Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 19
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 19

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 19
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Redlands Doily Fads Wednesday, Feb. 26, 1969-19 Jo be operotionof ofNorfon APB by July 1,1969 New AF audio-visual center to be best of its kind in U. S. -•STie new Air Force Audio-Vis- lial Center at Norton AFB, 'ithedaled to become fully oper- W^onal by July 1. 19SB, will be Uide of the most modem and ef its headquarters at Norton. sloo' building that wiH be eon- stalled will be $13,400,000. ModificaUoa of the center, oectcd to the new south wing. Center facilities are impres- complex was begun September AHeratioo and modification si\-e «ten you consider that 12. 19S7. by the major contrac- wsit on the existing buildings is 300.000 sq. fL of space — the tor — the Santa Fe Engineering primarily in the areas of plumb- equivalent of five professional Ccient fedlities ot its kind in company of Lancaster — under ic;. heating, ventilation, airifoclball fields — will be boused the United States. ithe supervision of the U.S. Army conditioning, communications,; uidw one roof. TUs inchides the When operational, this facilityj Corps of Engineers. chsmical waste disposal, par-: present buildings which are to will be the nene center for all! Contracts for the project in- tiUoning, interior fixtures andi be modified and about 160,000 U.S. Air Force photographic vtslve the reoovatioo ot the exist- lighting, painting and stripping sq. ft. of new construction. documenUtion. and motion pic- ing three-story SAGE blockhouse :f the buildings, plus surfac- Activities on the first floor of turc'ajjd telerision production, j (headquarters of the Los Ange- ing of the outside area. jlhe former SAGE building and In charge of supervising the les Air Defense Sector until de- AU construction and renora-;lhe new east wing will be stiD new center is Military Airlift activation in April 19S6) the con-; tion is due for comirfetion by photo and support areas, the Command's Aerospace Audio-Vis-struction of a new two^tory^ May 31, 1969. Total modification 1365th Photo Squadron which ual Service (AAVS) — thejeast wing,. the construrtion of cost is Si.3 million and the esti-i wiU direct the world-wide AAVS US.%F's i^iotographic and television agency — which also has a new two^stoty south wing, and mated capital value of the new documentation mission, the Air alterations to an existing two-1 center once all equipment is m-Force Fihn Ubrary with its av­ erage inventory of 100,000 films available for distribution, the power plant substatioo, maintenance and supply secUons. and a command administrative section. On the second floor of the SAGE building and its added east wing wiU be: one of the largest motion picture laboratories in the U.S.; the commercial the tekvision stage facility and as a camera issue seetiott. Interspersed throu^wut the center will be 16mm and SSmm motion picture viewmg rooms. In the new soatfa wing will be Each of these will be complete a modem television studio and dividttal rooms for script writers; and prodocers. the top floor of] the main hofldiac wiU eonUm the sound, animation, and cdi- tcri^ diTisioDs. a conventional sound stage. Iliis television division wSl have col- production capability and this consdidation effort took pisce in June 1968 when AAVS moved its headquarters from Oriando AFB. Fla. By combming its primary photo units at Norton, the Air Force will locate Uieaters and will seat up to at one site the capabiliUes and 100 people. These Uieaters wili;facil'lies which ara responsible be in adjoming sets served by: for *e great majority of its rhotograpliic work. When operational in July 1939, fbid people who like to serve you and show total discount savings 11.20 in this ad: .^ggSStt^ •fetal Savings F«ure is CmpaM w Single Unit Purdases. The Rgure Would Be Much Higher If Meat & Produce Savings Were Included Your ALPHA BETA Neighiiorhood Butcher (the Mm in the Red Apron) Proudly Offers BUTCHER'S FBIDE MEATS MUn TOU'U U NOUD fO SMVI • DISCOUNT IDICED • QUUIIY S MTtSFAaiON SUMUUimD 'US. ammm WSKCTEO COIOMK) m HLPHH BETH USTERN QUALITY lOWAiMD BACON 2-lB. PKG. Thick Sliced EAStERH QUALITY BACON 49- Sliced SH IT- EASTERN QUALITY BAR-B^KAVORITE SPARE RIBS LEAN & MEATY ami SB. PLUMP & TENDER ALPHA BETA BnTCBEffS F8IIE PLUMP & TENDER ^tea4 DEPENDAULi: WfUTt felRYIR GROUND WpARTS BEEF • LEGS • THIGHS ECONO PAK 3 lbs. er more BREASTS £4* filiOUNDIIOUn7 ||e FRESH • EXTM tJEAN Ijf'* A FAMILY MVOMTE Dw** filiOUNDIIOUn7 ||e FRESH • EXTM tJEAN Ijf'* ALPHA BETA IKtUXt HBt 3EEF U.S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED Pull Cut ROUND STEAK B OIM I Mf Shoulder CLOD ROAST FAMILY STEAK BEEF TBOHE SHORT STEAK RUMP RIBS FUVORVIGED ROAST 39'- Ml? 9911 89' 95r. IRClUi ttSt lEtlK niSRHK tUkt Siniisns . PUIN orBRUOED QUICK 7Qfk V W VEALGU1LETS l5f FAXMH JOHN . % LB. PACMGE SidilMsUlk Susan PRICES EfFECnVE THURSDAY through WffiNESOAY. rBRUARV 27 ihRwgh MARCH 5 'OUl DISCO '.N' fVlP' It' i DISCOUKT e ma MWAIMRPUICH 39c 35* tDiCEO BEETS 19c 17* soMt unuBcn SS5S •'*2!!5 CHARGE PtICC iu'«i DISCOUNT; ^e"*S!S lOIAl DISCOo 'NTS [VtRl Dit soHC una ten STCWEI OISCOUHT 27c 7ic 69* 3.LS. CAK SEGUIAH 1" "J* 1.49 I.« 8ViOZ.IiU|.D!IY ROASTED IIB " Aufl »^"SSiriM 10/. W PUNTERS KARUTS 69c 59* MB. CHIP COOKIES 39c 35 GREEN BEANS tlS. CAN HEaULAR MAXWEU HOOEE • ItOZ. IAS INSTART COFFEE 1-tS.CAJI.AU.ClSKDS YUBAH COFFEE 1-13. CAN AU.GRINOS B<C. lAH corrEE _ YUBAH IRSTANT LIQUID RINSE I" BAlErBEARS 39^ 36* SPUfsfAlRcY FAUtOESS • aWDZ. lTCA.t BSC 57* 69c57* NOW IN STOCK WrGHrWATCHElir^ FISNDIHRERS 99^89* KOmja SBE • lie VAUIE BEAUTY BAR SOAP 10* rnozEN • 8 oimcE cAir • »c VAIUE RICH :il VITAMl'I T liiHiEn'oraagt 12 OUNCE CAN • Ste VALUE HJUN OR ICDEED • 26 OZ. ere. MORTOH'SSALT 13c 2Sc 10* 19* 19* 37c2r HEIRZ KETCHUP 43c 35* irBRicK 'SAMM0RIA49c45* f MAYONNAISE SATHSEE ZEST BAR SOAP 28 OUNCE BOmE TOP JOB LIQUID CLEARER 21c 20* 24* Ml 'sEYHiAKE 39e 31* •?ROZEN COKCENTRATt rCR IMITATION ORANaS lUICE gjNo^..^^v^g 27* 73c 66* samin.'s • iii oz. sac smiwttiSiKt <g) SPAfiHETTi ^icVALUE cri^ GRAIN • TVt 02. GIAKT S:ZE PACMGE SPIC i SPAR CLEARER 9 »93* nai PACKAGE'AIIVARIETIIS PILLSBURY ^mt CAKE MIXES 41c 12 OUNCE BOmE HEIHZCHIU SAUCE 33c 3r CORAI, GREEN OR WHITE "8 GIAOTSIZE PACKAGE LIFEBUOY BAR SOAP GIANT SEE PACKAGE DASH DETERGENT INCLUDES 12e OFT SOME STORES CHABGE77e 63' IAPPLEPIE79C 69* AU. OTMR VARIETIES >3= T4c RIRBSEYE*FBOZER VE6ETABLES rHOIEK • S OZ. PKG • CHItJ & BEANS _ M t KOLOKISTERTREES 29c 26* iPBRmsirEi" 53c 43* NTHAMU ^uir"' 69c 58*' ECME STORES CHAIiaE20e A'jsT IAI;E • M quiJCC IA« (^W MB^D T LLS 59C 4r (^iCEBUfiCTieu 5k AT P^TOILET TISSUE KTEMEHT He 79* FAMALSOAP 37e33* KING SEE BOTTLE YEL LIQUID DETERGENT mCtUDES 20c OFF 63* Biffirncr«i4a.oui >rArcoiS'^ I5e48* imiToa^rr "i .BtMi »usTAxeBUKTH >oN «aT »««mtiMi THE PRICE LEADER TOO'. uvE WITH «inu Kn-s i2jn TOTM. MSCOUNTS Save even non with Double Discounts Tter MM oka sninfs tar you. Mjdt foisAlt kjr inciil pordam liHi tht cod nductiaas pmed M to )W- UMk ftrthn ttnu^lfei start. tax questions commsn projection bootbs. In be aUe to dioot tninins tamsiall, ths center contains 599 . motion picture production »ec-on video tape, either on the (rooms. There also will be tn-o "is Audio-Visual Cenler will tru- tion; the Air Force Film Depos- sound stage or oo location, and'snack bars — one located on the b' become the new "Hollywood itory which will maintain atwut Sjto transfer video tape to motion i second floor and one on \h(.M ^-S- '"^ Fores" in terms million feet of historical film picture film. Connected to the thiid floor. of production capability, modem at any one time; the commcr- south wing will be a modi-; ser\icing all floors in addi- efu'Pnient, professional talent rial procurement division; a fi«d existing building which will ^^ numerous staircases wiU ^ '^^""'y large conference area; and in- serve as a support area for be a 8.000-lb. capacity elevator.! " A salient feature of the struc-l inr — ture WiU be the complete ab-j OnSWClS sence of windows. A visitor soon notes special interior lighting along with central air conditioning in lieu of windows. Tliis i should add to fee creative ep- 'Continued from Page 18) i viroomenL how long will it take for me to Equipment in the Center waijget my refund?? be some of the most modem: A — The normal processing cy- svailable in motion picture, still cle for refunds mailed now is 5- photo. and television production. 6 weeks if the return is accurate For example, with si.x of the-and complete. Send j-our return newest color and four of the! to your regional service center, newest black and white proces-i If there is a delay beyond the tsors operating in the motion pic-j usual 5-6 weeks period due to ture laboratory, 400,000 feet of I the large volume of returns be- j film can be processed each daily; ing received or missing or inac- ' work shift. | curate information, you should The $304,000 power system for I hear from IRS about your re- the entire center can supply 34.5 Kilovolt Amperes at any one time, and the $103,000 udu^tri^l waste treatment plant will treat ISiOOO gallons of water per hour from the film laboratories. Part of the waste will funnel into the San Bernardino sewer system, and part will be stored and then hauled to the Chino Water District Outfall in Pomona, California, every two and a half days. About 80 per cent of the Center's photographic equipment will consist of existing items! that are being transferred from ! the AAVS units moving there, aiid about 20 per cent of the equipment will be newly purchased. fund within 10 weeks from the time you filed. Taxpayers should' wait at least 10 weeks firom the time they filed before writing about their refund. To avoid delays, be sure your Social Security number is entered accurately, all W-2 forms are attached,, and the return is signed. Both husband and wife should sign if it is a joint return. Where the wife has income, her social Security number and W-2 forms must be included. Q — I can reduce my taxes if I itemize my deductions and my wife takes the standard deduction. Can we do this? A — No. Married couples fil- ; ing separate returns must han- The Audio-Visual Center aVf^e their deducUons the sam Norton represents a massive ^^y. If one itemizes deductions. consohdaUon (rf photographic re- the other must also itemize. ^ATSV ^VC ^ ^n^^^t -P^crease efficiency. Four major rately must also take the same type of standard deduction. If AAVS unite will be consolidated!;^ "'°;i"'""V-"7pnr"=T;n^' fi.« ™. u.>... .lOne takes the 10 per cent stand- mto the new center before next _3 ^^^„^y„„_ both must take it. These inchide: the 1352nd Pho-• « - ^st year I bought a to Group at Lookout Mountain: bull at an aucton. If I keep it Air Force Station in Los Ange-:''<'• breeding purposes do 1 use les; the 1350th Motion Picture '^^ cost to figure depreciation? Squadron at Wright-Patterson A — Yes. generaUy the basis AFB, Ohio; the 1356th Film Li- for depreciation of purchased brary Squadron at St Louis, livestock held for draft, dany w Mo.; and the 1365th Photo;breeding purposes is cost. How- Squadron . at Oriando Naval Training Center, Florida. Projected authorized manning at the Audio-Visual Center is approximately 650 military and civilian technicians. The primary source of military and ever, special rules apply if purchased livestock are included m inventory. Q — Are farmers subject to the new surcharge? A — Yes, they like all income civilian manning of the Center:''"-"Pfy^" 3" ^^^^^^ "> will be the transfer of authorized! ... , , pcrsomiel from the AAVS units' Q " " 'f-' ^^""^ H *ich are to be consolidated. Additional military personnel to man the Center which are not available within AAVS resources will be requisitioned through normal miUtary peisonnel diaraiels.IS^'^^^y ""f f V" " " After it is determined how many ^^^^s is not subject to tex. ,„ifi, fi,» nLvc „„:f. Q — Im recovering fron less than SlOO a year in divi- jcnds I don't have to report Ihem on my tax return? A — All the dividends you receive should be reported but generaUy the first $100 in divi- civiUans with the AAVS units to j be consolidated wiU accept transfers to the Center, the remaining vacant civiUan positions wiU recovering from a serious iUness and can no longer use public transportation to get to work. Since I now have be recruited by the Norton AFB ^ ^^^^ ""I,.^^".'^ ' ^f^"'' ""^ CivUian Persomiel Office. I^s a medical expense? Manning at the AAVS head- qtiarters at Norton after July 1 wUl be approximatdy 180, and at flie 38 remaining AAVS units around Uie world there wiU be about 1,600 personnel. Plans for this consolidation began back in November 1964 when the Secretary of the Air Force directed that AAVS move from Orlando AFB, Fla., to Norton AFB. He specific rationale for the center is that the co-location of motion picture production and distribution operations with fUm cataloging and storage operations wiU save travel, coordma- tion, arid transportation coste. Further, film processing operations can be made more efficient ilnaUy, the type of talent required by AAVS is more read A — No. Transportation expenses to and from work are considered personal expenses and are not deductible. Transportation costs to the hospital or to a doctor for treatment are deductible as medical expenses, however. Cheek your Form 1040 instnicUons on how to han- jdle Uiese expenses. How If* Pouibit A man can serve 10 years as president of the United States. If a Vice-president succeeds to the presidency and serves two years or less of the unexpired term, he may stUlbc elected to two terms as president. If he has served more than two years of the unexpired term, he may ily available in the Southern Cal- 1 be elected for only one four-year ifornia area. The initial phase of'term. e'mon kids! enieryour doF in our BIG Sat„ Mar. 1st 10:30 AM Redknds Store Only HLPHR BETH

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