The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 18, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1930
Page 5
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t-' . SATURDAY, - JANUARYJS, 1930 I Bl.YTHRVILLE, (ARKjJJQJJUWK-NEWS 1930 Service kc. JW LAURA LOU BROOKMAN 1 E Jl 1)11II <'AJIi:il<l% ni-irrlr-.., Aimilll UMIillT. ili-i'ul,ir ,.l \ti% \iirk uulilUtitni; IH.IIM- In nlllrli »•<• I- minium!. 11 r> -nil for n • U-ivrrk»' liuaej mumi IM Brrmudn. ICNlxlil f" a ulilntirr TOM, »hi> li In i:iir«|i>.. :in.! :,' ti>n, .ir.MOIt. HI. nl Kt-fc,,,,!. IK hl» Inrntu.ittiJit tic- utt-r],t,ik» ihr fart ttjiit Judith U nnr riniiuiunl- eatlvr ntmul btrr U.-IM IKr. Aflrr the firo \\ivk In llrr- •lUja. n rnhh-^riini urrlvr^ an- D,i!:n,-lni; (hut Tuny KulKht l» rnmlnc l:nm<>. Arthur th-lU Ju- iJlth lhf> must ri-rurii nl unrr 111 iirrt fi,-r. Stun- nHIIn-r the- lilrl iLnr fiuj Unuivn of Ihr fnthrr'ft rrninrrJaKC. .ludllb U ftl»rt.illri:l ot kcr irrtriinir. Arthur ntii] Judith rc.-n-h Ihr^ lfelni:cl bnmr lull line day lirfurc Ti>n)-'« ilorlj*. Mr»t nil,mln; Kriliinl ni.,-1-. bl> dnuch- IIT E>ur «tii-ii tU^-jr nrrlir [it the hnii*r limy Fi;iLiirr» Jlldltb Mud ruithrB in Iirr iivm rn«,ni. l.arr (lull artrrnonn Tony confront* tttr Colit^ In ere "Ml!" tCnlelrt. rnlcrliij: tfcc knune to ovrrljt-nr lhl». t-i,miiel« Tony lu :i|iolr-ulr.r. Mir dors *,» • Mlli'Mly. Allrr dinner MICKEY MOItTI- MI'll mil* nnd 1nkc» fctr n» a roimit ot night rluliM. Mnrllmrr «hnm Tuny. mft In I'nrTk. llr l> Hcijarntrd frimi hl« \vtfi 1 nnd IK drf|i In H ntrlnlliin ullu lrn< Ktrl. \M t}? dri>^ pnHK n hlnlc o( nnnrd nrmralll? rs{»1« brlnrrn Timj nnd b?r Klvi^iuuthrr. Arthur tNe:ini>hltr nialtrK plnn* tnr n frxltli* f'hrUlmni* and Junior »r- Tlvrn |]i-n;r fur «hr hnlldnjN. NOW (j:l OX WITH Till: STOIIV CIlAl'TUU XV ACI1 (lay as Chrlatmas rirew n'carer Judith Knltht's iineasi ness grew. Evenings wlien Arthur was p.t home slic fought down the piesi'titl- meiit and felt itreugllietieil by lii.^ conlldence and devotion. She iras learning to manage tils household in the smootb, frlcltonless way lu which Arthur Ilkeil everytlilng to BO. Of course. Mrp. Wheeler was responsible for must ot tills, liut Judith added touches of her ou-n. The menus she planned were not only balanced as food rnttnna but appealed to t:er husband's dis cr'lmlnallne taste. Judllli had found sonie means o[ Inspiring liei coot to reach culinary height? Cora liad never attained before The Knlslit home looked eiacil> the same as the tirst morning Ju dilh'liad entcretl it. In the evening across rnellow candle light or be fore the flickering grale fire Arthur Knight thought his bride had Imbue;! tho home ivith her own delightful personality. Ho felt this particularly when his children were not present. the children, of course. Uio raatle Clnistmas so difficult. The shock- of Tony's denunciation Had not yet entirely lifted. The cool, aloof courtesy'"of Arthur { Junior was nearly as hard to bear. Ttte boy's manner cut Judith because she did not understand it. Sho was prepared to face a united affront by .brother and sister. This ilid not occur. Afttr the lirst grecling Junior spent little time with Tony. He had friends home from school for "KcUey's the tcsf fact l/icrc.. He said I could 'go lomo'rrov ij 1 gel to i)tc fiongor a! 8 o'clock." The majestic rhythms of the old hymn filled the room. A church choir somewhere was singing. Ju- ilith stood before a window, looking out upon the dnrk street. "Peace on earth! Good will toward men—" Suddenly Judith forgot Arthur Knight and forgot Ills children. She stared out r.t the ilmkuess, lost own tliourjhi.-i. Peace on Good will iniviiid men In her earlh. Junior may like' II but 1 object!" "Why, Tony—" her father bgeap "Don't be BO darned high-rial Tony." her brotl4r,putj i ii. 1 "0tliei people have heef/to Eu'rope.'-yQt: know." It was the first time Judith hat liear<! Arthur Junior epeak ID boy Ish vernacular. -Sho was relieved. "Anyhow." Judith salt], "It wai Christmas we were talking about to smile iwcctly and Innocently, iircoMns tin silence that bit fallen, Tony Inquired mildly: "And wliiu time Is breakfitt t* tx? sorted? 1 ' '1 h»v« arranged for 10 o'clock," s.iId Judllh, "If Uial will suit every- O'le." llcfore discussion ol thut pain': Junior broke In. "I'm sorry, but 1 cau't be here, t'.iilier." lie said. "It won't mako my difference, of course. Juji g« ahead with your plans without me." "We can't do that, Junior. It'i (JlilUSTMASl" "Yes, of course," said th» boy. "I've—some pickoges I'll want lo he put with lho ollicrs, Sorry 1 ran'l Join lu with yon, 6ul l.lculon ant Kelly promised to lake me up with him. Out nt the Held, you know! Kelly's tho best Hycr there. uud gee! lie knows everything! He F.iid 1 could go tomorrow sure 11 1 atl to the hangar ot eight o'clock." Junior's face was glowing. He was suddenly a different boy. Judith Knight glimpsed for an Instant Hie ^fervent, passionate dc- lermln'nilon of the youth for a I'y- 'iig career. lu that moment Junior looked i;urd.v, Inspired and touched with palhos. Elc was RO eager for his 'nlher to know the glories ot tb« ilr. "But, Junior, don't you think on Christmas day—" 'I'm norry." be said, "but lust ;o ahead without me." PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Rhodes Scholar 306 r toMrtU* K* U' tt>» mertt'»MA 0M The Comi.'r Nevs has been nii- horlsed to 1 Hie following candidates, subject lo llic Dcir.o- rcntle primary: ' For I'umiiy t'ourl L'li'tk MUS^JOllN LONG. For County Treasurer W. \Y. HOI.Lll'im:u. SAJ.K UADY ClflCKS-All varieties, from proven flccV.s. Custom muchinc solicited. Manlyn Hatchery. Uly- thcvllle, Ark. Ock-lf WANTED—Man, with car, lo demonstrate advertised specially to unrngus, stoves, property owners nnd anueii In open territory. P.isl soiling experience not required, Must fiirnlth reference mil Uo wiling to blurt 0:1 reasonable basis. «a,000.000 worth sold yearly. Pyr- [••ylor Co., 1937 Pyr-l-'ylct Hldlf., Dayton, Ohio. 18pkH> YOUNG mnn nlwut 110 years ol<l with cnr \vanl«l (a call on farmers In tills loenllty. Mnke »8 lo dully, No experience or capital needed. Write today, McNcese Ccniiuiny, Dcpl. S, Frccpurt, IIU- nc-ls. Somewhere two hearts were calling to her. "Uood Lord!—can't you find anything belter lo tune ID on than that dirge!" Judith whirled. It was Tony who had spoken. She stood beside the reading table, holding an automatic lighter lo Ignite the clgaret etween her lips. "Why, I-I like Christmas songs." Judith said. "Oh. you do!" she said with cutting cmnhasis. "Well, it seems our tastes differ. I crave something snappy. N''i my turn!" Tho struithur JiiUe finsers tcrcd lo the radio nnd twisted 'the dial ' ' Haii'r.ous syncopation burst upon the nir. It lillod the i-unai auo scrcain,cd began tn weave in rhythm "]ih- the saxophone. Sho snapped her fingers. "Say—what's going on here?" Arthur Knight wauted to know from lho doorway. "Turn that IhlES down. Tony. Neighbors will be sending in a police call." "Let 'cm send." the girl told him. What time will we ha»e the treer "First tiling In llio. moriilni,' Knight said. "That's the propei lime to see- what Santa Claus ba> brought. Haven't had » tree iien tor three jcars." lie paused Awkwardly and the! cohtluued. "Wont to help put the tinsel and lights and stuff on It, Junior?" "No, father." No 'THAT-was all the lad said. •*• explanations, no excuses. §lni ply a refusal. Arthur Junior didn'i want to take part. Knight started Bllghtiy. Then h« said: '.'.v.'.. ."Very well. Judith and L wll- take e'a're ot it. 1',<lqn;t .aiipposi you could contribute ariy-of-yojti valuable tlnio.-TpbjJI'' w . , "X^t t.buiEh.t, darling. 1 promised o at Janet's dance, and ol course the crowd'll hare something planned'alter that. V¥bat : tlme dli! r ou say" this tre'o affair'Is comini: off iu the mbrniug?"- -, • "Why. Tight "after breakfast That's the time we've always'had IT was a beautiful Christmas trc« when Jutlltlt and her husband (liiishcd trlmuiliiK it that evening. Rising to within one fnol ot the nigh celling, the shapely spruce plowed with crimson, orange and Ijlue lights and glittered \vllh ropes of silver tinsel and Iridescent orn:- nii-nts. Its crowning glory was a silver tlar. Uaiikct) about the foot nt the- tree were boxes and pack- a es tied In gay wrappings. "It's- nenuiltul!" the girl said. • licit iiilftil!'.' KulBhi'B mood had softened. "ChrlElmas trce.s alu-ays liliilie me feel .Ike a kid again." lie lold her. "Well, '.fa all rcody, I JJUVEH. Anything else in go on?" No, there was nothing else. Ju- I dlth gkuiced alxiut the ruiun. piclccd | up stray hits nl ilusel and a broken I ornament. She hoped so very, very 1 keenly .that |o:iiiiirow would not | srove a dlEaiuminiment fur Arthur. I "1 think eii'iMblng's done." she said. "It's gelling late. Dnn't you Attractive Prices --in-Good Used Cars 1928 Model Chevrolet Coach; good llres; motor A-L condition. I'rlcc SJ WARNING ORDKR Chancery Couvl, Clilcknsuwba District, Misslssl|i]il County, Aiknii5:is. H. W. Roberts, Plnlntltt vs Knthcrlnc Roljcrts, Uelcndnnl Nu, 1U3'J h wnrncd lo ninxur within thirty dnys In Iho court named In lho cali- tlon licicol niirf axswcr llio com- plnlnt of the iilnlnllft, H. W. Uob- erts. ' Dnted Dec. 23, 10'W. W. W, HOLLII'K-reR. Clerk. Dy EllznUctli lilythe. L>. O. W. D. Qrarclt, Ally nrt Utcm. 13-28, 1-4-11-lt) 'EJJSONAL V.'. J. KNOX repairs shoes No. Ml West Main. STOVE Repairs hy 110 S. nrdnilvrny. Sam Sickles, 13;ik Jnu 18 1926 Model ISuick Sis; a reil buy f'.GS 1925 Model T 1'ordor; run. 1 ; good §125 1928 Mode; Price A Tudor Sedan; Cars on display at our new room, curner Fift!i and IV! , I'HONK 810-S11 I'HILLII'S MOTOR CO. Authorized lord Dealers FEED FOR SALK—Corn, hay, cats, special price cu car loads. Phono 5, Ira .Crawford. 18cktf. WAUNINC! OHIIEK Chancery Court. ChlcXnsnwba District, Mississippi County Arkansas. Kdwnrcl Splccr, I'lnlnllll vs. No. W4'( Mninlc Splcer, Dcfcndnut The ilclcndnnt, Mnmlo Splcer Is warned to nppenr wllhln thirty dnys In the court named in the caption hereof nnd nnswcr tlio complaint of the plnlnhll, Euwnrd Splccr. Dated Jan. 10, 1030. W. W. UOLUPETEn. Clerk Ky Ellziibutli Blyllie, D, O. W. D. Gravcttc, " Atty nd Lllcm Jan. 11-18-25, Feb. 1 >III,K AS HltK KVriNOIIISIIKIt YORK, Neb. (Ul 1 )—Morris Cnlp ilnccd a small oil slovo beneath ilin mctor o! \ils anlomoWlu (o make starlliii: enslci. Whllo llio stove was wnnnlnR the motor Clup went lo Hie bain lo mil)!. As ho ted his nunigc luiet with a juck'cl ol milk, he .saw Kinoko and found thu motor of the nutomocllc in flames. Gulp dashed his pailful cf mllg on the flro and extinguished It, ID r«o«nltlon of hl» ««•"«« scholastic record »t th« U. B. Military Ac»4cmy, Wot Point, wher* he la i «n'or, Willlum WhlppH, jr »bov«, hw i«»t b«n auntt Ihodo SchoJur from U>ul«l»n». H» a?lho BOB ol I'rotcMor Wllllun of Loulslin* SUU VoV »«r»lty. WILD 1>OGS MENACE STOCK n-AI'lD CITY, a. U, <UP1—Bands of wild dons me loving this tcrrl< tory n'ncl devouring scores nf sheep hoys and ycung calves, nccordlni to stockmen, llcporls from scvera Iccalltles Indicate that attacks nnininls have been frequent enaugl lo warrant organized posses for llielr protection. VIKING CEMKTERY FOUND KOKNIG8DERO tUP)—All extensive Viking hurlnl ground dating from the Oth or 6th Cctitury A. D., has fcocn discoveKd r(]:| Kocnlgsbcrg. Ar(i» Ovrr Cerotltrtes BERLIN, Jan. 18. tUP)—Church orgnnluitlonf and tlio municipal government arc In the midst of U debate as lo whether the city should take over the administration of » number of large church cemeteries. The former assert tlnil Ihcy can cart for these cemeteries better than can tho city nnd at less cost lo tlio relatives of the deceased. the holidays. There was a landing "There's nothing the mailer with field farther oui on lx>ng Island where Junior went nearly every morning He knew some pilots there who were willlus to let him stand around aud watch while they worked. Ho came hack smelling of gasoline and rather grimy. /MIRIST.MAS EVE linally came. ^-" Judith loved carols nnd all the season's time-honored ceremonials. She was downstairs early that evening, wailing for the rest ol the household to assemble. There must be Christmas music—lots of It—on the air. She turned the dials ot the handsome radio cabinet. "It came upon i midnight clear, one glorious night of old—" that orchestra—only tho song's, little old." Junior appeared and the four west into tho dining room. Knight reminded the group thst tomorrow would be Christmas day. He was the only one at the table who seemed to relish the arrival of the festival. Tony's expression showed plainly that she was bored, and Junior was unusually reserved. "Uoth you Hoodlums remember lo hang up your stockings for Santa Claus." Kuiglit said with a knowing smile. "Father, for goodness sake, why do you keep using that ridiculous word, 'Hoodlums'? It r/as caousb ^-liea TO were youngsters I ililnfe we'd boner leave U until tomorrow?"^ "Ye»."-*alil ncr husband. He IIB-!. «l;.iivu Judllh lib gifts for tlio IV.!!':KU. ihere were small things he had picked up here a .-id there ,vMr\\ he thought they might lite. There were foolish toys for jokes, too. Tony's real presents together. '" . . to childhood our Christmas sn!t ii?" .' "Oh — going back customs, are we?" . "To~y." snld her falhcr, looking at her dlreclly, "just what has put you in this exceedingly disagree able lumper tonlglit7" ' "Why, Father, darling!"' "I don't know — " the roan sighed "It's beyond me to understand you! flare you spent one sl.ugle eve alng In this house stDCe jour boa I landed!" "• • . "But, Daddy, wbjf- ' You've sot— Judith!" Judith's two hands, hidden In her lap, clenched together In a tlgln LILLE (UP)-Seventy-eight members of the same immediate family were present ot the wedding of Mile. Madeleine Dubeancpaire, eldest daughter of a family ol 22 with M. Joseph d'Hotildt. WERT illc Makes 'Em See Royal C. Mills Public Acrnuntant and Auditor Specializing in Incojne Tax. Bookkeeping Systems, Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. niythevillc, Ark. HVO.VfwD 1 . WWW 'OR SALE—Hay. Its ton or cai load lots. See J. R. Dobhs & Son 31ylhcvlllc Route No. 1, or A. Con•ay, Btythevlllc. 28pkFcb. 1 RENT—Clean, comlortabl< room, prlvnle entrance deal location, ICO East Sycamore •X3R RENT—3 rooms furnished $5.00 per week, 914 Hearn street 16pk2 RWMX-VOO WRt in POULTRY WANTED— We have se the pace for live years. Mnrlly Hatchery. BlytlicvillP. 9ck Feb. t.0 VCtUKi OR 00V WVW Mt preseni was an exquisite ruby anil dlamnnn bracelet which he tiad locked away for safe-lu'eplng during the uittht. Its sloucs and work- ujansblu were of rar^ order. For Junior he hml lioughi a coonskln WANTED-25 colored families to \ make crop. See Roy Urlnklcy, ' Osceola, Arkansas. 8pk22 OVO Wts60K> "fOR A HOW 1O VU« I 11V\006>VT MttvBt UVE TO ME. VOO TO BE HIK01\W6 MiOOVTO coal, warm and collegiate from col- SALESMAN—Earn S4.000 to $10.- CCO n year easy representing million dollar manufacturer. No cash big sample outfit free. Sell Guaranteed paint, varnish, roofing at factory prices direct to user. No experlct>cc necessary. Permanent position. Exclutlvp tcr- i(tj'iry. Rend today. The Adams Paint Co., Dept. M.-2, CIcvr-lasd, O. 18pk20 lar to hem. As Knight produced each ot these offerings- he did It with .a flnui'ish which spoke ot icmlcrest lose ni.d pride. Judith w»s touched by nln devotion to. the boy and Rirl. "If L weren't here." she tliou'^.t 3 liltlo blilerly. "liow happy me three would tie!" Uut Chrisimas m.Trnlng. when the great moment had come tc throw hack the doors and ntrea the tree overflowing with gifts.' only Judith stood beside Art&ur fill lib t. <To lie FAHM WANTED—Near Blylhcvillc suitable for general farmin and slock raising. Write me lull description and lowest cash price, J. D. Baker, Mena-Aritnn- sas. ISpkM | knot hut her expression alter. Knight stared at his dangh ler darkly, then resumed eating. Tony was the only one ot the four B YCOWAN HUl-HEH'.t WELL, M-Ef TEW WITW ^ VECIf\L"DtUWtV>V S^MI ON H i'i'BUSWeB tO US rwt: IWQ-CCNt SAW1PS? COSTS TtU ctms •WCD1MC.NOWRUN M.CMG, QUICK New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. . —Futures closed steady. Open High Low Close 1088 1638 1C88 1G8S 1715 1717 1713 1113 1738 1741 1730 1136 1754 1754 1151 1153 1751 1153 1151 1753 1163b 1708, up five Jan. Mar. iifay July Oct. Dec. Spots doted at points. mo. u. •. PAT. err. o t »*>« "" «H A1SD HJS FBIENDS 7P.S IS TU6.- -*tsr FRO,»4T Cf ' WHO KNOWS! R«ad Courier News Want Acts. UVrSO FROw VEAR.S OLD A Boy, UC*J) To SE^ AS AS MOST VIOiwtM = New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 18. IUP)— Open High Low Close 1714 1119 1714 1714 1730 1135 1729 1730 1750 175G 1749 174S 1167 1771 17C6 1762 1707 17C2 1762 1771 17T7 1TI1 1711 Spots closed quiet at 1730, oil ten points. Jan. Mar Mas- July Oct. Dec. Lincoln's log cabin home and Washington's Virginia Mansion arc National Shrines The humblest home in America today is sonic family's shrine. HAVE YOU PROVIDED ONE FOR YOUR FAMILY? A E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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