The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 11, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 11, 1930
Page 3
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* -7.. St. .lolin's Cniholic Churdi. I (Rev. IY J>«. Bilstoir..)' Low Mass at 7:30 a. m." High mass at 10:30 a. m. Devotions a: 2:SO p. m. Devotional »nd Benediction 7 :30 p. in. , Sermoi: \vi ;:i i ;J and 2nd mass. at Cljri-tinti Si'Ti'iMf -S<»rv1»-€«. en 1>>- oi/r choir at thej evening .service. Tjiis cantata .shqu -ld lie really significant importance in our lives, because of the lie>nutifui message that it brings.. Tlie titTe of the cantata is "The | Lord of Life." by E. K.Heyser. This Sundav is the anniversary .of ill* Sunday of the Palms: r? fleet ion back over I he career b: 'lit 10:4.".. our l.ori! will, make the of the day stand out cl 211 N... : • --i Momiiii' . '«.•»••• 1 Sunday s<:i:o-'l fcr childrer i; n- our minds, d'ir 20 year-:, at' Si: 30 a. m. * * * ; T«!s'iin>.ii::.i .-n-M-liim' \\'<:iil»:r- H;i|>!ist CHiii'th. day at 7: -1 |i. i". A rea<i:'ij: r <»i .m is op«n Wed- One >r the joys of the com- d's Day nesday fitju. " to -4 p. m. W!KH ' nninion service last La the IMlil'i .••ti'l nl) authorized-'was to see every one of the seven Christian Si i'-nco literature may : deacons of. the , clnircli present be r^ad. !>••••.• f .vL-ii 'u- purchased. ! and-participating in the The .p'lbilc is invited to attend; May \\f not all: catch .the, these servic-'-s a-nl UKI - the read- loyalty t-o Christ and 1 liej lnp room. ('ome to all the serv Tius society is a branch of the; Lord's Day. Mother Cliur«-'i.' Mm :-':rst Church } Iiihle school at !):30 nj fit C.\ir'f.i, SI:>-:II ist. in Hoston.; Morning worship at l'\ Mass. •• n. Y. I*. U. devotional' ; ai .ii':30 p: in. ; Kvening worship at 7 i • The choir will present the The. ch 'irca scimoi session for: , . . . _ Raster niBssage in a speclial must Bi!i:e study will 1 meet at ft:.10 I . ' „ ,_ I o 'cloik with interesting «ias. meaning arly in Ki'iitp Mcdiodist ("liiiich. evening work for all persons who come. T!:" monii.v: worship at 10: 'J0 'I 'riock •.vith sermon suljject "The Anule of Vision." and the Junior church in 'i <•!s at tiie same time. The Kpwor: 1 ! Leagife for the young p"op!«- is at- i! :.'!<) o'clock and she '-vi!'!!;: worship at. 7::'.0 o'c-h .i -k wh<:n •lie lalk-tbeme will In- "The Definite Aim." .Special programs are being, pillared for Ka -rti 'r Sunday in '1 lie* church school and by the chorus. "In "reliaion. four things are supreme: Freedom. Keilowslu'p. Service and Character." al program on Sunday ;ho 20th. A -cordial invitation and hearty welcome is -extended to all who may see fit to worship with us at "The Friendly Baptist churoli. service, spirit oi church? e'es next . in. 30. meeting :30. WVsl Street ('lii-islijiii I'lmi'clt. • KinaiiiK'l Lutheran Clmreli -, (Theo. Schwan, Pas or.) "Sunday school at''!):30 Morning worship at 10:30. Reunion service at 7: Ladies Aid work meeting on Wednesday. Sunday school teach choir on Thursdayeveniig Special services on CJood Friday at 10:30 a. m. The church council isj oil lo meet in the vestv morning during the school hour. Church school at !> :30. - Worship and Sermon al ln:'::u Adulation, or Heart Religion'.' . Juvenile i -iiiii'ch at. 1 '•::!<!._ : l 'ri -Ka«iVr cat:laia at 7:So. • ! . The occasion or ovitstandii*^ j Sunday school at !):: imporianie lliis Sunday will lie j Ernest Rosenthal; Supt. tbe.pre-Ejister c.nitata to be giv-I Morning worship at 1' 30 p. m. ers and request- Sunday Sunday resbytctf'iaii Clini^li. 1:40. The What a really substantial saving this means to you! Take advan -j tage of it—buy oil your foods at the A&P. Iona Ft J «r 24*-*«1i9* Chipso 2 »«^i *^^5* Old Dutch Cleanser 4"~ 25« Crackers Daintr ^ % vb -^ 6 *'> Maxwell House Coffee <^ 39* Hominy • Vam o,mp '' 4 cmm «|<7 (B Fruit SalsiS^^ 2 ^ 1 p» 4Sf I No. 2 cans » Jill >.K@^ne«€oKnS' Drano !• • Safety 4:r;:s|mcJ • I2 ^«|9f TOmatOeS Van Camp'* 2 No ' 2 2$« Pineapple ^0 suc«a 2 N o.*wil9k < White House MHk Scicidless wji**' !Pel Mootc ^ S« FureCaneSugar 25 ^13° 'if* 29o 1 ^5 . pastor's message will be on "The Significance of That First Palm Sunday." Appropriate Palm Sun- jay music. Vespers at five o*clock. The ieririon will be brief on "Jesus it the Mount of Olives." A splen- jid(musical program has been arranged for. tliis service. The Christian Endeavor meets tt 6 o'clock. Mrs. G. H. Warne sponsoring-lhis work with -the young people. H o peivel 1 I * ii»shy( eria n. Sunday school at 9:30 ' a. in. James L. Romack, Supt. \J Evening worship' at :7:30.-^Fhe sermon will be "A Palm Sunday Message." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES "Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real" is. the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches oi Christ, Scientist, on Sunday,"April '13. j .. " Among the citations which comprise the Lesson-Sermon is the following -from the Bible: "Ths Lord is good to all: and-his tendei mercies are over all his works Thy kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and thy dominion endiir- eth throughout all generations. Tht Lord is righteous in all his ways and holy in all his works" (Ps 145: 9,13,17). "Thou art of purei eyes than to behold evil, and cans! not look on iniquity" (Hab. 1:13) The Lesson-Sermon also includes the following citations front the Christian Science textbook "Science and Health with Key tc the Scriptures,", by' Mary Bakei Eddy: "Sin, sickness; and deatl are comprised in human materia belief, and belong not to the divine Mind. - They are without a rea' origin or existence. They have neither Principle nor permanence but belong, with all that is material and. temporal, to the nothingness of ,error, which simulates the creations of Truth. All creations of Spirit are eternal; but creations of matter must return to dust" (p 286). passage of this bill, • friends o'l ; rnittee on military THE ! TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE other American aviators are hopeful they may cause a j revision o, Uie war department which require among other many to wonder why i only ;one the things that the recipient of congressional, medal «must been recommended j before : .by- his commanding officer, an act of heroism outside-His of duty. ;i | j. . The report of ,the com l )2k for uEiEI^L CRACK GEORGE American aviator w 1 affairs: causes as ;among! the regulations h|inety persons in the World. War receive.the/ highest jjo receive.the/ highest military award. The only | congressional have medal of honor given a fighiirig aviator was to Frank Luke! atter 1 • |- 'i • i' 1 nis.death. Luke shot down eigh- lin|a.t<;en planes and balloons', se.ven fewer than Rickenbaj;ker " ' : • • I ' i |. - , Attention is called to | the fact The Warner Bros. & Vitaphone production starring John Barrymore, I is based on this novel, i I SYNOPSIS \ General Crack, soidiep of fortune, ^revolts * against Emperor Leopold, the instant after fulfilling his obligation of having j him croione'd emperor. The Empire'is laid waste 'by Crack's' irresistible '.army. Crack is avenging Kimself on Leopold, who compromised his girl-icife, tile lovely Princess Eleanora. Crack, the instant after marrying Eleanora, had to leave her for the campaign, tie captures the Archduchess, Leopold\s sister, but cannot go through ieif/i his plan of compromising her, in revenge. Then Leopold -falls his ha>ids. ! • ' into lSiii-ki'MJi'i-eii. A wedding that united two of Tipton's finest \oung people was onsiiminaled at the home of Rev. ind Mrs.-S. A. Cordon 011 North Independence.streel, Thursday evening at-7:30 o'cloc^, when Rev. lordon. using the beautiful and mpressive ring ceremony, united 11 marriage Dallas Burket; son of Mrs. Maude Burket, of this city, md Miss Mary Green, daughter Of Thomas Green, of North Conde it-feet. Both Mr. and Mrs. Burket are Traduates of the local high school ind Mr. Burket holds a responsible position as chemist with the Inland Alkaloid, Company, of this "Aty. Both are active in the work it the First Baptist church, and have scores of frienJls who will wish for them every 1 possible happiness. • Guests at "the wedding includ- •d, besides the minister and! his r ami!y, the immediate families of he bride anjfl groom who were: Mrs. Maude Burket, Mr. and-Mrs. 1 Thomas Green and son Woody, Mr. ind» Mrs. Lowell Green, and sons BillM and Bobby, ^\Ir. and Mrs. Don ^urllet and. son Donald Gene, of ind. \et and son Conrad, of Lafayette, ind Miss Anna Green, of Indianapolis. Amid a shower of rice and good wishes, the .happy young couple .left, for a brief honeymoon trip, their destination being secret. On their reurn they will be nt honre 'o their friends with Mr. Burkot's mother at - the east edge of the. •ity. CHAPTER XXIV—Continued "You do well to boast now;" re plied Leopold, bitterly,;."when !1 am disarmed before: yon."! '• j ' •'"I speak as a matter|of curiosity, not o£ arrogance."] smiled Christian. "Do you think that 1 amj concerned to" flourish now? 1 say i 1 could have bested you.jor any other at any task or any game; ay. with any woman either—given fair, play, MonseigneurJ given fair; play. It is no dishonour to lose ! when one plaj's with a cheat." -!,'!, j-' "You prove yourself ignoble by these insults." I : :. j ! : | ;,"No," answered Christian, quietly, "not insults—merely a. comment. What would youj Monseigneuij call one who bought something nnd paid the. price, then, ivhile he was enjoying his purehase.jstole, behind the other man's back, I what be had paid?" j . ' | .Leopold did not answer, nor lower his gaze. : .| ; j • "And. with such circumstances that he covered! the ' man wlio i la­ boured for. him with ignominy, ridicule." added Christian; th:n. in a gust of passion: j"Where was your: fine breeding there, you va­ pouring fool? You must leave the window open her befqre a blackguard uot done It with ish, must make drunken trull.". Leopold could 1 you must expose a slut of-the but you, so nice, so stnieam- her as public ntain d be­ lli Ohio. Hillard Lindsay, employed by the Union Traction. Co. is taking a short vacation and visiting with relatives at Toledo and ot other points in that section. ASK MKDAi; FOIl WAR AVK. Iloiifir roinniitt<>iv I'ul.s O. K. on Rill to Honor IHckenliackei'. Washington, April 1>.— Mariir bers ot congress are making a belated effort to obtain a congres-' sional medal ,of honor for Cap- taiu. Edward V. Itickenbacker, who won the title during the World War as the American "ace of aces" for bringing down twenty-one enemy planes and fouri balloons. 1 - j; The, house committee on military affairs has- unanimously re-: ported In favor of the Clancy, filnj to award this highest military honor to'^lhckenbackerj who rprer; TlouslyVluu* b«BB-,»lTen jtha^'dli-' no longer ma his composure: he put his ha fore his eyes and turned away his bead. I : • Christian crossed' to the opened it, and spoke to the soldier outside. Leopold heard-what he said, in. that soft, level, -j— Voice. "Prepare a decent chamber] tdr the Elector of Bavaria, and seel that there is some refreshment for; him. I believe, that j the baggage wagons are already up, and should be some, fair service. •"Come and'take un your sword Monseigneur; a.little soiled! haps, a little fouled, but still sword.'' / • ' j 1 ' ! : . He held out the ornate weapon, and Leopold, <reluctant, frowning, came and took it: and jbuckled' with clumsy 'fingers. ] "I am Indebted to you • for much courtesy,^ ho flung outL "Be a little I further Indebted smiled Christian: ."take up life, your throne, your! your, I ami win them all of tljera ahyj Empird. with 1 bad IccTmp door. therei per- your it on a congressional medal has been awarded - Col Lindbergh for % the Atlantic Oceafr Admiral Richar'a of -honor Charles; flight aeries and'j to rear' Byrd and his mechanic, the late-Flovd Bunnett. for their flight to| the North Pijil?-. And!before that dawn, while they' were yet all too amazed, agitated, bjewildered and" overcome • to do much Lin the way of 'protest or agreement, Christian had kept his iford. j He had gathered together Itis own troops of! Uhlan 1 -; and uuirassierl, men who had been in liis direct, service and personal pay 'during: all his fortunes, and he had lift the bulk of the army encamped about the forests and the swamps, and ridden away northwards. -Before he had left, he had spoken to Ifensdbrff, going to the! bedside-of tlie old man in the (middle of the M iBht -j ' ! : ; i -j -j , .He had told hira that his former paster, Leopold of^ Bavaria, was asleep: in this very house, exhausted ly asleep. , : . . | When he. awakes/' added Christian, "I think he will hear himself Hailed!'Emperor' again. These men have no one else to whom to turn, ajnd now I have laid lown the com- iand,!they must havje some one to take it up. You wil in that affair./my dear Count; you are both -adroit! and remarked, standin come in well tactful." He there holding you for, your jljack the plain bed durtairis. of the tiodest bed, lit only by! the candle e himself carried. ; 1'j "See also to! the marriage, my dear Count—the m a r r i a g e with princess Eleanora." . i Hensdorff, old and smitten, cried ^ut, asking what he meant, but (Christian said: | You will understand without any vjfordsj of mine. ; Gooll-bye. my dear Count; and thank ervices!" Xpunt Hensdorff, ill terror, asked liim wljere lie went, and he. replied do him, as he had jreplied 10 the cithers: ! ' |. j '' I "I go to Kurland,; my native ijlace.? . ', '!' ! You lliug away the whole campaign?" cried ; Hensdorff. bewildered.! , ' . : I j . i "The whole campaign!" repeated Christian. "I fling akvay the whole 1 par, the whole Empire! i the diadem tself, j perhaps. Ilelii your Leopold to pick them up!" ] j | He glared up at the 'young man •Is it at something supernatural. 'You are not leaving now," he. Muttered. "You wiil wait till the; morning?" and his bid!, voice took An a pleading note. | "You will !}ot |ide away like this, on th is sudden Resolution?" i ! i Christian said: "1 go at once." hen 'ho added the last words that! Iensdorff expected to hear him say. 'Give] my duty and] salutations to he Archduchess when you see her Jiext, and find her, my dear Count, satisfied that I could —but they are none value to me." ; : "1 - do not understand," faltered Leopold,' flushing !"painfully. I. gripping the'.restored swprd with nervous fingers. XXV nrHAT night Christian dashed out 1 the brand of bis! rebellion as violently and Indifferently as he had lit it To his assembled.captains he declared Ironically that he bad served his purpose now. and that they might go |homei or continue the war upon their Own, as they wished. I I'll The princes and officers whom he addressed-were smitten into, a fury of confosion. \\\ 'i p, 1 | : "I leave to-night, with those few ip|»my personal! soldiers,^rnjliown rahlans and Cuirassiers, who choose til follow^ ma; Md 1 rldeftd Kur- SaA^,^-.,.,* I.p.ja;. } \. .lf.".f; ~TBut/tbli" tlieyieredJo OD I MI; •Is '•tarlncrnudMis! ^Polu4 ^R ^i Mil i good husband." You shall not go like this," he jirbtested. "I must come, too,, wherever you go—" j Nay, your loyalty is to the House bf Bavaria and the: Elector! is in the camp—he will need you-fbut .1, no one." i Christian spoke indifferently and : {is if his mind was, not on the moment;! he put out his hand with an pasy courtesy to stay .the old man. 1 "No, my dear Count, consider tour age and infirmities—neither of Which could endure! such an expedi- ion as I propose." | " , : • "Where are you going?'' demand- 1 fcd Hensdorff, resolutely. To! Kuriand." \ ' ^ j 1 'Good God — and what do ypuj_- j .hink|you will get in Kurland?" j 7 'All "I can now get anywhere—a little space." • I ! 'A grave," thought IJensdorr, but : he did not say the jwprd, ; only:! 'Howf many dp youjtake withiyou?" "My own household'troops." The old man bowed his head; he seemed even'older jwiihout his pe­ ruke, the candlelight' gleaming :brough his fine, thin white hair. * 'How have you dealt with Leo-' k >oId?t" he asked. ; j ; i 1 I 'I commanded myself." replied Christian. "Yes, 1 did it, Hensdorff. think I have ;never done| a; more: (difficult thing and 1 have been al-_ [ways fond! of difficult things—" ! P 'But— your revenge?" • ••' 'There Is no such thing as revenge," said the'young man; carelessly, then be laughed; the candle name fluttering with! his breath; he seemed really* amused. "Did say that I would never live to without an establishment!". He turned away, but Hen |had caught his band, ji]! ''I must' come, too. You'll; be damned< lonely i In Kurland and I damned lonely here—1 might make you Duke In good earnest—" "Leaving your Caesar?" i "Curse Leopold,":replied the mln-. Ister; angrily., "I'm i your man and you know It—" 1 Christian, glancing at blm curl-: ously, remarked: v 1 I "How you disliked me once. Do (you recall how.--we 1 met In Otten-j helm; youi- were scarcely civil—It's odd,.you know,!my,dear Couht, for I ham.aot ch«Bied r » 1 ,! -1 |- fVtu teomlogVwltb: you," ropeated .Hmidoril^obit.lBttaly, bnt CbrisJ kb »;Xaiin|^jp^bla 'beadraBil Clancy bill, the on military affi some of the .acts! formed! by Itickpnbacfcer the World War: From facts 14 committee and the war' departn shown ithat' Capti, or,; formerly capo I -hot thirty!; ' i-i i' sdorfr service ;of Vni States and comm mous 'Jiat-in-tbe|-ring' squadron. displayed unusua md skii' as an a World War in. t In the favorable report on (lie louse commit' ^irs enum°raies of ' valor pej-- diir id ITefore .. I 'pom records en't"-it -has been ain Rickeii.b ain;. in tire under of the' 1. heroic courage ,'iator during it he • :'l I I •• iat on iA .pril - 2!), lfilS, near the town of |Mon( Sec, France, 1 he attack batross monoplane, and after I a' h which he o German.-tep-i- d in .shooting | it Vigorous fight, i 'owed his foe in 'ory, he succeed: •lown near Vigrj •''hatel; that on ;tt.a-cked three Vtanes. shootiiiii /icinity of Ri'l ind. forcing the pthers lo ret if: ^ver tiieir own May 22.,1!)1S, hie AlbatroiSs monop ?rs over St. Mi hi! ed an. enemyiAl- W1-- eulliisf-les-Hrit, lay. 1.7; 191S. Iliat'r'os's- ' eiit |one down .in I Itjm *ie my' the at lines: -that 'j nrf ittacked tlirae nm«s.'4,0f)0 niei- ?!.. France. Tile drove them back into Gen inn territory, separated- one from it ho group and shot 1.1 down near -Fl-ir- ery; that on Jiii'-- •- lfUS-be "ighted a group 01 ..;wo • .briiti 'I olanes: and four uonopliines. <i Mian planes, which he at-on. tacked! vigorously, shooting- di] -jne iiiid dispersing !h(! ot!: 'hat. oil .May .in, ,1<ilS', I .IUKI 1: 011 tlie counter .'rs over Jaulny. 'ncked a group' ilanes, and afteil •ie shot down 011^ i he_others away: her I-I. 1WS/ in 1 I 'lii-y. he ^attack •iieniy ]ila'nes al 'i.iniO ! meters, ai^l ind hot action •shooting one do\| dispersing the o| >n Seijtembor' IB. gion (if Bojs do fi'nuutefed six en France, he; of five en a violent 1); plane and dii that, on Sept he region, ot' ed four .Ful, an nll'ittid:'" aft e'r a s)j )ie succeede. 1 in I'lames' jthoT' tljr'pe: mis, 'in the Waville,. be uiy planes, icr- •fit- ijvn; •(•s';- l'et- -fl 1 " •hiy tile Jivo |em- jvil"' ker o ar;; 1 ':!. :i !i ha: re-' en- Who •vere in the.act of attacking four "•pads! which were .'below them, ind undeterred-by their superior- numbers he unhesitatingly attacked them and ' succeeded in. •hooting one down in flames ompletely breaking the for 'ion of the othe 'emhei- 25. 191 France; while oii a jul. :111a- that 011 fiep- ley. trol rs ,S, near Bi voluntary pa iver the lines, hf> attacked ?(( •memy] planes ff irotp-cting the t ;tadtsl and. disregardin idds against him. he dived 'hem land, shot down ono > of ^okkCji 's out of J control and .'acked one' of the Halherst •nd spill it down also. "All of the foregoing acts skill w.ere at the! unusual ris .us own life apdja tribute to -emarkahle heroic courage maraif.teristic valor of an 'An |i can -citizen," yen ve .type Foklker. ivo type Ilal.ber- ' the on the, !at- ults Pof :• of the and eri- Sterling Grocery j Phone 234 Better Groceries for j Less Money 3UTTER—Oak Grove AO * creamery, lb. CHEESE—Kraft .' Wisconsin, lb: ..... PEANUT BUTTER—7 Fancy quality, lb. .,. LEAF LETTUCE— Fancy, lb- i....... BACON—Sliced, pe ( f lb. .. . FLOUR—White Rose; 24 lbs. ,U . EZBAKE FLOUR -iOlb. baff • % One S«fk of E-Z-Bako Mcul With Kacli H BR'of i :Flou«. SUOlAR-Fure'cane, with $1 order or more, i SSe 10|lbs: ^p" CATBUP-Large,! ot r bottles, 3 for ...... JELLY POWDER- 1 W r Same AS JeUo, 3 for A F 1 ' 00WEE-H & H ib; cake is cake... bnt only after yon taste it < you decide!from which kind you'd prefer to "have another slice.'* O N THE same basis compare Bayuk Havana Ribbon -with any other five-cent cigar in the woriiL The tobacco is better. The workmanship is better. The flavor is truer, milder, mellower. Ripe tobacco, long filler (no short ends), and imported Sumatra wrapper make • Bayuk Havana Ribbon cost more to produce ... and give more for your money. The cigar will prove US 'BAYUK CIGARS,!Inc.' : Indianapolis, Ir.d from e Brook,^tetty Lawforc!, H. Reev|es-Smith i ithe Paramount Picture "The Return of Sherlock Holmes'^ AT TH!'!' Kl KN 'iiAY .\.\'D MONHAY. /he, BETTER. FOOD </J?at£i*L 1 STORES^ ll-i- Cli-:inius uo l>:i.vs, April II. CLEANSER at a Low price; stock tip; ttree cans' for . .'• 10c Wall Paper Cleaned Avondale, 3 cans ...... 17c ;.V- Crystal Whits, K. : rk'*s Flake White^.5 bars ............. L Largo, niua:p and iceat 'y lcs. 18c 25e INTRODUCTORY SALE Marion brand, quality [nut margarine, 2 lbs. ..: ... (%ondernut 2 lbi, 35c;.) 25e Another Combination Valjie. Two Xo. a ciios 'TomatocHri I pkg. founlrry «'lrl> >ittnir:ini; l ; l>ky. Couiitry Viuh Simi'Mi'tti: !<kK. roW.r.v t'liib Jirll iPmvilfr, u r.'.miliu- INc ;- taiiie, nil for . '--•• Guaranteed Pure 2 lbs. Whcat-a-nut Tliat il.laiolis froil anil nut ' l»*|nfl; l-lb. »wifL .__.J Coeoaniii Macaroon^,^ 27c 25-lb bags ..:......... iCountry Club: 1-lli. loaf, 5c; IVS-lh.'oaf ; - 8c Brooms, 4 Sewed, each 39e Mops, 10 ozi, each 25c! Pineapple, Iresh, 2 lor . 15§ Green Beans, trghjajtei mi #1 -^1

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