Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 7
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The Day in Sacramento licensing and use of any; Redlands Doily FoeH substance for ctoamij vp oU in Thuradoy, Feb. 27, 1969 - 7 state waters. (AB687—Porter, D-Compton.) (AB6C- By UniM Pnu InltniatNiMl i Quality Act of 1967. {AJR8- v.-hiclj the state has subtracted LU ^^ Xing day in California, Foran, IVSaa Francisco. 32-0.)ifm:ds in the past equal tOjannuaUy (AB688-Brown, l>San Dance-Requires copy of writ MMM I amount the federal govemmenti praodsco ) >'™ contract for health or dance Barbers—Would have request-supports the sdioob. (SB64— nn ~i_R«„.ir« n «norfm«n»'*'™*'° service* to be given THE COVERNOK Thistees-AUended a meeting! Landers in Los Angdes of the California state coOege trustees. BicenteBnial—Appointed Karl Von Christiersoa. Salinas, to the California Bicente&nial Celebra-'{£g : tion Committee. . ^ ^ • (SCR33-Ooomhs. B-Rialto. 12- I Osteopath—Appomted Dr. Ar- jg j Exanuners. Faculty-Requires the firing presiribed THE SENATE state Board of Barber, Burgener, R-San Diego. Voice, ."ij^"^^" to^^i^^ customer at time of signing examiners not to enforce \ote. To finance.) i S ^i;iwJ ^^n-«.i^» ^ contract and permits customer certain changes in the law ! ^apS^ o?^SL 3^ " "^^L^T^^' CredentialSSTrizes ^tate t ^ST^^w^hT ^aMi^" outcome of UUgaU «)n..^eges to prescribe a "diversi-drivers licenses. (ABSTS -Cul-.'"*^ .(AB681-Z Berg. D-Sa- fied" major for a teadiing Jen, D-Long Beach.) credenUal. SB-421-Rodda. D-, increase-Provides a $1 per Sacramento.) person per family per month Recreation - Specifies that ^05^ living increase in the aid " "^^to recrcaiiooal cramento.) Sciiod—Prohibits aayane who has a contract with a sdmd district ^ from "TTitint 'i Dear Ann Landers: My hus-l Trespass — Empowers state of any ^te college faculty must be given consideratioa in allowance for eaAone ; member who participates in a any flood control or water cent increase in the cost of fomihvf ^^S^!^' vehide to transport pupils to or ,Sr?,^„,r.\,'^r„V«'m a pobUc school kess he meets the same liceioing 5^""*..^,i!:T.2'"J^!!!;.!l':coIi^univ^^di^ ite campus disturbance. (SB20- conser^aUon program in which Uvine sUiccJ^l 1^ rSfiffii"''"™"*"'* » P*'«= to;Hann»,_ R-dendale. Voice the state participates pursuant Fr^xo^^ '^.^^T^' (AB691-Pattee. was the Mett of three brolhm. , campus anyone they vote. To finance) to the state water resources I always got atong wdl with ^eUeve would cause a diwup-i Stiidents-R^uires the dis-law. (SB426-JIcCar1hy, R-San Guys brothers but their wvesltjo^^ (SB3«-Gniiisky, R-Wat-jmissal of any state college Rafael.) nevercaredforme.Iamyoimg-;5(,m.jjjg^31.5 student who participates in a .cce^a.« er than my sisters-m-law and itj Police—Makes it a fdony to campus distaAance. (SB28— '"E ^EMBLY so happens I am more attrac-• assault a campus ptfliceman.; Harmer, R-Gtendale. Voice Introducfd tive and better built than they|(SB317 — Gnmsky. E-Watson-jvote. To finance.) AlwAoI-Makes it Salinas.) Hunt—Requires persons under 21 years old to take a safety ;iest before receiving a hunting license. (AB669—MacDonald, D- :OjaL) ™v>,^vr-...„»„ a misde-' Text-Ends requirement that Pe«wl^. (AB15-Sleroty, IJ. are. 35.I ^ Msembly.) | Emergency — Authorizes a "'canor to anploy anyone under high schocrf text book publishers "e.^erl/Hins. Died on a splitj Since Guy died I am happiest Hasting — Api«x>priates:state college president to 21 >ears aid to ser\e alcoholic mainUin an office and deposito-i^'""ce wiien I am with his brothers. $]sg,ooo for University of {declare a "state of emergency" beverages in any on-sale r>' in California to receive and ^ere is a strong famfly resem. califarta Hastings Law School and restrict access to a „ ^ „ „ . blance. also their voices_ and,for constroction. (SB-278-Mos. campus. (SB56-Harmer. R. Burite. R-HunUngton Beach.) mannmsms are amilar. It's al->cone. D-San Francisco. 3M. To Glendale. Voice vote. To floor.) Pet—Regulates the processing Vehicle—Requires the Depart- most like being with Gtiy again. 1 assembly.) Code—Requires University of acd labdhig of pet foods, ment of Motor Vehicles to Friday I was feeling down in' Colleges — Appn^afcs California and state college (AB666—Briggs, R-FuUerton.) jncUfy by registered mail the dumps. I telephoned my SSTS.OOO for state colleges to pay students to sign a "code of Disaster—Establishes a dis-o^'ners of vehicles for which a brother-in-Uw and asked if he costs <rf additional enrollments, conduct" (SB132—Banner. R- aster fund to aid property fee or penalty is unpaid of the —Burise, R-Huntington Beadi.) CMnmiHm KilM Criminal Procedure Deatb-^AboUsbes the death Penalty—Placed a four-year the death penalty. (AB377—Wazman, D- Los Angeles. Died on • split voice vote.) Eariy in the IMi century. would drop by after work. HeUAB93-Wilsoo, R-San Diego. 31- Glendale. Voice vote. To fi- ouiiers for damage caused to intent of the departmertt to|when phldiotomy or "Needing" saidyes. At 5:00 he caUed back 4.1^ assembly.) nance.) . proi^rft; improvenienu by'ze and seU r,fX „i°-^''^'^.^^If?''!?.** to say he had forgotten a social' Pdhition-Calls on U.S. Secre- Impact-Approves appropna-tural disasters. (AB667-Ryan,fAB^- Burke, R-Huntmgton,sicians, "medicinal"' leedies engagement and his wife expect- fary of Health. EducaUon and tion for $16 million for state D-Buriingame.) Beach.) were raised on farms thronged him home. I Welfare to approve California J assistance to tocal school, Water—.Authorizes the Water Fire—Authorizes duwtor of. out Europe and Amenca, ac so exhaust exmission stondaids as'districts in which federal Resources Control Board to rcnscrvaUon to set wages for, cording to the Encyclopedia Why are some women selfish, Ann? Don't you think required my sister-in-law should have invited me to go along instead of; stopping ber husband from coming to ne? Please (akel ray part. — BUILT BETTY (MY BROTHER -m. LAWS' NICKNAME FOR ME) Dear Betty: Your broUier-in- law's nickname for you gives me a pretty good cine to the prableffl. rm glad you threw it I imderstasd your kddiness and I sympatlnze, but obviously your sisters-in-law consider you a threat If yon are wise you'U rcfrun from any aggressive moves toward their husbands and mit for them to invite you when they are inclined to do so. 1 Dear Ann Landers: My laslj name is one winch you would 1 reeognize so I shall not sign' this letter. Last month my husband's book (OB which he worked wdl over a year) was published. His; publishers allotted him a small '• number of free co|ries which he' autographed and sent to his closest &iends. For the past two weeks we have been receiving letters like this ene: "Dear —: Thank you lor the book. I haven't been able to read it because the neighbors (or my sister — or my uncle — or my grandmother) saw the book on the Uble and to(A it to read." Why doesn't someone inform Qiese people that autographed books should not be let out of the bouse. The ownen of these books should say to their friends. "Go buy one. It's worth the price." — RESENIFDL Dear R: As an anifaar of a recently published book, I must say you are a woman after my own heart You voiced my sentiments beautifully and I thank you- Dear Ann Landers: Tonight my bo>-friend (age 17) put his hand where it didn't belong. I didn't blow my eool but I made it dear that be had the wrong; number. j He took me to the doer and Apologized - said he felt like a rat and hoped I'd fot^v* him. UMB I got to iUnking — it wasnt all his fault I hated to ndBit it but I had led him on a Itfle. I was a teaae. I ca- cowshed him to get Acjh jod ttMB I cloUMred him. He made me stop and tludc. ni never do it again. — GDIL- TTTTOO Dear G-2: Tour letter snp- pocts a pet theory of mine. Men often tlian not. the guy who gets his face dapped had reana to bdio>o ho corid get away irith whatever it was he tried, nooks for saying it better than I could. by the Federal Air! ixistallations are located for a<3opt regulations for testing, persons n-ho are summoned toiBritannica. You Can Help Our New President — UNITY THROUGH SHARES IN AMERICA — RICHARD M. NDCON America's newspapers contribute substantially to the $68 million annually in public service advertising that promotes an important cause - unity. This helps to sell more than $5 billion in U.S. Savings Bonds as investment in creative citizenship. Now is the opportunity to build-to bring us together. The more than $52 billion outstanding in these Shares in America can bring a new unity to our National Purpose. U.S. Savings Bonds offer all of us: 1. Tax free interest for education when bonds are bought in the name of a child; 2. Defened taxes for retirement income; 3. 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"There Is No Place Like Homel* Another advantage-Home lias more nic* people to seiveyoo in more Southern Cali« fomia offices than any other assodatioo. lOS iNtaa PUIN OFFICE) 761S. Biojdway at Ith • 627-;99l lUUUnU Ml C Vlllty Blvd. ltSlirraVistJ*ir«.>2t»0211 uamm m cat uirain Avt. 0|)poilttCit)IUI|.S3S-28U MCUM «a Ent HuotinitOT Dr. <t nnt. mim • m-m* IMsm 1232 E. MA St. In till Supit S Swppint Ct«« • 29«-213I •EvniT miu n«s mulin Bintf. M Rufort DrNt 2734<66>87»44a WDU PMK NIO Madl IM. atUMau.UMM* Am*.imHttnia IM-dlntaikiM. t4S-7m.M»3Ml BIN. • 636^1 DKIMmVVMsnBM. at MMttV • TIMtM • 1722930 ttnamm 11922 InettntttL at OaBUl HO-MBO niMlU 111 Sauth Caalral *«•. It iteadway • 2414102 • 24MU> MMUM fUR STBt N. ntaaiM St at *«t. S7 les/UKlai BOOC • 2S4-5U4 MunmauooH-vm atsaa«l'4**-lin 7141 Mdfie IhK. at Flanm* Sn4177 UnwOM 4Sn latmod Kti. at DM/UN . 1144109 > 6]i-244« U HIUDl 15128 e. ResKnns Kvt. EMt of La Mirsia BM.. S21-U10 IONS iUCN 201 East First St atlKint-43M231 MONTIIIUS ur» W. Binrljr BM, at Miple. 721-0317 PUtOCM aeo East Colorado BM at lalia-7»-5174-6ai-S17« PICO BIVtM 9I2S E. Whittlcr Blvl East of Roieiiiiad • 699-1071 POttOM 100 Posena Hall Wist 623-2491 IIUTOiaS-Rhnrsidian. Bitmn Ut k lialto • B7$.7aia SM innuoim soi w. Wikiand *i at«rro«liaad'BI2-J321 SUrtMUUOONortiMalnSt. at waskiniton Avt. • 547-96U sun MOIUU1923 Wilsbira IM. 4it-97S7 srnio cm 120S1 vwtiin IM. at laortl Caqraa 711-7341 TOMURCt 1511 Crmia tot. at D Prade • 321-9244 • 77»Ilia V1C10IVIUC14909 Tth St msTCtnwmi*. ElatdoraJliiiL 9U-7H1 WMtTTin 1S«25 Cast Wdlttlv BM. MSairtaS*rtredis<Ul-«7il V1tSA*IC CENTCX 37S0Wasl!iriBlMl.. It Oifom. 315-3973 ~. nOOUL Savlngi wnt loan Insuranea CorporotiM Mambw: mWL H«m Lean Bank Syitam

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