The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 10, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1930
Page 2
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~ £ * * • THE TIPTON THERE'S A REAL j sense of luxury in the smooth, mild, thrilling fragrance of a Camel Cigarette. There's a rich blandness in the inimitable blend of delicate Turkish and mellow Domestic tobaccos that has made this cigarette famous the world over.... Money can't buy a better cigarette than Camel. The choicest • ; • ;. : : ! r ! ' (' *\\] • • . 1 -• tobaccos grown go into Camels, and the Camel blend is one of those extraordinary discoveries that money alone can never create. You want the best in everything. You can have it in cigarettes. Don't deny yourself the luxury of UTILITIES. : (Continued From Page 1.) < ri .pt system makes it necessar/ for ..the men to get the whole system "aji - working order 'before power i can'be turned en. Tills was nefces- s|^;following the sleet storm. discussed is tlie purchase gas engine to, operate the e»», L J .J > TMMU* ofrk !of water is needed as for a fire orfthese last bonds are retired- the 'electric utility will; be I entirely out of debt; Not; so' many years ago the total against th'e elect-Jlc water can only be ; furnished as long as there is a supply in the :'i k-Asotllf r>.,„ improvement"- being reservoirs. In'case a "large supply • 7p>it wr i r -in i 1 ~- "T 1 *3 Jjpl•Jfrtek;'* com- j the electric power Is off many pressors when electric powprlis | hours, there is a chance that tire off. The plant now has one gas j reservoirs wo_uld. be "•'emptied engine which operates the pumps jand the city would be out of when electric power is 6ft[| but {water.: With another gasoline, engine -Jto pull the, water from the •y.ells, the reservoirs can- be filled! jThis is an additional safeguard jwhich Is deemed^ necessary, jv ;< - Theae^ IiriproVeinen^ ' tie" made at no ; great: coat and there jrtlivhe'; no. b'nrdiim. on l .tuii^en; i^j^S^^l^!^^^- .... fffUBUNEi XMkel Plate BroUierhood .Men Adjusting- Working jthe members of tjhe! different 1 1 LonTlon, April 10. Complete bijc thernoods of the Nickel' Plate sya tern. ference haije. dating the week} are making .progress and are adjust- thelr schedule to. fit the 1 i . ••j y . . - 1 • • system. • Tribune was furnished sojuje. wrong' informat on! that - of Nickel Plate -qrerL rjklng jwith the men but this is the case, it beini*} a cont^Vf |^iit ; minbr~'pbint concernhig a def­ ensor! employes only. Different divisions, formerly under different mi m|lejting] th« they are' satisfactory to parties.! wilL 1 ill • week TIME TO WATCH!ROOFS SETTING ALONG WEEK! Schedule. who have been in at the Commercial ownership vary in conditions and is to equalize Is believed the ' conference their work the ! present these last the remainder: arid; perhaps logger Thursday Morning Was ja-used by Birds Hnilding NestJ ; -V- 1 Flire Chief Losey says this .is H • ! . • l • i i the time when property owners shoi tld inspect* their roofs and eaves, for accumulations of leaves • \ f i • birds nests. A tiny spark', fall- in the highly inflimab'e ma J teriil oui of which the birds, and I i -fit', '.-I "... "• • "I especially the sparrow constructs their nest, might cause a disas troiis fire. the I Such a fire started mopningf shortly hoii might cause Jl- 1 1 TBurisday, rtly' before, the njooiij at jthe 'home ofj Hersjthell Shuppard at the foot of the Main streat bridge. 'The ^department; 'mate and extinguished blaie with slight damage T5 property. The Maiiion Axtell house is owned of Tiptoiu Sation Held Up Third Time U togan|port, Ind., April lO^J—A| bait lit held up Henry MucKihfuss; age! twenty-one, a filling station attendant here Wednesday night. Obtaining S18. It was the tliirk an attendant has been held, |. J the station in fo|ur : monthd.j FRIENDS OF CURTIS :CContinued From Page 1.) Curtis will consent to run.; the Vic'e President's friends said that if Mr. Hoover! or the Re-: publican; 'Presidential' nominee years from now desired some om else'tfor ai running mate; Mr. Curtis would not press his claim; [for| renoinination. ' '|';.. j; 1 he Vice President plans to Imake a-few political speeches in. approaching campaign, but a swing around the circuit, 1 such as he undertook in 1928. To those wiio'Wve critibized ; ;Mr.i Cu|tis for not displaying, greaterj political activity, the i 'reply- hasi been made that Mr. Curtis has; ted i:. . pan! THREE-POWER PACT. 17.'b.,'England and JTapan.Coriipletji '---' Agreement. , | : ' agreement was reached .by'the Uni- States,; Great Britain and Jar at the naval conference this afternoon and the way ? ris now clear for a three-power pact, |. Prime Minister Ramsay .MacDonald, of .Great Britain; Henry L. Stimson, secretary of' state!, representing the United States, and Reijido Wakasuki, chief Japanese delegate, cleared, the decks iy settling,, the still outstanding' inition for use in connection with training Ships. | Hope for a' five -power agreement was said not to haxe been alKindoned, but it should ^jf known by tonight whether such 'a tre>ty is possible or whether the American, British and Japanese dele- gntes shall go ahead with a' three- power pact. • HINDOOS VIOLATE fcSWS. Two Hundred Violators of 'Law; Two Arrests. ' Saft Bombay, India, April 10.^. Two hundred . civil disobedience vjolunteeri, including sue JMoham- niedans I and • thr'ee women, brought sea water to the steps «f Gpngress rHo'uso this ; afternoon for the; manufacture.of jsair in; Violation !of British law. The band divided into twenty groups-, each bringing sea water; from a different part of the city;! ii , i - • • Thirty-two salt pans .were placed at the Congress House for manufacture of the contraband. ' •• There were two arjests of vol-'- unteers in Bombay's suburbs lust night for selling salj, one of them offering the forbidden product to '5'JCCESS S0WVE7IMK BRING! POliSE—BUtMORJE OFTEN -AVOiEDUPOIS/^——-»-; We're gaining right along— gaining .in ".public good will. Ours is a battery service station 'where competent battery men advise "you. and effect the; necessary repairs. . LINEBACK & SONS TYRE AND BATRI MEN Phone 38. - Tipton 12 YEARS AGO April 16th. ; magistrate at his HOOSIER DUOS IX SERVICE. home. Jtody of Elkhart Man to Hi.- Sent Homo From Chinese Vovt. • Jaraes, Bennett, 95, was critically, ill with' paralysis at the home of his daughter,-Mrs. J, Q. Jarrett west of Sharpsviile.' '** ' - ! Dr. Emil Rayj veterinarian of j Sharpsviile 'received word, to re- i port at Ft..Oglethorpe, Ga., April i ii;. - . • * * - * ! "-Raymond and Dorothy Alexan- t der children of 'Mr., and Mrs. 'W. S. Alexander of Sharpsviile '-escaped, serious injuries when their aiitoihobilo was struck by. a Penn- sylyania. train . at . the crossing .near -tho Rennet* rink'.' --l- ; ivi* ; Ebamel For Ypor KitcBen, Bath oi Woodwork— and it's CHI-HAMEL Bine Front Drag Store TIPTON, IND. "A Good Place to Trade" NcW'Majeitie, Model 00, Complcto •With Tubes, $1 10.50. Lee S. Leathennan FlTNiEK .Ui DIRECTOR. Drake Beauty Parlor Graduate of Rainbow Academy ii Call 15 for Appointment Second floor, Masonic BIdg. Shanghai, April Richardson, -of .Elkhart, pletty officer of the U, burgh, stationed li"ei|e of-pneumonia. The sent to the United the liner | President ! I, Marion D. Pottle, veteran of the Civil War died at his home lO.-MDrville j<jn Poplar street. "' Ind;, a' I - c - t. * * S.,S. Pitts*-'*' died today ! body will be States aboard Jefferson.' Giierney Hoover,' son of Mr. {and Mrs. Wilf Hoover was ill with '{diphtheria and the home was ! quarantined. . -. & N. SHOE S T 0 EE Notiing Over $4.98 COCRTESV OUI^ MOTTO 4- made; as many predecessor Cti) speeches - as this tries G-: Dawes. ; SOVIET THREAT. non-CommuVfist. Rus- . j (Continued From Page 1.). 11 havje beeit already passed on four, i former, employes in London who had disobeyed the order to return i home. • •• s. 1 :• • IN Among siais here the view is held that disobedience on .the part of these specialists, most of whom are unmarried and who would leave no mortgages -in the Bolshevlkl's hands, may move the Soviet Government to demand: their extradi- I -plant was close to-¥73,(100. S, Thfe other? city indebtedness lis represented by two -litems. Cicero creek Improvement bonds total at this time 4 $l<vi00 and watfsr works bonds; total $9,000 -JuBt how. 1 much ? money, j hits been!; paid out on city debts |du|r- ingrec «nt yean can! be! tigur ^d when It is ipinemb^red tbi| ti« ( towf indtbtedjMM,'LfrM N wlgHr M0,tf»0 wb ^a )boe |Ioppfr ill to •nptoJ, gg4^^iBMdl^-*ff ; tion.' Thus far there are no signs of this.: - : „ '|' Ii Mrs. Eliza- Fred Ogle- were at Hagerstown Thurs- dayjJTUltlng wlti^ Mrs. William Cramer, Jiformef .'resident; of' Tijh, km} Iflra. N. G. Owens, beth Daniels and Mrs. Buddy note books, difFer- eiit sizes. Tribu-fte Press. KONJOLA TRULY GRFAT MEDICINE" SAYS THIS MAN | -'Floyd -Mayne -son of Mr. anti j j -Mrs. O.U. Mayne was ordered-to* i report to the Great -Lakes train- j ling school for service in the radio j department.' i Rheumatism an Stomach Ail Yield! to Medicine. Popular Powder of Beautiful Women rBeauties who guard their com-l plesions use MELLO-GLO • Face j Powder-only. Famous for purity; Qfn-hWn' — i^ coloring--matter is approved! OlUDDOrn by the g0Ternmen t. The ! skin I never looks pasty, or flaky. It! spreads' more' smoothly and pro-' duces.a youthful bloom. Made by a new French -proeess, MELLO- GLO Face Powder* stays on longer. Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Your Personal or Business Needs May Be. . LEE F. GRIfFTH INSURANCE AGENCY I Phone 57. W. A. Pumphrey, D. C, CHIROPRACTOR Office Over Foster Jewelry Store. Phone 254. Tipton, Ind. . Politicnl Announcements. :• The Tribune, from now until the date of the primary election, will carry political announcements • in this column; payment for the same must,be made in advance. i LOANS 925 to $300—Your Own Secnr lty—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Km. 4, Masonic BIdg. IT. Main. : 'i - For Judnr. • As a can'didate lor tho Republican nomination for Midce of the Tipton circuit conn. I hereby respectfully solicit, your support; • -. ; . s. A. CULVER: .For Count v Trrasuivr. 1 am a candidate for the nomi- inatton of.... treasurer ot - Tipton county, subject to the Republican- jinni-any, May G. 19;:o. I shall appreciate any assistance given me .in-my campaign. i I • THOS; B. BARTHOLOMEW, THOMAS J [ill i I "Konjok is truly cine/' said-'Mrs. erfal KewH for Fits. Sufferers oklyn, N Y—Mofet atuliiiorn • -of epilepsy have boon stonndtt «w. remedy.-1 have teen hell °- ;.*t i|ion"c<s*;;5 tL ,,^...<,..w.v, •, T., for* free, booklet, great medi .ias*J v Coop er,- 710VNofth :Q. Street, Bedford "I suffered, for yearte with - stomach trouble: -I. camel to- tho nokit where Iajctually feared toicat because of thej bloating,! belching and heart palpitation that was i sure tt> fallow {Rhedmatlsjn then at taoHed • mc in-my knee and anklb JoinUlnttdfthereTwere days when l|fvai absolutely helpless and wa» fot-ced ^to igiv ^up my *prk r . - r "SU oflttlss of Kbhjola did th< 'tan,- ahli^h grint msdklne J . r . imr vm ,w» tidiit "utt[ JWiiL f •. For County Clerk. | I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for clerk of the -Tiptbn circuit court, subject to - the decision of the Democratic voters- at the primary election to be heldi-May 6, l^SO ! : PARKER DUNHAM; See— • [• ''•-'[" YOUNGr & MASON Suits and Friraiahings 6 East Jeffenon St. RADIO SERVICE We- Co f Anywhere.*— Aerial Work—Full Ijinc Aec«a«oriea McJnnkin Radio Shop Phone 30X7. i:I ; have -aanonnced as a- Derao tjrotlc candidate for the nomination/for clerk of the Tipton cir- dult court, subject to the primary election. May ,6, 1030, - Any sup- Ilort..-g.lven>me -willbe.- sincerely .appreciated. JOHN F. HEATH • - . - i':-. /• i For Ttrastee. 1 herebr •nnoonce --my»elf asi a c«Bdi««t«-:tor<.tlM;.nomiMtipn (or tfatM >t ^teKb r towafnIp, ««b- Jicf /to thv ^eeuton of the Dedo Wi\ tqtatr «t Hhe primary eWe- SDB to bji h<0d Ttrtsdar Hit i«, m Our New 1 Spring. Woolens Are AmvliiK—fCoinevand Seel Them CHARLES F0U0H Tailor ind llea 'i Shop 108 North We Trade; for Ynar OMTlrea Wee* J-*-~- * "

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