Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 20, 1978 · Page 10
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 10

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1978
Page 10
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I've heard of floating crap games and floating cock "fights, 'but a floating CITY is ridiculous! Howsomever, difficult as it might be to negotiate Main Street south of Perkins, or several other low-lying thoroughfares in the city, biisinessnjen and farmers are still welcoming the rains as they fall, and fall, and contihiie to fall. Hbpefuliy;;, layoffs in the cpnstructior^ industry will be offset by profits as travelers flock to the area next summer to enjoy the Itguid stuff covering up what used to'be the Lake Mendocino Mudflats...Steve Olson (and other sporting goods distributors in town) is saying "Somebody up there LOVES me!" as he visualizes the 100- inch plus snow cover on Donner Summit. Meanwhile, next door, Lee Enemark was saying something else (modesty forbids me to say just what) on Monday morning when he opened his store and found several inches of water on the floor. Several trips to JJ's later, where he borrowed every available mop and pail, the floor was dry, but not before a considerable number of books were damaged. At a recent meeting of the' iJkiah Downtown Merchants Association, plans were made for the upcoming year. Since their main problem seems to be a lack of adequate parking facilities (TELL me about it!), most of the suggested improvements were in that area. The Association will soon make available to shoppers a map of all off-street parking facilities, to be identified with improved signs, and directional aids will be provided for those whq may be unfamiliar with t^e area (a colored line painted on the street was onfe of, the suggestions). Individuals and firms wishing to purchase parking meters from the city and have them removed may do so with a minimum of red tape by using the Association as intermediary. The Association will also provide the eouftesy si|n and painting of the pole atno charge. If customers really do "Try Uk'iah First," every merchant in town should prepare for an influx of shoppers to all parts of the city. To this end, the Downtown Merchants have provided for a more active role in promoUbn of both the downtown area and Ukiah as a whole. Watch foran increased nu^nber of exciting and different events in the Center of Town this year! Did yoy know that the biggest business in the U.S.' is Agribusiness? It should come as no surprise then, smarty, to hear that the Mendocino County Farm Supply cooperative store on North State St. broke all previous records last year and passed the million and a half mark in sales. The store features "Everything for the farmer except snuff." To Market, to Market, to Buy...a selection of unique products for Mary's Hallmark in ti\e Pear Tree Center. Manuel and Mary Borges combined bvisiness and pleasure with a flight to Portland, Ore., where they attended the Merchandise Mart and selected items not ayilable at local mercharidise showings...Paula Worster of The Freshwater Pearl to Lc^ Angeles and San Francisco to discover w;hat niilady is wearing for s]^ring...Dave Spencer and staff discovering how to put a little sunshine in his customers lives (and feet) with the new line of feminine spring things he has in stock right now... Big news from Albertson's market in the Pear Tree Center! ! The elusive $2,p00 Bingo grand prize has been won by a Ukiah resident Karen Ramos. Karen 's picture will join those of other big winners which grace the Albertson's ad each week in the Journal. Congratlilations.' Coke and Jean Williams, formerly of Ben Franklin, wish to thank all of their Ukiah customers and friends for their support and patronage, and particularly for the regrets expressed when they learned that Ben Franklin was going out of business. Those friends will be happy to know that the lease has been signed, and the Ben Franklin franchise will continue at the same location in the future. Coke and Jean have no plans to leave Ukiah, so we will be hearing more from them soon, I hope. Keep Dry and Ciao! tint/20 Dr. Robert Wallace Copley News Service Dear Doctor: I broke my leg in a skiing accident about two months ago and while I was recuperating my girlfriend taught me how to needlepoint. At first I felt silly, but now I'm really into it and my finished work really" looks good. A teacher at my school found out about my hobby and wants to sponsor a needlepoint club on campus and wants me to talk to other boys to create interest for them. My mother and my girlfriend.think it's a good idea, but my dad thinks the guys will laugh and think I'm effeminate. What would you do? For the record, I'm an all-conference football player. — Tad, San Mateo, Calif. 'Dtear Tad: Get involved in the school needlepoint club. Needlepoint fs an excellent hobby and definitely not effeminate. Since you are a football player, I'm sure not too many guys will laugh at you. Y,our status on campus can help get the club started in good fashion. Remember, Rosie Greer, former Los Angeles Ram football player, proudly displays his needlepoint work. Dear Doctor: I have a hiandsome, sweet boyfriend - but every time we are with a group of our friends, I always flirt. My boyfriend always gets mad and invariably we end up in a big fight. I end up telling him that it won't happen again, but alas, it always does. I really like my boyfriend and do not want to lose him. Why do I flirt? — Connie, Lodi, Calif. Dear Connie: There are many reasons why you flirt, but the two rtiost prevalent probably are the need to prove to your boyfriend that you are attractive to other boys and the need to prove the same thing to yourself. Boys like to know they are something special, not just one of many. Don'^t let your fliriting cause your ijoyfriend to look elsewhere. Dear Doctor: I am the leader of a rock 'n' roll dance band. All the guys in the band go to the same school and we use my garage to practice after school and on Saturdays. Now we have no place to practice and no money to r^nt a studio. Do you have any suggestions? — Dale, Winterhaven, Fla. D.ear Dale: When I was a high school vice principal, I allowed a group such as yours the use of the cafeteria to practice after school. Guidelines were set and the boys abided by them faithfully. Why not explore this avenue? Contact your principal . and share with him that your group will* accept responsibility. And don't forget the magic words please and thank you. . '* . Friday, January 20, 1978 Ukiah Dally Journal, Ukiah, Calif.—11 By Bil. Aivemaz, manager. Greater Ukiah Chamber , of Commerce LONGTIME pMPLOYEES — The board of supervisors this week handed out awards totcounty employees who have served more than 15 years. Receiving 15 year pins, left to right, first row: Beulah Tocher, juvenile hall; Thelma Roach, collections; Dean Sparks, social services. Middle row: 1 Brian Bennett, assessor's office; Elsie Walker, public health; Gordon McKillican, personnel dk-ector. Back row: Charles Foltz, public works; Bill West, county fair; Charles Cliburn, assessor's office. — Journal photo by Harris. UPl, AP plea rejected WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Federal Commiunications Comipission Thursday unanimously rejected petitions by major news services to delay an order that could result in ah estimated $8 million increase in transmission rates. < While taking that action, however, commissioners instructed the staff to expedite work, on a pending request before the FCC for separate and lower rates for press transpiissions. The commission decision basically upheld a 1975 finding that use of iower rates for so- called Telpak end hnks was discriminatory and therefore unlawful. That decision, which the channel discount from the rate for. single voice grade channels. Telpak end links are single voice grade extensions of the multiple services used mainly by the news services to serve On the matter, of today's youth: We hear so much about alt the bad things, and ail the problems with teen-agers in general. Triie, there • are problems - that's the nature of growing up and a reality. The fact is that the, small percentage of the bad gets played up and talked about the most. But what about that large majority of today's youth doing all the good? There are hundreds of them out there, leading normal (or close to normal) lives, doing all of the things it is that kids do (including cruising State Street didn't we do exactly the same kinds of things, too?). This week an extra special ROSE AWARD goes' to someone who is a complete statement about youth - what it is and what it should be. She is 14-years-old. Her favorite subjects include boys, geography and a few of the othei- "usual" subjects (listed in order of importance). She likes to sew and crochet; and eventually hopes to work in education for handicapped children. She has been on the drill team and is currently on the student council. International and Associated. Her mother describes her Press. as "a mother's dream of a The wire services petitioned daughter." A big pink rose to for a five-month delay in Stacey Fowler, who I am sure halting the lower end link will accept this week's Rose "one of the best pictures of all tiine" is on HBO tonight. "The Lion rh Winter" starts at B p.m. and it's well worth watching. THE CASE OF THE MISSING M-TA: The MTA has moved from 405 W. Perkins to 215 W. Standley. In the process of moving there was a problem or two with the phones. There aren't any signs up yet. Look for the white house on the comer of Standley and Oak. The answering service number isn't hooked MP yet, so you can reach the staff "in charge" at 468-4341, H you have any questions at all about the MTA — give 'em a call. wire services unsuccessfully smaller communities at the fought in federal courts, goes same discount rate. into effect Monday, according to an industry attorney. Telpak is ATT's multiple channel, service by which a customer can take 60 or more voice grade channels between two or more points at a per- Dispatcher is REACT speaker In April, 1976, under a separate FCC order, ATT filed a,$7 ?jnillion increase in rates for its Telpak services to bring them more in line with private line rates. The decision today was expected to result in increase in ATT rates of about $2 million each for the two major wire services. United Press rates while the FCC studied the economic effect of the decision. While rejecting that, FCC Chairman Charles Ferris and other commissioners made it dear they want the commission! staff to initiate im Award on behalf of all the not- too-often mentioned youth of today. \ THE CASE OF, THE MOVING CENTER; This must be a time of year for "moves" - The Blind Disabled Action Center, Inc. is now at their new address of 1360 South State Street, in the "old" IRS building. "The number is 46fi-9176 or 4622092," says John Duffy, who works there with Bob Kuder. The center is currently working pn a directory of restaurants and motels with facihties for tl)e disabled. Hopefully, the directory will makie Ukiah more accessable to disabled people. Volunteers are needed and can call John or Bob. WHAT ABOUT THJ: QUEEN?: While we're on the subject of the Fowlers, the .—, „„ following 'i question has come mediate consideration of a up - If Chamber President Bill special rate structure for Fowler is known as King Cecil press transmissions. "I favor some type of expedited review," said Fogarty, winning a nod of approval from Ferris. now (his real name), how then shall we address his wife, Charlerie? How about Queen Joan, since that is her real first name? On Jan. 11, Ukiah Valley REACT began the new year with a t)ang of a meeting. At their REACT meeting hall at the Holy Trinity Church, 640 Orchard Ave. in Ukiah, 41 people were present. Six were guests, and four were visitors from Willits, members of the newly-formed Willis REACT team. A new member, Mike Mayfield, "Mayflower", was voted in. Oncfe the meeting was called to order by Ukiah Valley REACT Pres. Carl Coonce, guest speaker Kathy Moses, dispatcher for the California Highway Patrol in Ukiah, was introduced and gave a very informative talk. She answered various questions from REACrr members, and discussed a few selected reports sent in previously b> the Ukiah Valley REACT monitors. One selection was the reporting of a disabled vehicle or an accident on the highwavs. She emphasized the importance of giving the exact location so the dispatcher could pass on the information to a patrol unit.. The best method, she said, was to use the highway or road mile marker posts closest to the vehicle or vehicles involved in the emergency. On Highway 20 from the coast at Fort Bragg to Willits, the mile post markers numbers increase from west to east, ending at the junction of Highway 101 in Willits with 33.16. It starts again near Calpella at 33.22 and ends off at the Mendocino- Lake county line at about 46.72. Each county has its identification: Mendocino (Men) Humboldt (Hum) Sonoma (Son). Highway JOl likewise has its mile post markers, beginning at the Sonoma- Mendocino county line and running north to the Humboldt County line. Moses also suggtested ideas and layouts on how to give a better and more accurate report. Many oth6r questions were answered that pertained to various types of calls handled by the Highway Patrol. She ended her lecture with a comment that, in her own opinion, Ukiah Valley REACT monitors have done a marvelous job in reporting the majority of emergency calls phoned into the Ukiah Division of the California Highway Patrol. Another view mentioned later during the meeting was of the REACT monitors who volunteered their time to help out when the high winds hit our area the night of Dec. '20 and the early morning hours of Dec. 21. From the time the first c,all came in at about 11:07 p.m., until 4:40 a.m., a' total of 116 emergency calls were handled by Ukiah Valley REACT monitors. To date, the Ukiah Valley REACT has on their membership roster a total of 50 members: 36 active,, five associate members, eight inactive and one Honorary Member. Don Jenkins, Potter Valley, said he'd make available his airplane to fly the REACT officers anywhere on official business. Anyone who would like further information on how or what REACT is may come, to•' the meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at 640 Orchard' Ave., Ukiah, or phone 462-1808. GET ACQUAINTED 3 • • • • (Note: Lettert to b« Included in Get Acquainted mail contain the writer's name, addre«« and pliooe number, even though thlr information's not printed with the letter.) I would like to correspond with a woman of above average intelligence -atHlitlea, appearance in Mendocino area. I am a Capricorn man of 20 presently working as a recreation counselor in Santa Barbara and interested in moving to Mendpcino County to find similar employment and work towards a small farm-ranch. NQ bad habits or eccentric beliefs please. Send letter and recent photo. GA'-209 1 am an active business woman With a lively home in the country seeking friendships with men who like to travel, garden, enjoy movies or quiet times at home. I am also intereBted in boating, camping and church ac- livitiea. I am 5-foot I-inch and wei^i 129 pounds, and would enjoy meeting a young man in his late SO's or early AO's that would have similar interests to share. * GA-Z08 I am a middle-aged white male. I vyould like very much to meet a compatible lady that would be interested in sharing her life. If you do not like being alone, please write. GA-210 Active man in mid^SO's is looking for a woman partner to share rugged life and gentle tenderness, the chores and joys of semi-self-sufficiency in the back redwoods. I'm a part- time writer, teacher, philosopher, weaver, housekeeper and mini-farmer, but into living fulltime with no ixtd habits except smoking. , GA -211 I'd like to meet a man who still has some adventure in his soul; a sense of wonder, I dream of walking mountain and desert trails with such a companion AMBASSADORS CUTTING AGAIN: The ever-busy (Chamber Ambassadors were out ' again yesterday to "I "„ 7" welcome the newest member report. The luncheon will be into the Chamber. The ribbon ^et up m a discussion forjnat. cutting took place at Fine and ^^'^ """"^ HOT NEWS DEPARTMENT: The Chamber sponsored luncheon DEPARTMENT: The Chamber sponsored luncheon a week frohi today is rapidly' shaping up as a MUS'^ for anyone wanting to get the "economic pulse" of Ukiah.. The cost-of-living survey and economic analysis for all of Vftn (plus an outlook for the first six months of 1978) will be contained in a sjJecial "State of Ukiah'! i-eport. The cost of $4 for the luncheon at the Lido includes a free copy of the Fancy Flowers, 1107 S. State Street. Michele Fine is the owner and part bf the unique name. MEETING MR. LEVINE; Attending last Friday's in,formal news conference I had , the good fortune to meet Joseph E. Levine. Pam MacLean's story in Sunday's paper captured the exciting feeling of meeting this ,man who has been responsible for close to 500 motion pictures. Mr. Levine did touch on I have a home to come back some things I found especially terest in this luncheon. that without reservations you might not get a scat. Call the Chamber at 462-4705 if you plan to attend. , More of THIS WEEK next week. A goat that got their goat PORTLAND, Ore. (UPj) Portland police definitely got the goat of a couple of teeh-age burglary suspects. Officer Robert Colyer responded last week to a call of a burglary in a residential area and arrived in time to see "two kids and a dog" race away from a house and across a yard, a department spokesman said. His call for help was answered by officer Robert Tilley, who spotted the three and gave chase on foot across to, and a job, also. I am interesting: 54 years old, am educated, and 1) Three or four times he am eternally flptimistic and raved about the "greiat curious. steaks" you can get at the GA-212 Manor Inn Restaurant. He I am a lonely widow. I have compared his ' skills of raised a large family and now producing films with the find myself alone. I'm in my Mlanor's chef's techniques in mid-sixties. I'm sure there is cooking a great steak, someone out there as lonely 9s 2) In talking about a day. of ^ • . . ^''"'"^ ^' . ^^^^^ ^d gave Chase on foot across Ihketogotothet^heaterand Cemetery Mr Levine com- ^ ^1^,^ He finally caught up outtodmner.Ialsoliketoplay mented about "the beauty and ^fj, ..^j 3,,^ card3, and enjoy a quiet serenity of such a remarkable evening at home if I had graveyard." As the film crew someone to share them with wrapped up. the day's work, me. If you are alone, please Levine /^jokingly said, "Just contact me. leaye me here. I haven't got GA-213 much longer anyway-" I am a 39-year-old man 3) When asked abdut the seeking companionship or filming schedule, he said they marriage with a compatible were right on schedule. Then young lady, preferably he added, "We will continue younger than myself. Prefer on schedule as Iqng as we nochildren, but one or two are don't get too much rain." OK. Incidentally, one of his GA-214 pictures, which he feels is had captured a go^l. There were no boys in sight. Then "Tilley noticed the goat staring at a bush. The bush was hiding a boy. Tilley, collared the youth and took him to the prowl car. LEES. ADAMS AND RICHARD J. HENDERSON ANiyOUNCE. THE FORMATION OF A PARTNERSHl P FOR THE PRACTICE OF LAW, UNDER THE NAME OF . ADAMS AND HENDERSON 215 West standley $t. UWah,Ca., 95482 Tei.jephone (707) 462-4726 ,^OAVBVt The Families Of DANNY & MAUDIE DANIEL (Ttie Locksmith) Wish To Express Our Deef^ Appreciation And Gratitude To All Their Friends And Co-Workers For Thieir Kindness And Help In Our Time Of Sorrow. CONTRACTORS LICENSE OFFERED IN UKIAH! For information and registration call: Area Code (916)486-0404

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