Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 21, 1952 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1952
Page 7
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Phon, 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1952 SEVEN Places Bank Robbing Couple On List Of "Ten Most Wanted" : _^ he rei tux put a married couple— i" om " Edwara Young and hi* wife, warble — on lls Jllt 0 , the nil t| 0n ., *en Moet Wanted Criminals," rcplac- ™8 1-0!! Angeles murder suspect Harry "• Burton, captured Feb. 7 at Cody, "•yo. The Youngs, whose trail has crlss- "•>«(d the Midwest and California. *•"•• wanted for a srrits ul bank and pott office burglaries and two darinjc J»:mr«ak«. Th« presence ol Mre. Yoiine on the FBI blacklist marxj the first »PPearanc« of 1 woman on the roster of top federal fugitives. • Addition of the couple to the "most Canted" roster brings to eight the number presently listed as betnit •n'jfited !n International Nrws Service's J852 serle« on the nation's most de.*.•$" lte criminals. Since INS began •*n« dramatic feature In March, 1960, Xwenty-one "most wanted" men have been captured — Including Willie Sut- 'On and Thomnn Kilns, who were ••"eeled within the past three days-- ana another was slain while resisting unrest. By JAMES LEE INS Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON — (INSJ — The FBI today added burly, surly Tft'omas Edward Young and his ailing but dangerous wife, Margaret, to its list of "ten most, wanted" federal fugitives. Brown-eyed "Margie" Young has the dubious distinction of being the first woman to rate listing on the roster of the nation's top criminals. G-men describe her as a potential counterpart to gang moll Bonnie Parker, of unholy memory. The Youngs, both ol whom have long criminal records, are wanted for bank, and post office burglaries In" Iowa, Kansas, and the Dakotas, and' for jail breaks in Burlington, Iowa, and Fargo, N. D. Physicians Alerted FBI asked that physicians, especially, be on the alert for the hu.nted couple. Mrs. Young suffers from an abdominal cyst and requires »• .medicine compounded of codeine anil' aspirin, which can be obtained only, on prescription. T,hus, say the G-men, it Is probable that she will visit a doctor. The year 1951 was a banner one In the lawless married life of the Youngs, J0h Jan. 17, 1951, Young looted J drug itore at Sloan, Iowa. On Feb. 12, he was arrested in Des Moines, He was taken to Sioux City and Indicted. He promptly Jumped bond and went to Hebron, N«b., to pick up Margie, who was recuperating there from injuries received in an auto crash. ' The Youngs were traced to Long Beach, Calif., then to Baker, Calif., to Las Vegas, Nev., where Young won $1,600 playing poker. They lieaded eastward and were Purse "Divvy" Major Factor In Marriages LONDON—W)—Love may make a THOMAS EDWARD YOUNG MAMAftIT RITA YOUNQ happy marriage, but the family purse Ls it's the way divvied that keeps it so, the Married Women's Lamb, Vegetables Drop, Butter, Eggs Up (By The Xuoc:a(ei Pretst Retail prices of lamb and a handful of fresh vegetables were trimmed a little in many stores this week as supplies increased, but on the whole food prise changes were minor. Wholesale butter prices in some cities climbed to the highest level since the Spring of 1948. chiefly be- I cause storage stocks were very low Association reported today. The association, formed in 1938 | and mi]k wag bemg dlverted into to "end dictatorship by husbands, , more profitab i e nuid markets. offered its views to a royal commissions trying to find out why an increasing number of British marriages clog the divorce courts. The women made these suggestions for marriage without tears: If the wife does the housework, she should be paid the same wage a servant or housekeeper would get. The wife's allowance from her husband must be a reasonable amount of the family income and there should be no strings on how she spends it—except for "excessive Some major chains and independents held the retail price line of last weekend to maintain volume, but dealers said many of these were selling at just about the "break- even" level. Other stores marked up prices as much as four cents a pound. Egg prices edged up about two cents a dozen in many places but were still rated in the best-buy class by most storekeepers and were cheapest in well over a year at most and wholesale, saying virtually all oods now are in plentiful supply ,rxJ are selling below price ceilings. Their petition said "it was not he intent of Congress to establish ontrol for the sake of control, but snly to authorize the use of these !angerous emergency powers to the extent actually needed to prevent he bidding up of prices on goods and commodities to scarce supply." The four organizations signing he petition were the Cooperative Food Distributors of America, Na- addiction to gambling, smoking or], drinking." Moneyed wives should contribute to family finances according to their means. . Debts should be disclosed before marriage and assets within three months after the ceremony. markets. captured at Burlington, Iowa. They then were taken to the county jail at Sioux' City. On the night of Aug. 18, Young overpowered a jailer, released Margie and another prisoner, kidnaped a motorist, eventually released him and abandoned his car, stole another car, and fled to La Junta, Colo. Robbed Post Offices Tom and Margie, according to the FBI, next committed a series of post office burglaries in Kansas and the Dakotas. They were apprehended at Lewlston, Mont., on Oct. 13 and removed to Fargo, N. D., to face federal charges of post office burglary. Some time during which his wife urged him to use on arresting officers. In the back of the car was a sawed-off shotgun. He was also armed when arrested in Lewiston. "Young is a large and powerful Mother Refuses Soldier's Medal MEMPHIS, Tenn.— (fP)~- A phis mother has mailed to Mem- Presi- Heart medal and scroll she received after the death of her' soldier son in Korea. man, who claims to have had ai Mrs Donna .Cooper, whose 21- bear-wrestling act in a carnival and to have been a prize-fighter. He should be regarded as extremely dangerous." Identification Aids Here are aids to identification of the fugitives: Thomas Edward Young- Aliases—Thomas Edward Harry Young, Larry McClish, Larry McGlee, Ronald'Angus Sharron, Teddy Morton, Arvin Weston, Sickert. the night of! Description—Age. 33; height, six Dec. 27-28, the couple escaped from I feet one inch; weight, 230 pounds; the Cass County Jail at Fargo.j hair, dark brown, wavy, thinning on Since that time they have been! top; eyes, brown; complexion,-rud- sought throughout the nation. dy; occupations, farm laborer, motor They were traced to Jackson, Tenn., where a man who broke jail with them was arrested. The FBI says that this man and the Youngs burglarized the state bank at Satanta, Kans., on Dec. 30. The FBI sounds this warning note: "At the lime of his apprehension in Burlington, Young had a pistol. trucker, coal miner, dry cleaner. Scars and marks'—Border of riglxt ear crimped; small irregular scar at inner corner left eyebrow, two small cut scars, on right thumb, scar on tip of right middle finger; has gold inlay in a front tooth; sometimes wears a mustache. Margaret Rita Young- Aliases — Margaret Rita Geise, year-old son, Paul, was killed last Octi 1 in what she called "needless slaughter," said she wrote the President: "I am returning it to you with this thought—to me he is a symbol of the 109,000 men who have been sacrificed in needless slaughter, a so-called 'police action' that has not and could never be satisfactorily explained to patriotic Americans who love their country and the ideals it stands for. x x x" On the fresh produce counters, new cabbage, peppers, eggplant, peas, eastern potatoes and smaller sizes of celery were mostly lower, reflecting bigger supplies. Snap beans and tomatoes were offered in a wide range in quality. Onions cauliflower avocadoes and limes were somewhat higher. California Arizona and Texas were shipping more broccoli to distant markets and Florida shipments of green corn and strawberries were increasing. Louisiana shipped her first carload of strawberries outside the state. Citrus was mostly unchanged Big western potatoes, known to many families as Idahoes and often favored for baking, continued relatively scarce in large Midwestern and eastern markets. Dealers said growers apparently were withholding normal shipments while pressing the Office of Price Stabilization for higher price ceilings. Price stabilizers said there was some evidence of black marketing in Idaho potatoes in northern New Jersej and some other areas. There was no shortage of eastern • or southern potatoes, however. Foods showing up most frequently on stores' lists of advertised specials Mrs. Henry Geise, Margaret Giese, for the coming weekend included Margaret Rita Moran, Mrs. Henry turkeys, pork loins, hams, stewing O'Giese. Mrs: William Reed, Ardith Lee Sickert. Margaret Reta Young, Marge Young. Description—Age, 32; height, five feet five inches; weight, 138 pounds; hair, brown; eyes, brown; complexion, medium; occupations, housewife, seamstress. Scars and marks—V scar on left chickens, legs and shoulders o: lamb, eggs, frozen fish, new carrot: citrus fruits, fresh peas.and cheese The Agriculture Department's lis of most-plentiful foods for thrifty buying this week: Lettuce, oranges eggs and dried prunes. Four large grocers associations petitiohed the OPS to suspend'price tional Association of Food Chains, National Association of Retail Grocers and Super Market Institute. Other food notes: to dairy operations was due to industrial competition for workers. The National Peach Council, meeting at Benton Harbor, Mich., estimated that the nation's 1952 peach crop will total 69,485.000 The Census Bureau warned over g ushete _ g i£ htly above the 1940-49 the weekend that the urban and industrialized population in 14 northern states from Maine to Wisconsin is increasing so rapidly that milk and cream production in those areas is not keeping "pace. The bureau said part of the overall decline average of 69,272,000 bushels reported by the Agriculture Department Shortest international streetcar line in the world runs from El Paso, Tex., to Juarez, Mexico, forehead, appendectomy scar, one- j controls on all food and food pro- inch scar inside right forearm. | ducts immediately at both retail Great Value! NOW OMV Unchanged In <t««llty • For over 80 5»ears Sherbrook has been made by the same family to an original formula that has never been altered. Unchanged in Age • Today—as before—Sherbrook is aged five full years. Unchanged in Proot • Sherbrook remains full 86 proof. Unchanged in quality, proof, or age — Sherbrook is now, more than ever, the greatest value in Maryland straight rye whiskey. A^em prices do not ittelfdestait sales or local taxes. 86 Proof-The Frank L* "Wight Dlsillllmg C»Mpany, Lorcley, Maryland The NELSON'S salute ALBERT'S for it's "BRIGHT VICTORY" in Keeping Food Prices Down KERNEL CORN MIX VEGETABLES PEAS i. cASSOTS FRENCH FRIED POTATOES • HONOR BRAND FROZEN FOODS • Cauliflower Vr31c Green Peas V£27c Fordhook Limas ":; 32c Brussel Sprouts •••• ^ 37c Dole Pineapple VV g 35c FKO. 22c DONALD DUCK ORANGE JUICE 2 tr; 35c Mother's Oats 18c Nescafe 12 «• i<" 1.51 HEINZ TOMATO KETCHUP 14 ;;,. 25c HEINZ OVEN BAKED BEANS 3 Com DELICIOUS, WHOLESOME PRODUCE • Celery PASCAL ^ 21c Cabbaged 2«-15c Potatoes r 5"*39c Bananas G ?i l pV N 2""• 27c Grapes FA RED CY 2«-35c NEW YORK POTATOES 15 5;. 73c SOLID ICEBERG LETTUCE 2 H 9 : 23c • VALUE-RIGHT, SELECT MEATS • Pork Rib Roast «--27c Slab Bacon 3 "-$1.00 Pork Sausage 2^51.00 WORRELL EZ-CUT HAMS READY TO EAT 67c * Whole or Sliant H EXTRA LEAN Beef Stew CUBED or GROUND 83c >» Purity Margarine 2"»43c Sirloin Steak »»98c STARTS SATURDAY YOU'VE ROARED AT THEIR HILARIOUS ANTICS OVER THE AIRWAYS . . . NOW SEE THEIR FIRST MOTION PICTURE! M-itorring ROCK HUDSON. BARBARA LAWRENCE And On Tfie Some Program ONE OF THE "BIG" PICTURES OF THE YEAR.' •BlllGHT VICTORY' STARRING Kennarlv ln 1h " ro ' B that h " IT1I " ) " rvenneay h;m on THE H, J. HEINZ CO. PRESENTS "THE ADVENTURES OF HARRIET i OZZII" EVERY FRIDAY EVENING OVER WDYK UlTOTi C70 HOMOGENIZED R tO I LEO EVAPORATED GREEN GIANT PEAS CHERRIES GRAND TRAVER " RED SOUR PITTED AND ESPECIALLY DURING BLUE RIDGE WHOLE GRAIN Corn No. 303 OQ p Com fctfb NEW WINDSOR Green Beans-2 trftc No. 303 Can. 2 N Can, NEW WINDSOR Peas SILVER FIOSS Kraut GIBBS Pork & Beans 3 cl 1 29c GUT EDGE Tomatoes 2 ":„* 29c HIGH GRADE Kidney Beans 2 "°J 27c LORETTA GRATED Tuna Fish 2 £„'; 39c OLE RELIABLE Salmon pageant 2 2; 79c TAKE THIS COUPON TO ALBERT'S THIS COUPON WORTH 15c ON THE PURCHASE OF 25 LB. BAG OF PILLSBURY OR GOLD MEDAL COUPON WORTH EVERYDAY LOW PRICE $2.29 WITH THIS COUPON.. 2.14 OFFER GOOD THRU FEB. 2Sfh Shop Albert's for the greatest food value event of the year. Giant reductions on National Brands of Food. Shop every department for the best values in town. 2 £,.' 39c 29c DD ;,M. o ;, 4 cT n 7 2 95c 35c r Salad Quart MTft Jar . **/C Dressing pint 27c Jor . fclw GRAPEFRUIT Sections Pineapple Juice Tomato Juice Sch ;:r Dole Fruit Cocktail Sliced Peaches M D0 l No c 0 f 31 c Swift's Peanut Butter' V; 33c L&S Sweet Dill Strips;: 39c "Lf 39c No Dish Towels fj Dish Cloths organ Jones 53c Morgan of 2 ?f 3 ,23c DOMINO SUGAR BLISS COFFEE 2 ?1 10 l bog 93c 1 1 83c 30 WINEOW STREET FREE PARKING

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