Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 20, 1978 · Page 13
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 13

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1978
Page 13
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14—Uklah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. Friday, January 20, 1978 In children heart defects : Dear Ann: Thank God it's Friday! Efitertainkg my " 28 Rrst graders; all week has left me dizzy ahd footsore., , But 1 have Just enough strength left ito comment on the '•Entertainment in the Schools." this is my 14th first-grade class. Every year I improve my act in order to keep the attention of my students long enough to teach them something. I organize games. I dispense gumdrops,and jelly beans. I draw fun cartoons, sing songs, stand on my head. TTie parents expect me to make their children like school. My bosses expect me to convince the parents that our school system is wonderful. So I do — to the point of exhaustion. But what happens if next year's teacher isn't young enougfi or corny enough to compete with Bugs Bunny and the Bionic Woman? She'll be labeled mediocore. It's no wonder kids get into high school (or college) without knowing how to study. The teachers, the administrators and the parents have conviced them that it is their right to be entertained. Sign me — Accountable In. Kalamazoo, Dear Zoo: Thanks for letting us know how it is in Michigan. I've received letters from Alabama, California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota saying the same thing. Everybody knows better than anybody. Dear Ann Landers: I wil^ be holding my breath waiting for an answer to this letter. This is the most ridiculous situation I've ever heard of and please, Ann, don't think it is made up. My husband and I have been married for five ydars. This is the second marriage for both. We have been very happy and had lots of good things going for us. Recently he ran into a girlfriend from 20 years ago.and now he thinks he is still in love with her. He feays he loves me, too, and is still living in the house; but she is getting aU of his physical love while I am in bed alone • several nights a week until 1:00 a.m. H6 is going for counseling and I have started to go also. Now for the ridiculous part. His mistress is the receptionist at the Mental Health Clinic. So while,my husband and I go for counseling to try and saye our marriage, his mistress is making our appointments. ' He says he loves us both but if he had to choose today he'd choose her. I want him to go for counseling with our pastor but he refuses — says jt would be too embarrassing. So I go to the clinic with him and smile swetetly at his mistress. 1 hate what our life has become but I think he is going through male menopause trying to recapture what he had with her 20 years ago. Incidentally, he did not marry her when he had the chance, back then. I havp received lots of words of wisdom from my pastor and best friends. Please, Ann, add yours. —Confused! Dear Confused: Give it another three months. If Rover Boy doesn't shape up and stay home nights, sue for separate maintenance. Enough is enough. ' CONFIDENTIAL to Where Am I?: Nowhere. Tell Fat Stuff to buy a bag of popcorn and stay home and burn out his own TV tubes. H6 doesn't sound like much of a "date" to me. Confused about what's right and what's wrong in • today's "new morality"? You're not alone. If you want honest, down-to-earth information on your sex; questions, read Ann Landers' new booklet, "High School Sex and How to Deal With It — A Guide for Teens and Their Parents." Send 50 cents in coin plus a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, Illinois 60611. (Television Highlights) Friday's TV Highlights By United Press International 8 p.m. CBS, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman. A would-be Napoleon kidnaps athletes to win legitimacy at the Olympics for his imaginary country. NBC, Qiico and the, Man. Raul runs away to Mexico and Chico pursues him with a private investigator, ABC, DOnny & Marie. PBS, Washington Week in Review. . 8:30 p.m. PBS, Wall Street Week. 9 p.m. CBS, Movie. "Bug," starring Bradford Dillman and Joanna Miles. ' A California community battles a mutant strain of ferocious cockroaches. NBC, The Rockford Files. Rita Moreno plays a prostitute who hires Jim after she is assaulted by two men for no apparent reason. ABC, Movie. "Return to Fantasy Island," starring Ricardo Montalban and Adrienne Barbeau: Romance , and peril greet six peopile who fly to a plush island resort where they can live out their most desired fantasies. PBS, Firing Line. 10 p.m. NBC, Quincy pinch- hits for a vacationing general practitioner. PBS, Soccer Made in Germany. ( Today's Almanac^ By United Press International Today is Friday, Jan. 20, the 20th day of 1977 with 345 to follow. -The moon isapproaching its full phase. The morning stars are Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn. The evening star is Jupiter. Those bom on this date'are under the sign of Capricorn. Polish-American pianist Joseph- Hoffman was bom Jan. 20, 1876. Americai) qctress Pktricia Neal was bom 52 years ago. today. On this day in history: In 1892, the Titst officially recognized basketball game was played at a YMCA training school in Springfield, Mass^The game was invented by Dr. James Naismith. . ' In 1969, Richard Milhous Nixon was inaugurated as the 37th president of the United States. In 1972, an airline hijacker was captured with Air Force aid after collecting $50,000 ransom and parachuting over Colorado. In 1977, James Earl Carter was inaugurated' as the 39th president of the United States. A thought for the day: British poet Philip Bailey said, "It matters not how long we live, but how." GiLIMPSE3: Katharine Hepburn did the town Wednesday night, attending "Cold Storage" On Broadway ... The doctors say Liza Minnelli do^n't have pneumonia, but she's sick enough for the hospital and her troubled Broadway show "The Act" has been canceled again,, pending her return. By AL ROSSITER JR. UPI Science Editor NEWPORT BEACH (UPI) — By running a miniature umbrellalike apparatus through a vein to the heart, cardiologists have come up with a, way to repair some heart defects in children without open heart surgery. Dr. William Rashkind of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia told an American Heart Association seminar that the procedure might be applicable to 2,000 to 3,000 children annually who are born with heart malformations. Rashkind said the still- experimental procedure has been performed on eight children with two kinds of heart defects. Animal experiments are now directed toward a third kind of flaw. "Our initial clinical trials are very encouraging, he said. "We think in well-selected patients, in whom we know the size and location of the defect, we should be able to close these defects on these children without open heart surgery." Six of Rashkind's young patients had What physicians call an. atrial septal defect. A child with this condition is born with a hole iri the wall of tissue that divides the upper chambers of the left and right sides of the heart. Blood which has already been through the lungs will leak through this opening from the left side of the heart to . the right side and , back through the lungs without going through body. With this condition, the heart may become enlarged and the child may not develop fully. The new procedure also has been used twite to correct a condition called patent ductus arteriosus. Every baby is born with an open passageway between the two major blood vessels — the pulmonary artery and the aorta. Normally the opening closes within a few weeks after the baby is bora. Sometimes, however, this passageway does not close and blood will flow back and IRS audits to double this year LOS ANGELES (UPI) The Internal Revenue Service is going to take a closer look at income tax shelters by doubling the number of audits of taxpayers who use them, paTticularly those who wind up sheltered into £| low income bFacket, says IRS Commissioner Jerome Kurtz. "We believe that compliance with tax laws is enhanced generally if taxpayers perceive the system is fair, that a few aren't allowed to take advantage," Kurtz said Tuesday in a speech to the use Institute on Federal Taxation. Kurtz said the IRS plajis to double the amount of audits of returns - employing tax shelters from 1.5 percent to 3 per cent of the total. The. agency has been picking returns for audit mainly on the basis of adjusted gross income. Lower income returns were chosen less often while more higher income returns were audited, Kurtz said. The IRS discovered in 1976 that more than 16,000 returns with adjusted gross incomes under $10,000 — classifying them, on paper, as low income taxpayers — actually showed "tax preference itenis" — income exempt from taxes — of $600 million. "Clearly, these are not the returns of taxpayers with simple economic lives," Kurtz said. "They are the- returns of many of our most sophisticated taxpayers calling for siibstantial audit coverage." The shift in emphasis to , increase audits on tax shelter users will decrease the number of audits performed on "ordinary" taxpayers Uiis year, Kurtz said. But it won't be a noticeable decrease, he added quickly. forth between the lungs and heart without nourishing body tissues. If the opening is large, the child's growth may be slowed. To correct these two conditions* without having to open up the heart,'Rashlcind,.and colleagues decided • to work with a thin plastic tube called a catheter inserted into a leg vein. While the doctor watches by a special X-ray technique, the tube is slowly advanced through the vein until it reaches the inside of the heart. The catheter is fitted with a tiny stainless steel frame which resembles an umbrella frame. The frame is covered with thin plastic mesh. The device is inserted folded like a closed umbrella through the catheter into the abnormal opening. When the device is inside the. defect, the device ' springs open like an umbrella. Thfe doctor then pulls • it toward the hole and tiny hooks on the frame grab hold oi surrounding tissue and the disc covers the' hole. Tissue will soon grow over the hooks and mesh to hold the device in place. The procedure was tried in animals before the first it- tempt was made to use it in children, first with the atrial defect. Rashkind said in one case, the child's defect was too large and the patch did not work. In two other cases, tlie hole was not completely closed, but the closure was adequate. Complete closure "occurred in three other children. Complete closure was reported in the two children with patent ductus ateriosus. Rashkind said the procedure avoids the trauma of open he^rt surgery, costs about one-tenth as much and allows the child to go home from the hospital in a few days instead of two.weeks or more. PUBLIC NOTICE Ckjunty of Mendocino, State of| (^rifornia. The, property ' to be tran- ferred is located at 1900 N. State Street, Ukiah, CA County of Mendocino, State of California. Sa i d property is described i n general as: Ail stock in trade, fixtures, equipment and good will that grocery store business known as THE FOOD DEPOT and located at 1900 N. State Street, Ukiah, CA Ctounty of Mendocino, State of, California." , ' The bulk transfer will be consummated on of after the 30th day of January, 1978 at Wells Fargo Bank, Escrow Dept., 200 B Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 County of Sonoma, State of California. So far as known to the transferee(s), ^11 business names and addresses used by Transferor(s) for "the three years last past, if different from the above, are: none Dated: December 20, 1977 s-Juan Alicea Juan Alicea Carmen D. Alicea Transferee S .Abel De Luna Abel De Luna s-Emllia De Luna Emilia De Luna Transferor 1-20,1978 PUBLIC NOTICE MEKLE P. ORCHARD, ORCHARD & JOHNSON 415 West Perkins St. Ukiah, Ca 95482 SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA, COUNTY OF MENDOCINO C:ourthouse, Ukiah, Ca 95482 NOTICE OF HEARING OF PETITION (PROBATE) CASE NUMER: 17124 ESTATE OF MAUDE MYRTLE DANIEL, also known as MAUDE M. DANIEL also known as MAUDE MARTIN, also known as MAUDE MARTIN DANIEL, NOTICE is hereby given that MYRTLE TURNER has filed a petition for: Probate of holographic will and.for letters testamentary reference to which is hereby made for further particulars. A hearipg on the petition is set for February 3, 1978 at 9:30 a.m. in Dept. No, 1, Superior Court, County of Mendocino, Courthouse, Ukiah, Ca 95842 Dated January 18, 1978 VIOLA N. RICHARDSON Clerk, by YOLANDA Mc- TAGUE Deputy 1-20,25,27, 1978 PJ. BI.IC NDTUE NOTICE OF BULK TRANSFER (Sees. 6101-6107 U.C.C.) TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given to the Creditors of ABEL DE LUNA, EMILIA DELUNA, NICOLAS DE LUNA , and PEDRO DE LUNA, Transferor(s), whose business addi^ess is 1900 N: State Street, Ukiah, CA County of Mendocino, State of California, that ii bulk transfer is about to be made to JUAN ALICEA and CARMEN D. /^LICEA, Transferee(s), whose business address is 1900 N. State Street, Ukiah, 'CA FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT THE FOLLOWING PERSON(S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: Davjna Electric at 892 No. State St. Ukiah, Calif. 95482 John B. Thatcher 3800 No. State St. ' Sp. No. G91 Ukiah, Calif. 95482 Donald B. Ray 249 W. Gobbi Apt. L Ukiah, OaHf. 95482 This business is conducted by a general partnerhsip. s-John B. Thatcher JOHN B. THATCHER This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendocino County on Jan. 4, 1978. File No. 78-D-l 1-6,13,20,27,1978 PUBLIC NOTICE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS . NAME STATMENT THE FOLLOWING PERSON (S) IS (ARE) DOING BUSINESS AS: FINE & FANCY FLOWERS at 1107 S.. State St., Ukiah, Ca. 95482. Ernest M. Fine 987 N. Oak St. Ukiah, Ca. 95482 Michele A. Fine 987 N. Oak St. Ukiah. Ca. 95482 This business is conducted by an individual. s-Michele A. Fine Michele A. Fine This statement was filed with the County Clerk of Mendo- docino County on Dec..15, 1977. File No. 77-F-18 12-30, 1977, 1-6,13,20, 1978 Classified Direct Wdnt Ad Tj^iepfione NumlMr 468^23 Information Classified Department Hours: Mdrfiday-Friday 13:00 to 5:00 ' RATES (Family Want Ads) QEADLINES Consecutive Times 20 + 14-19 10-13 7-9 6 5 4 3 Per Line Per Day 17< 19' 20< 2V 22" 23' 26' 30' New Family Want Ads, correctrons and cancellations liefore noon ttie day before publication Monday-Friday. For Sunday publication before S:00 p.m. Tliursday. CRePIT Courtesy credit is extended to persons wittiin ttte Ukiah Daily Journal's circulation area. Bills are payable when ren dered. Some classifications are payable in advance. ERRORS Minimum ad 3 lines NOTE: All ads appearing in the Daily Journal on Mondays will in addition appear in the Mendo-Lake Advertiser on Tuesday and be charged at 8' per line per insertion. COPY ACCEPTANCE The baiiy The Daily Journal will not be responsible lor more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad or for errors not clearly affecting the value of the ad and is responsible only for that line or portion of the ad that appeared incor rectly. Journal reserves thft right to edit or withhold publication Snd may exercise its discretion in acceptance or classification of any bnd all advertising. SERVICE.GU1DE Rates lor the Service Guide are monttt- ly. Any ad running less than one month will be billed the regular earned classified rate.,Changes are made on Tues-. days, deadline Monday noon. .. '{I ADVERTISING INDEX Apt. for rent-Furnished : 4 Apt. for rent-umurnfshed / Automotive Service parts 29B Airplanes 30 Boats, trailers, motors JOA Business Opportunities 19 Business Rentals H' Campers & Trailers 23 Cars, Trucks 29 Child. Care SA Duplexes-lor Rent 9A Employment Wanted 2 Equipment for Rent ... 15 Farm Equipment 14 ForRehtor Lease 14A For Sale (Miscellaneous). 21 Garages torrent 7A Help Wanted ,.. 1 Houses for Rent-Furnished 8 Houses for Rent-Unfurnished 9 Income Property.. 18 Instruction 3 Investments 17B Livestock J4 Lost and Found , * Mobile Homes ajA Mobile Home Service Repair 23B Money to Loan ; IB Money wanted 19A Motorcycles and Bikes JIAj Motor Homes 23C Musical instruments 24 New and Used Equipment 22 Notices •. Personals 5A Pets J5 Real Estate for Sale 17 ' Real Estate Wanted 17A Rest Homes I'A Room and Board ; n Rooms forfient '0 Services Offered ., M Situations Wanted , 'B Trailer Rentals 1 13 Used Cars Wanted 29A Wanted to Buy V Wanted to Rent or L^ase U 1—Help Wanted [WANTED MATURE ex- , perience switch board operators. Must be able to work shift ^ork. Apply at 595 East Perkins. SEX IS NO BARRIER If you are sincerely interested in a career opportunity and are'willing to pay a price, for immediate financial success. It makies no difference whether you are called Mr. Mrs. or Miss. We are offering an income of $80Q plus a month. Two weeks of training at our national training center all expenses paid, a chahce to move into management within 6 months, a very high income and a sense of adventure in your career. We service & sell established business accounts & develope new ones. We are a 63 year old company with a good reputation, for appointment | call 468-0658. Equal Op- ' portunity Employer. RETIRED PERSON or couple free mobile home space. Some salary, light care taking. 92'B-6495 Leggett Ca. PAPER BOY & GIRL NEEDED Must be willing to work on Sundays. Call 468-0123 G/Q Ukiah Journal 1—Help Wanted HI BLK NOTICE NOMINEES AND MEASURE 'GENERAL MUNICIPAL ELECTION Notice is hereby given that the following persons have been nominated for the offices hereinafter mentioned to be filled at the General Municipal Election to be held in the City of Ukiah on the lib day Of March, 1978: Councilmember (2) (Full Term) Letha O'Laughlin Actkinson Albert B. Norris, Jr. M: Hays Hickey , Michael E. Hunter Donna Louise Fonseca James D. Shupe Mary E. Snyder Measure: "Shall the City of Ukiah enter into the Shell I^rchase Power Agreement with the Northern California Power Agency?". 1-13,20,1978 BURNETT REALTY GALLERY OF HOMES now has openings for ,4 new associates. If you are a BROKER-SALESMAN or planning on getting a license soon, call for an appointment. GALLERY OF HOMES is an International Network of independent' brokers. A top professional training program with computerized' referral system are part of the advantages you will find at our office. All replies will be held confidential. If you want to be successful in Real Estate. Call: 462-6662 or write PO Box 1057 Ukiah, Ca. 95482. CLEMENTINES is taking applications for the following help: Bar Tenders-Male & Female, Waitresses, Doormf^n. Cooks, Dishwashers. Phone Valerie 4594105 for further info. WANTED IMMEDIATELY expert tyjjist for downtown court reporters office. Full time 9-5 job. Accuracy & spelling critical. Good earnings. Write P.O. Box 761, Ukiah. 2 HOUR positioon. $2.85 hr. Primary grade instructional aide. Call Peter Seiber at P.V. Elementary School. 7431633. E.O.E. HOUSEKEEPING Mon.-Fri. Call aft., 5:30 p.m. 462-3102 GIRL FRIDAY — Gen. Office includes Bookkeeping through Gen. Ledger. Typing 45 w.p.m. Send Resume to Box No. A 846, Ukiah Daily Journal, j- , • PERSON NEEDED 6 hrs. a wk. to deliver Toys, Notions, Candles to a supermarket in Ukiah. Retail Exp. helpful, but not nec. No Investment. Reply to: The Berton Co. 33454 Western Ave. Union City, CA. 94587. LAW ENFORCEMENT TRAINEE. No expr req'd. A^ 18-34. HS Grad. Good pay, excel benefits, educ opptys. Join the People Who've Joined the Army, an honorable profession. Call 462-2991. iSSSSBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMD HAPPY EVERY DAY, MOM! We Love You, • Dad, Cliff, Linda, 8. Cliffi^, Kim, , Elmer & Melody, • And STOCKROOM TRAINEE, No expr necessary. Age 17-34, HS Grad. Good pay, excel benefits, educ opptys. Join 'he People Who've Joined the ..rmy, an honorable profession. Call 462-2991. TRUCK DRIVER. No expr req'd. Age 17-34. HS Grad, Good pay, excel benefits, ediic opptys.-Join the People Who've Joined the Army, an honorable profession. Call 462 T 2991. For a picture market of homes for sale see "Living" every Sunday. 1—Help Wanted DIRECTOR — Retii-ed Senior Volunteer Program. $745-905. Full-Time. Ukiah Location. Management position. Background in community development & social service delivery skills. Some travel Coordinate and manage RSVP programs in Lake and Mendocino Counties. Job applications & descriptions available at NCO, 101 W. Church, Ukiah 462-1954. Closing date 1-3178. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER NORTHWEST Passage Group Home for Boys is looking for persons with soft hearts but strong wills to be counselor trainees. Starting salary is $3.00 per hour for full time and part-time work. F i r e m e n's hours. Qualifications: Two years college or equivalent experience with adolescents, plus maginative creativity in carrying out active recreation and emancipation program. Phone: 274-8193: CE^A VI — Recreation . Maintenance Coordinator To coordinate andror schedule . various recreational activities and be responsible for maintenance of certain recreation facilities! Min. 2 yrs. college w-AA Deg. preferrably w-recreational background. Sal. $785-$821, incl. Med., Dental, Vision Ins. Apply EDD Office, No. 208 Mason St., Ukiah. SOLICITORS WANTED, for Willits, Ukiah, and Laytonville. 459-2075. SALESMAN WANTED Industrial, must be experienced,, energetic, local firm, profit sharing, insurance. Send resume in own handwriting to P.O. Box A842 c-o Ukiah Daily Journal. PARALEGAL: Salary $833- month, applicant must be unemployed 15 weeks, and CETA Title VI eligible, to work with Indian clients, legal- research, interviewing, investigation,, counseling, writing reports, and handling administrative fair hearings, attend meetings. File by January 24, 1978. Indians, minoritii^, and women are encouraged to apply. Contact Employment Development Department, ' 208 Mason Street, Ukiah for CETA-Title VI certification. WANTED Store Manager for Fabric Store in Ukiah area. Must be energetic, proficient in sewing & have know• ledgeable background in fabrics, merchandising & personnel relations. Health ' plan avail, plus pd. vacation. Salary open. Send complete resume to J. Silver 1109 San Angelo Dr. Salinas, CA. 9.3901. -Notices TECHNICAL WRITER illustrator, freelance. 485-7616 & CETA VI — Building Main-, tenance To clean & maintain City Office, Police Dept. & Community Center. Hours varied. Min. 2 yrs. eixper. in responsible Maint. position. Sal. $670-701,- ihcl. Med., Dental, Vision Ins. Apply EDD Office, No, 208 Mason St., Ukiah Ca. PART TIME, Full Charge Bookkeeper for Ukiah Business Firm. Salary Neg. Send Resume^to P.O. Box 667. WANTED EXPERIENCED maid, in person 406 S. State WANTED SHORT order cook. No experience necessary. Will train. Must be 21 year^ old or older. Inquire in person, 255 N. State. Owl Cafe. Ukiah. HELP WANTEJD in our business full or part time. We train. Call 462-9176. JOB OPENING witn California Human Development Corporation's CETA 303 Education and Training Program for farm­ workers for OUTREACH WORKER. Salary $7,115.00 Annually. Permanent position in Ukiah. Spanish and English speaking required. Request information and application from Candido Morales, 1500 Marin Street, Vallejo, CA or Bob Jordan, 516 South State Street, Ukiah, CA. Dead line is Jan. 24, 1978. 95482. CHDC IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. MATURE person wanted for positions in local fast food restaurant 25-40 hrs. a week. Send reply to P.O. Box 628 Ukiah, Calif. RN PARTTIME. CCU or ER + Venipuncture experience desired. Must be capable of working with specialized, medical equip. Call 468-9206 Mon. Wed. Fri. 9 to 2 p.m. -Notices fREE YESl FREE You may receive at no cost or obh'gation, one full room of carpet professionally shampooed. Along with a preview of our neyv KIRBYCLASSICIII! Simply call or di-op in, to set up your appt. Must be present for preview. Please present coupon to i^epresentative.. KIRBY €0. OF UKIAH 519 S. state St. " , Hrs. 9:00to4:00 .Phone: 462-9469 Expires March 1st, 1978

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