Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 27, 1969 · Page 1
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 1

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1969
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79th Year Phone 793-3221 REDLAND. CALIFORNIA. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 27. 1969 $1.75 Per Month 16 Pages 10 Cents Reagan asks investigation of college campus disorder By RAYMOND LAHR WASHIXGTON lUPI" — GOT. Ronald Reagan of California today urged President Nixon to order a federal investigation of college campus disorders which he said were showing evidence' of nationwide planning. i Reagan prepared his proposal! for the National Governors Conference which earlier had been told by Vice President Spiro T.; 'Agnew that Nixon is "terribly concerned about the sweeping disorders on the campuses of the : United States." Reagan told a mid-day ne«-s I conference: "There is growing evidence of nationwide coordination in the planning, the nature, the timing and the leadership in campus disruption." He said he had prepared a formal resolution asking that the nation's governors urge the President and the Department of Justice to authorize an investigation "into the instigators, the causes and the effects of such violence which is no longer a series of isolated phenomenon but instead is nationwide." Reagan asked the President to detenr.-ne "if there is a nationwide plan or organization behind the current outbreak." i Reagan said California inves -1 tigators had reported to him' that "a number of familiar faces" show up at various places in the nation where campus disorders erupt. A;ncw spoke at a closed session of the winter meeting of the National Governors Conference but a spokesman for him gave reporters a summary of his remarks. Student unrest has begun to creep into some high schools, Agnew said, and that could be even more troublesome than on college campuses if it is not Uiccked. He told the governors there is no relation between academic freedom and maintenance of order and that there was no academic freedom involved in allowing dissident groups to disrupt a campus. He said he knew of no case in which anyone had tried to suppress lawful dissent, adding that government should never try to dicate academic policy by telling an institution what or how to teach. "We want to make sure that college administrators and fa- cully are able to teach once they have made these decisions," he said. He also pointed out that officials have an obligation to protect the freedom of nondis- senlers, including students' who wanted to learn. Super University New storm forming as Trustees pass plan offered to evocuees returning home new discipline measures WAVES TO WELCOMING CROWDS — President Richard Nixon, standing on automobile hood, waves to the estimated crowd of 250,000 West Berliners who jammed motorcade route to greet him on his triumphal visit to this divided, outpost city today. He warned the Soviet bloc that the West will never bow to pressure from any source and will keep the city free. (UPl CablephotoJ LOS ANGELES (UPD — Oilworkers pour mud in wel to lialt new lealt West Berliners give Nixon most enthusiastic welcome • lAinl rAmmittOA LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Evenwhen a hillside collapsed and JV3III ItVIIIIIIIIICw as evacuated residents returned crashed through the rear of the home to begin a long and costly building. S.\CRAMENTO (UPI) — A digging out process, a. new Fire officials said all fivCi super University of California storm formed today off Oregon bodies had been found and that, Truslecs of the California slat* with more than 125 campuses and aimed more trouble at rain-! all the refugees present when; colleges have approved new and more than one million slu- flooded southern California. ithe slide occurred had been:^jj^jpU^g^y procedures for fa- dents run by a single independ-' cnt board was recommend«I to- Another onslaught of rain! accounted tor _ expected FrkJay, officials jday to the legislature's Joint feared, could cause even more Committee on Higher Educa-damage than the last storm lion. because rivers , The report indicted the state's running high and Four crocodiles floodwaters from freed by I eu'ly which were considered an the Africa^ essential part of a tentative riooawaiers irom me ""'ta, - . „J_„„M U.S.A. wfld animal compound at fe«'ement of the 52_day-old AM ™ „.»r» .Hii mitdnff ThPv! teachers stnke at San Francis- were sUU Acton were still missing. "They the soggyi«ere last seen Tuesday makmg: "-"J"^"—J.^.:""'!^!" ^"""^ ^"^^ --'^^nTa aL 'TvefwScTfl 'owflw^^^^ ! higher education as an expen- water, sive failure. The measure was approved a 15 to 2 vote ... the compound. Sheriffs'»ith one abstenUon. The grie- -The new storm probably will ^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ ,„ ^^^^^ ,„ vance procedure applying to The study—a product of two not be as bad as tne 'a" jj gj^jj^j^l^ ^^^.^ ^jl^j^j faculty members at all 18 years work — was released by several, but we should have. _ , , .,„ campuses provides "Let there be no miscalcnla- cotiimiUee staff. Uon. no unilateral act, no form .. ^ committee mem-'w** only a few scatter! %a^s.Z\rLotT^^^fsjro.y^^^^^^ A faster saK.. ?i«l™initrof^^nrPaX'^^^^^^^ the 5,000 persons evacuated from the southeastern section of he did so only with the understanding that the new procedures did not result from BARBARA. Calif.i BERUN (in>l) - President;snowtalls filled with rocks air-there wiU be no r«treat from •^•^mblvman Jess M™!!^' isubstantial rain." "wid U.S ^i T^™ hippopotami which also;'l^|"P"f« Pr°y'^^ ''an impar- (UP )-OUw-orkers poured ce- xi ,o„ „ade a triumphal visit to U.S. buildings and 1.000 students, the NATO commitments lolDTngew^ cSirnLoftt^ ^ mot and drfflmg mud down an West Berlin and the CommunistsUged an anU-Nixoxnteart^^ West Europe b^bi^l^^^tS nesday and trucked back to the selected on a statewKie basis, olfahore well today to stem « „u today and warned the the Technical University. Sever-j aggression. t ^T^a^^^^ ^rtt^ Thedownnour that began """P"""**- ! Gov. Ronald Reagan support- new flow of raw petroleum j Soviet Bloc the West wiU never al West GemMa flass were' -^-^ m!c ^,w ,.''^j3 ..*^'^^S^»^ ''^ ^•.l!?JL..°J^?^\J^^J^' In the Ventura County com-ed the proposal but emphasized whidi formed a slick eifihtjbow to pressure from any burned and a few students were miles long off the southern source and will keep the city injured when a glass door California coast free. He etnphaaied the point w^Japscd. Iwhich wiU shake the resolve of *""'" """""r^ however "it's the last dvind'™'" »^">'" - ---Crude oil washed ashim as by bringing the leadere of West Hie stu^U bad threatened the Western powere to defend f." gasr ^fore a^^^ ^ ^anta Paula negotiations with strikers, far south as Venice in Los,Germany with him. major violracc. Iheir rightful sUlus as protcc-t^™^", said, "there is gasp oeiore anoiner uroni comes ^y,^ ^^.^ procedures were first Angeles County but no one was And in an emotional speech to; Instead there were dicers Icrs o'. the people of free '^"•""'-^ ""'""""'y °" ""e re-; ' n t it, , were back in their water-soaked drawn up by the Statewide sure whether it was from the 8,090 cheering workers at West!from an estimated 250.000 West'Beriin." he said. P^'^ basic conclusion — that Ham ftas fallen a of toe past!^o„<.s today. Academic Senate composed of new leakage or remnants of Uie Beriin's vast Siemens Electixi- Bcriiners who heW up welcome! In a major deviation from the California s educational system * Pfj s on nonnauy sunny, temporary letup in the faculty representatives from aU original slick formed Jan. 28. ; nics plant he told the people of signs and broke through police prepared text Ni.xon said: > m a sutc of cnsis. ;somnern uajuoniia. rain and winds allowed resump-campuses, •-— Workmen toDing on 35 miles Uic city "in the sense you stand lines to greet him in a burst of "Sometimes you must feci: It recommended a sweeping The latest storm drove an tjon of the search for four "<icpcnde of beaches btackened by the for freedom and peace, all thei enthusiasm Out unnerved Nix-; you are veo' much alone. But lowerii^ of admission stand-, estimated 12JOO Persons from| j..jplorer jcouts and their adult ers as p first leak were dismayed by the free peoples of the worid are 'on's security guards. He wadedjalwaj-s remember we are withiards and increased help to PO"! , ^ ™°owaters,,padpr mi.«me since SaturdayIsetUement. new invasion. "They were just truly Beriiners." into the crowds to shake hands j you and people who arc freeitcnUal students from poor and ?™ ^'e** 'east 12 PfRons, overwhelmed," said one <^ciaL Left-wing extremists had and at one point climbed to the;and want to be free are wiUiiminority famiUcs. ?."^ mudslides. Interior Secretary Walter J Ifc^eaiened to spoil the visit with top of his limousine so be couW you. In the sense that the "We propose lhat the general ""•e'a's said damage esumates They were not found Wcdnes-Reagan reaffirming a resolv* Hickel ordered adiitional emer-""assivc aoti-Xixon dcmonstra-be seen. ; people of Berlin stand as a goal be the enrollment of slu-;•'•^ach SIOO muiion. day and the hunt by helicopters not lo negotiate with striking '-— but 8.000 ptdicemeo' It was a warm welcome guarantor and a symbol for dents from ethnic minorities Crew.t today completed dig- and 60 men on snowshocs groups. Dr. S.l. Hayakawa. acting • southern California. rain"and"w%s"allow^''r^'umj^ and later adopted The latest storm drove an tjon of the search for four "<iepcndenUy by stnkmg teach' part ' • ' " leader missmg smce Saturday] in the Big Bear Lake area of! The trustees Wednesday voted uiduding nine m mudsUdes. jhe San Bemaitlino Mountains. 13 to 5 in favor of a motion by ;™;;';^u7pmen-t an"dT^i;;ical j^-^^.^*^' an '^'Xre Uiough^^t as fuSy e"mS^^ fi^^^lom ^nd'^^eacV Vli'"te f^^i TnFlow" M^^^^^^ "LL,'!^^ personnel to Union Oil Co.'s offshore rig lo cope with new leak. Uie Francisco storm refugees onlv a few outbreaks, al as Uie visit by the late people of the world are tiiily proximately the same Propor-^laMon in orange counys Evacuation of persons ma- president of San PoUcc aiVcsted 39 demonstra- President John F. Kennedy in Beriiners." tion as such persons are found Silverado Can>on "here |.%c rooncd by washed out roads or State, opposed the motion . tors in a scries of scuffles. 1S63. But it was the biggest Nixon received a massive in the general coUege age popu- A union Oil spokesman saw j^-^^^ y,^. Wilhelm welcome Nixon has received on standing ovation at Uie end of laiion of Uie state," Uie report ^-u Memorial Chureh 200 leftist his five-nation tour Uiat has the speech. The woricers. said. estimated but adnaiUed it could gjudenU raised Viet Cong and taken him to Bnissds, London wanng bright yeUow hard hats, .p^^ ^3,, jgrfain to gen- be as great as Uic first tea* communUt flags and shoutedand Bonn. He went to Rome started shouting: -'• - - - ^idi spewed about 21.000 ^jj^.j^-^^^jj ^nu^b^^ gallons daily for 12 daj-s until g^^^^p^ ^ ^^^^ ^ ^^g^ the well was sealed. i missiles including eggs, a sack The new leak came from of flour and a sadc of red paint uwlher wdl on (he same iriatfarm which was activated to leBevc pressnre on the Qoor of the Santa Bariura diannd. The praMire, built up during the original leak, has lesnlted in seepage of about 4,000 gdhns of oO a day throng fissures in the ocean floor. were ttirown at the motorcade. A police car was splashed wiUi paint. Other demonstrators hnried tonight and goes to Paris Friday before visiting Vatican aty. In the second of two major speeches so far during his tour Uie Presdent told Uie Siemens electrical woricen what he has told officials in the ottier cities nea snwiiuig , poutical flrewwks because "''•^^^'•VI'T'lf'^Zit rec^mended against tuition or increase in student fees but The President, waving and f ,^'"t»,™,H '!^S„"'.hpm''ealled for wiUihoWing of income! okay!" Then with a final wave he (Continued on page 2) offensive may bring reprisak PARIS (UPD—U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge warned Uie Communists today their new offensive in SouUi Viebiam raised Uie Uireat of Allied reprisals. Tbe Viet Cong countered wiUi an unprecedented at , ., ,tock on President Nixon and Iwhich would establish statewide"vUe designs." •"""^ '"^ J ilf' * universityi ^,^rges and counterchar- campuscs. 19 state coUegs and peace talks -in a special arrangement-tiie ^3^,^ j^^^ one ^ay before Nixon j| WASHINGTON (UPI)-Amer-'""""e Uian 85 juraor colleges ^.^^ arrive in Paris. ROME (LT»I)-Presidenl Ni.v university buildings Uien sud-|. Airlines suspended all ""a'still would.retain Uieir tics Lodgg accused the Commu were killed heavy snows continued. because its sentiments has been ~ j Ventura County was hardest "said so often, we all know it." I J __ • 'hit, and rivers in the area today' He urged the trustees to LAflfl^ WflllK ncW 'were stiU flowmg at near flood- "worry less about appearance bUUI|« ffUIIH llVft ijg^gjj y,a„ reality." noting that even Public Works director A.P. if the board approved the Nixon repeats pledge Consultation before talks ossured in Rome American Airlines liaHs operations due to strike estimated $100 million added income taxes withhdding would bring should be allocated to higher education. Gov. Ronald Reagan supports tuitioo charges and opposes niUihoUing. The staff recommended a 25- member Board of Regents Vfcflf hci* KedUnd* today: High tf, low 35 (To 1:30 p.m.) Year ago today: Hi^ 66. low 54!on flew today to Rome from derjy began raining rocks on!*"" ""i^"""^" to local school districts Wednesday: High 59. low 40 iemhatUed Berhn and pledged to police. OUiers d^ into the T^T^ ^^'''^^ U to local school districts, I .... ._„.; ' , , ,.j ...j .u ,„jiStnKe by mechamcs and other Smog: None Friday, smsg and fire rules, OIv. Smog Wednesday 4:45 p.m. SSI^'aJ ^aFrJ ^a;-''-^ ^"^'^ '"^'^ -s ^T ^O^t tmtica ^n offV job EXpto^^^ L^-ftonfeht « toTrfP^^'^^^^^ ""^ ^'^^ 'he sUjmg. when contract talks, in progress ums lomgnt 35 to 40 degrees, ^^j^^ersity. At Uie hd^t of thei Communist organizers hied to since last Ma v. failed to SouMiera CalHemia: Increasing batUe police brought in a water;persuade Uiem to turn back but produce an agreement before a and rescue parties today began; the I Friday wia tnick and sprayed students wiftlUiey kept mardiing until Uieyj strike deadline at midnight | combing every cabin and struc-j minis) Stokes warned that if fresh rains raise the level of the Santa Clara River. 20,000 conditional settlement, the strike would not end. The union's conditions for persons in Oxnard might have accepting Uie setUement were to be evacuated. "Even a very small storm could cause the inundation of most of the east end of Oxnard," he sail. Crews worked around the dock to repair levees along the rampaging river. ratification by Uie ftill board of trustees and "a peaceful and free academic atmosphere on the campus." such an atmo» phere does not exist on tbt campus, Hayakawa said, because the student boycott still ia in effect Red mortar shell hits U.S. ammunition barge Sun: Rises 6:20. sets 3:44 idav WiUiin'~'^'''^.*"'?'^°^u'^'^''!^?,^''J"'^*^'''*?'*"^^^^ Hundreds of nighu r^„-|, S SS£„r"i'ss "^ssESe^ns- "".is:—r"-.s,-r^j! Search parties hunt for lost protesting Hie NLxon visit fought Communist raUy when students; ^"pf '^j^^™ eV/^-e^ for^ : a running batUc wiUi police. broke away and began mardi- P „,er airlines. ins down the broad Via iv,-..^,^ w „ri doods tonight and Friday wiUi a diance of rain northwest portions by Friday afternoon. Sli^t- ly warmer souUiem interior to- mwTOw. National Wealhef (24 hours endloc 4 a^nJ a bri^t red dye, driving them'ran into a wall of ptSiee who back into University huiUinpi forced Uiem to turn hade to the they have occupied for wedts.; rally. As they returned fl>ey jj,convenience for thousands of taiksi buried rodcs at poUce. travders who expected to "Fly Nixon saw none of the rioting Tjje American Way" but found but on his 10 mile trip into town 1 themsdves dealt out to oUier EST. [lure in Uie area where four Ex- The impact was mainly one of|plorer Scouts and Uieir adult ad- Nixon was holding I less fljan two miles away : across the dty at Uie time with nl.sis of kilUnK and maiming s.MGOX (UPl)-CommunUt llio Reds abandoned Uie two helpless civiliaas in their mortar fire scored a direct hit villages they captured 15 miles attacks on South Vietnamese on a U.S. .Vavy amunilion northeast of the city on the population centers this week. barje at Da Nang tonight. KISC of the giant American air •These people have done no setting off explosions an:i fires b^-so .it Cicn Ilea, wrong, yet Uiey are Uie victims „.hich iighicd Uic skies over Uis M .-.J. Grirrctt Ha-s of'ir- of your wanton violence." Uic f^r hours. But elsewhere vilb. N.C.. an .ndviscr to the American negotiator told Uie t|,e Communi.<it offensive ap- ~ n yMkrs. s^M the busiest Cong and .NorUi Vietiia- peered ID be tapcrin? off. oir base in the worlrl was the mese delegations. Som^ Vietnamese nn.miinlsls- iiHimalc goal and nir nPAR iiipn <:„=rrh ..^^.^ guns and dive bombers broke "p?s,sibly I'ley could h :ive BIG BE.AR <UPn - Search attacks are your responsibility." ,he heaviest Uirust of the gotten In if they tried a litUo ... ^'1 Communist offensive toward tiie harder." uT^^LrJ^fh. nIIi"J «t ^tl^'^'S U-S. base at Bien Hoa. just U.S. headquarters in Saigon ^^.5^„ ™ 15 mUes north of Saigon, and listed 234 guerrillas kiUed in the •„ »i,.NorUi Vietaamese and Viet suburtan fighting. It reported United States tte N^on eovOTi ^""S who seized two villages 30 shellings around Uie nation -^Jru!?!.^; _l.'T!?°i!J^^::Uiere fled wiUiout a fight ovcnii!;ht and no major ground The Communist mortar fire battling, a dropoff from earlier visor have been missing since Boston 33 25 .28 Chicago 36 29 Cinciimati 39 23 Denver 52 IS J8 Des Moines 38 31 T. Faiihanks 32 10 Fort Worth 70 59 Hdena IS -7 Hoooiuki 77 68 .04 Kansas City 43 36 .01 Las Vegas 57 36 Los Angdes 62 47 Hinneapidis 33 25 New Yoric 35 28 T. Omaha 37 31 .17 Springs 68 49 Saenmeoto 55 43 Salt Lake City 38 23 San FtMdsoo 52 48 .63 SeafU* Si sr WniingtDo u 30 was not directiy involved with Uie students who were rioting because police had refiised to allow Uiem to march through Uie streets to protest the Nixon visit Italy already had called up 20.000 to 40,000 police to ffjnntaifi order against threatened Communist demonstrations. The university students tried' anti-Nixon shouts at Uie Areh of counter help was called in on Cbnstantine and near Uie ^^ertj^e ^^ Chicago's huge palace. O'Hare International Afrport to "We Shan have discussions help shift passengers to oUier fligks when needed. The crudi have discussions with file Soviet Union," Nixon said in a Rome aiiport address. "But before this, we wiU have discossions with ov allies. This is the road Uiat kads to Rome today." In Berlin Nixon paid a somber! for those who usually fly the 146 to march about 10 Hocks to the viat to the Berlin wall, warned'daily flints from daeago, and isite of a downtown rally by: Uie Soviet bloc the West wOi' so on down the line. Saturday. A spokesman for the San Ber-;ment has not only followed the . „ nardino County Sheriffs Office road cbartered by the Jdinson reservation said between 50 and'75 persons, administration, but it has were involved in the ground search as sunny skies returned to Southern Califomia. "We're going to check every; charged, cabin and every structure of any \ "Although struck a Navy LCU (Landing in the week. -...^ r,^ /rf ,„<n-~: Craft Utility) at the U.S. Navy American intelligence warned, mtensified the war of agp^-|,^jj, ^^ „,e foot of a however, that Uie Communist sion against the South vietna -i mesc p o p u 1 a t i o n," Kiem he (Nbton) has kind on Uie mountain." the spokesman said. "We are work- was expected to build by the hour for Uie 5,000 passengers who usually fly American into and out of San Francisco each day or for Uie 8.000 in DaUas.' The boys, rangmg in age from - - 16 to 17 years, and their advisor. Dr. Michael Pasternak, hidden his policy behind kind words of peace, the inaugura- mg on the assumption they are! tion statement and ttie press holed up in some kind of shel- conferences of Mr. Nixon have ter." j deariy shown Uie dark and vile designs of his government" the Viet Cong ddegate said. 1 5,000 Communists protesting toe never bow to pressure bat will NtsoD visit but police ringing Uw nmvetsrty enlraiice told them fliey could not march faecanM thqr had no eSdal pennit Ttm Matt ittnatod iato keep the dty free and pledged i domestic air carrier, issued a U.S. support to cheering West!statement after the strike began BCTliners. 'saying it had "suspended all _ were last seen Saturday when! American. Uie second biggest they struck out on a M-mDe Tba Frcridcflt't rpad to Rome in Bnissds last Sunday (Contimed « pue 2) operalkBs" but remained at the caH of the National Mediation Boaid to resume negotiatioDs. trek from Fawnskin to Green Valley Lake. They were identified as Albert Silverburg, Bob Rittnayr. Eddie Manx and Burt Ellsworth, all of the Log Angdes area. ^ Flood pictures Tw. pagat of IM piclurw .f fh. R.dlaiid*, Uma Linda, Yucaip. and Calimwa ana* WW ba fMMd M Mfl* * Md 11 bridge connecting east and west command still had not commit- Da Nang about 10:30 p.m. | ted most of its 65,000 troops in Bombs, mortars and small;position around Saigon. They arms aboard the LCU be^ani predicted more Red attacks exploding. toward the capital. UPI correspondent David U.S. and South Vietaamese Lamb, at the scene, said the warplanes roared off the Bien vessd is capable of holding 350 Hoa runway Wednesday and tuns of ammunition, but it was wheeled quickly against the not known whetiier the LCU Com m u n i s t s. Propaganda iwas fully loaded. The ship planes dropped a picture of a normaUy has a 14-man crew Viet Cong who had surrmdcred and from 20 to 60 U.S. and and told the Reds to give up. !SouUi Vietnamese workers are "The spotter pilot told us to normally in the area at lu^. hold high after one of our The number of casualties was passes to allow enemy troops to not known. surrender," said one pilot Maj. Beaten and battered fram Larry D. McClain of Montgome- roand-theH:k>ck bombardments. I ry, m.

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