The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on October 6, 1935 · Page 7
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 6, 1935
Page 7
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Up and Down heRiVGK hnWinlPiileen October Is the healing month, the time of year when whole loads of care can be Lifted from burdened shoulders in one clear, sparkling fall day and dumped m the middle of some remote cornfield. The only thing needed to fill the prescription are a shotgun, preferably one that rises effortlessly to the hollow of a shoulder, and a pocketful of shells. October is the pheasant hunting month, when it makes no differ ence whether skies are blue or cloudy, whether breezes are mild or chilly. It is the time of year when city dwellers with stiff . muscles and uncertain muscles Iventure Into the fields In quest t sport and invariably find it they breathe deeply of the crisp, i cold air; they stretch their stoved up muscles in a healthful tramp thru stubblefields and ravines; they scratch their hands and faces cn stubborn briers and trip over unseen roots in the tall grasses. But they love it So give us October. The red - dening leaves of the oaks along the rivers: the pale yellow of the billowing cornfields stretching Cyclones ' Lone Touchdown Comes On Recovery of Blocked Punt CARDWELL Oil These Fellows Responsible for Goplier Power. BRUISE BUT IT BADLY we LaNoue Tallies Thru Line Dohrmann Intercepts Pass to Score. FRANCIS AMONG STARS (Continued from Page 1.) 'Dohrmann intercepted in the wan - in sr moments all the breaks such las fumbles, blocked kicks, penal ties, etc - had cone to the Iowana. There was a general feeling of satisfaction in the Husker camp in view of the victory as the Iowa State same has been looked upon as a dangerous hurdle nestled as it was between the Chicago and Minnesota sramea. Also, Cardwell, came thru with only a slight bruise and no other member of the team sustained anything in the way of i. m ...... t - 1L - AU.4 It wh at ..i.ifid - tha tralrinff DUtXS WHO meana mat ium black and white of a setter dog strength will be available next quartering thru heather colored Saturday when Minnesota comes coverts; tne giisienmg new w wnorning on the leaves reflecting Cardwell Gets Loose. fthe dawn, and the pale rose After the two scoring gestures nlashed sky at sunset of a hunt - bv Iowa State had bogged down, Ing day X say, give us October Lloyd Cardwell biased another and her versatile paintbrush. niche in his personal achievement For these are the things we re - column when he had the ball tne i mHr 1ms after lesser mo - first time. Sam Francis had just menta fade, men like to bring io completed a thirty - one yard gallop i .. htintin trim. Poor to the middle of the field. Cardie i Indeed is he wno recans noxnina wa give, uw - i v.. w - k. hath net wide, cut Inside the Cyclones ',WJV lire Vfc I . . 1 . . . I Wr.SM ,.n, i ngnc ena ana ukkii sum So when the curtain is lifted on . " niner ptiwsoiii - . - . . suaH. thro weeks from today is the date - 'ZZ 'm io go out prepared to enjoy it .to.tne Husker fullest Surely, bag your limit if you can, but keep your eyes above our gun barrel once in a wmie. Take more of nature's offering than lust a few masses of 4 .enimnlpd feathers. Drink hearty. Iipals, of headier wine than was J ! kAt4lu snH v you enjoy every minute. mk ... brina .... .. blockers simply couldn't get out m front of him in time to do much good after they had sprung him thru the first line of defense but that's about all Cardwell needs. He went over standing up and so were the n.uw peopie in me stands by the time he had completed this brilliant offensive dis play. MUSKtr Lini rtoias. That first quarter was a classic la. I Q Halfback W i VlI1w?P1 ltLI I ft' 1 1 i i i i sell r 1 ImI 1 y I11 HS.B'il:iilLy ESWW4 - M sV ' j saslita umais MBSaSBBl LATE MISSOURI PASS BEATS WARRENSBURG Tigers Climax Drive to 7 - 0 Win With Scoring Flip in Fourth. COLUMBIA. Mo. LV. An eight een vard cass on the end of a last quarter touchdown march was all that saved JJon auroi s Aiussoun gridiron recovery drive SSEWtS BOX SCORE s r a x e l a e i o i o o 13 e o x s a 0 0 s e s s 1 d 0 s s Total ......33 Chtcajro ab White, cf .............. Cvhrn, e ............ 4 Ghnngrr, 3b .......... 4 Goaim. II 3 Pox, rt S RocclL M ....... S from ow. ib 4 cracking up on the second hurdle jcrowdwr, p r!!!""! Saturday as the Tigers eicea oui a 7 to 0 victory over the stubborn warrensourg leacnerw wwrBc ca:an, it Mules. !irjn?n' .: i Jack Frye. Tiger triple threat I man who came to Mixzou after a rmr. rf 4 year at Rice Institute, whipped the "J'J;. oval ten yaras IO Jtianoaca nwmc Jur, m 1 Mahley and the fleet Kansas City iaa IWWWI iJUfc jaiua ""RflOt, 9 , O tacklera for tne game a oniy score. w - 1 : n l A 1 In. 1 ....... . a . rrye pmtwi Kiui bttd for Cartcton ta MTtntH. S T 17 U r a e ess t 4 t s 1 T 1 4 s s 0 S 4 o e e e a o i o o o 0 VICTIM FOR SOONERS Oklahomans Put on Great Show of Strength in 25 - 0 Triumph. NORMAN. Okl. (UP. The University of Oklahoma football squad Saturday uncorked a powerful attack to flatten the University of New Mexico 25 to 0. A small crowcl of 7,000 saw the game. For the first time in several seasons, the Sooners showed a power house, rolling up 321 yards in scrimmage. The team showed surprising development in their second game o under the tutelage of Coach Biff Jones, former Louisiana State 4 i iiiriiiur. nuwcvn, uwiu iicih j a o New Mexico team did not provide j j the tough opposition the Sooners met a weea ago wnen tney eicea point, 1 rtroit eot oot eoos out a 3 to 0 victory over Colorado The counter came aixer irj - e, uui u uwi uw - i Lateral passes, something new Biggs. Mahley and a twenty yard L - VJhft to Oklahoma, proved effective, the aerial rrom Tye io iseiaon, ng u two but bu: rox, Ghnnr. Hrmn. I Sooners gained 61 yards on six end, took the pigskin from the Horn, run: . atoiw b: ohr - , ateral and 8Corme their first Iajba - - war.iA.ia a inirar . aarri i trm : titennnKir. lnfunn a? tsar - - , mw Missouri 4o to me oiuib io. i ,..rwam tn nrmn Rru tn nrhrtnrfr to l tnurhrfown via thia mute. Tieer Rushes Halted. &T&?tlZ Sophomores dominated the game Johnny Brown, diminutive War - ton. i. Jurg si, cntoa i roiu a. j with their excellence. Smith and ronahurcr haifhark. named tne ii "'w?tt i: :;i eutcnau. enas. ana ureeaen ana Black and Gold all afternoon U (Dmtm, caramtta. Ha - a. c.nrtoa. Corbett, backs, all sophomore, with startling runs and paaaea. His h'.'"' yHJet - J.w.h,ui J"?..?: smacked down Oklahoma's four . . i Kfiaratii nx i k nni 7 f wn i. Kitarwiii. xiiisii most effecUve stab, a sixty - eignt anj OM Canto 2 run hit. touchdowns. vard broken field aasn IO me tin 1 tnnuass. Root o na i in . mik: a. Attack rizzlea. I? ... .r:,' : W 8.k '3 " KM The vaunted New Mexico aerial "6 V"""J n ia;2. ray, Tiger quarxer. Missourvs oiiensive a t a c a , i cut found extras 4if nruttr tn hittsn bogged down completely every Crnrir pttcb tnunly with hit time it got within threatening a is - hia curv Mn t nnyuunc to tr ntwut but n iu in pruui preiiy win imjkicuiito yards gain on passes. The Sooners made 49 yards on their forward throws. No laterals were tried by the Loboes. Jack Baer, second string quar terback, gave the finest demon stration of punt returns and brok - MARQUETTE OVERCOMES WISCONSIN RY 33 id 0 1 in drfnuiv. clay If you wer. it - , MADISON. Wie. m MtrqurtU hjW ." th. hMtaM - JJ. tintveraitv'S rooioau icwn toi - - - - - - - - . irniversitv of Wisconsin s goal iT ain Saturday for the first me zr.irr. IL" - aa - a. . , i i nut ua lowsm uii w nuanci eleven gamea piaycu . r f. t klck. vcaiva aa awwaji rk w off. Two offside penalties, the be - rinnlns! of a total of fifty - five varda which the Huskere lost by this route during the contest while 1 constn in since 1904. Friday'! Scores. Th. iavr Pictured above are left overa from Bernie Bierman s 1934 Minnesota eleven and .. .u mi k tn th. .tartin lin.un rainat Nebraska here next Saturday. Julius Alfonse, Min -,. a. wiBrH iniieihi Fridav after failinir to rasa a makeup examination. He may get another chance in several weeks if hia school work improves. Ed Widseth. stellar tackle, . all mm tfh iMiffni la st etAtiein Glen SeideU captain, was the field general who quarterbacked Minnesota last year and Sheldon Beise, who Bierman says ia one of the best blockers he has ever seen, vu the non Oech played a dependable guard game and George Roscoe ia the man that many believe will take Pug Lund a place in the national apouignu tance of the Mule goal line. . . . - i wtui tu enang ox mci, mo Oniy me liger panauiB ' - ' - j hi. prfonnaiK. la tmet. tat xcpt tor left a erltmmpr ff hooe. EiEfht i th fiv - 1mm htt off him. oair on bait ahi fr romnleted out of aev - H .th.te'Jil.Tb1 en field running seen in many enteen attempts to provide 144 At"vVf.i i auiiw r)a game He consistently ripped thru var - B Qnmmarv ! hi rtwl warming up fur - j the middle Of the Lo DOCS' line. ' - I KHMiy, la prpparatton for a riir can w cv - rilnvor - triorl tnr him KpfnrA wrrfthai Miourl I nvr came. After Hrtntt aceoad tn - seven Plaers lnea Ior n,m DIor' Borstdt la... - Bourna Birj bomcr, which roppl into tha right - j he was finally brought down. Newell ...... li. ........... i ueia oieacnars, oniT one out - ninnr roi I . FlBltl I as far K.M That ui Hfrmin Allen ....,. c Betty j who doubled at to atart of the atath and j passes and scrimmage, the Ok la Server rf fJZ ' ? "ri.' i? uV, "m team ran up the massive to - Tearda .......rt fuir I LjndatroBH foul near ngm - ttaid boa j . ,.. Van Horn .........ra. .... . inmumn aaata. i uu vfc wo. uco ijuu Jhnaoo "r; m?Ly.iwo Z!S??? .r.:" I!, V, showed some of the neatest pass - strange ......... .Ih. ... c,tnt ond baa. Cavarratta ainfied and Juricea j . . , , ' Brown ". rh D. Johnaon walked, with en out tn th ftfUt but J ing Of the game. Oklahoma WaS) Hammer jiouu rmM iaan an never in danger. The lineups Minnesota's Scouts Learn Little About Husker Formations at Ames LOCAL RKiM SCHOOL. Jaekaaa . rail Ctty ( attwdrat ?. Bethant " Tet - Mtnafw 4. i Uege ktW S, MebMM 1, Haveawb S. OTHKB MIOH aTHOOLa. fraad latand 14. HaattMC IS. riiMW riti S. Wmre IS. - rtb rtatte 14. Hrarae IS. ! S. rUtir HiM a. lrai 1. itiinntm a. AmnahM 11, Siaw It r ff. ()mtta Terh It. Onaaha rth S. Iitaactoa 9. Mlnden t - rm frrp a. IMrti S. lAarel IS, Vtayn a. . a. Krtt a. Matwwd 41. artrad S. t.rrtna 7. MrrlH a. rlulk 14. AHMM S. rew a. ttterttoa m. ljtarHI IS. Hayn alley t. rtatloaMlth IS. IWatar . Ly - ata a. ... auwtrww I a, Crr a. Imp t My 14. AfKdry S. y airtoury $1, ille f. Lkk.i 1 - A4iama a. f4ntM rrea tO, 1 IMWM Jftl Hynww IS, raw MMrnett la. hlHH a. . tatrlMry SI, f - Mvttle, 1U., f. AUiawe St. irdM S, ,rrte 1, Ifarrttt a. Mnram a. Kimball S. (Meeting, !.. t. Mtdney, KeS. S. BrMcvpsrt S4. Lrmaa 14. wwttMat 14, Bayard Haltmt m, Mtntwra a. tutuHUtm a A. O. TiMMM, Bearwry t. Mfrrw 1. Bed t ld . liattl Creek. 1, TIM . Htair t. Om aha aiardral S, lortland tT, ttdeB 14. 4rd 19. H. faat a. lay THy t4, AMdey . ftraaktui I?, Ami HUuattll if, Otfard S. 4auar II, Brady It. Imperial 1. Nrt4 S. - rwilertan S. fwUt . 4tiaai 14. Beamey raatrve IS. fender td, fcaneraoo tairttrld IS, Bach S. Atttane St. Ger4ta a. aterttMc, (at, td. Sidney a. HrMt(.Mr1 JM. Lyman 14. Mattafttatf It, Bayard S. atattaa S, Mwatara S. STATE t Ol - LEGE. Bearwee td, Weateynn IS. Httinii 11. Banana Waaleyna 1. lone 4. IHmm 1. Heneaw yantara td, MrTawIt yantar S, Cnardui t. ikrkrtM Central . Fert Oadce, la. i arH 4leg it. IHuik l. May d. ttreeary Mala U, Caadrna) t, COLLSUiB. Meerte Rarrev S. MaranaU IS. Ann Otrardeaa Ma. Tanrnara t, en IU.i tenehee a. KnlM 1M. Teatenera t Bana 14, HuMWi d. tirtmtett it. AnkaM Tawhea , MMktl tmrheea t. C aeMi - .Sma SS, MtBtna aalteg d. faneaaee jnfce td, l(a Teacnera 1 eiae II. Brtnrt raaVa a. BtmncnaMi - aHattoreti id, liiwta td, MemIHa , Mnthyto A. A at. a, WWatrta S. twiaun NmwU S. Teaaa taealeya a. Tea a. m. yjlaard 1 ., v, NardinMmanaao ft. Mawnrd faywa 9. TNMr tei. Mat Manama !. Ada. UU. enara IS. BactNM d, Mrfkeeaon 14, BirnavtMe 1. at. ! ST. Bmnm nIHnte trMMwtile, Bla.l t, M eaa y Quarterback Bauer Uses Nq More Than Seven or Eight Plays. AMES, Ia. Chief Bauer and Johnny Williams were the only two Cornhuskers who played the full sixty minutes. i'lH.M.da nAAiita tardksit KAtni a, . llllZlSCSUVa PtVUUP VVB UI tne cycionea aioni nv . P m.4tH wrv - Hditional informa - X'zx pas - 1 . j . Mi4 imUc. For two atraight saturaays ise - Donald nailed Neal for no gain. Zv:ZTl"7ZZ: iuZZ Johnny William., and Bernie .,rZm. w.. - jr I . . . i - inai loere arc auu wuw edges to polish. He was pleased with the two great goal line stands hut called attention to the number of scoring opportunities WMthin a few moments a fumbled which the Cornhuskers did not punt gave the lowana the bail on cabl He said: "We won t have the Nebraska 13 ana uornnuaKcr M ; a JS A aVlmnwaa . WaW xouowera nau w ub wv ( nw .1... k. bmm1i anl for a three yard loss and thus end ed the first threat, uniy live minutes of the game had gone. Cyclones, Try Again. a a j, a 9 ... . A. so many opoprtumuea against some of the teams we play and we'll have to take advantage cf every one of them. I hope we quit fumbling and fouling. The Cornhuskers were to arrive home at 1 a. m. hut many of them planned to stay in the sleeping cars all night Ames Pass Nullified. Iowa State's one completed pass was called back because the thrower was not five yards back of the line of scrimmage. The play of both Iowa State guards Impressed the Huskers, Coundiff being especially effective. Paul Morrison, Johnny Williams and Elmer Dohrmann were among the many Huakera who stood out, If all the yards the Huskers lost on penalties, meaning long runs that were nullified plus tne actual penalty assessments were added it would run wea into tnree iigtires. PURDUE IK PURPLE V Score by quarter v.Mutuit ............... e 0 e aliaaourt 0 T Mtaaeurl scoring - Touchdown. Mahlay fnaaa from Fry; Point attar toacbdown, Frya (psacekkek . 0 IN BIG TEN OPENER Tom McGannon Runs Yards for Lone Boiler maker Touchdown. EVAXSTON, 10. CB. Purdue s mind tax and otneli htttloc than th sev enth, whan Chuck Klein waa sent up to hit for Caletro with two out and Jurge on baa aa th result of a anas, Klein was tossed out fey Crowd?. TH final flurry, hi th atnth. waa ae ceasfully weathered fey th general, with charactertsue eootaasa, Hartnett imea out to start the ninth hut Demare punched a einal to right and Cavarrvtta siapoed a has h t to left. Both hit tn nrai nan but Crowder aaw that Had took no such liberties. The count was on strtka and two halls when Hack topped the next pitch for a roller that Billy Rogw wlekijr aeoppad ap and turned into a douci ptay. riayera Well Behaved. 1. akaM. mmvmmt arttl, rrMM'l free. in the first game. Ifor - all la which Umpire Monarty ejected rhmn Miri tnnie'nr mai wnue I Manaaer Grimm, captain encitsa ana . . . . o - i. ha Tutk atatnback. subatitut Chicago ut - na niannea io avavri ouu " i r.i b.i... wh. mifrht switch to Schoolboy Rowe, j aaturd'ay s gams was comparatively calm .... . I ifim wkk ml out at . Oklahoma Smfth ..... Brown LtttV Conkrigbt . Ahrena .... Wheeler New Mexico 1 Howyr .If..... Waikar ......c. Hakar rg Bartrrtifcjt ......... ..rt .......... . Tvdtnva DETROIT HURLER YIELDS BUT FIVE HITS, 1 A HOMER (Continued from Page 5 - A.) 52 the Cuba ace and abut - out victor laiekovsky re... Murpkr Corbet t .......... .... . ...... Fiua Htiddiestoa ....... .lh. Branntis Francis rh, ...... Dwnnel At Corrotto innelit Oklahoma , S T IS ft 25 New Mexico 0 0 0 0 U Tourhflowiis: Smith. Cutchil!, Breedetu Corbet t. ,. - Points after touchdown: Breedea. sa u a v i I , - m ill. 1. ua viuv aw t aw - v. v - t - - l ka ytanr rcrt1 riHTineVl WOrKnoiUC, . - IWameke. tliev win nave iw - the opening oatue or me TOL CH FOOT 11 ALL BEGIS THIS U EEf cavern - - - - - - ftm m n" JL2J rZT" X"Z COBference football season, WWCn - w tha fmirth and de - 1 second ba. Morlarty and Umplre - ln - mm hm finr rvintoat Tllaved I I Chief Btark. werklnc behind th plat. crv t,w - - - I Mining A - ama , t eiosMt .ss aajk tM Mite Seventeen Ti'ams Ente vnm eiA4ss wiwb a - .w s" i - If ill Ttco Leagues Com pete, Jimmy Lewis and his recreation department helpers will start off the touch football season either on Monday or Tuesday at Muny. Nine teams have entered the City league . A.. tli...l. AMkaejft aava am Ajv SB W right .nd for twilv. nd that "Cyckn 1&. J"? TS wi forDVTc"d.4 thru ..ft Uckl. of .ight HiataiiMi hur ImM trii eemer i twice and netted half a yard. WU Francis placekicked the extra llama and Henrv Bauer smeared nolnt. it being the sixth consecutive Tommy Neal for a two yard toss point after touchdown which the and Poole'a fake placekick, from Huskera had compiled, counting which he attempted a pass which the four against Chicago last week, waa Incomplete, ended the threat. Ralph EMrtdge aaw a 35 - yard Tha throw went cast the end aone run nullified by a penalty and then where it wouldn't have counted came Tackle Camp booming thru vvn if a Cvclone back could have the Husker line to block Francis' nabbed it. The Cornhusker defense punt Gustine, an end. snagged it had let itself in for a very severe and ran unmoleeted the nine yarde testing but Indicated that tn the he needed for touchdown. That clutchea it has the stuff. made it 14 - 7 when Allender con A few momenta after this came verted and what a comfort that the combined runs of Francis and second Husker touchdown turned cardwell which between them out to be ntted 12 varda and the only With four minutes left, the touchdown either team, could Huskers, led by a 16 - yard run of rather in the first half. Chief Bauer'a, began knocking at Jerry LaNoue. one of the ahin - the door again but Iowa State put ing lights of the afternoon, man - on the brakes and took the ball on ad tA ?et ta the 1 - vard line late its own 11. in the first quarter but a holding Standing tn hia own end tone, rwnaitv nullified this chance. It Tommy Neal tried a desperate pass tn annear ilka a a - rand same 1 which was batted by a Husker OLF auau ius inov vvmvu. r"" - i same. under artificial ? ngming in me fourth game Saturday, wit - Ua aome time be for th Cuba wbaidad hi.Anf nf thai Rle Tn. Purdue S I m vitt.. I or the crowd etonoed bootnk. Morlarty Iw inessed DV anotner inai - mu . ,, . oi km as soon as h margin came eany m mm aa 9!MV fan that waa the M nn th field and th spectators off ond period on a 52 yard touchdown 1 r , thm MPritta mnd sent the i . hr h waa workiag. ' rod wL - - r Ahout biggest Of the "J?. th arbiter at vry chanaa. . ' uaau j total gate receipts over mo No diectplm was handed out, nowever, . i ht Ruild'ne loon. Ejq - 30,000 specUtora shivered thru k deveioned another bitter r comnsuiatanw Landi. as a rutt of ana m ine ua - t ('wp. "i thl UKMiiT 000 markt, "f'fPfr.f w .1 rnaay s fraw atwen Morlarty and the try lists must be in by Monday. t L vorthweatem battle of the "breaks but was Cuh AU th Brtnipa wer back th in grade. Junior or high Pwtm - .Northwestern mapkA, H no - .riou, renewal Of flsld. Th comfl...ooer. after getting fui o "V IlJ i. Reed la jrierweraon i - .wui. r,V - I reports from all eoncemeo, maicnreo b mnwi is cugu re Burmelster t Chambers me nOnXilluea in .T "w1 tM th nd of tna series to m tne uniVcrsity that are BOt CO ! Tftf.d became embroiled with Umpire .k. ai.ioa or adauaisiar d - eipuaa, if some sport may play. fyraCe...:::::::::rg ::":r.::V.V..lu3 George Moriarty Frtday. ti i K Buildine circuit, the pla ua Dneaall B . - M a a. I SM1T Vt1Tt1BUl .. I " - "liilEv rSZS&rSr&tr ALABAMA BOUNCES BACK Sj - fiS fifSfpSSSJ.' v.v.:v." 0l? "d .Tu" IN CONVINCING VICTORY n. F.yyipa;iic.piu .t .uuvau i ' - - - 1 . I. . Drake Brora fey period rurdu of frustration, what with so many ecorinr oonortunitiea on bo in sides going to seed. Huskers Rushing Stopped. linesman. Elmer Dohrmann ran around under it like a catcher un der a fly ball, catching it and run ning the five yards to the last nif hrlrtmn ft annjred Lona? Kl in the second quarter, Coundiff J m. M..U Kwa iavd down tuv. rtght guard and one of the beat Umt he caught the ball and playera tn that poeition that the oval would have been over the Huskera have been up against in lBJI(t - trine when he fell. some lUDS, uiwrrvcpvcu m nusnci pass, but Sam Francis retaliated bv nipping a cyclone tup ana another drive was started by the Cornhuskers that ended on the ,t. .it. They send that golf ball around the Country club course in 28 min utes in the speed bail aeroy, feature of the iron derby program Saturday. The bau waa driven from foursome to foursome in something of a time record at tempt The card waa 38 - 4 z Dr. H. M. Tysdal holding out on the eighteenth. A. C Lau and H. J. Grainger tied for the derby, with nets of 77. Lau's gross waa 85 and Grainger 99. Herb Deurmyer took a up lead over Bob Latseh at the end of eighteen holes in their match for the Country club championship. The final 18 will be played Sun day. DISCOVERY CAPTURES HAWTHORNE GOLD CUP CHICAGO. Alfred O. Van - derbilt s big four year Discovery galloped to an easy victory Satur day in the seventh running of the $15,000 added Hawthorne gold cup, leading L. E, Komouris' top dog to the wire by three lengths in 2:04 2 - 5 for the mile and a quarter. Spanish Babe and Panaiong, the only other starters, finished third and fourth. la la Ire. H ., Trarhrra learners a. Been d. Maaketa Tanes - ! IT, I rau S, Bwrka - a td. TaM - wnww S, Mardl S4. Kiaflta i, rtaNttay IS. B. Ittof artfefld, MUta.l S. laarhee SI. Marajngktd . BaHb flk4a Btaki 14. P4eesw f uket . rUtlriU f. AiartgM t, (iaarvetowa , KM Virginia tkeeleyaa 1, Xavtat - S. Alfred 1, hart teaeteea tMUn I . d, M iMiam itweB t. Jmrw d. DeoMwa a, Kj4wmi Mailer t, Aaaa CarroS S, NewefeB d. Akraa td. IHM Meetheea) tl, AaMaavd S. tiki WeeJeyaa . ! It. ahtandaah a. Baltimore d. I BMHt eaUrg U. RitIMM Tea. a. Hevuaer . Mieaawrt alley is. ktUtrera g, larkia t. aaemgfMid d. TakkMiaaa, Okl. IS. Mtoei It. f,kn(Ua 1. tutearp a. Urc at Oaarks tl. iniaa a, lankMNi it. Behiay Ka. M, ntrrUag ewlleg S. f irade Mat l. enve t. im. Ptnrray t.sie t. 1 kU - ladkuas S. Kdmaetd 1 - a.hera S, OkUbuM tttf t. t, kfhetr Te k. Nertfc Temas Si. Mi war? - I. AMW t. Ada, luai.t It. - k - :r IS. tkM Winataa , MtrhMa V. f. Teaaa Tee IS. t Teaaa la, wuftm ". Aasttn S. UWm Tee . teaaaaaes Terfc a, bmi d, la Haert . ArtMM aaitpg a, Akaaaaa dtais S4. twaftea a, Tarkam 1, awaaety aaeHMta ewMVa d. 1 - vard line when the Cyclones rTra rirreVs!? " ' - PP - Husker rushing at - 11. kaaa laca. That brings our chronological review around to the second half which brought out some of the finest punting you'll see on any gridiron. The Huskers poked deep into Iowa State territory when LaNoue grabbed an Allender paas and ran 34 yards. Francis and LaNoue then jabbed thru, LaNoue shooting across the Cvclone line like a human dart, until tna hush - ere were on the 3 - ysrd line. That's aa far aa they could get and the frustration theme song waa still being sung. Shortly afterward on three consecutive plsys, Poole punted 77 yards, with the wind. Francis bumped a spiral into the teeth of the north wind 58 yards and Poole shot back a 62 yard effort. La Nous Gees Over. It was not until the fourth quarter that the point making waa re sumed. Johnny w uuama blocked a punt, Elmer Dorhmann grabbing it and running to the Iowa State Iowa Statt nuntin Scba froth id Have ptehtnicer Coundiff Ctron Pools Neai . 14. Lintp: Nebraska - Seherer Shirey .......... Wmiam lg Hutk ,.,,. .rg Heilt rt.... MrDonala ....... .r. ........... Run ...Q. ........... Be GC ih. ........ Allmder Cardwell rh 8nU Franc fo Am Sears by periods: Nebraska f S 2 low stats SSS Scoring: Tourtviowns: Cardwell. laNou. tVthrmasa. Ouatm. Try for nosnt: Francis S. A Mender 1. tPacektrksi. Buhstu - tions: B'ehraaka. LaN'ou lor Banaon. Meh - nng for Merruoa. CUia for Shirey, MrtJin - eu for Huk. EXthrroana for frDona:d Holmoera for Hedt. IXugias for WtnctM, n - hMo for Schsfer. Eidrtdge foe Card til. Kna:ua for kfomaon. Iowa State. Waits fog Ames. Mi.ser for !, Nasi for AUeadar. Oraena f Fwot. RMShnora far Fooa. Kroeger for Oistiaa, Asses for Wa;ts. Bnetl for Atlender. Jthes for Coundiff. Can - ia for . - (! froth Kansas for Catron Officii; P.eiere. Cd W. Cochrane, Kaiamatoo: I T Camth - rs, ir - awe, f;d ul. V. fgan. Crta - a.i; aaadUneamah, Sc TavUw, Wxhita. I a aViM.Mk m4 ama.ML Mtniir!ia Vvxt vmt savam t if'lta. llsw. thn - t to th. cond I .WASHOTON. UX .Bjfor. - J J aa dS Sh . a f I aVsB Wtatt PIltF IT hT SB SB SB. W SS B B U B W I MJ.MFM BUCVVaWI SB SAB BV dV W'ew - ajpw - ... i A si.. aV . Nouhweatsra o achieved victory nevertheless. The crowd tn recent capital history, " f chanired onlv at halftime. Purdue scoring r TmKMown. Moaaniton: TlgeTm might have been ahut out, Alabama drove back into the na - llAJn hv2 been erected at the point, after touchdown, C. Utll tJJo - irl M.rtr.Mfn homer, had tinnal football Olcture With B COn - bav! J5" fl - i nt. I . - ".r. - , I. on. . " v . east ana wtat. paria ui iiiw iwiu awr tne cum fivro s penwi uc.i - ruivmg e v , T . the 6 - 3 - 2 - 1 point system will be AL BARABAS STARS AS iXZZSX:Jt.5JSZ' P5""1 wntoouniv.rt,. ht ffilnut, ,u,r, COLUMBIA BEATS V.M.I. SSTaV un. A w. M "g?Z. wu .t ts ,.rtnt v r ifti'a rn.i..M,mifiitere imimf two I vy 4 jrv, . . vm. uirvrinfic witn two eames oeins: ioSiSl bJiTtlE'Kf to irffoSfht Played each night iH conjunction preview with Rose Bowl Al Eara - handle than any one of b half - f thhYliB itdfaSa of wi,th tSe.PirJ - tBVOl,ey.i. baa cast in the hero's role, beat doaen difficult drives they kept Jory over toJ?& JZfSSJl brtn e,d at th Juh fn? of th down a second half aerial chal - hold of Friday, in tne secona i l"' 'Z" - . I lie,a trnerra wauue, . CIT LEAGUE. ret Park flfoderB Clenr. Ttae B - tft&ry Havelork, L'mvenuy Place, Pan. A. Street CUaasrs. Knights ot Pyuuas Ko. 1. R. A. C. Bl'ILni0 UaOl C fowa - Kehraska Light and Power. Ma gee's. Ben Bintons. rars iMfparT ir.r.i Golds, stoart Buiidlng, uoarb's, ULomxm Tslspboa. , lenge here Saturday and defeated frame, after Crowoer naa aingiea tZLmmZZ ZvrA fiJLi - ,n4a Tn.itnt 12 tn 0.1 - nri rnn tn third on White's base i Army a touchdowns were scored - ' """.r ZZJl ZZ VoK ,t I, r. r .t hia bv Jim CralE and Jack Ryan, both wrd. I ptr BOWLING M9 Bchaarts fs i t .41? MS Galea Coal S IS .143 t tg B lndirtdaals. leiAiextadtr is 1'lTaber ...4I IS Tarior 14" halfback who - led Columbia over gloved band on but failed to hold j substitutes. Stanford to the Rose Bowl two Gehringer'a liner wnicn caromea years ago, produced both touch - 1 off for two bases and enabled the downs for the Lions ana waa me uenerai to troi nome, usua wuh leader of the aerial defense the of Clifton a long fly tn tne sixin, "flying gquadron." waa the second damaging piece of 1 1 l wcrx dv vne vaicmao ouuiw it I a nixm IAIm I rn tha other hand It waa the Orahgai U.V.U.M. ncyiaici twin winri of a hall aama the Tieers rin flrAnnn Statft 20 - 7 miaht have won by a lop - sided I ubrt oabtt vn n w rh,.rk margin. They had no iesa than PORTLAND, Ore. UP). Chuck runnra left on the baaea. wadHn Cheshire, halfback, scored twoi M w - ,,iri ria Irtagan touchdowns, one on a 77 yard run filled the baga in both ,5;:..::::: WZnn 'V";:. w from scrimmage, to five the Ul Jecond mrd ig wtth ;m .. - . . i iivn Diia sua uuvi wen w. geles a 20 to 7 win over uregon . ODe Thniout statt college here saiuroay. r toninffs he worked the Joomai Continuing the winning stride threatened Carleton. who rn.. they struck In mid season iax couidnt control hia cross - fire and year, the UCLA Bruina came iamx9iX MVen baaea on balla in ad - from behind after tne ureon axaie i lion to yielding aix hita before Beavers made an impressive start ivinir vtv to a nlnch - hitter and to hold a 7 to 6 lead at half time, J urges Ftcdsems Self. It waa aa Ironic touch that Bill Jurgea whose error on Crowder s UWCOIJg TADIia LEAcre ws a cto, V t K BLEACHER SEA1S f - UK 1 t MS U. Cieaa. S S .M . - I Xolirfi;L"5i.fia - fi Iffif - tnlietlrfi I j l . . .a aao aw m a jt aa iw" a a aw es ja,'' - ' . ; ! II a BaBansssnanaaBnannnBenBaassssaBnass i 1M HUbert 141 COMMEBCIAL UtACl'E W L Prt - S MT Postof nra S 4 sal lowa - Nca. Beaat t .5tT Sehllts K of O. 7 t Ml Conttn at! puhlte W. 1 I .adl Port a. Ua. Ivdry 1 I Ml Vsiersas Igh IndlTtdaalS. Tiaale 1M drates IM Pioca ..1M leaaa .11 Waunee lii Dal an . . ..... ht. Davidson Mingr ...... Ji t Ua eUeaiar .Ill BL'SINSSS MENS LEAGl'E. V t. 1 s s .vm s s (H d S 319 S S Its S S .SM GOPHER GAME ON SALE Five thousand bleacher seats to the Nebraska - Minnesota foot ball game will be placed on salo this week. These seats will t located at the north or south ends of the playing field and will be priced at $2, tax included. This will exhaust our ticxes supply nd when these seat have been sold the ticket win dows will be closed," Business Manager Selleck announced Sun day - .. - Sooner Statistic!. Th statistic off hew w u r - Kag - gies - Hays Statistics. Mara B. Stats Fleas downs ......... ..... 11 1 ard gataed washing. .... lit 114 Paeaea attempted ......... d IS Paaee eotnaarted ........ 1 S Paaae tatrtrnHed . ..,.., S S larda frum naang. ...... M Pwattng a erase .. ...... Sd M Ttel td ttamd ...... 49 1 Tal yaed harka retaraed. t 1 Oaw. law a Ira rea eeed .... 1 4 tarda seat kg pewaitf St 1 1q First downs earned . 4 First downs penalty ,. 0 Yards gsined rushing., 136 Ysrds lost rushing . ... 2 Passes attempted . .... 0 Passes Incomplete ..... Own pssses intercepted 0 Psssss completed 0 Ysrds gained en pssses 0 Ntt ysrds gained .....159 laterals attempted .... 1 Laterals completed ... 1 Yards gained en latersls 25 Punts , 2 Punt average . Punts returned Punts blocked by eppts. Kick offs Kick off ysrdage Kick off returned .. Bail lost en downs .... Fumbles Ball tost en fumbles . Own fumbles recovered NEBRASKA. 2q 3q 4q Ttls. 3 6 0 0 59 80 11 14 3 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 56 69 0 1 0 1 0 3 2 4 40', 40', 33 0 26 15 0 1 40 1 0 1 1 0 Penalties ,. 3 Penalty yardage , 25 Field goals attempted 0 0 0 0 0 t 1 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 39 0 4 2 0 2 13 67 2 2 3 41 0 1 2 120 19 14 1 0 0 0 1 6 0 1 0 0 0 3 25 0 16 0 314 27 4 1 3 21 341 4 4 33 11 40 41 1 3 160 46 4 2 1 1 7 55 0 IOWA STATE. 1q 2q 3q 4q Ttls, 3 0 0 0 3 10 0 1 2 57 13 4 23 7 S 1 2 16 4 113 6 4 0 0 2 6 0 111 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 62 12 2 15 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 4 4 2 12 56 36 65 29 47 15 7 0 0 22 0 0 0 1 1 10 11 3 55 0 60 50 165 0 0 0 26 26 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 oooo 0 0 0 0 0 0 simple roller let tn tne deeming cngers t mi tn depend. in mil rtff at laaat two TlEer I htioass. t lOrgad O, ..... rational I tallica when he leaped high in the j 2 J second InninE to spear Clifton a si org f f smoking liner with hia gloved band and toss to Billjr ffenaaa for a Sauhia stay. Th Bengals bad filled th bases, with boas sat. tut Mama na hopped to Hsrmaa and Clifton, hi a spot to make himself a hero, was robhed of what looked Eka aa aatra has hit. . Tna Tigara tenspad fifht Back aa the haaea ta th third and agata Car eton, al teraatel art id and sffecire, was hard eeaaad m l artth aothtng as dans. I 2." VZ!.JriLe .iT.! rZiZ I V B Ea cut down on Demaree s throw ta second has as Crowder raa ta third. It was poor strategy hy th Tigara. wltB aoaa nut. Corhrana walked and Crowd aaas Boms when OehriKger Isoer got aay from Uad - etrcm. Gosiia was nurposaiy pasted to fill th eases. Corkrana was forced at th ate oa Fox s groundar to Cavarratta and U'gil fanned. The Tgr threatened fa th fourth, when Cronder and Whtts walked, with two out, but Cochrane iang fir fU lnu Psvare g hands, nehringer stngied and stot aeoond. ta th svnth, hut Canetoa ttgbtanad up axam and retired th s'.ds ia hi final p m ranee. Corhrane .S!d and want to seoond on Oeannger s aacnfie at th start of th amth, with Root pitching. nit Oos - Ma waa aurpaawtr waJkad and tha aaa twa hataen wer ammit retirad. Asker Vtaraae l . ifeaawhil th old Oeneral was awrtng akwg, eereue and arikMM, Jansmg at tar intervals tn his control of a nttt that didn't ta nave mm m m Sw atea vm Ml Booth Mil Wolfs fM La lor 53 Towt - Kh. t 4 U4 Ptsndi 0 lgh lndlrldaala HJ Mayfield ...IM W 417 417 ?51 ,131 .114 Dattoa Peglsr Mitlvell . is atssina ......... Wslters :t tCoaaek ...1J BllsB . 144 Ohgtr .......... .141 BOOST! B LEAGt'E. w l Pt w t Pet 10 3 Sl Clip Ctih t Ail 19 1 4:1 Stats Tlr I f 417 g 4 47 Ben tUhtoa ft t .47 t .ft"! Id S 1 D. and H. T ft Ml OShaK. S 14 .147 Claris d 444DmaanA I S 147 Ml IttdtTtdCS'S. Outtaa 11 fcta?fi.d Ifft Pinieir 1"0 Stone 17 Leas ...........147 Locoea - 14 Sim .. ....Iftl Cordell ......... .17 Koasek ,,..,.....147 MttrheU .,.179 Peg.ef ,. 141 Bsaaaf ITS nor., oki. apt the nam hetaFrea ua Mesieo foMow; Ural dwa , Ida. gator d frarn arrimmage,. . aril firs downs Ids. gained fraen scrinwga. m Varward naaaea .............. 14 Varwarda ewtnoleted .....,.,. 4 Ida. gaHted frwarfls. ...... lateral tataae ..,.,,., a Id, gained aa laterals. ....... SI Paaaea katrcptea aawhiea ........,..,.... Petaalttea a Id, last an gaatattie Pawts m Ag. yard nee owns " t as . 14 t S ie i. 1 e. e l s d sa id 41 S Winter Ahead WESTIXGH0USK 414. metal rraa badio ' ' Neaa Better fdada CRANCER'S y ISIS O S tread I svmt A B1 AVE THOSE Beaey Casts i leaned aa4 Bd - EaHai a Men's Overeostt ...$1J!5 Lsdies Winter Coats ....... .95e UP CAIL tn sa. ins 1 WW ... JL t mmm -

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