Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 13
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ANN LANDERS answers your problems Dear Ann-Landers: There is a very important problem in our family. My mother is ^ing to take our dog to an animal hospital and pve a fake name and address so they can't bring her back. Why? Because the people •who owned Sweetie didn't housebreak her and she doesn't know the outsde of the house from the inside. We got Su-eetie v*en she was three years old. She is mne now. Next month we are moving into' a new house with wall-to- wall carpeting. My mother says! she is not going to have the new j carpets ruined like in the old house. sible to boosebreak a nine-year-[ Dear Ann Landers: My hns-'and crabby. |hand it to Mm. old dog. but leaving Sweetie at band has not spoken to me; He reads your cdumn every a hospital under a fake name is for 48 hours. Why? Because day and thinks yoo are a smart iunfair to the dog — say nothinj there was no chocolate syrap in co<*ie. Whenever you have • of the hospital. Your motherithe bouse and he had to eat knock for women he hands me, should give Sweetie to a farm- his vanilla ice cream with cara-ithe paper and says, "See any-iHgent, or so I thought md sauce. Ibody you know?" Please printj Becently we were at the home This hulk is W" and wei^ this letter so I can hand theiof Joe's eldest brother, ffis er — or someone who can keep ^ her outside. She should then bay ' Please e^Iain to my mother , puppy to train, ihat after you have a dog for please don't think your moth- Dear Ann Landers: I am 24i|ot^ttiefltaoaeon*you*)t and have been engaged for , year. Joe is 26 and toghly intel-;^' ^'^'-u-. \^ t ' Everyope budied M knd I thoo^t t^ waUs woold cra^ 220 pounds. He is the life of every party. Everyone thinks he six years, wtech is more than ^ „ mean. I've bea in her spotiis a "sweU guy" and a barrd haU of my life, you just can't i can assure you that her send her away. — SAD EYES gygg ^gre sadder than your «»«o Dear Sad: It is almost impos- several occasions. olftm. And he is — to strangers. But when it comes to his own family., he is demanding paper to him for a change. Itj^Aews, 6 and 10 years, were busy might help. —TIRED i looking through the family al- Dear T.: Here's your letter,!bum. They came across a pic- honey, but don't hand it to him ture of Joe with his form« ^1 now. Wait till you run out of | friend. The lO-year-dd piped up, chocolate syrup again and THEN!"Gee, Uncle Joe, Qiis girl is a'such remarks should be laughed RedTondi Ddify Faeft WeAmdof, Feb. 26, IM^I3 ofi. What do yoa say? — ST^ Dear Star: Sdi can be brutal without realixiiK it Whili they mean no hann, thef must be taught tact and coo- sidoation for oQiers. The "ear- redion" should have come from a parent, however, not from Joe. (Copyright, 1969, Publisher* HaH Syndicate) Ihey kept it 19 for to. minutes. I nearly died of embarrassment OB the way home I told Joe I was deeidy hurt that he didn't defend mt. He sad the kid meant no harm and that Nine persons perish in fire inNewYoit NEW YORK (UPI)—Martin; Cimiff ignored flames and: searing heat so intense they! melted his fireman's hdmet over his ears. Rushing to third floor, Cuniff! peered throu^ (he black smoke J and saw a hand sticking out from an office door. He pushed on the door and found it Uodced by bodies stacked in a pile. "I just grabbed them off the top," Cuniff said. "Some were alive and moaning, and some vere dead." Nine persons perished and seven others were gravely injured just before quitting time Tuesday when a flash fire fedi by highly flammable liquid ^ue J raced through a five story marble and granite office building on Fitfh Avenue, and 48th Street in Slanhattan. Dozens of other persons were led. choking and gasping, to safety. Firemen nitfa gasmasks used aerial ladders to pluck from the fourth and fifth floors 32 persons leaning out of windows screaming for help. Most of the bodies were found i on the third floor, where the fire was believed to have started. The victims were sucked near an exit door, and: in an elevator that tuned into a; tomb. I Fire officials indicated the foot of a man vbo collapsed from Ulc heat preveWed the door of a third floor elevator from closing. Several perished' in the elevator. Deputy Asst. Fire Chief Lester Snyder said the fact that some persons tried to use the, elevator instead of a fire exit inches away may have cost some lives. He said some of the victims had been "inches from safety."; but had made the mistake of, entering the elector rather; than using the staircase through a door marked with a red light and exit agn. "Most of (hem probaUy didnt fhirfc to use the dowway," Snyder said. "Hiey panicked. There was prob^ly a lot of screaming and shoving." He said bodies stacked in front of die door mi^ have prevented some victims from reaciiing the staircase and sent them eeuTTying instead for the ai -{ated elevator. flames shot 20 feet.into the air from every window on the third floor, which was engulfed within seconds after the fire erupted. The intense heat sent ptt>ped windows from the upper floors where «T)rkcrs were trapped by cho'iing black smoke biUo^ing up emergency exits. UBBY'S HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE JUICE "Downy" King Size Bottle Fabric Softener AISLES and AISLES OF LOW, LOW GROCERY DEPT. VALUES T King SiM (MVS 33c) Ajax T Detergent Giant Siza Package W Detergent. Giant Size Package CoM PoweK' . GianI Siz* Packaga "Fab" Detergent $105 67* Giant Size Package White King "D" Mr. Bubble — 12-ez. pkg. Bubble Batli. . Thoro Fed Brand-No. I tail cant 67^ Beef Dog Food 33* Giant "AXIOH". . . 65* fiartBoratM «...67*''n (0««lFood Pre Soaking Laundry enzymt active Package Thoro Fed Brand — tall cans BEEF LIVER & CHICKEN There Fed Brand — tall cans BEEF KIDNEY & CHICKEN "Skippy" — lO-lb. bag Quart Size — bottle Miracle Wliite "Cat Lift" Kidney C/t-oz. can 8 1 8 1 8 1 99* •/nSlblets AISLES md AISLES OF LOW. LOW G«OCE«y DEPT. VAUIES SpringfiaM - gal. Uquid Bleacli .. Maxwen HMift - i4z. iar Jumbo n.. 2'/i can Instant CoHee.. . 79* Gebhardt's Tamales 39* CamaNMi's Craamtr - jar «^ Harmel's Baani and - can ^ g ^d "Coffee Mate" . . 39* CWD Con Came .. AT 90 SelM Pack - 2V^ can ^ Jfttf IT LiiAy's Pumpkin. . 19* ^ Hunft - i ^A can 19* Sliced Peaches .. 2T "Texfun" 4«4z. can Pink — can ^ OtI Mania Saaswad Na. 303 can « Cgg ^ , , 2 T 6reenPea$. .. 5" 1 Grapefruit Juice. Lawry** Salad Drttsing-a-oz. bottta Green Goddess . . i-pack Diet-Rite Cola . . . Fraa Dacaralar Jar -L V-»t. iar Orange "Tang" . Kralfs - 1*. bag Marshmallows.. JHalf Quart Bottlei — R.CCola. MJ.B. — all grinds COFFEE DENNY'S Casual Shoes In Yucaipa pedwin SaM axcluilvriy by DENNY SImlmHmitvi If you mf looldng for Styl« — w« hav* »— in m sit* fe fit any foot. • •awfcAwaficatdl • • MartarCharta • I 7 Days Friday Bvwring 'SI f 9mtn — n-S p.m. 12142 4lli SI. ft I, IM Mr PiiMlii Cmtt TABLE-TRIMMED TOMATOES Red Ripe, Slicing Siz* 29 Large—^All Green—Extra Fancy Asparagus i Golden Ripe—Central American Bananas.. Extra fancy, locally grown Oranges.. FHH O ' Juice — Fancy Pinb Grapefruit ONI POUND BAGS FANCY TABLI Carrots 3^29" AT8 AT LOW PRICES PORK ROAST Frasli Eostcni BOMCIMS Springfield Canned Foods Sale * Cream Style Com * Cut Green Beans * Tomatoes RATirS Skinless and Boneless 49 . LEAN PORK STEAK. WE Fw*. "A" 6IVE LEGS OR BREASTS . Fratli, iMii, Buk PORK SAUSAGE... Carrar#« Saprama AGD CLUB STEAKS. Fmli Fr«an — 4 la S h. avarafa LEGS OF LAMB... REDSNAPPBt Fraiii, Frattn PaNiat 59* 59* 49* 79* 7r 4 Pilldwry'i BuHsrmilk Biscuits . . 4 I Pillfbwry'a Appla and Charry 14^ pkg. m Turnovers . ^ ^ SpringfMd 5«. pkg. Lunch Meats 25< 99< A J} 49* SprmgfiaM All Bttf-12-az. pkg. Fronicfurters . . Pan a Quill — Clam, Garlic, Blua Chaasa,. Franch Onion A Graan Chili l-ez. cup ^ 9m Fresh Dips . Snr ^i Kraff* Slicad Amarican ar — 12-ez. pkg. Swiss Cheese . 59* lb. lb. lb. CYPRESS CENTER Ad prices effective at 705 W. Cypress Ave. Redlands Thursday, Feb. 27 thru Sun., Mar. 2. Store Hours 8 a.m -.9 p.m. Sun. 9 a.m.-7 p.m.

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