- aiiuiro ttnu alliance wun wuriu- ly movements under the claim of es tablishing righteousness and godliness through any medium, and under the favorites of the i':isi prn tllrf. Whenever him. His record this season has been so him.- - - , plea that, fn this, the end (even If pos- I siblei ould sanctify the means, they would save much In the economy of true religion.. ".My kingdom Is not of this world," says Christ. This is hint enough to Christianity 1. e.: true Christianity, not that Christianity which holds the controlling Interest in the visible church, but that minority, Inner circle whose voice does not always prevail i.s an administrative force In ecclesiastical doings. It is hint enough that this is not the a,ie for the manifestation ot Christ's kingdom, but merely an electic dispensation wherein only Individual regeneration is contemplated. Thnt ia the work of Christianity now, although carried on amidst revolution and anarchy. There ia no promise in the Bible that the masses can be saved through even wise civil government. A nfttlon shall not be born in a eree-v ia lost In fruitless efforts to dis-duy, (luring this age. And much en-arrange the.; dispensations! character of the nresent time. It seema that too much religion is foisted Into municipal campaigns under the specious plea that a iiuestion of moral discipline Is Involved. And trt purpose la not regeneration, but reformation by force of law. The purpose Is good on the line of good government and civilization. Hut what wouft.l Josus do? "My klng-"dnm"ts-natpttls world." The ever recurrfng-erusades ngainst popular evils made, under the nusplc- es of the church1 swordless body onl Illustrate the tendency of chrls tianity to forget. ' "Put up thy sword Into thy sheath," lrnnlies the character afjthe warfare of Christianity while takIhg"mrt--a!Llherri(isses a people for his name. The christians' king has never yet been crowned. AfteTtirs-cojir nnatton, with that of others who love his appearing, the saints, with two-edged swords in 'their hands, will "execute vengeance upon the nations, and punishment upon the peoples." But not now. This Is the age of individual selection. There la nn coercion tolerated. And the work consists of individual regeneration, and not outwanl reformation of the m i as eg as n means to that end. And it is n shallow Christianity that Joins heartily In the methods of the kingdoms of this world towards even the very best civil Institutions under the avowed pretext of hastening thereby the proper establishment of the kingdom of Christ. These misguided efforts the ofiener deluy than hasten that kingdom; and why? r.pcause the method is unwarranted, till the coming of the King to possess the kingdom. King Saul's method to secure an of fering of goodly-sheep and oxen whs apparently wise, but it was nmvarraiit-eil. And so the hope of chrisltiaiiity to ((invert the world before the time through .'.n unwarranted combine with the world, may expect disappointment. The two lilirr'ioma are constitutionally at enmity. Christ Is the head of the church as It lies In the kingdom of Ijo.l. and P,i!au Is the prince of this world, and tin- kingdoms .of this world .ureunder control of the dragon spirit. "A7icT-irti4-ajTnoord hath Christ with Belial?-- This great-fAct Is lost in the - -s- 1 r , ,i Dy crisis ana not evolution noi hristlans-flr-tkeac co-operation with the civil da of the-niammon otJfKrrl ,, .,ih impatience of themselves fitnnda unrighteousness. The primitive church was free from I his fault. It never coveted earthlv clorv. and viewed with pfoiiTrses of4iitCustcpoi.i.rati6n with civic in strumental tics. rrue-t-uuie.riper. wcution: fot Hie middle wall of"p:iT- tltlon wa!rw-liroKentovvntin the em fltr."LRn Jnl'mu and be aecountorthy like ln:iov th.w., ritivjt "for poilvenTPTTCf.' barfing the Reformation, no powefiias ever been able" to--partially divorce church and state. As a consequence we--rind the -alliances- complained of above, plainly deatlneit to --continue till the sure f;ill of Babylon described in a pocyl pt le-mfWinuL It Is needless to expect Tin V4atnie lurch to rid itself of this spell. The reusonT-HUioinnierous "d too patent to debate. ThirsTc-embir power, till -Satan is chained, will mar ties of ehri-Mi mlty: and the signs of the tinies-TTniTrt-ltf-aaUicj-eased deca k tKe-rrtv4-L deuce and world con f ormi t y"Tulmnt-io,,, ing in ine sure deliverance or me man- i'httd.Atid-4t-all comes of making the principles of hiistiantly ptmic-Hl fiues- tions nnH-uuIiirclng them bv the nia - t-4UiyTrtt-poJ'r" oj nut of the mud of the alwla-rlver In ct of the 'klnS'WU-IlnPtmah-rolina, being exhlbitedifv true subei things are bhorcnt: to christians altogether right. "Come out of her my people, that ye be not par j-ta-kers of her sins.' That ntr-ctmsitlans Should be sub !ect to tnepo era thaTte-hvpu8tollc. But these power arr wdei-edL of Go(T,rn-ge4Uiineness attached, and hinted temporarily; and ; although the rulers are .ministers of God, the pow ers are purpo"s?-Tf--eiuliUshlng the kingdom of Christ: and no one OBlrT aim -this pas- snge as authority for carrylngrrtri KTeat"nojaijijejtlon of prohibition In lin,j ,-lamorand unsanctltled pestt - every christian trx himself by thatbattetnjrhe alNdayT prayer-meeting during munlclpat lcrJ i .... j,,,.- ; - .. .-4 .... . I H' ' i .iti.ti ii rill HITIIiunu. The dragon platform with all Ha aec- ho I m ntrui In o mo IhoM la good that the Dlunarers are eager ularlty Is prayed for by christians because it carries a moral rider to catch votes. The world and the church put their Issues In hotchpot with the usual result that the world is not spiritually benefitted and the church loses spirituality. This is supported by history: the facta show no Improvement to the church except 'In that externality that boasts in Loadicean style: "I am rich and increased with goods, and have need of nothing." with Christ outside knocking at the door. The kingdom of Christ Is not straightened in means to accomplish Its destiny, and needs not the brawnr arm of temporal power. "Fear not. little flock, for Its the Father's good pleasure to gjve you the kingdom." It is not subdued by conquest, but received through faith: and better prosper unuder persecution and martyrdom, with the world its open enemv, than hand in hand with the eirthly power and glory. It is a warfare to the bitter end a truce Is only a temporary strntegem a device of Satan to gain ground while church and state are building school houses, re fining society and destroying saloons bv combinations of equivocal claim to divine approval. Doing a good thing, but In the wrong way. Would Jesus compromise with the world to carry a DOlllt? Does he want his. ministers to tell the reoole from the pulpit on Sunday how to vote on Thursday? This Is very questionable. Although great issues moral issues are at stake, and reformation the crying need of the populace. vet. O, rcan of Ood. follower of the meek and lowly Jesus, let not your req! outgo your knowledge. "Let the dead bury their dead." Draw sharply the line betweeen the kingdoms. Study well the plan and dispensations of God, -who will accomplish his purposes. Hu-mMnit iTTfrrrtitm-ia not religion, reforma tio! Is not regeneration; The work of thf1 hour is individual salvation: 1he- completion of the electic body of Christ, the burden of the gospel. As sure as we live there Is In these premises something worthy the consid eration of chrlstianty. Of course it is n(U a now question. It has been- In is st:e since the days of Constantino. A l-irge inajorrty of chrisltlanscan see no thing wrong in uplifting humanity from the slums of debauchery nl though it is done hy nvans of terms with the world, engaging to adopt its methods. And yet a large minority In gency will warrant their going into arrangements with the masses as set forth In these presents. And as Peter the Hermit failed, so will the church fall in merely experimental crusades. These suggestions are not submitted for -controversy: hut with the desire to srlve food for reflection to the pious be liever, To-beget the inquiry whether th enforcement or righteousness un der the power of -earthly "government is not a (tispenaational question when In the reign of universal riehieousness "out of Zion shall go -forth the law mid the -word of the Iird from Jerus nlein." And that, therefore, this is not the -age. for bringing the sinners of government Into aidBut that the kingdom of Christ is to be eliminated by crisis and not evolution not whloh tfkes tts- Inspirations this world. : od of These are Intimations, pro salutae anlmae. Not derogatory to patriotism thnt duty is not comb? Med. But that thefa1thftiliiiay: learn their proper at Itudc during the nhKrrrrce-s- ecthelr ano-atarccLin the judgment. With desire second to imne for the el- evation of humanity at any time to the highest moral standard- possible In this age. it is onlv noticed here that the divine idealwould be better follow ed if regarded as suggested above. JAMES J. tiWKOBXK. Mills River, Henderson county. Hay 12. RIGHT UP TO THE PETRI- FIED MAN j MUST PUT UP OB SHUT UP p rt!iyg nKO the PSteerne lotte OlisTl i et-dgejargdthe petrified gentleman a fake onnrffTrrm-taJtu fur-e with heiris1 muHe nf TditlBt i( tniirhr - once been duir in, fui-e with heiris1 muHe nf TditlBt ni l """''""TCcmiTnblAWrtttuTie one discovered the -fraud and the pfll5tte&ve--him the merry ha-ha. To this the incorporators and al leged purchasers of the aforesaid p. made answer with many affidavits a aT Hlhei-auICniHluss i Justice were done the man n stone. The fJbMXr print j TO-LO-TAN I . 1 e-l the reply and said nothing that day, but next day U returned to the attack. reiterating Its Marge that the Heiider- a county p. f . la the very same pet rified man who was exhibited in Char lotte In IfrSi by gentlemen who claimed that their curiosity had been unearthed near Columbia. 8. C. It adds: "This happens to be one of those raars that precludes argument. When the t olumnia petrified man was in tne city, winning many sherkles for bis owners. Mr. W. L Van Ness almost broke his back carrying the heavy body uustiirs Into hia aiudio so that he could make a photograph. He made the picture and It is a capital photograph. Alongside of this photograph The observer is stle- to pliice several Piclu-es made of "Squire Sitton's man: and the two p-trifled men are one and the same gentlemen. This statement la made with the full knowleige that there Is such a thing as a libel law; and if there ia a suit over this unfortunate affslr this paper feels safe tin- the owners and backer of 'Squire Sitton'a man can prove to the jury that the two petrified gentlemen were twrina who wore an ailecred bullet hole aclece In their right shoulders, who! hod chlppel off places on- Identically the same places on their body, and who turned out their toes and turned up their noaea and crossed their blessed petrified hands exactly alike. The pertinent question Is. where have thev been keeping the fake all thia time, and w hy did they bury him so close to his former resting place T' CONTRIBUTIONS ASKtw FOR THE ROUMANIAN JEWS Cleveland. Ohio, Mav At today's conference of the Independent Order B'Nal B'RIth. the report of the committee on the Kisheneff massacres voted there was not a sufficient deflnlte- ness about the hepncnlnga there to place the responsibility. Although the outrages are derdored. the best thing to be done, the committee thinks, Is to continue to gather funds for the relief of the exiles who may wish to come to the I'ntted States. An expression of eratitude will be sent to Secretary of Jtte Hay for his Interest In behalf of the Boumanlan Jews. J -V Hnllev. watrhmsn st the Nor - fniw Lumber enmnanv s mani It Camp- belltnn. was knockd down and robhd of his watch on Wednesday night. Th" robber wns recognized and a warrant haa been Issued for his arrest. A cotton mill man who Is attending the convention of cotton spinners In Charlotte last Thursday sold 1,500 bals of cotton to a New Orleans Arm for 12 cents per pound. r-i nn. r,iiiPFCTT?: lriiinxiORii (TEETIIUIGFOVDEr taly 25c at Druggists, or mail 25c to C J Costs Oily 25c at Druggists, or mail Cur)S f ruptlona and Boroa, colic, Mivoa ana Tnrutn. mitiovu and Ffovonta Worm. "I'P! lIs,'l-a 1 IffA COUNTERACTS AND OVIRCOMII THE EFFECTS OF THE SUMMER'S HEAT UPON TEETHING CHILDREN. A 1 I mi . ' We refer to "delivering the goods," as the slang phrase goes, something we nn? rarefy.) to do. The sturdy Fairfax motto, FARIi FAC--say it, do it) ha3 ever commended itself to us and never more so than In these days of absurd claims In news paper advertisements. Why, bless you. wc are beat cn to death by a number of com-petllors In the newspapers but nevertheless are kept very busy every day serving our customers ;. wo deliver ihe goods. Not less -Hhait r-algNew York competitors arc selling goods In our line at only a thirdolMhl?ffTaT-v4ue although many of our customers buy some goods In those shops we have . failed to hear one boast of the bargains gotten there. ' An acquaintance of many years standing with New York retail trade ha3 given us somT"r;owledge-ofthelr methods, and we know, as many of our custo Ing neivrsidsitjhrtn-ofits whether the houses be high clusS It Is an open secret In the largest iinimOTff5Tt-mosXjilau3 -gopd-prlccs for .their wares? Naturally from time to time who have accouhir1n--ev6raL they express surprise at the low figures given them and ask If it Is not due to some unusually cheap purchase, assuring us they have been paying much more for corresponding grades. Tiierer as elsewhere, the biggest clalmers arc seldom, If ever, the best shops. a i . II. FLLD WOOD & CO . Hats, ShoesButtcrick Patterns. ROOSEVELT DRIVES 69 MILES III TEH HOURS . Belinda. CaL. May It President Roosevelt broke all records tor Yoaetn-He Park travel today "vnen Ms coarh came from Yoaemlte to Aaymond. U miles In ten hours of actual travel. The President passed last night In camp at Bridal Veil falls, a few miles from the pmtnfflce at Yoaemlte. He slept soundly, and when he awoke this morning, declared he had never felt better In hia life. He bade .goodbye to his guides, Leldig and Leonard and mounted to hia seat on the coach beside the driver. The morning was cool and clear and the dust was not as bothersome as en the trip to the valley. No Incident occurred to mar the pleasure of the drive and the coaches rolled Into Wawona shortly before II o'clock. Luncheon waa taken and at 12:3 o'rkx k. the trip to Raymond was begun.' The driver of I the President's coach waa on hia mettle and ne put tne norses to their best pace. When Awahnee was reached, the party alighted and partook of light re-tieshmenta. Jlh run from Awahnee to Raymond was he dustiest of the trip. An escort of calvary from Fort Wood, which Is situated at Wawona, accompanied the IVesldent to Raymond. When Berenca was reached, the President found a large crowd gathered to greet him. A special train from Fresno brought members of the chamber of commerce and friends, and they warmly greeted the President as he appeared on the renr marifirm fir nis our. He mart - brief addrecs thanking the people for coning to see nlnv. - - 6PANISH CORTES MEETS. M-'iOid. May IS. The cortes reassembled today. In the speech from the throne King Alfonso expressed confidence that parliament would do its ut-rrost to help him at the beginning of his resin to revivify the life of the nation. Improve the laws, strengthen the credit of the country and develop the nitlonil resources and general liberty andwelt being of the people. He referred to the ties of love and filial respect which bound him to the country and expressed the hone that the negotiations for remodeling the concordat would end satisfactorily. The king concluded with a reference to the cor- I dial relations existing between Spain I and other countries, which, he pointed lout, was exemplified by the situation In jvrororco. vu government oi aurope. j he asserted, were In harmony with the nes' tht Spain maintain integrity of m territory m urn duu.ii m I Superintendent O. B. Loyall of the Knoxville division of the Southern ' Hallway was in Asneviue yesterday. DUrrhota, Dysentery, sal tht Bowel Troubles si ChDdrtn of tny Ag. AJdt Dijutioa, RejuUttt ' trMBowcb,StrtngthtM tht Child and Mikes TEETHING EASY. 25c to C J. M0fti.1T, ED, St. lonis, Hi H IV I'll . mcrs arc ascertaining, that sol is an unknown art in that city. or thareversa. trade that one or Iblc advertisers we sell New Yorlcdtypeople S 1 Two oILtne get unusually "

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