Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 15, 1973 · Page 5
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 5

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 15, 1973
Page 5
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Oil 'Disaster Lobby'Assailed T/MJ-AIIASSI':!'; ((flM) Allonicv CcniT .il Hulifil 1,. Slu'viii :sai(l I'Vidiy the oil iiKliislry's "(lis.isti'i' luliliy" is liyini.; Id p.'inic ihc li 't ^islaiiii c illlo spci 'i;!! srssinll, Id Wcakdli llic s!,-|l<''.s iiiiliiiiilcd li,il)ility law on oil spills. Slicviii said llic indnsli'v is usiiif,' liic ciirn'm i 'iic)',f!\' shorlaHi* In I'l'fxl skcpiical l('[;islalors iiilo sol'IciiiiiK llic law. Ill Idlers Id Sciialc I'rcsidcnl M .1 II 0 f y !•; . Horn c (l)-Tallaliassc('i and House Speaker T. 'IVrre'll Sessums (D-Tainpa), Sheviii .sviid he is totally opiio.sed to pulliii^i, any limit on (laiiiaf^es allowable under the law, Tlie 1!)7I) law, recently upheld hy the (J. 8. Supreme Court, provides that the state and its citizens may sue an oil shipjier for unlimited damages when a spill occurs. Committees in the house and .senate are studying proposals f (H- inserting some son of SOS Reminds Of Meeting .John .lohnson, eliairniaii of Save Our Shores Association, has i .ssui 'd a )-e(|uest for all citizens of Bay County who are conceriu'ti with "saving- h)c;\l beaches from ero.slon and overdevelopment" to attend Tuesday's Bay County Commission meeting', al!) at the County Courlhouse. An orrlinaiice to pre\'eiit further beacli erosion will be considered at the mcMitiuR, he said. Johnson stated: "The time has now come foi' all Bay County citizens to say slop to development that destroys or endangei's the l)each and dunes. The memijcrs of Save Our Shores have no complaint against evelopment itself, but what we feel is wronji is when development damages the natural environment, as some pre.scnl construction has done." "The law as it is still allows destructive beach development (o take place. We hope with the public .support we can cliange this. Lot us not leave to our children a conci'ole jungk; with aspliall trails; we can do much better than that." • law .spill ilaina).!i 'S "cap" in lo ||| per)i;ij )S $'^) inlllioii per an eiiviroiinieiiialisl.s have angrily .ari^ued ihal such .a r'eilinj; on daina^'es U 'ould anionnl to piiiiini,' .i price la^;on I'Mor i (i a's eiivi ton iiienta 1 i |ualil y. Slieviil said Hie oil iiiduslry lias not yel named on sliip[)iiin eiinipany which li;is refused lo hrin^' fuel oil iiilo Florida, for fe.'ir of f-"'"'"M I'i' "sky's tlie limit" damagessuii if a spill oceurs. lie .said lohbyisis for llie industry ha\'e si)ok<'n vai^uely (if an oil sliippfiit:; boyc'ott of Morida jiorts, produced no f;icl.s l»ul have lo hack up such (gloomy prediciions. "There is a ^rowiiij; inylli Ihal offshore drilling' will have lillle or no |)ernianenl efl'eel upon (he local ecoio)4y and e n V i roiiineni a lul l ha I , therefore, oil spilling; al se,i should not he of stroiif^ en(iu|.;li eoiicern lo warraiil proleclion affoideil Ijy tin- acl," said Slieviti. "I'"alaci<'s ol (his armuneiil are such thai ii is (lilficull to f,'iv(.' it rea.soiiable con.sideration. "What is amazing aboni this kind of reasoninti is that it Accident Toll Higher in Bay Coiinly look t )2 lives, In St a t i s I ies County Heallh The Lynn Haven City Commission will meet at 7:20 Tuesday in City Hall. According to Lynn Ilaven Manager Billy Kinsaul, commissioners are scheduled to take action on an ordinance permitting the annexation of Don Ilarlan's multi-family unit property. Commissioners also will receive estimate number two from McCormic Contraclor.s in the amount of $(),'3,l)i)7 for (extension of water and sewer lines on Highway 77. They also will act on an agreement between the city and the State Department of Transportation concerning drainage on Maine Avenue and F'ourteenlh Slreel. Other agenda items include receiving bids on enlarging City Hall and deciding on a company lo audit city records. Due to the lengthy agenda, said Kinsanl, no aclion will be taken on the (.'ity's budget al the meeting, but lu.' exiiected a special meeting lo be scheduled for that |)uri)ose. Workshop The Vocaiional Industiial Clubs of America will hold a local worksliop for advisers and officers at the Tom I'. Haney Center Saiurd.'iy, Sept. 22. The program is scheduled lo begin al H a.m. and conclude at .'i p.m. Area One Ad\'isor VVallej' Carter staled the purpose of the meeling is lo aci|Uaint acK' i^sors and officers v\illi Iheir res|)onsibililies for the coming ye;ii. jMenil)ers of the grouj) will come from an area between I'errv ;iiid l'en.s,icol;i. Accidcnis during 1072 act'ord i ng hiriii.shed hy 1 Departnient. This repi'e.seius a |)er cent increase over 1!)71. Motor vc'hick' accident.s alone account for alniosl half deaths: a total of :«) in 1972. Twenly-five of iliose victims were killed in a ear- or truck whereas only three were riding niolorcycies ami two wi're pedestrians. Most accident victims were Ix.'lween llie ages of U) and II), followed by those in the 20-29 age bi-acket. In 1972 the numlier of deaths in groups remained conslaiil while the :m<J bi-;icket showed M lives were lost that yearcom])ared to two deaths in 1971. Six jjci'soiis (lied last year of accidental gim.shot wounds and one succunil)erl to poison. A cc i d e n t a 1 suffocation accounted for three fatalities in Bay County. The number of drowning.s declined six percent in 1972, an encouraging trend in an area where vvatei' .sports figure so |)rominently. Fire Razes Local Home The Soudiport Volunteer Fire Department answered a call at the home of Donald Bishop on Rosetta Beach Road near lOeerpoint Lake at 1 a.m. Friday. According to .Southport Fii'e Chief Sholton Pettis, 25,000 gallons of water wei-e used to (louse the flames, liu.t the house and it c-onteiUs, valued atS28,fl00, was a total loss. of the fire is unknown. One ti'uck and five men of the Southport Volunteer Fire Department answered the call, as did a truck and six men from the Lynn Haven Fire Departnient. Tmopei's Get Graduation TALLAHASSEI>: (DPI) Education Coinniissioner Floyd T. t.'hristian told rookie Highway Piitrulmen Friday that they are the state s foi'emost governmental re|)res(Mitali\'es for most citizens. "For many Floridians and for our visiloi's ;is well, y(ni arc their (inly direct, personal c 0 n I a c I, with slat e gos'ermuenl," Christian said at I he Highway Patrol l{ecruil School's g r a d u a 1 i o n ('erenioiii(>s. "We vote for our officials while scaled off in closed \-oling liooths, \ye pay iiur taxes by mail... The only public representative people see is the law (.mforcr'iiieni olficei' — you," Cbrislijui told the recruits, "To ni;iny citizens, you are go\-erninent — you are the law — and much of the wa>' people think of LIS (in gos'ermiicnl) will depend upon whai they think of you." .St;ilis(ics indiciting the iimiiber of disabling injuries occurring in ji.ay County in r.)72 aic not available. National Saf(.'ty Council figur(.'s f(n' last y(r,w show 1 17,000 fatalities'and 11.5 million disabilities r(.'siilling from accidents in the U. S. A bi-eakdown of these statistics points out r)(i ,()()0 (heaths cau.sed by niolor vehicle accidcnis, up lhi(>e percent over 1971. "Pulilic" accidents, which incdndes recreation, air and water transportation and pulilic building accddenls, caused Vj.rM) deaths, an of foui- per cent over- 1971 and the single sharpest i-e])oi-led. In addition to the fatalities, iiublic accidents caused 2.9 million di.sabling injuries, an increase of 100,000 over 1971. There was a nationwide decline in di-owihng fatalities in 1972. Officials of the safety council suggest that one of the possible reasons for the sharp increase in public.' accidents is the greater amount of leisure time and a vir-tual explosion of sports and j'ccre/ilional activity among Anier-ican.s. Great Books To Organize Tlie Gr'eat Books Discussion Gi'oup will hold its annual o )• g a n i z a t i o n a 1 m e e I i n g Thursday at 7:.30 p.m. at the Bay County Public Libr-ary. Anyone inter -estcKl in .joining the group has been urged to attend this nieeting. The only expense is pur-chase of the set of books to be di.scussed dur-ing the 1973-7'l season. The group meets in two-houi- sessions on the fi/-si and thir-d Thursday of each month. Among the selections lo be discussed this season will be Aristophanes' "The Bii-ds," St. a u 1' s " EJ)i s11 e to 1 he Romans", and Descartes' '' Passions of (he Soul.'' Hospital Rooms T he Lucille M oo re Islenienl.-iry School I'TA will liold il.s meeling of Ihc s(-iiool \-e;iral 7 p.m. Tuesday in the school audiloi'iuiu. The rii;iin business topic will be whetlier lo air (-oiidilion the cl.-issromiis. CPIIPLEY — Effective Dec. 2, the Washington County Hospital will b(> charging .S2 moi-e per day for' rooms, it w-as decided by the hospital's ti'iistces this week. Last month, tr'ustees agr-eed to I 'aise r'ooni rates $2 a day, effective Monday, Oct. 1. .\clmistr'ator' John Page said in October, f(.'es for- a semi-|)rivale r'oom will he incr'cased a dav and |)r'i\'ate I 'oonrs to $'M a day. On Dec. 1, semi-pr-ivale rooms will cost $.'^2 ii day and [irivale I 'ooni .$,19 a day. The board of trustees also agreed to ci'cate a year-ly ,'i;];'5(),()00 building and e(|ui))menl fund, which Page said will |)i'ovide tor m;ijor i-eiiovalions and 1 inpi-o\'einents of the hospital. A pr(ipo.s'((l payr-oll inci'easc for' hos |Ht ,'il employes, ;il)pro\'ed by the boai'd, will |-('(piii-e appi-o.ximalel>- $911,01)0, s.iid Page. He said the salai 'V raise was the first foi-employes in almost Iwoyc'irs, but said it w;is suhjecl to the U.S. Congress' o\'eri(liug I'residenI Nixon's veio of the uiiiiimum wage bill. Residency Requirement Settled TAMPA (Ul'li A Ihree-judgi' h'deral panel has ruled Die slate'stiO (lay \-olei- re s i (I e n i- y re(| u i re ni e n I iiiii'onslilulioiial selling inslead a.'iO-d.iy limit. In throwing oiil the slale i-e(|Uir'eiiieiil Ihal a person li\'e in llie slate (iO days before being I 'ligible lo regisler- lo vole, I he panel s;iid eleclioiis suj)er\'isoi's could keep Iheir books (-lo.sed .'ID days prior' loaneleclioii. II was the .second lime in l.'l imiiilhs Hie slale's votm' residency reipilreiiieiit had Jieeri ruled iincoii.sliliilional II. S. Dlslricl .Iiidge W. T'eri 'i 'll Hodges i ^icd Hie i'e(piirium'iil iiiicoiisliliilioiial on Aug. I'l, 1972, Bui in May, the l'"iftli Circuit Court of Appeals overlurueil Ihal ih'cisiiiii ,111 (1 iirdei'ed the llireejiidge panel of 1 lodges, U. S. 1) i si rid ,1 ud gc ' Hen Kreiitzm.'Ui ;iii(l U. S. Circuit ,ludg(' Paul II. Honey to hear the case. The ;ippellale courl ruling restored the (il)-day i-esideiicy re(|uii-('iiii'nl. Assisiaiil Sl.'ile Attorney (leiier'.'il .Ici'i'V Oxiier had argued in ;i hi'ief filed wjlli Hie panel that llie stale iici 'ded 111) (lays in which lo detei'iiiliie if M-oilId lie regisli'/irils wer -e residents because of Hie large 'i- of Ir'aiisienis in I'Moridii. Hie fedcriil jiaiiel sjiid ihe eiM 'v reijiiirement failed lo BUI res pass the lest both faclniilly and legally- and s.'iid there was no es'idence Ihe sl.'lle inveslig.'iled the legitiuiacN' of the claim hy a r -egis (i-an( Ihal lie had li\-cd in l''lor'i(l;i for the i-e (|Uire (l lit) d.'iys. The rnlirrg came in ;i action suit oi'igiuall\' tiled by former' I lillsbor'ough Corrrrty Siipei 'Visoi' of I 'lleclioiis .liiii l'','iir and coiiihlried with a simhir one filed hy .loel l''i 'ancis Woodman of I lillslioruugh ('oiirity. I''aii'\s ii.uiie was dismissed f|-orii the action by ,liidge Ki'iuitzm.iu WIH ) said h'air', ali'r-ady a regislci 'cd \d(er, '.'did i((d show a sufficieiil legal iriteresl." I'el le(-ls an .-ibjccl disng .-ii d lor llie .slate of l ''lol ida ;is ;i whole, repe.'iting ,-|S il does,! defensive, alinosi hosiili- jingoi.'.m ili ;ii is so provim-ial as lo be ine.'uiiligless." Siievin s;iid loiii'isni i:; i''lorid ;i 's biggest iiiduslry, .uid tli.'il .'in oil s|)ill on stall' be ;i (-hes would )i,'(vc :i crushing economic effeci. "In view ol these 'f;ic|s,' the so-called ' lobby' should keep fpiiel and allow the lietrolenm iiiduslry to build ;i beautiful economic base in I''lor'i(la," said Shevin. ' ' T li e (| n est i 0 n i s iiiescapabh'," he coiitiiiiK -d, "V/hen is the 1,'isl linn' you lieard of anyo.'ie \ acalioiiin;.' along Ihe boaiiliful Louisiana beaches? .\'or do we inviting loiirisis to along the |iristiir shoreline." Shevin said lli.'il "we canriol contiuiK! to have a tourist economy will) a [jelroleum bas(.'." SCI' ads vacaliou ' Texas Slale allorney Leo C. .hiiics of Panama City v,':is lold Friila\- by Alloi-ne\- (ieiieral Robert T, Shevin tli.ii a;ui who claims to h;i\(' been r.'iped and signs an affida','ii giving delails of the crime. Ihen changes heist o r y i n (-oil It. (-an be pi'oset-uled for perjury. In a six-page le;i;il opinion picpai-ed by Shevin for .loncs, Shevin said .lones (-an prosecute a wonian who first cl.'iimed tli,-il she was beaten and ia[>ed, then testified in I'ourt that, she had oidy been beaten by the man accused of llie rape. Shevin said the woman !;;ive her affidavit to a \i;xy CniiiUy deputy whom .she knew lo hi- a notary public, and that she knew the affida\it was being sent to (he stale ,'itlorn(>y's office as the cor'iierstone ol a I 'ape case lo lie Iniilt .-igainsl the man siu' n.-uned as lur assaillanl. Neither- the woriiaii IUM - the accused assailant were identified in the legal opinion. She\-in said that altlioii!,')) the affidavit w-as not ,-i sworn statement, the wom.'in "is suhje(-t to pjosccmion hir perjiii-\- by (-oui i-,-i(li(-t(ir>- statements" be(.-ause slu' testified in court lliai she had not been raped. AN ABC SPECIAL MOVIE AWORID T61IVISI0N PREMIERE! . Ii h I', i 1 'I I HI 1> 'II' 1' K I "il ii'li.'V l\ !i It I . HI,( ' ,!. II It i( 11 11. nil 111 u ily 1 I! ilh t' >M Ml ill' 11 i ]t '1 Iv' ® TONIGHT CHANNQ 7 MOWS-IIIOU/VfJ), Pfiiijii»;i City, I'lii., SiUiinlay, Scplcmhcr If), ITO r 'agc f) Vavy Skipper Retiring » »li.l-.0.(i.VVIIAIj:Y /l&eMust ove Freight .VIAIHAN.N'A All parties in a 1 i t i g a t i on i u V (d vi ng I he proposed shutdown of the iVI & H li/iilroad 'A 'er(' lold by I''eder'al Courl .liidge D.L. iVIiddlebrooks ill Tallahassee Ibis week lire owners of tin- raihoad must lioiioi reipicsts lo liarrdle inbound 01 oiiihoiuid shi|a)ien! ol i.iil IVfi -ht, The .\1 Kr B h ;is au applic.'il ion b f 0 ! (' I h (• I II t e r- s I a t (• ''omiiM 'i I 'l- Comiiassioii (K.'C) lo ab.-iiidnti its tr .'K -ks fi'om the iiorih ban)? ol tlie Cbipol.-i River lo Ihe ici liiiliiis of the tr'aci al .\Ic.\('il. Tuesday. Miildlebrooks said • t ,'iii\- re (|U ('St by a us(.'r of Ihe i .iilro.'id for- iiiljouiid or out Ii oiind shijinic'rit of rail Ireigln si'i-vi(-e were not honon-d by the M & B, appr()pri;-ile action would be taken ;igaiiisl the owner's for' f ;iiliire lo comply with pt-evious (-oi.ii-t ordei s. JayceesWork All resumes lur-ned in to the Panama City Jayce(\s' office for the annual "good govei'm-nent av.-ai-d" have h(>en turned over- to a panel of five judges, ai-cording lo Pete Coleman, lirojeci chairman. This year's panel includes: .lames Presriell, Florida State Lmploymeiit Service: Don Mulhollarid, president of a lo(-al i(-,il estate firm: Curtis .lackson, superiiitendiMil of schools: Larry Bodiford, t-ounty judge and last scar's recipient of llie award, and 1 )i-. Ri( hard .Moi le\-, presidi-iit of (!ull Coast ('ciiimuiiily College. The winner of Ihe ;iw;ir-d will be rcc()j .Mii /e(i al the .J;i\-cees' Distinguished Service Awai'ds B;mc|uel which will be held in .h'liiiiarv 1971. Capl, L. O, (;. Whaley, commarrdirrg officer- of the Naval Coastal Systems Labor'.'ilory here trie past four year's, has decided lo relir -e from the Navy afler 'il year's ser-vi(-(' and will r -emain in Panama Ciiy. VVhah'y will turn over- his command lo Capl. Robert T. Quinn in clrarrge-of-command eei 'emonies scheduled for' Frriday, Sept. 2K at \ ::M)]I.IU. in the Indiport hangar' al Ihe lalKH 'atory. Tlif- new commanding officer', Quinn, a native Alabaman born in Clanlon, comes lo Panama City from duly with the staff of conmiandr.'i'. Services Forr.'cs Sixth F1 e e t in I h e Mediter'i'anean. Wfialey a .ssumed comrrifind of the navy laboi'atory in .June HMiO when it was then the Naval Ship flesearch and Development Labor'atory. In P^'bruary 1972 NSRDL was disestablished and in its filacr- was created the Naval Coastal Systems Laboratory with a new mission enc(mipa.ssing new areas of r 'osearch and develo[)ment. Captain Whak-y was extended as commanding officer' of the new laboratory for' continuity purposes. A native of Ocala and a product of the Navy's World War II V-12 and NROTC pj'ogj'am via the Univei'sity of Noi'th Car'olina, Whaley has served aboai'd sever'al ships, attended P(jst Gr-aduate School, General Line School, served Ceremony GAINESVILLE (UPI) Gov. Reubin Askew, aided by a large caterpillar, provided a memorable ceremony Friday for the dedication of the Florida Farm Bur'eau's new $,3 million headf^uarter'S building. Despite the modernistic design of the five-story building, shaped like an inverted pyramid, a common caterpillar crept inside and Willi tire Bureau of .Shi(js, w-jis Director' of the Eleclionics Maintenance Engirrecring Center in Norfolk, and .served w i1h Ihe Naval Shi p n g i nee I 'i ng ('enter- in Washington, D. ('., w-heic he b e c a m e li e a (1 o f t h e 111 a II a gr.-ment eiigirre (M -i ng deparlmenl. of Die most intei-estiing of his eai'eer', Whaley pointed oul. He feels the future of (he laboratory is bright. "The Navy has few, if any other' such locatiorrs, where its r'esear'ch and develo[)ni(,-nt can lie combinr.'d so advantageously wjth Die lest and f.-valualion so neccssai'y lo producing o ]) e rati o nail v use a b i e (•(juipmeril as Ihe Panama City", Ire said. "This, with the dedication, the high caliber' .'ind th(.' "can-do" altitude of the laboratoi'y's personnel, will rtrake Ihe I a Iro ra I o ly' s l)r-omisirig future a r-eality." he added. The captain ex[)r'essed his thanks and ;i[ii)r'ecialion lo the citizens of Panama City and Bay County for- their- support of the labor-ator-y and the Navy. He has never in his naval car-eer, he emphasized, been stationed where [leople are as friendly and so r't-ady arrd willirrg to support the Navy. This support, he (leclar(,'d, is recognized and ajipr'eciatf.'d by each and ever'y Uidividual ;it the laboialoi'y, tioth militar'varirlcivili;iii. Teenagers Die In Car Crash GAINESVILLE (UPI)—Two teenagers, one of them the son of a prjpulai' restauratuer', were killed early Friday when the car they were r'iding in slammed into a large oak tree behind the Univer'sity of Florida president's mansion. FVjlice identified the victims as .James CJeor-gc- Dukas .Jr. and r )avid Faour, both 19. Dukas' father owns "Duke's Forum," a popular student dining spot. Faour was a student fr'orn Washington, D.C. Thomas Dukas, 18, the victim's l)rother and driver of the car, was listt^'d in fair' condition at Alachua General Hospital. Police said the younger Dukas managed to crawl from the car wreckage and flag down Investigating officers said young Dukas appar'ently lost control of the car on a curve and skidded broadside into the tr-ee, one of several on the grounds of the state-owned mansion. The r-nansion has been unoccupied since the resignation last month of University of Flonda President Dr. Stephen C. O'Connell. It will remain vacant until a successor is found for' inter'im I^r'csident Dr. K.T. York. Dick Gerar'd, a spokesman for the Gainesville Police Department, .said Die vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed when it skidded, str'uck the tr'ee and spun around. "The car couldn't have been any more damaged if it had been hit by a locomotive," said Gerard. "It was the woi'sf I've .seen. Setback Rule Lacks Support Following a lengthy discussion, the Panama City ,Jaycees Thur-sday night failed to rally enough support to pass a resolution .supporting the temporary beachfront setback ordinance recently enacted by the Bay County Commission. The I 'esolution also would have called on the commission to pass a permanent setback ordinance. the resolution did r'eceive a majority vote. However, it failed since it was ruled that Jaycee bylaw require a two-thirds vote to adopt a resolution. 4 •XKS* Mr

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