The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1936 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1936
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS 0 News I Edited by j. O. FULLETITON J. L. DAMERON County Agricultural Agent, Ass't. County Agent Docs Many jobs Better .' Than Old Way and at : Slight Extra Cost . • Many ' farmers In North Mississippi county are anxious to secure electricity through rural electrification projects for their homes and -lor farm use. However, In nearly e,very case tlie question foremost in .their minds is, "How can I pay the monthly current bill!" "The answer Is "put the electricity , to wort,," states J. o. Fullerton, county agent. •Tl\e size nnd ty|» ot fnini will determine the electrical equipment that should be selected. Generally, the following pieces arc recommended for every farm; lighting, water 'pump, washing machine, Iron 'and radio. The electric refrigerator should be added as finances permit, and then small utility motors, feed grlndeii. irrigation equipment, wood saws, milking machines, etc., "the county agent was told bv , Elberl E.Karns, extension agibul- tural engineer, University- of Arkansas College of Agriculture Partners report that they use an average of 4 1-2 gallons "of kerosene per month for, lighting alone, or about. $1 per mo'nth for n very limited amount of lighting service. ".Harry, Gofortli, who lives near ' Payettevllle, irrigated one-half acre of fall potatoes that yielded 140 crates: Valued at $1.25 a cialc, Ills gross Income from the potatoes was more tlia'n $175. Ill addition to Irrigation purposes- an electric water pump protects the health c! the family by providing good sanitary facilities, drinking water, fire protection, and it also contributes to more economical livestock production, Mr Karns said.. * An 'electric washing machine wilt save $1 per month on soap, washboards and in decreased i\ear'on clothing,'beside saving a to 10 hours _ per week for tlie housewife. The electric Iron'will prolong the wearing life of- clothes because of Its uniform'•heat control.' : Many .farmers state that the operating cost of the ballery-lype radio Is about $15 per year, or $125 per month. Tlie electric radio eliminates the cost of new batteries and re-charging, In addition to saving nearly $25 on the first cost of the machine. The electric radio lias/a.tow current consumption. Judging from these figures,' the average farmer spends about $3.10 per month for> a' very limited amount of service,' whereas, ut'liig electricity-at prices, now avertable under.the Rural Electrification Ad- rninlnstration plan, the cost of operating, basic equipment, such as lighting,'water prnmx washing machine,'iron, and radio, would be about. - $3 per month,'Mr. Karns said. ' ' Electricity, costing $3, gives the fanner many tiroes as much service as he Is now getting from his present monthly' cash outlay, the engineer said. Agent's Office A Busy Place in Past 12 Months The following Is a short sum- mary.of some of the activities of the county agent's olfice for the Chlckasawbi District, December I, 1935 to November 30, 1030, Including the services of tlie assistant county' agent when working In this district: ). Miles traveled on official duty 11,339 2. Number telephone calls .. 10,504 3. Number farm vlsils made 179 4. Number office cults 18,084 B. Number days' .spent in field 320 0. Number days spent In cl- fice ,111 7. Number news stories published 118 8. Number individual letters written 4,972 9. Number different circular letters-prepared 10. Number bulletins distrlb- 11. Number 4-H club meel- 3,044 ings held 225 12. Number form meetings. 112 13," Total attendance at all meetings 21,865 Farmers With Plenty of Feed Will Want to'Car- - 17 More Pigs Here Is tile November icjiort on HID hog situation fiom the Bureau of Agricultural Economics, ns reported (o j. o. Fullerton, county ngent. The bureau says Hint fanners who have plenty of feed probably will nnd this n good time'to carry tlieir brood sows and Io buy more feeder pigs. Hog prices apparently have passed their low point following the seasonal decline that started In Au^ gust and continued tin-flush September anil October. • Hog price* came, up during (he first three weeks In November nnd piobnbiy will continue upward; (intil about March or April. ! ; In contrast with ttil^ lirospect roi hlghei hog prices, the prXce of corn —although at n much Iligher level than a year ago—Is not likely to go much higher. If hog prices go WANTED Government Loan Cotton • Phone 167 APPLEilAUM BROS.. COTTON CO. Bertlg mag. ,BlythevUle, Ark Read Courier News Want Ads Christmas Pre-view * so you. can shop ahrart of holiday . Jain * have a larger' and :fincr selection * small deposit holds until Christmas * insures unhurried giTt- Custom Tailored NECKWEAR Hell like (he rmscnline smartness and long wearing.quality of these custom tailored lies. ' _ Many, many patlerns and colors of whleli - - four are illustrated. Gift'boxed free It you choose, • l '" • f; ' ' ' '.. . , ^ AsMsual the host is always at MEAD CLOTHING Co. «• ' 318 WEST MAIN STREET Home of the perfect gift for men ofallages = WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSC)N= WEDNESDAY, . DECEMBER..,9,-1938 John's Vision on Patmos International (inifonn Swnhy chool Lesson for I»ec. in. Devotional Reading: I rorliillihuis 15:H5"i4 * r » nv WM. B. cnutov, n. n. Editor of Advance The Book of Revelation, which •obnbly wiis not. the last book i the l)ll>lc to be written', but hich Is Hie closing book In our ible, lias puzzled schohirs as well s ordinary readers. • All manner of theories and In- crpreiatkms have been offered oncernini! it, but no one cnn aim to linve solved with au- lorlty nil Its mystery. Possibly much .of the symbol- ni'-nnd Imagery was Intelligible those for whom (he l>ook was riltcn In dnyn of persecution i the church, but there Is. much nth.In the clnlin'of Hie scholar ho said that the: key to tho ystery had been lost, and could ot be recovered. While, this; Is true, It .ought .to « recognized at .the same time lat there; arc : clear and beauti- ij rcllsloiLs tcnchlngs In the ysterlo'us setting of this book, ml Hint, in Imagery nnd literary .. as now • seems probable,, the og-corn price ratio will become ive favorable for hog , producers , late winter or spring. That is, ic relationship bolween hog pi-Ices id com prices is likely to be more ivornblc for feeding corn-to.liogs Itliln a few months than it is now. tlio corn crop pros-poet* are bout nnriiial next year, the out- ook for hog jirodnccrs will be liir- hcr Improved, Therefore, there vobably will be n sharp Increase i the number of jows bred for next car's fall pig ci'op. It iipixrnrs Hint farmers wlio solil K>th breeding stock and other liogs •) freely during August,. Scptembei nd October have cut down their og numbers to Just about (It the •'•a of lliclr feed supply, or to meet iclr Ideas of the number of hogs hey slioulcl keep with the price f feed wliat It, Ls at this time. The number of hogs slanghteied ruler federal Inspection' in Octo- 61 this year was'almost 84 per ent larger than the number of ogs slaughtered In October last ear. However, this October, hogs liowed much lighter nveiage vcights At the seven leading mtir- ets, the average weight of nil hogs •as 212 pounds, or 30 iwund-i lew Imn for October a year ago, power, It has n jiweop and grandeur that stir the soul, even though one -may not be assured of the exact meaning of particular details. ', Perhaps the clearest nnd, most unmistakable portions of the book arc In the letters to the fieven churches of Asia. llei'c we have a chance to see the Christian movement In its reality, with the struggle of good nnd evil In an ancient world dominated by powers of force am! violence and all manner of tyranny nnd wickedness. ' t One would expect thai, under such conditions, those who dared lo follow the Christian way would nil be Inherently pure and beautiful souls, beyond weakness and' beyond temptation; yet tlie picture of these early churehoa reveals much that was not Ideal. • . • * ,- . Here In our lesson, In, the Introduction to these letters, to .the seven churches, the symbolism of Llie book Is emphasized.-: - p . In Patmos, the writer tells ; us, lie was "In the Spirit on the Lord's day," when he heard behind him a great voice,- us of a trumped.. TJie.voice commanded him to ViTlte to the seven churches all that he could see, and as lie turned toward thp voice, lie saw seven golden candlesticks. One need not dwell, upon, other details of the image, and the writer became convinced that the Living Christ was speaking to him, and that the message cnina directly from Cod. first of all, In this message, Is Hie appeal to cast aside, all fear. The Living One has the keys of deatli and of'the-unseen world. ... The forces'of evil may destroy Hie bodies of men, but they cannot destroy tlie soul: 'In Ihc great struggle of good, and,- evil, the good will triumph, : for truth cannot be destroyed. • • •«';•.• In this world of the present day, new terror has laid hold of -whole masses of people. '•. At -a time when we supposed^ the world hasj progressed In enlightenment,. and! the:'tyrannies and persecutIons' of the ".past we're? at'~ari -end,Vne^ persecutions have broken but. :• In c'various parts of the world today, men" ar« suffering for their-faith, and all freedom of thought and speech has be'en destroyed. Pear clutches at the hearts of ,men and TOmen, and even In our' own land we are riot KO. sure that religious liberty is beyond all peril. ; • ; • CMI we find ,th'e faith that ^ustalnj?d( men llvln|: in dark days? Perhaps the Book of Revelation, can be' read with a new meaning arid a new value at a time when the great struggle between rlgiit -and wrong, ir'um .and error, good and evil, and all Hie dangers Involved Is re-enipha- m^-Cd. • ' '• • , a. book to stir and sus- —, Fja. (UP) —Dizzy Dean, pitching star for the St. Louis Cardinals, has; a namesake In ttievRmgiirig Brothers ami Barnum arid Bailey circus winter quarters here. ' ')*-a, b'aby chimpanzee, born of crisis. Circus Chimp Dizzy Dean's New Namesake In St., Louis, when.the circus played lliiit' city arid reported to be the only baby chimp that survlvfliy birth in captivity. The chlmpan-/ zee npw welgljs. three and a halt pounds and Its mother Is a 150 pound .specimen. Most authorities agree that more than SO per .cent of the cases of blindness/ are preventable. Calota^s Help Nattiire Off a Cold Millions hay* found in Calotabs a valuable aid in. the traSt 1 ^' S^ 7 Wf one ° r two '«"be first night and repeat tlie third or fourth night U needed. .How do ;; Calotabs help .Nature JJS**; «ff » cold? first. Calotabs are i. ! an e- ftndable of all intesttn*! ellmlnants thus cleansing the intestinal tract of tUfi ppnn«lftnpn mn/itio 'nn^- *»— i_J_ Second, Calotaba »re diuretic to the kidneys, promoting the elimination of cold poisons from the blood. Thus Calotabs serve the double purpose of a .purgative and diuretic, both' of which are needed in the treatment of colds. Calotaba are quite" economical; only, twenty-five cents for the family package, ten. cent* for the trial The pull of solid comfort and real luxury draws thq travel-wise to Hotel Melbourne in St Louis. Just a few minutes from oil I points of interest Dining Room and Coffee Shop serving splendid food at I low prices. M HOT€L UNDER BOULEVARD'-AT GRAND AVENUE- like oil my cuitomers ore buying Terraplanei" RtprodaceiItem «c !uiI'pholofnph — Super TerripH ne Srou*h<01, }6SO !,,{ *t r.cta,, That's why so many thousands are changing io TERRAPLANE Just read Terraplane'* "No. 1" features b»- low ... a list unmatched by any other low priced car. You'll find many more when you visit your. Hudson and Terraplane dealer. No. 1 in Driving Ease, with new Selective Automatic Shift, an optional extra. You need no hand gear lever...need push no clutch pedal. The car almost drives itself! ! Front floor all clear of gear or brake levers.« No. 1 in Size, with wheelfaase increased ! to 117 inches ... longest by nearly 5 inches of all four low priced leaders. No. 1 in Roominess and Luxury. 55 full inches of front seat comfort for three ... at least 3 % inches more than any of the others. And interior richness always thought "too fine" for a low priced car. No. 1 In Power, increased to 96 and 101 smooth horsepower . . . greatest of the four by at least 11 horsepower. With proved performance, certified by Contest Board, American Automobile Association. No. 1 in Endurance and Economy. Eight official AA.A. Contest Board endurance records smashed by a 1937 Terraplane! 1,000 miles at 86.54 miles an hour in the most punishing "torture test" a stock car • ever endured. And top economy proved in official tests made at everyday driving speeds. No. 1 in Safety. Body all of steel, with .„.' roof of solid steel . . . pioneered by Terra- ' • plane. D uo- Automatic Hydraul ic Brakes ... two separate braking systems from the sam« ' pedal. Safety proved in official tests, riofjj- ping in half the legal distance. * S.T. «M **«,', c. n. uw C «i Hudson'. Completely New 1937 .UNE ant *f, I. ». b. Dttml T«n, dtthnry, horrflmj imd ilonrford gttvp of o<cMiMUi tut™. Ko. 1 CAR or THE LOW FSICE nEU>-117-DJCH WHEELBASE- H M« 101 HOMPOWEK-55 CTCHES OF IHPHT tEAT COMTORT TOK TH»n BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Blythevilte, Ark, ih Ill South Broadway ,TEB>AnAirz,* s > 9 ..mMons«.»Mi . HTTDSOH EIOKT, mi w _ AltP OT. T. O. >. DETSOIT . nr« Select'your own Christmasptesent i'the biggest *35 worth in town! f • i Tailored by Hart Schaffner & Marx One of the^smartest things you can do this season is buy a Christmas present for yourself! And why not .select a present that improves your personal appearance such ^ one of these sensational TrnK-f-^rH 8 -, If ^ is your price, then Triple Test is the suit for you! Just listen to this . 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