The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 9, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1936
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 9, 193(5 COftSUffl 1 Cubs Pay $50iOOO foi Outfielder; Mayi Equal Dimaggio's, Feat|' By Pliil/SINOTT NKA Seriice Slad Correspond™ SAN FA ANCISCO.—There'll 1« one less worry for Chicago Cub (supporters next year, pacific Coas teague fans Avlll'bcl fhftr 'slilrl that the Bruins' center field job •will ' be handled .in satisfa'clor manner.' '-\ For when Philip K. Wrigle parted with cash and three plaj ers in a $50,000 deal for Joe Mar ly, young San Francisco Seals' out fielder, he got value received. L-' Marty comes from the same f„ hustling -Pacific Coast League club '-' that sent Jc= DIMaggib up to electrify the American circuit. He was coached and developed by Charlie Graham, president of the club anJ former major league catcher, and Manager Left-y O'Doul, along with DiMaggio, the Yankees' star. Is. he better than his former Italian teammate? You can get an argument- from cither angle out here on the coast, where everything's 'moving except ships. It will take: a season or two in big- top competition to decide that. However, Marty, . in his third BIA'I'HEVILLE, (AUK.) COU1U13U NEWS Player of Promise •Here's Joe Marty, right after news of his sale to. the Chicago Cubs was announced. lireakJilK the good word to the girl friend, Nell Heath, in San.Francisco\. ;. - • Willi Their Firsl Conference Grid Title Won Porkers Go Indoors FAYETTEVILLE, Dee. 0.—Tlieii 1936 Rnzorback gridiron team having won the first Southwest conference football championship h University of Arkansas history, student, nlhlctle fans hci'C are now primed for the annual loop basketball race for the cage crown \vlitcl Arkansas tcnms In the past hav won outright six (hues, tying fo it once. • . . Rangy buskctballcrs wearing ciu-dlnm nnd wliltc colors of th Arkansas Ranorljiicks cnplured llv successive championships in th Southwest conference from 192 thrpugh 1930. tied three ways fo honors In 1934-35 season, nnd loo top honors again in the 1035-3 battle. The first four titles wore wo with Francis A. Schmidt as coac Charles Bassett coached the Pork ers to their fifth straight win In 1029-30. Glen noso, an all-coufer- Inst season, captain 1 Jim Loo owcll, high-scoring gourd, and H. . "Iko" Poolc, super-center and ailing uolnt-mnker of tlio. team, 'c not returning. AUo gone Is Ken uuday, "any position" performer, even lollfcrmeu arc buck for'ae- on (his year. Returning Icttevmcn include: aptain Uobblo Miutln, senior uiml of 'IVxnrKium; Sub-caplnlii •Mil Olllltaml, senior (orwnrd of ecl)e, all-Southwcit last season; Xm LockuKl, junior forward of Balesvillo who shot- the UUc-win- ilng t;0i\l lust season; Jack nob- 'Ins, Junior guard of Uttle Hock, 'I'llltanl gridiron quarterback; Hay tainiUon, junior center of Sheridan, stellar football end Uils fall; Jemiis Hays, Junior forward of ilelbournc;-and Prank Urodl;, senor guard, Van Huron Willi the exception of CnpUln Mnilln, all of Arkansas' rclunilng elioruicn are well over six feel in lelglil. Jim Bcnton, of Fonlycn, Is expected to add sl-rcnelii to the ;OBC [cam this season. HO was leading guard last season, but l the sqimrt to pursue his slmlb more closely. Several sophomor candidates of ability arc out to 'he team i\\\ s year and arc counlcc on to icrvc as reinforcements I tbe Ranorbacks In quest for the Southwest championship flag. Arkansas' conference lilts this season arc as follows; Jan. G-9, Qimnnv polished him off in the ninth of a lo-rouiidcr, proving Ire not only could punch, • but could ike a nmullng, loo. Ills IcU hook lint scllWd Frnnkle's linsli was u entity. lu oi'dlimry limes, boxing -bug" vm« loitlh to no overboard on n orclgn flstto Importation on llic llmsy ovlilrnco of. three HeMs. Ivcn as recently sis Prlnio Car- KTii. tlioy refused lo swallow tho link pill of persuasion until the ramloroits one lind stumbled hvouelt Ilio slicks In a bitru- lonr llml had Iho linger ot suspicion consltmlly pointed Ita ny« Hill things huvo come to sucli pass In Die IwnvywdBhl division, wllli only Bchmcllng, Urad- loi'k, nnd Louis present to nd< niiy color, tlml promoters Imvi VYnnk Uncks coinblni; overs llilckel for lieiivjwelghlfi 'win know how lo climb Inlo n rlnu The,)' don't oven huvo lo bo nblt lo know how lo answer Iho plioue Einhiml, tlieielore, Is iv pleiisan Mii'iii'lse. While the clnsi; of op position he hos lind hadn't IKCI No. l. It tins been sncli ns to ulv Hie young fellow a les'l. Ho tin proved ho cnn nil nnd Inko It. As nn nnmtciir, ho won aom 200 ring bouls. nnd nnncxcd til European simon-pure heavywelgl tllle. He really has ability, nn It rests In sonic astute mintage do as good breaking in as did Di- Maggto," -season with the San Francisco] in exchange for Marty, the Seals Seals, hit .359 in 161 games, to • received considerable cash and top all players participating in 05 ihree players—Outfielder Johnny or more contests. He's a hard line oill, and Infielders Joe Vittev and driver. He clouted 49 two-baggers, Gene Lillard. O'Doul and Graham ,14 triples, and n home runs. His uced these men to build their own bat drove in 02 counters, and lie club. Lillard was a Coast League • is credited with 92 stolen bases. Hits to All Fields .Ills- hitting has been to all the fences in Coast League parks, one drive lo left field traveled 3G5 feel. sensation .when he broke in. This selling of rookies is real business with the San Francisco club.. Selling a DiMaggio one year anci 'a Marty the next makes a big He "lined'one 420 feet out center addition to the club bankroll, so ficlrt way, and came close to 400 trere's real attention given to defect in smacking to right field:- : | vcloping promising youngsters for Marty is just under 6 feet, weiglis sale to t he majors. 180, arid is 21. He's remarkably. Develop Great Players fast on the bases, and in the garden is a spactacular center -fielder whoso work clicks.with the fans. He has a powerful throwing arm —not quite as strony as DiMag'gio's —but he's'faster on his feet than . Yankee Joe. • A The youngster starred in baseball, footbalMand basketbaU at the Chgstian Brothers' scliool'^in Sac.-, rariiento, his-home town. lie went i to St. Maryjs college with, football ambitions, but at that time was too i light to win a regular berth. He \ left school, went to work, played Do Seal rookies make good? Well, we might mention that O'Doul himself was a Seal rookie. He went up as a pitcher, cama down again, and went up as a slugging outfielder. The Pirates paid $95,000 and a player for Seal rookie Paid Waner Cleveland' gave the Seals J50.000 •lor Earli'Av.erill. From Jthe Sal Francisco club, Roy Johnson wen to Detroit for $50,000; Frankii Crosetti lo the Yankees for |65,000; Lefty Gomez to the same club for fifty grand; Willie Kamm t Gruut and Groan Performance Is iNo Impromptu; Affair Baylor University at payeltcvllle; to recognize nnrt develop It. Jan. 15-10, S.M.U., at Dallas; Feb. You'll fce healing fiom him b' 6-0, Tbxns University, ill Austin; Feb. 12-13, Tcxns AfcM, rayelte- NEW YORK, Dec.' 9.-Thc lug and groan act you see at wrestling bouts Is-no : impromptu affair.- nc- ordlng to Norton 13,' Jackson, him- ; self an experienced, grappler Jackon, an Olympic wrestler and a veteran pro, declares--that extensive nstriohic training .is necessary foi most Tvrestlcrs in 1 -private gymnasiums before they can learn to grimace viciously.. •'/.;;' Writing in the-current Liberty magazine, Jackson:,points out the lust for brutality evidenced by the public urges the ' citizenry lo pay the admission price, for a good show. The actor. (pardon, the wrestler) must of necessity give the customers what they-want: The> get it—plenty ; of ugly ^faccs ani encc performer on three of the F . . . early championship teams, look over r !,;[.,,„, „', In 1933-31 and has tutored the Un- ollrlslin " Ul zorbacks to,their last .two titles. The 1935-30 championship team was a point-n-minule o'utflt which licked, every thing in the Southwest, captured district and inlcr-dlslrict Olympic Game tryouls, then went on to finals at New York City only lo be defeated by the Hollywood Unlversals by the smallest score made In the finals there Two great all-Southwest players York hotel.- Mats covered the floor, tlie doors we're carefully guarded, and here the younger and Inexperienced pupila were Instructed in the art of showmanship by veterans of the game." . Young parformcrs, Jackson says; proved the hatdest to teach oven though they knew the art of wrestling to a fair degree. Being good wrestlers they were inclined to use more strength than Is necessary In the professional game. Hours of practice were necessary beforti they learned the gentle 'touch of the pro—the art of grasping; a hold gently but sit.lhe same time making it appear savage. "The now passe Jiin Lonilos pos- a histrionic ability 'that yells of pain. '''";"*'' sessecl .. ..._ , "A scliool tor Ihe: .training of I would have put any of the B'arry- wTcstlinji'lilstflorucs," - the article hiores lo shame," Jackson declares. ville; Feb. 19-20. nice T|istltule, March 5-G, Texas University, at Port Worth. By Harry Gray son NEW tcoling YORK, Dec. 7.—They'ro the : tuba for Guiinar Barlund, ami : It' won't be long now before the big Finnlsli fighter will be clamoring for a bout will Joe Louis. Max Sclnneling, 01 Champion Jimmy Bradtlock. In ir.fct, he'll be challenging cv- cryonc except Max Bner, and llni only reason that dare won't como is because Qunnar bus heard that the Llvcnnorc Lothario 1ms retired again. You havn't heard much about Barlund. Neither has anyone, els? He Iras had only three professions fights In this country, defeating one Sandy McDonald; : the vetcrnr trial horse, Abe Feldmnn, anc winding up with a recent knock out of Frankle Connelly, ' .The latter" bout, staged In New York':; Hippodrome, was by fa Gnmiar's most Impressive per states, "was available for profcs-1 Jim amassed a tidy fortune by his I forir.ancc. Spotting the big Ne\ sioiiiil recruits iii" a certain New I acting ability, he adds. | England Irishman 33 pounds won't bo there, w«| , some- Iho selling Y.D1 luck ojio of main praps. Tiltleu nnd Vines now aro on ' iclr way back (roin Jniian.-'whero icy recently staged a very sue- p.ssful cxhlblllon tour. Instead, of mlns on Id-New York, however, III Is expcclc<l to start iv profes- onai lour' ;ot .hi& own, playing illi u Japanese i' stni'i it ii)(Hcntes (hid the pilmo lover behind piotosslonnl tennis. r.d llio nsaiv who. lias (ought Ion;; nd lutfu ,IoV in\ 0'ixiii loinnnmcnl, llnally , breaking wlh he t|)orl, vlildi, even wjlh 111 bu the loser. I'eri-y pvesciil, Perry no ilouljt, .will draw jiioro aired \\ltli ytncs hi Ihc singles Hatches - : thun net fans, no matter J. how labkl,' Sol tired of seeing tl)o" same coin- blnnllon yenr aflcr ye'ar. HO\VCVCI, Peny, _cx-out«tandln!{ nmalcur of (he world, may not Imvo half iho diawlng. power at lhc_ end of Ihe season that he lias now.~" Vines, professional chop- lilon niul possessor of the world's iHstcst seivlcc, probably can spot him a se,l and win—If tho gate ban stand it. • Babe Sees Glanls Fourth NKVV YOHK, Dec 7, — Ba'bo nntli states that If tho New Yoik Olnnts, Xnllonal League champions, don't strengthen tMmsclvQS by kcvcral Irndca before next' «l>ilng, they aic- duo to wind up in fotlrlh place. ore. long. » » + \nlU Di.iuk Foreign HOV.C-, Sanla-Anita's two rich purses, he $100,000 Handicap'.'.nnd $50,000 leiby, not only me luring some if the best horseflesh in the na- lon, but arc pulling Ihorough- brctts from across iho water. Two arrivals jit • (he'•California rack am Ginntl MunlLou Imported from ••France ' by llaoul, movie director, foi' tho Jaudlciip, nnd Sunset: Trail, an i :iibh-bicd Juvenile, ovei hero foi 'he Derby. The formci Is one of Euiopc'i, outstanding 3-year-old colts and [n 111 not bo goli'g out of his set when ho fnccs Hie field in the Imndrcd-grnnf! gallop. Shipping these two hoises across [he water prove-, one llilng— that increase of purKts offered at tracks around the co'.intry will lure tho cream of the nation's horses, ami In Hint way Improve the- breed Hint long-suffci Ing bettors havo been supporting for lol llicso \-~ many ycurs. Prns .Will Hiss TIMcu While. Freil Perry's net-jumping form bounding, clve the semi-pro ball at Sacramento and ; the White Sox for $125,000; Jinun) there the seals picked him up. | O'Conncll lo the Giants for $75, In his first season Slarty batted 000; .Gus the Pirates for .287, but his work-gave promise. : 542,500; Jimmy Caveney to Cincy O'Doul and Graham worked hard for $25,000 cash and $25,000 worth professional tennis picture a big gob of color when the clicull swings under way In New York, Jan. 0,'ll be a ; blg part of the canvas missing. Big Bill Tlltlen's- Jutting chin, .cannonball service, and lanky W32 W33';103I 1D3. 47.7W 4B.17I) M,C02U2.0C(Jt W HAT Is behind StudcbBkcr's' Scnentlonnt 'Climb? Studc- bnkcr knew Unit only otic thing could focus on Tlic Dictator nnd The President the attention and polronsgc of njolorists. That o^c thing was—and is ~ hot tor valuo —moreforthcmoney. Cotnfott t sftoly and portoim- artoo have been charoctcristic of SliKlcbakcr curs. But in tills year's nipdcla the puljlip has found these two oulalmul'mg bonus features; 1. Smart? tuotlorn f styling —c/mrmi'n^ /n(*-. riora r/esi'^/icr/ by He/en Drycien. 3,' xin£gnsolina economy. And all OualmsbcciiorTe'rcdatpriceasolowthat smart money has sensed thq bargain.' to develop him. Last year, there was Improvement. "lie learns faster and remembers more easily than any youngster I've worked with for a . long time," says O'Doul.- "He's like pi-. Maggio In many ways—one being that neither makes the same mistake a second time. "We expected a lot from DiMaggio—but not what he produced in his first season up. Marty lias lots of stuff, but'even Ty Cobb didn't of- players; Smead Jolley to the While'"Sox'for $35,000 and two players; Angle -:Galan to tre Cubs for five players^ and DiMaggio brought $25,000 and four players. , Check jori that'-talent, and you'll find they did pretty good in the majors, and stayed a long time. So' when the San Francisco Seals piuVa youngster on the block and say he's . ready.. for delivery, the moguls have reason to consider him .'worth/a'real piece of money. BROADWAY SALES, Inc. Blythcvillc, Ark. ' WHISKY We Still Have Farm Land For Sale BOTH COTTON FARMS AND GRAIN FARMS CAN MAKE DELIVERY JAN. 1, 1937. , S. E. MISSOURI I GO acres, cut-over land west of Holland, low taxes I'ricc §17.50 per acre. . - . 77 acre farm, Kood so ''> '' i'i'' c s vus( of MaUleii. On hard road, 5 room residence and barn. Price with 2'V/t cash, ? 1,600. . 80 acres near Sikcslon, G room residence and harn. Sanely loam soil. I'ricc with 25 % cash, §2,250. '10 acres, sandy soil, 8 mile's from Campbell. -1 room residence and harn. I'ricc with 25% cash, $700. 81) acres, 4 miles lo Essex, • residence, 2 room house and barn, };ood farm, ISO acres tillable, 15 acres pasture. Price wiih 25',;. cash, §3,000. 214 acres, 2 miles to Hell City,;gravel road, two dwellings, three barns. 55 acres tillable. Price with. 25VL cash $2,400. . 40 acres 3/4 mile of Holland, good land, well 'improved. I'rice with part cash, $1,000. BLYTHEVILLE TERRITORY SO acres, joins city limits, well improved, an ideal small farm h6mc with city conveniences. I'ricc SI25 per acre with half cash, balance Federal Land Bank. f)3 acres near Barfield, good soil, residence and barn. I'ricc §G5 per acre, $1,600 cash, balance G.years. CITY PROPERTY^ •f We have City Properly at various locations, prices ransje from $300 to $5,000. Let us know your real estate wanTs, You assume no obligation when ^ye show you. W. M. BURNS, Agency Phone 243 ' '/ Glencoe .Hotel Kldg, WMSKY ...TAKES MORE TIME ~ ' AND GRAIN TO MWtH CAN OFFER SUCH FOR HOLIDAY BUYING SPECIAL SHIPMENT OF 18-MONTH BOTTOMS UP AT LOWEST PRICE WE'VE EVER QUOTED! AT THIS AOE AND LOW PRICE GET YOURS Y ES,-most folks agree that for rich whisky goodness, Slow Mash is the bargain buy. So, if you want to, be sure of enjoying genuine $lavV, Mash during the holidays, older Bottoms Up to'day and keep, several bottles on hand. You carucount on Slow Mash, whisky every time. It's smooth, gentle. 1 Aged 18 months, so it's delightfully mellowed. In every.respect a whisky of known brgb quality, yec ; now priced so low you'll swear : it's the biggest bargain ever. Hurry! Get good Slow. Mash 1 Bottoms Up and get ready-for those coming good-times!:. Bottoms y KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY BROWN-FORMAN Distillery COMPANYrImifc«'fc ; Keirf!ci>; You'llSaytfs SPECIAL at the PRICE

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