Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 3
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 3

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 3
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LOMA LINDA HOUSE DEMOLISHED — An en- lire wall was demolished as mud and debris cascaded into this home just west of San Timotco Creek near Poplar street in Loma Linda. Several other homes in the same area were destroyed in Tuesday's rampaging flood, (Facts photo by Herb Pasik) BARTON ROAD BRIDGE WASH OUT — John and Ruth Silva of Mentone \iew almost completely submerged San Timoteo Creek bridge at Barton road in Br>'n MawT, washed out Tuesday by heavy flooding. Looking west toward Loma Linda, missing portion of road and road bed considerably beyond the area formerly spanned by the bridge is discernible. (Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) Officials tour areas today Many Loma Linda homes lost to fury of flooded creek By HERB PASIK .trees were carried into the away in San Timoteo Creek Bridees lodffarf in mH .sti «am '»™'8es — Uiafs »tat ripped about 6:15 p.m. Tuesday just points vibeie they formerly planned San Timoteo Creek. Tbe inspecUon parly stood on! ing ^ cross the flow on a cable. jthe srotesquely jagsed banki Lany Claik. another Loma Tjuiily p<ries tiUcd craiily atl<rf creek just north of Van Linda youth who attends 45 desree angles Jumbled de-:Leu»'cn on Poplar street and seventh grade at Oement junior bris representing what once were loeked at the remains of a, high, was with PhDpoU and saM the walls and rooCs of homes. Teenage >-oungsters digging more than a foot of mud from in front of Loma Linda Acade-i about one DM ms Redlands Doily Foefs Thursday, Feb. 27, 1969 Page 3 Mud avalanche sweeps down Wildwood canyon Te/epftone compan/ sets open house tomorrow Mrs. John C. (Margaret), boulders were scattered throudi Cruise, whose Yucaipa Garden the wreckage. By ERWIN S. HEIN Giant waves of mud, turn. near Oak Glen, spread ruin and ^ .. . . , ,. , Iterror below Wildwood ^y^<]^' ^^,'^'1^^ ^^Jtl IWednesday. Today, with occa-i^^-^^^Se^'Sn^a street ireshed out bridge in mid-stivam.| he fell into the water but man- It was the MounUin View av<s Set back out He said nue bridge carried downstream Ph-lpott ydlcd for help Md then General Telephone company's new Redlands diviswn headquarters will be open tomorrow until 9 p.m. for a very special my on Anderson street, the i ripped loose. re^'atrS ^S^^ a Zsl^ That particular day in the.his-jin our business office. 13200 Third street, was reported to have been impaled by a log. 'sional tides sUU roaring resi- rcaciieu v^unu* Wave after wave, as frequent dents of the canyon counted ^ A^^n^^ re-as hvo minutes apart, gradual- heavy damage ceivcd fresh damage from mud;Iy dimmishmg m height, kept „ . . waves, though the dwelling had!massive mud tonnage ftowing B „. ..„ .r'V" nJchS^., -> u„ 'O""'"-"""?" been considered a safe distance^ until it reached CaHmesa boule- Burt Miller, "and we wouM like nashed throu^out the Yucaipa from the channel. vard on a broad front. Here it ,our customers to see what is go- 1 valley as the first wall of muck . ,, . . I smashed throueh the back vard -ing on.bohind thefront counL '==d.-anced. and there was near J^, ^IZZ.'^Z/oiV^l;^"^^^^^^ .„ n.,„,,. 4„„ 5,„„. 'CO bearmg the name of Park-^^^^^ ^ open house host and General Telephone division manager. been recovered. basement of wUcfa still contained four feet of water. Those were but a fen- of the a^U \iewed this morning by TUrd District County Supervisor DonaM Beckord in a one-boor The Poplar street bridge was I Supcr\isw Beckord was at- i tory of the company's operations here in Redlands is the day the public is invited to an open nowhere in sight It too had been I tempting to confirm a reporti J"";^ ofthe new ouartere bom carried away and was viewed this morning, presumably trom «>"fe «J*'* "P""^ f™"" in^>ection tour of the de%-astat- ed Loma Unda area with ofQ- cials of Loma Linda University, Cliamber of Conunerce, University Adventist Church, Security First National Bank, and other community rejM-esentalives. "What can you say?" Bedt- ord commented grimlj' when the "We arc proud of our new downtown Redlands facility at by the group 10 minutes later Congressman Jeny Pettis' of- in the creek bed west of An- ficc, that Slarines and other derson street miliUry personnel wouW be, But the real tragedy was re- made available to help in the'S Redlands Plata." sakl Uie fleeted in the e>es of the ddcr- massive cleanup job underway! • ly and the poor whose homes in the Loma Linda area. j AiiX*»c ^VAIISJA and few woridly belongings had Accofxlmg to Beckord. the' been damaged and destro>ed. icounty has authorized the use! ^.x a • Loma Linda Park, a Chamber of men and equipment in an ef-i CIT DrOwKSIQef ot Commerce project, was noth- fort to "do all it can" to dear; ing more than a mud flat roads and public property. Many of those people wercj He added, however, that the 'The new diviswn headquarters houses not only the busi. ness office, but also our customer records section, repair service dispatching, line testing center, and telephone number assignment d^rtmcnt panic in Dunlap Acres Satur-.^,-^ ^^^^.^^ ^.^^ „ut atcd by earlier floods, this re-j gion again began evacuation, even heeding a mistaken report: | that a dam had broken. ; retreading plant and surround- A garage was swept downstream from the property of Anthony BosU, 33088 Avenue G, . . ,. . , i and mud entered the front door Nervous househ(*lers in Wdd- the Jack Eddings home. 35080 wood canyM got factual warn- Avenue G. This is the street Ings from sheriffs depuUes, and (ha^ foUons the south edge of Our executive offices for the >hey fled from a genume men- wudwood canjon. at thTbase ^T^, R^^'^'^:^^. k-kinn nro m ihA rvmnrfelwl ace. They grabbed meager pos- the ralim(>« rliffs ^ under me Ketuaiws treeroy, oc- casiomng new aJaim iMt causing no actual damage. County and state highway crews used ed the B&W garage, forcing a truck against the front doors, and buried the surroundmg acreage in four feet of goo. Plunging across Calimesa boulevard, the mud pressed its wreckage into the storm drain Eureka corner |divL«ion are m the remodeled,ace. They grabbed meager pos- o'~tlie Calim<.« Miffc building as well,- continued Mfl- sessions and hurried to the taU ••Avenup r w jlands Plaza to provjde a mod-lcrushed and buried. Othei^ of mud itTover 'he mud might contin^ ^S 'x'for riit ^^-slragTl^- «rfii^^'«^" It''- -^^^^ , .. - -jv. .1. TT •; .- ;, • t Tu-o nersons were uiiurcd ves-'ices" complex for the utility's; damage, as mua tiuea rooms sight truck lour was ox-er "^'i^'U™" '<^y and gardens. The great major-; "The devastation is all <U sc«ms so pathetic ^jtivcrsitj-and other propwj'use of ^ -By total services." said the ity simply had a harrowing nar-'through our house, and we have .i „„c .h,. h.t «PonI„ whoi.r<" .«;,mmon.. "On., eld- HV E U ^ stre^tTR^Un^ poU^ Rcdl^ division manager, "we row escaf*. lost many valuable items, in- j reported. i mean that a customer can come j n ,,.35 1.22 p.m. when Lt. eluding antiques. There is one things like this hit people who|ers." said Simmons. "One eld- private property, can afford it the least" 1 erly man called me th'is monimg Many of those people today trying to borrou- a pickup truck. Man.v 01 uiose ycvpie uma.. uyins 10 UUITOT- d pmun uuv». . ^ , minncd shovds. small tractoisHe said he couH put aU he had Ml/u BYBil TOO and any other equipment they left in the truck bed." ! could get their hands on in the The wwst flooding and mud' miirA foF massive cleanup effort under way damage appeared to center in in the thrce-square-mile area of the area bounded by Van Leu-i L-,i# AnrcA Loma Linda most hea\il}' dcvas- ven on the south Anderson on the, Ouy nOriV tafed by the escap'mg rampage «est. Redlands boulevard on the; n™. «f tlw. »n..rh;n,. «r„.~ii~:;"Cl Jof San Timoteo Crcdc at the; north and extended east of San iJ ^jiJ^^^^'^^VZ^^Z^^^^- bei&i of this wedt's tragic TimolM Ci«k to»anls " W«In«d" s scnes of mud _ .. Moun- storm. Itain View avenue. "It's a total loss as £ar as I'm j At most points along iU concerned." Norman McGirrlbanks. San Timotco Creek's tcM the dozen or so members I flow had gouged a path up to canyon. Rumors persisted throughout Wednesday, and could be heard again today. There was a continuing report that a dam had Ofii'^ said the accidentia*? """^ d'vUion headquarters jvlfig;^ FaVqlihar'law' ^"uSyl tWng "that we may never j",f !,hP4^ ^' which occurred at 11:52 'r^- f±^TZ'^n^TVr^^ °f """J P««>-»8''*'"'""lr>''parage do«-was ['^^^^^^^^^ involved a westbound car driven ^^^"="1^,?^^, ^.TH *!/"- dou-n the canyon, where he and open and U was empUed com-j ^"^J" by Benjamin J. Pagdilao, of 1122 s"*"^- "^"J^'^' °L°^*'T?; other sheriffs deputies had P'etely. Everything went do%vn-| ^ » prevent a dam from break W. Palm avenue, and a south-j ??fj,'*?'*„,'''^,?"='^'"<' been assisting the victims of stream - a washer, two power '"f; , , . „ „.„ , bound vehicle operated by Sam- I^'"?" ,. ... icarUer flooding He and Deputy movers and all our tools - but' "The fact is. said WdlanJ 'ucIJ Ziemw 77. oMU CUrk! ^hiWren and adulU are mvU .;f3r "j;r now^^ ^ ^ ^^^^ Farquhar. "that there is no dam .ucij. /iiemer, u. .11 ciar«^ ^ P^^^. oene ^^^^^^ S cLmiv'oul of the building and through at any point that could empty j-on mvolvcd a handsome bay horse. Scores of spectators saw the ary 28. Says Miller. "Our em- the tours isujfei^ bruises in^lhe comswn. qJ^rt^rs"\'o"appeaj'Vc"coone!;a^ and vehides had l«en Pr^'"jjs^^^-^"—yg^g ^j Davits ranch, which slopes from a right turn to get there. i'nto WiMwood canyon. The di- garden except for ajgantic slide of muck ftT )m the but refused treatment. former home at 25280 Remsen "The only way to cure that street, just west of the killer said Beckord." is to ultimatdy credc. !put in a concrete dianncL In road paralleling the Redlands freev»-ay. going west In a few stops the mud was up to the ^ had budded, the itwfjSe mterim. something dse has hoj^^s ^>J^ ^ had collapsed and several feet;to be done." of mud covered the site. The; According to Howard Wedcs. house to the west of McGirr's was in amilariy devastated condition. The entire length of Van Leu lost its footing. While the horse floundered Loma Lmda University repre-jinto deeper mud. ttie tider dis- sentative. hundreds of victims mounted and fled to firmer ' ground. The horse disappeared in the murky lake. A buUdozer the animal's of the disaster have been fed during the past two days at ven street was envdoped m a Gentry Gymnasium on the um-plater recovered Oiidc sheet of mud. Ibe resi dents of one residence were fortunate. Itey had comman- versity campus. | body. The business district and University area escaped inundation About People Danny R. Stpulvtda, 22, wn of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Sepulveda. 1102 Washington street has completed reconnaissance framing at the Army Armor Center, Ft. Knox. Ky. Pv1. Sepulveda received dght weeks of training. i Refreshment-! wiU be served ^uned 'at the end of the tour. Robtrt J. McKay, buiUer Ihiid class. USN, and son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. McKay, 1125 Pine avenue, is serving with a Navy Mobile Oonstructkm Battalion Maintenance Unit at Cam Ranh Bay. Vietnam. His 300- man unit first of its kind since TAose who hove stmdhaqs, keep fhem AVo u»,o „„ n„r cnrnnH STOund. Wdl. we've had to start, the ridge at Oak Glen road It tri^^-'' saTFa?q"uhaT •• "mov- --.d,_.before. and we can i keeps releasmg watery mud in ins some famUyhdrlooms from, "^^^^^ j. .the ,''«'n,f„'^h7„^:**f"'J« Harris 35010 Avenue G. was great wall of mud was seen roll- . Jamao^t in Mrii. I ^rfr„„ aiw,r Thrw«h h»H severely damaged m earli- Img from above. The wash had _ . . . . . . massive new surges." Dave McKewen, county highway worker, said Uie seeinng of twin n ~vt«1 nf miina. hill it "'^^ • been flood^. of course but t. ^ Thousands of chick:»as then dry. This monstrous^ ^.^^^ j^^, g,t^„. avalanche of mud was totally ^j^.^ ^^g^ j,„„gg unexpected. „ tures and residence were shat- Farquhar sped to Avenue F, ,„ed and crushed. Two-foot which overlooks the canyon from the north, and travded the deered a gasdme-powered pump by the mud and water. li-amaHon and \»ere usmg it to sock water Heavy equipment operators In Great Britain, in the latter and mud from their heavily in- worked fiirionsly today to dear part of the I8th century, it was undated home. major roads m the area. considered by law high trea- J"^Z^ ^^'LJ^'^^ JUIJ'^^ J" "'""Rwe" death of jthe Kore^ War. provides main-' caused the creek banks to give tributed du-ectly to the floodmg the king, queen-consort of the waj." explamed Bill Simmons, was that of Benny Philpott. of heir aHwrent of the crown, ac- administralor of the University 1 25072 Laurelwood. cording to the firet edition of church. 'The collapsing earth| The Mcloria School sixth-jthe Encyclopedia Britannica in to<* large trees with it and the/ grader reportedl}- »^s washed' 1768. Rtsidenh wh* already Mvt sandbafls around their hones or bufinesiet were today urged to iMve them there until the wMfc «ml sterm situation it clarified. Cify Manager R. P. Mei 1 ilt Jr. said many areas are welt pretieled with sand b«g( and "if these bags wertitd before, they will work again." Tlw city wM making sand- te-;loucd the same route. But its for floating Navy combat patrol morrow at ttw aM city yards massive tonnage and wkicr units at their advanced bases at; for these who Hiink they might spread uroughl new damage to who rode water from numerous high canyons had combined with mdting snow to cause the unprecedented slides. He had been working in the high reaches of Wildwood canyon while the terror was ac- cumulaUng. full length of this street, calling rOrQUhOf SPOTS ITIud WQll into the canyon for people to j. £_ Sheriff's units warn Calimesa residents mc fvorean war, |Muvwi:a iiinui-, «.F — » tcnance and minor constructkml bags available today and to- for floatine Naw combat patrol morrow at the old city yards "run for j-our lives!" He told them a flood was coming. The earlier flood having carved a deep channel along|side frailer parks and dwellings. I the monstrous mud wave fol- Yucalpa Weatherman "iffy obo"* progress of new storm from north sheriffs deputies, ".Meanwhile I called for other uu.^ - - . - like Paul Revere sheriffs cars and rescue units. Cam Ranh Bay and at 12 other; need th«n. The location it on I prior victims, and added to the ahead of impending disaster.!?". »e were able to hdp a sites throughout South Vietnam.I Oriont.l at To,.,. im. ^3,. ^3,-0 saved several Uves in S„°dvvS."' Wednesday 's river of mud -This was at 1:22 p .m. The through Wildwood canyon. first wall of mud was perhaps Lt. Willard Farquhar. com- iialf an hour plowing through the mander of the Yucaipa sub -sta- canyon, carrying everything lion, was near the upper end of before it. I can never forget Wildwood canyon when he saw those great oak trees, with ihe first wave of mud emerging trunks as thick as two feet roU- (rcm the hill.s. He was first to ing and tumbling in the nose of Rain will retun, to the flood- negated by this portion of .he ,f «.t levd. is still the scene of required for persons fravding toi wayoNo^^^^^ ^.^Iris ^Tw'- ^'"•'"''^/^ fanS. so^h1?™ elumat 0^0^ ''xXen were pla>ing in the froubled vallev late tomorrow or forecast: 'a massive landslide about 100 Running Spnngs, Highway 30, -Waterman "™''£, « mg serviced by use of Water- j,^ advancing ivash at several points untU ^Trlv Salurdav the Weather "The snow levd «ill tower to feet thick across the road and (City Creek Road) was ovaied°^ "r"-^'^ n ^i ^'''""^ P«"l. they heard the warnings. At TufrLu oredided at noon today inear 6.000 feet Fridav- night and,200 feet long. today. Chains are required. "^Akbama street and North '"e community Farquhar called in seven oth- about Seventh place inside the Bureau predicted at noon y , Saturday. A^ I ^Ute Highway Division-|Empt>-bu«es are being aUowed 0^^^^ Ana nvcr are both sUU dosed Redlands city sfreels are in ^ the canjon and hdped that my loudspeaker really paid « . ^A- "T-, f^L o ^nn ri?!p^^ •'esidents to esrape. Nearly aU for itsdf in saving sudi lives. -San Timoteo canyon road is cording to John Shone City Pub- ^^^^^ ^ ^.^^^ j^^. p^^^ 3^^^^^^^ ^^ ^ "1^:^- "^r ^ii r -in. 'y emptied of thefr panidjed in! all through the canyon and scur- i :n ..<c tn <ho TtivnrcwiA rnuntv'Lincoln streets, between Citrus .Ai.:..;.. ..5^ Th.. hilicMa ma «tc afnn* Residents start cleanup, many roads still closed in area to nousenoioers «u acculumlaUons in the mountains reported puttmg a smaU dent:down tong-stranded visito.-s. near creeks have b^ofjf^ from the San Gorgonio area,in the slide today. It was esti-| Most other San ^ Bernardino by mud and water. The forMast ^I^Jjj;^.,*" u^s""" ""jJJI^I^ 2hat "the n )ad "otetnHiion 'mounUin roads were still also promised more «*ai^g, jij^^^^e San Bwnardino'contained 10.000 cubic yards of dosed, except a very few fwr labor for men who ^ve wortsM! residents continued dean- rocks, mud and other hillside de- emergency use. around the dock m attempts to; ' tod^^. after floods, bris. The Barstow Freeway through , - , , „ . . - -—. save bridges, homes and Hijuties. w-ihouts earUer Highway division crews have Cajon Pass is open as are most^ -Barton Road is still dosed This leaves only Grove sfrect farquhar. referring to the firstiout the afternoon and some were limits to the RiversWe county Xincota streets, between Citrus j^bitants " ried up the hillside roads afoot Une and from Nevada sfreet and Colton avenues, were "j have never in my life seen and by car. south }o Redlands dty limits, opened today. a more awesome sight," saidi "Other waves came throu^- However. the Weather Bureau did not seem to be forecasting from solid conviction. At first a this weds took a tremendous toll cut a one-lane path through a of Southern California freeways. in property damage in most snow slide which blocked fraffic.Only excq)Uons this mommg .jjfiareas two mUes east of Camp Angduslwere the Riverside Freeway spdcesman said, "nus is a m«-, weathered the but a new slide was reported be-m the Santa Ana canyon west S ^oifonr-day storm m mudi better tween Onyx Summit and Big of Corona, and Interstate 10 be- last one »*ich barged nght a'o^^t^ ndghboring com- Bear erasing the possibility of.twt^n Indio and BIythe. the Bureau UuniUes on an sides. Yucaipa'fravd in that direction. j However, parts ••fjU'e des«t By noon. ho*em- Calimesa ai« still digging H was dear and comparaUve-lfree«ay arc <H>en and the frip because of the bridge wash-out across the Zanja and Cook street ^^rge of mud from high in the six to eight feet high, but noth- in the Bryn MawT art>a. i between Cenfral and Sylvan canyon. ing quite equalled the grand—Redlands boulevard is now; boulevard as well as Sylvan it- ^yave was 15 feet high, daddy of them all, that first one. open from Alabama to Tippeca-; self between Dearborn and Lin-liopyng ^JJ^^ hideous mon-lln the narrows above Grant noe to Waterman avenue. According to Marion E. Chambers. Redlands school district fransportatiMi supervisor, "We cota as the ody dosures in the|ster. "Because it was rolling street they filled the canyon east Redlands area. irees ahead of it, with mud and wall to wall, but later th«y fell West Fern (Winery grade «.ater following, it appeared to into the channel. But they met road) below Redlands Oommu-ibc walking down the canyon. It solid resistance at Calimesa was speaking with ^««^',^f^^^^^^^,^^. ly warn iT the mount^ this can be made with the use oflare picking up all sdiool diil-nity Hospital is d.^ and win|made no noise and it moved 1 boulevard, just before nadring more assurance, saj-mg: ^'i ^^^^^^^^^^i^tn roommg. Camp Angdus had a several detours, highway spdces-dren attending Redlands schodsbe for some hme because of a; slowly, probably 10 mUes anjRedlands freeway, and badced ent indicaUons are tor Yi.^ ^?^l,*^}.r^^ temoCTlturTof 30 deerees at 9 men advised. jwith the excepUon of the Falls-lb r i d g e washout Alessandro hour. j up to DU a wide acreage, begin in Santa Barbara Coun ^jtAL. temperature of 30 degrees a. » "'^"^j^,^ ,^ .. road. bet»-een San Timoteo can- "I remained easily ahead of' "The oak frees swept across Friday midday or afternoon andjrMrrt down wiMwooa canyon a.m „f , retnra to partment qwkesmen this mom- Ihe trip fa quite long, how-jyon road and the Redlands cityj the wave until I readied Avenue Calimesa boulevard and feB mto ... I -'---limits wraps up the list of main|F, then I blasted warnings to- dty closures. However, Shone advised mo- rnoav imoaay or <u«auwu ouu,—--- spread slowly south and east-iy«tcrday. „..^w ward (that is. toward Redlands) ( Loma Linda and Bryn Mawr normalcy over coastal and mooDtain areas." Hie posalulity that this front Bugbt bring warm rains to the mountains, cansniS rapid mdt- agt of the snow padc. w^s indicated last mg. several new main arteries I ever, for studenU from East; limits wraps up the list of mam are still not even dose to recov- night when Edison company were opened since yestwday but|Higlilands. Busses have to^tate'"' - ' ering from floods and mud left from the rampaging San Timoteo creek Tuesday. In the direcboo of the mountains, Sghway 38, at the 5^000-; crews flown in by htfcopter re- all Calimesa and Yucaipa area stored dectrical servk* to ttaejroads repotted closed yester- area. Residents had been without power for about 30 bcnrs. Althoo^ proof of residency is, day are still dosed. —l^vecanoe avenue is now open frwn the Sedlands Free- the Redlands freeway to Waterman avemie and double back to East Highlands from the north side of the Santa Ana and K- tuni the same way. torists to be cautious traveUng Sunset drive. "Ercisiao has caused several danger spots along the drive," he exidained. the cbannd leading under tiia ward the canyon homes and sped! freeway, which they down the canyon with siren screaming. I shouted to people to move out fast, a flood was coming. Tbcy scurried like ants. plugged. This deepened and widened the resulting lake, so that succeeding waves leached and damaged buildings on Urn boulevard."

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