Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 24, 1954 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, April 24, 1954
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH GAAC Group! Hears Price * Atomic Weapons t)i?cm serf by Phone Call Testimony SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 1954 "Our possession of atomic weapons-has been the greatest determent in preventing the provocation of HIP third world war by the • -Russians." declared Congressman Melvin Prlrp. as hp addressed the •members of thp nalional and state • affairs committpp of the Greater • Alton Association of Commrrcr. Ben C. Vine, chairman, presided, with 23 members present at Hole • Stratford. He also pointed to the tremen • dous value of the atomic program • irt peacetime, describing science's exploration of its uses hoth in the health and agricultural fields. Price said it was mandatory for an god Americans, regardless ol political party, to show a united front to the world in supporting American foreign policy after it has been determined by the proper authorities. Tlowever, he upheld the right of each party to disagree until a common ground could be found upon which a policy could be based that would be for the best interest of all Americans. He suggested that knowledge gained in the development of the atomtc bomb would not be lost since the development and ex plosion of a successful hydrogen bomb. Instead the atomic energy could be used to develop energy for commercial use, as well as for defense purposes in small arms. Price said: "Discussions as to what was to be done with the atomic knowledge was the thing that caused the delay In getting the hydrogen bomb program under , .way. It was felt that perhaps the need was not great enough at that moment to justify the development i.;ot the hydrogen program nnd to "ihake this determination and sub- U with facts took quite some time. Time has proven the soundness of the decision. Espc- dally since the hydrogen bomb can be produced and delivered to the target easier and at a cheaper cost In proportion to its hitting power." Hartford BYF Feted Friday HARTFORD Members of • the senior BYF of the First Baptist Church were feted Friday at the home of their newly nn- " ( pointed sponsor, Floyd Carlton • of East Hawthorne St. i During the business session presided over by the president, Miss Betty Carlton, the members ' were divided into two groups io ' compete in an attendance re' crulting contest 'to diterfhme!' : which group can ontniri ' : fhe ; largest •number of new mem- '• bers to .attend the fellowship ; meetings. • The winners of t h e contest •, will be treated to a party by the 1 losers, Miss Janice Kay Mosley will lead one group. Opposition : will be led by Douglas Sparks. ; Scavenger hunts provided entertainment . during t h e social hour. The winning team consisting of Donna Luebbert, Slvlby Daniels an^ Betty Cnrlton ' brought in 35 items. Roxana Cubs See Oil Films Tuesday JROXAVA.— At a monthly meet: ing of Cub Scout Pack 25 Tuesday evening in the Community building, two films donated by Shell Oil Co., were shown and the Sinclair refinery gave 1he pack a miniature filling station and pencils. The theme of the month was "The Story of Oil." The new den mothers were welcomed and the mothers are Mrs. Milford Sitze nnd Mrs. Percy Barton. Cubmaster Edward PJotner conducted the meeting and presented awards to Danny Friederich, Charles and Ronald Everett and Eddie Plotner. Refreshments were served. Bidault Given Carte Blanche JN'o String* nrr Hi.« Visit To ( Cooler Sunday TALKS AftOlJT PHONE CAU,S—Secretary of the Army Robert Steven* Is shown annnR din testimony yentenlay at Senate InveMlRatlns Subcommittee hearings of hi* dispute with Sen. Joseph McCarthy (Il-Wis). Steven* told of R phonn call from the Senator, which uas monitored and which was the cause of a lengthy Ipgal argument yesterday afternoon. The, committee voted to subpoena all records —_*___ Vmg P rmcl P als m lnn dispute AP Wlrephoto. Wood River C of C To Help Solve Laborer's D i s p u t c tun 9 !. WOOD niVKR River Township - The Wood Chamber ol Commerce has enlerrd the pic- lure in the labor dispute here in an effort to end the stuleniiile which has developed between the Wood River Laborers' I/icnl nnd the Construction Employers' Council. Russell Hell, executive secretory, snid the chamber's executive committee met with rep- rosenlntives of Ihn Union nnd the CKC Frirl/iy Io determine wlml progress tins been nififle In the nej?ol let Ions to rlnfc. The union has been on strike since March 9. Rell said thfi executive com- mitlee will recommend Io Ihe hoard of directors that, n committee of chamber members be appointed to study the mailer further and n.ake recommendations to the' chamber as to a possible solution of Ihe dispute. The action of (he executive committee WHS authorized by the board Thursday night nt n special meeting called Io discuss whnt the chamber could do to effect a settlement of the slrlkn. Information compiled by the board from the contractors and industry showed Ihe strike is costing $50,000-$60,000 a week in lost payrolls, and holding up an estimated $:)0,000,00(l in work on schools, homes and in industry, Bell said. MeriweatJier IMckard'a Bo<]y Crania ted The body of Meriweather Piuk- ard, 12-ycnr-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fnmk Pickard, who (lied ust Miirch, at Brussels, Hel- jium, has been cremated arid he ashes flown In Albuquerque, N.M., where they will remain inlil Ihe Pickards return |o Ihe United Slales when they will be nlerred >it Socorro, N. M., the ormer home of Mrs. Pickard. U. of I. Band (Continued From |'HI;»< 1.) from the baton, he was pulled out of 1h<« glass plant here nnd thrust back into band work. The high school band quickly developed a new morale under liim, and before long H permanent system of inslruction among junior highs and Ihe elementary grades replaced a hit or miss program bused largely upon volunteer effort of directors who happened to lie in the right place to do the job. linker's fool bull bunds imd concert bands at the high school soon gut to be the talk of the area- with the except inn of Collinsville'.s. Before he nuul series Alton Women Solicit Cancel' Funds Sunday ' * Theft Hut ( Of Identical Car* „„ „ , ., 0.1 1,0 e tloor-lo.«H,r crusade, dis- 11 left, be snw an an- of music festivals demonstrating work done in all departments, bond, orchestral, and choral— sprout into beiiiK- CLU Official Says Several Unemployed In Area Denied UnemploymcntCompensation WOOD RIVER — Complaints about unemployment compensation policies at the Slate Unemployment Office in Alton were discussed during a regular meeting of the Central Labor Union Thursday night. Bob Lovell, CLU secretary, said some unemployed persons in the area have been denied and Riving everyone nn opportunity Io participate in Ibe annual Crusade Against Cancer by personal conlribulion. Mrs. Charles R. Wallers, city chairman. Women's Division, nald: "1 believe every prospective contributor to Ihe American Society's 1!I:V| fund-raisins crusade should know how the cancer dollar will be" "Sixty per cent of Ihe crusade funds stale, relnined in the I be clevoled to pipefitters, teamster & chauffeurs, carpenters' district council—were apparently ruled Ineligible for jobless pay because the situation resulted from a labor dispute. Snelson suid the determiimlion oi eligibility tor jobless pay is the TraiTeV'c'ouTt,'BelliaHo! at- made individually. He added Unit I tended slate and lociil programs of enn- eer control --by cnneer control is meiinl. research and cduae.tion. Twenty-five per cent will be np- porlloned for research grunts to assist SOUK- <)00 ciuicer Investigators in 100 selected institutions. The remaining 15 per cent will be nllocnled to Ibe Society's National Program. The Crusaders, Sunday afternoon, will call between 1:30 and To Play Monday At Rotary Banquet WOOD RIVER - The newly formed popular orchestra nt the Community High School will piny its first oul-ol-school dale nt the 251 h anniversary banquet of the Rotnry Club Monday night at Lewis-Clark cafeteria. The orchestra, culled the "Woodciils," includ t . s members of Ibe school band, \\lio formed a smaller group to piny popular music. The orchestra will |,e under the direction of C. L. Hughes, band director. In addition Io playing tit school flint-lions, Ihe orchestra is also scheduled to perform during the band's concert lour of Southeast Missouri May 7-9. Members of Iho orcheslrii fire: saxiiphones, Gordon Schreie.r, Dick Stacy, Eleanor Lisciiuidra, Judy Blucklock, Frank Smith; trumpets. Don Smith, Billy Mnlliis. Lurry Ncemnn, Leroy Hargis; trombones, Denny Davis. Jim Mnyiwrd. Wnrron Meyers, Mike Kane, Dick 1 lew- ill; hn.s.s, Gerald Siltwood; piiuio, Stimdfoi'd Lindquisl; drums, Lloyd Hcntclcy. I'KO Meeting Monthly WOOD RIVER--FC chapter of Iho PKO will meet Monday at the home of Mrs. A. L. Kit/.miller, l(il Knlon Ave. Luncheon will be HI 12:30. Mrs. W. I. Jolley will be assistant hostess. AltciitU Auxiliary Meet WOOD IUVER-M'I-S. F. w. Soliday has returned from Christopher, III., whore she attended n meeting of the American Legion Auxiliary. Attend* IHMA C'tmehtve. WOOD RIVER ~ Miss Sally Heel man of 8M Wood River Ave. attended the sixth annual convention of Ihe Illinois Mobile Home Association which convened tit (he Congress Hotel, Chicago, April 19 through 21.' Miss Beelnnm. proprietor of giecii color were parked Friday evening in the 500-block of Belle St. Mul the most unusual dr-biil nf their similarity, police Inter learn- cd, WMS Ib;il Ihe same ignition key would fit both cars. And so it cnme nboul that nfler n report of "Auto Theft" id I a.m., police added an amend- Ihe heading rend: "Not a Theft." (.'/ilme Woodson of ild.'i U'. Ninlh SI. had reported Hint his sediin parked near .000 Belle SI. was missing, and evidently stolen. Police slarled n search for il. Bui two hours laler, n pnlrolman chanced to notice that n green car answering Ihe description of that of Woodson wns pnrked nt the same Belle St. location. The license number wns referred to the Police desk, nnd Ihe pnrked cur found to be that of M. Irvin of 210 W Seven!li Si. In the check up with Woodson at Ihe siime time, it was discovered Hint Woodson's key would fit the lock In Ihn Irvin vehicle. Police quickly concluded Wood- mil's nuto hnd been taken by Ir- vln by mistake. And that wns found true. When policemen drove Io Irvln's nddross, there wns Woodson's sednn, parked nearby. Irvin wns aroused, drove the Woodson cur back to SOO Relic St. 'Ihere the two cars were swapped between the two motorists so each hnd his own vehicle. PARIS /P -The French Cabinet gavp Foreign Minister rjeor- pes Bldault n free hand to negotiate for Franre a! the Geneva Conference opening Monday. Bidaulf hnd demanded thaf fhe Cabinet let him go to Ihe Asian parley with no strings attached. By giving him a rai-te blanche j on handling negotiations on Indo-i china nnd Korea, the Cabinet ! 1 headed off what might have IT- j I Milled in a collapse of Premier Joseph Lanirl's government. The threat of n Cabinet collapse stemmed from opposition raised hy the four f)e Gmillist members against the policies of Bidault and Premier Joseph Lanirl on the handling of Indochina problems. The foreign minisler still cannot dicker willy-nilly with Red China Soviet Ru.ssia and the oilier conference participants, but will operate freely within policy lirms on Indochina as outlined by Premier l.anlr-1 March 7 before the Nalional Assembly. Thnl statement WHS largely drawn up by Midault himself. The Assembly approved it. I.aniel has declared in addresses Looking as much alike as Mike I to the assembly that France will find Ike, (wo green aulo.nobiles of, miss no opportunity reach a peace- the same mnke. year model, nnd j f,,l settlement in Indochina so long as the security nnd independence of the three Indochinese slates associated with France in the French union nre not endangered. He. has said that a cense fire Is possible, bui specified that Cnm- bodin nnd Laos miisl be evacuated entirely by the Vielminh regular and guerilla forces. Court Asks (Continued l<>ntn Page 1.) tact until Armbrusler's challenge came Io light in his motion for dismissal of the quo wnrrnnto petition. Allon Cily Counsel Patrick O'Neill WHS permilteri to argue in behalf of his petition to in- Icrvene in the case on hehnlf of Mayor Leo Struif and aldermen of Allon, subject; Io Armbruster's objections nnd refusal of the attorney general and stale's attorney to institute quo wnrrnnlo proceedings as had been sought unsuccessfully by Osborne. Judge Spivey gave no indication when he expected to pass upon Oshorne's petition in quo warninlo, leaving his decision open until written briefs are filed and considered by Hie court. O'Neill's pelition Io inlervene in Ihe case was filed Friday. Hertford Church Services Listed HARTFORD.-Sunday services «l Ihe Assembly of God Church will begin with Sunday school at 10 n.m. Worship ,,t 11 a.m. with the. Rev. Willis Meyers as speaker, and evening services U* Ttmptrtftgr** and Awii •f Prttipitofidfl Enptcttd T*ni$h» IJO AM KT April 14 W4 lain High* and Uwi in „ miREAU FORECAST— Occasional ra{n is forecast for tonight , OP ilic Middle Atlantic states and scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected for the central Lakes area, Ohio and Tennessee valleys, central Plains and Central and southern Rockies. Temperatures will remain cool over the Northeast and will become a little cooleV In the central Plains while mild weather continues in the — AP Wircphoto Map. Victory for V. S. Japanese Solons Defeat Vote Of No Confidence in Yoshida B.v JIM HICCKKIl I TOKYO /I'—The Japanese House i nt Representatives late today defeated a no-confidence vole against the pro-American administration of Prime Minisler Shigeru Yoshida in n stormy debate climaxing the nation's greatest post-war political crisis. The victory came when the House defeated by a 228-208 vote a no-confidence motion based mainly on domestic issues. The virtually unprecedented victory marked the first time in the 75-year modern political history of Japan that a prime minister had fought and won against violent opposition, scandal and the almost- solid opposition of the press. The decision came afler more than a score of Progressives—Japan's second Conservative party- walked out of the House to give Yoshida's Liberal (conservative) parly a majority. The action followed a night and Plan New Church At Carlinville CARLINVILLE -The proposed sketch for a new First Methodist Church building on the James Anderson property facing East Second South and Mayor Sts.. will be shown to the congrega- lion of the church for the first time Sunday morning at the worship hour, according to Ihe minister, the Rev. L. J. Sailor. Robert Davenport will speak briefly on the architects' plans. Several others will explain details afterward as the sketches are displayed. An option has been taken on the- property which is a plot of four acres affording a recreation center, ample parking space and Hartford WCTU Meets Friday HARTFORD — During the regular monthly meeting of the llmtford unit of the Woman's Chri.slimi Temperance Union held Friday nl the home ol Mr, anil Mrs. Joe Snnner, members voted to puivhflse material to make lap robes and sunshine hags to lie given Io the veterans al Scolt Air Force Base. Miss Helen Peterson, president, presided during Ihe business session. A report was given by Mrs. James Wright who attended the Madison County spring institute meoli.i); hold recently in Granite City. Mrs. Wright has boon appointed Io serve on the nominating committee to nominate county officers for 19!Vl-r>5. The program chairman, Mrs, Joe Sannor, presented the lesson entitled "With Christ Wo Advance With Total Abstinence." Mrs. Borlhn Dodson read a poem, Mrs. Edward Cockrol. vocal soloist, sang "IVhen Jesus Comes," The devotional lesson WHS road from the 15th chapter of First Corinthians by Mrs. Belle Fitu- hugh. Refreshments were served by the hostess at the close ol the meeting. . , , -i master plan which may be a day of feverish behind-the-scenes achieved in stages. The plan will be al 7:31). Christ Ambassadors will meet at 7::',0 p.m. negotiations by the wily old premier. Shipping scandals touched off the government crisis last January when disclosures linked Liberal party, and some Progressive, leaders to wealthy shipbuilders who were getting subsidies to restore J a p a n's war-battered merchant marine. There have been more than 100 arrests, confessions and indictments in the case so far, with most ot Hie evidence pointing to large docs not call for the removing of any of the wooded landscaping which is included on the property at the rear. This wooded area includes a Ginko tree brought back here from Asia sometime ago, and many other beautiful trees. The architects are P. John 1 loner and Associates of St. Louis, Mo., noted church archi- The crisis came to u head this ; \\rck when the procurator general Project Finished in 1 ¥2 Years all have the right to appeal (he benefits which the CLU believes I decision to the state director of they are entitled to, and checks ! labor. A fun her appeal would be. have been delayed in some instances. At the Unemployment Compensation office in the Ellgen Bldg,, Arthur Snelson, deputy in charge, wa» queried today by the Telegraph. He said he- wasn't sure what the union's complaint involved, but that it might refer to "those who were determined Ineligible because of the labor dispute in the Wood River area." Woo4 RJVer laborers' local is on strike. Three other unions have filed an appeal with Roy F. Cummins, state director of labor, from a ruling by the Unemployment Compensation division office. Men of tbj three union* - to the courts. Lovfll said unemployment In the area was higher than it has been for several years, and therefore the CLU considers Ihe matter of unemployment benefits important. He asked to be informed of further difficulties, and said the CLU would protest circumstances the state il warrant it. Arvel Pickering, Sinclair Re- and president of '•makers Local 48:5, was elected treasurer to fill the vacancy k-ft by the death ol George Graham, A film on detecting and curing cancer of Hie lung was shown by representatives of the Madison County Cancer Society. Mailisim 1MMA. At the as a representative of tin- newly organized St. Clair- Counly chapter of regular election . of governors al the convention Harry Clanuhmi of the Claiia- hari Trailer Park on U. S. Highway 50, Lebanon, was elected governor for the newly organ- contention local chapter. Highlighting the was discussion and clarification of the new s'ute sanitation laws that concern trailer courts. • *u.v K't.vpltuii* Huiubt CAIRO, Egypt 8> —A British military spokesman today awused Egyptians ol using homemade bombs to commit a string oi sabotage explosions in British installations in the Suez Canal zoi^.'.He said these had caused slight. damage, but no casualties. - Robert DeC rand Returns Home From St. Joe's Robert DeGrand, secretary-treasurer of the Helh-ung Construction Co., has returned to his homo, 9-K McKinley Blvd., following treatment in St. Joseph's Hospital for an Infection of his right hand. WOOD RIVKR ..^^ , han m llm Infection was believed to! persons visiteo Iho house built have resulted from an unusual i hy the building trades classes al incident, H week ago last Thurs- i the Community High School Fri<i(0, when an insect lit on the; day night. The house will be steering wheel of Operand's auto- open for inspection this afternoon mobile and he killed it with bis | and Sunday from 2 to 5 p.m. The hous?. located on Carringer Place south of the athletic field, was planned and constructed by students, under the supervision of faculty members. Con- strut-lion of « house has become 1 uesday. Mid-week prayer serv- ! scale kickbacks Io party leaders, ices nre Thursday nt 7:.",0 p.n Sunday school will convene the First Baplist j demanded the arrest tor questioning of Eisnku Sato, secretary general (national chairman) of the Liberal party. Yoshida told the prosecutors that they could question Sato hut could not arrest him during the present National Diet session. What price Yoshida paid for the Progressive walkout—if any—was not revealed. Civic Assn. To Meet at Godfrey GODFREY.-Regular monthly membership meeting of the Godfrey Township Civic Association will be held Monday in the Civic Center al 8 o'clock. A special feature of the meeting will be (lie showing of the movie, "God is My Landlord." Cemetery Assn. to Sleet GODFREY. - Annual meeting of the Godfrey Cemetery Association will be held in Ihe town hall Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. All lot owners are invited to attend. Church. The Rev. Joseph Hum- -crickhouse will preach on "Im- plemcnitng Oood Intentions" H( 11:45, and the evening sermon "The Lost, Found" nt 7:.'10. BYF will meet at 6:30 p.m. Sunday and prayer services are Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. The General Baptist Sunday School will convene at 10 a.m. with the pastor, the Rev. Roy Kllege. delivering the morning sermon at 11 o'clock. Evening services at 7:30. Prayer meeting Thursday nt 7 p.m. At 10 n,m. Sunday school will convene at the Methodist church. The Rev. Edward Coekrcl will preach on "We Are Christian Aggressors" at 11 a.m. Miley Palmer, a member of the MYF, will speak at the evening service at 7:30. Mid-week prayer service will be Wednesday nt 7:30 p.m. The blue blood of lobsters, crayfish and crabs is less than H sixth as efficient in carrying oxygen to body tissues as the red blood of other animals. Student Build House Will Be Open For Inspeetion Sunday Imnd. Following (he killing of the insect DeGrand's hand began to swell «nd he consulted a physician. When the infection failed to respond to treatment he entered (lie hospital. The infection has now been checked and 1X1 rand is making satisfactory progress toward recovery, Mrs. DeGrand said that her husband thought little of the incident at the time it happened and didn't notice what kind ol bug fUnv into his cur. The sea route from New York to Liverpool. England, is 3079 nautical miles. a regular project with the vocational department. Eleven students finished the house in about l>j years. The planning was done by the architectural drawing class, and the electrical work by the electrical class under Vernmi Hoeche Decorating was planned by the homemaking class under Miss Grace Darling and furniture for the display was loaned by local merchants. The house will be sold to the highest bidder. Bid sheets are were m. in Mrs. Ruth Ha/clip Funeral Services Funeral services for Mrs. Ruth E. Haxelip of Hartford, conducted Friday at 2 p. Streeper Funeral Home, Wood River, by the Rev. Victor W. Gross, pastor of Evangelical United Brethren Church, Wood River. Mrs. Leonard Smith and Mrs. William Acker sang a duet, accompanied by Mrs. Emmett Wathern. Burial is being delayed pending arrival of Mrs. Hazelip's son, Cpl. James Robert Hazelip, from Korea. J. F. McKernan Rites Al Medora Church MEDORA.—The Rev. Francis O'Hara was celebrant of requiem high mass Friday at 9 a.m. in St. John's Church, for J. F. McKernan, who died last Tuesday at Carlinville Area Hospital. Burial was at Rockbridgc. Pallbearers were Edward McKernan, Walter Ruyle, James Moore, Edward and Peter Mc- Aliney, and Leslie Shine. 138 Roxana Boys Sign To Play Junior Baseball ROXANA—The applications for membership in the Junior Baseball league have been coming in to the recreation office and to date 67 days in the 11, 12 and Shippers' Forecast For Alton Vicinity Shippers' forecast (200-mile ratlins of Alton): Above freezing in all directions. Mrs. E. Webner Killed in Fall Friends of Mrs. Orville P. Storm of Kfflngham, formerly of Allon, have informed the Telegraph of the death of Mrs. Storm's sister, Mrs. Emma Webner. Mrs. Webner. according to an Associated Press dispatch, fell to her death in Bi-yce Canyon, Utah National Park, last Wedensday where she and her hsuband were on a vacation trip'. Mrs. Webner, who was acquainted in the Godfrey area, resided at Slrasburg, 111. The Associated Press article said fhat park officials reported Mrs. Webner's hubsand, Elmer, told them his wife hnd stepped over a restraining log to get a better view and lost her balance and fell backwards into the canyon. • Park rangers used ropes to lower . themselves into the 90- foot canyon to recover the body. Mrs. Storm, whose husband, the late Orville P. Storm, was formerly with the F. W. Davis Realty Co., in Alton, has been residing in Effingham since the death of her husband. Hartford Class Officers Seated Homeinakers Installation Was Held Thursday HARTFORD.-The spring banquet, of the Homemakers class of the First Baptist Church was held Thursday evening in the social room of the church with 36 members in attendance. Following dinner, a business meeting was conducted by the president, Paul Condray. Now officers for the year 195455 were installed. They were: Surpluses Can Be Farm Fuel Doane Talks at Principia Conference Farmers can now raise fuel for their machinery in place of the feed they once raised for their work horses, according to D. Edward Doane of the Doane Agricultural Service, Inc., St. Louis. Doane served as one of six experts at the 16th Annual Public Affairs Conference held at The Pirncipia College this week, end to consider the question, "What should the government do for the farmer?" "As we accumulate surpluses of our so-called starch products, such as corn, small grain, and potatoes, these products can be turned into alcohol, which when mixed with gasoline tends to step up its efficiency and in this way utilize the low-grade end of the fstarch) products", explained Doane, who spoke at one of the opening sessions Thursday evening. He continued, "The price on the open market would be too high to make this a commercially sound economic procedure, but the government would absorb the differential between Ihe market price and the prict the alcohol plants would pay. That constitutes the subsidy rather than paying specific sub- sity to farmers direct." Charles Brannan, former Secretary of Agriculture, also served as an expert and sat in on round tables answering questions posed by the delegates. After a plenary session in which the round tables met with their conclusions, Dr. Don Paarlberg. assistant to the secretary of agriculture, save the closing address this afternoon. Rush Continues For Purchase of City Auto Tags After a 3-day spurt in which 822 city, automobile licenses were issued, business appeared brisker than ever at the office of City Treasurer Osbornc in Cily Hall during the forenoon today. Car owners were coming in groups, and at times there were eight or more waiting turns at trie treasurer's counter to get their 1954 windshield stickers. Up to time the office opened today a total of 1,714 auto licenses had been issued for Ihe current year. Friday saw issuance of 295; rainy Thursday 198; and Wednesday, top day of the week. 329. Police plan to start, an "educational drive" next Monday for. enforcement of Uie vehicle license ordinance. Also in demand today at the City Hall were dog licenses and fishing licenses. Approximately 400 dog licenses for 1954 have been issued, it was said at the police desk. The exact number was unknown because one veterinarian, Dr. Schwartz, is cooperating with Ihe department in issuing licenses and his count was un- ascerlained. Male licenses cost Jesse Cnin, Shook, Gladys president; president; Virgil Mrs. ...(-,..,„, »**..,.. . , tJivi aiii.irid cue io u i available a, the high school, and ^l^l 8 . 1 ^ TVfP' 161 " bids will be opened May 6. with | Ihe school reserving the right to , « 7l '" the 8 ' 9 and reject all bids. Seniors on the project were Tidwell Leubbert, Spencer Smith, George Smith anad Leroy Johnson. Juniors were Bill Harrison, Larry Prather, Harry Arnold, Donald Lloyd, William Forsee, Sam Lavite and Fred Dunnagan. VFW U'oiuen l>Jun Sleet WOOD RIVER-AII the 1953-54 chairmen are requested to attend the Monday evening meeting of Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary at Memorial Club for the purpose of completing annual reports to be sent to the state, the past president, Mrs. Arthur Curfman, announced today. Air purifiers to be sold by members are to be distributed at the meeting also. Director Arthur Maley an- nounc-es the 8, 9 and 10-year-olds will report to the Community building Monday after school to be measured for their uniforms and the H, 12 and 13-year-olds on Tuesday after school. 1'resbyterlan News ROXANA — "The Blessing of Trials" will be the sermon theme of the Rev. E. E. DeLong, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church at the 10:40 a.m. worship service Sunday. The choir will sing "The Lord is My Light." The session will meet at 7 p. m. Monday at the church.' The Alton Presbytery of which the Rev. DeLong is stated clerk, will meet at Sparta at 8:30 a.m. (DST) Tuesday. Kirby, secretary-treasurer, and Mrs. Virgil Shook, class reporter. Paul Condray is the outgoing president and Mrs. Letha Bradley is the outgoing reporter. Raymond C. Mortimer Funeral Services Funeral rites for Raymond Coultas Mortimer, 37, of 916 Royal St., a Shell Oil Co., em- ploye, were conducted Friday at 1 p. m. in First Methodist Church, Virden, by the Rev. L. E. Dude, pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Alton. Burial was in Union Cemetery. Pallbearers were Ted Neighbors, Melvin Hulcher, Edison Bowman, Harold Goodpasture, Stanley Smith and Robert Carghill. the city and state required rabies immunization is included in the license fees. Runaway Car at southeasterly corner of Ninth and Alton Sts. was broken off, a police report shows, when struck at 3:10 a.m. today by a coach driven by Eugene I. Jones of 1043 Union St. Jones was unhurt, but a towcar was called to remove his coach damaged about its left side. Jones reported that he was forced to swerve and lost control when an approaching car suddenly popped up over the brow of the hill just ahead of him. Called to the Elm-Central intersection at the viaduct at 8 p.m. Friday policemen received complaints from Richard Neumann of 1107 Danforth St. and from John A. Donald of Rt. 2 .Godfrey, that their cars, both westbound, were damaged due to collision at the curve in the street by a third automobile. Police later reported the third vehicle was that of Earl Smith of 1107 Long Ave. A. J. Francis 80 Today A. J, Francis, retired contractor, of 1307 State St., today was quietly marking his 80th birthday. A native of Pike County, he has been a resident of Alton for 63 years, having come here in 1891. Joe Hobbs To Speak Wood River Rotary Club To Mark 25th Birthday Monday WOOD RIVER-Joe Hobbs, a past Rotary district governor, of Manito will deliver the principal address at the 25th anniversary celebration of the local Rotary Club Monday night at Lewis-Clark School cafetreia. A banquet will be served, starting at 6:30 p. m., Carl Kayser. -president, has announced. Alvin. A. Stotee, is chairman in charge of the committee planning the celebration. Stolze will introduce several *'old timers" who were either charter members of the Rotary Club here, founded in 1929. or were instrumental in its organization. Ernest V. Giehl, hjs- torian, is scheduled to give a brief history of the club in its 25 years of existence. Another feature of the silver anniversary fete, will be musical selections, to be presented by the Community High School orchestra, under direction, of Chester L. Hughes. H. H. Smith will be master of ceremonies. Kayser will give the welcojpa to the guests, and W. I. Joltey will lead the group in several songs. "i-

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