The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 8, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1952 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily r*t« p«r line ptr .consecutive tnsrrtlon: Minimum chare* *° c 1 time FT line isc 1 limes per line per day .......... IZf 3 times prr line per day 9<* 6 rimes pr.r line per day tf 1Z limn per llnf prr day i<* Month per line 9 Bc Count ?'*«• arene> word* t« Ihe )Jne. Ad ordered for three or *i* times anrt *tOpped hrlore expiration will hr chatted for Ihe -number of times thr ad appeared and adjustments of W» made. All classified advertising copj 1 sub- mil ted by persons residing outside of the rll)' must be ^rromjianled hy raib. Rates may be easily be computed tmm the above table. AdTCTthlnx ordered for Irteculir In- aerilnns Ufcf the one t(me lahle. No resnnnslhitlly he taken for more thin onr liuoirrrt Insrillin of any All ads are restricted to Itielr pronrr rljmificatlon, style and type. The Courier News Tesrrrrs Ihe rich! to f"' 1 or reject any ad. For Safe, Misc. LUMBER FOR SAI-B — Limited quantity of rouch bullrtlnp: lumber for tale us lone ns It lusts. $50 yrr tlious- t and board fcri. In i.r.s t>( LOW fm or • mor*. Inquire at rmr Lunitirr yard, end ol Flflli Street, Holmr Vrnrrr nnrt Lumber Comnnny, Inc., Cnniihrtsvilt<-. Ttnbbltft ml tin Rrds. wlillps and tfray. III K:*'U Ken lucky, rhoup 2277. B f > 1>* ' I'h. 2364. a 6 6 ft. Mnsfiey-llarrH Combine wllli .motor Cm two .small crop*. lop ron- IdKion. Hr*rt;a1n prlrr. H'-r Walter -Sours 10 ml. nonh of Jnnffihmo K I cfc 31 QCKxl used rcfrltreriUo , Pimm" Fir* RTi'l bur«lnr jur-of tzrs Vault doors. Freight p ' wUfi , j pood wlnsrwk oii^rs, l I hick, 1 wltli low hnrV 1 Hrno upn«]«!_- I [orfO. 1 Horn], Hi. 6702. 7 2ft rk a 12 j ~| Hmnpr -IS 1 Hlttr cwi, '-i h t'- motor Ph. 3352. HlyltievLlte .w M. 'V'' , „ .-, Apartment 'for Rent USED COMBINES -!lf yon need !i nooil 11SIH ' p0 "' , a M7 m or"^ " Pt • """' TaT^ ' propelled combine . . . HOG us 71=T,»r,ur.»h-S-,pr»-iih miv«~ j first. Choose from Ali.ssey- un. phone SMS. »'•* >'[Harris, Interiialioiial Harvester, John Deere and (.'asu. "•"•"»! 61 IMPLEMENT 4 nnfurn. n.nd nrlvnte Franklin, ph- 40 3 room unf. | eourl. Th. 46S6. rooms, prlvfltp room unfurnished apt, Uli) onp 6035 «!4 Nlf:e]y fiirn. riownsinlrs JtO. 100 W. Ky. 1 rm. fnni. «pt, titll pie only. 1409 W. Ash. turn. apt. Ph- 2lf>0 i,'Hh bat npt. prlvnte R.5 pk 12 i fitni, Co»i- R4 pV- II »4 pk 11 CO. N. Hiway Gl I'honc 2142 7:10 tf 2 rm. fnrn. apt. with bath. Uiimiw paid. Ph. 4255. 8 6 ck 12 3 rm. vmfnrn- spt. pvl. hnth, automatic hot water heater Ph 3325 1jl8 ck fi!l8 Mortem 2 room [Mr. apt. Ph. 2595 or Modern apt. 3 ronms anfl h^th. nc»~- ly decorated. Rood furniture. KIS e(|vilp- ment. Ph. 3373. F. Slmcn. 5,21 ck tl Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Services EXPERT REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE For quick, expert Kpr^lce on nlr con ilttonlng rcfrlgerntlon one! nppHnircpR . . call «986 or 60C4. BHOFF REFRIGERATION CO, 8.4 If Bob Malone. Ph. 2771. 7)17 ck 8J17 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Triule Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Walnut Plenty of Parking Space Lucian Gaines Furniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy youi' old furniture. Farmers terms clown, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph. G357 . 'IJ17 ck tf Laundry in my home. Ph. 6T47. 7|15 pk 8|15 Rni und wall to wall curpct clean- Ing. Phone 2487. 7J30 pk 8,13 E. R. Alley—*lr conrtlttnnlng rpfrli;- •ration eerrlce. Ph. 2478. 102 E. r.:i«- •ourl, BlytneTllle, Ar)c. 7^9 tt Watch and . Jewelry Repair 1-D&7 s*rr!ce on Jewelry—J days on irstches and clocks. Gun rant ced work dona by expert repairmen. Lowest 'PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10'3cX tf Moving & Hauling Closed Van trucks, finfe — Dependable-. Eicperlenccd help. W. W. npckliam. 117 West nose. Phono 8328. 79 i>fc 8.3 Guaranteed piano tuning and r«- palr. Call 2071 dnj". 2059 nlgM.s. S2& if Plans-Estimates construction, remodeling or For repairs. P.H A OR O. 1. LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phone 2066 Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. S-24-tl For Sale, Real Estate Well built liome in choice local'o"--*",-4''"-'"Voo<l Drive. Floor furnace, atlic fan. concrete drive. Pi-ice ?7,nOO S 1,500 down, ?.JO monthly Ph. 2S2I. 88 ck 12 REAL ESTATE Farms—City Property .LOANS INSURANCE If Intcrcstrd In Buj-1nn or spiling fico Noble Gill Agency Glcncoe HUlff. Ph. GRfiS S 30 c* tl In Truck Trading, Your i J-I •—*' * *~^ *-Tl MUM Goes Farther at Phillips! Mf) CIIKV Bfclan llpllvorv- Tills liilc rnnilcl (ruck has a nou 1 UgM Cray finish. Only SS'Jn :it I'liil]i|is .Mnlnr Co. 'IS DOlXiH $11115 An f.vtra c ln:m trurk, ll;Is JfllH Dnrige :i i-T»n Express K a flnp buy ;il Sfi!)5. Come lo 300 Hrnadwnj'. Mfi CIIKV S5-15 'H NASH MS INT'NAL $395 This 191S Inlcrn.itlnnal <';ih A- <'h;ifi.sis Trurk Is a hrckuvn harsraln at only S395! Drive it yuiirsc'ir. '51 KOKD CLUK CF'K You'll really like (his 1951 Ford Custom Club Coupe: Knrrtom:itEo 1 ransnilsslon, ra- lUo, hc;ilt'r, new UrrsE If yniiVr- lotiktiiR for n cheap fj-Ton I'lrkiifi, <'(i[iifi nn dmvn ninl sff Iliis I!UG C'licvrnlft. Saw Just ?-»4SI It's n hig 2-T«n l'n|> A- ( h;is- sis Truck fur Sin">! Cnmp to I'lillltps for n Kom] deal—and ^Ve ask you lo drive: Uils car ynurvir. Yrni'll asrrec thai lhl» If) 17 Xiish 2-iloor Sedan Is % buy ;il SCI5. MO CHKV $2!)5 JT Unit's what you want, then llils ifllf) C'hovrolot special ilc- luxe C'OJirh is it! 300 Broadway Phone 4453 NOW is the time to buy a Good Used Combine Jack Robinson Implement Co. lilylheville, Arkansas — Phone 2371 2 room home. lar iKh school. V.'lll tl [irlcf Ab.suacl )lxte Ave. Phone G tot. clnsr In nnw crllico AMW cM*h IJfC'd. Sec- nt Id! 2 . 8,6 |)k l!l odcr ii JJ bedroom house Help Wanted $7f) Weekly route work. >aUi at 1)05 Pecan Ave. I hire!- j Entn^-ou^ C *^ wood floors, floor 1'Lirnncc, 50 j 1 " 1 "'/-^^ Mt - "I'^omRs m ITS. E. jal. cloc. tiot walor healer. iijXlrn targe lul. 'J'his house is . . 0 "' c "- Wed - A " B "" ' n good condition. $1800 cash will handle and assumption of loan balance at $52.50 per month. Possession July 28th, owner leaving town. Mr. G.I. — I have a 4 rm. house & bath, screened in back porch, 80 gal. hot water heater. Close in on Vine St. Price $5250. Closing cost about £160. Sec or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor ]]2 So. 2nd Phono .1111. Residence Phone 2506 712,1 tf Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection GLENCOE HOTEL. BUILDING 121 W. Ash St. Lost & Found CORNY MYSTERY—This youtig lady with Ihe tape measure seems a bit mystified nt the plant beside her. Ami no wonder. It's a corn stalk growing very lustily out of n crack in the pavement on Ihe corner o£ Washinyion and Jefferson Street near Chicago's busy Loop section, Wanted to Buy | Wonted HIGHEST PRICES PAID For tin, wire and all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. Man lo -\vork in cotton pin office. ENppnrncp helpful. Reply to Box XG *:„ Courier News. si rk ( f YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH A RECONDITIONED USED TRUCK 195.0 CHKVKO1.ET ^-Ton Pickup Truck — ?QQC come to the MK psived lot on Walnut Street .. wwO 1950 KOHI) V-8 i/i-Ton Pickup Truck— save $ on upkeep with a reconditioned truck ....... 1911) CHEVROLET [/.-Ton Pickup Truck — here's another money-maker now only 19-lft KOKD V-S '/2-Ton I'ickup Truck — they trade right al Sullivan-Nelson 1!)!8 CHKVHOIJiT '/j-Ton I'ickup Truck ^- a STftC real buy in a good used pickup .............. 1 vw JillG FOK1) V-8 ^-Ton Pickup Truck— how S^JIC can you j;o wrong on this hnrgain price ..... vHhO 19 IS CIIEVKOf.ET 1-Ton Pickup Truck — a $" heavy-duly (ruck Ibiil will make money ...... 19 Hi CIIKVHOLHT long wheelbasc Truck — S«Jj for an "OK" truck come to our lot ....... iT^' 19'Ki.CHEVROI,KT short whcelhase Truck — S^fli now it's' priced at a low. low ............... Trw 19-15 CHEVROLET long wlieelbasc Truck — $£A you get a better deal at Sullivan-Nelson ..... ^T?« 1912 CHBVROI.ETlonB whcelhase Truck with S^ft/ n foot hody . . .a bargain at ............ £\» 1912 FORD V-S 1-Ton Panel 'J'riick. A dandy 5<Jl| for hauling labor, it's in good shape ........ £$2 These trucks are ready to go to work for you. Many Others to Choose From EASY CMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, yo« can always make a good deal at SULLIVAN - CHEVROLET COMPANY "Tht Bit Used Car Let »n Walnut Street'* 301 West Walnut Phone 4578 INVITATION TO KIE> The Board of Education of Cooter Consolidated School District No. R-4, of Cootcr. rcmiscot County Missouri, hereby extend an invitation to interested BmUIing Contrac- x T TJJ P ,, , - I tors to P lace a bk! fnr the constmc- iV liaway it Alonllrie Drive jtinn of an addition to the present Phone 89G2 school building at Cooler, Missouri, 15 ck t f ' iV ' lic ^ 1 P'opo!ie<I addition provides office space and fireproof vault. Plans and specifications may be secured at the office of the Archi- cieposit of S10.CO. which shall be re- 22nrt 1952 afc 8 o'clock, funded when plans are secured or Bids shnll be accompanied by | returned seven days after receipt cashi er's ™ certified check, or bid nf .,=,,_ Bond in amount of 5% of bid Ul UJU3. TV»« Tinier! nf T7T.1.. t: ' _ Bids will be opened for consideration on Friday Evening August The Board of Education reserves I the right to reject any and all bids. I BJ7-8-9I A left-hnndpfi (irst ha.semans mitt Phone 7256. Davltl Holt. 8 R pk 12 I - • - ___ We will pay CASH for your old Ko- Red leflthpr hlllfolrt lost \Vpclnopclav \ di\ks. cnrnrras and tenses lot pans n!ternoon Ln Sterling Store FlndcV ' O'STEEN'S STUDIO, 1E5 West MHHI krep money, mail papprs to Rt •> EJox f 12-1 ck tl i tret. Mr. Pleas E. Hyatt, 219 South 764, Biytiicvme. a 7 pk 9 > ~^~^^ ,„,, n ^,, ,„.;,; ;__ in , fl i MjiJn Street. Kcnnett, Missouri. Loons Wonted Fnnn Wanted Notice Crtrprntry nnrt p rnnc;-. Ph. 6327, worfc. C. D 1 30 pit 8,30 FHhprmen! We ha\'c porkmr^Tg alirlrnp. iuttrcll's Mkt. 600 ChlcV: 8 1 ck Crosskno, \\\ prc-s -halt truck fro ni date. Phon from (he Mfire of the Supcrintenci- 8.3 i>!< 22 '•• ent of Sciioote, Cootcr, Missouri, on 9:17.1, UiU M y modern 3 bedroom home, near Catholic school. Has rental house on rear. Will trade for farm land. One six room hou.^e near Walker Park, cheap at $2500.00. CCO, M, LEE 120 \V. Main, Ph. 6961 7|20 ck 8|12 MUTUAL LIFK INSUFtAN'CE CO or New York nnd nbl& to make HE loatis or rctliiiiTicn your old lom\s on n j 20 yc-ar term tu ft low rntc nf Interrst ' nu(J not chnni-e yrmr prc«.fni <l^to o( [ pfiymtnt with no npprr\lsnl fee. ninlfi (jftiut C'o. HlythDvllli-. Ark Offlrr Ditmc 3H21 W. T Harriett Russell E. RLn.le.i 7-aarit a 22 For Safe A flfmhln sri Jnrli Cnntln^ntnl Crln trpi For Infortnailnti rntne to Gltibnns Store. Star Haute, Goblcr. Mo. 8 1 pk 15 Private Rooms Frrvil room. Private entianre Hot ; water. >; blocX KrOKer.s 207 N. First. ; Meals available for two. Phone -1660 I _ 8.7 pk n j IJpflroom. Kndlr.q only. Inquire ... souili apt.. 10; s, eih after 5 fl pk 13 floriroom, phone 226R. B5 pk It Re<lroom with pvi. b,ith. Ph. 2938. 8 1 t( Sprn room nntl ,rrt from tJi. newly rtcrornled. mill buck porch IxH iU trees. 1 * Corset lor hrnltri . .Inlin Lon?. % irvlllf. Ark. hn coin Plione 2775. nnrt oivlc. Gcn - Upl • , . 20 MINUTE PKOTOSTATIC SKRV- I SO x ISO ft ft . ICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO. 115 \V. ^tA^N. ' hushes. 53000 Cftll 2^?9 alter 5pm 124 ck tl 85 pk 12 ; Ark. 85 pX 11 j For Rent or Lease Larpp. comrorlable. front bedroom. Convenlejitly locntccl. Ph. 2M4 32 pk 92 Nice cool bedroom. Adjoining bath, Ml W. Ash. Ph 2200. 7'19'pli 3,19 Qeriroom con»' Mnln. Ph 3325 Urrtroom >^. Ph. 37-1] i bnth 611 W 7.11 a* »;n WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL H O T or COLD! A Slice or Truckload! SPECIAL PRICES FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Street Blytheville Authorized [f^B] Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets. FOR RENT OR LEASE iiiililiufT In rated 501-503 •st M;iiii Stropt, now occu- noil by I.ihorty Tush Store, 1 vill l>c for rout Sept. 1st. For; nfonn:itioi> sec | i Hul>l'iii - (l Funiituro Co. S 5 i-k -I'S onvcnlrnt to bath. Fritter 5 p.m. 7 2U pX 8.12 Salesman WanteJ HtCi INCOMtS OrTOHTUNITY Hlahlr innri turr :(0 »1ih car to rrp- t til mlrniAtlmmll',- rerr,.;u[/f<] coin- iv talcrl A-.U Dun - or olu cintoin -Aitti ntly t Drnwln mU<>ls. A rrnl wnr vlmrl- . ri' <v,nn>rli|. l^l Incoiup. tin rnmmls- ! """ ' FUEL OIL ETZ "/ Sell That Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Television & Radios REPAIRED Any Make or Model Set 1 DAY SERVICE FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 24 HOURS A DAY Day Phone: 2642- Night: 8858 No Extra Charge For Night Calls FRED CALLIHAN RADIO SERVICE 110 S. 1st Blytheville o with I-. S!\t- i'5r v 4 mll^ . No hath. In porch, 513 Nmth K:: = : ^f;7.•^ s a ck 3 :1 hi o rent Call - room house. Morirrn ronrrnlf IICP*. r: loratlcn T O. Thompwn. .^1 N F,r.;V*Hn. ph. 2154, 627 cX tf Nlrr B room unfurnished hoii'p In x.-rlirnt lorntlon. Call 279S. 7 30 cX tf Pictures Of Your Vacation CHAMBL1N SALES CO. Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer JUiko*d & Ask Call 6SS8 FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch lo <S inrli, plain or rccnforccd. Also foncrtte Bnildlnc Blocks cheaper llian lumber (OT barns, chlrk- rn bouses, pump houses, lenanl hoiiscj. tool sheds. We deliver. Call us tor free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 RENT A CAMERA All TypM "f Cameras and Supplies at name?'* Barney's Drug CAMKRA HT:A[>(]I:ARTF.RS IWG VV. Main I'honc 2647 the Peach Crop Is Short! f ., A It's Nov,' Half Gathered We now have Freestone Peaches __ Wholesale or Retail BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Main Slreel lilvthcville Come to East Main For TheTruckDealYouWant 19-18 KOKD 11/1-Ton IAVB Truck with new bed, new tires, new paint. . .now only 19-ifi CHEVROI-ET 1^-Ton Truck wilh bed, ?OQK 2-speed axle, 825x20 lircs. . .just ............ 033 1918 CMC 2-Ton Truck wilh 2-spccd axle. Good lircs. Save now at Homer-Wilson 1950 STUDEBAKER «-Ton I'ickup— an un- ?OQC usually clean, city truck. Now only .......... Ov w 1950 CHEVROLET 2-Ton S\VH Truck— the truck is nice and so's the price! JOE ATKIN MACHINE WORKS COMFLtTI 1HCIT M I T A I IMOf »i*ucnj*»i $T«L • 0*1 ANB lucntic WIlDlftO • GIN HEFAIRS • UACKSMIIH- IN» • HARDWAm • MACHINt MPAM* BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS $ 495 $ 445 19 IS MACK 2-Ton I,\VB Truck—good tires, new painf. I,ook twice at this price 191G FORD '/j-Ton i'ickup—fnr llic liny of your life come NOW to HorneMYilson .... mil CHF,VROLET '/2-Ton Truck—for a Ml, $• it's !i dandy. Come to East Main in Tilythcvill" 191!) CHKVROLKT I'/i-Ton Truck—brand SlftCfi new bed, good tires. . .clean everywhere ....JU5J3 HORNER-WlLSON EAST MAIN PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 Rocket Oldsmobile — (J.MC Trucks Phone 2056 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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