The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, April 10, 1930
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4, 1895,;;at; post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 5, 1879 VOLUME .XXXV, NO. Hi- CAST TRIAL STARTS IN LOCAL CO Jury Hears Evidence in Casej of Woman on Charges of I 1 Contributing'. I SORDID -TAiLE J- IS TOLD Defendant in Court. Wath Mother and Small Child j as Case Is Called. Honeymoon Put Off -:j Court Orders the Connie to'Go a Years; suit 'casfj packed years be- Chicago, April 10.—j -jv bride's honeymoon but .unused for forty cause, ,the bridegrooih could n'otL find time to go, j has; been •put to use. .. Before iludge Joseph Sahath, Mr. and'Mrs., William Enseln, fi8 andi 65 years old, appeared to argiie their, differences over temporary alimony. | c - ; . "I had my suitcase packed and it is still packed,' but Pa •wouldn't eo," ilrs. Eriseln told Judge Sahath.' "He said he.did not!have time to go." Tlie embarras'sed Mr. Enseln admitted the trnthj of his wife's statements. Judge Sah­ ath'ordered them to take|a four week's honeymoon at Hot Springs, Ark. The trial of Mrs. "Eva Cast; I charged with contributing to- the delinquency of a minor'"child, started iji Juvenile court with Special Judge Frank R. Russell 'presiding. Thursday morning- Tlie jury was secured, statements of the attorneys made and the first witness used before the noon adjournment. The fir^t witness was Mrs. Thomas Kelley, mother of the 13-year-old girl,, who according to the; statement made by attorneys for the state was mistreated with the assistance of Mrs. Cast on. the.hig^it of July 2. l!»2fl. Mrs.- Kelley | stated her E A6AI DOES NOT CHOOSE PARITY COST IQ On Basis of Jap Agreemen U. S. Will Be Forced to Spend That Much; MORE Plan Engine for Compressors and! Direct Powsr Line From Substation. BRITISH COST LOWER He Can Ex-President Says Not Be Considered for | Any Public Office. daughter was 13 years; of age on |_Coolidge, according to: his April 22.. preceding It he occur-' ' - - ' rente which resulted in the arrest of Mrs. Hast atidj Henry Holloway. the latter having served a sentence of six months on the penal farm for his part j.Jn the transaction. The jury hearing the jcase is composed of Harvey Chesser, Ed Thompson, Tticliard Harlow, Carl Sendder, Herbert Watson, Arthur Phares. William H. Amos. Denton P. Piim'plirey of the regular panel anil C. E. Riffe, John J. Kessler, Ralph Phares and C. W. Ramsay, who were picked. rip by the sheriff for service.. ; Prosecuting Attorney A. • W. Bolton and J. M. Purvis, special' assistant, appointed by the court, are presenting the state's side of the case and Mrs. Cast is defended by Attorney A. A. Fletcher. The sordid details of the automobile tvip made hy Holloway, Mrs. Cast and the prosecuting witness, as related during the. trial of Holloway last September, >.are being retold and the court room contains a number of curious spectators. I| Mrs. Cast, is 'Sri court with her mother and small -child and the parents of the! prosecuting witness and the grandfather, J. R. Adams of Sharpsville < are with her. HIT BY AI7TO- iter- Daughter of tamoineSRKell Was •\ Injured At Mowrle. Little Julia Ann! Boxell, the two-year-old daughter, of Mr. and Mrs. Lanioine Boxell of Muncie, former- Tipton residents, was struck by an automobile, Wednesday afternoon in front J of the Boxell home- She ! was I knocked down and received | some, severe; bruises. She was l taken to the; hospital and later' in the evening removed to her home. It is: not thought her injuries are serious although-there i >3 a) bad bruise on the forehead. i Mrs. Verne Maine ' of South East street, who is a sister-of Mrs. Boxell, had a telephone mes -J sage' from Mrs. Boxell Wednesday night. The little girl had slipped out of the bowse:and bad started to follow her' sister Dor* is, -who was going I to school.' The driver of the auto which •track her as she started across the street was-going «Io«j<or the,' injuries sriCfet lU j »»M fital Vn. "Mfinsj Md j daughter Mar- lorle aid Ulaa : KaJ*erVn Deakrne" wf X*il*m»9ptU were visKom at the^n^y^tfrj**;, r j TALKS ON PROHIBITION New York, April 10.' I Tlans are being formulated by. the. electric light and water committee of the council for the improvement of the city utilities this summer. The improvements contemplated will not call for any large expenditures of money but they will provide better^ safeguards for. service. The work will afford more men city jobs and in this way several families will be aided at a time when work generally -is slack. The unemployment situation will therefore be relieved somewhat. t - The committee, consisting of Paul Utterback, Arthur Bryan and Jesse .Mcintosh, have conferred with Jesse Tudor, superintendent of utilities and they have already decided upon a new water main leading north from the water works plant. The r present water system of the city is sup 1 plied through one 12-inch main which goes south from the plant connecting with smaller mains forming the network of the sysr tern. Any trouble developing in this- large water main means that the water supply over the city must be shut off until repairs are made. When the new main is in- minding one 's own business, Mr. stalIed > an s -inchv main going Coolidge made pronouncement n0 ' nh J theTe wiu be a double dis- which may take a plaie alongside tribution: frora the source at «,« his now famed Black [Hills-state- . t &nd eitner maln wi „ he menu. "I do not choose' | aWe to 8UppIy the entire sygtem "When I left Washington,'' ne j j n ' case ^ a breakdown in one wrote, "I left public | office, "is;^ Tnenew , ine wtu , go north Calvin own statement, is through'.with public office, finds this an I "ihcompre hensible relief" and has no inten- I ; tion of it.;]; • The former President, who spent most of his yean? in public service, made his revelation today •a • ; in the May issue of ^the Cosmopolitan Magazine. In |an •article! frankly discussing his ! thoughts I on prohibition, tariff J a senate term or a third term in the presidency, playing the market and The romance of Raymond de v Trafford,-British aristocrat, and) Silveriro'rne, 1 the; former Countessj de. Janze, born at Buffalo, and whose emotional career on the Continent reached its climax when she shot De Trafford and herself in the compartment! of a French train, [may have a happy ending. According! to dispatches, De Trafford and the;American-born Countess are'to be married. 1 •• \ l (International Ntiwsreel IGADIA IS IN A TURMOIL Closings of Bank and Fina Outcome of Situation Causes Worry. ; MANY RUMORS AFLOAT an incomprehensible relief and I have no intention of returning to u." ; '• - !M' ' . Elaborating this dictum in his ierse New England styie the former President, now living -a quiet life in' Northampton, Mass., let it be known that his opposition to further public office covered not alone another term itfftne White House but likewise the suggestion that he enter the United ; States senate race in Massachusetts. ; Oh the subject of, Mr. Coolidge let it be prohibition, krio*n that he regarded the problem as one which could, not be (solved rapidly. Instead, lie suggested, it is a controversy which | fe likely to be long with the nation. "Considering that people have differed most radically ', on the best method - of regulatings the sale of Uqour for generations," he wrote, 'it is not likely! to be settled for a long time to come." three blocks where it will .connect with the system. {. 1 The material for the new main has been ordered and just as soojv as it arrives work will be started. This construction will provide more work for Tiptqn pepple and when completed a more'uniform water pressure will be possible and in' addition the -city plant will have an additional safeguard for - continuous, service, j Another- improvement planned is' to run a diTect power line from the plant to the substation at the west edge of the :ity. This will he useful following a severe storm such as the sleet storm this winter. When lines lare down, the repair men will only need to repair the direct line and this will keep the water plant in operation while other repairs to the electric system are being made. The pres- (Continued on Page 2). People Have N.Y. Pastor Denounces 10.^4-People prophylactic New York. April today have too many alibis!for sin, the Revi Dr. Paul Scherer, pasto> of th< Evangelical Lutheran church of Trinity.. Sixty-fifth street Central Park West, told*, his con gregation yesterday "When" we discuss |n|orniifg. , ( (IrlBBe today every one employ" :thJBj SSBM hand washing srocess...which| <Pontius Pilate practiced-and | crtw 'I am : taAoeent.' PjmnU kBBBM oto'W'!«rbMi':--t|ii \u MttlMi.mwrlM. wk| Ul Too Many Alibis for Sin; 'ModernPilates' the*. Holy and blfm the teaehsrs tstti^^to-A , . problem. They are Useful In quiet times. We can talk «bont heredity and environment very nicely then. But In times of stress the. crass of Jesus can handle sin properly. j '1 am not Impressed by, atiy of those people who never get etched about .religion. Yon are soMK to 4 , do aomethlng about Jesus of Nutreth whether, yon know Wer not,- and < whether.' yon;' llke> it, j»r not. JmuU <>^bB |^tebl«>^ .Wfefi ,d«rit:fjoM. to ^MslmW of Arcadia and ' ' '.•>• The peoplei community are in a jturmoil over 'i I I. ' S the closing of the Central Bank f I j- 1 • - ! af Arcadia Wednesday noon and the unknown joutconie of the siti- nation. [; Everyone there is talkjf ihc on the same subject, the bankf i: I s . - ' -i |1 , irig situation, land whether or rioj j they will, be I pa'id in full To Obtain Parity in Ships With England We Will i Have to Build. Traffic Congestion Fi-rces - Paris to Iiose 'Mnny Statuos -Paris, April 10. — Paris has always heen known, as a city of .statues, thousands of her notables of past ages being memorialized, by busts and likenesses placed in every available ^park and odd earner. But wit.i the advent of the traffic- problem many of them have had to go.' The latest statues to lio •removed are those of Jules Simon, the statesman, and VU> torien Cardou, the dramatis;. .which have long occupied smi'tl islands in the.surroundings of the Church of the Madeleine. "-Sic' transport Gloria' Mmi- di." comments the French bn- 'morist, : Clement Vauf .;l. V>ug- g.esting that all the superiiuoi's statues be melted down to make "one. gigantic monument t.i .he automobile.' JUIIMU HUM SOME RIMJftS £.-ay Postoffice Men Are Vrg- irh. Brown to Run for ; Vice-President. CURTIS 13 CONTENT iirown / Says Any Political Work for Him Is With- i out His Consent. I THREAT L Hearing 1 on Boyd an Creek Drains to Be on That Date- Wolf Held i London April 10-^-Two 'month's jago in c London dispatches it v:Ss. 1 estimated that it would coat the f United States one billio« dollars [to attain parity after the, navkl conference here. Now,-,according to official figures by American j naval experts, the provisions of the agreement shaped between the United States,' Britain and Japan, parity with Britain and: maintenance of the treaty ratio I ,— with Japan will call for an; expen^ j . diture ot 51,028,000^ i>j 1 SH0 0TING IS.PROMISED United; States in the next six f years in the event that-the treaty Reported Russia Orders Ex. Employes to Return or Be Outlawed. MAY, ALTER PREC The board of county sioners will be in session April 18. and the businessji them back is to hear the[ stiances filed against the made by,, the viewers in the !Fer— . i j j nando Boyd and George Campbell ditch proceedings. The iatterj is better known as; the Wolf creek NC ;comro Fridk>% calling rempn- s written, and signed 'in London J is ratified by the'Senate. Thesp''fjg-' iires are. based . oh the United States naval estimates of the cost of replacements and new construction per ton. ,- i. The cost to Japan-in this- in- 1- • • • , . , ,- . 1 [and other Soviet trading-or"ani- stance, not including aircraft car- 1 • °" s rier construction, based on Amer- f t,ons here t0 retHr " *™ , ican costs, will exceed ^2R7.0 (Vo.- i- ,n * *" eek or stand tl,e ^ance of.; is-i000. The British costs are .riot available hut because of the large percentage already completed •! in the British program it will not be reports-i states. Washington April 10— Priend3 of Vice Presdient Curtis have bei -ome aroused by reports reaching them that Postoffice Department emloyes have been quietly urging Postmaster General Brown as a candidate for the Vice Presidential nomination in 1!).12 among SoiUhf rn Republicans. Information concerning this alleged activity was "first received by Senator Smith W. Brookhart's: committee on Southern patronage. Mr. Brookhart offered to take the Senate floor to mako 'publ'n) the information rearbin^ him tin the subject, but it is understood that Mr. .Curtis requested the Iowan to drop the matter. Ohio friends of the Postmaster General insisted that if Postoffi'e employes traveling through the South! had been urging him for Vice. President, it was without Mr. Brown's consent or knowledge. ; It was declared by men close ;to Mr. Brown- that he had no ambition for second place on ties, according to responsible op- the nntiollal tickpt in i 9? . 2 and inion. Severa! London, April 10.—Orders hy the R f u'ss-ian Soviet Government to itsf former ; employes of the spetzi! or specialist class in the London' offices of Arcos, Ltd.. ; ly to create diplomatic . difficu.l- RiiKsians lit ,- ii drain, and parties are objecting; to when | . * • i - r . 1 the assessments placed on their lands', some ofvwhichare In the. Fernando Boyd $20 per ii iquidatioi! starts. j No one seems to know anything lefinitejbut the more sober mindr |;d people feelj that .eyerythingj will iome 'out satisfactorily in thejend, although it is; admilted thai it may be jjsomej time lief ore al/|thj»j N . rp^Mott.ditclT.:' ..The remohst! proceedings the petition was filed yejirs of ago and was held up by reason an appeal having been taken in affairs of thej institution cans bfe cleared up and'- final paympntii made. '{Others fear they willfnot Set all tlheir money back. | There are also, rumors, flying j round to the effect) that a delib- tors to the report in tb ditch state bat since the was ' : filed conditions changed that, thej,report is incorrect. They 'also ; {ibject| the assessments I placed petition liavej as Imad arate attempt was rtiade to cause I some of the properties alleged withdrawals, the' prime . factor I lie benefitted. which cdused the bank officers: to FOR WORTHY PURP.OSK1 j have received an ultimatum from i the Soviet . Consul General, M. : would) not cons'der the nomina- London tion t.f it wcr^ offered to him. Although Mr. Curtis his soiventietih" year in reached January iLytcheff, during the last few days an( j h a3 been forced to restrict Tii Kappa to Hold MarRpt f°i' Benefit of Milk Fund, i On Saturday the Tri Kappa warning them- of the consequence's of remaining in London ; in defiance of the Soviet's orders. : These men. ,non -Communist3, his political ;activities. his friends would protest against any attempt to shelve him in 19S2. From those very Hose to the sorority will hold an Easter^b'akeT* ere em 'P 1 -°>: e - d b - v tIle 8ovfet.-It is vipp Ipr^ident. it was learned market at the Arkenau drug Stiore'Reported, on' account of their , that ne wou id not turn a hand to and the purpose is a most worthy: technical . qualifications in advis, ; 0 , )tail i a renbminatlou. It was re- [hglone. For the past year > the'Tri-, ory or administrative posts. /called that active candidates for 'Kappa, members have beei'i pro- : .Since-the resumption of dipln- the Vice Presidential nomination jviding the funds to purchase. tnilk. n, aHc relations with Britain new-j generally falil. The selection of a- Boyd against to two years ago there!was talk' at the time that whisperings had cai 'sed some people to distrust the institution and withdraw their lap- counts. 1 The same rju'm'or is now aflloat fn the town aiid^Thursday Jefferson township. A petition is ready to submit changing ing place from Ekin to Teters- JBOrning it was repp irted that !a burg, as being more suitable most voters of tlfat precinct!will, also be more suitable to r t Another matter which, ask the state, banking department: come i b ef 0re the board -Uv to-take] charge, When the^ F rst| meeting will be .the changing National Bank ot Arcadia clo»«jd|. tne voting place of Precincii lil ^o the this, ot in ting returns to the proper auth- few nights past, warnings, were; oritle8 following an election ot­ to and get- given some depositors to leave the , n 1928 tne flrst preclnct voted Central Bank. A few weeks ago a run was caused on a Kokomo bank by mysterious "telephone messages. The bank was perfectly 'solvent, biit directi warnings caused it trouble. Luther Symondsj of the state' banking department, is in charge at Arcadia, and he is carefully going over the asset si and liabilities of the bank. It Is: expected tllat |"he wil| Issue a statement on I the public soon. j. 1 Chil- heeri comers, all members rtf. the Com-; the nominee! for the second pl3>'« munist party,- arrived at the So- on the 1irkpt| is left usually to the vsi'dentlal | choice, if Mr. Hoover is renominated 1AR2 andldesires Mr. Curtis to be hi* running mate, it Is believed viContidned on Page 2). nKAfoviLvr; TIIR r^rsn. for undernourished school dren and the. results have watched with the 'assistancei j. of i viet's- London offices as a logical the county health, nurse. In every j sequel, it is said.. to the cam-, case there, has been a'gainbyjthe !Paign against all middle-class : undernourished child. ; (elements, whether peasants, pro- The market Saturday, will - be \ fe'ssronal men or traders, now be- j for the | purpose of. replenishing'! ing intensified in Russia. Thej the funds fof this purpose and 'newcomers studied awhile unfle<- the worthiness of the project .willtheir. non-Communist' pre^es-J \ he. admitted by all. Cakes, . can-., sors and were then appointed to ; -p\oo-i t 'oml dies, pies, chickens, cookies' and : fill their places. The- "spetzi" j ;Cansed nVany other delicious edibles'jwill! were dismissed and ordered to re-! jj j — be offered the public. t ! turn home, but all did not obey, j iirfeet Commissioner John Hor'—; - ,• -, . -] -At the consulate it wa[<> statrd iton and hisjmen in the past two . The.U. ,S. Navy laid, a mine (that nothing was known, about • days, jj have taken about two truck barrage of 1 56,600 mines ..inj tiie;sentences- of- death -reported to ••"adsj; of North Sea during the World War. ; ; (Continued on Pa« 2.) t inns in North Eml by Maple Trres. of Ha* tteft Sanitarium. il * I I Hisa Hatel Swift Ig In receipt a letter ' from 1 Miss Belle ^r »ngh. ot-Weat Jefferson atreet, who -has been Apendlng the ]wln T t«r with' sjer sister, Miss Pearl at Goldsmith; the^second prpctncti in Kempfon; the third precinct in Kempton, and the fourth in Skin. DID GOOD WORK. Atlanta Chemical Engine!mid Vol untoers fixtingulshad' •FiroJ J the i nof Fire which started in of the home of : Frank i M Fssig, northeast of Atlanta, Thursday morning, woe i exting.u isliedj j i by hard-work on the ipart of volunteers Wd the : Atlanta | chemical engine. The roof was j damaged considerably, but this ,ia qovered I »ewd ; i: by Insurance: before 7 o'cl^ki:^nd>tn,e tipton department--^rit j a truck; i knd?\tij services ':Wra:?ndt'.:n^«d.: iW0 *. .' [sarvioti'w ' Britain Hears We Propose Big Flour Exports; Protection Plan Causes Alarm trash and root growth ironi ;the sewer on Independence tsireoti 1 »inch drains the north part ;of the city and when ttey have f comp|eted their work there Is lit> tie chance that the flood condition ;' will Be experienced soon, j °Th| largCj maple trees along ... A ••• -' L.- ~~- "—i North Independence street have London,; Ajpnl ,10.-Reports jqnlremente^ being "dumped" here L elU L oots ^ the dept „ of |ne sal in (the United as a result of the operation of the j Rewe ^ flnd s t, me of , nPm haTP here of. a prooo..__ ... States ;to grln<| 100,000,000 bush new American plan has \ caused consternation among British mill- found an opening and crept j into the sewer. Once inside the root multiplies faiat and one mass I «-'•«as; large as a els of surplus wheat and expoit It ^ and farmers Bn{ Mj . as flour, hi 'given considerable.| deh's repo/ted proposal has cans-.en o»t was r _ prominency in! the Britlsht press i^d even greater alarm \ among.jhodyj This practi?aily stopped ihe and are followed by a I report jthat, Empire wheat producers.! Canad- l-° ew et. and yhen leave* weaned Philip Snowdeji. Chancellor of the i{ i ft n miller^ arid -British bakers. ! dow 4 against It. they formed * Exchequer, 1 drawing up the forth- i ~ • • The bakers have been thformod j complete da!m. coming budget. contemplated ^[making it coinpnlsoryfor Brftiph bakers to use -a- stipulated-pro|por- tlon ok flour jnilled. from British irhejstf '• [ ' i[ • I " : '' ;i I .With the exception m the small ;owitMsi' -.M^penmarit and Hot- |fo||^^^«tr ^3 «^rta# v :--the, Tfee^BrMiectf M •adtt 'lonal ft: that . the- government - contemplates forcing them to use anywhere from .7% to 20 pee cent of British flour, according to the supplies of .British -.: wheat and that no differentiation win be made between^ foreign and empire fjour. j ' 'At present Brltlso-, AustraHan, iArfentlne-and Canadtanj flours ar«,ble*6^ tomake thej Bnglfsh being. Thje largest growth was takes out near the old Beauchamp prop-; erty .j *» j * ' The street commimtoner sspilay requests property throw trashi grass or the .skreet, tf> .wash iato tMJ: era abd clog them. Thf:"-' -'-' ' -

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