Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 22
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 22

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 22
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22-Wednesdoy, Feb. 26. 1969 Rediands Daily Faeh Television Review TIZZY •vrmnr By RICK DU BROW .^^atB^ by Kale Qnnii Tf^^>i*li«IHHIUdi|l|ll. HOLLYWOOD (OTI) - The coBfiiet belneeu a noBconfar mist yooQS wfifiiiifit sod the, square, wtoiUm eomitany liiat emplosred him ms tlie liasis of tiie rdationsfaip ot (iieir eontem- g poraiy love and wishes. In ho: idealism and directness, Hiss Steriing pailieiilaiiy scored in gettins across vrliat manjr jroung WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 26 EVENING 6:00 OTIw Bi; Nm (C) (60) Jeny| Dunphy. OEQHiiirtln-BriiiUqr (C) (60) essm Allen Shw (O (90): GwrgB Jessel. Lou Holti. Joi Un ang. and Ferrante and Tticher pi*sl| OTHE 6 O'CLOCK MOVIE if "Cheaper By the Dozen COLOR—CLIFTON WEBB O Six (raock Mom: (C) tlieap-! er Bjr die Oozea" (csmedjr) "StJ—i Clifton Webb, Jeanne &ain, Myma Loy. fQiOmm (C) (30) QlJWInfs Hem? (30) "Below Sea Level" A film from tiie Netherlands that shows how dikes are made, and how much of the Netberiands has been reclaimed for profitable use by the conslniction of such dikes. £&Mi«eitt Sa AMT ED nut NMB (C) e:30|DV<9aci li tk* Bette« flitl Sea m (60) S) Talks Wilt Fmrii (GO) learn- in2 Md Motiratioo." Anna Bing Arnold, parent educatkm teacher for the Los Angeles City Schools, talks with an audience of parents after an informal leciun. ing. Carol (Miss KjddKn) deliberately breaks her high heel and hobbles to Jed for help. Meanwhile as origiaal CBS-TV drama, persons find wrong with esta> '•Tbe Experiment." T^iesdayi Wisiunent values. iBgbL I ^ catalyst-tiie lecniiter AWiou* the 90-minute drama '^^"es Douglas mto the by Ellen M. VieAett was'"™~*^* portrayed oy tnat sometimes difiase-and a little who had preachy with several cliche i ""f!**"* ^ cbaractere-* was by far fhei«H <>5eaged^ ^ ''ho sympa- best of the "CBS PUytause"|ltaf<l the young man productions to date. ^ Td K It ws a very^'^ to^SncTSTto compromise. I g spend 90 mmutes l^y mgb . g SuffivaT ^his usual ^ for *veral reasons. OMKthat.f^^, job with an iU.: despite the occasional dcdme— muwa » «i lof ne<p. « , c»«r«itvDai reactions the ^^J^^ pivttal membff; "nsychiatrist" Jethro freats a bew ! ?!? ««Jf*«*° .i^^^.,^ of the firm whose trotAles with; of^elSl tSo hV «ys ST. fe«l of ^^liT-^S ^ <»»«8»'ter lead him to ai their mothers-until they learn to j gaP was transmitted with more distressing showdown with JDssi fe h^te Dr«iif« in^Mrf / senumeoess than one might sterling, especially after he }» have expected. gn^j she is not married to Another reason is that the Douglas. The daughter was' performances by M. K. Dou- played by Susan Strasberg. j glas, son of Kiric Douglas, and "The E.xperiment." produced! Tlsha Sterling, daughter of Ann bv Martin Manalis and directed; Southern and Robert Sterling, bj- Robert BuUer. was well cast, were true and forceful and And the story of •»-hat happens affecting as the young scientist whaj a longhaired, casually- and the girl who lives with him, dtessed, college nonconformist pretending to be his wife. .is absorbed into corporate In the stoty, tbe young lovers isuburtia is surely well worth are just out of college, where hej going into. It is nice to report; has been a brilliant student,: by the way. that "CBS: wrapped up mainly in his woit. Playhouse" finally found and where she has been a political acti\ist But more than their specific roles. Miss, situations. Stcrting and Douglas hate Orysdale instead. O KRAFT MUSIC HALL if Jimmy Durante, Don Knotts. Jane Powell OSSEDXnft Maae Hall: (Q (60) "Jimmy Durante and Don Knotts Do Their Thing . . . Also." Durante and Knotts are hosts to Jane Powell and The Baja Marifflbi Band. O WresDing (Q (60) Dick Lane is ringside. CBAIC Wtdntsday I "Th Fanly JIMIS" '65-Jeny Lews. Neil 7dBOCBS EiMaii Itaa (O (30) Walter Cnnkite. O KNBC We—niw (C) (30) QWharaMyU «?(Q(30) ID taaonl (C) (30) fflWanMHt (0 EBTraOi ar Coaia<>tnwi (O Sainte Marie, John Bpier, (Uiy Puckett« The Union Gap. Ht Paulsen and John NaitfinI foirr Glen for sfi hour oi incnbnMt Md mosic. 9® Mora: (I (comedy) Hamilton. QRcn for rov lift (C) (60) 03 Your Dollai'i Wortk (60) An examination of the standards of the drug indust^, with a special focus on drug control, prices and practices. Interviews with Dr. Herbert Ley, head of Hie Food and Drug Administration, and several pharmaceutical company executives. §Q Sylvia y Enriqae »-J0OS(l )6rtN Acm (C) (30) Oliver tells Lisa the only way she can change an existing law is by petition so Lisa goes knocking on doots to get 300 signatures. O Nam (Q (30) Ted Meyers. llO«IB®S)Ha«ai rm9 (C) (60) ' With public sentiment and a seemingly fool-proof case going for a phony doctor (Joanna Linville), McGarrett takes the practitionar of *^turD<ogy" to court in the con- dusion of this hm-psit sioiy. As the case comas to court McGarrett has his star witness ready—th« mother of one of the doctor's victims—while the defense council Rre causes cvocuahon ELXCmTE nn>I)-Fifteen patienU of a nhaliiUtatian hos-j IMtal were evacnated from the west wing siwrtly beCare midnight Monday when a fire brdEe out in a Idtdien storage closet Hie small Haze caused an estimated $1,000 damage to ttw area before it was contndled by five file units. None of the patients, who were transported to the east wing, were mjured. Cause of the fire was under investigation. idenfificd HOLLISTER (UFD -lte tod- ly-bumed body of a girt iaoad still afire Feb. IS « IB • nral road near BoQister hm feeen identified. Police said THiesday ajjfit that a cfaedc of fiagerpriotf showed that the vktim was ^ RIBM I AI- ise Johnson, 19, who disanieared three days earlier from her Chula Vista home. . Officers are stni seardiins for whoever set Miss Johnson on fire. "Sometimes playing hard-to-get has its advantages you find out you're really not interested!" U9d NericM wh(dly believable in expressing! ly. fatally serious place- physician. Since I have no wish to become embroiled in these personal squabbles, I would like to call attention to the fact that most large county and all state medical societies have set up grievance committees. 3 .NOTICE OP CO.N'gOUOATCB GOV- place for natural humor arising EE>XNC BOABDMOtBca , . ~ J HON AND COCNTT BOAKD OF from some of T\icsday mghts EDCCATION EUCTION Until now. "CBS NOTICE IS BEREBV CIVZN U> Oie were Playhouse" has been a dreadful- :5 £S*ct .°'of'^ SK ?of S S 'B^- ;nardino and Riverside. California, jthat a consolidated elecUon for members of the Board or Boards of •the said district or districU as in: dicated below wm be held DO the third Tuesday of April, namely. AprU 15. 1069. for the purposa of decline the number of members of the goveminf boards of the districU and for the purpose of electing a member of said County Board of Education. Alt newly elected board members will serve four-year terms. , except the newly elected board ; member for the CounO^^ Board of : Education will serve a two year • term. Two members of tb* Redlanda Unified School DUtrict Three members of tbe Saa Ber* nardino Junior College District. One member of the San Bernardino County Board of Xducatioii. Trustee Area First talk grievances over with doctor •y Dt. WAYNS C. SRANOSTADT From time to time a reader'ish wrongdoers but arc more writes complaining about his i like grand juries. They make an ELL'S G.E. impartial examination of the evidence and then either exonerate the accused doctor or recommend appn^jriate action by the county or state medical society or by a government agency. Let me quote a paragraph These committees are not i from the American Medical As- Precinct No. 1 ihaU inelud* aU the area embraced wiUiin the exterior bouodiries of San BenunUno County Cleetion Precinct. "Rcdlutds 5. 6. 7. a, 4t, 42. SZ and 75" wiUiin the RedUnds UnUied School District of San Bernardino County. PoUinc PI.ce: Board Room 2S W. Lufonia Ave. Redlandi, California Precinct No. 2 shall Include all ex- within tbe Hedtand. Unified School, District of San Bemudino County. I PoUinc Place; Moore Junior Hiih 1S90 Z. BJafaland Redlands, California Precinct No. 14 ihaU include aU the are. embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County ElecUon Precinct. "Redlands 20, 32, 40, 43. 47, 48, 60 and 73" within the Bedland. Unified School District of San Bernardino County. PoUinx Place: Smiley School 1310 W. Cypress Ave. , Redlands. Califomu Antiques Precinct No. U shaU include aU the area embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Precincts "Mission 4. S, 6, 7, 11. 13. 17. » and 23," "Redlands 69" and the area embraced within those porUons of San Bemaidino County ElecUon Precincts "Mission 2, S and IB" and •San Bernardino 245" wiUiin Who Does It... Where You'll Find Thcni... QUICK REFfKIKE ... DIREaORY TO BUSINESS Household and Professional Services •k Air CondiWaning • Heatina BURGESON'S « Lennox « Day & Night « Fedders Sales and Service. • Hardwart and AppHancei IMPERIAL HARDWARE 19 E. Citrus III 79306.S Horsea 793-291T 792-1849 Payne - Worthington Since 1949 —Sefvice —All Makes # Answering Strvice MERCURY ANSWERING SERVICE 47 E. Vine 793.2901 ^LDEN JEWELRY ROTHENBERGER ARABIANS Slud service — pastures. 792-33H ANDERSON'S"ARABiANS : 793-2836 It no answer 684-9444 ir Jewelry Mfg. - Repair Mfg. & Repair. lOf Orange. 10 a.m. -4 p.m. 7914078. •k Light Fixtures Tune-up, Air Conditioning, Brakes REDLANDS AITTO ELECTRIC Ott 52* Texas 792-4776 Redlands Unified School Dtsuict of -j^ AlrtO Rtpair San Bernardino County. ... Pollinc Place: All Chrysler, Willys, Fiat Cars Victoria School Gaivey Motors. 415 Orange. 793-2323 9963 Richardson SL | MAJOR San Bematdinb. California Tlio polls will be kept open between the hours of 7.-00 o'clock a.m. C^''rl.lf*cn''!,?^F!r,ur. WIDE-CHOICE. HOME COMMERCIAU Cut Glass-China-Furniture : Home Electric 296 E. Citrus Yucaipa Turn-off ZgiZIg •» Liquors. WilJiirBaT Every brand under the sun. Jolly Jug. 910 W. Collon Ave. ^ Moving and Staraga REDUNDS VAN & STORAGE !195S Industrial Park 79^T^a it Auto Efectric Van Dorin Motor Co., Chrysler and Dodge, 1617 W. Redlands Blvd. • Bakery "treatntenr machine as airidence for defense ef his client Nancy Malone, Dand Sheiner, Baah Rich- ants and William Sdialleft also «wst OSCSffiTIi* Oittidar (C) (60) "Iho Hip Side." Ross tracia doam a inissns pbotognphei'a noM and laams iha is invohred OSSeDni Mi>*i ff) (90) "Tite Land Draaniar.' Dqr Gninfar and The Vii^iiiiai^ anth tha help of the Shiloh trm, win) off a Ijmctiing pai^ aflar an im- s3voiy land-grabber h munlered. Don Francks portrays a dual lole and James Olson alto goests. Q lost in Space (Q (SO) a @C3)CSHtr« CaM tkt Erides (0 (60) "'A Dfeam That Glitteis." CandiTs grandfather. Ben- jamiit Pniitt aiTJvet ia SHttte to prospect for goll Will Gnar goeds. OMillioa $ MaiiR (B> WiOmK a Caaaa" (drama) '57—1 James Dean, NalaHi Wood, Sil Mineo, Ann Doran, Jhi Backus. IDTnrtk M fUMqawwi (0 (S0)| QPeny Maaaa (6(Q QJCandoa * h Itaa (30) S)U* WriMairawi S.-OOOHiMl (0 OtQ SDIfea Otr liakM (O(30)Dr.Ken. neth Oaili tana •»! MitchaD 6in»- beig, Nair Yoik CHy CooiniaioMr of Social SaniotK Heetiiar RON, an iODMiniA fnwiai AN Mtrtwi income lac Haaiy Sdnr, aa ano- utM Mho Mnt lad Mai kanl<an unanplognd; aad a Haa Veik noth- ar oa welfM: •itfa aa andaimrid ring that deals ia naicotia and blackmail. Canit Snodgres guasit. 00 "«"(0(GO) OUanU mm (30) (DTM Ska* m (30) nVho Wanti To Be a Millionairer Hersdiel Bet- nardi and W. Qement Stone guest ^CitcaTag (30) SIHcka Robada 110:300••••<*: '^«n ia Ika iUlic" ' (drama) '63—Dean Martin, Yvetia Mimieux, Genldina ISII8M (Q(30) ® JM aad Ariiih (3(0 ' WK aad Naee." Sir Ralph Richafdana aw; ratBs ftis Aidy of EniliA irttat^ aicM g( Graet Britain's atanny his- hxy. eCaalaShiHiriaria |u«eaoaicDNM(o QJUhii IMdKOCfc nUMOabCQ taOlhwkM NMf ar Jlpail (0| tao OTHE GOOD GUYS Comedyl ^ HIT OF THE SEASON!! ena Caad Saia (Q (30) Rufut;! Bert aad (Saadia turn adsn for a film Gooipaiqr that wants to «M the dinar ai the MUing for a mur:^ der sl«y. Michael Coastaatinal guests. QIKa mh tta an (Q (30)j Doretfajr Lamour and Peter Manhall guest. OOtSffiMm (30) OMcn CrttHa (O (90) fBlaat the Odda (0 (30) 03 Baak Baal (0 ao) Haiya Man-j net and iiost-cntic Robert Cromitj discuss her new book "Ihey." ' ffiSaarins »AieB*»*r <f Hillbilliat (C) (30) Blonde musical cooedr ttu Inge- tett tjMtm plajn a bank atot- taiy who lets her cap tor iedj (aanpett Hearing that the mTion- airn hiUbillir tapaira shoes en thai fifth fkw (hpdaie-s bank baU-l uid 7UI0 o'clock p.m. The election returns will be publicly cnvuscd at 9:00 o'clock a.m. on April 22, 1969. by the County Superintendent of Schools at the office of the Registrar of Voters, 646 Sierra Way, San Bernardino, CaU- int™H,«. . ^USI "^"""^ P""*"^ *° pun- SOcia'UonVPrtaclSes'ori^^ .'Slil'TppUcaUon. for absent voter bal- anfrfently^ introduces a ^phoi, , . ..-nie medical profession urio?'Sun'di^^^ ,should safeguani the public ^^^'Ti^ ^T^n ^S ^^t»?' T MJ P£^^^^^ • itself against physicians dc-,gt;^ ^ffn'^t^g.-SSn'?? |£.-ig^"Sa-.n'o" "^L^l^ s,*^''^?^!4l2 w. Rolands Blvd. flCient in moral character or gg'.^Sidlno CounS Election Precinct I""" twenty-nine days nor less than Carpat Cleaning professional competence. Phj^i- "RfSlanito 2- within the Redla^ "w? Pnor to.the election., •': ,. „ _„ ,_..„ Unified School District of San Ber- cians should observe all laws, loantino county, uphold the dignity and honor of | the profession, and accept its! Si™ ^•SSiS^IJ Washington Window or minor, it's Bob Pillow's Automotive Service, 430 Texas. Call 792-5203. Free pick-up and delivety- •k Aute SalesA Sarvica SPECIAL occasion cakes made to order. Goodies baked daily. Goodie Shop. 24 E. Stele. 792-3811. •k Car Washing-Waxing •k Mufflers ALSO exhausts-tail pipes. 792-497S. Guaranteed for life of your car. Royal Muffler. 601 N. Eureka. • Office Machinal-Funiilwr. SERR'S OF REDLANDS 208 E. State 792-393» • Painting GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179, 5 - 7 cm. ANGLIN & POWELL. 79>4670"~ Painting and Decorating 792-5118 REDLANDS 3 MINUTE CAR WASH • Paint and Wailpapar Northside Paint — 160S Orange Highest quality. 792-941g 792-7551 Plumbing I self - imposed discipline. They should expose, without hesitation, illegal or unethical conduct of fellow members of the profession.?' By> MERRIMAN SMITH UPl White Havia Raportar LO.VDON (UPI)-Backstairs at the travellins White House: It makes a White House traveler nothing less than . ashamed to check into the the fact that doctors as a austerely genteel GrosvenorSroup have a moral duty toward PrJ^'^. iT'SSl'^lnclude airiab^ntee'SitoU jj 5*^^^^ the MTtm embraced within the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election Predncla "Redlands 28, 29. 31, 38, 37. 4S and 38" within the Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. PoUins PUce: Cope Junior High 1100 W. Cypress RedUnds, California J.I Precinct Ko. 4 sh.II Include Mit the public they serve and to-.the area embraced within Ule ex- This statement clearly recog- and such ballots shall be returned to him. Your appllction must contain your home residence address AND EACH APPUCANT MUST SIGN HIS OWN APPUCATION. The deadline for the receipt of on the day before the election. Each qualified elector of said district (hall be entitled to rote only in the School District Election Precinct of which he is a resident. Dated: January 28. 1968. ROV C HILL. County Superintendent of Schools, San Bernardino, California. By Marilyn Watson. I>eputy. ACCURATE JANITOR SERVICE Carpets-Floors-Windows 792-2594 •k Cleaners, Shirt Laundry Dutch Girl Cleaners 34 W. Colton 792-3630 •k Cain-Op Dry Claaning-Laundry NELL'S CLEAN SHOP 1594 N. Orange 792-2m YOU DO rr or WE DO rr •k Color Talavision Sarvica I ward the protection of their own ^^Zj^f^^^ PJeS."ct.°''^{SS 1 CLARKS COLOR TV SERVICE 1425 W. Park Ave. 792-8051 if Cemmarcial Printing SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabasn Ave., Redlands. 794-2131 • Roofing REROOFING, ROCKS OR SHINGLES Superior Roofing Ca, Est 792-3681 • Rotetilling NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling, odd jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 799-2217 or 794-2283. Free esUmates. • Shoe Repairing and Oyaing COLLEGE SHOE REPAIR 529 Orange St ir Sperling (aoeds NOTICE TO BIDDERS Letterpress — Offset Beacon Printery, 336 Orange House hotel (none but Americans add Uie word "hotel", ^^u,,., ^^^^^ . =«. ^......=.„ ^ because everybody in London 's""*' name. Many of the com-1 - and -Redlands lo. ii, 35, 3». 64, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that errRoGR/SpFrpRiNTiNGTTis E. s5ii knows what GrJvenor House,Pl^tals the committees have to JL'\-,«::,»A^J2 ,V '«,'^.lf°£JJJl :ifM^^^^ LETTERPRESS-OFFSET is). BICYCLES—Bicycle repairs. Schwinn. Pratt Bros.. 651 E. Citrus • Stationary • Gifts • Cards The pi«ss party travelling with President Nixon and much deal with could be avoided, how ever, if the patient and doctor would have a frank discussion of his staff are put up atl<* differences. Most doc-1 _ _ _ I L» A_ti- *_ _ — ! Precinct wo. 3 •SRThUft COMMERCIAL PRESS 112 N. Fifth St 793-4883 i( Dog Greewiing 0IMa: "Tka Caangaaa* Mr. Paaa" (drama) '42-aiftoid Enm, Deborah KIT. (BiGDatsffiikM n |u -JOSMMTaar(C) (30) OSSffiTaMfMSkaXO OMaaiK "SpKU Battwii" (caah adr) 'SS-Joaeph Gotten, En Bartok. QllaealiiV lUMOMaair -Tka Caai a( FM ' Mfcaar (admrture) •V-htii* Moiphy, Kathiyn Giant. fled School District of San Bemar- dmo County. FoUing Place: Crafton School lit Wabash — _ „__. J— _^ RedUnds, California Gnosvenor House wiiile (he chief''"'^ e^d to talk to a pa-'' ''"einct No. s shau include aU executive himself resides at anlji^nt about his illness and thelSSor"Sun 'd "iW Slf'SetSfrdtJ^ even more eminent inn,!"^tment he needs, inchKlinElF<'"'"y ^ee«onP^einct-East nigh- C'^'fee's- ;an estimate of the costs in -'l,T .??n '.hoi ?"'po !$fon ."?f la ^n ^lK? TTiere are maids, butlers. *o»«I and ways of meeting county Election Precincta , u™ »•••" >«: ....»<; . - valeU and U-aiters assigned Every case that reaches 2?'rnd'"?R'u 'SS?ni "pVng.T'i«'Sr. irV °ASri ..",'nV '"st?pe?i ^,JS 'den°{"S? Mowers for .very occasion. Free oe- around the clods at Grosvenor ^ gnevance committee rcprc- '""",««"'""'» School Dis- Schools. livery. Phone 793-1331. Redlands House and the embarrassmenta f^""™ «> communicate ''i?ii;?J,%1aS;"""""° coS',^'"n .^"'un ^ce'?t !?i ?d 'S ;"caSic''r^- ;^^!^^iL-l.^^^o,J^^i^ bcgms vnlh these more than'""^ P*"^ of the patient the School check payable to the owner or a sat. w- l-iornt and Candy billing helpere. Unless one sits"r iil 'wfhu^^'^Jiif.mi. ^ CITY FLORIST & CANDIES Precinct No. 6 shall Include lands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. California, hereby caUs for sealed bids to be delivered to the Assistant Superintendent of the said Board at the Administrative Offices. 33 West 1M- gonla Avenue. Redlands. California, until the 12th day of March, 1969. at 2:30 p.m.. at which time and place said bids will be opened for: CLASSROOM STtXnC SUPPLIES Each bid shaU be made out on BROOKSIDE PETSVILLE U63-A Brookside Ave. 792-76U PROFESSIONAL dog grooming. Clipping, bathing. All breeds of dogs. Phone 792-5016 for appointment Van tlyke Pet Store. 316 Orange. Florist SERR'S OF REDLANDS 208 E. State 792-3939 ir Tiras —Sales A Sarvica Shocks - Mufflers - Front Ends - Brakes 609 N. Eureka READING 792-9215 By Cooper & Armstrong. Custom recapping. Clapp's Tire Saiviea, 601 W. stale. Phone 793-542a 'A- Talavision • Sales A Sarvica Redlands' Zenith headquarters. Terrier TV. 508 Orange. ir Uphalttarers OM -ner. executed by the bidder asdll Orange St 793-4141 RESTYLE , Repair, Refinlsh. Roy's Upholstery A Drapery, 792-1715. RESTYLING. Rebuilding, Repairing. Free estimates. Banner Mattress & Upholstering Co., 122 Caion St, Phone 793-5851. on his luggage fiiraly and uncouthly, tbe hotel staff will attempt to tmpatdc for the traveler. Toe at least one joamalistie camp ftdtower—this one—there is nottiing quite as leve&ms as having a stem Britisfa valet look at bis very best off4be-radc suit wMle muttering, "You must have been through a great deal, sir—111 have it patched up in no time." Americans also jar the Grosvenor composure by pat*- uig akng their own ttoe-shme Q wt .o» ..M Ik.. «™._»-«..'*he are. embraced within the ex— What are the symptoms ttrlor boundaries of thos. portion. of amebic dysentery? I treated for it but I thmk it has come back. I get spells of severe abdominal pain. Is it contagious? A — Dysentery is caused by a microscopic parasite. Many persons haiiwr the* germ with- _ out having any symptoms. I"'??"^ others, it causes loose stools; ;S'u,in'Uie'HedUnd. unified Sehod DUtrict of San BonartUno Ccontr- PoUina Place: Itlmberly School 301 W. South Ave. RedUnds. CalifomU Precinct No. 8 shall Include aU u-aslof San Bernardino County Election 'PrecincU "Forest Home 1" and "Seven Oak. I" wlthtai the Redlands Unified School INatrict of Saa Bernardino County. Polling PUce: Fallsvale School MUl Creek Cuiyon nd. TonA FalU, CalUomU Precinct No. 7 riuU Include M the vea embraced within the exterior boandaric. of San Bernardino that show flecks of blood and mucus and vague abdomoial discomfort. Severe cramps are more suggestive of colitis or in an amount not less th.n 5% of the bid: uld check or bond shall be given as a gtiarantee that the bidder wi)l execute the contract if it be awarded to liim. 'The governing Board of «id School District reserve, tbe right to reject any. or aU bkls or waive any informality In a bid. Ko bidder may wlUutraw hU bid for a period of thirty i30i days after Uw data set for the opening thereof. By order of the Governing Board of Redlands Unified School District of San Bernardino County. DatRl at RedUndh CaUfonUa. thi., 2eth day of Februvy. U68. A. B. SCHULTZ. JR, Clerk of nld Goveminf i Board. FURNACES - SALES - SERVICE Ed. Sampson. 24 hours. 794-1130 Clifford Farrar .-JawMer 7 N. 5th St 792-3475 Ir uitts Viviane Woodard CosmeUcs & Gifts 1262 Brookside 793-5344 ARTHUR COMMERCIAL PRESS 112 N. Fifth St 7 »4in • Glaai • Welding "EVERYTHING IN GLASS." Redlands Glass House, SIO Orange. 792-5623. Chas. E. Mosso Welding Wortis 701 W. Stuart Ave. 79347M Football Aaner te fraviaat faaie ACBOSS (shng) 177 UrSQ Maria: 'Tha Msaakadlad" (ivsieq) 'Sr-Pim Butk% Ainsoa Hires. |l2J0 |B «cliaa IkaatK "Strsnia tUo- sion." 1:00 (0 ORaailkalaaUtOBKQ IdSSMaair taaw aad M IT (ad- ^«!taTt) -Se -Joel Mc(>aa. Waltat Brennatt. UOQ)*MOgM "ft* Smel Webster." ^ba KkT and -Mr. Unkuna.' THURSDAY MIQI^ Haa aad r»fm^^ -Ma BanjMta Jr, SItH iUJOa 'MIr a( Tiaaiar (aqatar) 5 -CSatlej BidBart. •VMtnai (nntani) •«5 - Ckartai MiyjTka CaHtMfi kits, and partieulariy offensivepoisoning. If you stai havelu ,c area embraced wimin the ex- to a valet worthy of Us alpaca j*^s««fnr. a careful examina-—— ^cket and heavy ajmn are the little packets of plastic, automatic dioe glaze. In the first j^ce, so genfleman wouU think of tion of your stools would reveal amebas. Hie disease is not <li- rectly contagious but faitare to wadi your hands after every iiowel movement could be a bUcking hU boots. Unk^ss'°'*^ spreading the disease. the traveler is alert, the valet' has the shoes and disappears Blue Laws into a maze of closets and. The name. Blue Laws, orig- '"d 42- and fcnice rooms while tbe owner inated in terior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election PrecincU "RadUnd. X 4. 15. 18, 19. »5 and 74" wlUiin the Redlands Unified School Oi.- trict of San Bensardlne County. Poning PUce: Lincoln School SIS Texas SL RedUnds. CaUfomla Precinct No. 9 sbaU Include an the area embraced wittiln the exterior boundaries of San Bernardino County Election PrecincU "Bedland. 25. 49. 68. 81 and 83." "Yucaipa 20 the area embraced within that portion of San Bemar- thc Connecticut COlO- dmo county Election Precinct "Yucaipa 6" witliln the Redlands Unl- ccDtemplates his stocking feet ... ... , . ^ V-.M. . —— — Making instant coffee in thelliy' P™««^ " ^"^ '"Si, ^a'^'' i«)m - homble, simply horn-what to .to ^d .-JJuSTp ^ce: what not to <h>, and bound them in a blue paper cover. Ugd Notice ble. and be sure to kck the door first The simplest way U life at tbe Gro5 \-enor House and other better Britisii botds is give tip: let thow maids, batlcn. yaMt and waiters take over «oin |ile (e- ''iin.^ ;be heId 'ir«dBo«Uyr «a^s ."lia»rati Woes coectcQut tune comes, xso o'clock pwi .t the ocfio. of the< their friendship does not dimin- c <>°>p*«ir. lot z. oitve Avenue, m iA^-riZrZ^ Z^Jylt-Z^xZ. the aty M R«)lands. CallfomU. for Maripou Sdiool loaoo Palo Alto Dr. Redlanda. CalifomU i Precinct No. 10 shaU indnda aO 'the area embrawd wtUUn the exterior boundaries of Saa Bernardino iCounty Election PrecincU -RedUnds IWaur^and Pipe Lto. Company, wiU :<«^^&„: McKinley School MS W. cure BcdUnds, Calif ornja ish. Tbey may not be Standng S P^OM M^eieclUignreeUn for Prednct No. II BluU Include an to wish you boo voyagB with nuy propnl^ come bSS^ akl County Electloo Pnetorti "ItoiloDe hjnd. ever « discreetly ext«rf. -gSJ^. cauremu. re .«ary » Cd. Uaa. within these parttoB. ct Saa Bei^ Betty raiquhar. aardlas Ceontr Bccllea Pnciaela NOTICE OP ASSESSMENT BEAR VALLEY EITTENSIO.V WATEB AND PIPE UNE COMPANY Location of Principal Office: 101 Eaat Olive Avenue. Redlands. Saa Bernardino County. California. NoUce U hereby gtven that at a mcetinc of tbe Board of Director, held on the 2*tb day of Janoaty. 1960. an amsnnent (No. «5| of Twelve DoUan l*t2U»l per Aare wa. levied upon the slure. of tlie corporaUon. payable to the Secretary of the corporation at 101 East Olive Avenue. RedUnds. Callforaia. Any shares upon which thU asaewBent remains unpaid on the J8th day of February. 1969. wiU be deUnquent. and unless p.yment be mKle prior to deUnquency the said shares, or a many of them a. may be uecesaaiy wm be aoM at Uie nid offlee of the cerporatioa. 101 East OUve Avenue. Redlanda. Califomia, aa tbe 3Ut day of March. 1968, at 104» o'dodc e -m. of taA day. to pay the deUnquent asaanment. toerttaer with a penalty ef five per cent ct tbe unoost a< the assessment oa audi share or be forfeited te tta* car> ""D S !* Febmary 1. 1989. '' Betty Fargnhar. Secretary BEAX VALLEY EXTENMOW WAint * PIPK UNX tXJMPANT 101 B. OUve Ave. Rtitlarntf CalifornU 5 Lateral SFootfaaU lineman U Celebes ox 13 Ajar (dial.) 14 Negative virte UFootballaeace ^^^..^ n I own (ctxiIrO M waffw, 18 Attacks KNahve 19 Musical studies 21 Bitter vetch 22 Flower ZJGoddessof hope (Roman) 25 Directs 29Fasttire 30 Custom 32 Self-esteem 33 Go astray 34 Edible fuogtB 35 Nothing 3S Weaken 3gWrxifaneoiB aaiiirj r '.iinaai-" lacker 44 Sea robber 4TNumber 48Le04 contestant 50 Greek letter 51 Entice SSMetalsotirces joChJUpart ^^^^ ttOVJi U Coloring 38 Bleak Aadea , _ agents phtaaa 1 Roman 16 Elevations 40 Fruit senator (ab.) 41Ve«ifier 2Soon aOFreenation 42PrepaaitiaM 3Hairy-fcaved (.h.) 43^^^ plants 22Turkishinii 44Whaif (conip.word) 23Snowvehicle 45Bq)pad 4Racehorse 24PeisianiBiiy dSLoacgod J.. ^Dy>^ (Greek) SSmallcaaitkaazrGfaekdndl dOllmtinMS 39Conegesodety SGodeby (var.) (coobfbnn) Setrelaiy. 121 , al Caoaat 6 MU Bkait. ifrtM 7 pjm. Sat. cMt Hmm 4:41 pjm. San. cMi frM 1 "THE lOSTON •to •YRITTV PWtOfr SPCC CHtMBrS MAT. SAT. 1 PJIL Bw. Mar 'KHSIN' C»USINS- "RACHEL. RACHa" "THE HEART IS A LONaY HUNTER" "Mcntooc r* [SS- wtUda IB - Olatitct aad -Yi 41 Uaifled ef Saa •enatdtae CEBimCAn OPBCSINUt, nCTRIOOS NAME The trndcrslanad doe. ecrtity die U coadnetlna a huilntsa at 410 Or- Slteet. acdlaada. California. the ftcttttona flna name of PRYUIB AOAlm COLtlCE OF COSMnOLOCY and that aaid firm ta wmpDaad al the foUawiac per- aao. wlwee oame ta fuO aad piece at laaidenee U aa fbOewi: wnu B. Bay aiS S. St Andrew. PUce Lo. Aaseln, Calif. 9001* Dated Febraary 18. uea. • WIUAB.BAY SUU of CalltoraU. Los Anaele. Cooaty: On February ML Itat. before aM. a Notary PnbUc ta aad for said SUte. pcmaaUy appear WUto County. Peniac Plaee: Meatoae School 1310 Crafton Ave. Mentone. CaliforaU Piedaet Na 13 riiaU ladoda an .the area embraced within the cx- ' terior booadarte. ef Saa Bemanllno Cooaty Dectlaa Praetacu "MlMloa ,1. X a. 13. IS. IB. 20. M- aad the _x™.„ — area enUnced wtthia UIOM Ponica. ^'^l-f^TtTM wlTtlM ansM of Saa Bcraardiaa Cooaty Btalae SSmt^iimr i-n>i'^^«nT »^«^ S^-l &",in !3«f^iHSiS^^ IMuSd.^^ at CalifomU IMr ce«mi«ion exp>r» Peg a. M70 ••jfiawit*, CallfomU Prcdact Na U ahaU lactade an, thearaa eoibracad wttkia the cx -i terior booadarlaa of Saa Befaardaio Ceotr Slectloa Piectada It. ~ - - - no BOOM roB ouaam Bt YOUB aODBB V TOO nu. 1BAT VABB BOOM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 • 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 IS 20 w 23 24 • a 27 28 29 1 r 31 1 33 1 • 36 37 1 30 l« 42 43 w 4S 47 4S 40 SO 51 52 54 56

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