Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 24, 1954 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 24, 1954
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1954 Editorial Vflfirfflf* in It wcms unfair to thr in vine to eh" a' Mich the vandals ivhn committed Mali .10 1« ot destruction J< <vas donr in Alton C'rmetcrv .• few night's aco. At \ea*t 22 monuments, vome nf :hrm el.ihor .lie in design, almost .ill of them l.irte in their proportions, were overthrown some tmir during \\"eilncsday niglit. Shtiii Commnrtimn — And 'Strntig Men* 1 ohks like the McC.mliv Annv feud is jymi£ to K' the hie show of thr ve.isnn The opening Run fired bv Mij. dm. Milts Rcbrr m.iv b.ive set the tlirnv fur thr shrif. (.en. Reher testificrl he never km"' n "greater pres Side (tlaitf»f*ft sure" was applied lor (.. D.ivul Sihine. for .m ofluer'-. i oinnn former .mle tip Sin Mi 7 lie Rround was net with ram on 'I hursdav : (,arlh It'< :| little r.irlv in tlm In'.iim-: to form I i eJiiMve opinion nn Mif ..irtliv'* motivrv But fr where we MI, it doesn't look sin senator. An implication and tlicrc wore no footprints in the mud at the time (lie vandalism acts were discovered. '1 here could bo absolutely no gain, no satisfaction to the perpetrators of such a crime and that f.u-t would point to the possibility that three or j the "pressure" tactics in secure an army trim mi-, four insane people pooled their physical strength ,to « rcik the monuments. Some of the monuments were elaborate specimens of carved marble. One of the finest of these monument* had been a conspicuous object in the cemetery for many years. It was a figure rcprcsent- for tin- Vi isc em lit- ill an n from sion for one of Ins favorites. \K( arthv si>m;hl to build power for those who support MiC.arthy. Vi'c have reason in be skrpiual of Mif.artln. He is plausible, a good »pcikcr and appears to be motivated by the si rungest p.imotii emotmns. Ilui the fly in ilie ointmrnt is that M<(.arlhv Ir.ins to of the MiCartliv ntivit\ the "sirmij; man" l\pe ol leader. l.urope has tried "urcmi; men" leader-, v ho have buili up personal pi. MI-IS through assu. i.nes and p.irtuu hv wouldn't ini; "the. Vacant Chair" the subject of a popular) fanaticism. And muili SOUL; written by Cicorpc Root in Civil War days, tends to build lum up It was a nice piece of carving taken out of a heavy solid block of marble and there was none other of its like in Alton Cemetery. It is a rc- markablc fact that the monument, when over-j j n various branches of gim-rnniriit. thrown was not broken and all (hat is needed (oj larly in the army. I'crhapx McC.u replace it is to hoist it to its old foundation. | Difficult though a successful search for the I vandals may be, there arc many who will not be content until---they know that the vandals have been given their just deserts for damaging monuments reared to the sacred memories of those who nave been laid away for their last rest undisturbed by scoundrels who pick a cemetery and its monuments for playthings. It would be An iniult to the insane lo classify as insane the workers of such iniquity as was done in the cemetery this week. What Plan Bid for Pcoria Far from dead, tlip talk of council-manager form of go^rnment in Alton in recent weeks has been revived, particularly since the recent situation discovered in connection, with the Park Com- want or seek power through ihosr channels. \V c 1 don't know. Hut we wouldn't even want lo sus peel him of tactics. Vl'e prefer, like- Mc(.,niliy, lo sirikr .it ilir appearance ol any evil that mi^ht threaten our democratic way ol lilt-. Ami in llus instance, il is McCarthy himself who could be- obtaining loo much power as a spokesman of this country. So lei's Ic-in away from MiC.ariliy, even as we- Iran away from those who advocate- communism. It appears wiser to support the men elected to office who i on 101 in more to the- principles advocated hy the majority ol voters, as represented by the political party in power. msson. Recently, the Chicago Daily News published an account of what city management did for the City of Pcoria. 'The facts arc the best recommendation. Pcoria city government is now in the black. Payrolls arc down $1,000 * month. Bills arc being paid on time. Centralized purchasing from low bidders has abolished kickbacks and commissions to city officials and employes. The taxpayers arc getting Has Anyone Heard Expert Sneezes Lately B.v II.U. BOVI.F, NL\V YOF!K J'-H'-Hrd any coon 1 snee/es lately" If ue l;tl>.'l'd our ;i* Ihc Chmcsc 'I'* Ons nnn should 140 down a«. Hie ' year of Ihe- big kor- rhoo!" f can't n-member a spring, offhand, in which more people com- nlds. larvnuitis. 25 and 50 Years Ago April 24. 7929 Flood condition* at Alton and Missouri Point v .r-rf dangerous aftf>r the iiver ro«p two feet in 21 hours and flooded Fast Knd Place Evacuation nf ;i ei-oie ( ,f families began. after f-onferences of i HP mayor, artine hpallh • •ornmi^Monpr. chief of pnlirp ;md officer* of As«oriair-r1 ("haiitfrv. April 21.1901 A fmall "hvister." moving out of thi» northwest svvfpt acro-=« Missouri Point in the oarly evenine badly damaging the home of Gooret* Schmidt, unroofing many bams, and doine othT damage on farms. A henhouse containing 200 small rhicks vva« carnr--) ,-iwav at the Schmidt Two tmmaskprl m<»n attai kpd R. R. Ward of , plarp and no trace of it had boon found. On the .trffrrson Avo. at thp sidp door of Alton I-aundry i N'ovv! Kpono place, thp dwelling rsrappd damaST, flu. strep Ihnmt. bronchitis, snuf- v "'° lar infections I-iverv vear HIP common rold but a smokc-hous*- only 100 yards distant was carrier) off alone with contents of smoked hams, shoulders, rend bacon. An anniversary mootinu of Franklin I^'dce, AK&AM. in I'pper Alton. Lewis Mogowen, in course of an address, lold how the lodge was old- pst in Ihe state because, after its chartering nt Frank Bauer, treasurer: Miss Lou- j Kaskaskia, in 1805, it was "transplanted' 'when all Campbell, secretary; Mrs. .T. A. I)ale. pub-j members moved to Madison County, carrying the licity chairman: Mrs. .1. C. Hopkins. Mrs. Haltie charter with them. Mognvvon was one of 11 past Levis. A. Kyler, ticket chairmen; the Rev. O. W. i masters taking part in the meeting, the others Co.. -.vhf-n he had paused, in thr- work of .-leaning up, hail forced him to ro-rntT the plant, and hound him. after the two robboi-: were joined by a third man. The safe was broken open and robbed of SIOO. The Chnutaur|ua board, compoM-cl of Ihe Rev. J r - Townsend. president; Mr-. M. Umcaslor. to net more uncommon and Heggornoicr, grounds chairman, and the Rev. F. | being Dr. K. C. Lemen. Augustine Head. Col. A. F. Rodgers, S. B. (lillham. D. C.. Tomlinson, Hermon Cole, Dr. It. T. Burnap. A. T. Scovoll. Knos Johnson, and W. F. .Sinclair. F. W. Froolich of .fewer people will admit that is i H. Kehoe had chosen program for the season from v. hat they have. \Ve have become , July 1M-17. ;i nation nf meilical social climb- Kduard Rinlour was named chairman of Roard ers. ami if we can't be stricken of Supervisors of .Jersey County. Other members wrrP ||. '['. Fdwards, P. \V. Doucherty. M. R. f.-,| Srri MJI^ Costello. t,. .1. Ktueger, If. H. McClusky, Sam Sinclair. .1. C. ITowning. Hen Kacle- "VVIion my husband's brother visitorl us, wr had him [mint. HIP housn anrl mako a pardon!" with a mnlady thai carries with it n sense of mystery mid has a fascinating name we would almosl | ns sewin stay well. The man who used lo grumble nt Hie first snoe/e, "Must'vo gnlla Imj,' .somewhere." now has n son iuhn announces with doleful hrav- ciy, "Cittess I picked up a virus." Whenever I hear a man use Hint phrase-. I get a vivid menial image ol a man sleepwalking. Suddenly, he comes to a virus on the floor (it's rather liko an eictopus except Brighton, and William Montcomery of Moro. deputy grand master, made addresses, Heavy rain paused street damage, creeks of the area were swollen, and the Mississippi. Mis- I Ion. John Varney. J. T. Hanley, and C. II. Slans- i sotiri, and Illinois Rivets all were on a rapid rise. In ,'!6 hours here the stage advanced two feet, anil Robert S. Allen Reports Asia Compromise something for their money. These arc accomplishments claimed for IVoria's new council-manager government less than a year after its inaugural on May 5, 19U. The city's young reform mayor, Hubert I). Morgan, 41 -year-old attorney, says the old council of 22 aldermen and a mayor left unpaid $ 3 50,000 owed lo 27') creditors. ls of One of the first acts of the new ol nine was to abolish t21,"HO a year in jobs. Identical parking meters were bought for \7 less than the amount the previous council paid. Asphalt cost. V* a ton less from the same suppliers, without any change in the market. There's mure to the story of I'coria ilian ihat. Hut much is thought provoking. Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Boom Hopes Fade WASHINGTON—The President's economic advisers arc more worried than they like to admit over the spring business boom. Reason for worry is thai the hoom hasn't been as big as th'ey expected. There 1ms been a seasonal spurt of prosperity, particularly in the construction business. But retail sales are down, though the figure has never been made public. And a flood of high school and college graduates will pour Into the labor market in another month and a half. This almost certainly means worse- unemployment this summer — unless rumors e.f war in Indochina picks things up. •loe .liuu|is to l-'iiniii'i'N Despite a past record of anli- farm voting, Senator McCarthy has cooked a political ear to Wisconsin rumblings and has sent his investigators to comb the Agriculture department. Their orders are: Ferret oul the "secret Communists" responsible for "undermining the (arm economy." Joe has already taken the stump against Benson's flexible price- support plan, and has added his voice for high, rigid price Mill- ports. In fact, he bus gone Ibr- farni bloc one belter and called for 100 per cent of purity inslciiil of the present ill) per coot. However, llus jitsi happens lo be an about-face fur McCarthy and a belated one. For in Iho past he has foughl for a sliding scale of price supports ranging from !IO down to T,i per eon! of parity His position was identical with Benson's. When Georgia's agricultures-minded Sen.'Dick Russell rammed legislation through Con- Kress In IfMfl, pegging support prices at 00 per ccnl qt parity on Iho six basic commodities, McCarthy joined in the motion to rn- commit Iho bill. He wanted In substitute (he sliding, !)0-to-75 per cent scale, Instead. ,loc's Km- 1 u Iti'corcl This did not end McCarthy's anli-farin voting record, however. He has voled against the farmer right down the line. When the Commodity Credit Corp. wanlecl lo increase ils borrowing authority hy $2,000,000,000, so it could p/iy the price supports, he voled no. And when the Truman administration wanted lo increase storage acililies, McCarthy also voled no. This was the worst blow "jumping Joe" has si ruck at the national (arm program, partly us a result, farmers' surplus grain was left overflowing Ihe bins and rolling on the ground. McCarthy has also voled repealed! y lo eul vital appropriations for Hie 1 Agriculture Department, including a straight moat-ax slash of ;'i PIT ec-iii on May I!), I!M'.I. Later, on July :', )!):>], he hnckod a oiie-lliinl cut in the- hinds lor hclpm;.; dinners obtain machinery and oilier production malcruils. On Ilie critical subject of soil ccmservalioii. McCarthy has voted six limes lo sabotage (he- program Agriculture experts now agree that inadcc|ualc soil conservation is ;i basic cause ci[ Hie tragic 1 "ilusl bowl" m Ilie soulhwesl. Since- In- first came to Ihc Senale. McCarthy has also had l.'i chances lo vole- tor rural clcctnh- oaiioii projtTis bringing electric PI.WIT lo the laruis. Oil Ihe \'.\ roll calls, he voled 12 limes against the farmers. Bui today he has suddenly become (he new-found "ComiiHinlNls" In the agricullurc department who are "sabotaging" the /armor. John Spiirknmn's KOCM Sen. /John Sjmrkman of Ala- farmers' passionate, friend, probing for l>ama, who ran for president on Iho Adlai Stevenson tickel, is paying Ilie penalty of acecpling the Democratic national platform. He's also (laying the price of being n eoiiscicnlious senator. Because Ihe Democratic platform contained a civil - rights clause — which isn't popular will some people in Alabama — anil because Sparkmnii automatically hail lo accept il. he is faced with a primary Jight from Laurie Hallie, a nice but on the whole innocuous congressman. Sparkman seems almost cerlain lo win Ihe primary, bul he's had lo lake a lot of time from the Senate, and also he faces Ihe fuel Ihat all sorts of money is pouring into Ihc 1 slale against him. Much of il is reported In conic from WASHINGTON France Is willing lei agioo lo H Illlce that would ive Ihc Communists pen Robert L. Smith died at his home on Highland Avo., following a long illness. Smith, who was born in Boston, came to Illinois when 14, and became an outstanding farmer in Jersey County. He was survived by his widow, L'lla Challaootnbe Smith; a son, Robert G., and two daughters. Mrs. John MoKeo, and Mrs. Clarence Reed of Oklahoma. iV's green "color i. The man "bends; Members of Ihe cast of "Come Out of Ihe down, picks up (he virus in one Kitchen," given at St. Mary's Hall by members hriiKl. cradles his arm like nf 'he senior class of Marquette High School, were MIRROR OF YOUR MIND Texas and the- eul tycoons who got sore- when Sparkman voted consistently against tide-lands oil. Congressman Bailie- se-e-ms to be we-ll supplied will) radio and TV lime, plus paid workers. Five paid workers lurneel up in Lawrence County Ihe other clay belli- mu Hie- hushes lor Battle. "The trouble- is," remarked one senator, "thai John Sparkman tried to he- a senator for all Un- people ot Alabama, nol ,iusl for the special interests " iCnlivnulil. 1(1.141 n.> ,iosi:i'ii \\IIITM;V hold of northern Indochina. Such compromise is acceptable to Ihe I i.S. on one condition. This requirement would liar erl China I rom giving more military aid of any kind lo Ihe satellite Vielminh. These secret proposals were Ihe most important mailer discussed by Secretary of State Dulles nt his hush-hush meeting with congressional leaders he- ore flying lo Kuropc' for Ihe (leneva Conference with Russia and lied China. Dulles indicated Ihe Krench are prepared lo offer Hits cease-fire formula al Ibis parley. He ox- pressed belief Ihe Communists would reject Ihe plan, particularly if it Includes American stipulation. This is being "sor- iousy" considered hy the Krench. Dulles lold Ihe congressional leaders he was handed Ihe armistice proposal during his hurried mooting with Premier Laniel last week. Us key provisions were 11) The aggressor Vietminh lo evacuate completely Laos Cambodia. (2) The Reds lo evacuate or give up their arms in central und southern Vietnam. (.1) In northern Vietnam, "the Communist forces to withdraw beyond the Red River Delta, and a neulral hone to be established between them and French Union forces in the Delta area. Alter these terms have been fulfilled, France and the three Associated Stales of Indochina will enter negotiations with the Vielminh and Keel China for a peace pad. Dulles said he informed the I-'ronch Ihiil while their compromise has cerlain merits, il is not acceptable lei the U.S. without major changes. Chief of them is that Red China will cease arming ils satellite Vielminh. Dulles pointed out that Communist withdrawal from Laos, Cambodia and central and southern Vietnam, the most productive sociions of Ihat country, would enable Kranc-e and the V. S. lo build them up economically, politic-ally and militarily. This would create a "situation o strength" that would constltuttc a powerful barrier to renewed Communist aggression in nut only Indichinu but all of Southeast Asia. For Ihe-c reasons, he explained, he was inclined to favor the l-'rcne'h formula provided it in- i-ludcd sale-guards, such as ctit- Bridges HI., N.ll.i, and Com- '" l<r( 'P fl °m humping into any milloo chairman, and Kvorotl t'vin Dirk.son. III., chairman of the a puppy, and walks on into Ihe I Louise Hesse, Catherine Kilgo, Dorothy Mook. night, still sound asleep and with j Mary Louise Ryan, Felicitas Meyer. Anton Krom- one arm held straight oul in front cr, Joseph Met/lor, Aloysius Warriein, Alton May Announcement w-as made of Iho wedding April 'J'J in St. Bernard's Church. Wood River, of Haley Republic-ail Campaign Committee. They bluntly raised the recording question when Internal Revenue Commissioner T. Cole-man Andrews appeared before the Commitloe lor a private discussion of his budget. Various congressional investigations have disclosed that in the past Revenue officials made extensive use of telephone recording equipment, especially on favor-seeking calls from memhors of Congress. Dirksen led off by savin, "1 vvanl lo usk you a Sli-l question. We are pulling il up lo all agency heads. Do you monitor telephone calls from Capital Hill'.'" "No, sir," replied Andrews. "I do nol, and I go further than Ihat. We don't monitor any telephone calls. An order lo thai effect has been issued b.v Secretary of Ihe Treasury Humphrey." "Personally, 1 have lived in a goldfish bowl so loii(+," explained Dirksen, "that 1 have nothing to hide. But 1 do think that mon- llorlnc telephone calls is shocking . . . H is rather hideous to think that we arc living within the framework of a free government, yet at Ihe same limr there is so much monitoring and so much surveillance Ihat (here is » distinct overtone of a police slale." "One of Ihe main reasons thai I don't have telephone e-alls monitored." said Andrews, "is thai I don't see any need for thai. No one has over asked me lo do anything thai 1 shouldn't do. Now and then a member ot Congress will call me aboul a complaint Irom a constitutor!!. Thai's per- poelly proper, and when 1 have supplied Ihe desired information, Ilia I has been the end of Ihe mailer." "Thai's fine," approved Dirksen; "we're glad lo hear it. We brought Ibis up lo make sure you are not monitoring any of our telephone conversations. We're doing that with all agency heads." iCouyrighl. IflM. I'osl llnll Syitcllrntr. Im-.l Love of Wood River and Miss Anna Cashman of Whatever people pick up—a hue! Louisiana. Mo. or a virus—they end up with one of Iho ">7 varieties of the common cold. Perhaps, if you work in nn office e>f far-lory, you have run into one of Ihe following general typos of runny-nosed heroes: The tragedian: Camille, racking her life out from her lungs, was a gay souhrette compared to Ibis ham actor. His sepulchral cough booms through the office every hour on the hour until Iho boss says, "Joe, you belter take that cough homo and put il to bed." Joe looks up gratefully (In'otigh gla/od eyes, plods home, spends a month in bed rewriting his will, and comes back to work 20 pounds heavier. The chin-up minimi/or: can't led a liddlc thig like a virus KCC! you down," he says through thickened tongue. He refuses lo do n thing aboul it. all over the place for four days and is well. But hy then \'> other people who work near his desk are sneezing. The cautious, cover - all • bases artist: Aflcr a single day in bed, his cold is so improved he feels able to return lo work but is afraid lo do so for fear his co-workers will think he merely slayed out because of a hangover. So he stays out three days more, and when ho comes into the office the first remark he overhears is. "Jim had holler watch his step. This time he was oul nn a four- day bender." Try K very (hi ue The Iry-overylhing hypochondriac: This boy enjoys colds so much fears of a flood were heard. A *!ide from the bluffs near f/ickhaven and a washout near Belltrees combined to block the Bluff Line. The CB&Q had a big washout near Woods Station, the lower Wood river was expected to leave ils hanks. Nick Kuennemann suffered an arm fracture while playing ball wi(h the Spalriings in Rock Spring Park. Butler & Leonard was a new sidewalk-building firm. Krie Anderson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. R. Anderson, suffered powder burns when a jammed rifle hack-fired from the breech. Plans were announced for the marriage of Charles Wilkinson and Miss Mamie Quigley. The wedding of Jesse Harrison and Miss I.illie Neil- haus was to take place at Ihe Foslerburg home of the bride. C. N. Davenporl and Miss I.illio Map Ruckmnn Nathan. were united in marriage by 'Squire Readers Forum Questions Answers A render run get the answer to any question of fact b.v writing The Telpgrnph Information Buremi, 1200 FYE ST.. N W., Washington 5, D C Plea»e enelon* three I3i cents for return poltaje. Q How many countries have issued postage stamps honoring some field of sports? B. P. A. Frank Menke in "The Encyclopedia of ' Sports" reports that !)0 countries have done so. beginning with Cireece in 1896. Baseball was first depicted by the Philippine Islands. Q. What is the road mileage in the United Stales? How much of it is Federal-aid road? C.L.R. A. If all back streets and dirt roads ace counted, the total amounts to 3..'}00,000 miles. Federal aid highways make up 20 per cent oi this total. Q. What nation will control the proposed new submarine telephone cable across the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to Scotland? K McB. A. This is a join! project of Canadian O v i 1 r s ca s Telecommunication Corp., Great Britain's General Post Office —both government owned - and the lie starts sneezing October first | American Telephone and Tele- ami keeps it up. as a mailer of i R) . a ph Co., with the U.S. Partner owning a 50 per cent interest. Q. Would it be possible for a layman to he elec-ted Pope? E.H. A. According to a Catholic authority a lay person may be elected Pope. Before his coronation, however, he would have to receive the Episcopate and previous to that the minor and sacred orders leac.'ing to it. Enlered a» second-class mailer at tht post office at Alton, 111. Act of Congress. March 3. 1879. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherv.lse credited In this paper lished and lo herein. the local news pub- West- Chicago. Letter! to the editor ihould b* nt reasonable length and must be ulRned although the names will be withheld from publication *t request of the writer. !.etter» should nvold oersonalltltlei and unfounded charges. Southern Hospitality Editor, the Telegraph: The C. R. Martin family of 2110 Stale St., encountered hospitality in reality «s they were returning from a visit lo a son, Paul, and family, in New Orleans, Sunday nigh!. A son. Roger, was taken ill, and they slopped at: Boonvillc, Miss., where a city policeman directed them to the local hos- pilal, arranged for medical care, and also engaged rooms for the family to spend the night. Last year the state governor offered a reward of $1,000 for the most courteous city, which was won by the city of Boonvillc. They set up a stand by the side of State and Highway 45 where they served soft drinks to the passing public. We have not encountered such "hospitality", anywhere on our travels aboul the country. May wo have more of this kind of neighborly hospitality. We shall write a letter of respect to Ihe mayor of Boonoville, lo express our deepesl respects for the treatment thus rendered, and so greatly appreciated—and lo the governor of the state of i their souls be enriched', even \llon Evening Telegraph Published b.v Alton Telegraph Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY. Publisher and Gdltar. Published Dally. Subscription Prim 30 cents weekly b.v carrier; b.v mall $10.00 a year within 100 miles; 514.00 beyond 100 miles. Mull sur>.«rrintion not arceptprt In tnwns where carrier delivery Is available. Local Advertising Rates and contract information on application at the Telegraph business office. Ill East Broadway. Alton. 111. National Advertising Representative. Holiday Co.. New York. Detroit. Prayer for I-ord of wisdom, our thoughts turn today to the millions of slu- dents in colleges and universities. We rejoice that they have exploring minds, eagerly reaching oul for more knowledge. Help (hern to comprehend the responsibilities Ihat accompany free inquiry. May iMrCjirtliy-Army Cast- Still Lining on TV principle, until Ihe Fourth of July. His desk is a small drug store slocked with lozenges, pills, bromides, and nose sprays. Whenever there's any work to ho done, he's oul in the men's room gargling. The alarmist: "You know what I think is causing this epidemic rU colds?" he asks every victim. "It's dusl from Ihe hydrogen bombs. Don't you feel more radioactive? than you used to? Why don't we all chip in and buy a goigor counter?" When you tell •him you remember having a cold Itffrk in 1938 before there were any hydrogen bombs, ho says: "All right, wise guv. bul remember they laughed al Thomas A. Edison. S loo." i The king-si/o cold: This is Ihe pao or hdulls. These creatures are cold-blooded and become in- ne-livo when the temperature falls NK\V YORK .T—The televised ! best cold of all. if you can afford i much below -15 degrees F. Their ling oil military supplies to the , McCarthy-Army hearings continue il It is the cold the boss himself! blood contains no oxygen lo give Q. What becomes of Ihe common garden insects during Ihe winter? L.C.R. A. Many of them remain dormant in various stages of development — larvae, pu- the ideal aggressor Victminh. Noles: Dulles told Ihe legislal- nrs he has pul a Oil-day limil on Iho Geneva lalks. He intimated he doc-s not expect to slay there more lhan a few weeks . . . Dulles made another plea for a bi-purtisun delegation from Congress lo accompany him to the In lag in viewer inleresl as com-, gels. None nf Hie ordinary rom- them warmth, pared with Ilie Kofauvor Senate it-dies touch it. The only way ho Crime Committee hearings held "hakes it is to smuggle it down hero three years ago. i lo Florida and lake it around a According lo Hooper Ratings, C° lf Bourse every day for throe psychiatrist was cuu- who had con- parley. But the reaction of the quered ,i neurosis and consequent- leaders was so chilly that he ido. ! dropped Ihe matter. Intend, he ly iiiid.-i stooel his parents "The tact that recovery Iron) m-u.; promised to keep them informed rcisis is seldom coiuplc! wiciic. "may account lor Ihe oc- oiMimal |>s\rlii;iinsi u-h.i seems li ss ciiinlinuallv. stable than he? .should be." he through daily reports ... He disclosed he will try to make Korea the firs! item on Ihe agenda of based on samplings by telephone, weeks until it finally wears out. Friday's afternoon session got | a 12-puiut rating—indicating that j 12 out of every 100 New York j homes with TV sets were I lined in. j The Crime Committee hearings | had a 32-poiut rating. In Washington Friday the current hearing rating was set at 11 Claims Douglas Defeat WouM End Adlai Q. For whom is (he Charles River of Boston named? A.T.T. A. Sir Richard Saltonstall, who landed at Watertown in 1630, is credited with being the first white man to sail up the Charles River, which was named for Charles I of England. Q Is Good Friday a holiday in some slates? A. R. A. About M states recognize Good Fiyclay as a holiday, and Mississippi. C. R. MARTIN. ('ity I-'huiiices Kclitor, the Telegraph. The City of Alton pays the corporation counsel a salary of $4500 per year. Yet Mayor Struif employs a special attorney to handle the Brown case. It occurs to the writer that the corporation counsel should lake care of all legal matters for the city. No wonder Alton is financially embarrassed. DAP speed 7—T.N. A. Al the instant a shell leaves the mouth of the gun il has reached ils maximum speed or muzzle velocity. Q. Is ice still harvested in any parts of the United Slates and stored for summer use?—W. MoM. A. Yes, in some parts of the north. The ice is stored in an icehouse, packed in sawdust. Q. How many people did it lake to produce the V-2 rockets used by Germany during World War II?—S.D. A. An army of over 12,000 persons, including 1,500 scien- (heir minds are filled, so Ihat thy .Spirit may direct the use of the new powers they are acquiring; in Christ's name. Amen. — Kirtley F. Mather Cambridge, Mass., professor of geology, Harvard University. (Copyright, ]9. r >4l tists and technicians and 8,000 special workers, was employed on this project, besides thousands of industrial workers who Jiisrle the metals, fuels, instrumenis, etc. In one great underground factory alone—the Nordhausen works—30,000 workers completed. 30 rockets daily. Kventually about 12,000 V-2s were manu- faclured. Q. When will Queen beth's son, the Duke of Cornwall, come of ago and take his seat in the House of Lords? A.R, A. The Duke of Cornwall is accepted by law as of full age at hirth, and could take his seat in the House of Lords at any time. In actual practice he waits until the royal age of 18. Q. Who is the top money winning golfer of the United States? —G. McM. A. Lek Worsham. in 1953. TOOM5RVILLE FOLKS By Fontaine Fox An- soini 1 uiuiii'M incapable' of kccpiiiK house 1 '.' No .... , Li Anowcr: No' Am reasonably normal person can Irani to keep huUSC if she wants to The- \voman who claims she "just oan'i l.-arn lo cook." or disavows all talent lor domestic dulics. is usually acting out her rosciiimeni of IK in- a woman. Probably she was lirnughi up in a family when- \vumcn were considered inferior, and she new believes in her unconscious muni (hat if she can make herself ;.|> pear different from other women. hhe will seem morr masculine and therefore more superior. Arc psvi'liialrihts t-vc-r neurotic? Din's ili-luy in liilkhiK Indicate it nieiilul cli-lee-r,' AIKWIT: No. nol unless the child is rolardoel in olhe-r aspcelx o| u-rowtli. such as \\alkiii;:. fe-cdiug l-liliself, etc-. I If. Joseph 1 ).'• Te'ieher i Your Child and His Problems) says thai il a two year, old .|o,-s I'.' 1 l.-ilk. and is oiheruise \v.-ll ile- volopod. "the lusl th.iiiijil ou.;hl lo lie about Ihe way his parents arc- Hie conference, with Indochina taken up later. Pullt-s indicated , ^ , ,-,,. c . his opening speech will deal CilStlc I ll('S SllltS, ehleflv with Kor«a and its stalled points. In Chicago it was 8 points. CHICAGO .1'—Joseph T. Meek, j ,„ numerous localities the hours pence negotiations Mil MIII><\ l-llivi' Nn Moro II Senate leaders have iheir way. thore will he no more recording of senatorial telephone conversations with government officials. Such secret lappings huve turned ft oul to he most embarrassing, So government agencies are being slrongly pressured to abandon this practice, and the lirsi 10 agree lo do so Treasury Department. is Ihe A»uiusi Triick(M> SPniNCrTKLD. III.. V -Suits totaling $0,751 for 1952 delinquent Kopuhtiean candidate for I'. S. fmnl mx , n , 0 senator from Illinois, said today ; defeat of Sen. Douglas iD-IHI would squelch Adlai Stevenson's chance's lo become President. Mook, ill .'I S; . delivery before served. ! Q. Did President. p. m are oh- (ce-cli prepared for a state convention Ihe new Philippine Ramon Magsaysay i license fees were filed Friday by ! °. f ,, \™"?... Il , l ;! )ub , li ™ lls ' (1 «' la ''«- ld Ally. Gen. Latham Castle against five truckers. ' ' « ln Stevenson could The truckers and the amounts aie: K. P. llemlricks, Morrison, SI,£•78; Hodge C. Jolmstone, Bloom- mgton, $1,009; Krekel Karch. Do- catur. $1,117; Kehrer Bros.. Barry. $1.117; and Russell Wood. Grayville, $1.502. This came to liuhl at a dosed- ' Straltou Will A.lnul bun . -. . -.fretting il or Iroaling bun a Anxwt-r: Many psychuunsls feel ihc> woulel not be so interested "!"''' S ! U !" d , oll ' y lllak ' is lliu> ssilenl. Such a m Ihe u-eaimcni of menial-illness affection and a if llicy did not have some neurotic other children. 'Cop:, iigm law. King fcaiuiuit Syndic-He. Jnc.i having conirol of the government purse si rings is in a jiower- fill position in get its way. Two loaders of I he- commit tec made I il dear they want no more "eavesrlropipng' 1 on senatorial telephoning. They are Senators Styles never survive the defeat of his favorite candidate, Douglas, in his own state." Tms, he added, would end "for all time the grandioses dreams of to winJ.,h<? .United Stales in Ihe same bungling and inept fashion ihat he governed the Stale ol Illinois " , Meek predicted he would win over Douglas because, he said "the incumbent's record is enough lo defeat him." Governor's (louferi'lire i Woor fights ai-e expected at the ' convention today over proposals to SPRINGFIELD. 111. <1> _ Gov. I i, ie lude endorsement of Sen. Me- Stratum will attend Ihe throo-day j Carthy (R-Wis) and the Bricker conference of Monday in Washington. governors opening j amendment in the Young Repub- "' jlicans' stale platform. Neither pro- lie is expected to return lo i posal has the approval of the com- Springfield Friday. take any part in World War II'.' -F.S.N. A. Yes. He joined the U. S. | Army al the beginning of the war vviih Japan and fought until the fall of Bataan. After that he fled into the hills and became a guerrilla. IS^^Ss* ^1 When was Ihe first mes- sent oul from the Navy's Q. sage new and powerful radio transmitter "Radio Jim Creek"?— R.H.H. A. The first message, in wireless code, was sent on Nov. 18. 195:5 to naval units at sea - on the surface. und"r (lie surface, and over the surface. Within six minutes Ihe I'SS Wisconsin in Japanese waters sent an acknowledgment. Radio Jim Creek is near Seattle, Wash. Q. When does a shell fired mittee which drafted the platform, from a gun reach its greatest .VENT OP THE VVEEK-THRBE (3) INSTALLMENT COLLECTORS MIT TOWN THE SAME PAY , 4-j4* £4 ' VMiHl If TU lid tM.tM.tU. lM f* I

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