The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina on April 3, 1903 · 4
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The Asheville Weekly Citizen from Asheville, North Carolina · 4

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1903
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THE SCMMtftf KLY CtTtZtM FRIDAY, APRIL S, 1903. TpStmiAVteKIyCitiitn : ; : wont. M Taw :. Is Vatha ........ ...... 4:v U.ktttttUbeL .it iIa4iras ItM M fMI t m wUl, ua ysr wha yaw owHerta- ta' aKtOraa,' Vatch tal ai W nn i Umrm f irs that aau m M Mt M a.-4.ay aaai ,.-..v.-UH CLU RATE! i TW CssacTtVaakty CI t !-' v -0a Tasj-,. l la advafta. - LiKnlte lte ft "idvantt; ' Taraa Month. Mc n adrunta, Tk Csmi-Waskty Cttjwu and the A fax -OtmUtMUon (walUy) ; r umffrwjotk World. ithnos-wMk- ly-U. . . c .Tt mt-WatUr Cltimen aid . Horn M "rsa (sewil-nsopUlyl-eUs. Th twni-Weakly "CfUseO,. the Weekly CoUmtfcn aad th Buany pouta twHtily) om yaar, T-'-h- Ttt Baad-Weekly Ctltn and th A,,:ls ' Aritilturist. both for hoiitsd Ua only, ao dollar. Tbe AaAfpian Agrlottiturtst to tb great-t aaesar or fa mars published In thla ; F R0AY APHI L 3. 1903. Ccuon ; Milling N orth and South' r 'J-; -: The Wail Street Journal thinks the demand Utal th New England cotton factory operatives art natw making for so-advance In wages, and. the widespread strike tbst may result, "threst en a squeeze of capital which la liable to hav a crushing effect upon the cotton industry of New bigtund." - The Jvarnal goes on to say that cotton milling hi New England ewes Its cxl'lehre "first to the water' power or tbit section. It early start in accumulating capital, and the energy and enterprise of the notlv people." Tliese (ojr-es iA Mi exterltnce and advance .a skill vhlch thev begat kept ' growing until th northeast corner of the country letm Its grettest munufac-turint center. The Journal adds: But the time has come when it Is confronting adverse forces from without. U Is faf from the section in which :t)t bulky raw material ts grwn.which is also endowed with water power, and faoilitle for it ara power, ( and which i norr irrvttlof capital ,snl- labor to I mid up the manufacturing i' ire. rnclorlet are multipiyltig In the - . ulh,' t'tosa to th up;tly .of mate-i 1 .nearer u th supply of fuel, and benjf thsr hi an unorgs nixed hud cheaper' labor force. In these days Kigali dlfernces In the vast of mitto-i ,1, trsnsi ortstlon and' labor tounl tor mach and the inarvln of prsrfit on ' ' larae voluins of unpltal invested is very narrow,: The New Kntland i nufaurer cannot eon trol the ) ' at which cotton goods .are sold, wi.b agrowlng compt,HUn' In other vtiona, and throughout the trade In . ir producta thr Is -eomiiftlnt of i ua- profit. It I only by encouraging ..HsumpUom wldetiltif markets and lintiing an autlet for aurplus that thev -n. hpn to malntnin themselT"- The i iihern mills are rnort!, and more . t'tyiitg th 'Wkt and .South with t rheaper grade of cotton goods and r . ivurf meet hnd W Increase th ocmand from th;rttit.T- I nanimation of statistics will show c t tht Nw ,Englarvd alarm at the ,. vi cotton manufacturing outh- r.t la not without tuundHtlon. for ;nt dnsen year tM 'rt'l' North, v .ih thaalngl exception of Maisuchu-,4 4" ha ahowh'Uttle stfowih in th number Of spindle, in- WOO. for In-,i .c. Vulnr, had Jt;-aplndles; ;.. ah had l7K.Ul Nw tlamp-- ' had t.ti,lS, aa- iwaluat: I.JSH.Hb nit AVermont hnd'HMU snd lust . lfi had- only-4M.xo ? Hisscnusei ' . t'MlUU In ,lo ami .'MM. 6 ! KhoQV swd-iadi,0,lS , ,0 and iilK6.Mil 1 f I had only-4M 0, ; Misschuaett III In vhlle tnneotletithsd tin ISO" and . i'I,tM.tOT In-a0. It-will be seen f ...m Hum figure (taken from the ; .n. WnrM IXrectOrri that In the i)r vl '0, IvOV-atid IsOJl only .! Knstnd state (Msssachu ) mad any materia! progress In (ttrttoh -mahafaeturinr. vTh mory of cotton mllllnaf In ih riiht-tW i- (corresporirting period la nttiHL different ""td fsmlllar to all. The i . cnau shows th capital Invested u taxtile mills of th alaht, Hnuthern t"'.tes th the enormous sum of 1131,-i , 1.HJ. distributed aa foUwau t -oik -rtieitima-.-,,'i..: .lS.8o?..(s o -ontia, ,fcTC-.' -. M-.W?? A i,bftma-..- f. . .-. 1" , iririmi "t --He f -V 'aalsslppl lr-o..'i:.i,'I,llM r Ano"titfVTnllls.' ior ttitiot part, t aVvitaf ft ullt within th pnst decade a lar' 'ier-tayu of tJrem are nor VPak-eodth.Carollna. for-tnstunce, MU.h ! (he Kott't-Mlisurtr-1-- vaia Of Its cotton mills, though North CitBiTertB theutsMi th jiuimjw ui its mills. ,hnntn'scfutrf of cotton back ' ' ' " ' tXM u.tI 4t the Colonial. Iriodrttt-mOJ!il. .,, ...i.t fi.n pvi.frwit of A Us tiljr mill are raimpartl vely-erjj t.rnt iieme the e.-ds midlng with Iu4 wsa l.S more than . or rte-'' " " . in .North Carolina. the maiiufacture I i ration gtwd ha beefli iMMnr "I"'" .',8, 'tMet the nrmaraniue nuysoian" f th Stat for this Industry did not . -onr nwti Uhtll coiiratlvely re- ---.lyj T'stwton. .mllllnr t mw om i , 4rawrtant lndustre.North Cato- 1 .a-xadtn..thlrd In the unriufu'ture ; . f of goods, In the 1'niW.t I i: fttes, . . -' .- ; - - ;' I In aorfl an Alshama the story Is i mach- th anie,. as IS shown by the f t,tbjtt lha latter atale the value of th product Of It cotton-, mills in-fttedSTi'wer rent from 1H to 1900. : Ni'.til Other state the rrow th of . - liiqaint)u(aciuririT , hJ been less , nrked. brjt atettdy and promising.- -Altogether." tbrefor4t:' may . be iajly atffted, Thst as corraninnnn . turlog maa dctlned,ln the. Nortlr-Hl grown In. the South. While tb ih-i e, there has been gradual, but cer ..v.'th mwth bere has been rapid " nrkadj And A' M .algplflcant that iiiunv Instances New Kiigland mill icrf hav largely contributed to this vth, by- either building hew mills , "rciaveatirut In ,thoae already In -rauaavv - ' -, .. -' . . ft far Southern mill man hav de- I their energies mostly, to ihe iiifartur of tb coarser grades of h. teavlnsr th finer- good a to be t by th older mill and more skill iber af New-England. But this rontlnuf alwafs. lj fact th .1-1 already turning It attention, marvelous success, ta tbe mak- f finer' fabrics, and It i evident that trie tim la fast approaching when New England will find It difficult to bold Ua cotton manufacture against Boutbern encroachmenta. even In th Uefct grades of goods. Apparently the contest la already almost given up. ex cept in Maaaachusetts, which hold tenaciously to ail of Its textile industries, which constitute more' than a Ctth of the annual value of Ita ir.n'i factured product of ail klnra. Tbe South is giving more and more atten tlon to the production of finer cotton roods, and no Inconsiderable amount of Northern capital has been Invested here for thla purpose. When It come about that th factories of North Carolina are turning out aa elegant fabric as are those of Massachusetts, then will tbe New England manufacturer be found shutting up tbeir mills In th North and rushing to th South, where thev can put their machinery down In sight or the cotton fields, find nlenty of contented tabor and cheap ftiel and the ftnest climate in the world for cotton spinning. It is a movement that must Inevitably come In course of time. Some Things Lumbtrton May JNyt Have Though! of The Lumberton -eoTreipondent of the Charlotte Observer sends it tbe follow - Druggists In this town have been forbidden by the town authorities to offer Peruna for aal. This action has been taken because of th testimony of some parties wbo slated that they had been Intoxicated by this medicine. livery effort Is being made to uproot drunkenness here. Thus step by step the Temperance Vones are advunclng on the Morally Stunted, t would seem from the above that not only are juice factories to be run oat of the rural district and booxe mills to be uprooted in tbe towns, but there I to be also a rude Invasion of drucstores where exhilarating "winks" are wont to be given and Jag-producing "bitters" and "nerve-tonics" are found on tap. I'eruna Is to be put on a par with Pike' Pur Rye, and the finding of a flask of either In your clothes la to Ire reraded as a crime In Iimherton,- at least; and Lumbar-ton' example Is likely to be extensively copied In those towns where it Is r-rded as no more respectable to get drunk on Peruna than on straight whiskey. Hut is this ban upon Perunn not cal culated Ut produce a heavy Jar in cer tain unexpected uuartersT One of the chief dellkhla of the big Sunday papers are the pi gea devote! to the enthusiastic endorsement given to Peruna and kindred "remedies" by prominent men, especially ministers of the gospel. Are the people of" I.uinbertoii uwtire that bv their law they nre putting these estimable gentlemen In the position of aiding the Infamous liquor traffic slid contributing to the tide of Intem-lentnce? Don't they know that such of the sons of temperance as occasionally feel the neet of a quiet "nip" ste a unit In (ivor of Perunn. because It in no wny onfllfts with lodge utilisation, and tills In s mo it satisfactory manner, a OMR-felt want? ' - Sulelv the I.umberton fulk mmhl 'n have remembered that there is uot s lirtihlbltWvi state In the country In which I'eruna - and similar "ciilirrh-. urea" t'o not hnvo an linmeme sale! This, of court-!', Is due to the fuel that t liesls that deep purple thirst nore siieedlly than It does civtanh; and In such localities the people are much more generally, afflicted with the thirst ailment than uny other. - If the Lumbcrton law-makers had. given th matter the consideration that a public rdutut ought to have before enactment. It would lme occurred to them as the moat natural thing in ihe world that the sale of Perunn should meet with a. large ami constantly growing demand In "dry towns." By reason of their very dryness, th Inhabitants suffet from weak nerves, and Peruna lielng so highly recommended for that disorder and experience having provej thst it never misses a shot, It Is not th least hit Strang that the drugglHt sbeuld recommend It tff alLJnqulrers. Or It may -happen that a friend Is spending a uulet evening with you, mid there Is nothma nl hand to enliven th occasion. In this Instance, also. It Is stld. Perunn will be found u valuable thing to have about the house. Has Lumberlon thought of that ? A Louls-i (..t,.-r"s testltins to Its value on such occasions: - '-Bevernl years ui-o we lingered with n devoted friend and a lumie or-reru n otts evening In it country town. That occasion tvilliver remain a bright yut iiulnful sriot ln6trr-mlnd. The htlttrlty exi ceded three days, ahrt-the headache two weeks: hehce we Know uv-eaperi ce we K'iowuUVxper,, toplca to be discussed nr- i". ''V '.Vtyte " vlill.l Ijlr..' ence- exactly what It is cututble of performing when the cork is pulled and the fragrant uld la unleashed. We violate no con fidence-- hen we say that there, is no fui-iatv of fsiir-desired that Perunn can not quickly producTft-lt I" eiuul to all " iitlgeuclcs and sMlsf1eiUcutom-r. It never fulls to act, beciiuse-Jt was compounded especially for action fn-rhort, the Portma sort of remedies r.,uututes the oaaia lit the prohibit, on desert the one bright particular spot in thirst that knows nojil'iklnf. We weep copious! y -when we think of how ihanv ministers, deacons, blshop tuvsltlli L' elders, to say uolhlni; of numerous statesmen nud pronilne't tlneti". who -have testified over their Hla-nuture. with photograph attached. in hsvln- ttsleJ Perunn olilyto be re rreshe l and lir taste again. In this 4-aurrow wo have luKi-n-noiiciouni or u' huuiblerfoimwerii of- tne-uimn "ho hnv lwaajed bv these etuiorse--j laants - IkewWe. to-J lale and taste again until they have foantUrtemselves rh ,,-of the bell werer-Trr-in rt'fle-Uiceresf 'sviupathv tnlixt i'O out for In maiTv--caes thev-nave teen-si- lured. uiisuspectliT7--vitJttns, In scMUlve l hahlt of etron drlnkHJVre they wre aware of II. Ida for this re tfon, nn doubt, mm "rTt fth-o'her, that the people of 'iMh'lierHV tiT--..e"te-e'l a rotet ! ilnstso-c ilel f imUy me lictes linse chief consUlnent it sretdml. Hut if thev-nre goi'tg-to prohibit the s"Te-4if I suvn mev isikhi iii w pho tniirnu The- nre many othei-s. Throutfli Thr-Cltlxen the othef day, Mr. A. W. Kltton, ownert-lhe petrified rentleman from Mills Klver-tlecjsred Ihat -'scientific men who know thefr-. U.K. I.CItll.lV Itlfll IIW nill'M MIT- husliieW aiewelconie to bore n hole In the msn and chip off fratrmentn fr nt'itlysls." This settle I it with ihe editor of the rltattjsvUle 1,-indmark. H vs-tily -climbing down off the fence of in "'";, VL I, .ift.. .."n hnT.i ... d-clslon. he declarer "This is u fair :;'"l " . " V...L . ' up or . to talk.' Tht. Aturiisti hriTrtiile- ntred 1 1 A yetrs, Owes $200,000. It wiTrhe-jt;ld hy tie re.-eiver,.the uitfet price being 16 0". - We quote these figures be-citune the' show that 'While rewspniers msv be7"no great- Jhake" at money - making, thev can fnt.-ome-Ttrmpkin when H wine to piling up debts. Th race feeling seems to be paying little attention to Mason and Dixon's line. An Iowa mob of 1.J00 chased n negro who had shot a white man, and the Wisconsin legislature Is pushing through a bill which prohibits the Intermarriage of white and blacks. blmplf Uot To Be There. Tne citizen Is muck gratified to m front Raietrh that Governor Ay cork has consented to adopt It sue test ion that be laaue an appeal to the business Interest of the But to come forward and raiae the li.M neces- aary to obtain the 1.0 appropriated or the Legislature tor a .North Ca ro ll na exhibit at the St. Uta World's It la sincerely to lie hoped that hot only what are called the busineea Interests, but the people of the Bute generally, will-- respond to tbe. call promptly and generously. We cannot afford to do otherwise. The kttate appropriation of I10.W0 Is not available till an additional ll.M ( raised, and It would not be sufficient If It It is evident, therefore. If we art to have a creditable display of our pro ducts and resources at 8t. Louis our public spirited men and progressive institution mu-t let fo.ln vigorous errorts. Past experience of thla .and other states shows that almost creditable exhibit could , be' made for 120.000. We find the Hprlnsfleld Resubilesn. tor-tnalam e. protesting against the proposed appropriation of $100,604 by tbr Masss. busttls legislature, and saying; , It Is - bet that IW 060 will rive us an adequate stale building, and tutnd-Htirely ret-oirnl-e whnt is goinr to be a arrest show. Those who visited the On New Kngland building nt Buffalo n III understand what IJi.OuO will do. We ouU not double that sum to ad- vantHre. The demand for $100.000' Is simply preposterous. People-who have seen "slate duvs" at the expositions understand that they are simple farce. of no value to the exposition an.l prof itable only to those who tot their junket out of the occasion. The mention of Director Oeneral Francis In Europe shows what the flrst-iiass nations on that side of the Atlantic Intend doing. Tbey mean to he at St. Louis with fitting- exhibits. All the treat, growing, projresKlve states of the Arr.erlran union will be there, and millions of energetic American cttlsens will be there, and for the next year -or so after the those who ro will rreite and n-.oul'l trie in dustrial and bUMlnes sentiment of the i-nuntry. This wns the case after the World's j:ir st Chicago. The trend of Investment Is soutn- wwrt. If It l sie.iuntelv represented st Rt. Louis It will rem a rich reward. Onv, Ay roc it hss taken a wise step In this mutter Hiid vie huve much mis taken the spirit of North t'srellnn businena men If thev do not promptly and generously respond to his cull. The Corbctt-McGovcrn Fight The flKht ut '.an I'raii. liro Tuesday night between Terry McOovern mid young Lorbell itppe.tra to nave been on the auuure." i;otli H.en were in first lir. i condition mt.t kerd ejeh busy for eleven founds, when McUmern wan knocked out. This was ll.e re ond n.ectin: of theie tv.o fiilht- Their pievioui rnnteitt wn deified at Htrlford. fonn.. on Novem ber 2S, 1901. Alll.unth up to that lime Oo-lelt was prwtlpallv unknown, he tiilel In iind knool.ed out the re loubt- l.le Te.rv In two rounds, hince that ili lit, however, he his not done! much j djeik of. in most of hlM battles, he h'in not shown uny s; eed or Judgment. McOovern s n.e he wus ueieaiei oy l iirlielt htm enraged ' three baltic- with Ihtve Kulllvaii, Joe llernstem anu Hilly Waynard. He won them all, out hsd to fight hard lo do so. In Tueaday night s riant, Mtnovern whs the fAVorlte In betting with the cenerMl public, but the " seasoned "sports" either put their money on forbelt nr kept In thrtr rockets. This tuey iHI on their faith In I'orDetts I owerttHV. "siraiKni ri"nt insnm ior cunrd" and hi anterior generalship In the rlnr. As the Tevurtof the f.lht l- rounds In yesterday's Fnpershow-el both men do their flchtlng ofr-the rushing order. Hoth are stiff punchers. McOovern can knock out with either hind. Corbel t sends nil his strength with his punches and seldom waates sny of his knocks. Motlovern Is often wild In his delivery, yet lie Is a sure fighter and relentless in the rlnK. Hut In generalship and fireman skill t'or-lt;t ss his master, and U was by this thst CorViett on ' Francisco buttle. Tho thirteenth annual meeting of the National Conference or cnaruien an i i.trNiia will be- held In the tity of Atlutila, Ua.. May t'h to i;in. ror m fii-st time alnre-MM-tha- Conference Is to meet In the Houth. Kxteptlonal e?- foits are being made to muke the ivn meeting a memorable une. Amung the MuvenileTri'luents," "Needy r aminos In Their llonwis "The Treatment of Criminals." "Colontesfor . IMpc- llven." "The Incline" and "l)Setratanu teuendence. I'he (Inventor will ixiliit delevutes from this State. The National Conference- of Charities and Correction W'a organized in 1871, and has niet-ttijnually since that time, n -s composed IioTtnUi of iepr'sentatlves of rfnululilc and coiTPt-Umjil .nslltutlons noil!t tint :'-"t ofllier men and women l r Interested TiT-twd .'H1 ll-bl of hiirity-..lii the Culled Slitt, Canada, Cuba ami Mexico, and hns-att1lei. present thn- 1.6U0 inein- bi'i s. Now Hint the evl.!c!iT-r-U) tTie-lUir- 1 'Mi k. case s all In. we are constrained tiiwiy tint Mrs. IturiMck appears To hive livTrte-jil out as loinnlele a Job . f wi-e'kitpe-aA-nseco'ild well Imag ler nivu home, of-btirse. rs-cW vivoye I aTid-icft cmler tne shirtlow; of tnet.hfr man in n en luring uisimmu husband l'i c-rfc. aTOVrKxuv4U,l frr-et. bluff toifetheT-mid both are tie id. iiniT ttm-newsnapers iinVriitiute I the full details of the shame andrH-atrice of It HH.And all from sm h an Inhitftt it nin'e'r-tiae woman wia n ppa rei le d rT-i!t:' it ouMt to verv much 'eintv tir nfTHajir force '-otc.Uar.ici in' Kttclal gr.ices. As the wild : (mic .oleics rout wSrir atid cot". Ntnili In snnmier, he o snppiiSe4-J.o know till alout the vTUu-5 ;iril i?TTt--Uc'rt s i.lly I lun-Wl iiiTiis-j'nl ul illojis--4bi,s yeir we .-gojng to li rvr-soice warm"rr-Uter "i-et cH,n.'-,The HosTnnTranscripV s iM "t' e w il l eje are ro titlmeniiis P.--.." ' lirNvvll'Mni-hlt-e n tt.iFtonish the Uft've-.. The-.est (..habitant is thing t . re. al' w hethcMw-erer saw so many bel.iri prevlntM to Aprir It's ? uviet'r "hividoo" on the wetth er. thit petclfiadViuan is. In the eyes of our colored poiiulatUm. Jitil netier quit rtlnln' till dey puts htm back. In de Broun.r,";i8J a common expression arrntig them. -Hrevanl News. Now we inline to. think of It. tt has Trniiied almost every day since the pet- rifle P--aHeman was uneirthe.Lc If he's really thevussiif It, we say wiih our colored frlends7nhtUJJin bsck in IZ' - JZZXZ ,rwnas' u Rrun IT GETS BETTER. From the Murphy Pcout. Fred Merrltt hi.s put several new Milk iiu The Aslievllle Cltlien. It Is now a morning iiper and a genfof the llrst water. As the days grow longer It get better. - . . City's Bcsi'Advenfsemeni j Recent editorial In Th Cltlxen re viewing a Weather Bureau article on tbe climate of Asbevllle eeraa to have attracted widespread attention. A pri vate letter rrorn jtaletgh says the director of the Weather ttureao there ia receiving requests from sail parts of the United State for the article. This sua-reata th advlaahllltv of the tAsbeviUe Board of Trad getting per mission to reprint I Tie article in full and eendlng It out with ft advertising mat ten. Being an official publication, prepared from official records, and printed by the government for general distribution. It I authority on the Question of climate, and o splendid I th showing it make, that a better presentation of th advantages of the city a a resort could not be asked. In fact. It is doubtfuP If many who have been living here all ' their lives ever realised what a superb climate they had compared to that of ether parts of tne counir". Not enly ought the Board of Trade to have the article reprinted for wide circulation through Its regular channels for advertising the city, but arrangements ought to be made for supplying the hotels nnd boarding houses with aH the copies of it that they could use lo advantage. Another Illustration of the -opportunities tills country offers t men of brains, -luck nnd--1ndustry: N. K. Kalrbank. the millionaire packer of Ht. Louis, -who died on Friday, and 11. K. Hwltt, and the grest Chicago packer who died on Riindav. we.e both self-made men who rose from humble beginnings and small opportunities to Important place in the world of com merce and left grest fortunes as monuments to their industry and business ability. - WHAT'S HF MADE OUTNT From the Charlotte Observer, Tbe petrified gentleman .who halls from Henderson county .Is the subject of n communication lu The Asheville Othen by air. Thomus J. Itickman, who aovs he was raised In tkc" neigh borhood where the deceased was found, and who asUa this eiiibarrusiliii; question: " "Is it at all probable that the reolor- leal conditions iu existence In the Hou ston rei'ion. are such a to cause a bod to become petrified In the manner alleged In the Sltton or McKlnnv tnid .' ' And answers It himself, thus; "This write unhesitatingly ailswerr that no such conilltlO'tsVxlst. The sub. strata of lime In the Houston nelKlibo lit o.i la of very limited "extent, and Is nowhere of sufficient power to petrify a human body, in the manner set forth as the one found." o, ye of little f lith! And a, if to still further embarrass the owners, claim-nnta, widows and otner relatives nnd friends of the pe'tied gentleman. Mr. P.ic'itliiuii continues: "If the State fleolOBlst or other rclia-hlo sclentistT under 81 ite autltoritv t.-l'l esrrtlne the f.olr snd then exam-, ine the rrotoslcal conditions existirT; tt the tlace. and on uch exiitVin ttior. cm pud (lo piove Lhafimch a lody cluall wjs e t Pt that place Iher vepcr-fill pay one humlre I dol-l-'rn. lowirl Ihe pTt.-naes 0f,e3t.l;!iah-lug ho prcat a truth.' --' And trteM1 vou nre. And the nuestion e.--tirn Whit's ho made eut'n? The Ashevllle CHIen says he ls about to start on a tour of exhibition. It is well. When he conies let ua all band In our dimes at the door and pas on lilm. ADVERTISING THE 8TATE. ' From the Winston Sentinel. Our Industrial development really bej;rt under Ciovernor Jarvls' administration when we first undertook to advertise the natural resources of North Carolina. This work has not been finished. What we" have got, and what we Ifoavc done and hre doinit in manufac- turtrurnilnlng and uarlciilture-'-as well as tlie-Ofipprtunities this state offers to lnvMtorS"nndJioi:ie-seekei's are not as broadly kniivi-n-ns they should he. As the monev weiiA:e Nporit on expositions iu the past has repaid us a hundred fold, it would seem wise and iiood business to put up a few more thousand dollars. A TRANSYLVANIA BRIDGE WENT DOWN .nH A TEAM (St rciaUo The Citizen.) Brevard, N. C. Mnrrti JJ-Mr. J, A. UromttcM of pellca, had a "very-rough fSI'erlertce Yesterday In attempting ' to cross it- bridge-near Brevard. lie Wus diivjiv four horses to a wagon and j w'-en the horses Rot on the bridge the lloor e-ive way unu nil four went down Into Ihe water which was some five feet deeu. After uulte a struggle he nn.ill- rescued -Hie teams. When will our -noi Trsnn'ivsiilt people realise the neu'sslty for good loads nnd. sub ap-fui:inllal brlde-s? - Vfrrw. w. Harklns and C. K. Orr went to AsTlevUle todav. ATLANTA 8 ADVANTAGES In coarse of an article on "Why At 1 una Orows: Why I'eople Come Here.' In Mnntlay'a Journal, Mr. (iF. Morris Tr-rvJv enumerate umonti ' o(her tnrtKat 'a-fuilowili'; Atlaiir-T-has rtrr4i. 1 niliful ni- twUss . .kl "d. 1!.tllV; .'lew ro-'i'M Mo.v . -IITlv .i iSUbtti't fo- i.-,. ..,.. -rsr u'ldl-ir't ' th iteM!?"1" '," that niiglit occur latv ho1.I tor tv.ciitvfiva doThr4 few years ri-cije o-cl 1 1 r' estt ' mill mar' iM-iAIt, ciSn. a b-. on of the rwv-4J.:ie crHs,' epHUoIWUI'n 'oil ir. -nd JiirH r court house.' Hindu feel the cl M Wile-.' 'e- I1.! i i 1 -lii.-is one, we ca " - rM4 l Iph" -t-Vjojie lne-4itori Pi April Cen tury. l e TVtvi ,t-n -rnnevJ,.-.riin tent will tr.v il'e T'lerrn-in coljeMasm at Cmaon. ft. t'.. nexrsaturd y (ItU.y GREENVILLE'S M R..D00 LEVT Fro" the flrAetiville ftefletoTv -fiTt i-tv. - th' pape- thit th' RhariT-i- mr h'rs bent he- sniK" Hai t th nnlv Irish citlren nf Ore iville. M coorse she'll ret tt"n strslchtPned. hut what pl'v it Is tb"t such n foitT- hojit -cart-not V--man''d bv tbvne Oir-ish lnd. In which esse client tta lls r viid nt ret s,o wich as a kink In their allybaatel foldjr- - - SPRING IN SPARTANBURG. Fmm the Kpartanbursr JottrnaL The aptiearance of open work hosiery on the streets may be regarded as an unfailing harbinger of spring. Wh''-lcoV- ! in (.Tthe4JiT T-saC n nil. i'tmwit, mysteries t Wf-4 ' " :.t ii.i)C..--iiil i.i, mi. eve rr L., I -- . . .: . - - .t "T J ., , I, .. Tn- ., IT:.. .Muin.- ".e-fosvi' w-Ith.!iv-a human FLIM-FLAM VICTIM. l There I no sort of telling the .mini her of fairly intelligent people of mod erate circumstaooea who are flim-flammed out of money by advertise ment for people to do writing at home. requiring no experience and th like. An ingenious fraud of that sort has Just been interfered with by the post-office department, A woman living in Washington recently took to tbe department th circular of a concern in Chicago which offered $20 a thousand for writing and addressing letter at Dome, on communicating with the concern thei woman said she received a letter in 'reply saying that she could have the work but It must be done on a typewriter and with a certain kind of type; that they would furnish tbe par ticular kind of type required for the small remittance of 12.50. That sum was to be refunded to her after she had completed her work for the firm. - A copy of the letter to be written wa Inclosed. It consisted of about ten line, suiting that the letter wa written with the particular typewriter In question, and that she regarded It as a good machine. A photographwas also inclosed, showing aJarr- looking machine. The woman sent her 12.50 and received ajwbel on a board. In the circumference of the wheel were the letters of the alphabet and the figures. She was Instructed to write her letters by whirling the wheel around until the proper letter crime to the desired place in the line, and then she was lo press it down to that it would print. To write Ihe thousand letters on the thine would have occupied the swiftest -woman in WaafctPfton-or Chicago " the greater part of a year..-"" - The department at once set detectives in on the concern and stopiied Its operations. It Is also endeavoring to obtain the punishment of the swindlers. A fraud "-der has been Issued against an allied concern which, has tdvertlseil to pay US a thousand for 'elters written at homQThis company -iulres B0 cents, for articles usej, and responded to answers by sending five -heels of paper and specimen of facial ointment. COLLEGfe StUDENTS IN FIGHT. " Effingham, III.. April 1. In a col-'ie f'trht todav betweeu students of the Illinois college of photography and "t Austin college several students were Pilured. Students last night went to the campus of the nhotography school ind took a large cannon. They refused n return it by 2 o'clock todav, and the photography students led by . girls. Went in a bndv to- Austin colleee and Remanded the cannon. Several Aus-fl.i students were injured.:- REMOVAL OF COURT HOUSE ' FROM DALLAS TO GASTON I A To move or not to move? That'sjhe ttiestlon tht Is now agitating the people of Oaaton county. Whether 'tis tetter to rtiffor the court-house to remain n DaHiis election transfer it 'n Garitoftin a larger, more prosperous il 1-PentraJlv located town. Some Idoi f.f the fervor of the ronteit may be fained from this week's Isnue of the ''iBtnniH ftaxette, which contains no Ins than 12 solid columns of communi-catii'ns on the subject. Borne of the contributors write nt so great length "ft the Gaxette eJitor Inserts this notice; "Court house writers have the risht of Vay today. Future, communications n the absorbing topic must he shorter. Boll them down, cut out all you can pre, and condense what la left Into bnlf the words." , Ralonlca, European Turkey, April 1. Special trains with troops on board are proceeding - from Monaatlr and other places to V'ucsteen where severe lighting recently occurred. It is reported that there were 200 casualties. Sixteen battalions of Anatolian Redifs have been ordered to Baloulca. WANTED To hire n saddle horse for a few weeks. Any good atddle home will do. -Address, giving terms. Home, care Citizen. S-Sl It pw WANTRtS.everal person of character and good rermtailon In ench state Jne In this county rerTilr4) to rep resent ami ndvertlse old estaBttshedl wealthy business house of lln.mcinl standing. Salary $2t.0fl weekly with expenses additional, all payable In tnsh direct each Wednesday fiwn hiad offices. Horse and carriage -burnished when necessary. Refereno-...e..T?rtclose self-addresaed envelope. Colonial CaTMt- Dearborn s 1 1 ee t . Chicago. 3-16 13t aw Ban Francisco. April 1. Only two fa voiitcs won nt Uakdale today. Sweet Tone rX 4 to 1 took the half mile for S vear olds. Clear, track heavy. Tax Notice I win De at my omce in the Ttrvr i-ourt "house. Vou can see me there, ri meet my dept1-at the followirg places nainctl beloWjjind ae" tux for 1302. . Come at onre and avoid any U. beTT1--a4vertise property for collectl.t.r ,r taei--ailcTr---w:.IJl do if they am .ot paid on or before Uiese-dates- This Is in compliance wtth---tie law. ." ttltttmre-IXl) rrrMarch 1J Faw "CreekJohnston's store. .Maf cT UtaverdativJ.jrlttndUjitore ..March U llael. ('ri)weU's'-storTrrrrrlIarci is tjrwetlomlnySan.L.H I iTTTrr: March J Ipper llomlny. It. J. Canton's etoreTrj ....March It I.eli-estee. Hrown'mtote March i FiSndy-Mush, Waldrop's stoj-e .r-rr-. MarChill i.iiticfi.tiic, ,airen aitdSShu- oru.sstoie rsiarch Tt Fnlrvlew.TVRhwjirth' store.. ..Mari-h SSwantiaiitKi. Cooper'sstai.lon.. March 17 Avery' Cieek. m l.t-dbetteCs store.-.- rrr .....Marcher Monntafiielatioit.. T77;March U Reem's Crik-.lVeavervlllerw March -f Flat Creek. UlaekstocTfTMitpre. March-it Ivy. Uarnardsvllle .""TTMuriJi i French Hroad, Alexander MarchT J. K. OHAMBElta. Aaheyllle. NTrs-- Tax Colle;tU'. M?.rcmWa!sj!t 1 lit w 4t We sell Wooo!' Have thein fresh Seeds exclustv'eiy.. and with few exceu- tlona, sel It hem prlcer- Grant's aii'Wood' catalogue lAfaSiH CaA4- 1 Pharmacy DEBATE BETWEEN EMORY . " COLLEGE evND TRINITY (Special to Th Cltiten.) Trinity College, Durham. N. C, March SL There will be a battle royal fought in tbe Craven Memorial Hall on the evening of April IS, wheniTrinlty will meet 'Emory collegeof jpxford, Georgia, in debate.- Emory ia celebrated for its literary societies and the debaters which have come from them, whil Trinity ia equally famous. 'The two societies here have- turned out some of the most brilliant men that tbe .State ha ever seen. Hon. Lee 8. Overman and F. M. Simmons, 17. 8. senator from the Columbian society, and Hon. J. H. Small, representing the f"st district in the House of Representatives are among the list. The coming debate, conducted by Lv.s P. Hownrd and J. P. Frlsaelte of.Tr1hi- tv. and L. B. Harrell. and Reese Orif- v. more Issue to mak thpapr fin of Emory,. will probably be one of is fiily W per cent, better than it !- the mosHnferesting eer held In thelO evn now. To do thla wfu cost iuf-V South among college students. a greet deal of money, ut W ' All the speakers have good reputs- take pleaure tn spenmg It In an s tlona.' Mr. Howard was one of the effort to give you idbr and mor Sieakers in their Trinity-Wake Fon-rt! for the n.oney yoU pay ua. ' s t'ebste last yeir and Mr. rriszelle rep- society .contest of the same-year. Ern4-orjs speakers have been enuallv sue-eessful. Under these cirmntances a flrst-cla debate i expected. Hon. n. rV-IitSon. State atitlitor. Will i be the-wesldin? officer for the occa-. slort, and Covernor Aycock of North IT Carolina, cv-Oovf -nor Candler of Oeorgla and Hon. F. A. Woodard of Wilson, N. ('.. will be lite jtnlKP3. "Reolve.i. That lega provision J should be made injhr" country for the snpolntirentoftrlhur.als of n'blln- tlon to-ettle strikes and lockouts; such' tribunals to have rower, when negotlstlons emrlovers sm-1 employes have failed, to assume Juris-; diction and to lui'l'iallv determine and! enforce for the Industry In nnestio" lust rites of wages and conditions ofi laoor. On Tuesdnv. We'nesd-v -"d Thur-j , " "."' me w d-iy eveninr-s of this week. Bishop AI-; Partnership heretofore-existing b-pheus W. Wilson of Baltimore. Md.,jtween W. U -Gakes and H. U. Hen will clellve- A. e-a Bible lecture- in : nington. Aradine as Cukes A Hennlng-Msln ptrwt church. ' i to- hereby di&folved, L- U-Hn- The THnlty college C.lee Club vi5fT hlnttton having sold his Interest In make It firt nubl'f appearance in the said firm to E. C. Schaofer, and that opera house tonight. .The" club. nre'erUhe said II. U Hennington will not'b ''. . the direction of.Mr.-Ovtnrion of -'Hie liable or responsible fof any v,dets.j? -i Southern Conservatory ' Music. Uaai.contracts. or other liabilities wbatve)if" been rehearsing for rome time, and high-ci tss entertainment Is efisftel The (inh st'trts on a tour of the stab In n few weeks. The Trinltv Inschill teanl Hts sticceasful season so fajpfcjwif havin-r lost a single gamejrti next P.a:r i with Opttysbit-ofiApvil 2. A me with Wn''it "f'ni-pjt Is Kchpilnled for Eastei'-fonday. Wate-lmrv. Corin.. TT"rdi 11. In n collision ete"n a wild p'trrlno sd a Tinssettwp- te-iii. on tba N. Y. New ir-."- en and Hi H ford rail-oi.l at Tooth! moklvn lo.lav t.vo trainmen were! Wiled and 1C Injured. WIJtieUe I I i I hM4 Farmers Wanted To call ut our store and examine the Hoosier Grain Drill Tl most perfect drill, we believe, on the marot today. Thla grain drill embodies all the g3od grain drill points, with none of the bad ones. Easily adjusted to feed either large or small quantities, and feed Is '..always in sight of operator. It wllj distribute fertilizer ana s Ernln at the same time. ".?-"- 'h . tyLjj --'-r- '- - Yoa should also see the lloosler Corn Planter. . " . . " - - - - Asheville Hardware Co., On the Phonj S7r WONDERFUL Bv iiedalarranrfniKl we are enabled to offer 1 the Amkhicah Aokiccltcxist, tha leading igrtoUtunr wtly ot the MiJdU ami Scuturn Siutm, to ctub with ttnv-papcr, ut an oxccudingly ktw tgun. Tlx Akericas! AoatquLrusm is a is m si s ei ' - m as a a zi-ni w ss man i us r v - id i I tr n l it tr-nRICINALT-- PBORDrttlVe BBlATiail Its Farrn Features, EVERY FARMER " )nmt fair jf-faf, Horticulturt, Ptmltrj, Mirktt GerJtminf, snd other topics, written BJ Practical andi. teufil Farmtrt, armlcmentcd with lllmitratimt Dv sbla artists, combine tomake it inrsHtin'.i ta:: taote woo M iarra for s living," --..Ttfaitsi thrifts m&Ttmmtrcial Agril. tin, Crtfi JtiM-tr i tktir union, CwUnui farm A raw, and Ltttm nrntng Ikt Farmtri are Ltadinf Ftatur-t in -luch the AmEMCaN Acrici'Ltu rist la not xcclled.-It hga reliable SfKial CorrtiftnJntt at the Gtntral and Lata! Mjrktt CtnUri all ovtr the United states. Family Features; ftf jrjj. irl-am U'trk, lit Cixxl Cart, Tolkt toitk tht DKter,Piuzlt Centritl, l ibrary l onrr, and -SHitali leamtl Wania H will h.lp u mtko tn The Field. Live Stock, Dairy, Horticulture, Veterinary, floriculture, Apiary, EntomoloKv. Hew to Buy, . - , -, , 1.., V.H.l'll.fc ... ... " .... -J Pertinent of as much value and interest a mot I oitlie apecial Family paper. . THB MAGAZINE FORM. Eaiia. ana How to Sell couica out with a neat ATSatTiple 0007.? te"Anhnc A! AostertTtrsrsTwill b mailed to yea by addrewla OUR SPECIAL OFFER. .1 lie SemuWekt v CffiyXr. t iTv Jhe AmericahAs?riciiltiirif i nn l W.DO. first seeint? that rhiir ci,K.i..- . . uv r,.mlitlnn i nr., r- a w auuji.1 11 rif.V.i , ' i vw lur Jnpiner ten year rorthe Scmi-Weekly Citizen, with a request for ihe American Aericulturistl Y AGEIITS WANTED ON LIVE MAN AT EACH POST-OFFICE TO TAKE SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN. LIBERAL TERMS TO AGENTS. LIBERAL CLUB RATES AND A S500 FREE GUE8SING CONTEST FOR SUBSCRIBERS. - SEE LARGE ADVERTISEMENT OF SAME ELSEWHERE. ..ADDRESS: - - , ' THE SEMI-WEEKLY CITIZEN, - AorlK.VILLBW N. ' " ' ' ' -- f. - TOOUB UB8CKIBERfl. c.J We appreciate your patronag and promts you before saaay 4 -row r.ll we ask In return ta tht; tlon expire an send In your r- newal without waiting for us to go to the great expense of send-Ing bills to each one. We regret that some of our subscribers hay to be nctltled more than one. that their renewals are due. This Is hardship on us and we sin- cerely ho-e that all who have cot-. 9 been as prompt as they might have been In the past will now make amentia by seeing that their subscription are kept paid In advance. sw4k4. sVsVasV NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. vi i i. t,.lrv,., .. .v.. .v. ' hi.rn.irin. ... .. .1 n i 1. .. . A .. . 1 . ........ , ,,,uu....n wiir name Ul B1..U I W pifrtnershlp 'All persons are - hereby notltied-'to govern themselves accord- This 11th day of March IMS. V; . (Signed )-r I. L. HENNINOTON'.I TROUBLE FQR CANDIDATES. Fmm the purhum Herald. ' Of (ourse when the nntl-ssloon learners line tip for one mayoralty can- the saloon neonle will natnrnllv line tin for the other nnd nsk- tin n.i,n tinns. , ' - ' - - ni-,MifWiriii-infli-Lftn.w Asheville remarkable (or the variety snd wnta, and la undoubtedly tJuitst and CM lOUTIUU Ol U KI11U. . y 'I he readers ot ih s Joumal know Iti vstue. no woftin, incrior. desuinttve of it art U, 4M IHWHIIM BIKIHt EVERY HOME swdi Sitojeanalsma a.lp to lu.k .1 itonria as Suxss. 1 " -- - Kitchen, Dlnlne ' i Roemr. Parlor. "Flrelaaj'i Sewlrijt- . ' - , WMnt. Th udy- For Old, Young, . : Married, , . Inorla. . cover. to ao pages. -T"----, ' " t; i Place, New YorC 11 11 111 iw rnn annMf asii at . "t-u auu incn . . nn 7iif -THT ma MB sal sV -. F- m i intanstirf sa n, mutfnctL r -l " " t 1 I t . r -

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