The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 10, 1930 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1930
Page 3
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1 J' THE TIPTO^J DAIpY TRIBUNE IS®—Two Phones—27 "We Lead—Others Follow" Friday and Saturday Specials Lard Strictly pure, 50 lb. ean 11c lb, : ! ,; .•' 2 lbs.' 25c Cheese Fancy, Very Mild Wisconsin 29c Macaroni or 10c boxes 5c Peanut Butter ^EUg* 10c I?*i*H Haddock Fillets, No Bone r 1311 No Waste, lb. I Cat Fish lb. 30c PURE CANE, cloth bag; 10 lbs. 55c Potatoes, 15-lb. peck . ... 50c Snaar • SimUar lo 9Sc Nabiscoslb' Old Men* 39c H. & Hi Red Letter Collee lb. 30c Smoked Hams wnoie or hau, ib. 25c Fresh Ground Beet lb. 20c Buffer Perfefection Cream, lb 42c Heavy but lean and sugar cured I Not sliced, per ib. 20c MA PC \ (BROOMS, 4-Sewed, 39c) 10* lflv> 3 Good cotton, each . . . • '» • Agl Beans, Pinto, 35c Swiss Steak SSLVS* 28c Boiling Beet, Pork Loin Roast lb. 25c _ i. Perk, B lb. . 18c , 1 ' ABCADIA XEWS. -I : ! ' i Mr. audi Mrs. Homer Gel tie pi P.- Waynoj'-Were guests Sunday ctL Jacob Gettle at the home pfj and Mrs. Raymond Shaffer. \&m:ill Baker of Were Sunday gue..tfi H C Baker. * Mr:l!and Mrs.-Charles Mr. i apd sons- and Mrs. Mr.| ehsonlleft Friday for their home Gettle -wlfo isuffered a str'oKe ot! ik Lansing, Mich., after a week's paralysis several '• weeki? iago and 1 about the same. I ! ! Mr. and Mrs. James Shorter of Indianapolis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jake Shaferi j Mr. and Mrs. Charles' [Owens,; i ' f I Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bofohitt and L • . | - ! i -1 daughter Betty have I returned to their home in;, Chicago after spending a week with! their noth-- er and aunt Mrs. MaryjTeal arid Miss, Emma. Knause. j '! j j . Jack Hilton spent j the'; week; end in Indianapolis with his wife : - -l • i I .: and children. i . i • ] ' Jake Small, Jean \ Ridge and; George Stottlemyer 'spent! Satur- ! ' ! | 'i - 1 day and Sunday in South with Mr. arid Mrs. Miiuricn ; Miss Loiii,;e McClinto(kj| Indianapolis' of Mr. arid Phillips Leslie St'ephj- lisit with their mother and sis- Mr.?] Frank Nicholson: arid-Mrs. Claude' Shaffer \yere"Nol>ler,ville' visitors Monday. .' qilen Drumm was a'guest, at a Jinlierj party given Saturday evening alt the home of Dr. and Mrs. Cure 'ai. Muncie. | Lloyd Hill . of Indianapolis has since been bedfdstj remains t U Mrs Lillie Honniild annd Mrs. spent the week end with his wife Qorl Overdorf..^ Mr land Mrs. Torn; Addison arid fbmily npent Sunday; at Arlington the former's parents Mr. an - - } Mrs. F. M. Addison. The father who has been iri'poor health ;for some,'tune remainsj about*• th,e sjamci | Mr.- and Mrs. Ira| Trout, Mr^.| Lavica McCarty, Mr. and Mrs .|l<jius Kibler, Mrs. j Mary KiblerjHBiirdge, • at the Methddist I)fo<;pital the 5 hd Mrs. Martha Duncan were |at|jj jiartford City Sunday and attend lid the Methodist Church Confer- lince.jj'Mr. and Mrs.NEarl Shoqk ley, Mrs. Mabel Whisler' and • ai at Indianapolis visited over week end with her mothtir Fred Shaffer. j j Wayne Mosba'ugh has 1 returned j to his work in Ft.- Wayne afters ! - 1 I ! I' 1 I : spending arweek with his (parents; Mr. and Mrs. George' Mosjiangh'. • Mrs. Ernest Wilte, son Bo|) arid daughter Julia Ann! of weije calling, on friends here Frill ay afternoon. | M x rs. Raymond Mason of Tipton; Was the Tuesday dinner jpi^st. of li.erl : -' Mr. Tipton 1 bods and the family will mak^e j theirl-home there, Mr. Thomas j fiaving employment at a : factorj here. - - '' |! Miss Thelma-Trpiit of Inc ^Hil| jt|poli3 spent Sunda^ here with iois Dawson. ;i •.. ; | i h.erj mother Mrs. Pearl Sumnerl and; Mrs. Veijne Stap Blufftori, O., visited | from :e ;of; Satur-' Mrs arid day until Monday with sie Goetteli! x ; Mr. and | Mrs. Gen. Lewij; j'daughter Betty:Jean! of jNpbles-i j'ville were dinner guesti? W^dnes-i • day evening of Mr. aild Mrs ter Lewis..j|Miss Joe Wilbur Kemper or Pettit Indianapolis and "were Sunday .guests; of Mr, 'Mrs. Lewis. i j ' Mr. and! Mrs.! Normanj Barker and. daughter Mrs.. W.'-,Tj. Smith of-. Hammond-wore visiting f-iends iliero Saturday irtmilh and ; Mi Courthous<|; Mrs. and Sundiy, Russell in of Scicero spenj Saturday anapolis. Mrs. Glen tlrumiri sp^ntj Sat urday and;Sunday at AVashington Ohio, - the"] Des- Wal- arid Mrs. Flavenr Inili- ku'est lot tend- James Donn Franlcfo'rt Olive Gidding |S and ed the Grand Council mdet'tng ot the Phi Heia Psi Sorority Shermari Caylor I of. JK (j>koriio was the guest of Arcadia friends Sunday. 1 Mr. andiMra Monday in friends. ij Mr. and| Mrs. Clyde Biirrjoughs and son Eiiglene have returned I tc their home in Terre Haute| a week's visit with Mr. arijd Mrs. A. E. Martzjand other relatives. Mr. and JMrs. Claudej Kitter- m?.n and j: granddaughter Jean Kiiterman" of Cambridge City were-dinner jguests Sunday of Air. and Mrs. Fried Martzi and family. Mr. and Rfrs.: Paul Roajdruck amil children' of Tiplpn arid Miss ipent with after FRIDAY 10 lbs. E-Z-Bake Flour and 24 lbs. B Floui Jelly Powder, 2 for Green Beans; large can Pure Cane Sugar, 10J its. for Navy Bejans;5lbs. Pumpkin, 2 large cans for Hominy, J3 large cans] for Kraut, 3| small cans for Jackson Corn, per <|an Fancy Tidbits Pineapple Small Can Green Bi £arge Can Premier Spaghetti or Maiearo: at jthe jhome of ,Mr, arid Mrs. J. ; M.[ Bowser. Miss| Jiianita Mahan, a student j at j Indiana University sp^nt last!; liere with her parents Mr. i; Lost Her Doable Chin Lost Her Prominent Hips Lost Her Sluggishness Gained Physical Vigor ' Gained in Vivaciousncss Gained in Shapely-Figure Mrs. dinner U you arc fat-^ firsc r'Mnr.vo we!ek - • t . , . Hand Mrs.: Jack Mahan.~Mijss Hinai- pf Indianapolis was the: : i<i».i;si:rrK.\' halts ' fi- niin»-|-:il .s;ilt.s your tin lindy ur-'.-iiis. nm^t have tti .r 11«*;- l|Essi we'ek !e!nd; guest of Miss. Miilfan.. i;^,^ :iml |leH . Lillie Honnoid'had as herjtion' properly. .." . T^„!j„,,iT, ' , i ."Wlit-n your vital organs fail tn n<-r guests Friday«Mrs. Jamesj ron)) -. th Vi,. wn ,. k c ,„. re ;. t , y _ y„„ Mrs. Anna Richards and j'""Y/'l^ an«l kiilnitys Cnn 't throw tliat waste material—hef»;r,.' yoi a\\7.i- it • Try >he confer; •Bend 1- Will,z aUR " dn<1" ce Friday.- Mr.;. Clyde Thorrijas spent Fri-: Jay in Muncie gelting the housed •tadyj where she moved Wertiie^- j| w it,ii ItJiv Mrs May. of this week? ! The Bo^stji " ruckj line moved the household!! Miss-Mary Ann Burdge of Koko-'i mp and Mr.?. Carl Overdorf and'- son Eugene. .ratrSCIlE^C SALTS in a ?X.u>? of !»« w.-ii^r fN'erv morning—in WPO U S ^et'; on the- nca:fps an»i luu't* ho'.v many.- of j"at Iiav,' v.-tnisiti-'l. Xr.tit-t* ali-o tiiai| you lta - .*' ^ain,-.! in -j'.qy-- yt,fir s"!:m is . ti.-.;:->-r - your ••>>M FoaiKii.- witli frioriou.-' Ii.-af;;.-- yon f, 1 .-! yii:iriKi-r: in l ;--»-n.'V in miml .j -KK'ISCIIKJ.' will civ<- nr.;. fat in-i-;-on a j^.yrnis Hurpri-ir. : Ci-t an S;> U .lillo of Kltt'Sf riKX .-v\!.TS fi-'ini tl »• Klu<- I-'rot-.i in-ii^ . v U'if.-i JaoV-s AloO'l. I'roji. or any !'-a<lini;- .h'iii<i;ist anywlii-r.;- in Am.-r- i.-a. Ca«:sil u.-tksl. If tiiis lir>t ln.f- tl»* <! O^MI*I : convLn.-'.' yon I'.iis is V.f • •asi.-.-U. s-aifest ::n.l :;t v,':iy to off los.- far--if yt.-a don't f.-.-l a snp.'i'li r.--\-.-:.i.-hl in In^vLtir :-:o ;;io: ;t>us!y you're firowinK 'hideously fa;I .-m-rK.-tic i- visoifously :-liv.- — j-ot:r on^ - half 'teaspotmful of|monoy ^iadly rei:urnt'l.' IMrJ and Mrs. Ed Smith, and grandson Robert Bell of Kokomo werB jguests 'Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Sowers west of town.' |Mi\ j and • Mrs. William. Dailey of! Npblesville visited and Mrs. Lew ait'd Mrs. Sarah Cornelius Mr. and Mrs/ Lloyd Smith of Muncie .were . guests Sunday of. her .parents Mr.-and Mrs. George Hilton atiil 'family. Kiissell Smith of . i (r<>'.vnglmi'g. Sunday | visited -Sunday with his' rfislur /Groves! Mrs.'. Walla Cruzan and husliund.' Mr. i:rid Mrs. John Mlib-r of Larger, Quicker, er Corn alone doesn't make pigs grow big enough or fast enough. It needs a supplement, and Purina Pig Chow added to your corn will give you just the right proteins and minerals for big frames and quick growth. , ! Quick growth means earl}' market^—high prices—more profit. Ask us about Pig Chow today. I Bargain Grocery 24 - Phones — 188 i WE DELIVER j The Store with the ? : Checkerboard Sign ' ^ Newhoose AND SATURDAY SPECIALS lbs. Corn Meal!for . .55c lue Ribbon Fljoiir fir .Iri. .. .. IV,.. .93c 24 lbs. White Rose *Mir foil .. .|..... i|.L ..: .98c Oleo, Banner Nut, lb., 17c Miller Cup Coffee, lb., 25c Maxwell House Coffee 41c j Peaberry Coffee ... 28c . 12c Raisins, 2 lbsi Kraut, 2 large caps ,farj Boone County !Re|d| Beaiw, 3 fbr f ttuce, 2 lbs. for 11 1 , 11; !• Pork Steak, lb , Beef Boast, per lb 4,foir Fig Bars, 2 lbs. i .. .25c Cjatsup, 3 bottles for . 25c Bread, jfrvery day, 3 loaves for .25c 25cj 19c 58c Pinto Beans, 3 lbs.. .25c nes ... J... ..1 > 25c 25c 25c f Steak, lb 28c ins, lb. .*..^..V....18c orkl Shanks, each .. .5c' s,!lb. 1* ^sp •WW Inrlianapolis were culling on friends here Tuesday. Airs. Floyd Cunningham of Arcadia was hostiis'; to t.ho nw-mher.; of llie Ivaffee Klui 'i Monday evening. A rl>ri<;f ; lmnincss session was holdjat whirh lime-Mrs. Cun! f V>!ll i::ii( it oil Page li.) 24-Phones-188 We Sell Purina Feeds 2S Jb. Bag $1.39 10 lbs. c ^ 55c Strictly pure|; 2 lbs. .......... 25c JOWL BACON S, lb . 15c Eggs Fresh Country, doz. 25c (JOFFEE^K 15c ".BUTTER w *t Va ^:.;'43d PiCIliC HamS Boned and Rolled lb. 23 c PORK LIVER i. Per Ib.^ . Per ib. 18c SS£47cQI10~^.. ! 35c Extra Special , Haddock, lb. 20C Full 15-oz. can for . •5cBREAD f£T:. 25c Red Beans, Pork & Beans ta L15c GREEN BEANS-^Good krade, 3 cans 29c PORK ROAST Lean, OO per lb... * ,0i ' Pillsbury or Polar Bear, 2ilbs <9 £C FlOUr, NpblesvHIe Milling Co., 24 lbs. 75C P »7ArilI7C Gallon, No: 10' GAAP p - & G or Flake IR* rEi /VV ^niLJ si ?e e ac h L; w .'"y t --y u/ *1 White, 10 cakes .... OOK .. 10c Coffee, Our Own Santos Peaberry, 2 lbs.59C !e Fancy Santos, Good Quality lb. 25c n Sugar Cured, Lean and OC A II Sliced, lb. um> 20c SAUSAGE-All pork, , •r lb. Pjl^CMOPSr 30c 8H3 °g HAMBURGER—Strictly «yV j fresh, per lb. . . SHOULDER BONES .•.pink, m. im 25c ID 15c ••^n., jftj BEEF BRAINS m

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