Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on January 6, 1971 · Page 9
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 9

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 6, 1971
Page 9
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FOREST PARK REVIEW. WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 6. 1971. PAGE 9 By Sally Shaw DEAR SALLY: I've just become engaged to the most wonderful guy in' the world. However, there's a problem and I hope you won't think such an odd and unusual name thatitinvariablypro- vokes laughs or Jokes whenever I Introduce him or whenever it comes up In general conversation. This is a great source of embarrassment to me and probably will be more so when It's my name too. Do you think I would be out of line If I were to ask him to have It changed legally? NAME OF THE GAME. DEAR NAME: Sorry, but I DO think you're silly. Your young man's name didn't prevent you from falling in love with him or.thinking of him as "the most wonderful guy in the world" did it? Wear his name proudly and either ignore or laugh along with the jokesters - but don't be embarrassed or ashamed of the name of your man. DEAR SALLY: I'm a girl of 13. My mother keeps telling me that in two or three years there are some "facts of life" she wants to tell me. If these "facts" ,are what I think they are, I already know them. I learned them at school and also from some of my girl friends. Should I tell my mother this or should I just wait until she's ready to talk? ALREADY EDUCATED. DEAR ALREADY: Tell her now. At the age of 13, a girl is more than ready for such mother- daughter talk. DEAR SALLY: Our 24-year-old son was away at college for five years, now has a fine position in town.paying him about $9,000 a year and is living with us again. I do all his laundry, cook his meals and keep his room clean but although I've hinted that we could use a little board money (there .are three younger children), he hasn't responded. Don't you think we're entitled to this? MOM. DEAR MOM: Indeed you are! This is only right and just for all working, unmarried children who live at home - a sharing in the household expenses to the tune of at least 20 to 25 percent of their paychecks. So, instead of hinting, TELL him! DEAR SALLY: I have been a widow for about two years and will soon be marrying again. I happen to have a good many household things and possessions from my first marriage, all in excellent condition and therefore have no need at all for the usual kind of wedding gifts. Under these circumstances, would it be proper for me to specify on the engraved wedding invitations that this will be a "purse wedding"? SECOND TIME. DEAR SECOND: In the first place, formally engraved invitations are not usually Issued for a second marriage. And certainly In good taste, you could not include the kind of information you suggest in any wedding invitation. You can, however, let it be known through relatives and ( friends the circumstances you describe. NOTE TO DEB: Return the fraternity pin. After all, there was a special sentiment attached to it when he gave it to you and since this no longer exists, why keep something that means nothing'to you? Dissent Within a Lawful Society Is Debated by Buqkley and Clark William F. Buckley, Jr., editor of National Review and nationally syndicated columnist, debated "Dissent Within a Lawful Society" with former Attorney General Ramsey Clark at the recent Diamond Anniversary Congress of Ariierican Industry. CBS commentator Eric Sevareid moderated the session after getting the stage with a keynote address. "Who is against dissent? In case I haven't made myself clear," said .Mr. Buckley, "I am not against dissent. 1 probably have been much . more dissenting in my life than Mr. Clark. .1 have xc\- ilom voted enthusiastically for anybody for public office:" "We need to concentrate on ... very simply what is going on in this country is indecision: it is a kind of indecision that issues from a society that isn't quite certain that ft deserves to survive," Mr. Buckley said. "I believe that we arc inviting tyranny, to the extent | that we continue to'be indecisive, that we continue to be amused or patient with members of the faculty or with students, or with journalists', or with anybody else who eggs people on, in urging them to discard the normal limitations on human freedom ; which are defined as normali- sation of other people's feelings. This we need—we need a sign, a firmness at this time in America," he added. In his remarks Mr. Clark strongly defended the rigtvt to dissent. "Throughout history, dissent has been the principal catalyst in the alchemy of truth," he said. "It is deep, human commitment. And, if you want to overcome it, it won't be by pressure, but by cooling—and to cool, you have to see and understand:" Citing examples of underlying social problems, such as poverty and racial discrimination, he indicated that dissent was their one means of communication with society. He called for greater understanding of, and communication with, the alienated in our society, such as ghetto dwellers and studeffts. He concluded'that goverff- ment and all institutions must "work ardently to create effective ways for communication, If we give people the opportunity to speak, then their emotions cannot overflow." He said that we should 'never forget•the words of John Kennedy, "Those who make peaceful revolution im-" possible make violent revolution inevitable." READ the REVIEW It's for You Night Courses at Rosary Night courses at Rosary College are open to the public during the second semester, Feb. 1 to May 27. Registration will continue until mid-January or until classes are filled. The following courses are open: Shakespeare -10 or 12 plays, with emphasis on the influence of the Renaissance. (Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:3.0) Travel- Study Seminar, highlighting literature and the theater. This is open to those who expect to Join Rosary's faculty - moderated Summer Study Tour of northern Europe. Moscow Leningrad, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, the Fjord country, Bergen, London and the Engllst countryside will be on the itinerary. (Mondays 7:45-9:15) Home Economics - coordinating senior seminar (Tuesdays, 6:30 - 8:30) : Data Processing. (Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00 - 5:30) Topology. (Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 - 8:30) Topics in Algebra. (Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30) History of Modern Philosophy. (Mondays and Wednesdays 7:00 8:30) Population, Demography and Environmental Control (Tuesdays 7:00 - 10:00) The Sacred in Asiatic and African Religions - similarities and differences in three religions: Buddism, Islam and an African tribal religion. Mr. Reginald Ray of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Religion, will teach the course. (Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30) Application should be made to the Director of Admissions, Rosary College, 7900 W. Division St., River Forest, 111. 60305. (phone FO 9-6320) Two undergraduate daytime courses are being offered during the 1971 January Interim at the college, from Jan. 4 to 29. These courses are a workshop on inner-city education in which students will do field work as aides in Chicago schools, and a course on the sociology of C. Wright Mills, which will, concentrate on Mills' theory of the "power elite," the mechanisms of political and economic control in America and. examine his critique of American society and the social science and academic communities as a whole.,Both courses will carry three semes-* ter hours of credit. < . . • Persons Interested should contact the registrar. Also during thelhterlm a European study tour, from Dec._30 to Jan. 24, is offered for Rosary art students who . will visit Luxembourg, Florence, Rome, Brrridisi, Patris, Athens, Be- grade and Paris at a tour cost of $498. ^ ^^^r~^^^~^^^~^^^r^^^r^^m Medium Rare TOM CARLSON Auto Sales Since 1949 7300 ROOSEVELT RD. Forest Park Open /DAYS Weekdays 9 to 9 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Fabian, of 809 Beloit Avenue, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mary Anna, to Mr. Gregory Alan Lambke, sop of Mr..and Mrs. Robert J. Lambke of 831 Thomas avenue. Avenue. Miss Fabian will graduate from Proviso East High School in June 1971. Mr. Lambke atteded Northern niinois University & is employed by Sears, Roebuck and Co. No wedding date has been set. GLASS? MIRRORS? f TAYLOE Glass Company VI 8-0751 Freddie Martin Pociak If you still haven't recovered from New Year's, reflect on Thoreau's words: "Water Is the best drink for a wise-man." For the flakiest of biscuits, roll dough thin, fold into several layers, and roll gently again before cutting. When making flambee desserts, be> syr.e .to, warm the brandy? first 'over a very low -fjlHS#4>efore igniting and pour- "Tng over the dish. Bread stuffing meant for fish . fillets takes on added flavor if you include some lemon juice and grated rind. French children are often treated to a special Epiphany cake with a tinsel crown on top and a bean and a tiny doll baked inside. He who .gets the doll gets to wear the crown, but he who gets the bean has to buy another cake. Traditionally, fojks who dine at THE PINES STEAK HOUSE, 7412 Harrison St., Forest Park, 366-0059, always get the best in food, service and friendly atmosphere^ Our prices are friendly, too. . . \CROSSWORl) » * »„ R y *• C. Gordon ACROSS 1 - Striving for agreement 8 - Hawaiian dish y -. Boic 10 - Pronoun • . 12 - Small glans vessel ' 13 - llavebetn; 14 - Meager i!5 -'nut tiling's 16 - Printer's unit 17 - Mlmlcker 18 - Maligned 20 - Iron (chem.) 21 - Men of medicine (alii.) '13 - Ja [Hit-He coin 24 - Himalayan country Tps ' Inter-American (abb.) 26 - Equality In a conteul 27 - To supplement 28 - minium (chem.) 29 -Sing with feeling 10 - .. .cycle .11 - Before ' 1 32 - Tellurium (chem.) 33 - Reciprocated - Church port 36 - Silver (chem.) 37 - Prota^on... 39 - Italtoe 40 - Indefinite article 41- Man's pome . 42 - Overdraft (abb.) 43 - ... Iron 44 - Ult 45 - Displayed repressed feelings DOWN 1 - Proclaims proudly 2 - Be IndlipWd 3 - Spanish nobleman uu uuu eiuu uu SinBfilE QffllB EBB BIB HEHEHQEJC liJ ID BfOQC lilBJ fct!U BEDBE KJQ UUUEi! HI Bli tlUU ULUE1 [<IIMIIIMIIIM»:» ik-a i 4 -Goal 5 - In the same place (Lattft abb.) 6 -^Obstructed 7 -"To approach 8 - To act lino . active oppQS- Itlon 11 - JtcaistLTH 12 - Kevepg?ful 14 - ExJiaustlng 16 * Comfort 17 - Type of electric current IV - World-peace- organization 20 - Farm-products exhibition 22 - Uuuaual 26 - Kxploatvc sea missile 27 - MaJu;a nettle- mcni 30 - Latin "you" 31 ~ Supervised a • newupa per 34 - Tellurium • (chem.) 35 - Mliute particle 38-To err 40 - Aaeiot 41 - Rxsm 43 - More than one (abb.)

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