The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 10, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 10, 1936
Page 5
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JDECEMBEtl 10,- 193G BLYTHEVILLE,' (ARK.) COURIER NEWS fourth grades. fn the sccbnil giadj, Peggy: Reed, Mary Belle Johnson, Lula Hulvey ' excelled. Layiiriie Presncll and juanlta Yarbrough were llrst grftde students listed. Ma: C; H. King Cut About Face When Car Hits Mule Mrs. 'C. H. king s severely cut abbiil the -forehead when the . Separated fc'rom B»bv The young pair \\eio from thcli bab>, toon aftu hot tjtrlh, wiicn tlicj made nil official' ;lx months tour (o: Austvnlln. I Oil Iheli lelwn thijy icUlecl lldwh iii thbii lig tonn hoitao ncai Hyde Pnriv Tlieli kcolih daughter, Princess Margaret K'osiS was bom Aug. 21, 1030. cull course In u high wind lor a scoi'C of 83. i . . Would Remove Wages, Hours from Competition WASHINGTON, Deo. 10 (Ul*) — Major Qcoi'gc Uerry's Council for Induslrliil Progress today was , Albeit Is iiiofltltnl at only one ' nbKcd to sponsor a progrnivi that I j>ijort— In'uu tennii He does not \iould remove wages mid hours have n powerful scwlcc, but hi five Wlvo\Wouldn't;if" ," lvv ? lch shc ancl Mr - King, Ear live, wiiuv vvumuii L|HQ Ca | j, a j. e ma n n g cri •v/crc r | ( |. was Lend Moiujy, Escapes '"« the onli (Continued Prom Page One) |nel-pluy Is good He Eai'l of Slratiimore. The marriage member of tho loyal family to love-match, although the play In tlic Wimbledon chain a . lo propose . iniuiy Uinc's iilonslrtps— appealing (Vieio foi OIK the She V.T.S resting well to- the Courier News)—Robert Lucy, . 32, in a statement purported to have been signed in tlie presence i. of officers at 'the comity jail at Ca-1 Ireatmei ruthersvllle yesterday is said lo sl'tches • have confessed Lliat lie set lire toi ™md. Frank MeCollum's general store at|^ av< f Pascola, -Mo., a small community' The accident, resulted when the seven miles west of llaytl, early Wednesday, morning. Mr. McCollum, \vho sleeps In the store, narrowly escaped from.the ' blazing building and the loss, consisting of a large stock of merchandise as well as the building, was estimated lo be probably as high as |15,COO. 'Lucy, in his coi collided with a stray miilc on the highway about II, miles before she accepted him. brief from Kcnnett, Mo., lust nlgiit.. Their first daughter. Princess "nd : Mr. King, wlio was driving was Elizabeth wns born April 21, 1926.1 His Mrs. ! ' " toiiblcs'mutch, li\ \\hlih he pnitnci woe benten Is onl> fall, ami hi, u . „_ Yet he tVilce s. King «-as girai emergency 1 ; 1 "' 1 s -°°" E«lned the nlckimme ol tonlshed l)nll\cs ot SI Midi raent at Kemiclt,,- several '''^ "E'nPlro's Sweetheart." People;once,, by going around the dllli being taken to'close tho were most impressed by Ihc fact -.—: ""* ~'""" might-one day be Queen from economic competition, More than 000 delegates representing business imdn labor aiipliiuited tho proposal. Senator liuilon K. Wheeler, chnlrmnn of the Semite Inln.Mnle ccmmcvce coininlttee, Informed Berry Ihal: I believe as yon do tliut llicris should be made possible some provision whereby the question of hours and WHROS cfm be taken out of competition.' I bellcvo In the theory of an economy of abundance i»s unemployment can never tx> solved by n limitation of pro- (lucllon." British Count On 12 Million Toy Business LONDON. <UPI—The British toy Ilidiislry Is ex|)cctlng to enjoy the best business on iccowl during this Christinas season; Toy factories all over the country arc voiUng umllme turning out theli piodncts Every day huge quantltcs of toys nlc being shipped to home miukcls and to tile Con- llnent. Estlmntes based on present orders show that abonl '$12,600,000 wortli of Hrllhh lojS will bo sold. One llilllsh factory aloile Is Ub- Ing 30 tolls ot slecl and three tons of rubber tires cvoiy day In the production of toy motor-car? and similar products ' , One member of the lr»de said thut the nilthh toy Industry t>!nc« the usr Das biiiWd fore'ljn toys In nil linitoitant brunches of t)ii trade British to>":>, 'he rt'd, at« now sold in sho]» Ihtougliolll th« Emplic, South Au\crlc», cliUit,' tl)« United SUtw, nnd Inbst European coiiillrlcs, Including eveil fle'r- innny "spiritual homo of by-Hak- liig" Elizabeth. bOJ >nfi ; n In la« of McCollum ession said that he had mule stepped onto. the highway in tlie path of the approaching car. The animal was killed. T,vo thousand of the 42,000 doctors in England are women. Use cold water and ammonia, not so-ip to clean nnttin" Weather-Conditioned for Every Season attempted to borrow money from McCollum Kilt he failed and that his wife. McCollums daughter, had also tried, at her husband's insistence, without success'. Lucy said he .quarrelled with his.wife afterwards and that she left, tlielr hoirte, taking their three children with her, and went to the. home of a sister, late Tuesday. Shortly'after niidnight Lucy, according to his confession, took a can of kerosene, walked a short distance from his home to McCol , , luins store and set fire to thtj •. building by pouring kerosene on the sills and under the building and ignitln» It In his confession be said that he knew McCollum s!"j)t in tlie store but also was aware, that the storekeeper had a .supjily of firecrackers iii stock and bslieved lhat the firccrackois would explode and awaken McCollUm so that lib could escape: u'lthdiit harm. The burning of another general mcrcliandise:store at Pascola, owned bj A G Sander 1 ; of Hayti : about three wG n ks ago wis beln 17 investigated by officers following ! Lucj s confession to the burning ' of the McCollum store Whales ciplured in English waters belong to the king of Eng- mlid bj an old custom The fashion of glove wearing was inliodiicecl in Europe in the IHh century when Hit Doge of Venice Domentgo SaUa maincd the daughlci of the empeior ot Constintinoplc The lidj alnajs vjoic rented glo\es In public and Ine fashion soon spiead to France and Spun Read Courier News Want Ads MADE WITH ARKANSAS RICE Distributed by MIDWEST CISTiUBUTING CO., blyiheville, Ark. - - fhonc 6ii Ytrbro School Releases Second Term Honor Roll . The Yarbro school has. aniiou. , r td its iign.oi toll for the sfcond .Six w"ceks term of the firsti^eni- •': ester To achieve (his honor tlie student must make above "C' In the ninth and tenth giades Lucille Abbott, Lavergne Flon ers, Fannora Mullihs and Mild«'tl Burnett are listed. Cecil Johnson William Evans Leroy Witlner, Jaiiies Parfish and Robert .Gitclicll ..are. studciits (if the seventh and eighth grades who made the roll. In the fifth and sixth grades, Calvin Hollingsworth, Vernell Moi gan, Kuth Morgan and Givenn Orr led. Margriret Jo Jorjnsoii, Pegki' Grilfin, Martha Aim Bunch: Juanita Bunch and Mona Taylor were successful in the third and SENIOR CARNIVAL 8 P. M. JRlDftV, M 11 City Hall Auditorium A HIT OF HUMOR AND 'DRAMA COMEDY SKIIS^ A 0NE=AfcT PLAV AND A HEAUTIPilF, CHORUS IN THE JVIIRTHKUL TELEVISION PROGRAM CIiMAXED B\ THE CROWNING OF JIISS t\IL!N S-VURT \S "QUEEN OF THE CA!t- NIVAL K\ Him, HAKKISON, CLASS PHKSI- UKNT. — 10t - 25c U 3 DAYS EXTRA ' SPECIAL SALE ON COATS AND SUITS in keeping vvitli our annual' policy not to carrj' over merchandise during this Xinas Sale, we arc giving further reductions. GOATS - SUITS $59.75 §30.75 Values ?34.'J5 Values $23.95 LUTES GROCERY AMD MARKET CANBEltRA \UP)-ln cnnbeini, Ihc ca|illal bf tho Australian cbin- monncnUlt, nb one has 'ever committed a serlgtis cttjio. Canberra Is 9 jcars old and has a population of D.OOO In 23 imbuibs Being garderi'citir, It, W no ?row*a I iunis, and in* authorities »ttrii>«il«! lto la,ck of crime to Ui!S;Jact, <S ' //?/"/"/to 5'jfff-HTS of STOMU'H UICFHS < HYPFRACID1TY KIRBY BROS. DRUQ CO. KOBIN^QN DBUQ . CO , Inc. MANItiA: PEOPIiES DRUG STORE , JOE ISAACS, It Costs Little to fie Big HeaHcd This \VE filVB AND UEDEKM BAGI.fe StAi INC. Our Stocks Were Never More Complete - - - Our Prices Never Lower Get Stylfeftight^et PriceRi^ht SELECT 'HIS 5 CHRISTMAS BWt these Cutlee or tiiher Nationally Known Makes A.slilrl fraturcil, ktvS.l.Uii |iintl higher tjy city siores,; .M r c fci- yon this fanifliis slilit in ;i great nssortnitiil «f "UilrAc- (ive [laltcrns at $1.49. Olhti- Stiirlcriif! Shirts Up I o .$1.95 400 1 the Choice of Well Men Everywhere 3 feature Groups 206 W. Main Phone 161 \\'e Dcli\cr LARGE S10CK OP FRUITS, NUTS, CANDIES and FRUir CARE INGREDIENTS for the HOLIDAYS U. H. No. 1 Reds 10 Pounds 29' LETTUCE Jjarjje Iceberg Hcii'd ENGLISH WALNUTS BRAZIL NUTS PECANS Crop Pdiintl 20 IS'cvr Crop Pound Extra Large Pound 25 l Fancy, Larije I'oniid 20 Large Each BANANAS Golden Hipc Fruit liozen S3.2.75 to SiW.75 Values $21.95 829.75 Values 519.!)5 $2-1.75 Values $17.95 '$li>.75 Values $13.95 $17.75 and $18.75 Values S1I.S5 and $12.95 §12.75. and $16.75 Va!. ues §7.95 nttd $8.95 feiics arc broVcii, thbiieli ivb liaix a lot ol licaulirul cnais and Suits. Come early and make your scleclion. Tnil- orcii aurt fiir iiiiiimcrl. .TheNbw. Ecojidiii.y Slioj> Ingram Bldtr. I'lioue 93 APPLES Med. Size Delicious. Fartty jjozch Faiicv Table '.\.i. ->., can -tf If SUGAR 11) Pounds 49 BRAN FLAKES 0-Kay 2 Boxes SALMON Chum Can Sliced, Breakfasl I'oimtl 30 HENS Fresh Dressed Pound 27' STEAKS Swift's Bi-:mi!cd Pound 30' Might We Suggest a Luxurious Fur Trimmed Winter Coat Give "Her" .thrill this Clirislhins by presenting licr nilh t beautiful fur Coif Our selection ib bo cdmplelb it will lie easy lo finrt Hie Coat blic'l] waul. AT A SENSATIOrVAr, The talk of 'thf • hatitrti .Extremely with plenty pi Mrar,mll< . Sold. In most platks at $3250 Other Thpcoals S'l7.BO Up New s SPECIAti ^GRbUP 512.&5 Alpagora Topcoats SPARE RIBS Fresh and Mealy Potmd 17 1« SAUSAGE Country. Pure Pork Pound FRANKS AH Meal - M.'mtntl. All-Svvccl Brand •RESiSRVE. YOUR .CHRISTMAS TURKEY NO\V! Lijdies H&ts $1.98 Up Men's Fine Oxfords $1.98 to $6 Sizes 32 to 36 5Ubl' AhRlvklil Nc« sports bac* suits for high, scttofll \oiith!> iri iln- gle aiiil doltbte brcabkcl models .. btrlkihf j»»Ucrii!... .Exceptional values. Dozens of Ne'w Styles Jiisi Arrived fot- Christmas New Hiijh Shade iDRlGSSES praHrifr new sljlcs al nfeiiioiiail price! 498 i ^ •1 Glassy Jearie DRESSES | 1 Tlic talk of the lowii! Kxclusnc stjlcs lliat lilblaillly ;lfpc;il lo lilicilmltlallns women. $ Other Dresses $2.98 Up LADIES NOVELTY SHOES : - PUMPS .'STRAPS - OXFOHDS All Sizes and Widths for "Her! 1 ,, ] Velveteen tiobfej : Cord tit oy Hobcs* House Slippers ]!ca«tiful Bedspreads Fancy iWel Sejs Satin BoUnrl.'Biarik'els Tdble I/iriehs . l Lunchcdfi' ScU Satin or Crepe Go\*H3 Satin or Crepe IjtidicS Infants M'cnf \ Silk Hosiery Silk Dress Goods Woolen Dre^'GOSds Hahdkci chiefs Purses • Gloves Filled' Cases Knit Pajamas tot "Him" Ihilial Handkerchiefs Fancy Handkerchiefs Leather Coalfe > Zipptr \Vo6l i Coats Sweaters of All'.Kinds Men's Dress GJ<nes .itolepi-oot Pkcfcr! Hose Attraclive Pajamas Silk or Wdol Staffs UeauUftir§i!k Ties Sle'V's BeH"/Sels ' Men's" ;tiou&e Shoe's Men's' HatVjand, Caps iMcn'S- Spats •" Men's Shoes Shirlcfa'fi' ShVHs ' Shirts -•Ifoys' Suits' Bo.vs* jRaipcoals Boys'vTies Boys' 'Gkvyei •' •'-"" , '~.J>"*a*?'

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