Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 21, 1952 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 11
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1952 ELEVEN ARTHA LOGAN serves CHICKEN DINNER Mix flour, salt, pepper and paprika in a paper sack, then shake pieces of chicken In sack to coat, Heat shortening, flavored with a half cup butter or margarine in skillet. The layer of fat should be '/i inch deep, and herein lies one of the secrets to successful frying of chicken. With kitchen tongs place the chicken in the hot fat, skin side down. Brown chicken on both sides, then add 2 tablespoons water and cover tightly. Cook slowly over low • heat for 30 to 40 minutes. Place the chicken on a -warmed platter, white pieces on one side, dark on the other for easier serving. Garnish with spiced peaches, and serve, with a proud flourish. If you want to make s really delicious stew be sure to brown the meat on all sides in a little fat before adding any liquid. Chopped It's hard to beat old-fashioned,rich chicken gravy, a green vege-Sonions may be added during the /ed chicken, whipped potatoes with; tabie and fn)Us {OT a wonderful brownln S Process, if you like. Add I meal! This type of good food fits picture outside, tender and meaty TTt • 1 /"» Tl A ~D J T A Fish Can Be A Real 1 real other vegetables to the stew just Red Bag Ccffee in 1-lb. packages Regular or Drip Grind DISTRIBUTED BY PIEDMONT GROCERY CO. R. G. DuVall, Mgr. i Piedmont, W. Va. long enough before the meat is tender so they will not b overdone. I right into tlss entertaining ways of February, too, for despite its ease of preparation and its comparative! How firm your custard wi jr be economy, fried chicken still has the| depends on the propor tion of eggs air of a "party." j to mi]lc . two W h 0 ] e eggs or four Just be sure that there's plenty of tender chicken, fried crusty brown and crisp the way everyone likes it. Carefully panfried, quality- branded chicken will be pretty as a egg yolks to two cups of milk gives a plain soft custard of pleasant consistency. Soft custard such as this may be served by itself or over fresh fruit. Popular "Wild ROM" Poffern in Soft Gray-Blue on Ivory! No waiting—-no coupons—no money to send for these ptemiuins! They're inside every big square package of Mother's Oats. Take your choice of this China, Aluminum Wire, "Fire- King" Cup and Saucer, or Carnival Ware. You get double value! Money can't buy t finer quality, more nourishing oatmeal than Mother's Oats, h't the delicious hot, creamy oatmeal your family loves. Get it today! MOTHER'S OATS —a product of THf QUAKfK (OATS COMPANY Maine Chowder IMade With Cod i I That important fish, the cod, fills a crowder role in Maine, and this is how: ^ Skin and bone a small codfish— about 4 pounds—and cut it into 2- inch pieces. In a saucepan put the head, tail, skin and scraps, with 2 cups of cold water. Add an herb bunch. Bring to the boiling point and season to taste with salt and -pepper. Let boil gently for y& hour. Cut a little salt pork into cubes and render the fat over a low flame. Add 3 onion slices; cook for 5 min- FISH PELLET TURBANS with mushroom rtuAor «*nbtae it » delectable Lenten nwin diafa. Now begins the open Lenten season for wonderful new fish dishes. Every year, more and more families are learning to appreciate fish when cooked in interesting ways. You'll really enjoy these two recipes that appeal to the eye, the taste and the food budget, Fish Fillets With Mushrooms (6 servings) Buy sis; narrow fish fillets or trim wide fish fillets.' (If you use frozen fillets, you will need two 1-pound packages). Grease a six well muffin pan. Set oven at 375 degrees F. (moderate oven). Sprinkle fillets with lemon juice and coil each fillet around inside of of muffin well. Melt 3 tablespoons butter or fortified margarine. Add 1 tablespoon chopped onion and saute until onion is golden. Add % cup chopped canned mushrooms, 2 cups soft bread crumbs, '/•; cup cream, 2 beaten eggs and 1 teaspoon chopped parsley. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Stir until well mixed. Cook over low heat until mixture is Fresh ..Country Eggs 47c doz . MARKET CO 42 N. Centre St. Phone 2195 Fresh Picnic Hams 39c „ MEATY PORK CHOPS * 39c PURE PORK SAUSAGE 4 < $1 WORRELL'S CARTON LARD 5 «- 95c KING NUT OLEO 5 «- $1 FRESH PORK LIVER * 33c FRESH GROUND BEEF ' 49c SMALL CLUB STEAK65c CENTER CHUCK ROAST "•• 65c FRESH SPARE RIBS * 49c LEAN PORK STEAK - 49c SLICED BACON «« OWN «,. 39 C SLICED BACON ENDS 5 > S1 Tuna Fish 4 cans $1 Pork and Beans ... 8 cans $1 Sardines (in oil) .. 10 cans $1 Noodle Soup 6 cans 75c Sugar 5 Ibs. 50c Armour's Milk 3 for 39c Salt Side 4 Ibs. $1 Smoked Jowls 4 Ibs. $1 Scrapple 8 Ibs. $1 Pan Pudding 4 Ibs. $1 Skinless Wieners .... Ib. 45c Minced Ham 3 Ibs. $1 Fr*lfl Pork Chitterlings 10 - S 2,50 utes Strain the fat into a kettle, !Q rape f ruit Touches let boil 5 minutes, then add the * pieces of fish. After 5 minutes add; Smooth thin-skinned grapefruit a quart of scalded milk. Let all:with a russet tinge usually means simmer another 15 minutes after 'juicy fruit. adding the strained fish broth. Let' boil up once, thicken with butter! Serve a salad for a first course and our and let simmer a 'few min-! sometime - Celery stuffed with a utes more. Add 3 tablespoons O fi mixture ° { cream and Roquefort i butter before serving with toasted j cheese, cut Into one- or two-inch I pilot crackers. I lengths, and arranged on shredded | I lettuce is a good choice; drizzle the I Brown about- half a cup of sliver- j lettuce with a well-seasoned French ed almonds in a quarter cup of [dressing before adding the celery ; butter; serve over broiled fish fil-| wedges. ilets. Mashed potatoes, creamed j spinach, broiled tomato halves will Dip half-inch slices of liverwurst j taste delicious with this fish dish, into beaten egg, then into bread JFor dessert on this menu serve a!crumbs, and cook in a little fat, i compote of fresh fruit. i until lightly browned on both sides. Tamale Pie Needs Wild Marjoram Tamale pie with red beans calls for the herb wild marjoram, if you want to be sure of the proper Mexican zest. , Mince one large sweet onion, and cook it in a tablespoon of lard until tender. Then add % can of kernel corn, % can of tomatoes, % green pepper, chopped, and salt to taste. Set to boil, and gradually stir in i cup of yellow cornmeal. Cook for j 20 minutes, stirring often. | Add H cup cooked chopped meat, j mix well, and let all cool. Add 1 i beaten egg, 6 ripe olives, joram to | taste. Pour into a buttered casserole | and bake for 45 minutes in a mod-! erate oven. Serve with a Mexican) sauce and red beans. mper yourself UJXUWcracW SKY FLAKE WAFERS thickened. Spoon into center of fish turbans. Bake at 375 degrees F. (moderate oven) 15 to 20 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork. Serve immediately on a hot platter. Fish Dinner Casserole (4 servings) One pound frozen fish fillets, 2 tablespoons butter or fortified margarine. VA tablespoons flour. 1 cup scalded milk, Vt, teaspoon salt. *i teaspoon pepper, dash nutmeg, 1 cup cooked shrimp, 3 ta-; blespoons parsley. j Let fillets thaw at room tern-; perature. Place in greased baking i dish. Melt butter or margarine in a saucepan. Stir in flour. Grad- '. ually add milk and beat with a; rotary beater. Add salt and pepper, j Cook until sauce is smooth and j boiling, about 10 minutes, beating j as it boils. Stir in nutmeg. Pour: sauce over fish In baking dish. Bake at 425 degrees F. (hot oven) 10 to 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily when tested with a fork. Remove from oven. > Sprinkle with shrimp. Return to oven and bake another 3 minutes. Garnish with parsley and serve immediately. Winter is a good time to fix spaces between boards in a floor. It is during cold weather that floorboards show more space between boards. Fill with a paste mixture of fine sawdust and shellac, whiting and color. THIS WAY TO HEALTH RIVAL DOG FOOD m 4 IN-ER-SEAIV PACKS] Now... enjoy these shortening-rich crackers at the very peak of their oven-freshness! Easy-to- open, easy-to-ref old wax packs keep SKY FLAKE WAFERS fresher than ever. 1/ook for these luxury crackers at your grocer's now. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY Ratter! becau shortening/ Sweeten baked apples with maple- flavored syrup and serve with a topping of whipped cream for an extra- special family dessert. tint Phone or Shop in Person. Delivery FREE on $3.00 or More. Hagan't frith *""" Cottage Cheese Fr<>h D ° iiy - ••"•••• M| pound cup 31 c Try this ef*)!e!cu» treat with Garden Sol ad. Hagan'i Pas!eum«d, Cultured Health Food Austin's A-1 Solution 7-qt. OQ« Gallon Btl. fcwC Jus Campbell's Tomato Soup 3 T. 35c Armour't Evap. Milk 6con.79c Star Kit! Solid Fancy White Meat Tuna 7 --< on 39c G*ntU Pur# IvorySoap 3 Jh ;;:41c Yogurt Sunshine Hydrox Cookies :.. S-oi. pka. 23C IB. 12-0.. pkg. 39C —--Always Fr&ih—Always a Hit with «vrryon«. (P«pper)dge BREAD and ROLLS in Friday) KISSES »!lo bag Curtiji MARSHMALtOV/S, 10-»r. bag Hnrdi.s y^f JELIY BIRD EGGS, Ib. pkg. «••*»• 25c 23c Kenny't Florida FRUIT JUICE — Pore, Natural, Unsweetened — Orange Grapefruit Blended giant 46-oi, con* $1,00 Get '*r NOW whiU veu rememberl ondy 15-25 I *»»MMA in the ha Lamps 4 P0 ck Save ISc on - * Ansco AH-Weather Film size. MOTHER'S OATS G.E. Factory Tetted 40-60 1C. 75-100 watt IWW watt — 620 or HO size. Economy 3 Roll Pack 18c $1,23 Frozen Food Specialties Ready-to-Fry Breaded Jumbo Shrimp •'<>-' ^ 69c — Serves Four-- Read/ to Bak« Chicken Pie — 2 to 3 Serving i — SEAl ITALIAN STYLE SPAGHETTI Sauce -"""•<" pT • — Delicious — try it— X servingsl 14-01. tin 63c 67c BEIT BUYS IN TOP QUALITY Garret! County Real Country Sausage lb — Bulic or casing stylo—- The Finest Meets in Town . . . properly handled . . . expertly cut , , . priced rightl Home Dressed, Choice Graded Tender Moaty Shoulder Cutlets, Rump or Shld. Roast, Ib. Veal New Your Best Msal Value! SWIFT'S PREMIUM . . . Ameri Br Blue Label ., Requires Cooking Whole or Shonk Half small, leon, 10 to 14 Ib. avg. Red lobol. Fully Cook- . CC A «IWV ed. Rcadyto-Serve Cut to your order FREE Fresh Green Broccoli Tomatoes rt ~ Fort piit Fnncy 5iicir " > Potatoes Oranges NCW skin Fiori<j ° Florida SfledUit—150 liie Solid, Purple Top Turnips 2*>19c .... ...b«h.29c b-25c 5 n- 43c d... 390 O»car Mayer All Meet Skinless Franks * < U. S. Choice Bronded Beef — Boneless Rump or Swiss Steak U. S- Choice Square Cut Lamb Shoulder Roast — M.eoty, Trndrr. 4 l o 5 -H ^r" — *• 59c ib 99c "> S3c Home Killed—Extro Foncy DtLIVFRY ox ti.oa 01 MOHC CHICKENS /GARLITZ BROS, Old Roasting RQ|» //. , . — . c lu. ik ifwb' .... l.W^i^f^^^i^fW/ CR*NP *vt. Year 3'i to 5 Ibs Ib. Tender Young Frying FQn 2', to 3 Ib Ib. W«JI» Fresh Cut OCft ^*9 Breasts, Ib. <3vC Ib CORNER HI Ib. U! 87c TRIANGLE features BETTY CROCKER CRUSTQU1CK GOLDEN ISIE—R. S. P. PIE CHERRIES GOLDEN ISLE PEACHES luscious, orchard freih, flavorful peaches. WITH TSc COUPON 2 fa ° xes 39c WITH CRl/STQUICK COUPON 2 No - 2 «"" 35C Rabin Hood FLOUR . lOlb. bag 1.07 RITTER CATSUP DUFFS 14-ot. battle 21c Vi Price Deol CHOCOIATE AND CUP CAKE MIX Both for Slokely's CUT GREEN BEANS No. 303. cans. 41c 49c BUY YOUR FIRST PACKAGE OF Cut the medallion of Ranger JOB and hit hone Topaz from Ihc bag and mail to Ranger Jo«, Chester, Pa.You'll get by mail full purchase price plu* postage! PACKAGE 17c MEAT DEPARTMENT Pork Roast "> 39c Freth Loin Rib Cut. (Real Economy). SWIFT'S SELECT QUND STERK 98c Dftcl/ /COUNTRYX rUIR \ STYLE / Sausage «•- 53c Smoked Skinned Ham who| «« SWIFT'S PREMIUM Skinless Franks M SWIFTS PREMIUM Half, Ib. 59C with Krau! Ib. QJG «-«•«» 29c ipe tomatoes. TOMATO JUICE HANOVER—Pr^srd from vine -ripened red FRESH BREAKFAST Coffee Jolly Time Popcorn OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry Sauce Armour * Chili Con Game 3 con > 85c •"•77c lO-oi. can 20C . rco. can | JjQ 16-oz. can A | C DUFF'S GINGERBREAD M.!X box 27c BORDEN'S SILVER COW MILK 6 cons 89c NABISCO RITZ CRACKERS 1-lb. pkg. 35c BROWN EDGE WAFERS pkg. 41c SUNSHINE SUGAR HONEY GRAHAMS pkg. 31c CHEEZITS pkg. ISc COMPLETE LINE OF FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AUSTIN'S BLEACH 15c Bottle AlPINE EAGIE MACARONI or SPAGHETTI Blue Ribbon Bread JELL 0 COCONUT reg. pkgs. 19c McCORMICK Tea Bags pks. of SO 57c SPECIAL 'OfFStt! GLADIOLUS BULBS and FLOWER SEEDS *2.25 Value CHARMIN TISSUE Qelyzst * cans DIAL SOAP 2 Reg, Bars 27 C

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