The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 12, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 12, 1930
Page 4
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] BLOUSES VARY COSTUME. .. QUICKLY I win more the bowels without may pain and depressing • after effects. Stok Headaches, Indigestion, BOtoasneas and Bad Complexion Vdcs^y lettered. Children and Adults can essiir swsBosr Dr. Carter's tiny, sugar coated pills. They are free Itan- fslnmel and poisonous drugs. AH Pnigglsls Kc sad 75c red pkgs. ournirsraiHiis Versatility of Models : Makes Wearing a Suit a Joy. liicenscs Revoked. A total of 177 automobile, drivers lost their licenses to drive through revocation on charges of drunkenness during the first three- months of this year, according to a report issued yesterday by Otto G. Lifield, secretary j these dressmaker • New York, "April 12.r—There Is no' need to get tired of your new suit, however persistently you wear it this season!'Blouses are more amusing this year than they have ever been, and by selecting a number in different fabrics and colors you'can vary one costume as much as you like. Perhaps you have chosen a formal afternoon suit, one -you plan to initiate on Easter Sunday and wear for lnncheons, afternoon bridge or teas thereafter. If so, you may have soft dressmaker blouses of flat crepe, satin, crepe Elizabeth or chiffon in white delicate pastels or prints. Exquisite detail characterizes blbuges. Fine THE EARTH HIDES ITS AGE, of state. . . | hand tucking discreet self-em Mr. Fifield said that the driv-; broidery, little pearl or crystal crs' license law is being rigidly • buttons are some of the incon- onforced and he believes it is. spicuous but important touches meeting with the expectations of on the newest imports. The neck- the public. | line is softly finished in a va- ; • 1 • — - : ' | riety of ways—with ' a ruffled Bedford Kaid': • surplice closing, . with scarfs : which pull through each other iiedford. Ind.. April 1.2.—Fed-| 0 r knot into a bow, with pleated oral prohibition officers,; led . by [ jabots falling fanwise, with seal- John W. Wilkey, deputy admini- j loped revers. The cape and bolero st ration for Indiana, -swooped! themes which* influence every down on Bedford yesterday and j other phase of the mode -are arrested twenty-four alleged i prominent here too. You , may liquor law violators as. the' result of three weeks' undercover investigation. Kvehangc- Properties. ilalnh Zimmerman' has traded his Ea'sl Jefferson street property to ,IOIHI. 11. Xash for and t'ight Cjots on known as dhe • Mnhlon Teter hninc and will-move at. once.: The wear your blouse in or outi, but in any case the natural waistlin'e is indicated. • . Soft little white chiffon blouses with frilis falling gently . about" the neck give the. proper accent to a black crepe suit. Paq.uin's Kate Greenaway . the house blouse of flat crepe is sophisti- Ash street, I cated, yet demure... Long tabs radiate from a round neck and are stitched down. Around the. exchange Was made through the-.neck is a scarf which: runs Leavell & Fuller real estate asen- through the tabs and knots at ey. ! the side front. The short: puff •»»'—!—;— I sleeves a,rc treated in the same On Varatioii.. -T manner! //-?-'':_£ U j • The linferte ^hlo'usef•'tre'snT-djtin^ Messrs' And ley Jean Kinder! 1* and very-very feminine, is One and John William Kinder- of j of ,hc most engaging expressions Evanston, ' 111., came Saturday r of the new-mode. Made of hand- and will spend a week's vacation j kerchief linen, eyelet embroider- with their grandparents, Mr. .and ! ed batiste or organdie, and Mrs. John Werner on North Main street and with other -relatives and friends during the week.; v- 1 Here Over Sunday. Knlph J;k-liman and family of Cincinnati came in Friday evening to visit over Sunday with friends and relatives. Mrs. L. ]•;. nin-khnrdt. daughter Helen and son Kenneth started fur Flint. Mich., early Saturday morning and will spend Sunday there' wlith Mrs. Biirkhirdt's i adorned with the fine handwork |. on-sheer'stuffs for which the j French women are famous it per- I fectly completes the softer wool| en suits or relieves the severity j of the classic .tailleur. J A new blouse in cream: batiste with rows of narrow lace has an amusing feature in a shirt-bosom front outlined witt lace frills. Patou trims his linen blouse with hemstitched bands looped under to form tabs dc\wn the front: . Many variations on the shirtwaist theme continue to be shown as the ultra-tailored, accompaniment to the tailleur. Still: a favo- l'amily. sister, Mrs. .Hattie Sailors and I r j te ; s Chanel's vestee in' white i 'pique with double-breasted diago- J nal closing a belt widening at the I front, and buckles, in back. Beside pique the leading fabrics for i this type of blouse are! satin- striped shirting and shantung. Tribune want ads get results. Scientists Guess 1,500 Million Years By Rocks. Atlanta, April 12.- —How old is the earth? The earth was personified as a goddess by the. ancient Greeks, and she always has exercised a feminine prerogative, of reluct-] ance about revealing her age. At! a meeting of'the American Chemical Society here .Dr. C. S. Piggott of the geo-phystcal laboratory of the Carnegie Institution of Washington told how he . has - been quizzing her lately and how she; like a coy woman before a cen sus taker, has been evading his questions. A little while ago it was be-, lieveil scientists had^ the old; earth "spotted." Many- rocks of the earth's crust .contain uranium. Always associated with uranium is a minute quantity of lead. It is now .known this lead came from the uranium by atj- omic breakdown. During" this process it is for a time the even rarer but better known element, iridium. This breakdown is known as - radioactive disintegration. Study of the rate. Of this change gives us a sort of geologic -hourglass, for it has been going on at the same rate for untold millions of years. • •• . Using this hourglass scientists have found rocks at least 1,500 million years old. But Dr. Piggot's experiments hav;e shown there are three kinds or "stopoes," of lead in these ancient rocks, each differing slightly but still definitely from the others- in weight. .One of these could result only from the decomposition of uranium, one from the breakdown of thorium. But the third kind of lead has hitherto proved a- puzzle., Dr. Piggot's experiments now indicate it can only be the.offspring of a A "THRILLER" ON\|SCIENCE .I "• ' ' i: '• I:' 7 . .• f Smithsonian Pamphlet Lists Expedition Adventures. . Washington,: April 12. — Field workers of the Smithsonian' institution helped ;niateriaMy to fill in the gaps which break the continuity of man's knowledge of himself and his domain by pursuing scientific' research 1 on every contij- rieht of the globe during 1929. j Traces of human, animal and plant life, rocks and! fossils of many parts of the earth, the raf diatioh of the sun and stats—all came within the range! of the in-- vestigations of j twenty-eight sep T out from results of been pub- exploration arate expeditions sent the. institution. | The their work afield have] lished in an annual pattiphlet. • j '• • , Variations of| one per cent and less in the amount of solar, energy available to |warm jthe earth have been detected byj astronom-- ical instruments to further sub stantiate the ^belief' that such variations influence the weather: The result is expected to be In-] creased accuracy in forecasting weather conditions. VEWI "Heart" of Measure Unite Boards Eliminat- ! .-. :i ;.| • I i ed by Committee, i to SOME HOPE STILL SEEN third rare element^ actinium. But actinium is itself the -child of uranium, and the question of whether there is more than one kind of uranium, as "there is more than one kind of lead, has now raised itself. However, until the question can be answered positively, the age of the earth will'have to remain uncertain. • Trades Vor Tipton Property. Max Gross "The Store for Dad and Lad." John F. Byrami was . |at Peru Saturday in the interests; of parties for "Whom he is selling an SO a-cre farm in Miami county. E.- A. Foster who was in Indianapolis Friday put the finishing touches on a real estate trade, whereby Loyd Fuller, who owned a six room; modern, in that city, j traded it to the Washington National Bank of Indianapolis for property at the corner of North and Green streets. This was formerly known as the Mobley property and is' a desirable residence property, which Mr. Fuller will rent or sell. :/' Mr. Fuller, has also ( sold a piece of property at the corner of Jackson and Conde streets to Mrs. Alta Campbell, bookkeeper at the Levi Junk yards on East Jefferston street. Mrs. Campbell who is a daughter of Mr. and-Mrs. E. E. Downey will occupy the property. were gath- Valley iii Three tons of fossils ered in Snake |Rlver Idaho, with sufficient information to determine definitely the geological age of sedimentary deposits In the valley. i Bats the size of a bushel has-: kct were reported found in' caves ill Haiti flying jover the heads of; the scientists, making |a "terrific noise resembling that of- a hurri-j cane." Becalmed in a small boat,' the same "Haitian party spent the; night surrounded by three playful 1 whales. i i > A graphic descriptioii.of a trip, from Tarma to! La Merced in the: region of the iAndes in South America was told by the head of] an exploration party. "Noisy monkeys swung from tree, to • tree, alligators and giant turtles basked on the muddrj shores;] flocks of! brilliant birds";—the tale unfolds! of a land little' known 1 to nian-j kind. ;| 1 THIS INTERESTED CS— MAYBE ITiWIMi YOU, TOO How did the St. get its nanie? j The St. Bernard Bernard dog; has playedj l.ut : how manyj tl-is particular Last Showing Tonight Shows 7:00 to 11:00 Admission: 10c and 25c. KEN MAYNARD in "The HghflDg Legkm" ALSO THE SERIAL AND ONE REEL OF FUN _ SUDAY AND MONDAY : SUNDAY AND MONDAY • Something for the Family to See—All Together GOOD NEWS TO FARMERS. 4 — ! ' . . Kuro |K> Hus Rcgun to Buy W'lii-ut! • as Predicted. Washington, April 12.—The department of agriculture has two announcements;which should prove encouraging to the- middle western farmer. "The long expected improvement - in European buying of wheat" is reported by the bureau of agricultural economics iif cables from abroad is expected to receive support due ,to the reducf tion in European stocks of wheat', the statement adds.\ • The bureau of r nomics also - reportfcd that on April 1 farm wages' were the low] est since the collection, of statistics, 1923, with the supply of -labor exceeding, the demand/ The average farm wage with board in Kansas U placed at •88.76; the* supply of term - labor 103 periwDt Of normal or Jia psr' cent of the demand '-i.-'l How OHMS oa Hlshws}. ! jWashington, April 12.—The administration bill' to consolidate and coordinate government activities affecting warj veterans, suf^ fered a blow in the House; this Week when,'in a. first test'votej the paragraph which , has been teamed! the "very! heart" of ijthe measure, was voted out. I | The purpose of the | bill is to consolidate the agencies, administering relief or benefits to war veterans into a bureau to be known as the Administration of Veterans' Affairs. \ The section Which tlie House, sitting in committee of the whole, defeated would empower the new administrator, under direction of the president, "to consolidate, eliminate, -Or redistribute the functions of the bureaus, agencies, offices, or activities in the administration of veterans'l affairs and to create new ones therein." ! The vote was not the final test for this section, and elimination of the provision would not impair the! main purpose of the bill, but the result was thought by sbme significant'. A suggestion by an administration advocate of the measure that elimination of the section would cut the "liear-jt'.'; out of the bill was .created by applause and many, who voted for striking out the section did so ..out of 1 antagonism to the entire plan. j „' j ' CHECK ARTIST RELEASED Ten Days Sentence Suspended During Good Behavior. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Davis wlio have been spending a portion . OL the winter in California jarrivejd home iFriday evening arid report a wonderful visit: in L the south- west. Mr. Davis -who', had a slight atta-ckj of illness i while in'. California - ] is looking fine and [says-he feels much better than when he! left Tipton. - - Fell Through Window. such a romantic part in stories of heroism, rescue and reciprocal af^ fection of aniir. al for man that it is unnecessary to j comment fur-! thei- on this pliagp of our subject.; of us Jknow why breed of dog 1 ould be so called. 1 .-j Rather iiiterpstingly,| tile name! was applied'.toj this type of large dog- because the Abbey jof St. Ber-! nard in Switzerland | used to breed and train thesej dogs to look for and rescue travelers who might be lost iin the snow. One of the [stories has it that each St. Bernard dog, would carry suspended from, its neck a bottle of the stuff i^that cheers and warms—just the thingj-for a man lost amon| the Swiss ranges on a wintry, snowyjday. j Tourists who have made an effort to satisfy their curiosity in this regard, however, searchin for the dogs ahd what [hangs from their hecks, report their quest un­ rewarded. !'• j Mrs. Andrew B'efg of Arcadia, bad the misfortune I to fall : : II- through a large window glass at lier home on Mainjstreet and se- yerely bruised herself and cut her limb and finger. Mrs. [Berg was Washing) the ;window j and she started down the ladder: and missed her footing and fell hack- wards through thej window. SevT Oral neighbors heard the crash of the glass and ran i to • her assistance and took her iuto the house. At the JDianii. Birth of Boy.: I Mrs."Hazel King of] \ Arcadia, gave birth to .a seven pound baby boy Friday night and the Youngster will answer to the name of George Rollins King. The ! baby makes five boys and one girl in the family. The father deserted {he mother several; months ago and since the people *bf Arcadia have had to help her. Both mother and child are getting along as well as can be expected. i! : Tribune want sdB par. ' Sociologists: who- assert that the American'home is in danger are "all wrong," according to Hamilton McFadden, famous director who deserted a successful career in the! theatre to' direct 'Harmopy At Home" for the Fox studios. And Mr. McFadden, by virtue of. the picture he has just Completed, should know! j | "Harmony*!|"At '.Home," an all talking Fox Movietone picture, at the Diana Theatre! this -week, j: based on the! stage' Iplay, "Thej Family UpBtsirs,'' depicts the triumphs and tribulations, the homely quarrels and reconcilia­ tions, which imark the collective Jife of the average: middle class family - anywhere in the ' United itstes.-::-] 1 ];;!^'^ '..'[}'• ;'•' ^ ' * ? It is rich in ^ humor, as such story should:;be; iand it contains! forthrikht,' simple I tore theme which migh(pe the] love story qf iflvi<m »'Otiki million cdasles %n> will sxch^nii - kh^es] fpnispt on ths'oU^rontjporch! M. HAAS & SONS Clothing and Furnishings Mrs. Edith Slayback- arrested for passing four f 10 checks on Noblesville merchants was: released, oh good behavior> by Judge Fred!- Hines, who found her guilty, and fined ' her $10 and costs: .and gave her ] a -tien • days! sentence in jail. The woman the wife of John Slayback Castleton and admitted I passing Uie bad paper, Which was made good.' . Two of the checks:were sighed by "Charles Smith" andi two by "Carl DeFord." One of the m^iv chants.prior to:the hearing ofrthe woman stated he wished her punished regardless Of whether he received his riioney, but relented and consented to her being released on parole. ' i i TARDIEU BUDGET VOTED.:' French Premier Wins Impressive Victory by 270 to 17 Count.; Paris, April 12.^The_j French Senate yesterday voted the budget of the Tardieu ministry jiy 270 to 17. The victory of jthe' government was expected, b'ut impressive. Parliament will probably adjourn for the Easter holidays on April 1 18] " Mr. and Mrs. Fi E. Dnvis'.Hoinc Easter Apparel Mr. and Mi-s-j i Harry j -Lloyd. former Tipton residents who have I - ' - I 1 been residing in Richmond fojr some ! time were - s here •Saturday visiting with friends. Mr! • Lloyd •II i i * i is with the Standard Oil: Company at Richmond, having' been transferred ' from this j territory. They expected toj visit at jElwood and Curtisville before returning home, i j - j' Do not fail to see ^ie livj- ing room suite| being built in Young's window- to he sold at auction at j 8 o'clock, to- Get •7 Yours Now! Ladies' Crepe Dresses in all the possible beauty of mode and ma- red, and Spanish terial. Green, orange. $6.95 up to $27.50 Watch Our Windows NEW MILLINERY—Hair braids^ in spring's newest ' styles, $2.00 and up to $6.00. SPRING HOSIERY—All new colorings in rayon or silk and' combinations, 50c to $1.95. SPRING SHOES—Patents, kids, satins, crepes, reptile; pumps, straps and oxfords; write, blonde, red biue, dull or black; watch our windows. SPECIAL SERVICE • •• • i - • • • "• i We repair runners in silk hose or silk underwear; ask about this service, i The Bostorj Store THE HOME OWNED STORE FOR 74 YEARS (Yak; Funeral. Funeral Services for Charles (Doxey) Craig, whose deatli took place Sunday night at the home of liis daughter, Mrs. Blanche McCarty in Phoenix, Arizona, were held at the Memorial .Cfiapel in Elwood Saturday morning at 10:00 o'clock. A very large nu'nfber of old friends of." the deceased attended . the services. . Mr! Craig was a member of the a these fraternities assisted in the services, the Eagles giving their ritnalistU: ceremony. . The body of Mr. Craig reached Elwood , Thursday afternoon ahead of! the time first announced for its arrival and lay in state until the hour of the funeral. A large number of friends of Elwoold, Tipton and Windfall I paid their respects time. during this Typewriter ribbons for all night. Eagles .ami the Moose lodges and machines. Tribune Press. Starts Sat. Apr. IX Company's Chicago Show Suites Again This Spring and Are Going tp Offer You ah Opportunity to Buy the Newest in Styles at Real Bargain Prices. j: Mohairs Moquettes Velour* Jusl Think! Enough {Paper 4 for a Boom, for only Front 5s ill • i ' '' ' "4. •- 'I We!Have Bought the Tipton Furniture 3-Piece Suite " '. .1 '••' '-:| ..' • .' 'I •'•:•• - -' Two-Toned Jacquard Reverse Cushions Serpentine^Pront 3-Piece These Are Two Out of a floor ; Beautiful Allover Barrel Suite Jacquard Trim Ends T : Full of Bargains You Are Invited to 8M afnite Being: BjiMiii Our Window i . Saturda^^^oon and Ifi^t. W-... TOM wlflwtwfflfli^ Suite Might by '5.1 v..

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