Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
Page 2
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2 - Ihunday, Feb. 27, 1969 Redlonds DeHy Facts West Berliners give Nixon bia welcome liY.Sfocks 1 aondRO NEW YORK (UPI» — Tight money at home and the Vietnam peace stalemate again idagned stock market traders today. Near the final bcH dedioet held . .almost 2-to-l advantage over ad-j I dosed the bwder crowoK pomtjnnces in moderate turnover. through which West G«nMnsj Tije UW stodc market indicator, measuring aU stocks traded, was off OJO per cent on l,5S8i issues on the tape. There weie (Continued from Page 1) shouted in German: "Danke scfaoen nnd auf wiederseben" — are allowed to pass tfarou^ the (thadc you and goodbye). waS. Shortly before Nixon flew the Tbe President flew into the UO miles inside East Germany {bur-{)ower dty from Bonn for aigcg anA i<9'nrinni»« to West BediB the Soviet Union three and a half hour visrt andi^ilS^ ^m-d tolnw,' »h>» deUvered a new blast against won the greatest" ovationU^^l^A ^S ^ ^^^^"'^ F"^ ""^ ^^""^ so far on his eight^ay, i amSns the iSies mS f^ presidential dection at a,fii*-Dation European tour. Po- uonaDy. T*e airline fa^ ^ meeting of the electoral coUege'lice estimated the Peering pended flight opwaUonsteca^ in Vest Berlin March 5. Tte Communist Paiy newspaper Pravda said "it must not take place." crowds at 250,000. !of a strike by grtMmd employes. He told them he had comej „^ ^ , here » , reprwentotjj^ 0^^ a (3^,,^ SftTrnKTrf Fifth Powa-—'the detemnna-,.U^,^„. .of-i„ ncn or iree men » «m«n automotive safely decUons violate the four power, free." And he flew here with""f ™0'*'y- agreements ''"^ —„i,nn.,i and increase Communists have threatened i Communist rumblings against the city's supply lines andi the city and the threats of left- protested the flights to Westining eictremists to spml his Berlin of West German officials., visit The fact Nixon brought with! Communist border guards him Oiaocdlor Kurt Georg tdd UPI reporter John A. Kiesinger and Foreign Minister Callcott the 15-minute border Willy Brandt, the former West closure was a retaliatory Berlin mayor, was sure to sting measure tht East Germans. i on the western side wliile Ifixon ate tne lour power iree. - ana ae uew uac wiiu „ _ . , ^ governing Berlin the leaders of West Germany inj ^f ?«antime. Plfmed earlier. Oils joined in the decline, with a few issues losing a point or better despite recent price hikes on gasoline. Steels, rails and aircrafts also: was a retaiiatoryi*^'' M*** "^ues in these for the traffic hoWupf""?* generally lost Mjly small stemside»1uleIfixon|""?|;!;°'^- ,u , - . "Berlin is a four power city." visited the wall. People from!. "° the plus m late Nixon said in an arrival speech. West Germany can enter Easti^^.^-St- Resis Paper, which ^ referring to occupation by the Berlin on business, those Uving |f5"*? ""^JT. P™P?f° "^"iat United SUtes, Britain, France in West Berlin are barred by:™"''J «CA, headed lower. Bur-1 and Russia. the wall. roughs. IBM, Honeywell. Motor-'™ '•But there is a fifth power in There were a few minor anU- ^™ Fan^hild Camera also Berlin. That power is the Nixon demonstraUons in West retreated, determination of free men to Berlin but they were oversha- upi Market Indicator remain free and of free people dowed by the tremendous; iWay's closing net price everywhere to stand behind! cheers for the American Pres-!change of all NYSE stocks tiad- those who want to remain ident When he arrived at the' free." iwall, for example, he recdved Senate hears drug report FDA wrote doctors of Chloromycetin danger ed, computed 1^ Quotrtn Serv- And then in an off the cuff: an ovation from the huge j Wednesday's close. ice._was oft 0.55 per cent fromi» and Pomona remark to West Berlin Mayor Klaus Sdiuetz standing near him NTxon said: "I stand here today as the symbol of that fifth pcwer that won't be intimidated! by any pressure or any ttireat i crowds who broke through police barricades to greet him— in a ni^tmare for his security We have seen the wall," Advances frcm any direction." From foggy Tempdhof Ni.\on said in a speech later at Dgdines Charlottenburg CasUe, the site unchanged •of West Berlin reception. "But port Nixon and the West the wall can never divide a German officials drove through people. It can divide physically the city to the waU, always anlLut it cannot divide spiritually, emotional high pomt for ^isi-llt is a spirit that I have seen Ind tors. When he arrived, crowds that will continue to survive." Bus surged through the poUce Bnes| Nixon remarked with a smile iUU in a tremendous ovati(m. Nixon rushed forward and shook hands as he did many times today. Nixon stood at the Berlin wall for 15 minutes today and looked ToUI Shirt-Volume 2.800,000 6.003,000 870,000; 9,670,000 BSU membert hiding CLAREMONT (UPI) — Mem-'the BSU was involved in the bers of the Black Students Union terrorist attacks. the six Claremont CoUeges . . , .J. . . ...... im hidmg "with our assistance were m hidmg today, with the;because it was feared "there consent of the administration, might be retaliation." ; following two bombings. | Mrs. Mary Ann Keatley, 20, a ' The students reportedly drop-'bride of five months and a seeped from sight a few hours after !retary in the political science the homemade time bombs went!department at Pomona, was in- off Tuesday afternoon at Scrippsjjured by one of the devices. College! picked up a package from of each a pigeonhole mail slot and it e-xploded in her hands seconds later. She lost two fmgers and doctors at Pomona Valley Community Hospital said she may within a few minutes Using April 1, 1966, prices as "'cr.'Mark H. Curtis, president 5?** «»J«»tor dosed of gcripps and provost of the "125.03. Associated CoUeges at Claremont, said he did not believe I lose her sight. WASHINGTQN (UH) - Commissioner Beitert L. her of the Food and Drug Administratian told Senate investigators today the FDA wrote every doctor in ,the nation about the dangers of I Chloromycetin. Ley testified before Uie Senate Small Business Com- im'ttee't Monopoly soboommit- tec at its second day of hearings on the druf. wbose generic name is cUorampbeni- col. Ley said that since the dangers of the dmg were discovered one year ago, its nsej has "dropped materially." Hie diuc is an antibialie designed for use in cases of severe infection. Witnesses have testified that the druc better known by its Paike, Davis Co. trade name Chloromycetin, kiOs about one of 20,000 users by causing a fa- Ul bhwd disease called aplastic anemia. "In . . . 1968, we certified for all dosage forins ... slightly less than half as much (eUoFamphe- nicol) as in 1967," Ley said in prepared testimony. "His is still, in our opinira, more than is needed for all of the approved uses of the drug and we are espinring further measures that may be in order." Sen. Gaylord Ndson, D-Wis., subcommittee cfaairman, said Wednesday that more than 90 per cent of the 4 million people given chloramphenicol in '1967 should have been prescribed a different medicine. He sakl CoUscaiise ADOIO 9 laundi postponement CAPE KENNEDY (UPI)- siek or died because The laundi of ApoUo 9. toughest unnecessary administration of spaceflight man has emr the drug. attempted, today was postponed Ley said the FDA damped until Monday even though the rales on chloramphenicd adver- three astrrenuts appeared to be jtising and labeling, wrote letters rscovering from colds, about its dan^ to every ^ The lamidi of astronauts doctor m the naboq and pushed james A. McDivitt, David R. fw publKa^ on fte subject m scott and RusseU L. Schwdck- m^al pu^catioos. art on a IMay earth orbital But he «ud too mudijrassM:flight test had been sdieduled bemg used and more shouU be fu a.m. EST *"riday. but on dene. "We have asked the AHA (American Medical Association) for assistance in eommunicaiing! at the county medical sodcty level mformatian as to the misuse of cUorampheniad. the limited areas of its properl usefobMss, and the graver hazards- assodated with the' drug," he s^d. L^ said Parke, Davis was complying with FDA rules on the drug and the AMA and other organizations already were helping spread word of the drug's dangers. Wednesday they came down with sore fliroaU and stuffed Quote of the Day BERLIN - President Ifixon, emphasizing AUied determination to keep West Berlin free: "Beriin is known as a four pcwer city. But there is a fifth power in Berlin. Tbat power is flie determinatioa of free men to remain free and of free people everywhere to stand behind those who want to remain free." "The Apollo 9 launch wa« rescheduled for 11 a.m. Monday after project officials reviewed medical reports." reported a Space Agency spokesman. Chief astronaut physician Charles A. Berry examined the crew for 45 minutes today and reported "the condition of the three crewmembers is improved over yesterday." Neverthdess, because of the hectic schedule in the first five days of flight, officials dedded to delay the launch ratho^ than have the astronauts' performance levd degraded by their virus conditions. The astronauts "were disai^ pointed because they wanted to fly," the spdcesman said, "but they understood." Ilie pilots came down with sore throats and stuffed noses Wednesday. Berry gave them (nils and the dassic advice ta drink a lot of water and <«t plenty of rest Dow Jones Stock Averife 'S High Lew Close Chng 908.88 897.07 903.03 off 2.741 258.28253.58 255.20 off 1.6-1: 133.63 131.71 132.70 off 0.42 327.51322.59 324.74 off 1.38 Sales today were 9.67 mniionj lares compared with 9. lion shares Wednesday. {he had seen some signs saying 65 "NTxon, Go Home" and others IX sS *.h!t"h^d;^h- 9.54 mii- , meaning were the expressions""" W«J„«H,V grimly into the Communist-'cn the faces of the people andj is irni Actir* si*eki ruled East. In retaliation the!"thdr faces read. "We want ^^J^JlT 'i Coimnunists for 15 minutes i freedom.'" sis E. SI*<C . V«lnme Clnt Ckinrc MUM Octld. Pet M»i -S Ce»L Tfl Ilii _ 14 IITJOO Aner. T. » T. it + H l«l ,90« St. Bifli ._ 3 <iSJ ; »:j<» XMk Ce»t I »IIM» Flqis I B 4 i MMt Laew-s Th. 41% BriDawIck .. mi Demonsfrofors 'only sheep'says aHorney Calif. (UPI)—penalties if they demonstrated. according to FT. mWIN, . "«»«»™y *f ^««*^imS^^ a demonstration cJarged with mutiny wiUj..^^ not be in violation of Syp-i 49,zM S*4M Cnit. UL LC a S9.H* BCA 44 UM* cm AMta isai S4 ,«M B»(»t leu attempt to prove the 27 men | ^"jji^^ a^ide or code " mvolved m a sit-down demon- „ ^ stration were "only sheep and? .^e defense attom^ told tte did not realize what wasi«SJ>t-ofiicer court that CoUp happening to Uiem " I ""O"^ not have taken part ml J^.n^'^.^^ ^•'h ^woXrSL'''SSl prisoners at San Francisco's!5?L^ ^r.,^ LS. H S^ Presidio with mutiny in fl^l ** 47.4M Mart. Mar. Mwor S4* S M U Tift ««i planned demonstration Oct 14 His dviiian attorney, Ron Three of the 2J have been found guilty in courts martial in Sj-poidn, said Wednesday anoth-| gan Frandsco and sentenced to er dviiian attorney, Pahidcjir^n, i to 16 years of hard Hallman, went into the Presidio ,ajx>r stockade disguised as a priest and told the prisoners they tt-ould not be subject to any Consultations pledged !n Rome by Nixon (Continued from Page 1) and took him to London and Bonn and to the "Wall of Shame" in Beriin today before he flew into Rome's Ciampino jAijport at 4:17 p.m. (10:17 a.m. behind AU JACKETS PANTS SWEATBtS Colip's trial was moved to'^ST), 47 minutes (his remote southern California schedule, desert base in a change of The sunshine of Rome venue because it was thought to 'rastcd with the chiU gray of be the least likely place for the wall in snow-covered harlm puUidt>- or antiwar demonstra-i and Nixon basked in its warmth tors who attempted to disrupt'and the cheers of 600 students ftom American and British schools massed on the airport balcony. Some 3,000 persons fa all were among tte greeting party at tte the earlier proceedings. Lt. CoL Richard W. Snyder, presidmg over the court, Wednesday granted a defense motion to testify but denied a defense motion (bat he render a verdict of humcent of mutiny. The demonstration was ap- paremly in response to the fatal ! shooting of a fdlow inmate ttree days earlier by a guard who said tte prisoner was ' trying to escape. FROM 25% to 50% OFF HEAD SKIS 25% OFF Nice weafher, buf not fhat nice airport. 10 miles soutt of the dty. hirhiding President Giuseppe Saragat a staunch friend of tiie United SUtes. Saragat, wdeommg the President after be emerged baUess from Air Force 1, said Italy was aware "of the commitmeot of the United States, our friend and ally, to search for conditions that wouM guarantee a just and lasting peace among all people of the worid." : "Your journey, Jlr. President, I is tterefore of great importance R«fl. TUR1U NECK •T' SHIRTS SALE ^49 IIS.M KUFLAC %StM BUCKLE MOTS SUM •UCKLK BOOTS for tte future of the relations . _ _ , between Uie member counbiesl ! DEN\'ER (UPI)-The Cdora- ^Uantic Alliance and as a M ido House of Representatives ,,,5;^ ^ negotiations you: i dedded to pubUcize tte spring-undeiUke with tte Soviet like weather in Denver Wednes- union." Saragat said day by holding a session ^he two presUents. afler a /"tdoors. flnal round of introductbns. The legislators were back m moved off in a motorcade ttcir chambers after a few toward Rome, driving part of minutes, however. The tempera- the way over tte rutted tare was only 49 degrees and a cobblestones of the old Apprian brisk wind made it seem even Way where Roman warriors cooler. and chariots passed 2,000 years i .The lawmakers quickly ago. pKsed a resdutjon praising Thirty-two Italian motorcycle ; Cdorado's weather before head- outriden surrounded Qte pres- • back inside to warmer idential group as it drove I'hrough tte cypress and poplar ; lined road, statues and tombs of past Roman patricians still I temperatures. Ret. S1I.« CHUIEN'S SM lOOIS SALE OpsnllfUR.«Fri. in* PRAnBROi SPOKIM6 GOODS MIB.CITM«,MDiANOS Think of "LARRY" PATNT -nw neat IhM TM |il«R te pakil er MM T , check Larry'* fcr ymr rivdn fer ymt. Ut* Larry** LARRTS Point Hoys* Tfl-WN liroodiDg down on passersby. • I Eistnhowtr rvSTin^ llliH w » • •-• - CMiiiui luwy WASHINGTON (UPIt - For-' mer President Dwight D.: Eisenhower is resting "more 'comfortably" than at any time' sxcc bis abdominal operation list Sunday, according to: dociom at Walter Rted Hosiri- teL Tbe TS-year-oU five-star fien- cnl it '•'"^t. along so wcQ, the doctors sakl, that ftey may •d^Mf te rednce Ike AvQimcy. of reports eo liis condition from two per dqr to OM CMk dqr. 1 .; .J IS', a V ,-9 5». IT. t ^ t

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