The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 9, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1930
Page 7
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FAG3 TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—Good 40-acre Sarm| well improved. Roy Purvis! t'Ej FOR SALE—Comb honey, 51.00. Roy Cook. I FOR SALE—Victrola double quire i •WANTED—Hay, any kind; will pay. .highest price. Call Fred Leach, Atlanta, Ind. Reverse telephone charge. p-168 records;, reasonable; iu- W. Madiso'n. I p-162 FOR SALE—A real buy; 120-acrp i farm, well improved, $an>F01l SALE—r^o. 5 Underwood; <a; acre; $2,000 will handle this j deal. Roy Purvis. : • c-tf; real bargain!at §35. une Press, j' i • FOR SALE — Modern 6-rootn , house; .large lot; fruit: priced; to yield 10 per cent on invest- j nieni: terms. Phone 21LS. '• c-i j; MILK TRUCK DRIVERS NC-TICE 'sale; -ton Whippet model 28; FOR SALE | PERSONAL PROPERTY "priced Xor quick. sa4 lis. Tipton, route 2, p-16i5"! RELIABLE party wanted to handle Watlcins products in Tipton; customers established; excellent opportunity for right m#n; earnings over $40 . weekly. with - 25 Thp Tril)-; it Write C. iNaghten R. Gernes street, 242-260 Columbus,' O. p-161 MISCELLANEOUS true for,' likfe new and! Jess- Nor- i :l)ox .112 FOR RENT FOR SALE—Fries. John D. Smi Phone 1SX2. <• li. Iff i FOR SALE—Mastodon ever be; ing. Premier and Dunlap stra berry plants. Maple Side Farijii, i North of Windfall. p-1 k-tJK UKXT—House, 6| bath. J220S. E. Jefferson street. FOR .RENT—Storage ture, pianos, stoves dry. Phone 23. • Kesaler. c-163 FOR SALE — "Majestic ninu'e. used i'. years. Mrs. Olin Evans, Phone 3540. c-llil FOR RENT — Two modern fur nished or Phone 42' unfurnished fi-r for clei 163 RADIO SERVICE—We specialize on expert service ,work on all t makes of sets: full Tine tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone '20X7. 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' Call 1 p-163 rooms ami Phone 36 ! .". c-tf PLENTYjOF MONEY' AT 5% [per cent, from 1 to -10 years, with pre-payment' priviliges; .jbesl loan in the state. StanderjEord & Standerford. c-tf djesirable 3- tmeiit, 1 two Phone 140 1 '.' c-tf FOR^RENT—Three semi-imoderh famished rooms. ' ill"! North FARM LOANS—• Best lJans inj state, 5 to 20 years; interes annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. - Fielding & Fielding. ! c-tf ItANMIT CHASE! COXTIXl*«S. I East. Phone 11TS1. , FOR SALE—Round dining 1*06111 table. 222 South East, street. Phone i:','Ji. Mrs. R. P. Ril-e. * r >' FOR SALE—Pianoj 1 Globe ran: round dining table, library ble. H22 North, f'oiide. Piidne 4512. >f t-183 .!! • .* FOR SALE-—Two IfjOiii planters, one with fertiliiet* att -u -Iiiiient: prices reasonable. William Kindling. - i <:-tf FOR SALE —White graded seed corn, $1.50 per bushel; plant a few acres of white corn for early money tliis fall. Tipton Milling Co. c-162 FOR RENT : for light I over. —2 furnished housekeeping. c-tf j Mexican Troops Kxpeeled to Kesi cue Kidnapped TC.YHU Soon. rooms 1 15oek- c-lCl FOR RENT—Part or all of C. 3. 1 w ' t. Kigei* residence, semi - modern; large garden space; 315 N. Independence street, j Phone 43G, Elks Home, 7 o'clock even ings. - 1 tf FOR RENT— Modern \ water heat. iMiller une Bldg.. E. rooms; hot Hotel. Trib- Jeffersoq |St. tf WANTED WANTED 2161. Washings. Phone c-161 Mexico • City, -April 0.—Dis patches from Tepic, Nayarit, j'to­ day said federal troops continued to close in on bandits in ;the mountainous region near the Jal iseo border who are holding J! E Bristow, Texas- oil man, captive. It was said Bristow's.release was expected soon. No - mention was made of reports .that a ransom is being paid for' his freedom. FOR SALE — Badenoch's baby chick starter, $4.10; Sunflower egg mash, .$2 .95; Reef brand oyster shell, $L00 per cw*t. Fejar-Campbcll Co. c-tf FOR Rcfck 11 SALE - ba by • Barred and White chicks, ready. April price 12c each. Phone '.7 on Sharpsville. Mrs. Harry Haiwkins. i c-162 FOR! SALE—TypewrHer and iidd- iiig machine, like new, S17r-50; cash register- 'guitar. b;:njo. ,chpap; shi-qietl free trial. :Jay Sli?e\, /Cleves, O- . p*-l«l WANTED—Wall pappr cleaniiis-r. Phone 5091 Ray Hunter, p-171 WALL PAPER cleaiijed 'satisfactorily; have canvas. L. M. Clark. Phone 229o| C -1S2 WANTED—Garden plowing, teaming and trucking; jiwe. do it right. Plaice &• Plake, Phone 55 • or 4249. ' • - I: ! p-164 WANTED — Washings, ironings, . house cleaning. 7 jli*fs. Temple Swing, Sharpsville. j P-162 WANTED-^—Gardens tip .plow and team work. Phone, 3J249. Albert ShuDnard. i ' C -1G4 FORjSALE-^-Stove- library table, end table and mirror, ykitchen ^able, siewing cabinet^ parlor suite, . {rocking : chairs, porch swln*^, ,la\v'n mower and rugs. Phone ',3468. 471 Columbia avenue*.; •" c-163 NEW PKIPES — BanTed- White and Huff Hocks* Reds; Wljlle •IVya-n-*: 1 (lottos: Buff Orpinctpns,- •**!«( per 100; per snil: ' •flijfl per* •! -1.008. IHi*7 l.flno 100 u 1 Ada jc ..i ped. tec •j 3fon*iv ... 10 pel* JiOO: [ $*)0 : agr cblck »*lie n .,li0 aT i shfe- -ttirder '-cfttcftilly^ 'sorted: WANTED — Paper hanging and cleaniii-r: also house cleaning. Rosa Partlow, 219 South Third: I: ; . ; -p-162" For Sale or Trade coach; 1926 1928 Essex- sport Oakland .1!. • roadster:; 1926 'Do'dge sedan; 1926 Jewett coach J 1924 Hup coupe. 8ERVICE MOTOR CO. - :.{ * Phone 8ft *ile:-1927 ill San Angelo, Tex,, April ,9.— The San Angelo Times today say; J. E. Bristow,*. San Angelo_ 1 oil man, has not returned to Ahucat- lan, Nayarit, Mexico, despite the payment'of -3,000- pesos gold $1,500) ransom'to an emissary of bandits who have held him cap tive since March '10.- TKAIX WKKCK TAKIOS .TOLL One Dead, Several Injured Hi pprtcd in Texas Collision. Houston, Tex., April • 9. —-Re potts here today said one train man. was .killed, another was seriously injured *jnd several passengers also were hurt, one _ser iously, in a collision. of two Missouri Pacific, trains at Alvin about lifteeiTmiles south ofiHous ton. Every ambulance in Houston was called to the scene. The Dotty Wheeze * "You mits^ like the movies you go so ofteiij-' remarked the bachelor.. • ' :••••••!-.••.: . "No." growled the married man "my wife is simplir crazy about them" 1^ * ' NDIANA Republicans to Have Nation al Issues With Eye the Farm Vote FIGHT FOR Democrats to Stress j Local Affairs With Attacks on Leslie Group Indianapolis, With the .close At the 6 AND We Are 44 "Yenrs Old — We Htm !i Lived Thro«ck TU* Country's Fhwadal Depressions aad Pkalc* Dwias'. 44 Years and Have Never Paid Lea* Ihaa 6% cm I GET THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT STATMODW. Assets; March 31,1930 $641,188.10 Undivided Profits, March 31,1930 11,22224 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIOH THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION W TIPTOir ' . Talk It Over With Our Secretary, J. A. Lewis KKIX NOTES. on Another G. O P. tilt that is attracting a goodj deal of attention is in the Eighth, • where young Joe Davis, prosecutor of JDela- -i i ware .county, is out fori the seat occupied by Vestal, whip of the house. Davis hopes to profit by •some bad feeling stirred up in Anderson when Vestal [ took.- a hand in shaping the last niunici-: pa! ticket. | The wet and, dry question has been-injected ; into 'Republican ranks in Indianapolis by the announcements of two moist congressional candidacies, ^ Ira Holmes and Ward B. Hiner. The third entrant "Ts A>M. Hall, a -dry. Holmes, one of the lawyers who p^-^-j—-^, I defended D. C.'Stephenson in his , » * Ti murder trial, is identified with the George V. Coffin wing,; while Hall is. regarded as the anti-machine aspirant and Hiner- is more or less of air independent. Hiner once^, sought! the senatorsliip nomination on a wet platform and polled above 25 ,000 votes. -Chief interest in the primaries, however, from a state wide: view- 9_!_!'point is in the .candidacies for the state legislature. Many students of politics predict the 1931 'as: CUBA TUKNS FKOSI SL-GAK. Onc-l'roduct Nation Is Fomul to Be Wobbly. Ind., April of the filing peil iod.Saturday the :1930 primar , * • L • i ,i-„i«„-|-,»,- sembly will have more iimportant campaign omc.als got under waj. * „,i „ i ! ' ' ' • 0 j j problems to settle than j any ses j sion in, th^'last thirty years and ! for that reason intense interest primary elections May 6; candidates for coiigres:;, the state legislature,! and coun«y . •. • , • .- , . •, ... • , . - i 1 ••.J .mU™. ^ni iv«> <\ s the makeup p£ ,the and township 'offices will 1- 1 •••• <-. « : -. •• -- i > ;r iii. i p er sonnel. As usual, though, l>ar| ty leaders were forced j to resort lected.! Then will jcome the reor ganization of the party j niachinei and the Republican statelconvei-I ' i ; *v^. r i tion on June 5 and Democratic convention.on June 10,! when 1 candidates fori state oflice fromj sp retary lot si lite on' down jwilj named. That the pitch Uleir tional issues with an eyo the farm when Eliza chairman. Agriculture! lAjte j became- Republicans fall campaign O. *ltogen*3 linvited Hyde! SecVefary to make, plan on n4- tlte ii keynote address at the statej convention. Tile Democrats! oh -the other'hand!,* have I indicated I that they will center their j assault 0/n state issues', especially on lie administration,' ; : Both parties are anxious to i crease] their holdings in pongrq^s o is il but the Democrats, professing see a ternd in their direction the result | of tlie ! lastjj inunicl|)j elections, aire particularly optimistic!] They believe K t'ley ithi make 'gains inl the First and Third diiitricts ' at'least!' All of the incumbent- :ongresjs- men, ten Republicans: and thr:e Democrats,! have filed fot rehon i- nation. None of] the iDimocral - . • | j I '• • i I • ! T *l {•SL Arthur Greenwood of the Second, Harry| Cuiifleld df the Pourjjit. and Lbuii. Ludlow; of' the Seyeu'ljh has opposition, but' seyerjal.of "tjjie " ]P. -veterans are I fact ' By John | F.Sinclair. : Neir. York, April 9.^—' last has decided that "King Cane 0 has had its day. Ever since the Avar, when Cubans' turned ; ev<jry available acre of.their soil to the growing of the sweet product sugar has been a source of dissatisfaction, j ' • It made foi" some arid madeipaupers of others. And now with world over-production, sugar has been cpniplefely relegated to the background. Added difficulties are 'being, encountered with new; tariff possibilities now under consideration ,by the United States congress. .]•', : Cuba therefore has come to the conclusion that \ a one-product'na­ tion, entirely depending' upon a single market, is a very precarious position for any' country. The sugar producers there, like the cotton growers' in the south and the Iwheat farmers in the middle west, are turning to a diversification; of crops . as essential to the welfare of the! island, Internal industrial development also fs necessary 1 . Both are going on .in Cuba. . * Hubert Smith of Ekin took -a truck load of - relatives and friends 'to Charles Small's home in Owen. county Sunday. Mr. Small-reached his 64th! birthday mark Saturday and' his friends celebrated the event Sunday. They took well filled baskets, and a bountiful dinner was spread at the noon hour. Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Ooten and family and Ray Small and family of Elwood helped to carry but the birthday j surprise by taking Mr. and Mrs. | Owen Park Spnday; morning. After dinner the party | went sightseeing . through the [ woods.: - Those enjoying, the trip, j were Scott Burton and (family of I Elwood, Mrs. Dora Robbins andj Mrs. Walter Greathoutse 1 to the draft at! the last minute to ,,fill the legislative primary tide- lets in a score or more of districts. I Many veteran , legislators jare lj" 0 1 attempting to come back,; according trf the filings. Among !the Democratic leaders who! stood lout in the past'might be cited Delph .: • a of to become secretary jected "overtures °f r f i candidate' fo'r evident i st - te; Herber i p. Kenney of New sta ^ e ' Albany", who lias been out of the f i tlte Among those Who | iiajtre G. O. fights.! opposition jare Harry fe* Roiybiit- tom. of the PirstJ Nolile Johnilon of theiPifth, Richard Sf. Blliott| Df tile Sixth, laiid Albert! Vestal. l|of the Eighth. I Perhaps | the most ;spectaculjar where Rowbottom Is :opjiosed by Bruce Cooper, -district (Jhairmain and James R. Duncan JBvansvi le business man. The -First diBtrj :t, dominated by Evansvlllel Ts bat ly torn by factionalism a^' the result of a bitter fight centered on Hilr^l has a bert "Males!,| formerly [mayor Cooper, *u {state s'oria **** EvansylHei f . , tor.'l^ln dhargejOt the district roachineryi but the Old Guard |al EvanB-fHlej not content er RoWbot,tom-oi! "— pnt^ ToraW/coagre ltli.clili mmw* m harness for several years;! Samuel IJ. Wells of Scottsburg .J .{who sought the governorship nomination ;two years ago; Martin ! T. Kr!ueger, formerly mayor : j of Michigan City!; Herman Weinke of! South 'Benki who angled j for the nomination for secretary of state' for a* time; Tliurman A. Gottschalk of ! Berne; a veteran member of;the state budget dom- mittee; Walter S. Chamberh*, >vho served in the :senate' for I years and who formerly was { s^ate chairman; !. Jotei C. | Gorman Princeton newspaper j publisher and formerly head:of the/Indiana Democratic 1 Editorial association, and Addison Drake, farm leader and in 1928 the Democratic-«omi nee" for lieutenant governor. . IA ! moist flavor was^gtveii'to of the Demo'cratic races when^ Julius one senatorsliip Echwing of Iiiwrenceburg, 1 * Dearborn" county prosecutbr, announced "liis'j candi­ dacyagainst ,J. Francis Lochard of Milan. Sending, as a! member of the 1925-house, was the only one to cast his vote in opposition to • the Wright "bone, dry"; iaw. ! He -still vows : he < is as: well as ever. • ; I :•. ]•- •• On the Republican side James M. Knapp of Ragerstown; [speaker of the last house, la unopposed for renominaUon. J. Glenn Harris of: Gary, -who "lias' served i continuously in the 'house! Blnce; I pibl :~yj ..'p;. :*ftf» L-7i»'l..-l-l .|-.-y -J ' : i! fight; on his hands in Lake s ^, i \ ] \ i (i| I I I [Lf» ofj county. Practically- all! the Lake I county veterans,-f-with: the.:exception of John.i'W.^Scottf fofiii Gary, who' is seeking a' JudgeBnlp; OJ. t.e^, codnty , renbm.n^Uon. w as, the fK-ro,! Natural gas companies. were never busier. Probably! ;S250,-r OOOJOOO will be required this year le meet the expansion programs- outlined by the 'various com panies. . ; "'While the volume of • production last year increased 20.1 per cent and gross operation revenue increased 23.6 per cent over the previous year, this year's record probably will surpass - either, o thej two previous years. . "I never saw a more.marvelous demonstration of - artistic skill almost a miracle and completed in three hours," said-Prince Ma'tcha belli, as we stood before the bust of the prince, sculptured by-Ma jor: Georges Scapani, the; blind member of thej French chamber of deputies. | * Blinded, like so : many of his countrymen ifi tlie war^ arid unequipped for anything to | which he [might turn to.-roake a living,' Major Georges Scap-rni has become one of the world's, greatest men. ;lh 1915, the-major was shuuted home from the front. He studied law], was graduated'with high lion orsj and practiced', . meanwhile organizing the legion of ;the ^blind, made. up.of sightless veterans. All of liis money earned at law has been spent in; helping others..A new talent, that' of sculpturing 1 ,, which was -unknown..'toj 'JMm* two years'ago, has been discpv eted. He can fell a man's head and mould that! likeness in!; clay, Iwithout*the use of-tool's. ] h An' inspiring 'story of indomij table!courage and getiius! - • i* . "Anyone who can budget an income of $4 ,000 :1 can do the-same with ;$4 .000,000/' says Mrs. Florentine D. - Goodrich, comptroller of the Long Island university, i Mrs. Goodrich ought *to know. Sh^'s- had 'a. vast amount of: experience' with figures, being the only woman .managing, the finances of "houiehold" ibrj liiOO young jper- a-university and:-- she : runs I her. Hotis 'without a doflclt. .- (v-ilcistr peraouB:* Dud. .figures tire- sbaieii Mrs'.Goodrich '.finds:,1 her wotlfc. Inspiring. • ?^makes«one.fael- ih the *«n- By -safd report it is shown, that said- ditch will cost $6,896.22 and over, and bonds have been or-; dered issued to pay for its construction, which bonds will be dated Sept. 1. 1930, and the tirst bond Will be due Sept. 1, 1931. and .pii tlie same day in each succeeding year until all are paid. Said bonds to bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually. DaUd this 7th day of April, 1930. 1 \V. A. KENDALL. Auditor Tipton 161-61-73 County. Indiana. Lejjal Notice children of Sheridan, Hubert Smith and family, Ed Small and Notice: to laud owners in Tipton Couility. Indiana, to pay ditch assHssmerts. and of intention to issue bonds. In the matter of the Petitioii of Fred Toil, et al. for drainage. Notice is hereby civeu that the an( l! draimiiffe commissioner in the matter of; the construction . of the above; named ditch on- the 2Sth wife, Harry Allen Hinkle, Fred (1: ' y " r - Ma ' v1 ** 1! ', : :"* 1". the „ . . ... ... .„ oflice = ot the auditor of Tipton Cartwrrght and wife. John r. ( . oinity , InrtiilII!l . his r( , port „ f tne Small, wife;and Gertie, cost of tin* constnntioii or said Miss Hester: Ross and Virginia ditch ; and his apportionment of Dobson all of Ekin and Mrs. Belle. Small and daughter Deloris! of East .Union. , Vivian Pearson, thirteen-year- old -daughter of Veqn Pe:irson and'wife of near East Union, was rushed " to the Riley, hospital at Indianapolis Sunday evening. The- Antrim ambulance Sheridan w'as called. Mis.} Pear- the <*i?sis thereof among the several trails and panels of land .-lof-'cssed for the construction of said (liii-li. and the assessment sheet: thereof has been prenared„ aird placed in the hands of the treasurer of Tipton county, Indiana for the collection of said assessments, and all persons whose land in Tiptoiy county have been from ' assessed with benefits, desiring to pay said assessments in order "to discharge-their lands from all lia- son Was operated immediately j biHtyi thereon, may do si. on or after reaching the hospital and j before tlie 2Sth day "f August. came through the operation fine.. 111 ' 30 ! or tllp - v mav <•" so in five . .-, . . , .„ . , i annual installments. It is thought she will get along i D ,.r • t • i -j - . I By said report it is shown '.ltd all right if nothing else comes "P-. (ITt<-Iii will cost *$r,.7 ,!M». tr. and over, ' **.*'. 'and bonds have )vnn prtlered* is- lit'ipil Notice. : sued to pay for its construction —— ' r *"" iwiiiclt will be datetl September 1. Notice to land owners in Tipton! 1and »>•« Hrst bond will be County, Indiana, to pay ditch' llue amI payable due and pavable_ September 1. assessments and ot the' intcn-' *«* ?« «a««o date te tion to issue bonds. In the mat- ! <-*"'h succRocImp year until a II paid.i Said bonds to bear mteif- ter of the petition of Thomas Rogers,' -et .al, for drainage. es! at the rate of six per cent per iiiiuln. payable annually. Dated' this 7lh-day of April, 161-IS7 A. KENDALL- Ai'ditor Tiptoii County. Indinna- i Notice* l<» Contractors. liven that I Notice is hereby, given that the j • drainage commissioner in charge 1 _ of the above named ditch, on tlie i 1 J * ,U - 28th'day of-March. 19:J0, tiled in: ~ the • Auditor's office of Tipton i . County, Indiana, his report of the! cost, of construction of said ditch: and his apportionment of the cost I thereof^ among the several tracts i and parcels of land assessed for j ' Notice is hereby tb 'e construction of said ditch, and i wllt receive sealed bids or propo- the assessment sheet thereof has! sals jfor the construction of the been prepared and placed in the: K * F f Leavell et al ditch, located hands of the treasurer of Tipton;" 1 Cicero township. Tipton conn- Count 'v, Indiana, for the ' colle'c- i Indiana, at the county survey- tion of said assessments. !° r ' s P fn *-'c '» llle < ' < » irt house in . AH persons whose lands* -have!«>•*• ^y. of Tipton. Indiana, until been assessed with benefits, desir-i - P..I"-. April 19. IS?,(>. i'ng to pay said assessments, in' T be plans and specifications for order to discharge tlieir . lands ! sald drain are on tile in the office from all liability thereon may do: "f 'he auditor of Tipton county, so on or before the 28th day Q f. Bidders will be refpiired to sub- August, 1938, or thev may-do so : ">'t with their bids a certified iii five (5) annual'installments, i !lie <-' 1 f '"" t' 1 *-' sllnl of **' ?, > 0 - condi- ' : tinned that the successful biddsr or bidders will enter into a con- tractj according to plans and spe- cificiijiinns ror said work, and file bonds for said undertaking. The superintendent reserves the right .to reject any and all bids filed. LEW J. RICHARDS. Superintendent of lf>S-i61-167 Construction. FARM LOANS B, 7, lb-Year Loaas at B* AL80 *6-TE«B LOANS OHARLKS WARN1 First National Bank Baildlng. of Sale of Ibe Household Goods of Mary Cage Deceased . i The Sharpsville Bank, as administrator, will sell at public auction the household goods of Mary Cage, deceased, at the residence on the Thomas Cage farm, three-quarters -of a mile north and one and one-half miles east of Sharpsville, on the •"• •: 'I Said Sale iyoC*rpH, ;o Begin a 1:00 O'clock P.M. Said property coksists of carpets, i rugs, chairs, bedsteads, feather b«ds| qnilts, piUowi, comforts, blaaktli i other articles, of bedding, three wardrobM, •r- fc kitchen cabinet, diking room tables, three saull cooking utensils ufr wtttt* too iunmiu to mm TEBM8: $10.00 and under, cash; a credit " " ren on all sumf m JM:t» ^ v ^

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