Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee on June 21, 1942 · Page 11
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Kingsport Times from Kingsport, Tennessee · Page 11

Kingsport, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 21, 1942
Page 11
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Danny Kaye Rates Six-Figure Check As Second Chaplin B'» li«> IVarork Wide orid Fe«turrs Writer y,-, V > ork ho ix this feMow Parri^’ K^>< îiîsi hp should rate a siX-ñp-J’'' nitu ic oontra<'t? S>x uni moU*»naî Broadw n it* « g^jvc !)'.( ":x ans'Acrs u hirh ad*! up TO Tho same thini: i>anny K«ye i 5 the hi.ii'hed prod:;<i, a come- cjso who IS genuinely funny. He they x«ud, wed ?rnunàcd Î 7 Î f ..ndamcntals. Has rxr«d!e;n niatPT AÎ and doesn i ov, rio it. Has a íTOí>d pirsonahîy. Has expressive hands reminisvonl of Cinj'Ua. Is *n or;gu'ifttor, îiot ¡nutato.*. That's five answer*;. The MX’.ii, f-om a ¡etrl; “He's ritif ' He C'an I»o Fxerylhin^ Add frxibility for gooi measure. As t**^ een'raî figure in ”I>et> Fai'P muso'al eomedy em- helJjshrd w;th Cole F.-rt-r eougs panny is tne guy everybody picks on. who run't find a ’’.atener, the Pracula -’ho tcrror-x«» the fern a le.'^ Tall ard lider. with good nhoulders ard attractive face de- icpite a longuvh nose Danny looks like liobndv but himscT. His blond IS !-r-a “Birti- of îfif Blurs,'* shouing today and Monday at thr For. is full of thr nrJanrhoiy moan of thr sa.rop^ionr and clannrt, Star% artf Brfan Donlrtu. Mnrt^ Martin, and B'vg Cm-^'hy. ★ ★ ★ ★ dr ★ Birth of the Blues’ 'Lydia Featured At At Fox; Scott Radio Roundup Army's Hollywood Featured Today On ’Army Hour' The .Army's own “Hollywood.” where the young men of the mov- ie.s. radio and tli** ,*:tage pool tal- ent.s to make better soldiers for I nde Sam, will he spuilightcd in the War Pepartmenf.s official Army Hour broadcast tin.s afternoon at ."xio p. ni, Some of the | country's most f.amous theatrical personalities, now in uniform, work at the Signal Corps rhotographir Center. Astoria. Long Island. En- jteriainment is not Iheir object. A .clear exposition of machine gun operations, communication hne.s. airplane motor maintenance every phase of the great technical Ic.sson that he learned to .«^ave American h\e.s in winning the hat. tie for freedom is the end product that romrs ent of the cqinera=i the I^ng I.sland .«tudinx. DAO —Selected by the National Father’s Day Committee as “radio's outstanding father". House Jameson, of “The Aldrich Family", receives award June 21. ★ ★ W Stephen Vincent Benet, brilliant American poet whose previous ra- 10,000 To One— And She Missed! Dancer's Billing Worries Star Of’Blithe Spirit' ^ By Bob >fusel I nlt**d I’rpx^ f'orrrs|iuufii>nt i New York Clifton \Vchb is well established n.s a fine actor, in fact! his ghost-ridden author in "Blithe Spirit." did much to win Xoel Coward'.s "improbable farce” the Crit- ic.s Circle Drama award. So perhap.s there i.s iittle point in raking up the old question of why he quit dancing when he wa.s on« of the' tw'o or three hr.nt in mu.sica! comedy. But the subject came up naf- , urally during a discusión at the' stage door of the Moro.sco Theater and Webb said that it was all due to a review' in a trade paper which referred to him, a double handful of years ago, as a lioffcr.” Then how- come he had danced in half a dozen first rate musicals afterwards? Irnpenhonafx’d fih.qodi The movie that put New Orleans I hair, thick unto bushy is wild Memphis at each other's . , , , iuMu-'d by turn*. .\nd h,.- ihroat, uh^n r„ h that ' hsnd- are never sti:] “I ne%-er forgot the description,” laughed "I suppos® I w'as really Just that at the time, still it im- Dinah Shore, dark-haired song- pre.s.'^ed me so that I decided I dio creations have been limited to star of Edie Cantor’s Time to Smile would cither dance and act or act one-time broadcasts, is writing a broadcasts, has added a new alone. No more just dancing. And comidcte new NBC series entitled of weekly stiniics. She's trying to that’s what led to straight dramatic "Dear Adolph." which will he based iearn more Army. Navy and Marine rol.-s ’ on a series of .six letters written uniform.s and their insignia. And The name of the show- in which Hitler bv typical American.s tpe next time rtma^j Siiore offer.s ''*'cbb wa.- mi.stakcn for a hoffer Bonnie Pn\rr . . , eîoinsr aîî right ★ ★ ★ bv typical .t* prcv,,«- .houM he held withm K'-V. b-vor r-,l’v hnn...t, „ ,.„w,rr -hi II know wha* 'v '•' 7 '* «'’d .lOIJ In the Ion.k ‘ ^ , ' , ; » < utia viunin ... Sundays from .> p m to .'i l,’) p m .<ihe s dnjnc .st ring of .successe: there.after Webb her gates the Crosby-Martin Birth even with himself. Though uncon- NRC-WKFT beginning tndav That, definitely was not the ease plavrd in .'ketches hc*:!des .singing of tne Blues makes a return en- vincing as a gangster. Robert Tay- The letters which form the hoisic when Cantor and Dinah enter- ^nd dani ing and in at least one As a comedian, he started at the kngement m Kingsport today and enough to kick material for Benet a adaptations t.qined the bov.s at Camp Elliott, 'how, ti e relehrafrd "A.s Thou- bot’om With a don t-say-the-xnii- Momia> at tne i-ox I heatre. « ” farmer, a bu.sinc.s.sman, Mnrine Base ne ir.'^an r>;ej:o .-ard.- i'herr. he imper«;nnated Bonnie Baker Finds New Road To Fame He ent Room By Ray Peacock «id. Morld Fpatiire* Writer j New York-This is sort of an more voice and varying my come The 5scntt Theatre U'edresday for a two-day showing As an American deb itante of the gay nineties Miss (‘‘aeron ;s plav- ing a somewhat different role for her. but the rorcen.''Us is that she keep.s up iier good record I>Tvers in ! :de .Alan Marshall of • Tnm. Dn k and Harry C,e. rge bl''-k flashing Fteexes. rrl.a’ive newcomer. Hans ''ountenance. s:*oke toricht at third \’irtor\ be even con.sciously imitated any- enough now to do some dancing. yet who. in their .-'ruggle against one. b’Ji li he has a hero, it 1 » the •‘^bd Rochester, old master of pantomime th* “I baa edy. bood ISTI. want to be anything but dian," It 1 .“ n matter of record that McClmtic, Cabriel Pascal and others have wanted to cast biTn*1n serio'.LS pari.s, and that Edward John.von, head of the Metropolitan t'Tcr.s p'Ointed to Danny and sa i. 'There is the perfect Figaro B It Danny would have rone o^ H s r'irh’ nme is T>avid D»niel Komir k and res 2*^ His father was an ,*» irogrant »•'bo than s r..nny. The two writers who ha%'e helped him to suc< ess »).. wr'*e and edit h'.s film maie- r* One i*; Max Licbman. the other A a Fir;e In private life rhe :s Mrs Hi ye. and «he ton thirk*: Tiist D^.n.- y :« a very funny ie’tow. unbcheveahle number and variety ‘V ' ‘'T'’ rwuiaui nroKc mosc bodiain that the return o. an ecto,.laMmi first .joabied: broken attendance records she went -with Tuckers orchesti^ nf t vpr«* .-li olcmonts. aic sironglv <i. trr- xvasn't qiueted until Dinah, liter- «ifo to up.sct llie quiet English .pveral New England theaters ^^d nothing much happened until Lr-u o ^ , .mined to choke Hulcr on uiicat allvan' " * ’ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------r.ngiana incaiers. The SiOtt offers a double order ........... nging just one little old song at that— solo in iheater.s and there again, in a field p rn provide thf. tebnf/ A.« an example, he cite.s dancing - a subject, incideniall.v, hkes. Being famous isn’t hiirt- Parade in the weeUlv Scarlatti'.s "Cat’^ Fugue," which that he w'ould rather forget -AVebb ^ ^ ¡ntually i.« ba.«rd on the notes introduced ".ri.akehip.s” to the ^he song, of course, was On, Victor Records i .W ■ f series bemg prc.sentrd in behalf baity t.s na.«rd on the notes introduced ".-i.akehip.s" to the u; vuuisr, >.«3 v/u. T i IA liinnm KAAIi of the nmce of Fans ard Eigurc.s -"fruck bv the composers rat m a Broadway stage This was con.sid- shy. effortless. inC JUnQlC DOOll Lmnel Barrvmore. beloved charac- the keyboard of a ^red a torrid turn nt the time. The baby-doll way^that made her every- ter actor again will s^rve a.s "The harpsicord: fjjni.s hired him to dance, paid him body s kid Trouble was. the they were at the Palmer House in Chicago in 1939. Then "Oh, Johnny** w*as dusted Ronnie joined Tucker’s off. Thev made a recording and it ’ gained an amazing sold eOO^OOO copies. A modern passenger locomotiv« of the steam tyqie costs from $80,000 to $ 100 , 000 . Deep in the heart of a huge \'nire nf the Government,” a< king case a IT-year-old boy, fro'm dusky ★ ★ ★ .-inipiy; "My Out.'^ide the big f'hnt Gonger. just returned fieni hu« Emfed Prp>s post in Europe, in Yara% import from the pre-war nam- is Mowgu. Cfntr«! Kurore: and I'-’X »" orchrstra hroke irto shafts ,|<,„,,nHorn that in Ftvit- shttonr.K molo-i.v. zrrland. HVK ro.-ontiv hroiicht down the "Mr. Smlfli Goe.^ to AVa.sîîi ngtoii," ("oncer relate.«. _ ‘ Joseph ('oT’on who liad one of the ' Polish tailor ''Citizen Kane" ^'*bi. the fabulous Ea^-t Indian >f movie fame, was re<'ordin fa.sciiiating "Jungle Book.”: laekground ^ Pi .svm phony orchestra r <»UMi 11** ri i f Ì n. w rxTonres other tailors niovie ^va'.« produred by A’ex- recording Kip- urder Korda, who m priv-ve life png s la.sruiai iiii: uunc.f reached Swit.zrrland T 1 .« the hu.sband of rfe Ereli.«h-born ^musical baenground noted commentator Merle r»beron. Summer Musicals In Berkshires Out For Duration 'Mountain Moonlight r^noK. in wnirn i.s w'itne.«..irc .«ome- The M'eaver Brothers and Elviry appearing. j„ keep up the family tradition de- "The Jungle Book." now' relea.«ed .«pite a fantastic plot m ".Mountain by Victor as Album M-9b.5. i.s the Moonhch! ■ at the Fox Wednesday dramatic nar.-ative of the life of ,.„y,,.eniional Amerii'an street garb New A'ork nadio out, landing and Thurs.lav. The mad, vinous Mowgli «the Little Fmg.. who w-as turban, he explained in re- father” i.« the titie the National r»rH) a week for a year and never w'ore out. Lost Is Found gave him a ihaero before the ^bcre have been many rumors More fh.ari rine thou,.ands dollar.s caniera.s. Vet hi.s early training wa.s ^bout her paiting with Tucker, but a week returned t- rightful heir.« for .straight drema nr l singing m .”” 1 ® is the rr< nrd reached bv CBS’ Arc which ho did a stunt w ith a Boston ^ You A Mi.'.nrg Her program, opera conmany and Ornn and I both de- if.s inception. Total amount nf A young woinon named Ronnie tbat the right thing to do n oncv returned to d.ate is almost Gla.s.v got him his first dancing leave. I wanted a a million and a quarter dollar.s. job She puked him as a partner career «f niy own. We still are in a ballroom act after he light- very friendly. hrartly fibbed tliat he was a \^ere we in love? No. You their own muntrv the privilege of professional w ho knew all the l^bouldn t believe everything you ............... con- bear. altz. That being that, Bonnie was on -that ber own again. **But I liked it better. I knew' the thing to do was to nightly .«top.« liie show. ★ ★ ★ 'Outward Bound' Next Bortcr Theatre Ploy production corccHÎed within t. u n . The plav will open in Abingdon Alexander Korda found the boy. day. the (.ommittec will present the o.- Margaret Wychcrly an ordinary urchin. Tdlowing veteran radio actor with an appro- red in the role of Mr.«. Midget. pellbnund the l’nit«vi Arli.sts’ staff pnate award. R-port« f.-rn o'ber .«ei tors of ^he who.« caught between the guy who thi> story in dramatic fa.shion while .. m frr't -dilate that the left her behind and the guy who the music swirl.s and swell.«, .«ome- poy.” Hollywood usual oiPionr p-rformance« will be «tavs behind her. A Girl, a Guy. times in the background, .«ome- formancc a.« Mother York in the inspiring motion picttire. "Sargcant scon THEATRE Gate City, Va. Sunday and Nonday Lana TURNER Robert TAYLOR in II II N>^ 2 ^ Y^ork Ur The first major war cas'ualv, of the iummer out- can coilcit. And as usual there s ,^.tbu wa.« door Tr.'.M. sea.-^ n ;s *he Bershire some hilibii.v .stvled mu.«ic. huge packing ca.«e when it be-ame Festrca! aM.urd. ■ hi id at Tangle- Andy Devine and Ruhard Arlen evident that in no other way could p^jjf,nunn me i nueq ,xrii.«is siau pictu- «\v?jrn. .. Wvrlierlv will lone he re- . --------- W'jod. :;^ar L* :..x, M sas ., and at- have‘he lead.-in "leather Pushers the proper balaru c ^ bet ween nar- atmosphere pictures in a A native of Au.stin, Texa.s, in for her snlendid per- tf.nded bv rai,..-;c-iovcrs from all Tuesday at the Fox rative von e and ba kground mu.sic {own near -My.sorc, India, n .a! life t a father at . i. . . .. L-. ------over The c<^.:ji.try. The .'^torv of the helpless gal be maintained. The star recites st^hu s film sucess came in nil. hut the trial.« of life with the -Thr immit.ihlo Hcnr,y snm<-t,mr.^_ creep Conpr-r. Hnrt %'ood riiscov- into his off-mike hours. Not .so ered him in "The Thief of Bag- long ago Mr. and Mrs. Jameson JOHNNY EAGER .Also NEWS and COMEDY continued ev‘pr\-w here tnd a «lob" i« to play Friday and times as part of the story. dad New York Saturdav at ibe Fox. Title charcy- An unusual feature of the album in which Hobcrf Porterfield was prominently featured. Mi.s3 Wych„ , , , , u I * 1 . crly’.s great performance caused Rock « p. rrlwhio cirl (o hH|' m thrir ( on- rnmrorn- .n thr motion ptr- wete looking for a new- maid, a r The Boston Syniphm.y Grches- tra wb- ■; g]'rs t i Tanglewood eorrt rts irher th"^ direction of Dr JUrpp Ke V-KV. thrcfore h».« *i o f orpnration to : T- ti 5 < hrduiod concerts. nrTwratjon has agreed, ex- c -, n --i f-rncr.t ■ ' ■ ir.'T r;. poii.sinle for U.« i " Í fo — ■ -tra s budget of ■■ to our own bud- ■Jchnnv Eager the while .Sabii uh . s in thc east on a accent tn carry an autlien- a boy hifc that. He get.s jnto too tour .«clhng \\ar Manip.«. He wore native atmosphère to the st--.ry. much trouble,” ütorv of a vivid orange-red turban and - - esked ca; The pia.r. I* *0 ¡tK*: i. o get Ti'.e fr.aîuTi*q a’bym on Gid-im- bia ■ ,T :’’e * re^ ordirc"' h« ,y>«tif jj ■ • rf oT)>-> a jire of the p_r<«o.-roî t ; iff.He:'« froir Mr"dcIs­ so Ir' immer Nights r»re**n ” hv »i-e C')#»\ r’ard Orches -1 tra ;rder Artur n-drsrsks It fill.« « tc- g.f.Ui y ; t presentirg in one group ire .x wl'.i' h hitherto h'cre V..' '.-hi'' o),'v ir .«cat- îrr.-i u . - ] . nr,;.;.g -s ex- cfi.o. ■ rj » 1 - , ■ '... g ‘iiperb es- if' • P: cd .s < ,sn e dire<‘- ..licrra, h'rxir 12 -ineh re-' r ■ A--, r .U hr ■- t F f =* fV Si O': ' ' Th;.« is r. ' pi-, I : St., ■ Í • W. '■ I». 'r- 1 rrdcd rci Old;; g PUt . -hi a the Ator.arf Í *oo • T-- ... - r» o d he.srta m - p H h re.^ri-t Ga«adesu« Î- A'nrk-Dhdbarroonte if- Jot r BarbirolM of tlie Mozart ron* ertos n..-< a -‘iMerpretcd” a*« -• :-i,UÎ . iti.sfyirg under], t ..-■<1 ophestra tiie June ji.-.t Î No 2 bv ,. I V ( >rcbe«t ra. Five (ONSl I T: L SUPMAN Opfoinrtrir K\(' S|MTÌììlist \ n- t^'c. i:-inch ree- Offìcp In: ' ’ ’.U S' , o • ski «r.d the A A. . ., f -p - t>!ia It con­ ta ’ KSuf‘.s-( ! Tod * ano t-‘e ahô .ï- s helovi d "Air Gn the G S‘- i-'cth t r-> c<-ihed bv ?to-’ -I is fli !ii« best ’’.ere T’ o -=pr-r,dic aria.« by P * / I ,, r, ' i,.;Kros' bt.d r- ... ‘Sh;-d .Sotig ' *•: ^ , oku;i- t r I'.hree Id-m' h OUR Government urges you to purchase the cGol you will need next wintet NOW, You will be helping, noj hoejrding Yoy wi| be taking pressure off the notion's cool- miplnq rjnd transportation facilities in fate summer and fall, when both will be badly needed for war purposes. Should you want a loan to pay for your season’s coal requirements, this bank will welcome your application. FIRST NATIONAL Member F. D. I. C. BANK CATE CITY T H F. ,A 'T' T: E Gate City, Va. SUNDAY and MONDAY .liinc2l 22 AS C0 PI10TS...THEY RE CO-RIOTS! mOUrn, COSTIILO ..ÿi MARTHA CAROL RAYE BRUCE WIIUAW CARGAN FOX THEATRE SUNDAY and MONDAY Open Sunday Matinee 1 to 4:,30 p. m. -- Night 8:30 p. m. •«At tttAlEST MUSICAL EATERTAIIIME*Y — SINCE THE BIRTH OF THE •St Louis Bkj«’»'MyM#lincl»eI)iBiiJy" . •Tiitr Rag’. -Waft TIH tht Sun SJilnai Haifit* ^ •Ths Waiter and tht Porter and the Upstairs Maid 'Coddii Up a Lfttlf Clostr, Lo»ey Mine’ •By the Light cf the Sibery Moon’end othersf Rocliester-j. CARROL naish - Dirsctfd bß V ‘cr S:‘^ííV- '’g'*’ • A F ■ i^íocní Picture A Lo NEWS and CONEEY

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