Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on June 3, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, June 3, 1957
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMKS, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, JUNK 3, 1957 Dial PA 2-1600 for a WANT AD Taker HiHy graham Will Discuss Morals Issue Dixie Beauty To Reign As Academy Color Girl . , NKW YORK ^—Evangelist Bil ANNAPOLIS Wv-Miss Catherine Bacon arrives at the NavaW. (j ra |,., m says ),j s sl ,|,jcct lor Academy lorfay for her dale with .Midshipman William M. tonight at .Madison Square ('•; Mjckle. | ( 'en is "somewhat delicate for It's going to be some dale. Mickle. commander of lite 3rdi lllixeit audience." but he's ;;omj! ,. , , , ,. , . lo discuss it anvwav. Company which beat out'23 others j „,, in year-long compclilion, chose'arrive about noon and he whisked Miss Baeon to he Ilis color 8ir! ; riql>l olf lo a Baltimore dressj| em • (or .June Week. l s l, 0(l fl)1 . a fiuil , g o( tll( , nowingj The Seventh Commandment, ii -r|, c Sei-enlli \loril Proh As such she's queen of [lie week-; long festivities wliicli got underway Saturday and the envy every other "drag" here. Miss Bacon isn't exactly white dress and broad brimmed jthe .lames version of the Hi t) f ipicliire hat she'll wear Thursday ! , , ... INIIilUIIJIIA, HJIUUJA tlliljllv*' Alter her shoppm" spree ^ comnwnt i mfttl sequence is 'We used by most Protestant deno nn'nnlions, forbids adultery. Thi 215 Pontiff.? a Mrs. Isaac I'note Dorlch, the what different in the Douay ver- Tatty' Cuts Down His Weight By Rigid Dieting BALTIMORE—Two years ago, Vincent Ignalowski was so {al he was near death. At 395 pounds, it was a real effort for him to .slep over a curb. In Ihe neighborhood where he'd been an iceman for 20 years people laughed al him and chil- — . Cyclist Dies After Accident "Wind dale", however, for the Academy's senior hostess. 22-year-old senior from Vashon.:be free lo become Miikle's Wash, Mickle me! her al Jimej"dra(!" for the various dances. Week a couple of years as» when garden parties, company picnics she was here with another mid- and oilier events in the June shipman. jWeek program. When his company walked offj 'f| ie Jlt . r j va i O f Ihe Knoxville.i' ru " n ,,., lo )csl , with (lie brigade honors last week'rrnii. m iss <-:,.ne as June \Vcek| sayi '[. m -d. here 1 am' t' 1 ' 1 ;K-uvilie.s picked up momentum'p cc t ^ 0 ^ c saved iafler a cniiel weekend. i dreu called him "fally " II took him an hour to walk five blocks and "1 had to slop ;Vn<l rest on the steps of every (bird house." Ho sometimes ate as many as 12 ice cream cones and timely bars a day, in addition to three siun used hy Roman Catholics, where il is Riven as the sixth'meals thai would have made six commandment. Last ni^lit lie (old an audience meals for anvone else. In desperation 23 months ago, 'Baltimore JVegro Shoots At Woman, Kills Girl BALTIMORE, l<B — A liearing|Willic vas scheduled in Central Police!' 0 ' Wiicc, 29-ycar-olil Negro I'M Block North Register Jmirt today for a Baltimore aliorer charged with "assault by Jn foniu'Ction with tlic dcalh of a 10-year-olil jiirl. The Jillli; ,N'c°i'o girl, Jarque- line Drown, was hit by a stray Millet in Northeast Baltimore Saturday niyhl as she walked home from a grocery store with a loaf St.), was shooting at a woman ivhcji the little girl was hit. (jeor^c Dwin, oporator of tlie ^roct-ry store where the girl bought (lie bread, told police the .shooting followed an argument between a N'egro man and woman over paying for a chicken hi the store, U'ricc was formally cliarg- Max llocliscluld, 101, Dies In Kiilliinore ir-!ed late last niglil. of broad. She was dead on a: rival al a hospital. Assistant Medical Kxaminer Paul Guerin said the gunshot -------._ , wound was Ihe cause of death, to show television programs to.vived by two daughters and five Police said Ihe man charged.!passengers on excursion trains.lgrandchildren. lirilish railroads have some closed-circuit passenger coaches BALTIMORE ijh—Funeral serv. ices were lo be held this afler. for .Max Hochschild, 101. year-old mcrchanlile executive who was Ihe lasl survivor of tha llirec founders of Hochschild, Kohn and Co. Hochschild died at his naltimors Saturday. He is sur- James A. Smith. 19, of ItD 2, Bedford, died at 1:30 a. m. today in the Bedford t)ounly Memorial Hospital where be was ad• of 17.000-1.500 short of the Gar- be checked into City Hospital, milled yesterday following a two- 'den's sealing capacity, "You can't Todav. Die SG-vcar-old bache or is veliieln ' ' - ° ' he chose Miss Dacon lo do honors as color girl. time atidla trim 1KO pounds and ex-;iy tliroiigh his dail She'll stand on Worrten Field; On tap for the day were a sec- Thursday .iftortioon (o pass the : ' [m cl dress parade Uric first one national and brigade colors from'iaunchcd festivities Saturday), a the lllh Company, last year's win-lpnu-jii | )na ( demonstration on ner.'to Ihe 120-man 3rd led l»y Chesapeake Ray for the benefit Mickle to (fie championship. She'll ,,f visitors, a band concert and also take the review o[ (he mid-! ilfll ,tiier round of dancing tonight, shipman brigade, along with Sn-| Yesterday. Ihe..Middies. Iheir . , perinlcndent William It. Knieil- families and (jirl friends attended bert Iff. at its final dress parade baccalaureate services and spent of the season. ; mos t n f H U > rest of Ihe day vis But Mickle won't see her much^u and siglit-secing. today. Tile 20-year-old brunette, ai student at Rrenau College in: Quebec is Hie source of 70;| Gainesville, Ga. was scheduled to per cent of the world's asbestos. West TownsToVotc irginia ~ nj< brisk- rout in His waistline has shrunk from Stale Police al Bedford said Smith was operating a motorcycle north on U. S. Route 220 A number of West Virginia! . . 72 lo 3B inches. He wears a sizclvvl.en he rammed headon into a 15 shirt, instead of a si/e 22. His car driven by John Ji. L'o»an, 25, shoe she has dropped from II to'of RD 2, Clearvillc, Pa. The mis- I hap occurred just north of Beri- The miracle, if (bat's what it'ford. , came mostly by his own grim\ Slate Police said Ihe accident determination. Dr. Douglas Car-IeccufmJ—at—5:10 p. m,_Smilh communities in the tri-stale are council-*" 1 ' will elccl mayors and men tomorrow. They include Ridgeley, Paw. Romney, Petersburg, ser and olher smaller communi- ies. Tomorrow's election in Ridge- NOW! ey will he featured by a woman a ii'oll said Vince ofien did nol even-was (brown about 44 '--• the HIM) calories allowed pert t'ogaii sustained a left eye ">'• injury and bnisli burns, while, p., w l iK'ialowslii was (he victim ot a his wife. Rcrnice Cogiin. 19. su- Kev-""" 1 ' 1 '" 11 "' cxlrcme obesity re-;siained a laceration of Ihe fore•" cemly named Pickwickian Syn-lhead and nose as well as brush drome—afler a character in a 'bnnis. Their daughter, Judy Ann, Charles Dickens slory. hi months old. sustained a lacer- Dr. Carroll, assistant chief ofulion of (he right eye and brush seeking a !irst lime tislory. She is Mrs. council in the medicine at the hospital and as-'burns on the nose. seat for llic. s j staHl community's .| ohns Hopkins. Betly .lo Tabler. professor of medicine at staff physicians began immediate Ireal- Tlic victims were taken (o (be hospital by a passing motorist. 1'olicc said a total of about 51,050 .... ... . lm ' nl fjf lu>; ' rl failure-inabilily ofjvvas caused. S700 lo the motor- who wa.s nominated by resjiiwilsjihe )ieart lo supply enough blood cycle and $350 lo the auto ot HidgeJey at Ihe primary elec- o maintain Vince's huge body. He spent 53 days in the hos- :ion recently. Mayor Charles If. Fryer, who pilal. On the strict diet, he shed 100 pounds, of it in an abnormal is completing his ( t«o years hroffice, will be unopposed. Mrs. accumulation of serous fluid in Betty McFadclen and Archie body tissues. This accumulation Lough were nominated for the office of (own recorder. Nominated for council aside from Mrs. Tabler. were William Knieriem and Alston "Ted" Day- Ion, incumbents, T. P. Cawan William Biltingcr, Herbert Davh and C. V. Barncord. In tomorrow's election, which will be held from 7:30 a. m. (o 17:30 p. m. (EOT), one of nominees for recorder will be elected while five of the sever council candidates will be elected There will bo two polling places. City Hall- and the cle menlary school. About 750 resi-jens' Pickwick Papers who dents are eligible to vote in the! 35 ' 1 election. often is a result of stagnation of blood circulation. Ignalowski stuck to it alter he was released from (he hospital in 1955. Uis weight steadily declined to Ihe present 1BO pounds. Recalling the old days, he told newsman: "1 ate all day long, every five minutes. I was in constant misery and slept most of (he day. usually J vel '. e ' a on a bench in fronl of Ihe house ••i t '" lkslH ir; Sluggishness is a svmplom ot \ a! Weslm 'nsler. Joyce .Marie I-lar ri . , -,. -, ,••!'» win "••,,:.,,,<,.„ m r 4,f_T_(.;.. i i ft i Pickwickian Syndrome. Dr. Car-l roll explained that it was namecj after an.abe5e.-charac.ter .in Dick-. La Vale Girl Honor Grad WESTMINSTER, JId. Wi—Wesl- ern .Maryland College graduated U7 seniors—four with highest honors—and awarded six honorary degrees at its 87lh annual commencement exercises today. Graduated summa cum laudc were Patricia ,1. Patterson of Elizabeth C. Granger Mrs. I.enora Turner, who has been recorder for the past tin years, decided not to seek office thi.s year. Damage Heavy In Local Crash A Columbia S(reel house was badly damaged yesterday when a local motorist drove his ca icep, or nearly so, each time he appears. Dr. Carroll emphasized lhat Ignatowski must adhere rigidly to his diet for the remainder of his life if he wants to slay at his present weight. He can probably do it. During his most drastic weight reduction, he estimates he consumed more than 200 half-gallon jars of dill pickles—a low calorie food. rington of Adelphia and Mildrec Ann McDonald of LaValc. Waller L. Hall of Prospect Park Pa., who received his degree will donors, also was awarded tiic Bales Prize as the best all arounc college man. A similar award for the best al around coed went to Carol Joanni Parrish of Ruxton who also woi one of two alumni citizenship awards. Miss Parrish also was graduated with honors. r |50B&O Shopmen BUSTER into the home. The driver, Hugh H. Hill, of Flirloiioliojj 233 Columbia Street, was not in- i«»t,UCU jured in Ihe crash. Police said he was (raveling north on Polk Street onto Columbia, struck a truck driven by Earl L. Alhcy, RD 2. and glanced off (he vehicle into the home of Mrs. Sue -McKnight, lot Columbia. car al the time of the accident. Approximately SI.OOO dam- ge was caused to Ihc vehicles' The B&O Railroad announced today dial COO persons are beini furloughcd on the system with 50 of the group being shop workers here. An additional 150 men are being furloughcd at the Mount Clare Shops in Baltimore. A B&O spokesman said Ihe fnr- lloughed workers are mostly Proposed Cily Bus Schedule Changes Airei Proposed changes in Ihe sched ules of the Cumberland Transi Lines were discussed by Ihe May or and Counci". with G. M. Davis bus line president, in the offici of Mayor Roy W. lives thi: morning after the regular conn cil session. Mayor Eves said Davis intend to publish the changes in tli' near future. A-HonrOf Your Own With A First National Loan! 13 Why let the years pass by dreaming of owning your own home without ever doing anything ofaout it? Act now! Select the home you want and enjoy the wonderful pleasures of living in it while you're young. A First National Home Loan has enabled many families to own a home years before they thought it possible. Stop in soon and talk it over with us! NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. and to home. the front porch of the The car went up over Ihc curb and across a small yard inlo the porch, splitting it apart. No charges have been filed by Officers Clarence Valentine and Will- ,iiam Norris. mainlenance people. The layoffs are described as "seasonal" and affects only fraction of tbc railroad's 50,000 workers. Deep Creek Lake Robbed Collages OAKLAND-State police and HOUSE PAINT —i LONG WEARING — EASY CONTROLLED BRUSHING PENETRATION SELF PRIMING MILDEW AND FUME RESISTANT .50 gallon Oarrett county officers were investigating at leas! (wo robin Ihe Deep Creek Lake beries area. The summer cottage of Mr and Mrs. Mclvin Kigbt. ncari Deep Creek bridge, had been Suit Against Slore Dismissed hi Court The attorney for 3 local woman who brought suit against Montgomery Ward and Company fo: injuries allegedly sustained in a fall in Ihe firm's more Street has store.on Balti- filcd a petition asking that the suit be dismissed JOIN THE BIG SWITCH TO IGHTY CHRYSLER Most glamorous car in a generation Rena M. Oglebay had filed s 1 for S.j.OOu againsl the store ar jthrough her attorney W. Karle n "|Cobcy. The store was represented by W.iller C. Capper. Icred. resulting in Ihc loss of Iclevisinn set. The home of Mr. atid Mrs., T-'ulclicr Smith, near Glendale'Aiixiiiary To 3loct bridge, was also entered. At- The Sacred Heart Hospital Aux- lempls lo force open a safe were|iliary will held a business and noted, but apparently nothing ot|scwing meeting tomorrow at 1:30 value was Inken. I,,, m. al the Nurs.-s Home. 7 Cumberland's Paint Service Store . . , the place to solve your paint problems ! SWEENE PAINT & SUPPLY . 301 Baltimore Ave., facing Dccatur m\ A Tribute To Our Postmen! Whtn Aunt Hellie, in Bo i tort or BanVoV, wril«i you a Ittlti, a hi/at pi»c» of govemminla! machinery gaet inlo ait ion. Shipi, Iraim, liutki and oiiplanti may b» tailed upon to bring thol inhrriol* me\%ag« to you. When il aiiivci htie, your fattHM Postman picki it up, pull it in hit weathered leather bag and deliver! il ptrionolly to your door. He i» one of our moil im- portant Civil leivanli. He ii cKot«n for hit d*pencf- ability, Mi ttiong tcgi, hit neighborhood familiarity and hit eagctntit to laive. He Vnowi you, your family, your dog . . . and ii a welcome tigM to alM W« snlwl* the faitKfu1n«it of Ihe Marl Carrier! LichJcnstein's Medical Arts Pharmacy CHRYSLER WINDSOR ^-DOOR SEDAN TlieiBS nothing like it in Hie 3000 price range I 33 NoitK lib«rly Si. Somutl Wcrlhefmtf « FREE DELIVERY Revolutionary Toralon-AIre rtdel \ liraritl-ncw K.IV to travel! No nosr <li\rs wbrn you hr^kr! \r> rock-aml-mll nn lurns! f.liry.^Jrr's nr\\ <u-]»i'n-ion rnmliinr^ fro»l mil tor>ion liars and linll-jomi^ ^^^lll OrilUn\ r-!inrk nh^nrhrr* ninl mil- ripp'r rrnr spring lo pi\»" \on nn all-n^\i kinrj of rir]-'! New pushbutton TorqueFMte transmission*. M-tkiv Ir\ rrs olil-f,^liionrH! Ju>-l lonrh a Imtlon . . . ibr smnnlluvl. mo-t (roiirt)r.rrrc tran*mis*iort CMT liiiifl «lnc-- llir rr^t. It 2i\r> > on iinniHtrhrd ai'rrtrr;\ti«'ii anil furj cc-imoiny — n (llir\^lcr .^.ira- loca lojtprd its rla^s in llir MoliilpAs I^connniv Hun. Exclusive now Total-Contact brake&I 'Hie jiianK of ih? indn«lry uith -."il ^|. in. of braking area! Only lirakrs \viib A floaiinp s-bor ihni nirrls the ilrnm ntuforinly lo pivc yon llic «»rr!-i, j-afoT, sofic>l >Loj>; in the 1iiisiur.s». And I'icy l.i?i innrh lonprr! Greateal styling advance In 2O yaaraTRccord Pale* prore il'^ ihr mnM *nrrr>=ful in (.".hryalcrV liislory! Chrvelcr is lourr (M-j fl.) and longer (2W2 in.) than any car in ila prirp rl,i?.«i. and U s roomier ivilli more fmnl scat shonHcr room (dl.O in.). Many other exclusive values arc yours in The Mny Uir>>]rr, like grpairr ^a,«-s areas, concealed cxhanMs, nnalitv Mvkd mtrrinr.s and <nral sifrty feature?. But (lift bi^ts'l iirus is that yon ran nun nil this ? ]ainor for as litllc as many modpls of the lou -pricol three. Drive a Chester today. Die! PA 4-3730 «'« OPEN UNTIL NINE MONDAY EVENINGS 1, We Salute Our To we! Potomac Motors, Inc. Spoerieins Garage Morton's Garage Ray Teels Garaze TllS. George St., Main St., Wotcr & Mechanic Sts., 43 O ok St Cumberland, Md. Accident, Md. Frostburg, Md. Ookland, MJ

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