Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 11, 1974 · Page 9
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 9

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1974
Page 9
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Your today, tomorrow by the stars Thursday, July 11/1974 Uklah Daily Journal, Ukiah Callf.- For Friday, July 12,1*74 By SYDNEY OMARR More of my Zodiac People: Cancer who came oh strong and finished like a pussycat: Milton Berle. Cancer who was gracious from the beginning: O .J. Simpson. Cancer who told me I was wonderful — and seemed to mean it: Delia Reese. Cancer who always shows great consideration and a display of genuine talent: Merv Griffin. Cancer who told me I was only 87 per cent right about him: Art Linkletter. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): Surprise due in areas of partnership, relations with public — and marriage. Changes of sudden variety are on agenda. Keep balance. Avoid panic. Analyze. Cycle is high and you do land on your feet. Take chance on ~your own r capabilities. ' TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Being discreet becomes an ideal, not a practicality. Secrets are exposed to light of public gaze. Be aware of it, have alternatives at hand. Gemini, Libra and another Taurus are likely to be in picture. Keep diet resolutions. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Friendship and romance, co- mingle. What was a "smooth" relationship becomes complicated. Sense of humor is ally. Know it and don't take yourself too seriously. Gift brightens atmosphere. Remember special occasion, anniversary. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Get organized. Get priorities in order. Shakeup of status quo is featured. Home, business, domestic environment — these areas are spotlighted, with Capricorn and another Cancer featured. Your abilities are How's the SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) — Lightning struck and killed an Irwin, Pa., art student during a thunderstorm Wednesday that also set off flash flooding in the Pittsburgh area, knocked out power lines and triggered numerous traffic accidents. Lightning, winds up to 70 miles per hour and hail forced cancellation of > the $5,000 Pro- Am event at the Hardee's Quad Cities Open in Bettendorf, Iowa. A funnel cloud swooped close to Oakland City, Mich., and then moved across the Detroit River' toward Windsor, Ont. No injuries were reported. Heavy rains knocked down trees and power lines in the southeastern Ohio county of Belmont. Stormy weather, felled a high tension line that struck and killed a herd of cows near Eighty-Fom, Pa. Jeffrey Hurst, a 25-year-old senior at LaRoche College, was hit by a bolt of lightning and killed as he stood outside his home in Irwin, Pa. There were a number of traffic accidents in Pittsburgh when the streets were flooded by the cloudbursts. Jested, You can elevate standing in profession, community. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 23): Strive for greater appeal, popularity. Applies to ideas, products — and personal relationships. Broaden horizons — think of potential and plan ahead. Aries, Libra individuals figure prominently. Surprise will be contained in message. You'll have reason to laugh. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): New approach to saving, spending is required. Gain a more independent stance. You do have right to a life of your own. Know it and make it crystal clear to others. Accent is on budget, collections, payments, settlements, preferably out of court. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Creative surprises are on agenda. Means you surprise yourself with explanations, efforts. Member of opposite sex could make outrageous demands. Ride with tide. Accept necessity for change and adjustment. Let others reveal their plans. Keep quiet about your own. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Diversify/Expand. What was restrictive is removed. Take steps on your own. One who had you emotional captive is not as strong as you may have suspected. Sagittarius, Gemini individuals may be in picture. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): There is a process of tearing down, for purpose of rebuilding. You are a part of that process — you change attitudes, you revise estimates. You deal more effectively .with member of opposite sex. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): One who seemed secure may confide financial dilemma. weather? Wide World Thundershowers also were scattered along the Rocky Mountains and the Gulf Coast. Clouds loomed over the Pacific Northwest. Early morning, temperatures ranged from 42 degrees at Winnemucca, Nev., to 88 degrees at Phoenix, Ariz. The California weather summary: Skies were mostly fair over the state early this morning, although isolated showers still were being detected by weather radar over the state's far northern mountains. Since 5 p.m. Wednesday, the only weather reporting station to measure any rainfall was Mount Shasta City with a total of .04 of an inch. Maximum temperatures Wednesday, remained unseasonably cool with readings in the northern half of the state mostly in the 60s and 70s. Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS . 1 — Piedras, Puerto Rico 4 Native of Latvia 8 Arabian gulf 12 Sea eagle 13 Martian (comb. , form) 14 Extinct bird of Mauritius 15 Carlsbad .Cavern inmate 16 Mackerellike fishes IB Broke in two 20 Coat with tin- lead alloy 21 Prefix in Cornish names 22 Pitcher 24 Ireland 26 Biblical country 27 Brazilian macaw 30 Conductor 32 Showed mercy to 34 Felt 35 Salad ingredient 36 Paid notices 37 Was borne 39 Lifetimes U) Dreadful 41 Uncle (Sp.) 42 Idolize 45 Angler's fly 49 Act of reversing 51 Girl's name 52 Friends (Fr.) 53 Monster 54 Indian weight 55 Couches 56 Individuals 57 Before DOWN 1 Insurgents (coll.) 2 Persia 3 Certain Canadians 4 Natives of 26 Lapland ' 27 5 Great Lake 28 6 Offer in 29 payment 31 7 Toddler 33 8 Viper 38 9 Portal 40 10 Tributary of 41 the Tweed 42 11 Proboscis 43 17 In time (music) 19 Artificial 44 bodies of water 46 23 Enfeeble 47 24 Lohengrin's 48 bride 50 25 Organ part Zeal OfAragon Plexus (anaL) Bustle (pi.) Weirder Violently Fashion Attire Fork prongs Yemenite Greek commune Roman poet Skin opening At all times Uncommon Canal locks in Michigan (coll.) (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 • I" • 22 23 1 24 25 • • 27 28 29 30 31 • 32 33 34 I 36 38 • 39 • • 1 42 43 44 • 46 47 ** 49 - SO 51 62 53 54 56 56 57 11 Be receptive without becoming inextricably involved. Dp some detective work; Find reasons why —reject the superficial. You deserve a valid explanation. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18): Family should be included in travel, visiting, plans. Relatives appear now to be' supersensitive. Know It and do something about it. Friendly, thoughtful gesture will, work wonders. Harmonize domestic relationships. PISCES (Feb: 19 - March 20): Money picture may be distorted. Someone may be attempting to obtain something for nothing — at your expense. Protect yourself in clinches, emotional and otherwise. Another Pisceari is in picture and so is a Virgo. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have great sense of humor — and appetite. In August, you will be on the move, traveling and visiting and expanding personal horizons. Sagittarius, Gemini persons grativate to you—and you have knack for catering to needs of people, especially in food, entertainment areas. You could have a happy, prosperous life— if you get rid of self-doubts, get rid of self-doubts. THEVRE ALL Ann Landers A child's plea to his parents Dear Readers: When I spoke in La Porte, Indiana, several weeks ago, a kindly gentleman handed me an envelope and said, "I think this is useful. I hope you will print it one day." He was right—and here it is: A Child's Plea to His Parents Give me more than food to nourish me. Give me the warmth and the security of your love. Let me enjoy all five senses., Give me plenty of things to look at, to feel, to smell, to listen to, to taste. And even some things to break. Teach trie to take my turn. Watch me play so you can see how I am trying to work out my problems and what I am up against. When, you tell me to 'Ho something, please tell me why I should do it. Let me feel that I' am a contributing member of the family. And be sure to include me in making the family plans when you can. Please don't keep me your baby when I want to feel grown up. Don't transfer your fears to me. I have enough of my own to cope with and I don't need any more. Help me not to act when I am angry. But don't make me so afraid of showing anger that I lose my capacity to, feel strongly about anything. Let me learn bit by bit to bear pain, to want things but to be strong enough to postpone gratification of certain feelings I am not yet ready to experience. Let me try out my new powers as my body develops— to creep, to stand, to walk, climb, jump and run when I am ready. Don't limit the natural heeds of my body because you have some unresolved , hang­ ups. Give me a little corner in the house that is all mine and nobody else's. I need moments of peace and quiet that cannot be invaded by anyone. Give me my share of consideration and attention. I must know every day, even if for just a few moments, that I am the only one you are thinking about and loving. Let me ask any question that pops into my head. Don't make me ashamed for having asked it, even if it seems stupid. And give me as honest an answer as you can. If you don't know the answer, please say so. It's good training to hear someone say, "I don't know, but I will try to find out for you." Be patient with me when I don't' do things very well at first. Remember I have so many things to learn and almost everything takes some practice. Let me bear the consequences for whatever I do. I need to be, punished as well as rewarded. And when you punish me, make sure the punishment fits the "crime.". Above all, grant me, without reservation, your debt to me— unconditional love. For if I know it is there, I will be able to give the same to my children— and they wil) he able to give it to their children.—Your Child Dear Friend in La Rorte: The Child's Plea contains some lovely bits of wisdom. It is an excellent guide for rearing gentle, independent, loving children. I hope many readers will clip it and read it from time to time. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. PUBLIC NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO. 74-G-6 The following person is doing business as: Goldens Interior Decorating at 60 Central Ave., Calpella. Betty Joan Golden 60 Central Ave. Calpella, Calif. This business is conducted by Individual. s—Betty Joan Golden This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County oh July 8, 1974. 7-11,18,25,8-1,1974 PUBLIC NOTICE PUBLIC NOTICE The State of California, Employment Development Department is proposing to enter into an agreement with the Department of Labor for $3,288,800 to fund approximately 366 jobs in the 27 counties under its jurisdiction as a prime sponsor of the "balance of state areas" as provided by Title II of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973. This proposed program will give financial assistance to public employers to be used in providing the unemployed, underemployed and AFDC recipients age eighteen (18) years or older with transitional employment in jobs providing public services. The jobs to be funded will be in the field of education, crime prevention, public health, safety, and parks and recreation activities. The counties to receive these funds and the amount of wages and benefits allocated to each, as provided by the formula established by CETA, are as follows: Alpine 19,087 Napa 38,760 Amador 35,641 Nevada 132,585 Calaveras 84,413 Placer 233,985 Del Norte 86,889 Plumas' 76,234 El Dorado 276-349 San Benito 103,171 Glenn 58,151 Shasta 356,440 Inyo. 45,020 Sierra 19,087 Lake 111,276, Siskiyou 156,970 Lassen 116,302 Sutter 162,999 Madera 156,671 Yuba 138,050 Mariposa 26,262 Tehama 113,151 Mendocino 215,840 Trinity 84,413 Modoc 37,517 Tuolumne 166,248 Mono 28,738 A copy of this proposal will be on file with the administration offices of each county between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Persons or organizations wishing to comment on the above proposal must j do so by either . ( (a) filing their comments within 3 days from, the date of this; publication, or ' (b) notifying EDD of intent to comment within (3) days from the j date of this publication and subsequently filing their comment within 15 days from the date of this publication. Notification of intent jto comment may be made by either phoning or writing to the prime sponsor, Employment Development Department, at 800 Capitol Mall, .room 5098; Sacramento, California 95814, Attention Mark Sanders, Chief, State Manpower Planning Office, phone (916) 445-4546; or to William Haltigan, Acting Assistant Regional Director for Manpower, 450 Goldengate Avenue, or P. O. Box 36084; San Francisco, California 94102, phone (415) 556-7414. 7-9,10,11,1974 Advertising Index A*. far rent—Furnished t Afrt. far rent—Unfurnished 7 Automotive Strvlci Parti If B •eats, traitors, motors MA •utlness Opportunities it •us mess Rentals 11 Campers* Trailers n Cart, tracks if Child Cara 1A Duplexes—for rant »A •mpfoymentAiencies 1A Employment Wanted l e «nanaa 17C Equipment tor Rant 15 Farm Equipment 14 For rant or lease HA Forsale (miscellaneous) 21 Oaragas for rant 7 A Help wanted 1 Housas for rtnt— Furnished I Housa* tor rant—Untantshad t Incoma Property . II Instruction 3 Investmanta ' I7S Livestock u Lost and Pound 4 Mobile Homes UA Mobile Home Service-Repair Ml Money to loan 21 Money wanted If A Motorcycles and bikes UA Motor Homes . UC Musical Instruments < 24 New and Used Equipment 22 Notices S Personals SA Pats U Real Estate for sale 17 Real Estate wanted 17A Rest Homes 11A Room and Board 11 Rooms tor rent' 10 Services offered 20 Situations Wanted IB l— Help Wanted Dental Receptionist full time. Secretarial exp. required. 4621848 between 1:30 & 5 p.m. wk- days. Draftsman, Designer, Superintendent -Manufacturer of Rustic post ft beam package home needs experienced man to assume major rep- sonsibilities. Strong drafting, residential construction experience required. Urgent. 707964-4462. SALES LADIES for Tri-Chem liquid embroidery, needed. Fun + profit and free kit. Suprise, Call Gay 485-8254 or 462-1267. BOY OR GIRL, afternoon carrier route, several routes available immediately. 462 3630. WANTED Salesmanager for R.E. office. Excellent opportunity. R.E. License required. 462-8761 aft. 6 p.m. , WANTED In Lakeport-Lucerne-Nice or any Clear Lake Area. UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL Newspaper Boys. Start your own route. Unlimited potential to hard working go-getter. Call 462-1421 for appointment. Ask for Mr. Harvey. AVON New In Town? Selling Avon is the nicest way to become a part of the community; As. an Avon Representative, you'll not only earn money in your spare time, but you'll soon know everyone on the block. Call: Mrs. Alleyne Peirce 451 Zinfandel Dr. 462-1149 ATTENTION: Local or out-of- area Real Estate Salespersons—How is your commission split? How is your office working arrangements? Why not come in ft check ours! You might be pleasantly surprised! All inquiries will be held confidential. Ask for Sales Manager. TOTAL REAL ESTATE SERVICE, UKIAH 4624)538. "„ Ideal Situation for retirees or handicapped living in the vicinity of Ukiah, no exp. necessary, we will train you to operate television console. Must have transportation & be willing to work afternoons & eves. Apply at 182 B. Gobbi St. Ukiah. MOTEL MAID, apply in person. Lu-Ann Motel, 1340 N. State St. Middle Aged or Older Lady to look after elderly couple. Private room ft salary. 5 days week. 462-2000 or 462-6893. BOYS AND GIRLS Earn Your Own Spending Money. Applications are being accepted for carrier delivery routes in Ukiah area. Several good routes to be available soon. Come in or call Mr. Harvey. Ukiah Daily Journal. 462-1421. CITY OF UKIAH CIVIL SERVICE City of Ukiah invites applications for the position of: Airport Attendant (Part time) $2.25 $2.50 per hour Excellent working conditions. Description of position and application forms are_availablo from: Personnel Clerk City of Ukiah 203 South School Street Ukiah, California 95482 Applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m., Monday. July IS, 1*74. 'Female and minority applicants are encouraged to appw. 1—Help Wanted WOMAN COOK Exp. Only Palace Hotel CAREER Opportunity. Work with Shaklee authorized Distributor, part or full-time. Earn big bonuses on sales. Build to retirement. Irwin A. & Lillian Bradford, Supervisors 485-7740. PHN OR RN'S and certified- home health aids. Experienced in public health or home nursing. Work out of own home. Phone a must. Send resume to Homemakers of Lake Co. P.O. Box E, 95453 Lakeport. Pre-school Teacher 3 afternoons per week. Pre-school experience desirable, $5 per hr. Mail Resume to Ukiah Co-Op Nursery School, 444 Park Blvd. The Ukiah Unified School District is accepting applications for a Head Cook position - 5Vi hrs per day $312.60 per month on Range 13 There will be an Open Closed Promotional Examination,7-2574 at 10 a.m. Applications are available at the District Personnel Office, School and Henry Streets Deadline for application is 7-24-74 at 5 p.m. General office secretary, payroll, typing, accounts payable, shorthand preferred. 485-0335. WANTED RNort call, all shifts, LVN'S full time, days and on call all shifts. Nurses aides, all shifts. 462-6636. Mrs. Galer. Ambitious persons who want to earn but who can only work part time. Opportunity for good extra income. Training given, call btwn. 10 & 6. 485-7361- : fc Construction Inspector Exp. clerk of the work needed during construction of $1,250,000 Rehabilitation center. August 1974 through Sept. 1975. Salary $1100 mo Send resume to Mendo. Co public Works dept. Ukjah, Ca. 95482 Call Floyd Lawrence, 462 1923. Counselor Week-Ends. Mature responsible male to work with difficult teenage boys. Residential treatment program. Boonville 895-3536, —a Couples without previous business experience but willing to work and learn together. Pleasant, profitable work. Contact Amway distributor, 743-1533 for interview. Floyd Gifton, 114 Observatory, Ukiah! If you will come to the Ukiah Daily Journal Office before 5 p.m. July 12, you will receive a FREE pair of Loge tickets to the Ukiah Theatre. Now playing "Alice in Wonderland" and "Charley and the Angel". 7-11 1 A—Employment Agencies Marshall's Employment Agency 117 S. State Street—Ukiah 462-6050 Our Applicants meet OUR rigid specifications, before we send them to meet YOURS. No fee for registration Ins. sales will train. Refrig. Mech. Mach. Opr. Lath-Press-Mill $4.56 Welder $3.50 hr. 2— Employment Wanted YARD WORK Lawns Mowed, Trash Hauled, Weeds Cut. 485-8801 or 485-7480. BILL KING for Brick Work. No job to small. Will work with Owner. 462-5276. PROFESSIONAL Tree Work, Trimmed, Topped or Removed, Free Estimates. 462-4668. HOUSE CLEANING & General House work. Reliable & efficient. Call Pamela 462-0102. Painting Interior-Exterior Free Estimates. Fast-Neat Dependable-Christian. Ref. 4857950. Painting Interior, Exterior, Repairs, Minor Plumbing, Roofs, Fences. 462-0820. 2—Employment Wanted CLEAN OUT Garages, Attics or Basements. Reasonable rates. 462-7802. 2 A— Chi Id Care COME TO MY HOME, for 2 children, 5 to 6 days wk. 462-5311 WANT 1 Child Moa-Fri. Full time. Experienced with references. 462-0696. 3—Instruction READING SPECIALIST will teach your child to, read with understanding and enjoyment. 462-4441 4 —Lost and Found My dog is Lost He's a white and black with a curly tail. If you find him call. Paul 462-2378 REWARD! Prescription glasses, circular, Brown rims, pink ft yellow case. 415-841-5923. REWARD, female Huskie, black & white, 30 lbs., toes missing on left rear foot. Vic. State ft Talmage. Fri. 462-3927. SHIRT—Dark Levi embroidery between Talmage Dam ft Value Giant. Reward 4624117. FOUND: Black or dark gray male poodle. 462-7088 LOST: 4 mo. old female Red Irish Setter Puppy. Near park. Leave message at 462-9552. LOST: Female Collie, short, fat & friendly, has collar w-name and Phone No. Vic. East Rd. Rdwd. Vly., 462-6006, before 10, aft. 6. 462-9555. 5 —Notices Painting Interior-Exterior Free estimates. Fast-neat, Dependable-Christian. Ref. 4858413. ii PUBLIC AUCTION The City of Uklah will sell the following items at public auction on July 16, 1974, starting at 6:30 p.m. at the City Corporation Yard located at Hastings and Airport Road. ALL SALES ARE "AS IS - WHERE IS" All vehicles or other property is offered for sale "as is, where is" and there is no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the vehicle or other property offered for sale. The auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw or add any vehicle or property from the auction inventory prior to the start of auction. The title passes at the fall of the auctioneer's hammer at which time all risk and responsibility for the unit passes to the buyer. When a unit is sold, the buyer shall sign the Acknowledgment of Purchase forthwith, and shall present himself to a cashier of the undersigned to make settlement within not more than twenty minutes of time of sale. Buyer shall be subject to a storage charge for each day or fraction thereof, after ten days. ALL SALES ARE FINAL All sales are final and the auctioneers will not make any adjustment or refunds. TAX All sales are subject to applicable sales tax. SMOG COMPLIANCE Smog devices must be installed on vehicles not already equipped with such before vehicle(s) can be licensed or operated and the installation of same is the buyers responsibility. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code notice is given that all buyers of auctioned vehicles must obtain a certificate of compliance for smog control devices prior to registration. The document certifies the vehicle complies with applicable Health and Safety Code requirements. Purchase by dealers and vehicle(s) sold for dismantling or for exclusive off-highway use are excepted from this requirement. : - 2" Water Pumps 2 - 35 lb. Pavement Breakers Sedans Pickups Forge w-misc. tools Foot Operated Wet Stone Grinder Bicycles Old Fire Hydrants Misc. Used Wire Fencing Used Barbed Wire Plus other misc. items. ALL ITEMS CAN BE INSPECTED 8:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. JULY 12,15, ft 16,1974 AT THE CITY CORPORATION YARD, HASTINGS AND AIRPORT ROAD. 5—Notice* H you think you have a drinking problem, or If you have a drinking problem. 4sB-12M. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS P.O.Box557,UUab CalifornU 4*9-7123 Phone 482-1421 HAPPY ADS Kathy Ain't nothln shaklh but the leaves in the tree's, and they wouldn't be shakln If It wasn't for the breeze 11 Boog Grouch; Love You GAIL— Never fall, theres a duck In the mail. Boog a Loo 5A— Personals LONELY? Meet desirable partners, by mail. Write, to: Adelaide Suzanne, Box 103-M, Lake wood, Calif. 90714. MASSAGE & STEAM For Appointment 485-7496 I will not be responsible for debts contracted by anyone other than myself on or after July 9, 1974. Steven B. Redding Pause now for Soul Food " DIAL-A-Meditatiop 462-1600 Spring Cleaning—BASIC-H & other Organic Shaklee Prod- cuts. We'll call on you. 485-7740, 462-8063, 744-1592 iS— Apt- tor Rent Furnished 4 Room Furn, Apt. Single retired lady preferred. 462-2151 I Bdrm., Furn. Duplex. 1 & 2 bdrm. furn. Apts. Call Holiday Lodge 462-2906. ATTRACTIVELY furnished 2- bdrm. apt. Westside, adults. 462-2062 FOR RENT Studio Apt. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Broiler Motel, 485-7301 FURN. or Unfurn. Completely renovated, W-w carpet, all electric: Nice 274-1817 . ft 2 Bdr. furn. or unfurn. All elec. W-W carpet, garbage disposal, laundry facilities, pool. No children or pets. Oak Garden Apts. 462-3743. 7— Apt. for Rent Unfurnished WANTED immed. low income Senior Citizens to rent in Cloverdale, Calif, at Lovely Kings Valley Senior Apts., Federally finance & sponsored by Grace Lutheran Church. Call 894-2961 or write C-0 King Circle Cloverdale, Ca v LOVELY 2 Bdrm., 4 plex, pool, BBQ, adults, no pets. 462-7300 Bdrm. Apt. unfurnished, fenced back yard. Talmage Court, $150 mo. + cleaning dep. 462-8761. Modern 2 Bdrm. Garden Apt. Utilities furn. except elect. No pets. 462-2716 Creekskle Setting, 2 Bdrm. 2 Ba. Apt., with garage ft Carport, air cond., $190 a mo. 462-8674. FOR RENT Right down town. 2- bd. unfurn. apt. Single person or married couple only. No children or pets. $135. per mo. Available 7-4-74. Call: 462-5075 week days 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. 8—Houses for Rent Furnished FURN. 1 bdrm. mobile home, Redwood Valley $95. 485-7519 Vacation Retreat in Tahoe's Incline Village. By day or week. Sleeps 12+ Private Beach Pass 462-9519. RENT to own your own Mobile Home 1-2 ft 3 bdr. Bring this . clipping to Mitchell Trailer Sales 1775 N. State. - 1

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