The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 6
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Manonoya andDougan FightDraw JUAREZ, Mex., Jan. 18. (UP)— L«oy Dougan of Blylhevllle, Ark., and Ramon Manonoyn. S.m Diego, Cn)., 118 pounders, fnuglu 10 n ten round draw here last nlglit. Dongon's oppoiieut !n (he match Inst night claims ilie Pacific coast title in (ho bamamwi'lElu division. Chato Laredo, well known Mexican tattler, will fight Dotigim at Juarez next week il ii believed. Foul Starts Another Tilt Among Sports -•^r,,---^^-_-.-.=^,^ Caru'lliersvilJe Gagcrs Lose to LainlynthTeam CATIUTHERSVILLE. Mo.- Tlic Lamuulii Eagles of J.nmtudi College at Jackson, Tenn., triumphed over the Cmilliersvillc Junior col- . !ege cage icum In u survival or tlie roughest atong wlili tli? best, accuracy on Die track Ijoinl. lost night. The score was 34 lo a«. The . game was the roughest ever played on (lie local floor. . The Ea^es 'overcame n seven iwlnt lend after (he first linlf ns the locals failed to tighten up ihclr defense. Tire cnllro second half was very rough, two men on each team wc-it . foiiled out. Bowers ol Lambiitli was ejected by Referee MnWirws In Hi; second halt for kicking \Vcwcii. B 0 . glniUiij; the second half Walker put In eight points to two for the Jay- hawks and they led only 17 to 15 .The Jayliawks increased their lead to 23 to n but the Eagles tied I- and Walker dropped In a free throw to put the Eagles ahead, never to be caught. Fouls were very numerous during Hie second half, '. and the Jaylmwks dropped In six free shots and only two field goals while lire Eagles mussed five free shots mid 11 goals. When Foster was fouled out the Jnylinwks' at. ; fense was weakened somewhat ami their own playing was ragged. Walker of Lumbuth scored 2) ixiints and was Ihe mainstay of • their offense. He gut only one 'field goal In (he first hnli but In III? second nut in four free-shots and eight goals. Faster led (he Jay- hawks with 11 jxjinls. Every man on each team played good but much of the Eagles' rough (actics were, nol seen by Hie referee. Lineup: • Lnhibuth (34) Carulhersvillc (2ii) Position Bowers; 2 p. \Vessell, 0 .Barker,! F. ' Enrls Walker, 22 P. Prakes, 1 •Haley c. ' Asher Robertson, 4 Conn. 3 Bull. 5 . o. Mastcrlon, n •Orcrall o. Mehrlc " Foster, II Chicago Grid Leader Didn't Play Prep Game «y NBA Service CHICAGO, Jnn. 18.—Election of ErreH Van Nice o[ Chicago to captain Hie 1930 elei'en ol die University of Chicago marts (lie first time in Maroon history that a. grldder with no prep football experience has won the honor. Vnn Nice attended Hyde Park high school here where he was captain of the soccer team. Van Nice's greatest achievement during the past season was an 80- Siard run for a touchdown over Princeton. He is a left-handed for. ward passer of ability. The Maroon captain-elect. Is 21 PARIS. Jan. 18 (UP)—When a low blow sent the Jlallnn down In their first fight at Albert Hall, tlii> match was all over for W. L. "Young" StribllnK aim 1'rlmo Carnera. but not fdr Deny Wall and _ Sainuol Pierce, popular sporl'-mpji lln Ihe American colony of Pails. For ihoin the fight has Just begun. Pierre was all for Camera and Wail could .see notliltii; but StrlJj- llnir, and they backed up their lu- eumenls with hsrd cash. In tin- bar of one of the most luxurious of the de luxe ho.vtclorles of Pan;, they laid their money on Jhe j«n- Imnany and pskcJ ftnnk, Ihc Irai- inan, to hold the stakes. The odds were ngaliul Hie V'eiie- llnn giant, so Wall nave l-Ynnl: S2,(JCO, and Pierce SI.200. The liar, man ):ut the money In a bank nnd showed the anlagonisls the n- -Jpl. Tlie fight ended hi n foul. Sulb- lliuj" Vjoing dls(|iiallfled li'ir two foul blows. Pierce went to collri-t his money, but found Wall there with mi nrgumt'tit that the fight ended In n foul, comnniently all bets were off. Tn fare tif such uncertainty, Prank refused lo give t)ie money lo cither ninii. "Get logi-ihrr, fe:i- tlcinen, and coiuc back again," lie counselled them. Dm W.ill could no! .see things that way and insisted that since Ihe bels iverc off, (lift barman must return his $2.000. Pierce forbade the barman lo give back money which was ihe properly of J'lcvce. Wall lias none lo court, citing Priink for Die letiirji of $2,000 nncl 10.000 francs of dummies and lii- tcvcsis for abusive retaining of Die money. The barman has taken M. Michel rniili as Ills laivyor and soon (he care will be heard in (he Pnrls courls. T,!ie Oardpn Monopoly When IX'tler fights arc promoted in Ni"* Vork (ht.s summer, nnd let us all hope (hey will be. the COO millionaires will promote them. Thai is ii'.suied by (he deal whereby bo'.h ilie Polo Grounds and Die .Yaiikci- Sladiinn hsve twen acquired (by Miiillsun !ft|U;iri- Garden's out- jdwjr >hows during Hie summer i months. ! TliS leaves Jack Dempscy out ol I the Manhattan picture. There was 'a |}IU.I[TCI that Jack might put on | a hiiow ur tv.'O at tile Poto Grounds; 'till- iii".u-;t move of BID Carey's uT/.uls out the former cliampln. ; Mii'.ciiiiuikcr Turn McAtdle plans 'a busy Mimmer of boxing, with four ;c!iiinjii<in'; in action. Tlie proposed 'Hbarki-y-Hchmellinj Milk Fund affair !n June is expected to produce at lni:i LI .syntlii'lic champion of the '.lorld. Plans arc afoot for Sammy Mumtclt to meet Al Sin| tor: I«r .lacklc fields to defend i Ills v.Hl-guarded welterweight Uiltf 'niiiilns: Jimmy McUirnln, and for iMI;*cj p Walker to meet Ace Uucl- klns or another middleweight. The winner of the Jimmy Slat- lu-y.Lmi Sjcor/Ji bout in Buffalo lias been ordered to meet Max Rosenbloom for Ihe )lght-heavyivcl( championship. Tills may be one of tin- outdoor .shows. The new ei'liif]weight champion. Dal !)••(- (i'llnu. also is being lined up tor bsiitj under Onrdwi auspices. It nrrjiKirs the GOO Millionaires have Ihe cainitlower market pretty well cui iier«l. L«xora Aces Trim Marked Tree Quintet LUXORA. Ark.—The Bank of Luxora Hod Aces won a decisive victory over (he Tree town nulntel on (he Luxora court Thursday night in a game Unit was fiercely foiiishl cm Iwlh sides, the score being '20 to 12 In favor of Ihe local team. Hayes, lefl forward for the home team, led in tlie scoring, having made 15 of (he 20 points tnntlc. Sowders and Haslewood were ht-jh point, men for the visitors, they cadi making four seorc.-i. The'line-up was ns follows: Mnrked Tree Pas. Luxora Aces Sowders n. p. uiijie Mobley. CiMsell L.R Hnycs Wilson c. Olilespie Glasgow, Wils'nR.O. Judson H'-raod. O'ssett L. O. Smith, R'gcrs President A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard breaks the academic silence to suggest that football overemphasis might be reduced by wich school playing one ynme a year. President lx>well didn't say anything nboiit Harvard starting (he system next fall, however. Tlie one-game plan would have one grand advantage, though. There wouldn't be any comparative scores. years old and weighs 106 pounds. He is a member of Delt Kappa Epsilon fraternity. lluck I.oms for Baltic Mr. Knck (Sunny Boy) WU&on again lias llie llch to meet Art Shlivs Every (hue he gels nway from Use fireside Slid ihe Influence oi Mrs. Wilson. Hacn dreams of Ihe arena nnd lon(;s to step In there nualiist tlie American Lt-agUL-'s all-talkie clmm[ilon. But when lie ypts back home o' nights, Mrs. Wilson talks him out of the Hollosi nnd Hack Is docile until lie sets out Into the open ngnin and Marts tliliikliiB «l«iit n-luit n lovely liaMliig lie could give the Great One. There's nn important issue at stnkc here, aside from tile lask of takhiir in siiires 1 sail. Tire Na. llonnl league has uecu knocked from pillar to post during the last couple of years, and you iicnv on tvci-y hand ihe' twnsl ot American League supvemncy. Is (Ills American league supremacy to extend to the boxing rin;;, too? A Place in the Sun? Mv. Shires met Ihe. Nationnl League's accredited representative, Mr. Spohrer, of course, shrdlut Mr. Al S|iohrer, and he was his. Mr Spohrcr, of course, serves the National League in what might be called merely a nominal capacity as a catcher, for the Boston Braves, but lie Is n National Leaguer just Die same—and whal are wo going lo do aboiu it? If Sunny Boy Wilson could slop out there and smack down this Shires person, it might put. a silencer on all this talk of the Na- (ionnl League ueing a bush organ- f?atlon. For Hack's sake however, we hope the bout would be held somev/here' Indoors at night, and not In the open spaces on a shiny afternoon. Hack isn't craving any more places in the sun since that seventh Inning- at Philadelphia. P. G. A. Monopoly The professional golfers' championship has belonged lo but OIF) YOU KNOW THAT- Tom McArdlo rates Phil Scott as fourth among the heavyweights, putting Sharkcy, Schmellng and Griffiths a bovi him. in that order . , . ij c puts Unzy below Scott . . . (hen tome Cartiixsio, von Pom. Tommy Loughran, Johnny Rlsko and frnic Echaaf ... Tlie trotting track at Phcenix. Ariz., h one of the fasicst in the caunlry .. . and ihe pacing mare, Ollda Gray, 2:01 3-4, is to be given i whlil there In an effort to cet a new record ... Kid choc- olme is due for a battle February M ntsalnsl "an unnamed opponent" . . , suppose It's Car- .iera? . .- . Dan nbwley has been In several good bran-Is, but one of the best was at Reading four years ngo . . . nan was catching for Toronto and started a row with an umpire . , ihcn he look on four jx>llce, one of whom socked him above the eye wllh his club, leaving a scar . U.-iii go: fl days and $100 for that one. three Individuals since 1922 llagcn u;id Snrawn held u monoply from 1822 until 1928 and Dlegcl has v.'on It Hie last two times . Judge Landii Rules Out BoxLig For]Ba»eball Men' CHICAGO, Jan. 18 (UP)-Jud B e Kenetaw Mountain Landls, commissioner of baseball, Issued a ruling today In which he stated that all baseball players who engaged as professional boxing contests would be regarded as having per- SATUHIMY._JANUARY And Hobby Jones wants to reserve Ihe right to play Onn-Eyc Connolly inslead of the finalist in the National Open mancntly retired from organized baseball. The ruling was announced after Lanrjls Jiad interviewed Arthur (The Great) Shirts, the White Sox first baseman who Is said to have- received J10.000 recently as a professional pugilist. On the heels of Proxy Lowell's statement, comes a new story to the effect that Harvard plans to It is only good sense to give Gristo a trial. The Scott County Mfg. Co. Miller's Supreme Every Substantial Product of Grain invade (he bcmball fields of the Pacific coast next year. Tlie good people of I'ilisburgh and West Point can read that and believe 'there is still some good clean fun J* the world. Princlon grails, looking back on the 1929 Ecasno, can't help but think that one game would be almost toa many for the Tigers. Army and Pitt would add a little to Presldest Lowell's plan—one game, and that one nol on the Pacific coast. Store Fixtures For Sale Consisting of cafoineis, show cases, pedestals, suit forms, sewing machine and cash register. If interested call at tlie old Malian Store Company stand, 122 W. Main, Monday or Tuesday, the 20lh and 21st of January. BRUSHING UP SPORTS By Lanfer DISPLAY TODAY 1045 AND Uf Motors' Lowest-Priced Eight . . Car with Superior Performance Today a new eight-cylinder motor car makes its appeuronce. It it the newejf Genera! Motors eighl and by several hundreds of dollars trie lowest in price. \t h Ihe New Oakland Eighl with smart new bodies by Fisher. Superior Performance Tho New Oakland Eight develops 85 horsepower and is the first stock car of its size and weighr to employ on engine of such high power.Vjiiiice performance depends largely on ttje ratio between horsepower and weight, the New Oakland Eight is excapHon- ally fcut ond powerful because it produces one horsepower to 37 pounds of car weight. i Eight-Cylinder Smootrmeu The New Oakland Eight hrs all Ihe smoothness which results from the overlapping power impulses inherent in eight-cylinder engine design., in addition, it en joys exclusive mechanical advantages which make it even smoother and more delightful to drive. Sound Sasic Design Several of Ihe engineers who participate^ in creating General Motors'first eight back in 1914 were responsible for the develop- mentof Ihe NewOakland Eighl. To this latest task they brought a wide knowledge of eight-cylinder design. It is reo)onable 1 )o expect that the Oakland is a finer eight because of this fact. Moderate Price We believe the New Oakland Eighf will appeal loyou all the more forcibly when you consider its very moderate price. And a demonstration will reveal how well it merits the description "the car with superior performance." T>« New Oakland Elglil. $1045 and up, f. o. b. Ponlioc, ' Michigan, plui aVIiir.ry c f,arg«i. lo.ejoy H/draalk Shock Abio;b.ji included in litt pricei. Sumpeil, rear fonder gwrdi and jpringcoveu axlra. G*nera[?Aotort Time payment Plan available al minimum role. $ 745 A Famous Name—A Finer Car . . . Introducing Important Improvements The announcement of Ihe first Pontiacin 1926 brought lo the low-price field a new order of beauty, performance and reliability. And each Ponliac announcement sfnce (hat time has introduced a car which represented an improvement even over its own highly regarded predecessors. Important Imp/ovements Now comes the New Series Pontiac Big Six — an even finer cor with o famous name. II retains oil the qualities responsible for Ponliac's success in Ihe post. And in addition it introduces many improvements. New bodies by Fisher make this latest Ponliac Big Six more beautiful than ever. Greater Smoolhness and Safety The smoothness of Pontiac's 60-horsepower engine is further increased by Ihe use of improved type rubber engine mountings, Ponliac's large non-squeakfour-wheel brakes have been made even more efficient. A new sloping non-glare windshield also adds to ils safely. Handling ease is increased through the use of a new type of steering mechanism. Improved love joy HydraulicShock Absor bort give increased riding comfort Tirr.e-Tricd Performance In speed, power and pick-up Ihe New Series Poniiac Big Six continues to uphold the Pontiac reputation for spirited performance. Come now to our showroom ond inspect this finer car with a famous name-the New Series Ponlicc Big Six. *ii Th« Ntw Soriei Ponrioc Big Six, $745 ond vp, f. o. b. PonlTae, Michigor., plus dtliveiy chaigei. Shock abiorbtri standard equlprttnt. Rumperl ond ipiing co»«rs at tlighl txlro toil. General Mdori Tin-.* Pay- m*/it Pl«fl avcilabi* or ajftirnvni rate. Cor.iM»rlh«diUY»r«j pri« el w«tl ol lti» lii(|f. o. b.) prtc» »h»n comparing ovfomobile valvei ... OaVtond- Ponllac delivered prk*i include onlyaulKoriitdcHaigei for freight and deUvtry and th» charge for any •ddltiend occiuorUl or financing d«t!rtd. Lee Motor Co. Blylhevillc, Ark. PRODUCTS OF GENERAL MOTORS Hi i Ii 1 i ii V

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