The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 4, 1959 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 4, 1959
Page 6
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6 The OTTAWA HERALD Monday, May 4, 1953 Grandmother Guards Stores NEWTON, Kas. OPl - Mr s. Irene Cullinan doesn't scare easily. And in her business that's good. The 64-year-old grandmother has been a merchant policeman for 25 years. Clad in slacks with a visored cap over her gray hair, she keeps watch at night over 40 Newton business places, carrying a ring of keys, a flashlight and .32 Colt pistol. She's never had to use the gun and hopes she never has to but, she says, "when I find one of my places open, I don't walk in empty-handed. "If they think I'm afraid to use the weapon, they have another think coming. My father taught me how to use a gun when I was just a little girl. And I don't scare." Mrs. Cullinan checks doors to see if they are locked, turns off store lights, and looks for anything unusual. Her day begins at 6 p. m. She starts out walking but from midnight to 5 a.m., she patrols in her car. She figures she walks about 500 miles a month and drives another 1,000. Mrs. Cullinan became a 'merchant policeman in 1933 with her husband, John, who was Newton's night chief of police in the late 1920s. She took over his downtown beat during a five-year illness that preceded his death in 1955. How long does she intend to pound the beat? "As long as I am able, 1 ' she says. Merchant Policeman Cullin<tn Your Problems, By -Ann Landers- Dear Ann Landers: Whenever a page is missing from our newspaper I know my wife didn't want me to see something. Usually, it's your column. However, when you give the wives a boost (or the husbands a knock) she folds the paper with your column on the outside -and puts it in my big chair. Today a page was missing. I i fooled her and went t out a n d bought a n o t her paper. Sure enough it h ad the letter from the wife who was always "too tired" or "h a d too much work to do." I could LANDERS have kissed you, Ann, when you told her "There's more to marriage than waxing the linoleum." I "innocently" asked my wife If she'd seen your column that day. Her reply was "Yes, and Ann Landers is crazy. Sex is strictly for men. A woman of good up-bringing isn't interested in such things." I know I'll never change my cold tomato so there's no use trying. But thanks for doing a great job. Maybe you can educate the younger ones. For them there may still Ibe hope—MOTOR CITY MALE. Dear Male: I received many letters from men expressing the same sentiments, but I got a rash of complaints from women who were boiling mad. Most women who wrote made a valid point. They asked what they were supposed to do with the kids when hubby arrives at 4:45 p.m. "fit as a fiddle and ready for ove." Obviously it makes sense for a husband to pitch in with the work, have an early supper and help get the kiddies off to bed. Perhaps I leaned too far In trying to make the point that some women use housework, kids, the tired routine or a headache as "excuses." It will be worth all the blasts from outraged Women if I can get across the Big Idea that married love is a divine plan for mutual fulfillment, and not a scheme designed for lecherous males. P.S. Strange coincidence of the week: The woman who wrote "I hate men and their damnable demands — " lives in Kissammee, Florida. Dear Ann: It's 4:15 a.m. and I'm baby-sitting. I'm so tired I'm almost sick. Tomorrow I have to go to school. I am 14. Mom doesn't like me to stay out late on school nights but I need money for so many things she lets me. If the people get in by 5 a.m. I'll make $2.25. They pay 25c an hour. I can sure use the money but it doesn't seem like much when you consider the hours I put in. Some sitters fall asleep on the job and get rested up but I feel responsible for the kids so I stay awake. Something's wrong here and I don't know what. Can you help me?-BEAT Dear Beat: The hours are too long and the pay is too short. Double your, rates. They're taking advantage of you. You shouldn't sit later than U:00 p.nv on school nights fqr toy price.^Weekends. 2:00 nan, should be the limit. If people want to celebrate till dawn they should engage u adult to Supreme President Visits Beauceant Socialettes Monday Stitchers club potlcuk supper, and card party for guests was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. frank Davidson in Osawatomie. rliss Bertha Richardson received ligh score and travelling prizes and Mrs. R. L. Davis received consolation favor. There were six couples present, Job'g Daughter'* practice session scheduled for today has jeen canceled. BUI Hysom, University of Kansas student, entertained 17 friends at a patio party Friday night at he home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs v J. L. Hysom. Ross Martin of Ottawa was one of the guests. Others were members of the recently initiated pledge class of Delta Upsilon fraternity, of which 3ill is a member. Jan Werner of Holland, one of the guests, was a weekend guest in the Hysom home. Wellsvllle Garden Club will be host to Kaw Valley Garden Association meeting in 1960. The invi- ation was given by Mrs. John Neis, president, at the Association meeting in Topeka April 28. Other members attending from the Vellsville club were Mrs. E. E. Turner, Mrs. B. Fleming and Mrs. Carl Warnock. Mrs. W. G. Tulloss had as visits yesterday her brother, Wil Cramer, and his daughter and msband, Mr. and Mrs. DeLoss Olmstead, all of Douglas. Mrs. V A. Schnoke, a cousin, was also present. Beauceant banquet Saturday] evening honoring supreme worthy president, Mrs. Martin E. Collis of Houston, Tex., was served by White Shrine. As guests were seated, Mr. Harley Cover played 'Deep in the Heart of Texas." Mrs. Jack Stephenson, mistress of ceremonies, introduced Mrs. Collis, also Mrs. Earl Kelly of Kansas City, Mo., supreme committee member of Eye Foundation; Mrs. D. D. Morford of Parsons, supreme committee member of necrology; Mrs. L y d i a Walbridge of Kansas City, Mo., charter member of supreme assembly; and Mr. J. W. Taylor, eminent commander of Tancred Commandry No. 11. A Hawaiian tneme was carried out in menu and decorations. The speakers table was centered with a bowl of pink snapdragons with lantanas and pink candles in crystal holders. Shell trimmed cornucopia were nut cups. Guests were invited to t h e Mrs. M. M. Marmon introduced Mrs. Collis to the Assembly, where she was met at the altar by Mrs. Gover, worthy president, welcomed, given royal honors and escorted to the east. Mrs. Melvin Sellers read a poem to her. Mrs. Kelly, Itav. Morford anc Mrs. Walbridge were welcomed and seated in the east. Visitin; presidents introduced and seatec in the east were Mrs. Edwin Hink ley, Kansas City, Mo.; Mrs. C E. Renniner, lola; Mrs. Charles Wilson, Paola; Mrs. William Sell meyer, Independence, Mo.; and Mrs. Lynn Bellinger, Kansas City Kas. Visiting past presidents from several cities were introduced anc Ottawa past presidents, Mrs. Mel vin Sellers, Mrs. Carlos Pence Mrs. Marmon, Mrs. 0. C. Curby and Mrs. John Dellinger. Mrs. Ray Talbott was initiated The marshall draped the charter in memory of Mrs. Ralph Weaver past supreme worthy president ™ — ——-~ •. •—•- •—• *»« » *wu vw •> 11 V* i £JUOtn tJLliyL V'ill^s YY Ul W_Y Wi \SO-lUClll lodge room for a pie-opening drill An honorary membership was 1_ rl T.»__ * _- i. L. m * * . _ . ... „ _ * by the Knights Templar drill team. with their children, not a teenager. Dear Ann: I'm 32 and have been engaged for six years to a man 44. He has invited me and my 10-year-old son by a former marriage on a two-week trip. Would it be proper to go if I paid the expenses for the boy and myself? There's a lot of divided opinion at the place where I work.-NOLA It's never proper for unmarried people to take a trip together, no matter who pays for it. Tell your fiance the first, trip must be to the altar. After that, you can go anyplace together. The Baby Has Been Named At Ransom Memorial Hospital The^ daughter born April 29, t Mr. and Mrs. Francis Raymom Shull, 311 E. 9th, has been named Kathleen Elizabeth. Shi weighed 3 lb., 8 oz.' The daughter born April 29, t. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Laverne Mor gan, Monroe Trailer Court, ha been named Paula Marie. S h weighed 7 lb., 9% oz. The daughter born April 29, t Mr. and Mrs. James Henry Bar clay, Pomona, has been name Crystal Leigh. She weighed 4 lb 11 oz. presented Mrs. Collis by M r s Howard Duncan. Mrs. Stephenson presented a love gift from the assembly. A coin collection was taken for the Eye Foundation. Birthdays and anniversaries of Mrs. Pence Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Mrs. Curby and Mrs. Zola Carey of Osawato mie were honored. The decorating committee Included Mrs. Marmon, Mrs. Charles Terry, Mrs. Ed Gardner, Mrs. John Gaynor, Mrs. Harry Brink and Mrs. 0. C. Curby. TV SERVICE KEEN COMPANY 114 S. Main Phon« CH 2-3490 Small Engine Headquarters for Briggs & Stralton — Power Products — Wisconsin — Clinton — Kohler — Lauson Sales and Service. Bring us all your troubles . . . Our factory trained mechanic, Mr. Robert Whirley, specializes in re - conditioning and repairing all types of small engines. Ottawa Tractor & Imp). Co., Inc. CLIFFORD . DEAN, t w o months old, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jame s Gillette, 733 S. Cedar. He has a brother, David Lee, 21 months old. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Marks, RFD 3; and Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Gillette, RFD 2, Williamsburg. Great-gramdparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dawson, 533 S. oak; and Mrs. £. D. Gillette, RFD 1. (Wright Studio Photo) Honor Graduates A potluek dinner yesterday at Church of the Brethren honored high school graduates from the church, they are: Helen Moody, Judi Jamison, Bonnie and Mary Ann Ward, Nancy Reed, Ketmit Keelin and Larry Claybaugh. Tables were decorated in school colors and there were diploma place cards. Each graduate received a gift of white testament. Speakers were Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Grille,,who with their son were brought by Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Little and Joey, Kansas City, Kas. The couple, fro m Nigeria, showed slides with the talk. He came here to study medicine. Program arrangements w ere made by Mrs. Grace Turner. Mr. and Mrs. Gary West gave a vocal duet. Mrs. George Shuler arid Mrs. E. E. Watkins formed the decorating committee. Holds Final Session Crescent Club of Wellsville held; ts last meeting of the club year :n the Baptist Church basement Tuesday, with Mrs. Lowell Dickinson as hostess. There was a program of recita- :ions, songs and solos given by small children of club members. Participating were : Ricky and Sherry Lambert, Diane Moore, Allen and Reid Adriance, Tommy Beatty, Sharon, Forrest and Roy Perry and T. Ray Dickinson. After their program the children were served light refreshments by the program committee, Mrs. Coughlin, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Dickinson. Mrs. Charles Stephens, president, conducted the business meeting. Members received their program books for the next club year. Entertain Visitors Royal Neighbors entertained 13 members of Baldwin lodge at a luncheon Friday in Masonic temple. Guests were the Mmes. Hazel Walton, Dollie McConnell, Bessie Jones, Buelah Williams Wilma Workman, E. Pardee, Alta Story, 0. R. Keller, Claire Wherry, Millard Jackson, Susan Willey, Iva Showalter and Iva Tyesse. Tables were decorated with Maypoles and bouquets of lilacs and May favors. The table committee included Mrs. T. R. Johnson, Mrs. Sam Johnston, Mrs. Charles Smith, Mrs. Julia Jones and Mrs. Charles Zook. On the serving committee were Mrs. Nick Myers, Mrs. Howard Smith and Mrs. J. H. Medlen, with Mrs. Lena Gyre and Mrs. May Lilly in charge of coffee. After a short lodge session there J. B. MICKEY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOSTATS CH 2-1937 839 West 5th GARDEN BULBS Gladiolus, Tuberous, Begonias. Amaryllis. Regal Lilies, Tuberoses, Rubrum Lilies, Dahlias, Gloxinias, and Caladiums. Potted Rosebushes From $1.50 up OSBURNS FLOWERS 118 E. 8th CH 2-2244 SISTERS — Debra Sue, 5 and Chery Frances, 2, are daughters of Mr. and Mrs, Robert V. Hamilton, Princeton. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Van Horn, De Soto; and Mrs. Minnie Hamilton, Ottawa. Want Billy To Represent God MYRTLE BEACH; ; S.C. The men's Bible class-, of the Myrtle Beach Methodist church has adopted a resolution "calling on President Eisenhower to send Billy Graham or some pthfer distinguished Christian leader 1 'i- ",to represent God" at the Big'Four foreign ministers meeting in Geneva, May 11. Businessman R. G. Hanna said "This may sound foolish to som« of you. But I sincerely believe that if God is given an opportunity to take a.hand in the negotiations of the Big.Four at this meeting, It will not only end the Berlin crisis, but end the cold war." were songs, a ragtime band, a hat parade in which Mrs. Tyesse won a prize, and another contest n which Mrs. Gladys Keller won a prize. Mrs. Cora Pursley and Mrs. Lilly gave a skit. On the program committee were Mrs. Cora Pursley, Mrs. Bob Robnson and Mrs. Florence Cates. Forty-five were present. Revlon Touch and Glo FACE POWDER KRAMER DRUG STORE 134 S. Main CH 2-2055 SEIDLITZ "Best by Test" < PAINTS BWNT SALE BUY'n SAVE on SEIDLITZ MEDALLION SATIN ENAMEL Sale Price $1.49 Qt. A$2.75Valoel U. S. PLYWOOD For the BEST in WALL PANELING! i , NUZMAN LUMBER 113 E. 1st CH 2-1572 Finest enamel for cabinets, kitchen and bathroom walls, furniture end woodwork, pries to a bard satin finish. SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE With each Gal. SatinTone at SATIHTOHI LATEX WALL PAINT Brighten your horn* with SatinTone.- Goes on easily with brush or roller. Dries quickly to a velvety flat finish. Oalloa A $6.49 Valud Special Prices Good for Limited Time Only Budges Hdw. & Floor Covering 117 S. Main Phone CH2-2371 FORD'S OUT FRONT IN SALES ... SO YOU CAN GET THE BEST TRADES DURING Attention Propane GAS USERS! $ 25 Down Will Hold One of These Tanks for You at These Prices: 1,000 Gal. Tank 500 Gal. Tank 330 Gal. Tank 250 Gal. Tank $420.00 248.50 192.50 169.50 These Prices Include Unit Delivered at Your Place and Set on a Cement Base. Due to a possible steel strike and an increase in steel product prices - NOW is the time to make a down payment. Ottawa Co-op Ass'n Ottawa, Kansas Gtwotott thaw en Iti* rood— from front to rear: Ford's Custom 300 Tudor Sedan, the Golaiie Club Vktoria,ond th« Fordor Ranch Wagon. AND YOU GET ALL THESE BUILT-IN DIVIDENDS, TOO . * * SAVE up to $10275 over Ford's nearest competitor* on i Fairlane 500—any model—with better, radio and automatic transmission. I SAVE OR olumlnized mufflers (hit resist corrosion better thai I aluminum itsell, normally last twice it j loni n ordinary mufflers on other art. SAVE up t. $219.85 on completely equipped air-conditioned Ford, hundreds leu than many medium- priced cars without air conditioning. SAVE with 66-plote battery instead of the usual 54-plate battery standard on other cars. Get surer startini at no eitra cost. SAVE up to $55 a year on (as and oil. Standard Ford V-l | and Sli engines thrive on malar I" Go 4000 miln between oil changes. SAVE M wox'mg j with xnaiini Diamond Lintre Finish. lt» brilliant |kn» is baked on to keep I lb beauty bright without waxini, ever. YO»J cant missl In the first place, you get the car that's offering the biggest dividends in styling, comfort and savings. The 59 Ford was awarded the Gold Medal for elegance at Brussels. It's the car built for people, with more room, wider doors, easier-to-reach luggage space. It's the car built for savings—big savings in gas and oil. And now during your Ford Dealer's Dividend Days, you get an extra "Best Seller" dividend in the deal you make! 'Baud on a companion of manufaciurert' tuggeiled retail pricej MJD'3 MOST UEAIJiniRIILnf MQTOmONEB CMS FORD WViSWN, 8rt MOTOR COMPANY THE PRICE MOTOR COMPANY 115-117-119 West 3rd, Ottawa, Kans. Check your car * Cbedeyour driving * CHEOT ACCIDENTS

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