Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 31, 1957 · Page 19
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 19
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PA- ?.-»600 for.a WANT-AD Taker Robinson's Hitting ft To Cleveland BETHOIT t/n — The Detroit Tigers always knew Eddie Robin- fon did his best hitting in Biiggs Stadium—that's why they traded for him. But the Tigers' ran out of patience before the much- traveled first baseman found the range, And if the fifth-place Tigers needed further proof that the big winter deal that was supposed to solidify Ihelr infield and strengthen their bench now is a complete flop, the 30-year-old Robinson provided it Wednesday. He cracked a two-run pinch homer in the ninth inning that provided a 4-3 victory for Clcve- lano and kept the Indians in the thick of the American League pennant race. Five For Fourteen Robinson hooked on with the Indians a couple of weeks ago after the Detroit club figured it couldn't wail any longer for him to produce and gave him an unconditional release. liobby's home run Wednesday, his first of the season, was his fifth hit in H at- bats for the tribe and hiked his Cleveland batting average to .357 — exactly 357 points better than his Detroit performance. In nine appearances with the Tigers. Robinson failed to hit fafcly. In [act, he had no more than three or four hits during training. Cleveland Manager Kerhy Farrell went against the book 'inserting Robinson, a lefthanded hitter., ssainst Tiger southpaw Bill lloefti EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, MAY BaiTelvillc Kids After Sixth Win Kllerslie gels a crack at the undefeated streak of Harrelville in the I'en-Mar Little League when the two clash this evening at Barrelville. The unbeaten pacesetters have ;clippcd off five wins while'El- lerslie has lost three of five starts. La Vale Maroons and LaVale Orioles clash on the teller's home grounds in the only other Igame carded today.- The Orioles, ,Inst year's champions, have snar- ,ed three of five starts while the Maroons are in last place with a i-4 showing. Both of today's games are to start at 6 o'clock. League Lead (Continued from Page 17) and Deremer nine BURNING UP THE TRACK—Although this might be mistaken for a wake of a runner „„ , * ,•> lns lh p'°' d description come true, this fiery cinder path is actually getting a warm-up I ass fanned 13 a meet. Gasoline fires were set to dry wet spots on the Kansas WILLIE .MAKES A LANDING — New York Giant outfielder Willie Mays winds up on his back in collision with Phillies catcher Joe Lennelt on insicle-the-park homer in first in- ning of nightcap yoUerday at J'olo (Jrounds. Willie missed the plate but dove back, touched the rubber, and was ruled safe. Giants won, 8-i, after dropping 2-1 opener. (AP Photofax) \MKKICAiN LEAGUE , 7 > 0riolcS 6 who had been sailing a!ong!8At"i'?oiiE Major League Line Summary iSATIOiNAL LEAGUE Curds 7, Reds 2 . swrjra «i o-s n o ooo 131 MI 1-7 u o Ccccirtlll. 110 inniniij Brown (61 and Triandot; riF.l.D 15' and Dale HH -- K«U (Bale) 111; Jtr>: ZUVCRIMK POSTER smoothly since the fourth inning.I BOSTON 'Smart Move' "Since it worked," said the rookie pilot, "let's say it was a imart move and let it go at that." The Tigers' manager. Jack' Tighe, was in no mood to talk!/tec/ Sox 16, Orioles o ftbout the mid-winter move that : <2nd t*mf» turned Virgil Trucks. Xed Gr,rver ;BAl - T1M . ORE and a couple of other players to' ronsiEi.R the Kansas City A's for Jim Fini-i'*'.' 1 " 1 T ' >; " Ran.-Robinson. Jack Crimian and^fm'... s ,,, Bill Harrington. j»n <»m> JIM Trucks and Garver have won " eight games (or the Athletics. Finigan has one hit in 17 at-bals for the Tigers: Crimian went toi N ;. w ' $%£! the minors several weeks agO;jwAsiiiNr.Tos Harrington never made it to lhoi,, uto VvJ.'., n Detroit club and Robinson. who'b,V" : HA5< - LM " n > Isst weekend spoiled a no-hiiterj lln - '-"n»» itt '" for Chicago's Dick Donovan, has'., turned his'bat against the club; ' OHKCCx that released him. oin loi loi- P20 114 OU. Wrier,! <fii Hou OS. Oir.jb-jrt; Sli! <H»rj> 2r.d flNX'INNATI . 001 100 000—2 4 0 110 3!0 Olx— 7 13 i NUXIIALL. Harkei and Burs"!: SCHMIDT and H. SmlUl HH - Thurrr^n 'tin) 3rd. /{<?(l's 7, ('.arils 3 CINCINNATI 100 100 410-7 9 0 • CKNTKKVILLK WKLLKIISBUKG m«k- ly getting a warm-up befoct State Teachers' course. " ; The Egyptians were the first ion 300 010 00-5 12 z'neople to keep cats as pels. 200 120 000 01—6 16 2' Jackson; <;iass and !os« (Cctiirevillp): BOB AT GRANTSVILLK IIYN11MAN 303 C03 002-!! 13 3 CIIANTSVII.I.E .. 002 331 010-10 16 6 Kvans <M. H1TK (fit i Hryant; KitjniHler and J, Kcistfrr. lilt — Perry (Gramsville* 2. AT ZllfLMAX lARnFI.VILI.E ]C-0 131 000-6 3 •> :1H1.MAN 000 000 Oil -2 f, • Hrodie and Skldmoie; G. McCr*£o; ind 'Ihomas, HB — Cane (Barrelville). AT H.IXISTOXK Ml. SAVAfJK 211 4W 000—ft 9 2 FLINTSTONE WM 030 000—3 9 3 niCKEl,. King igl and K, John : R. Habertfin and >i. jrai>crh'ln. COMPLETE SELECTIONS! SPORTING WILSON Hardware 30 N. Mechanic Sf. By BEAXS REARDON" Written for NKA Service i QUESTION: A rule cites the 1 difference between interference and obstruction, What is it? —' Jules Rabin. Miztuu Mermt <9j ndJ7th 12 on). Pier»*ll (Bin) 6lh Senators 5, Yankees 1 002 C-21 OOl-S 7 0 1 or). .. ,, Srnalorn it Hose Boos I (Continued from Page IS) tury mark in wins, he also singled in the winning run off Ruben Gomez, who permitted just three hits. Willie Mays and Don Mueller homered in the second game lo help Barclay lo his first route-going performance in the majors. •>t:w YORK WASH INT. TON" Dodgers 4> Pirates I HI gamp) BROOKLYN . M.O u3 ooo— 4 so ^strut-led liy a fielder not in pos[session of the ball. A baserunner pire. interfere with a fielder going for the ball or making n play.! Can a defensive team align : LAW, Face (9) — sn:r!cr iB Pirates 2, Dodgers 1 -ne) BJIOOKI.VN" PITTSSURGH r KOUFAX. Kotbuck anrf Walker. Cin'.paciel 1:0 fr-i- 9 9 c n >r d J 060 001--1 < 1 020 COx—2 ' Si, rralK i i; Turkey a Bob Robinetto's PARKVIEW Package Store 82 Greene St. BOURBON FULL f.29 QUART Tt PLENTY OF FREE PARKING ih ant i »r4 HtywArrI; ABKRVATHY, mri- «2\ Hernardci <O *rrl Fiti- HR -- O.'ey fNY> Srd U on), FF/ii'/n So.v 6) Indians 4 ci4vVEUA>D . tv:-a IM 111-4 n 2 CHICAGO on wi o>x--& 9 ; .S'iriRon, Ni\cn: Donovan ar.d B»«ey. \\Fhitc Sox 2 3 Indians 1 1 2nd camel ( [-i:VKtJVNI5 O» 010 OCN>— 1 3 7 CHLCAr.O IfVl 010 OPv~: 3 0 (iABCIA, NirleOU IT) and McE»n. Pirrrp *nd 1-oJlar. Tigfirt 6 : A's 5 (lit c*rr.r* KANSAS CITY . 010 .M f*' 1 ! *-5 13 1 PETROiT .. IM TOO M7 1-6 U & U-3 !nT.!nctO Mnrc»n. McDfrmott <i>. BURNETTE 5LKATCR HOI «t>(1 Houir . HR - Zcrntal «KC^ 5th (1 onl. Mr Pcrmo:t tKf > S'.h.: Kccr.a {D«l.> *i Slfatrr (T>*t.l 10th. Tigers t? s ,-i's 2 I2r,.[ s»tnr> Phils 2, Giants 1 FHIHnKLPHlA . 00ft 010 OW \—2 5 0 VEW YORK 010 f\"V) 000 0 — 1 $ 1 (ID Innlnfil Simr-ior-j and l»piU; Gom*i *n<l Thomas. HR — Boucht* (Ph»> Sth, Rtxljers (NYJ 2d. G-iants 8, Phils 1 rind siniel PHILADCLPH1A .. OtO 000 00*- 1 4 0 NKW YORK 2flt CW OOK— 8 12 0 CABDWEU., Mrjcr <S>. lie am (61. NTon-hrsd <«> and Lonncti : Barclay ard K*tt. HR ~ Jonn iPhul 2d; M»v* (N*Y> 111 (I onl, Murlltr <N.Y.) 3rd. Braves 5, Cards 2 'lit came) CHICAGO IW1 !M JW— l E 0 MTI.WAl'KEE W2 Ml 02x— i 1 0 T>ROTT, Broinin (T) ir.d N'eeman; Cron* Rn^ Pice. lit, (1 on). Cubs 4, Braves 2 \ CZnd icami) OUCAGO 010 UO WO— 4 S 0 MILWAUKEE: . ^H^^ no ooo— i » i Po,iol*tiy, EIJJTOS <5i. LJltltn-rSd i roller |i n S made, have one fielder scoot em (i oa).[to another position, the same as' a man-in-motion in football?—Lou: FurcL j A. Not if it is done to deliberately distract the batter. Q. Can ground roles be made ) that a home run does not have to go over a fence or into stands?—George Vv'allman. A. It Is rare, but Croslcy Field in Cincinnati lias one piece or I zjfence In a cut-off position in Icft-j 1 center Held which, if hil on the fly, calls for a home nirt. BARGAIN FARES EVERY SUNDAY BASEBALL Round THp Far»i Including Tax WASHINGTON S 4 40 BALTIMORE $ 4 95 Take the Family on a B&O Bargain Trip SUNDAY, JUNE 2— At Washington WASHINGTOM vs. BOSTON IV. CUMBERLAND 7.10 AM BETUBN IV. BALTIMORE 3.30 PM OS 7,iO PM IV. WASHINGTON 4.40 PM Ot 9.00 PM STANDARD TIME SAME DAY for li'c^vFi cad tn'ormoMon, raU on TMtBl Agtnti BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD Co Ij Jroia tot Speed onrf Comfort—Arofrf HigJiwa/ Hozordt New Jlascol Should Rale World's Biggest BOULDER, Colo. IP—The new mascot of University of Colorado athletic teams likely will become the world's biggest college mascot. It's a 600-pound buffalo calf. The animal will weigh 1,500 to 1,500 pounds when it reaches maturity. HOME j rOIlTOCAHRKRO. HR - Rollins iO< Paint Up! Thi but paint bvy In Cvm- birlantJ far Outild* and IniTdi. All colon. r<0 001 02X-3 R Clrim.LTPS. Murtf (SI. Co; Truck! (81 and'IS* and Orandan. ..$2.35 Got. Hub Army & Navy Sales Company 1? NORIH CENTRE ST. Lou Boudreau 'Continued from Page 161 talks ahoul his hascball traveling -men. "Simpsnn had no spring womon st"-, (raining and 1 put him at first WANTED B u t i n c t Cothermon's School young dent wontj privote home hasc and in right field because where she moy work before,M«lt Graff was out for a couple Formeily Rcnd'i Baltimore at Centre Phone PA 2-4010 H35ECE31I I'D BETTEI? GO'SEE THE LOAN ARRANGER U a special •rmnl arises Ihal overtaxes your finances... Let us arrangs a friaacUy Voan lo tide you over. LOAN SERVICE 18 S. UEtSlY ST. • CUMBERtANO DIAL PA 4-4200 INCORPORATED 89 3. MAIN ST. FSOSIBURG PHONE 159-1 THE LOAN ARRANGER The Skipper Realties by Freeman . . . only a pound a pair • • • 8 ounces per shoe I Any sensational report you hear about their astonishing comfort /j true I Brown or Smote Elk Glove Leather with Black cushion crepe sole. WonJerbl feeling FREEMAN Oow Kflt to 24»l Shoe Dept. — Street Floor and after "' ;cd to second," he explained. "Harry is one of those fellows chool and n return fo board and room, or whereAvho doesn't care where as long she may pay for room and;as he plays, lie drove in 105 i i (runs for us last season and he's been crowding .400 since opening DIAL PA 4-0966 Need a GARAGE 4 Cottage or • Utility Building? —Sc« rtw Nnkfe Do It Yourself Buildings rW. C.n D. II Tar Y*r) • EASY TO ERECT • ATTRACTIVE • STURDY CONSTRUCTION • FIRE RESISTANT • LOW PRICED Dealer Name ADDRESS PHONE 2 Car Garage.. $895. I LIFEGUARD CONSTRUCTION TO. ! Room 111 J Liberty Trust Rlrlg. i Cumberland, Md. J Gentlemen: I Please send me More Informal!™ on the foUrmin^ | Q Garage O Cottage a L'tilily Buildings l ADDRESS |C1TV .... Pressed Tty Hunter 'Tressed by Billy Hunter. Be .leestri won the shortstop job the ast week of training. Lnu Boudreau talks of Kansas City eagerly, which no doubt is reason why he lands one veil-paying managerial job after •mother. Baseball in the Kansas City tale needs selling, doesn't it? because it's LEAGIT t. Houston 2 Good Food : v i ;•-- ? Fisher' RobineMe • : 493 BALTIMORE AVE. ; f H E" TAVERN WITH THE j LARGE PARKING LOT ! AIR-CONDITIONED •lemiiB.m , %**&&$#**( 1PIIOXE LIFEGUARD CONSTRUCTION CO. Room 411, Liberty Trust Bldg. Cumberland, Md. - Phone PA 2-3710 • ^P« I fj K MOTORISTS' "* ^^ *• FRIEND, Inc. 173 Baltimore Street for AUTO ACCESSORIES SEAT COVERS MOTOR OIL TIRES ot LOWEST PRICES POUR IT TASTE IT Notice its sparkling clarity ,1-. makes your mouth water just fo look at it! Roll it on your tongue. Let it slide down your throat. Man! LOVE IT Mountain Water makes the difference Incomparably smooth. Refreshing! Makes you happy to ba alive I Export

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