Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 23, 1954 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1954
Page 20
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TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, APRIL 23, 1954 Grains Head Lower Generally CH$CA(JQf £— Grains Rrnerally Nftetat hW*r on the Roarrt nf Ittite toroy wth a few contracts showing Stesdinpss. May wheat held up rathrr \\oll. helped by tsJcport business Tmvnrd the Closft fhft new crop soyhran futures reccwered from wly losses. reflecting short eovrrinn h> local traders prior to thr wrrkrnd Feed grains eased on substantial arrivals ot cash rom. Rvr fril to a nW lo* since 13 (3 in a continuation ot a liquidating movement in that cereal. grain receipts in Chicago were estimated at: wheat -12. corn 223. Oats 12. barley 23. soybeans 4, CsHtCAGO If— Cash whoa!: nono Corn: No 2 yellow 1.X7V No n 1.36V57 1 U; No 4 1.534-.v|.V No :, 1.524-53%; sample crarir 1.474534. Oats: No 1 white 804; sample grade medium heavy while 784- Soybeans: none. Barley nominal: mailing 1.2fl-fi2; feed 92-1.14. High Low Close Prrv.rln*>> Wheat May 2.W* 2.12'.i 2.13 2.13-134 Snp 2.10^ 2.08*i 2.09'j 2.10-10% Dec 2.15V4 2.13U 2.\4 2.14! a -'!i Corn May 1.524 1.51 1.51% 1.52 t 4-% Jfy 1.524 1.514 1.51% 1.52%-% Sep 1.494 1.48 1.48'% 1.494 Dec 1.43U 1.42'^ 1.424 1.43"-k-4 Oats Livestock Price* i At East St. 1,ntris NATIONAL STOCK YARDS. Ill /P-'t'SDA' — Hous T.nnn. bulk 1SO-2.'iO Ib 2S 3>.V>. m.'nn prife 2".50; some strictly No 1 ^rade only 28.Till: must sales 'JIO-L'TiO Ih ^N.nn.ri: ^n .co 11- -.:; Tin.T't: 270-.".on Ib 27.nn.TiO: rhniro 1 in-17n Ih 27 7.i .'X .V); sn«s -inn Ih dim n Sri.OO-.'/): cr-ax'ipr sn\s s 'J! J . ,'iO-lM TiO; hours IS 00-21.50. ' Cattle 7(10, ralvr* KM1 ff\v lots nnd individual hrnd yood steer? and lirifers 20.00-22 "0: fnmmrt rial 17.00-Ifi 00; utility and rom- • merrial rows 12.50-14.50: ranners and miters 9.50-12.50; utility and cnmmcirial bulls 13.T)0-1."i.OO; fuller hulls 1200-1300; few prime vealers 2S.OO; grind and ehnice 20.00-24.00: ernnmeirial and Inn ^r«)d 1100-1900; rommerrlal lo cliniee slaiiKhter calves 14.00•-'(I 00. Sheep 100; some merely KOOT! spring lambs L't 50: sprinkling full to cnfirl sliorn slaiighler ewes 1 00 €00. Produce Prirp.n Al Si. ST. LOUIS yp —Produce and live jpmiHry: j Roosters, nld cocks 12. ! Other prices unchanged. Olney Charges May Jly Sep Dec Rye May l.OOU Jly Sep .754 .71 Mi .70% .7314 .75 .704 .69% .72% .97'i .75*4 .70'a .70 .724 .754 .71 «4 .71 Dec 1.03 1.06 1.1.1 1.00 Soybeans May 4.06 Jly ,99 l.OOU 1.01*4 1.03 1.034 1.04% 1.0(5 1.084 1.094 l.i 0 Nov Jan 3.084 4.06 4.02-024 3.99V4 3.H24 3.99U 3.97.96M. 2.88U 2.834 2.86V4 2.864-86 2.63% 2.B04 2.63V4 2.614 2.67 2.64 2.67 2.65-65% Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily! DANCE Every Sat. Nite AT GODFREY CIVIC CENTER With Helen Barkley's Five-Piece Orchestra Dancing From 8:30 to 12:80 Aircrails Strong, Railroads Firm NKW YORK JP — SlroiiR aircrafts and firm railroads spnl the stock market ahead smartly today. By far the most spectacular performer was DmiRlns Aircraft, ll shot ahead R-^i on the day and 184 In three days. Aircrafls have been heavy favorites most of the week. Other nlrrrafl.s were up between one and three points while the re- mnlntler of the list showed small gains that seldom ran past a point. Volume came to nn -estimated two million shares, compared with Thursday's lolal of 1.750,000 shares. Report $25,000 Jrwol Tliofi al CHICAfiO ffl ~ Dnvld S. Kll- hoRcn, 35, ii wlinloNiiln jewelry .salesman, reported In police Hint $25,000 worth of jewelry WHS stolen Irnm his parked car while he was making a salrs call al n north side storo. SQUARE DANCE FRIDAY, APRIL 23rd AT THE GODFREY TOWNSHIP VETERANS' CENTER 3 miles from North Alton Route 100. Muiiio By "FUBGIE" and th« MIDWEST SWINGSTKRS Po»t 1218 Public Welcome Milton Rd Godhey Rd. Middlctown (7th & Centrol) BLOCK'S ICE CREAM ond CHIPETTE in !i Col.—Qt.—Pt. At All Dryv-inns. DANCE SATURDAY NIGHT Loyd Lyle* f Orchestra Godfrey Township Veterans' Center On Rt. 100 — S MiU'i Out of North Alton Former/y Club 100 PUBLIC WELCOME GODFRKV LK<ilO\ POST 1»18 DINE AT SKAGGS' STEAKHOUSE TONITE! We Specialize In STEAKS SEA FOOD CHICKEN PEN DAILY it A.M. to 2 A.M. SKAGG'S Steakhouse Edworditille Rood WOOD RIVER PHONE 4-7612 Lots of STRAWBERRIES ON SALE AT LOWEST PRICES Potatoes* 147 inn in 1101 mm Bananas $» 39 C BROADWAY & MAIN PRODUCE MKT. (f ontlmreil from face I.) under FHA-invured loan-- He said there were main- eases of slipshod work, promises by salesmen of "rebates " that were never paid. nod instances where liigh-presMu-p . home improvement « a I c s rn c n roamed around the country in bands using the FIIA program to 'evploit families inexperienced in lending aciiviiip-. Olncy U,TS r'-fiorlffl to have played a major role in a White House decision la--! ue^k )*> break the bousing scandals into ihe ripen. Since then five top FHA officials; have been relied of their jobs, by icsignalirm or diseliatge. ; Arthur J. Frenl/, assistant com- '• rmssioiv-r ill chatL'e -il Ihe home- ri pun pi OKI am. was filed Tliurs- day, u'illi a .'•tJilenie/il (lorn Mason thai he hurl "no evidence nf any illegnl actmties on the part of Mi, Arthur Frcniy " Frenl/. said In- and his superiors had come to a "plcawinl nrid friendly" p/irting. llollyday. the only ousted official who had been appointed during j the Kisenhrmer adminislrvilion. demanded a second chance to testify before the committee lo "clarify the record" marie by Cole Irtsl Tuesday. Cole testified thai Holly- J day's resignation had been asked by President Kiseuhowcr partly lecmise llollyday wrote a "laurla- nry" letter accepting the resigna- i ion of an unlimited high FHA official who. Cole said, was under in- j vexligatinn for collecting money in elurn fnr FHA commitments and for heavy Rnrnbllng. j Charges of scandal onrl "wind-! fall" profits have centered on lwo| phases of the over-all housing pro- 1 gram: (1) FIIA-insured loans for; large-sea lr> rental housing projects and (U) Insured loans up lo $2,j(IO (or home repairs. Brannon Speaks * fomarfl Pnf »p r < 4.TL D ' • ' ToMeniify* At Ihcrnncipia oman sx P ti M i r Affair* ('.onfprrnrr Missouri Students Visit at Temple Members of DcMolay and i Ralnhriw entertained slurlerTlsi from Webster Groves (Mo.) High ! School at Franklin Masonic Tern- \ pic Wednesday night. This was' Ihe llflh annual visit of the Mis- j souri students. I A covered dish dinner was served, nnrt later a program was presented by Ihe visitors. Mrs. Dorothy Welrich, speech i instructor al Ihe Webster Groves j school, Introduced Miss Judy Drake, Miss Carol Maffick, NenJ ] Nielson and Chris llohenmeier, who conduct ed a panel discussion on "Is This H Mnn's Worlrl?"| and afterwards panel members answered quest ions present ed by DcMnlays and Rainbows. Miss Malllck recenlly won the stale championship of Missouri for dramatic readings, and Nenl Nielson, slain championship for oratory. Miss Drake hits been awarded n scholarship lo Cornell University, and Mr. llohen- meier has won a scholarship to Swnrlhniore College. (Mr. llohenmeier came lo Ihe United Sidles from Germany live years ngo, nnd al that time knew no Knglish), Gills were presented by 'Master Councilor Frank Siillon in behalf of Ihe DcMolays to the two young men on the panel lenin. mid Miss Polricm Thomas, won by advisor of Rainbow, presented gifts to Die young women. "Uncle Kd" Jutlemeyer presenled a gill lo Mrs, Weirich, Telegraph Want Ads CLICK Studf-nls from 2) Mid-.'.c-.trrn crillefe".- and iirnvf-rsilir-s and Die I". S. Military Acadr-uiv al U'i-sl Point assembled Thursday "n Ihe Piinr-ipia College rampus at l-Js.-ih foj- (lie Kith annual public affairs r-ntilr-rem-e, sponsored by the principia School nf Government The conference ori (be topic "\Vbat . Shoulil the Government I>" f'ir Die I-'anrif r'' 1 ' uill r-»iitmue thiounh ' Snnirday. I F.arl ('. Smith, fnnner director; of Die American Farm Bureau Federation and past president of the Illinois AuMcullural AS-WISI- , lion. j;n\e Die openin;.' address i clinosiU!.' as bis Ibcine Die fact i Dial Ihe fanner's pr/iblem is not j primarily his alone, but a mailer ! of relationship between farming, hihor. and industry, mid that a drop in the agricultural prosperity means a drop in I/IP ecomimy al large. The stage fnr Ihe sludent rliseiis- sion slated trxlay and tomorrow was set by two "commission hearings", modelled after Congressional commissions, each addressed by experts in Hie field of latin production and agricultural marketing. These were: l)r, William C. Klher- irlge of the University of Missouri College of Agriculture; former Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Hrnnnon; Dr. Waller Hodge of Ihe Deportment of Agriculture; Howard Doaiie nf Ihe Doane Agriculture Service, SI. Louis; Dr. II. J. Mutli. Professor of Agriculture, University of Illinois; Dr. Warren K. Collins, director of Research, Illinois Agricultural Association. Brannon, In an appeal for INDIANAPOLIS !F — .Taywslk- ing put Mrs. Amy Tilley in jail, and a stomach pump put her name on ihe police blotter. Patrolman Charles \V. Keeley i .iid he saw the woman trying to lavvvjtlk at a downtown intersection and airr«;|er| her. lie said •Alien she refused to give her name .inrl "got noisy", be took her lo the station and charged her with re. 'istintt arrest, being disorderly and j.-iywfilking. Rut he slill didn't have her name. Then she took something from her purse and swallowed It. Police, afraid of poison called the stomach pump. The "pellet" turn out In be her social sccutilv card. Marqucttc Play Set May t The senior r|a^ nf Marri'iette i Sfhool will present a popu- I lar version nf "Pride and Pre jti- ! by HHen Jerome • fTi's novel of the nn Tuesday an'l ! (.enings. May IS j !i be given at SS. j adapt from .Inrtf Au c amp riHniP Wrdnr-'l-iy p and 10. [i wi tually refuses to marry Mr. Collins whom she openly deplores and Mr. Da fey whom she secretly adores. The play is the story of ihe duel between Kh/ahpth and her pride and Darcy and his preju- dif. Finding the Outcome of thi« pl a >' v '-'" pro\ide a deliehl- ful evening's entertainment. TtRMnM S«Hirtfy said today Denmark trifl tighten COPENHAGEN. JP — Danish up her anti-spy security measures Justice Minister Han* Haekkerup {o |i owing » hp disclosure that ftus- suit was unopposed by Crideri sian sahofa K' % a ^ nt)! ha( who filed an entry of appear- 'rained in Karlshorst, Germany to anre to permit the hearing. I work in Denmark. fiil '.finili in "Irri ifyini;" nnw Nru f'ltiit if n;ili v-s. purrirur iiH: wilh tlir- |)rc«;cnl proliU'in <il fiirrn siirpliisscs, point r>d mil Hint "luilf nl thr ww\i] .still (jof's to h''d hunitry" and snirt, "Thcrr c»r\ hf no world prnrp wtirn half thr wofld is hungry and ill dud". Tho itilflli^rnl II.SP of surplus food. Hivimidn m«ifitninfd. and hrlp lo countrifs, which nn- umlrrfnd and poorly i'(|ui|)|)cd with aurk.'ullural "know-how" is one of DIP KITH I- csl weapons, in I ho fiuht n^ainst Ihr spro;id of Communism. and Paul's (Old Cathedra!) lime both nighf. 1 ! is s«-hr>duled for 8:1"). Two rnati- npps piecrdins; the main perfor- mancps are also planned, one for thn Children's Home and Old f'alhedral grade school nn May Ifi and one for the rest of the crarie schools nf the city on May 17 both at 3:30 p.m. The play r-onccntiatcs on Mrs. Rennet's determination to get her daughters, .lane, Kli/.anelh. and I.ydia married. For the eighteenth century woman, to he a wife was sin cess. Anything else was failure. Jane and her Mr. Hingley and Lydia with her Mr. Wickham are quile content; not so with KlP/abeth! She ac- TMvnrrr (iranterl TJivorre was granted in City Court Thursday by Judge .Slreep- er to Mrs. Violet Rose Crider from Jackson Crider on grounds of desertion, and under the decree the plaintiff's former name of P'ereiison was restored. The DANCE AT Amirican Legion BARN BETHALTO SATURDAY, APRIL 24TH RONNIE KLAUS And His Orchistra Watch • jewelry I K> P>r i REPAIRING Vr CTONE BROS. ^J TKI.riMI Allun. Ill - MH w Third St. IVond Ktrtr Slum «| Cornrr Of l>iiu>uii And Wood Klttr Av. Dlkl 4-l5«t Dnori Open H:45 P. M. Show I Start. 7:00 NORSIDE LAST TIME TONIGHT .li-ffrcy IIUNTKIl Alichnr-l "Sailor of the King" 8:67 Only. Rob IIOPK, Lucille HAI.I, "FANCY PANTS" 7:SB Only. IJTTI,K KAHOAI.S COMKDV SATURDAY ONLY KAIIGAIN IMATINKK Adullx ««<•—Until 2 P.M. Chlhlmi I Or All 'I'inirs. Thire's mthine like a worn* to conn between men...! TONITE HPii Murray, l.nurlo Aiulcrs "The Marshal's Daughter" Shown at 8:l« Unhurt Shu nit Dnrlx Merrlrk "The Neanderthal (Ape) Man" Shown nl. 7:10 2 CARTOONS COMING SAT. & SUN. "BUN BELT" T,«h. "TORCH SONG" Tec*. THEATRE LAST TIME TONITE "PARATROOPER" Tech. 9:00 "GUN BELT" Tech. 7:32 SAT. - SUN. MOM. - TUES. Clifton Webb, Kdmuml Owenn Frances Dee "MR. SCOUTMASTER" 0:02 •Inhn I'tiynn, llrml Kvrlyn Kcyrs "99 RIVER STREET" 7:30 Selected Shorts IDA LURING CORNEL WILDE CELESTE HOLM RICHARD WIDMARK I:!'.! — 1:81 — 7:SO lie llii|i|iy! Cia Wacky! TIIE1K I IKST PICTURE IN (Ol.Olt! Thr l.usl Word in Ijiughs Abbott & Costello "JACK and the BEAN STALK" -Selected Shorts- PICTURES PLAY! TONIGHT - SATURDAY-2 FEATURES Shown nt 7:10—10:31, nnii«nmi — JAMES CAGNEY IN A ROARING ROLE OF FURY FROM THE BESTSELLER THAT ROARED WITH EXCITEMENT! A Iron is IH THE STREETS ma»«»«»««g^fBOM WARNEH BROS. IN CQIOB er TECHNICOLOR TONIGHT and SATURDAY MAT1NKK SATUKDAV Contiiuioin From I I*. M. PAYNE CVCUTN KEY1ES RIVER t^^ l««t »Mf >• .^. Reletsed thru llnitcrt Artittl TONIGHT nl 8:25 P. M. SAT. 2:«5, 5:48, »:00 P. M. TONIGHT Ht 7:00, 9:50 P. M. SAT. 1:14, 4:25, 7:40 P. RI. STATI TONITE ALT-WOOD OLD ST. LOUIS ROAD - TEL. 4-2114 OPKX fi:SQ—show Starts 7:00 Xiti-ly—RAIN OR CLKAR. Action and Adventure • Double Feature «IKU,«IIIK IUM WNtl tONCH»»fY W11IW, WSIO* SHUNS l»W.i UIUOK Show.n at 9:11 BMWUW umnnwc MASTUPUCE! MKRRV-OO-ROUND, AUTO ItlDES. FIRK TRUCK RIUKS. UVK PONY HIDES. | WIDE SCREEN Shown at 8:85. — AND — C4A4SO Shown at 7:00—9:66. — PLUS — FINAL CHAPTER SERIAL 2 CARTOONS STARTS Prices Thi» Showing AdtllU 70r Till 6, Then HSc- Their Love made such Wonderful Music! Child All Tlmrn. Presented At 1:40 4:10 6:35 9:10 ffcar t/iese memorabta Glenn Miller/fits... MOONLIGHT SERENADE • PENNSYLVANIA 6-5000 • LITTLE BROVW WU IN THE MOOD* STRING Of PEARLS 'TUXEDO JUNCTION -'CHATTANOOGA CHOO-CHOO IMVR!«I.IMTI>N«»ON4I rnnnH The .M CHARLES DRAKE 6EORGE TOBIAS • HENRY MORGAN' «nd ihesi Musical "Greats" w Guest Stars! FRANCES LANGFORD • LOUIS ARMSTRONG GENE KRUPA • BEN POLLACK • THE MODERNAIRES EXTRA! BUGS BUNNY & LATEST NEWS MATINEE SAT. 1:30 TONITE & SAT. 'i"W JflnepOWELL vVfL Gordon MdcREA .J .jk.** '"'^ t. p GEM NELSON Shown 9: to PLUS -, EXTRA! CARTOON CHAMP FOR A DAY Alt* NICOL AUORfv TOTTER Shown 7:30 OPENS 12:46 DAILY TODAY & SAT. (,4*0 JOEL McCREA' YVONNE DE CARLO Shown .2:05 4:40 7:15 9:50 PLUS - _ eonwin ncnra Shown 1:00 3:30 6:06 8:40 CARTOON HEMFRT J. rwo VIM MicMURRAY • RALSTON FAIR WIND TO JAVA TRUCOLOR t IT CONtOilpATfV A REMMUC nCTMtf HHM ON THE 84-FOOT PANORAMIC SCREEN! fll.YHLTOV IIKSTOX in n TECHNICOLOR <*""«* «"*» >••-» JOHNNY iWEISSMULLER AINGU MM WILEY OF HFADJWNmS I<MIM Offtt- OWL SHOW SATURDAY "THE MUMMY'S TOMB" Come in at 9:00 ... and See All Three Features! * STARTS SUNDAY * All Technicolor Show Y BENEATH SEA u M ' ' • SATURDAY MIDNITE SHOW 11:30 P.M. • • t ALL SEATS 65c JUUA ADAMS

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