Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 16, 1967 · Page 8
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 8

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1967
Page 8
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Business is Interested in Social Areas By JOHN CUNNIFF <AP Oiislnrs*. Analyst) NEW YORK (AP) - President Johnson may have his well-publicized arguments with business about the soundness of his fiscal policies, but it appears now that perhaps he has made some impression in another area of the corporate mind. Th'is area involves the corporate social conscience, which the administration believes can be put to work toward solving some of the problems of unemployment, bad housing, pollution and the blight of the slums. Evidence that the business community also is interested in participating with government to handle those problems is becoming more obvious every day in Ilio casual remarks and formal speeches of corporate executives. 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Since so much of what is being said and done is so much in line with what seems to be administration policy, it must be assumed that the administration, as well as needs of society and the goodness of business, is at least force. Manning School News Vol. n Published by the Students of the Manning Community High School No. 14 partly a motivating Two years ago much of industry not only disliked the idea of joining with government to fulfill social needs but actually feared the administration. Those were the days of price rollbacks, when big government was believed to present a threat to free enterprise. The fear and indignation was expressed this way in a speech by George Champion, chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank: "In the name of consensus, we find government telling labor and management what wages are acceptable, telling aluminum producers what prices are justified and telling banks what rates are permiss- able." Cooperation with government on government terms was less than the ideal of business. Said John Harper, president of Aluminum Co. of America: "There must also exist between the partners a feeling of trust, of mutual respect, of cooperation on both sides, of the feeling that both sides want to make the agreement work." There are now indications that the administration took its cue and that business, understanding this, is now in a more cooperative mood. n WE'LL DELIVER YOUR PIZZA For Just- 25c Extra Phone 3471 PIZZA PUB THE HOME OF FRESH BAKED PIZZA East of Court House Parking Lot — Carroll Manning High School students made a commendable showing in the Iowa Tests of Educational Development this year, according to high school principal Charles Brotherton. Composite score on the test, which is a score derived from tests in Understanding of Basic Social Concepts, General Background in Natural Sciences, Correctness of Ability to do Expression, Quantitative Thinking, Interpretation of Reading, (Natural Sciences) Interpretation of Literary Materials, and General Vocabulary, is used to show how Manning students compare with other students in the state and nation. The 9th grade class was . at the 81 si perccntile rank in Iowa and 99th percentile in the nation. The tenth grade class was at 78th percentile in Iowa and 97th percentile in the nation. The eleventh grade class was at the 97th percentile rank in Iowa and at the 99th percentile in the nation. Twelfth grade was at the 76th percentile rank in Iowa and 97th percentile in the nation. The Iowa Tests of Educational Development are achievement tests, which refer to knowledge and skills that students have acquired, not only in the classroom, but in all fields outside the classroom. The first nine weeks' honor roll for Manning Community High School has been released by principal Charles Brotherton. •12th: John DetJefsen, Lynn Irlmeier, Terry Irlmeier, Keith Joens, Richard Mahnke, Kelly Pratt, Bill Ranniger, David J. Schroeder, Linda Case, Linda Ehrichs, B r o n w e n Morrisx, Anne Mueller, Cynda Mus- feldtx, Eileen Schwaller, Gwen Tank. 11: Darrell Baker, Mark Heinicke, Paul Hiatt, Kit Hockett, Larry Mohr, Mark McNutt, David W. Schroeder, Mark S p a c k, Julia Croghan, Darlis Dammann, Kathy Felker, Pam Foley, Sandra Hass, Kathy Hinze, Lydia Hugeback, Sue Irlmeier, Kathleen Joens, Lois Muhlbauer, Irene Stanglx, Nancy Stoberlx, Myra Weems, Gail Wegner, Barbara Wiesex. 10th: Lyle Mundt, Gaylin Ra n n i g e r, Ronald Reischl, Keith S c h r o e der, Arlen Schrum, Dale Willenberg, Michael Zerwas, JoAnn Dethlefs, JoLynn Escher, Mary Jo Hiatt, Elizabeth Muhlbauer, Sara Schroeder, Marilyn Sporrer, Debra Waterbury. x-AII A. The junior high school honor roll for nine weeks is: 9th: Peggy Bennett, Mary Croghan, Mary Hudson, JoAnn McNutl, Michele Mohr, Vickie Musfeldt, Mary Agnes Nepple, Beverly Ohde, Susann Opperman, Darlys Schrum, Marjorie Stangl, Barbara Wassom, Mary W i e s e, Vernon Hansen, Richard Hornberger, Kent R u t z, Ricky Venteicher. 8th: Georgia Dethlefs, Joy COMPLETE INSURANCE Just WHEN A HOUSE BURNS.. . Your DO YOU WONDER HOW MUCH IS COVERED BY INSURANCE? What's the first question people ask when a house burns down? "Did they have insurance?" But even more important to you are the questions about your house . . . "do you have the right kind of insurance ... and do you have enough? Home values have gone up 50% in the last six years, and the cost of replacing your house ... and your furniture today would amaze you. And today's modern insurance has so many more extras. Come in and let us help you modernize your home insurance. A few dollars more per year will do it, and you'll be glad you did. PROBLEMS DOLEZAL rlockett, Anne Jensen, Vickie Wundt, Gail Phillips, Linda ilohe, Donna Sonksen, Jennifer Zerwas, Doug Hargens, John Heinicke, David Irlmeier, Lonnie Jensen, Roger Musfeldt, Mark Siepker, Kevin Struve, .ynn Venteicher, Tommy Walters. 7th: Mary Blum, Carolyn >eier, Peggy Hargens, Karen linners, Joni Hinze, D e n i s e VIork, Diane Phillips, Donna Sporrer, Teresa Stangl, Karen Stoberl, Nancy Wiese, Michael VIohr, Randy Mundt, James Stangl, Eugene Stoelk, Tim Weible. Superintendent Robert Melick and school board member Jack Lorenzen will attend a meeting of the" Iowa Assn. of School Bq'ards in Des Moines on Nov. 16 and 17. Students will try out for parts in the all school play on Monday, Nov. 20. The Manning Community School will dismiss on Wednesday, Nov. 22, at 2:30 for the Thanksgiving recess and will resume on Monday, Nov. 27. The "M" Club will sponsor ts annual dance at the high school gym on Friday evening, Nov. 24, from nine until 12:00. The "Echoes Five" will play ! or the dance. On Friday and Saturday, Nov. 24 and 25, five Manning instrumentalists will take part n the all-state band and orchestra in Des Moines. They will be accompanied by their nsfcruotor, Gerald Huldeen. David J. Schroeder, French lorn; Connie Kusel, clarinet; Patricia Pfoltner, trumpet and Keith Joens, tenor sax, will be n the band; Irene Stangl, French horn, will play in the all-state orchestra. The first basketball game of the season will be on Tuesday, Nov. 21, when Carroll Public plays here. The reserve game begins at 6:30. Homemaking girls will sponsor a Quilt Fair at the Manning Plaza on Friday, Nov. 17, when quilts will be displayed there from six until nine o'clock in the evening. The homemaking girls will present a program that evening for Plaza residents, which will also be open to the general public. On Oct. 25 Cynda Musfeldt spoke to the senior government classes on the United Nations Youth Day that she and Bronwen Morris had attended on October 24 in Des Moines. The theme for the day was "Focus on World Hunger". Now that the Coon Valley conference standings are final, the next thing besides basketball that would enter your mind would be the All-Conference team. An offensive team'" of eleven players was chosen along with a twelve-man defensive team. This year the Bulldogs were well-represented on this unit. Mike Blum was elected to the offensive team at the guard position. On the defensive team, Kelly Pratt at the tackle position and Lyle K a r s t e n at guard represent Manning. Four other Bulldogs were given honorable mention: Dale Moeller, David Schroeder, Gary Knueven, and Mark Heinicke. Conference play ended November third. Again Exira dominated the conference and achieved a 7-0 record. Along with this record came first place. Guthrie Center nipped the Bulldogs 7-6 Friday and gained a piece of second place along with the Bulldogs. Both finished the season with 5-2 records. In third place four teams are all tied up with 3-4 records. These teams are Manilla, Glidden, Bayard, and Scranton. Alone in the conference cellar is Coon Rapids who didn't win a game, 0-7. Commenting on the conference this year, Coach Rowedder said, "The conference this year was strong. All the teams except the top and bottom are about "equal. Each could beat the other on a given night" This year's conference 5-2 mark is the best under Coach Rowedder since he came here in 1965. That year a 5-2 record was also achieved. This week the Bulldogs travel to Ar-We-Va for the last football game of the season. Ar-We- Va hasn't been doing too good this year and the Bulldogs will be looking for a climax to a pretty good season. The past two years, Ar-We-Va has beaten Manning, but this year the going will be a little bit tougher. —NEA Telephoto Suing ... the U.S. government for a half-million dollars, Mrs. Marina Oswald Porter, widow of accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, charges illegal seizure of her husband's personal items, reported including Oswald's un- disirable discharge from the Marine Corps. A special Act of Congress last year authorized transference of all Warren Commission evidence, including Oswald's possessions, to the National Archives. One of the main ideas of the AFS Program is to promote better relations between countries and people. We can better do this by getting to understand more about the customs and ideas of other people. Because she couldn't possibly talk to everyone individually, Bronwen Morris spoke to the history classes about her country, New Zealand. First she showed a short film about New Zealand in general. Following this she told us about the land, climate, and the people of her country. Probably the most interesting part of her talk for most students was Bronwen's description of New Zealand teen-agers, her school, and the school uniform which she wore. Next Bronwen gave us a chance to ask her questions. Maybe questions such as: What is rugby? seemed silly to her but the answers helped provide us with a better understanding of New Zealand and its people. Bronwen concluded her talk by saying that if you don't have the time or money to tour all of Europe and the U.S., go to New Zealand, which has all the attractions in a compact area Many of us only wished we could. Stassen Has an Incurable Itch to Run By JAMES MARLOW (AP News Analyst) WASHINGTON (AP)-If anyone has an incurable presidential itch, it's Harold Stassen. He's been scratching for years, and he is not through yet although most people thought he was years ago. Hope for Stassen is like a rubber band. He's been stretching it all his life. From the exercise he got, you'd think he'd be in wonderful political condition. He's been running for something since he was 22. For. a while he was so successful, back in the 1930s, he was called the "Boy Wonder" of American politics. He's not a boy anymore. He's 60. But he never hung up his sweatshirt. He tried for the Republican presidential nomination in 1948, again in 1952 and again in 1964. He never had a chance any of those times. Meanwhile, maybe just to keep in shape for the big event later or because he was just anxious for something, he.tried in 1958 for the governorship of Pennsylvania and in 1959 for the mayor's job in Philadelphia. He was drowned both times. Tuesday he announced he would make another stab at the presidency in 1968. Few men have outmatched his eagerness. William Jennings Bryan was a little more successful, at least in trying. He won the Democratic presidential nomination three times— 1896, 1900 and 1908-only to lose in the elections. But those two would-be presidents, Stassen and Bryan, not only couldn't hold a candle to Norman Thomas, they couldn't hold a match to him although Thomas,-who got the Socialist party's presidential nomination six times, was different from Stassen and Bryan. He almost certainly knew from the beginning that in all the times he ran a Socialist had no chance. He must have been running for the principle of the thing. About the time Stassen was announcing, Thomas, at 83, was hospitalized Tuesday with slight stroke. Two weeks ago he said he was withdrawing from public light but was skeptical he had made his last speech. How Can Anyone Be Bored? Lots to Do By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) -Now and then life wears a mask of tiresome sameness. Everyday actions become irksome by their repetition. "I'm bored with it all," the soul explains inwardly in shallow self-pity. It helps at such times to put life in perspective by drawing up a list of possible adventures that might make the world more exciting. You may never perform these postponed pleasures, but it is fun to consider them. For example, now in the shady side of 50,1 find that, for one reason or another, I have yet to— Build a cofferdam or paint a flagpole. Hold a ladder for a fireman while he rescues a kitten stranded in a tree. Find a buried treasure. Prove to my wife's satisfaction that the longest distance between two points is the shortest way home. Catch a mouse in a trap. Come in first in the rat race. Inherit fame or money. Tell a joke to a group of five people without at least three of them informing me later that they had heard it before. Discover any kind of food that tastes better after its calories have been removed. Reach up and find my brow is wet with honest sweat. Get a callous on my finger from counting the cash in my wallet. Shame the devil by telling the truthi Con a widow out of her mite. Win a game of stud poker aboard a Mississippi river steamboat. Wear a police press card in my hatband, as those report* er fellows do in the movies. Have any newspaper stop its presses and tear open the front jage for any story I ever cov- sred. Feather a love nest. Tattoo an eagle or a girl's name in living color on my forearm. Wrestle a boa constrictor. Keep a psychiatrist on the edge of his seat listening with awe to the tale of my troubles. Office Supplies See us for your office equipment. Desks, Chairs, Stands. Filing Cabinets. STONE'S CARROLL, IOWA Con-Tact is the self-adhesive decbrative plastic that lets you work miracles in minutes! Just cut, peel backing, press on. lisa ft to cover shelves, walls, table tops... to protect splash areas, to decorate canisters and cook* books. Line dresser drawers and closets! 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