Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 21, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 V 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Tangy Apricot Have A Hearty Sunday Dinner " i Economical pork chops, topped,water. For extra tender rice use l*i | wjth green pepper ringS) pUed with!to 2 cups water), i fluff i long-grain rice, is a Louisiana I Place rice, salt and boiling water A good bread pudding will always ^h' worthy of your Sunday dinner I In top of double boiler. Cover, cook | over boiling water without stirring I until rice is tender and water ab- Maple-Flavored Bran Creams Ingredient*—One and one half cups maple-flavored eyrup. ^4 cup cream or evaporated milk, ?4 teacup "whole bran cup chopped spoon salt, be welcomed by your family, and^^le. this apricot bread pudding is an un- i ' Por k ciiop Platter ,- — —usual one. } (4 servings) jsorbed, about 35 to 40 minutes (25 (slightly crushed), Tangy apricot whole-fruit nectar; One and one -haH cups cooked;to 30 for "long grata"). Turn off| nuts is used for the liquid in this easy : i on g. gram rice 2 tablespoons flour.!heat, remove lid. ! Method—Put syrup, pudding recipe. A little grated j ^3?. orange rind provides a nice accent^ i arge ' for the nectar flavor. Apricot-Flavored Bread Pudding 2 eggs. '4 cup granulated sugar. % teaspoon salt. V-' teaspoon granted orange rind VA cups apricot whole-fruit nectar. 1 cup stale bread cubes. cream or salt, 'i teaspoon pepper,; Let rice stand in double boiler j evaporated milk, and salt in sauce- chops. 1 tablespoon fatjabaut 3 minutes to dry and fluff. (If pan; place over low heat and stir t ., cup chopped onion, 1% cups to-:not served at once, leave lid on to jmato juice, 1 bay leaf (optional), Vjjkeep hot.) teaspoon dried thyme (optional),! Note: Especially good if you need 4'/j-inch thick green pepper rings.' to hold cooked rice awhile before Cook rice. Meanwhile mix togeth- i serving, or if stove heat cannot be er flour, salt, pepper; dredge chops.Ikept low. Save remaining flour mixture.' Direct-Heat Method of Steaming Brown chops in fat in pan having] (3 to 4 cups cooked rice) tight lid. until well blended. Cover pan for 1 minute to allow steam to wash sugar crystals from side of pan. Uncover, and cook slowly to soft ball stage (236° Fahrenheit). Pour on a cold, wet platter set on cooling rack and let cool, without I moving, to lukewarm. Beat with . .„„ „„„„. -,,,-n „—... ..„ One cup uncooked rice, 1 teaspoon j wooden spoon until candy loses its Beat eggs lightly. Blend in sugar.; Add onion; cook soft. Add flour; ! sa]tl iu cups unheated water (for j stickiness and becomes firm enough salt, rind and nectar. Place bread;brown slightly. i extra flaky rice, use only 1'i cups to handle. Knead in hands until in small baking dish and cover with: Stir in tomato juice ;add thyme, j water and for extra tender rice useS smooth and nectar. Set in pan of hot water.'bay leaf. Place pepper rings on'iy t to 2 cups water). Form into balls about %-inch in Bake in moderate oven (350 degrees! chops; top with cooked rice. Cover; | Combine ingredients in heavy j diameter and roll in bran which has Fahrenheit) about one hour, until set. Makes three to four servings. A tablespoon of anchovy paste creamed with a quarter cup of but- ori simmer about 1 hour until tender. ! saucepan with closestting lid. Bring j been mixed with chopped To get best results with rice, fol- to brisk boil; cover. Turn heat very Makes 4 dozen pieces. low and continue cooking about 30 minutes (25 for "long grain"). Do not peek, as this lets steam escape. Turn off heat. Let stand, uneov- nuts. ter or margarine makes a delicious topping for broiled fish fillets. This Dish Is Exotic And Thrifty To keep costs down but spirits up,, and a half. Serve with fluffy rice serve slightly novel budget dishes for Sunday. meat for ric « P llaff Are appetites at your house be- low these expert instructions: Double-Boiler Way of Steaming (3 to 4 cups cooked rice) One cup uncooked rice, 1 teaspoon j Choose filling, flavorful casserole dishes and prepare them perfectly. Everyone will be pleased and well nourished without straining thej budget. Lamb Afghanistan (Serves 4) Two pounds stewing Iamb, lean, 3 scallions, stems and bulbs chopped, 2 tablespoons olive oil. 2 bouillon cubes, "4 teaspoon thyme, Vt teaspoon caraway, one No. 1 can okra, 1 can tomato paste, I'/i cups water, 1 orange; grated rind and quartered, Vt. teaspoon marjoram, salt and pepper. Saute lamb and scallions in olive oil in iron skillet, turning frequently, until well browned. Transfer to deep casserole; add other ingredients, stir together and simmer in oven at 350 degrees P. for an hour coming winter-jacVad? Next time you serve a roast or fowl, baste with this tangy barbecue sauce, tor & taste picker-upper. Serve tional sauce at the table. Barbecue Sauce Three ounces (H can) tomato paste, 3 ounces of water, 1 medium onion, 1 medium green pepper. 1 teaspoon salt, V. teaspoon dry mustard, Vi teaspoon celery se,ed, 1 addi- tablespoon wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon malt vinegar, 1 tablespoon olive oil. Stir together tomato paste and water; add to it finely chopped onion and pepper, then add seasonings, vinegar and oil. Mix well and place in refrigerator until needed. salt, cups boiling water (for extra flaky rice, use only l'/i cups You'll love the low price on Honor Brand Frozen Peas! ered 2 or 3 minutes to fluff. Note: Gives stand-apart grains and requires a fairly heavy pan with close-fitting lid and low, even heat. Distributed by SKT BROS., INC. 1722-lith Avenu* • Altoona, P-'nn. • Tel. 8177 Green Lima Beans In Casserole Ingredients—One 12-ounce package frozen green baby lima beans, ',-: cup drained cooked or canned diced carrots, n <4 cup finely diced celery, 2 tablespoons finely diced onion, 2 tablespoons butter or mar- :arine, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 cup milk, '/j teaspoon salt, U teaspoon) white pepper, 1 tablespoon butter or margarine, V\ cup fine dry bread] crumbs, % cup grated Cheddar cheese. Method—Cook lima beans according to directions on package; drain and mix with carrots and celery. Make a white sauce of the 2 tablespoons butter or margarine, flour, and milk, and season with salt and pepper. Add vegetables to white sauce and turn into 1-quart casserole. Melt butter or margarine in skillet over low heat; add crumbs and mix well. Remove from heat and mix with cheese. Sprinkle over top of casserole. Bake in moderately hot (375 degrees Fahrenheit) oven 15 minutes or until vegetables are thoroughly heated. Note—The raw celery in this casserole gives a pleasant crunchy texture in contrast to the lima beans. New way to cook shrimp: Shell shrimp, remove black vein, and cut in two lengthwise. Heat a little butter or margarine In a skillet with a crushed cJove of garlic, add shrimp and cook and stir until they are cooked through. Serve the shrimp with baked potatoes and a tossed green salad for a delicious supper. Builds em Up RIVAL DOC FOOD SOUTH END MARKET 414 VIRGINIA AVE. • FREE DELIVERY • TEL. 738-739 STORE HOURS ... 7 to 10 daily (except Sunday) SPECIAL! Ready-to-Eat HAMS whole or string half 55 c LB. OLEOMARGARINE LUNCHEON SPREAD GOLDEN QUARTERS 2 ibs 41 < SPECIAL! PICNIC HAMS 6-8 Ib. overage 37 C LB. Pork Loin rib enti ro ° it cr thopi ••• Ib 29c Pork Loin ioin tni ro °" •• lb 45c Pork Loin «« nferr "" ° r eh ° p> •••• lb - 65c Pork Liver »«««• ib 27c Veal Liver " b 79c Chipped Beef "»45c Country Lard : ••••«• 19c Chickens CX5 or ) Ib 57c Hamburger fr - h Bround lb 65c Beef Roast -»•»• " b lb 79c Smoked Sausage b 59c Veiveeta Cheese <± 99c MILK 7 ;:!' 93c Soap Powder POPULAR BRANDS 2 , , mi* la. Pkgt- QIC GRANTSVIUE EGGS Best on the Avsnue Grade A, Dozen *:. Ior9 ° 55c Pork & Beans 2' t60 ;;21c Mixed Fruits' ded > ..^290 Coffee GrltL,:) lb -89c Westinghouse Lamps«° so ^» 14c PICKLES - Gerkins, Sweet Honor Brand Frozen Foods Mixed Vegetables "-22c Peas and Carrots ^ 22c Golden Gut Corn ^ 22c French Fried Potatoes « k ° 22c D. Duck Orange Juice 2 — 35c Town House Crackers > b **• 33c Pitted Pie Cherries 2' ;43c Peanut Butter 12 « —37C Sticks, Bulk Ib. 35c PRODUCE — 2 ^ 19c eorlon or Ib. 2&C Carrots (c ° iif -> Tomatoes Head Lettuce " s Celery (c °" Apples An *•*«*• 4 ib 29c New Cabbage 2 19c Green Peppers lb 20c RALPH FRANTZ SUPER MARKET R1DGELEY, W. VA. SELF-SERVE HAMS whole OPEN FRIDAYS 'Til 8 P. M. PHONES 879-4690 55e Swift'i Premium Picnic Hams, 6 to 8 Ibs. . . Ib. 39c Sugar Cured Bacon Squares Ib. 25c Fresh Ground Lean Beef Ib. 65c Beef Chuck Roast Ib. 75c Brisket Boiling Beef Ib. 49c Selected Eggs from nearby farms, large size doi. 49c Kingnut Oleo 2 Ibs. 39c Velvetta Cheese 2 Ib. box 98c mm Carnation «tfi 6 tall cans ^=~=s^ MAXWELL HOUSE er Chase and Sanborn Coffee 1 Ib. tin 87c Break 0' Morn Coffee 1 !b. bag 73c Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix 2 pkgs. 35c Log Cabin Syrup 12-or. btl. 25c Crisco or Spry 3 Ib. can 89c Pillsbury Flour 25 Ib. bag $2.13 Domino Granulated Sugar 10 Ib. bag 93c Del Monte Pineapple Juice 46-oz. can 29c Musselman's Tomato Juice 46-oz. can 25c U. S. No. 1 Grantsville Potatoes peck 75c NEW JOHNSON'S HARD GLOSS GLO-COAT 59c» 98c«t. $1.69 ; $2.98, — S.lf-Poli«hing — Will net icuff off! Enjoy America's New Winter-lime Dessert Miracle Fresh-Frozen Fruit Glorified wfth Y OU can thank modern science for the miracle of fresh- frozen peaches, strawberries and raspberries on your table, even in mid-winter! And yoa can thank Reddi-wip for giving these luscious frozen fruits * SUPER delicioasness that's simply out of this world! Made of fresh, rich cream, Reddi-wip MTDPS ITSELF AUTOMATICALLY at the touch of » finger^ Reddi-wip is economical, too. Dozens of servings in every container. Reddi- wip keeps fresh in your refrigerator for days and days. r>s «. Once,you try Reddi-wip, yon'11 be delighted to see «?<"• __ how K transforms simplest dessert* into exciting creathm fit for a king. Yowll want to nse Reddi-wio on nil yonr desserts- fruits and her- DRINK ESCAPE Instant Coffee The certificate in packages of Quaker Oafs and Mothers Oafs SAVES YOU 15* on the 4-oz. or 12-oz. Nescafe QUAKER AND MOTHER'S OATS AXE THE SAME NESCAFE-QUAKER BREAKFAST BARGAIN Just get this cerfif/cafa in packages of Quaker Oats or Mother's Oats at your grocer's ... sign it... and save 151 on the purchase of either the 4-oz. or 12-oz. jar of Nescafe.* Ask for it now at your grocer's. En/oy delicious coffee ... instantly! All the flavor's in your cup. 1 World's Leading Instant Coffee Product NESCAFE (Dronourad «£S-C*f»« it 1h», mclilMV* n;;"!"H mdf-nirk f ,< Tru N«*!l« Cr.Tjiiiy, ic . 'm itfvff.itu tl< viable coff«« croduct wturJi n K~p""i rt 'v>*l p'"' •>< ca'" '.ilutti cuf'i

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