The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 10, 1930 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1930
Page 6
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Blanche »Keely. Wood* land Charles • Shower of Marion' and Mr. f Indianapolis spent Sun^j Mn/iL Prank Martin. Mr. an 5ayi"e4|nine;S with i Frank'lMartiir Briefly, above, we ha^ve tried to show you a few of the various major operations j in making of these fresh, new Cjookies— Perfection Nut-Tops—that will be featured at your favorite grocers, Friday and Saturday; at the special price of only 39c a box." for the very last operation—that of placing the pecans in position—and filling the boxes —these splendid cookies are untouched by human hands. They're made from the finest and purest of ingredients-of the same high quality you use in your own home baking. SPECIAL THIS WEEK END in^Belzer who has. 1 ' been i with' pneumonia lis im- The [members of the Thursday af ternqon club treated themselves to a.pjirty and went to Tipton to attend a show at the Ritz;'"'Oh (Yeah"!; After the show they went to the; Ritzj Cafe where they enjoyed ja six o'clock, dinner. The sixteen; ladies were seated; at o ie table l]i the; balcony and served a three-rfourse dinner. 'During the serving music was' furnished by an I orchestra. The party had been - !•• A J;' ' planned for later in the season, but when it *was learned that one of"; the members, Mrs. j Clyde ThomaR would soon be j leaving Arcadia it jwas arranged to go this As a gift of : re'mem brance Mrs. Thomas was taken to a store to select a gift from the members and was presented with; a salad set in the new shade; ofj green; a gift which she will deeply, 1 appreciate. The members olj club arranged for a social event} once a.year and last jreaij j to Indianapolii? for the and f Mr-.] ''w.'re' peorge" Hileman of Marion. Saturday -guejits. '•• ' [{_'.;.: j.' { Mrk Elizabeth, Jordan of |.At-; jlanta was her|e Monday. ' "j . j I • i ;l ; I 'j Margaret Morarity was at jEI-.j wood; Sunday.) . ."' _ j.'; . j Mrs.. John Langolf is visiting In! Indianapolis with Mr. and Mrs.' Glen Parks. i 1 iMir. att Mrs. Frank Smith] werejjn Bunker Hill Sunday. j • Mr. and Mrsi Paul Apple and j children andj Mrs. Rallie Rmlen- i beck were Elwood visitors Sun-' day. • •. I 'i i 'Mr. and. Mrs. Bert Bryant, and ; Mr.'and Mrs.'Dayton Harvey were; the Sunday jgue>=ts of Mr. land. Mrs.,Albert Morris east of town. "| 'Fred' Maker and Miss Patter-I Only Frig id a ire can give you the better vegetables and salads made possible ; by the son and the Mrs, of Monticello, 111., and ..Mr,' Mrs. IJloyd Lieurance - were Sunday j guests 'of _ .Mr... anil , Curt Maker. they went occasion, joyed- the Shockney, At Your Grocers .: : . ;! 'i; All we ask is that you ity a box of Perfection Nut-Top Cookies this week-end—and you'll quickly agree that Nut-Tops' are all you dreamed a cookie might' be—as these cookies are made to please the. palate of even the ^most discriminating. Watch for Perfection's Won- derful Cookie. Specials All Through the Suntmer! BlfCUIT WAYWE, IMP. ARCADIA. Mrs. Carl Overilorf.! In the afternoon they visited near East Union with Mr. and ; Strs. John j the. evening was devoted to 1 the j. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pettijohn j i transaction of business, after j [and daughter Janice Mae of Indi^ (Continued From Page 3.) which games , and contests wereI anapo'lis were guests over the' . , - ; . ., : enibved Mi<;s Leamine served 'week end of Mr. and .Mrs. Ed mngham welcomed the. new, mem- J "' ""-'"'"s scivcu. hers Mrs. John Button and Mrs. i' daint >' refreshments at the close] Lewis. <• j , Lloyd Smith into the club. A com- \ of tl,e evening. .- ; Mrs. Lillie rjonnold was the mittee will he appointed at the, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Guyjand Sunday dinner • guest 04 Mr. and next meeting to Complete the ini- ; Mr. and Mrs. Shirl Riebeling vis- liation ceremonies for those! two i ited in Elwood Sunday afternoon and also for. Mr.;. Itjy Illilde- with Mr. .Guy's aunt Mrs. Sarah brand who has never been \ ini-• Heath. Mrs~ fteath has been ia/Ttfitchell who recently moved on ' tiat.;d. Tin- remainder of ihe-j'cvc-! very poor health for the past few, Mrs. Honnold'.; farm. ning was spent in solving contests months but was slightly better! Clayton Martz of j Tipton ;vis- • and games, with Mrs. Chet lliall, 1 Sunday and way? able to be up ini ited Saturday, and Sunday with Mrs. Shirl Riebeling and I .Mrs.ja chair. > j . ' rM. C. Martz and Mr. and Mrs \lolin Button receiving prizes. A j Dr. Dorothy Teal of Indiatiapo- A - B delicious luncheon was served'lis spent the- week end witli after which several games; otV mother Mrs.,/ Mary'l Teaf. bridge were enjoyed. Mrs. Dwight'; Mrs. Emma Triets'ch 'andj IGleri i this week with his brother, Tom Terrell wan a guest and twelve Drumm were at Peru Sundavf and. Addison and wife." members were present. ; Mrs. i Mrs. Trietsch-visited hier jjrotheri • Mr. and Mrs. Orien - Cheno- •IJoyd Hill will entertain the club 1 and wife Jo'hn linger, and! Mr.: weth moved to the Mary McMul- in two weeks at the home of Mrs. 1 Drumm visited his mother ii Mrs:! len farm west of town Sunday. Vane Learning. • i | Frank^ Drumm. i ] No one has yet moved into the The Sunshine Club of the Ar-| Marklin Rodenbeck has- re-'| Cbenoweth property. Mr:, and cadia high school was delightful- 1 turned to his studies at Indiana' Mrs. Gerald Hann'ah who have ly entertained at the home v of I University at Bloomington | after I been livfag in the James Hersh- Miss Anna Marie Learning! Mon-j spending hii? vacation here with! man property • on North Olive day evening with twenty !mem-!his parents Dr. and Mrs. I'rank I street moved Monday Into the bers present,- The early part of I Rodenbeck. " I - | Fred Anderson property. Mr. and Martz. heri Rev. Thurman Addison of {Hammond is spending a few days Low Week SPSI- GFIEID, 07 COLUKB 3? DAYTOIp COLUKBUS, 0. 0> TEBBE HAUtX, HID. OEEENCASTLI, IND. DANVILLE, TJI3I. RICHMOHD. IND. «r stations on iinM s Qf t &o T: JL %l ! A .%^llwl^ i *i, LAFAYETTE; IND. LEBAKOii, nn>> •A Mns. Dwight Terrell, who j halve been living' in the'Johnj Diciover property have moved Into jtjhe John.: Heisser property on j Iftadi son Avenue. :j- : f • • • r- i ' ' •Mrs. N.-M. Dickover ! eiter- tained at dinner Sunday in 1 oiior of the birthday ot! heri husband, the guests being Mr. jand- Don Dickoverjahd daughters tha Jane andj Dorothy of I In) apolis quis and son James Cbrreli Mrs. Mkr iian Mr, arid Mrs: Merrltt Mar- 1 Merrit.t o|f j Cicero and Mr. apd Mrs; sons Bob arid James, jMr. J ajnd Mm. Charles Rodenbeck ahdlFfed Dickover and son Newton Mrs. Ed DeVol | was, a t]!lc^ro visitor Saturcay. Mrs. Dora Grissom hada^ her dinner guests Monday,-Mrs.! Sarah Wise,. Mrs. Lydia 1 Chjaijey, Tommy Watson of; Cicero, and Mrs. Frank Bennett 1 of] rion. 1 . 1 Mr. and Mrs. Shirl M Rietieling were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mn=. John Riebeling near [Albright. Other guests were Mr Ma- Mr. and Mrs.- Ernest j Doverstier^er and daughter Ernestine and] Miss Jean Beaumont of [Tipton Miss Iren^ ' Current j and Burns of South Bend visited Friday until Sunday with her ter Airs. .Frank Martin and| Martin. • I! .1 ' I ' 'I i The young peoples choir 6t [the: Lutheran church met J Thirstiay night"with their director C iak« Waltz in hlsihomeleastl of Clciro, They enjoyed a" fine rehearfa; ofi they 1_ sfaht the! songs., after ij which some- time in a social way, refreshments 1 were . served grollp. The next jmeeUng n Hi v -|» "with Miaa;iioulae|. HelfWir. ndW| Hei^r. Dorothy';, ~ T * Irjvin from bis- Mrs. ;The ladies who en affair were: Mrs. Earl Mrs. Fred Bray, Mrs Fred f Shaffer, , Mrs. Frank Shew Mrs .J 'L. Vi Calvin, Mrs. Mabe Whis er, Mrs. Clyde Thoinas, Mrs M. C Kerr, Mrs. Maryj Kiblerj Mrs.jjJohn 1 Kerr, Mrs. Curt Sum ner, 'Mrs. John McGill, Mrs. D. B Dickover, J Mrs'. Orla Heflin, Mnii Gef.'ljphiliips and Mrs. Roy Fislij . The club will meet next er. Thuijsday.fafternoon in the home of Mi-'s. Orla Heflin. "-,| , . -. I ] Mr. and Mrs.; John Waltz and son jjof .Npblesville, Mr. and Mrsj r Monroe Waltz and daughter June of Kokomo, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wal(z ot New andjiJMrs. ily of Indianapolis were the Sun]-, dayllguests of Mrs. Minnie Waltz. Mrsi Geiorge Waltz, ; daughter j/ada and ^on Frederick of Indianapolis jwere week end guests, j Mr. and' Mrs. D. .BJ Dickover Spent from Friday until Monday In Indianapolis with their daugli- ter jEdith Dickover. j ; j Mr. and Mrs. Marble| Richards of 4iptoti were the,Sun<iay guest's Of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis. '< I Mr. and Mrs. Ralph AValtz and fith Mm. Sam Mr. and iMrs. Beryl Kincaid aridj daughter Julia Margaret of Npblesville, j and Mr.' arid "Mi-n. Gray McCord and children c£ Lebanon were the Sunday guests of Mr. andj Mrs. Raymond-^Grif- and familjr. '• The Sunday! guests of Mr. and Earl Dowser and son were I Bowser and dauglitcrs-r Rose j-,' and Eliza near Cicero.' ..'.]•' j. Rev. and; Mrs. Fifed Wpliif and j •family of Brazil are- visiting a I • \ ' ' few dayv with Mr. and i Mrs.j '•"";"'•.. Frtlnk Wolff.. "'.!,' : : /' ^ |i Mr, andj Mrs. Dallas Andrews of IkoKomn were the week! end !'== , , ' := Quests of the latter's- p"a>'ent»;-i & spending- a IjJrl and Mrs. Jack Mahan and.- au rit.jMrs.. The new Frigidaire Hydrator brings you ah added service—a service offered only by Frigidaire. For Frigidaire alone has ^he Hydrator. : i Celery kept in the Hydrator becomes tender and brittle. Tomatoes retain their firmness and flavor. Lettuce takes oh added crispness. Evea wilted vegetables are made.fresh again by the Hydrator's moist' reviving cold. See a demonstration today. Service Electric Co. John K.U011. Proprietor. few days with' her | ait the- Bardonner hom» Roy Hildebrand andiin the care of tlie sick •Bardonner spent the Palestine and; Mr. George Waltz land fam}- daughte rick we ere the guests of Mr. arid Mnj. Elmer Jarmen at. dridi. Mr.^. Laura Mendenhall Alexan• ! of Failrmount was also a iguest. Mr. and Mrs. Gearge ! Hilton and 1 family have moved into the Orrl property. Mr. and Mrs., Herman Reynolds and; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kinder were atr Indianapolis and visited witli Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Hiatt Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Terrell are moving into.the late John Heisser property, i Eva Clifford and daughter Harriett spent Suriday| in Noblesville the guests^of Mr', and Mrs Elmer Reisinger. | j Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Hill spent Sunday in Lafountaine guests} of Mr| and Mrs. Frank Hill. flachel Waltz was a'| Noblesville visitor Saturday morning. Amanda Weer Is I sick ; with and Mrs! Curt' Sumner., the Sunday guests of Mr. Fred DeVaney west. of Arjeadia. Afternoon guests were Mrs. Maude Lower, Alice Ball and RpV DeVaney ot Indianapolis, Mr and Mrs.' Wesley Shaffer, Mrs. Catherine Brenner, Mrs. Matilda! McMullen. and Mrs. James; Gwin " Arcadia and Mrs. | and . Mrs, 1 of Roma Henry of Tipton. . jMr. and Mrs. Ed Mcvsbaugh of Noblesville were the Friday eve-i ning S*uest8 of Mr. .and; Mrs.i Chas. Booth and fam ly. ; jThe Sunday guests' of Mr. and Mrs.. Chatjes Hensel were Mr. and Mrs. Ranson Moonshower. Miss D4lly 'Humes and Njoah ilt--st.<f in:r man. Ed familj. -• i ! family. '• Bardonner spent the wet-k end !| ?" he Suiidav snests of Mr. andK ppnald Eekharilt of Angola* with-his.son. ,Mr ; s. Wid jBurlon were Mr, and j and ' Wr . and Mrs. Wayne More-j Mrs. E. A. Dickey and -.Mrs. ;!VIm. Horca Vesey and' children of; lle ad and son Kenneth were Tues-; Lane were jat Auburn Tuesd^y Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. ;,Noa« :, da} . evening supper guests of Mr. I and Wednesday with relative.*. Henry, Mr. and ?jlrs. Allen Hen-r and Mrs." James Hershman. , Mr. and Mrs. Roy Startzman ry and children of Boxlev -andj : ~L , „. ' . •• B „A tSmiiv i,r Ft w,.... I ' , Mrs. Fred Sfiaffer, who spent| ana tamni ot rt. \\a>np wer*- Mr. and Mrs. Clark Burton. ; t , le p as t three weeks with her j guests Sunday of Mr. and Mr.. •! I atU i Ml ' S " Russe """ A, . cx . in -:.p'arentK.''Mr: and -Mrs. Cha«. ; RobyJ Leroy - Starteman Monday, fler were) Indianapolis victory; (j - Ri v firW 6od. and >ri Indianapo-j 'Mrs. Mary B V ler. Tn m Bntl-r Sunday afternoon. |- lis wUh h „ r aU nt Mrs. Henry Mc-; and daughter Alicf wpre Kokomo I' iBert'tia IParker was in Atlanta Sunday at Allen Wright's: j • JMr. and Mrs. Raymond Griffith arid sons Llohn and .Toe we're in 1 |; 1 " (Indianapolis Sunday evening Hip ;giie:;ts of JMr. and I jlw, 'Coitrail' :RiDtlenl)eck and family. :•>' ; i;Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hunt and daughtersj A '°ne and Doris spent Sunday in Ambny with Mr. and Mrs. George Younce. - '.','•. I'Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Shank arid Lewi Shank of Indianapolis l' • • \\;ere the Sunday guests of Mr. arid Mrs.' Claude Shaffer.'"iTnd family, i I ; 1 t, • I Jean Myers and Dr. Woods ot Indianapolis were the.week end guestr. ofj Mr. and Mrs. Sherman- Jacobs. Miss Myers who is a nurse at the Methodjst hospitaL;.- is sisendingJa few days with' her parts Mr. [and Mrs. Jacobs. Mrs. Henry Feaser,.' Nettle Bowrer,•! Myrtle W r hisle'r and daughter!Georgia were at Walnut Grove Tliui'sday evening and attended tlie Senior class play. . Verniej Etchison, Dale Shaffer, Lowell Whisler and 'Marklin Rod- ejnbuck 'njnre Indianapolis-visitois ^fonduy. I Marklin returned to Bloomington and Lowell; remained in Indianapolis. , ji Mrs. Oscar Bower of .Garmel arid Mrs.j Henry -Burton were the Friday guests of Mr. and Mrs.- Allen Henry'near Boxley. I j Martha \ Jane .and Dorothy Dickoven have returned -to their home in ilndianapolis. after fipend- ln^ a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rodenbeck. ; : Mrs. .Elmer Hodsoh was called to Monticello Monday on account of the death of her Isister-m-law Nora Maple. . ; J Miss Helen WUsonl of -Noblesville who is convalescing fromf a recent operation for I appendicitis Gen returned home. Wednesday evening. - j A letter was received from j Mrs.-Ed Bardonner, who is in thej home of lier son, Roy Bardonner j in -Martinsville, in wliich she! stated that the son, who is suffering with infection in his cheek.: did not: rci-:t very well Wednesday night.- ArMfrer letter was-received Thnrs*day eVeriing iiy John A. [ Heisser saying the doi-tor thought' ' Mr. Bardonner was. slightly im-' proved that morning, but it; would lake some time for him to' recover from the infection. Mr. i Bardonner had his cheek injured! iu an- auto accident on - Saturday higlit.-The condition of the young i man'Is not considered critical. j of Tip' 0 " were guests Sunday -Mrs: "Bardonner, and. Mrs. John I Mr. and Mrs. Snyder and the 1 Heisser have been at Martinsvijle^ (Continued on rase 7.-1 visitors. Saturday. Frank SUivcly returned hum- Tuesday frtin Alliprn,u**r<[ti»\ N. M.. where fie had IIHIMI visitinu his daughter Mrs. Sylbert Eilar. Mrs. Layttiifh*- Durrell had as her guests -Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ovenlort. Dr. an I Mrs. Bert Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. James Schiik and Carl Fny. Mr. and Mrs. Gordon 'Sow.-rs were at Klwnnd Sunday and attended .a .dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M'ryant. Mis,; Loiis Mae Pape of Tipton visited? frum' Friday until Sunday wiUl- Mr. and Mrs. F'I<>y,( Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Ferd I'ape Tender Aching Swollen Feel Iu Just Five -Minalrs Thbse Sore, Tender, AchlnR Fe«*Get Am«z< i; ing Relief— Moonps Emerald Oil-: Is^Onaranteed. 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