Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 3, 1957 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 15
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Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Takci- BVEMNfl TfMES. CUMBERLAND. MD., MONDAY, JUNE 3, 1957 By R. J. Wi»i«n>§ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE TOislKE'&i'^"*" 6 ' WITH HIS STAMP c r»E dOT TO TMfT Ai^\«i_viAM FIRST AMP WAS. CUTTlivJO „ UP MY LETTER BEFORE V^I CCXJLP EVEN KEAPTT' •iDU KNOW HOW SHE HICTJS THE AMJSHV LETTERS SHE SETS v FROM T11AT BOY FR1EUP 1 OF HEP.S Mto'S OVER- SPAS-1 WAS OUST TRYW'IN AMICE, PEACEFUL WAVTO GET THE STAMP OFF "THIS ONE WHILE I COOLP.' 1-,-j, & Tb\" sH WHV MOTltERS &ET GRAY Farm Phrases Answer to Previous Puizle ACROSS ! Farm toot 5 Rich soir- 1 - j 9 -Mate shi?cp 112 Garden (ool 13 Essential being 14 First female [ farmer •15 Riles 17 Garden vegclaWc 18 Tractor p; 19 Toward I) I rising sun 21 Slitchctl 39 Soft drink 41 Three tprellx) ^42 Middle "(prefix) ~ '44 Impudent ~ Neediest •18 Light vessel 53 Former times (poet.) 54 fellow farmers 56 Mohammed's son-in-ta\v irls 57 Gteek porch 16 58 Jump 59 Varnish ingredient ~- ~ . ; . ingredient 23 Oriental coin 60 Brings fortf. 24 Worm voting 27 Spreads to dry 61 Woman's 29 Upon 32 Rest 31 Horse's posture 36 Rasped 37Kiichcn tool 38 Hops' kiln nickname DOWN •I Smug individual vegetable 4 Milldams 5 AJeatipw' 6 Belgian seaport 1 Bewildered 8 Untidy 9 Sorry 10 Slate It Intend 16 African fiy 20 Torment 22 Farmer's banes 21 Therefore 2 Household god 25 Antitoxin 3 Sojp 26 Irregular 28 English pottery 30 River in Germany 31 Persian, fairy 33 Waler animal 35 Greek olficia! •10 Choice 43 Meaning 45 r\irnilure 46 Ring 47 Jar 48 Bustle | 50 Chrislmas . 51 Spoken ] 52 Glimpse ' 55 Aerilorm fuel to LO WISHING . S. Palenl Office. T" o W 8 tr R TJERE is a pleasant liltle game that will give you a message every * <=»/• » « * numerical puzzle designed lo spell out your fortune Count the letters in your first name. If the number of letters is 6 or more, tublract •«. ]( Ihe number is less lhan 6, add 3. The result is your icey number, start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle »nd check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then «»d tn« message the letters under the checked figures «ive you. C 1K». Is IVillim J, MilUr. BiHiiVuirt J.y Kiar rtilinn Siwitjlc. ^"^ Tho Paris Municipal Council which successfully quieted automobile and laxi horns, next is attempting to muffle blaring radios in their French bistros. 1—Vacuum Cleaners Itcpair PA 2-1591 CUSTOM MADE ITj- KccoverinE and Sprin C- E. Rrodc 555 Greene U PHOLSTERING ? AU^fO CONVER1IBLE 11 ™J' CK SE *TS rAR HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWMKGS . S. Warner 120J V». Ave. PA < 07i) TOHS DOT DANCE 156 KA-E /MAJOR.'-— DE<2 PEOPLES CHUST, • eirr oey SAY DSR , UrJD DEV EMCtWY HOPP1KV5 geATMITTTHElE ' AY WORD, ERN'UST.' HOW COD ' ACTUALLY I COVlf05ED TH&A\U5IC OPFHAMD —IT WAS TM5- DANC6 lfJAT X SAVE MV COfJCcr CREATIVE TALEMT/—.- P^HAV).' MO ACCOUfJTlMS ' Mary Haworth's MaO . Uiis man is beyond words and I have servd him f;iilhfully as office wife and secretary. There is nothing 1 wouldn't do for Although he is married, with a amily, his wife has been ailing or the past Ihree years. My chief concern, which is giving my conscience a twinge, is my in- for them, as head girl, that they cither resign or transfer. Whal alone with him. Sometimes I feel Kdilor't Note: In love "beyond words" with h«r married bos>, uoman asks >ID\V to brrak the spell. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: 1 im writing to you because 1 need iclp. I have been employed hy in old line agency, working for , t lie same man for 13 years. My rivale come spellbound by the has! primarily because you don't have any counter-ballast of "love"- nterest in your private life. Am hat's the situation that cries for correction. lim — even shine leccssary. shoes latiable jealousy. I resent the secretaries fires, and I make it so miscra he :an I do to conquer this? •annoL stand U when there anolher office. :hat people dislike me. How can I stop loving him? s wrong. 1 know, when he he- ongs to someone else. What can 1 do to help myself? Should J see a psychiatrist? Or resign? -F. P. Ton Mitch for Too Little DEAR F, P.: Your lerribL anxiety and resentment and sense of guilty, furtive umvorthiness. •ill of which contribute to your 'eeling of "insatiable jealousy," are a net result of investing too much of your self in service to tile boss, who gives so little in return, of genuine affection, ap preciation and loyalty. Honest dividends on devotior must he received, in some meas ure, by all loving individuals, i they are to maintain sanity ant emotional health. Vet on thi; score your boss has little if any tiling to give, it seems. H he had lie would be faithful to his wife and somehow successful in eslah lishing a right relationship to ward you—so that you could gel on the beam of really living. —-— -• --—-.., <ii,i,£. ."unv. ,I,L,I vjuu a ncip, is ine o AO\V, as lo how you can stop saving remedy for it.—M. H loving the boss—il may be helpfu to keep in mind the political axiom that "You can't beat some thing with nothing." You've be Unfortunately, your existenc. apart from the office is a waste and of sorts, devoid of devotee friendships, cherished intimacies reliable sociability and such Inus you take home with you each night, the events of thL office da}', and thus your boss continues to figure dominantly in your off-duty thinking, when yoi should be enjoying a change-of pace in anolher "world" o associations. So, your captivity to the boss must be solved indirectly — b> your tunnelling a way out, inlc new avenues of self-expression and social development, tha eventually will ahsorb more anc more of your thinking, and there "y restore your soul lo freedom 1 believe it is C. S. Lewis famous author of "The Screw :ape Letters" (Macmillan) — a witty expose of the devil's tactic — who makes the point iKa frongly-chosen courses of aclioi always lead to dead-end frustra :ion. And that this form of self torture is, in effect, the devil', malicious "crowning" of sinners It is their pay-off for trying U tvin at playing his game. Pastoral 7/e//> /* Recommended Should you see a psychiatrist Or resign? Well, in the big tow from which you write, some fe\ of Ihe leading churches provid "psychialrically- orienled" pas (oral counselling—and ] think thi type of leadership can do mosl 1 relieve your crisis, and bring yo around (o (he righl palh of fife Psychialry may throw light o your emotional poverty — sho\ you how you got thai way—bu worthy fellowship, sought an found with God's help, is the onl Mary Hanorth cou/uelj Ihrouph ner column, nol by mall or personal interview, Wriie lo her in care or The Evening Times. <Klng Fealure* Syndicate On 44 Dogs Waldi Ag Burglars Ro!> Place CANTON". Ohio wv— Fnrty-fou dogs walched burglars rnb Ihe Stark Cmmly dnp pound of S3I andj two revolvers rccenlly. Dnji \Vartlcn Nicholas DiSinionc said Ihe burglars had to pass "39 big dogs and five small ones" lo reach his desk and lockers that erc looted. Clever Play Makes Five By OSWALD JACOBY Written tor XEA Service How would you play today's hand at four spades? Bill Hoot of Miami handled it well enough lo make five odd. He only wanled four and decided the way lo gel that man> tricks was lo make five trumps in addition lo his top cards in: the side suils. He won the open-i ing club lead and promptly play- If the dugs did more than watch. VACUUM CLEANERS anyone'pacing The"pound''^ in Hie county jail several hundred I awav. West trumped this with the nin but Bill over-ruffed with dun my's king. That made his nint trick. A fourth heart was playe from dummy and Bill was abl to get in his jack of trumps sine West still had a heart left. Th ace of trumps marie trick clever While the play of the hand ha been brilliant a little cred should go to North for his b ding. Iried ing a four-card suit with onl Mosl players would ha no tnmip instead of rai four-card trumps. ed ace and another hearl to get,' <J—The bidding has I * run, c! uaramccd , A i?T5 * SERV 'CE. ALL MAKES ABC! VA CUUM STORES PA H -~~ Vj P 'CK UP I. DELIVEHY HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5070 1302 VA. AVE. NOTICE llcrchv Enjoy It ^ After Every Meal Helps keep teeth clean.. Freshens mouth. Sweetens hrealh. Buy some today. • N'olirp is llercbv sl\cn that the Fi>!h>»ine ix:r s «n< hnvc filrrt application, h Ihe Clerk cil Itic Circuit Conn! AllPCftny Counlv lo sell alcoholic: I'vvcrapc^ in AllCKAny County, under Ihe pmMs-nns of Article 3B e,f t [, P AleoMic ncvcracej t-a»s of the Slalo [of Maryland. I I'haraclcr of l.nensr. name of appli- icanl antl for uhom applied. Ihr le^i- |dcnrc M jipplfeant. location of place. buMness and owner of premises ri,.tss -n 11 RF.I:K ( Applicant: William n. Kootcn: rcsi-- clence of applicant: Wc^tcrniiort. >fd: : For uhom applied: William n Fooron-J location of Premises: IR Main St 1 Wcsternport. Md.; ouncr o[ prtmiies'i Joseph llaheeh el us. The expiration date of all licenses Irftnled will he Ihc 30lh clay of April icxt alter isstiantc. Vir^l Publication ol this notice is lunc 3. ISiT. .roSKPII K. BODKV Clerk ci[ Ihe <:irciiir Coiitl for Allccanv Count\ \rtv.--T-.l WEST *Qto9: VKS42 » J87 + KQ NORTH. J *'K74 VA9873 « 65 4 A 10 5 EAST(1>) Pass Pass Pass Pass »QJ« • 9432 + J932 SODTH A AJS J V 10 * A K Q 10 + 8764 Both vulnerable South W«* N«rth 1 » Pass 1 » 1 * Pass 2 4 3 4 Pass 4 4 Pass Pass Opening lead—4 K Pass J # Pass - 2 N.I J* Pass I Yoo, South, bold: '-* What do you do? "" »^™» Bua^w: •laiiMlHUA, J *"'» wu* lo thai out three TODAT-S n » the same baud. Your per* her continues the bidding wi three spades. What do you doJ. Answer T«utmn»w . Two elephants were recenl .borrowed from a circus to pu 'a 50-ton U. S. Army Patton tai from where it was stuck in th mud at Rome. Ga. The elcphan couldn't budge the tank. — I Approximately 5.559 product one of his own little trumps. 'from toothpicks to ships, rumps. The ace. king and queen ofjmadc from wood diamonds were plajed next and he was delighted to sec Ihe jack fall. Thus made Ihe ten ot dia- • *-••- *•!>.> uluul, lilt; lv<l Ut Ulrt- ,;mond.s high and he led it. West! LJTTLE L.ITL i]trumpcd with the ten .spot. .i Bill had discarded dummy's ' r five of clubs on the third dia- ,mond. He discarded the ten of clubs and won on (his lead. i West led Ihe queen of clubs =and Bill was able to get a Iriekj^t of dummy's little' ^ wilh one frumps,. A third heart was led from dummy and ruffed wilh the eight spot and a third club led.i You don't fjnd employes wasting tinoe around tKe water c<x>ler ony more. They're oil out hcvir>g coffee,. LI'L ABNEK FIFTEEN By At Capp STEVE CANYON r'so r CHUMP WE^ ^COL.CMVOH. I13B8Y K — v.'ui'i forcer *pi ME THOSE LETTERS 1 tWFVV THEY fKl$T HAVE EM WRITTEN BY ftw .PULTI .sTi& RIP KIRBY WHEN ME ETOIEP wT33 ccow «y POLICE C*_ PcfcMlf OW 7JIW TKENCE.MENIED THEM TO nit Bv Milton Caniff - WHICH US WCHE >/ Epp.J AiCICbMALLV "V l\rlti. FCE<5I\S Tl.ftT SIM^HED THE fZ N ri ' } WM.T KANprveinKC-..._, ...01 1*1:4 WEET ivs -^ ?*w3 SN IIOLPiNri IWt TO>£ P/ r >--\p \ KITH MY KI&H1 UAKC tt\f: ^xii'S'V wlilLE ^"^ W1T " WRAP UP ONE OF TKO5E K3R A\f:j Mr GOOPA1AN. I'M OFT FOR THE WEST TO BE A MODERN VERY GOOD. SIR. I HOPE YOU STRIKE MYRTLE I TRUST MR. KIRBY 15 NOT AT HOME. CASNT THINK mi KIM OF THIS SECRET AMBITIOfl UNTIL I'VE MAOP MY Prentice and Fred Dichemon THERE'S NO \I'LL JUSrCHEU'lT SMOKING IH I SISTER, NOW WHERE TH£ LIBRARY,/CAN I r-IND SOME 8OOKS OH PRO5PECIIN5? MAY 6= o'= of 7,)' Y ea A saasL*?, BDT CAPTAIN EAST Bs Dudley Fisher Y.VH fAA ksO'.'/3 "OosueV) *? IM :^ : ~ BOLTED HIS D002. TDDAV WHILE Y.AS GOME, 8ECM5E FEARED MK.CM.OV, HOW 010 RMYOK& G&T HIS 80ATHOUS& KEf?-' 0y Liflte Turner • "-"-i-1•"-!•!i-iii*,* i nc n^^vTitv c>v i n nc*c IN DIP LEWE HIVi f THE- 5W180M! BUT I IHIFJK AlOWe BRIEFLY I CALOY HIP 11PSTMK5 TILL TWICE-... WHILE- CA1.DV WJD r/\0 VJEKt? 5WUNSi BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ffjf^j' - f ^~ _N ^ BUTlfK STEPPEOOUI THEM GOT THE 'MR.CALDV? surY BECAUSE roe JUST WW f>o von SUSPECT KIM? A KM) HEARD HIS VOICE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Edgar Martin By M*rnll {Hosier GETTING LONESOME/ ) PERFECT ONE- ySvi YOURE A oouT'._., TO ee so COM - YOU ALWAYS SI DERATE AMD I COME FIRST SIT WITH Me/ J (N MY BOOK, ALLEY OOP By V. T. MICKEY MOUSE »y Wall Uisney I ov; SHjov5"--0-C-7..7 "V * r 5 NONS 0= AVy S_S N5S5M J |fc__,, ^/ ~i &

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