Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 26, 1954 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1954
Page 2
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PAGE fWO ALT6N EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, APRIL 26, 1954 fmigiasSpeaks Reds at Parley ~? * , - .... \mmfmtf^a*amim —— ^——.^^. . .^MBB Twice in Area dfettfttor Says tie Is *Rnit« ttfagonHfa Record' ilflfflois ^Senator Paul M. S* Democrat, made two tarances and spoke briefly Jn fflB Alton area Sunday. His pub- man. Fran McNaughton, the Senator had taken ad- of a respite in the pVesstire of Washington duties $ visit his home state const!- ttents. Sen. Douglas wss campalpv ft&" fte Mid some 200 persons at Godfrey Civic Centra- that he fs "running on my record," nnd has done his best and that a lot of money will be spent in the rftmpalRn against him hut thnt "when the votes are counted in November" he would he the winner. Those who heard Douglas at Godfrey were members of District No. 1 of the Retail Clerks International Association, AFL, at their 60th semi-annual convention. Lunch was served. In the tnld-afternoon, Sen. Douglas met about 100 other local people at a coffee hour at Hotel Stratford. There he expressed sentiments similar to those !n his speech at Godfrey. Included among those at the hotel were Paul -Simon, Troy nominee for state reprsentatfve on the Democratic ticket; Mr. and Mrs. William Newberry, Anthony Daly, Mr. nnd Mrs. Tillmon Wilson, Mrs. Ltlll&n Graves, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Armbrustcr, Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Dlx, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rousseau. jtl of I Concert : (Continued From Page 1.) • . '.'the world's greatest college band" a good many years ago, •By this time It has had, an dpportuntty 'to grow pretty well qut of the college class. Without Having ' heard too many other firofesstonal outfits", it. still riiight- be possible to call this group at least 'one of the greatest rimong them, tooj They could hardly come much better. jj Every Player at Best j Size and balance' of file 6rganl- jfetlon makes It possible for every P ] a yer to be at his best, ^ithout overplaying. The tone quality thus possible makes for a{ colorful blend throughout. (This factor opens up possibilities f6r adaptation of symphonic rauslc which might Heceive folks into thinking smaller band would bp successful" _ with them. It might be ^ell,'however, if nny-. one thtak|Vthis' ! to be a bit of Hits Treasury For Its Laxity Warmer and Wet s& US. WfATHfS 8l/«>tU MAP Commerce MOLOTOV, OROMYKO CONfRR — Russian For clgn Minister V.yach<*lav M. Molotov, rJRht, and him deputy, Andrei Oromyko confer nt conference table fn council chamber of the United Nations headquarter* In Geneva, Switzerland, today at the opening of the Geneva Conference. Momentous Issues before the conference arc final peace In Korea and an cml to the fighting in lndochlna^-AP Wlrcphoto by radio from London. band;ft»rHaps this should be a' caution against trying It. • Such things should be left Catholic Scouts Receive Awards 29 Honored by Bishop At Springfield Twenty-nine Scouts and Explorers of Piasa Bird Council were presented with the Ad Altare Cross Sunday by Bishop William A. O'Connor, at. the Cn- thedral In Springfield In a service at which some 75 Scouts from Central Illinois were recognised. Scout Troop 16, sponsored by the SS, Petor and Paul's Troop 20 -of St. Mary's, and Troop 21) of St. Matthew's and one from St. Denis parish in Shipman also were honored. Following the presentation, the scouts participated in the annual Abraham .Lincoln Pilgrimage. They marched from Ihe Courthouse to Lincoln's, Tomb, where 'they heard an address by Paul Loyc, executive of Region 7. Explorer Scouts of Post 11 of the First Baptist Church In East Alton joined the pilgrimage. The scouts who received their Ad Allnr Del Award were: St. Mary's— James A. Albers, .John J. Albers, Lawrence G. Burch, Leo H. Gclsen, Victor P. Goeken, Theodore F. Klasner, Richard V. Williams. St. Matthew's -- Vincent D. Orh's. John W. Schultx. St. Patrick's— Robert A. Brills. WilHam K, Collet, James F. GreemveJI, Dnvld V. Gucdone, Paul .T. Lanzerotte, Timothy Molloy, Samuel H. Roberts,' 16 such organizations as the 111. Enrich Arrangement* j Actually the Illinois arrangers lake things written for symphony orchestras, and in some places actually enrich them because of the greater body of their town, lo large masses and played by the skilled individuals who make up the band, even the clarinet parts which customarily replace strings in such arrangements fall kindly on the ear. The program opened.with the tuneful overture to Glinka's "Russian and Lumilla." Came then the two compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach, "Come Sweet Death" and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring," enriched greatly by the arrangements —almost Into something else. Hears Own Version Pfc. Eldon Oyen, now stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, was over to bear the arransement he had worked out for St. Saens' "Danse Macabre." Robert Nelll, pianist, performed dextrously and powerfully on Addinsell's "Warsaw Con- cerlo." Edward German's "Welsh Rhapsody" and George McKay's "The Forty-Niners" provided a broad contrast in adaptation of folk music from opposite sides of the Atlantic. Then came the Berlioz, after which Director Mark H, Hindsley resumed the baton for Beldon Leonard's "Sketches in Miniature," Mlklos Bozsa's Triumphal March from "Quo Vadis," and the Sousa march. Duker was recalled to lead the band—both playing and singing —in the Edwin Franko Goldman march "Illinois." Then Hindsley led it in two more encores, Harry Simeon's "Flute Cocktail" and Leroy Anderson's "Girl in Satin." vln E. Staples, Robert L. Vnn Huron. SS Poler-Paul's-Edward M. Bohn, John J. 'Bonn, Dnvld P. Crlvello, Daniel M. Harrelson, Harold E. Hart, George F. Lnn- dro, Ralph A. Luken, Gerald M. Schucnke, Jnmes R, Wright. St. Dens— Willlnm R. Mills. PiasH Bird Council was represented by Hugh Davey, Joseph Lanzerolte, George Landre, Leo Gelsen, Ralph Luken, Wllford Sehuenke. Paul Hart, Walter Marnier, Burdell Williams, Brendon Keune, Tom Hunt, A. J. Albers, Ed Schenk, Vincent Guicuone. Frank Greenwell, Paul Van Huron, S. staples, Wnrren Stookey and Arnold Si-honk. Theft of a tire and wheel from the trunk of Ills car, parked on a side lano near Alton Speedway at (todfrey, was reported lo Alton police nt 11 p.m. Sunday by Frank Dlllmnn of Poag Road, near Edwardsville. Jennrr Say« S Rrtainfrl n.v .row.v rwimvrr K WASHINGTON IP ~ Sen. Jennet (R-fnrli sald'today that "repeatelj exposures liy Ihe FP,I of .subversive activities hy several tojf) Treasury Department officials failed to result in the firing of h •ingle one of ibfin." He manV' the statement in cort- nccliiiti with the publication i|if Sen/ile inteni;i) snr-tirily siibcorri- mitlcf h'-m-irigs on Ihe Harry Me\ler Whiti 1 rase and olherk. Jenncr n .subcommittee ITUIM The vfilume includes Ifist fall's testimony nl Ally. (len. Hrnwnrlll j and FBI Diifi'ior .(. Kdgar lloovdr nlioiil I be appointment of White. A former Tronsury Department Hf- fn-iiil. as V. S. director of the Ih- tcrn-'illonnl Monetary Fund In ItHft. The subcommittee has nh- nowired it will question former Secretary of Ihe Trensury .lohn W". Snyder Hboiit the ,-ase. 1/ November Browwll asserted thai former President Trmniln promoted While, knowing him lo be a Russian spy. Truman denied doing so, and said While was shitt- ed to another job so that the FBI could keep an eye on him. Hoover told Ihe subcommittee the shift miide it more difficult to keep White under surveillance. Jenncr said (hat with the excflp- 3990 Ethel SI, a carpenter, was I """ ° f W ' h '! P ' wuho J[" f>r l |pfl Commu „,.... ,„,.,,, I nisi lies before he died in 1918, ahd admitted n, M.Joseph's Hospital ..,„„,„ A(|| ,. r who ,„ 0((( n( ^ lor treatment of injury shortly Ir-oimlry. all these onetime fedcrnl nfler H p.m. Snlunlny alter n se-1 employes refused lo answer silb- dan be was driving on ( '"" lnlltlf ''' quest inns about possible Communist affiliations on Ihr ground that they might Inerlln- Man Hurt When A ii to Crashes Through Wall Harry Donald Ifnlford, M, of Broadway ran out of control, crashing through n wall of the DIMributinR Co. warehouse til 1022 E. Brondwny. Police iverr Informed thai Ihe accident occurred when Schvve- f»el, who has suffered from nslb- ma was sfir-.pd wilh a violent coughlnpr spell. A police car wns near nl the time, and policemen called an nmbulnncc in which flnlford WHS taken to the hospital nficr beinR taken fi'om his car, the front end of which had pierced the brick and concrete- block wull of the buildinc. He hud apparent injury to his Jnw and mi ankle, tbe police notiitlon The sedan wns extriailed by Hupor Towing Service. Ed Schwegol, manager of I ho dis- trlbutlnR firm, culled n contractor to have ti temporary enclosure mnde of the hole in the wull tinlil permanent repairs are made. A quantity of beer bottles vero said by police lo huve been broken as the auto punched hrough the wall, ijje police at 3:55 ).m: was'an tfccid(Mil In which an automobile roller! from n parking pliice on Slate near Carroll, colliding with n pole at the Fouthwest corner of Fourth nnil State, coming to u slop in Ihe purklnjj lot at thnt corner. The automobile, police were 1 told, got «wny from Ihe owner, Russell Hill of Pitlsfield, when he wns attempting to push it from the curbing. Some damage was done the front end ol the vehicle. In St. Louis Innle themselves. Jenner said testimony tnken by the subcommlltee showed Ihnt i!le- splle the "voluminous infornln- tion" furnished by Ihe FBI on the employes be listed, some of them received promotions. "The efforts of fhe FBI are completely nullified under 'nn ndmin- islralion sv h I e h disregards its warnings," he said, Campbell Group To Hear Bishop The Pastors' Aid Society of Campbell Chapel A.M.K. Church will observe its first fellowship .banquet Tuesday G p.m. at First IBaplist Church, 'Fifth and Market is'ls. The Right Rev. George W. Habcir, D.D., L. bishop of lho African Moth- Indist Episcopal -hurch, Detrbit, llov. Buber will deliver tbe main address. George 11. Logon, Clayton, Mo., will be master of ceremonies. The presiding elders, Dr. O. W. Brewer, Dr. W. R. Stewiirt, Springfield, nnd Dr. C. W. Strutton,, Murphysboro, will accompany the bishop on bis trip. The public is invili'd lo hear the bishop. Tbe Rev. Arthur Oiks is pastor of Cnmpbell Chapel. low Temp«rcrtwfC» ond Artot of P»*tipt»oti«n 0«p*tied Tonight 30 30 70 AiOf 1:30 A.M. UT April ,26,1954 f*mp*f*M« liyvm HM WEATHER BUREAU FORECAST—Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected tonight over Florida, the western slopes of the Appalachians, the southern I^ihes area, the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, the central Mississippi valley and the central and southern Rockies. Some showers also are forecast for the extreme northern Pacific coast area.—AP \Vircphoto. Generally: Rain TexasHasHailstoiics;Montana Has Snow; Nebraska'Has Dust n.v TIIK ASSOrlATKI) PRKSS Hnllsloiies the si/e of baseballs in Ihe Texas Panhandle, snow and 22-degrce temperatures In Montana, blowing dust in Nebraska— Those wore the highlights of a weather picture pretty generally rniny over Northern United Stales today. An oulsi/e hailstone gashed a mun's forehead, requiring seven stitches, at Tulia, Tex. It fell through the already broken windshield of his automobile. Hailstones flattened to a measured 11- inch circumference on (lie highway surface. Tulia is in Ihe Southwest drought urea which had received less than 2 inches of rain in the past 17 weeks. The thunderstorms clumped .05 of an inch nt Amarillo, Tex., nnd amounls up to Russell's 1.32 in western and central Kansas. Citibank, Mont., was the nalion's cold spot wilh'22 degrees, accom- pmiicd by snow. There were flurries of snow along the southern shore of Lake Superior, and Grand Maruis' 42 was a sample of Ihe chill in that sector. Imperial, Nob., reported blowing dust cut visibility to five miles. Ulire, Wood tn Meet SEOUL #>—Presirlcnl Syngman Rhee and U.N. Economic Coordinator C. Tyler Wood are expected to be among 40 graduates of Princeton University who will hold their school's first reunion in Korea here May 7. Rhee was graduated from Princeton in 1910; Wood in 1921. Marquette Drive Teams To Meet Team members of the Mar queUe High School expansion campaign will meet Tuesda; night at Old Cathedral parisl hall. This will be the first anni versary of the campaign, ani reports on progress "will be made The meeting will begin at 7:30. H. A. Gold of Chicago, wh conducted the campaign, will b present. Announcement as to expansio plans also will be made. The last report on the cam paign showed that $200.245.27 ha been paid of total pledges of $482 852.86—41 per cent of the Iota Most pledges were on a 30-mont plan. Cleveland, Ohio, is directl; north of the westernmost poin of South America. seating pinn in com c, Rent For Alton JrchestraCnncert Tbings will be changed around once more at tonight's concert f the Alton Civic Orchestra. The concert starts at 8:15i. Director Max StPindel has been trying several different arrangements of position for the orches- ra in West Junior High Audifo- ium to take best advantage of he acoustical situation there. At tonight's concert he'll try another. The orchestra will be backed up against the hard, glazed wall nt the entrance end of the gym loor. Thus Steindel hopes to take advantage of the sound reflec- ive power of the smooth wall, and at the same time avoid what on occasion has been an annoy- ng eeho^just about the only one about the place. The nudiennce seated on the gym floor, then, will face in the opposite direction from the stage. At last night's dress rehearsal he orchestra was visited by University of Illinois Bands Director Mark Hinds ley, who dropped around to pay his respects to Conductor Steindel. The band was in town for a concert yesterday afternoon at West Junior High. Some of the band members spent part of the evening at last night's dress rehearsal, too. Man, 80, A rrested Twice in Day For Intoxication One of the highlights of the multiplicity of police arrests Sunday was the arrest twice on the same day of an 80-year-old man on charges of intoxication. The octogenarian first was picked up by the police in the 300-block of Monument Ave., where he had been seen to fall by a motorist who phoned the police desk. In the forenoon, he was fined and released, the record shows. But. by 7 p.m. the elderly man was back in jail. This time ho had gone to sleep under a box car near the foot of Oak St., the report shows. There was observed by Lucien Harris, streets supervisor, when making a trip to the Municipal Garage. Harris called police to voice fear the man was endangered because some car switching was in progress nearby. Sf*t U. S. Census Bureau Project Start? Tuesday The U.S. Census Bureau, at the request of the Madison Coiffity Housing Authority, will conduct a Family Income and Rent Survey locally beginning Tuesday, according to Hobert A. Yerkey of the Bureau's district office in St. Louis. Mo. Yerkey win supervise the survey. The survey will furnish current information on rents, family size and composition, and family income. These facts will be used by the local housing authority in administering the low-rent public housing developed under the U.S. Housing Act of 4937 as amended. Approximately 250 households will be covered in the survey. The Census Bureau's scientific sampling processes were used to provide a representative sample of selected types of households, thus resulting in a saving of time and cost of taking a census of all households. Yerkey pointed out that the survey is being taken under the basis census law Which provides that all answers to question* about individuals will be kept confidential. Only statistical totals will be released by the Census Bureau to the Madison County Housing Authority, Yerkey said. Mrs. Hartmann Rites Saturday Afternoon The body of Airs. Elizabeth M. Hartmann, widow of Louis <T. Hartmann, was entombed In Grandview Mausoleum, Alton Cemetery, Saturday, following rites at. the Hartmann residence, 729 Alby St.. The Rev. Leonard Todd, pastor of Evangelical & Reformed Church, officiated at the service at the home and at the cemetery. Pallbearers were Edmund Siemer, H. A. Bennett, Ervvin Weisz, Ralph W. Hallqulst, W. J. Ren. ken, and Frank Finlay. Parked Car Hit "John E. Gray of 802 Herbert, informed police Saturday that his car had been struck and a rear fender damaged while it was left parked for a couple of hours during the afternoon on Fourth St. near Alby. Crabs have five pairs of legs. Douglas Believes FBI Can Put Finger oi> An y Red, Spy ST. LOUIS yp—Sen. DOUGHS (D- III) says he. has reason lo believe the FBI "can at any moment put its flayer squarely on any Communist party members or spy," lie spoke Saturday before a St. Louis University Law Day gathering. Blocks Highway California Earthquake Jolts 50.MileStretch;SlicrhtDainacr e WATSONVILLE. Calif. /I'-Cen- Iral California's strongest earthquake in nearly two years jolted a 150-mile stretch along the West coast Sunday, (rinhtpning thousands, causing widespread minor damage to buildings and teinpo; rarily blocking a highway easl of here. A panicked t-mwd of some f)0(l for 20 minutes starting al 1:33:-17.5 p.m., POT, were felt throughout th' 1 San 1'rancisco Hay area, !X) miles to the north. Douglas said hp deplored what he described as a secret belief of many Americans that unpopular opjnions should be suppressed and those who give voice to them pun- isheil. * The senator said Ihe conduct of some congressional investigations has "brought Ihe whole invesjtiga- live process under a cloud." lie said tlmre would be an advantage in having Congress as a whole enact rules of procedure for congressional committees that have Ihe power to subpoena fl witness and force him m testify against his' will. Douglas added, in this way, "Ihe individual who feds his nglils bei fore M committee huvp been violal- The UC seismograph at Berkeley ! ocl ' ''"" "I'Peal lo the courts for registered an intensity of 5.J oil j lvlil ' f ' the 10-poinl Richlcr Scale, compared lo more than 7 ft Cosinty quake in which five jdicd and S'i for the disastrous recourse he has no such ready when the committees rushed for the doorways of a dog | i;i(Hi San Francisco quake- show ut the fairgrounds five miles | Or. Perry Hyerly, university se north of here, bruising an imidenii- j nu.logisl, said' the shock, themselves make their own rifles." He said if Ihe FBI were (fulled | upon ID identify Communist party '. members ur spies he is confident U would "adhere to its deep y in\s centered'grained respect for civil liber , , ,,„ .. . , .,, . • • • ' " -«nnt«\i ri ••••••> n»» .11 1\ vi iwi VIVll 111/1 I K 3. lied IG-year-old gut bhe was IhoiMwut 7:, miles south of Berkeley. In Washinglon Sunday Douglas nnlv lni..rv .-nnnriMl. ' Iteports indicated Ihe towns of pledged that he will fight to jvtain only injury reported. The shocks, recorded by the Uni-1 Uolh.sier. Cilroy and U', ,'crsity of California seismograph | ^ ,| 1P W()rM . SMa | ;ill> , Congress Highlights Stevens Is Cross-Examined In Cohn-Armv Hearings 'iilsuuville the i'7'-j per cent oil depletion al iwance fur Illinois independent tf WASHINGTON If —Secretary o! j by Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R,. A™.. o..v.^ n, o =-'Wis) that Henspl tried to discredit and impede the subcommittee's work. Agriculture — The Senate continued debate yn a bill to authorize a new system of subsidy payments to domestic wool producers. Sen. the Army Robert T. Stevens is cross-examined as the Simate in- vfistigations sub c o m i 11 e e resumes public, televised hearings in thf McCarthy- Army controversy. Sen, H. Alexander Smith iR- N,|) says he can't back up Stevens' testimony that subcommittee barred frorp inspecting Llloralory doing secret work, said jnaaos war." Secretary of Defense H. St&ve lieosel, a principal in the epwsel Roy M. Cohn. after fejiJton R. Young (R-ND) joi is group of Democrats who want to oil operators. Ivan Elliott, a Carmi, 11(., attorney, earlier this month, bar The San Andreas and llaywiml geological faults—source of many quakes—converge in this area. in Wutsonvillc, a lettuce-growing!written Douglas asking him what center uf 11,000, Police Sgt. J. (5. his attitude was toward Ihe fieple- Urandoa called ii the "worst quuke •• I've ever felt in my life—worse than ihe iwi> m Santa Harbara when 1 was living there several years ago." Police estimated dum- tion allowance. In his reply Douglas said, tavor and will fight to,, reiajn the lull L'7's per cent depletion Jor al! independent oil operators with ai age roughly at from $l!5,0l)0 to i annual gross income of $1.000.000 $40,000. • Chunks ot concrete fell frimi II Hank of America building, plaster dropped fiimi Ihe ceiling a«j two walls of the bank cracked. |W less. This should exempt) 99.44 te per.cent ut all Illinois oil opera tors.' An amendment to reduqe the depict ion allowance to a f^at 15 There were widespread reports \ per cent has been introduced ii* i" the Watsunville-ailroy-llullisterlthe Senate by Sen. NVilliaiils IR , . . , , , urea of toppled chimneys, fallen j pel) and Sen. Aiken " b y Si'«- Williams IR s and bottles and broken win* ,, . • ----- •*•*• -"•-* wkt*vv MI>VI uj urxvu win* amend the wool bijl to extend dows. The Gilroy-Watsonville higli- • neid price on basic field crops. Chittenden Pass was blocked several hours when the controversy, brand* as "false, un- House-The JJouse returns iron, 50 feet long and into unn mall/tmtic' 1 an occ-nn*;.™ ;., r».._i _.. *"**» «uvi • i-\ i • j Hi * Douglas said, "1 favor ai d wil figlit to retain the full ijoyaJl> rights of all who may have devel oped or undeveloped leases feu- oi quake opened a threc-incl, crack | ^suiirces. 1 have every wish! to see »n4 an assertion! its Easter recess. loosed slides over live miles of. the route earih.| ojl industry flourish ami grow ixmle.^siixmuer." I You'll look like a thoroughbred front and rear GABARDINE in these new Look Like This . . . MR. THOROUGHBRED — Trim MR, ELEPHANT — Wrlnkltd Be presentable at all times . .. from all angles ... all summer long ... 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