Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 26, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1969
Page 4
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Redlandt DoHy Foeb 4 - Wednetdoy. Feb. 26,19*9 Local Notes We buy and sell good used furniture. 798-1111, x UR The Univerdty of Redlands vs. ITCR bofeball game scheduled for tomorrow hasbeen switched to March 11 at the UB. Personal Ennmnty? Efflergency tel^hone eooosel- ing available, call 79M710. Confidential, no oUigstioos. 24 hours. Redlands Council of Chnrcfaes. x High Scbeet PTA "Teen Pressures" will be discussed by a panel of experts at this evening's meeting of Redlands High School PTA. 7:30 o'clock in Grace HuUen audi-' torium. The meeting is open to the public. Mrs. Billie DanieP will be panel moderator. Panel-; ists will be a group of six students with three adults. Dr. John Beukema, James Clark: and Larry Britten. Sealcoatina { Give your driveway that New; Look. Free estimates on seal-| coating driveways &nd parking lots. Also paving and grading. Kevari Contractors 792-5652. s Mimd Papers Phone Redlands Daily Facta circulation department, 793-3221, before 6:30 p.m. week days, or 2:30 Saturdays to report missed papers and obtain delivery. Ltm H SpMk Armando Lopez, a Redlands native and currently a school board candidate, will discuss the Meidcan-American community vrt)en he appears before the Red lands Evening Kiwanis dub to- WATTING IT OUT — Ch'er 100 flood evacuees from Loma Linda and Bryn Mawr areas took refuge in the multipurpose room of Mission ele- mentar>' school yesterday afternoon. The victims were unable to remain in their flood threatened homes or were imable to reach them during the height of the storm yesterday. Those who were still without lodging last night were removed to Smiley school in Redlands where they were served a hot dinner, sleeping facilities and breakfast this morning before returning to their homes or moving in with friends and relatives. The Red Cross provided the supervision and meals and the facilities were donated by the Redlands School District(Facts photo by C. J. Kenison) SubdMsion gets okoy. but not name of street An offidal Redlands bomd took rare excq)tioa to a street name Tnetdar. when Mic dty planting commissuHi apixoved < new subdivi ^oB iMt frowned OD the name "Leondla". , Dr. Robert J. Wot and Ins iRedlands Crest Associates won endmement — with reserva- tioas recommended by various city departments — for their tract north of the Redlands freeway and east of Ford street lliere wookl be S3 lots, ranging west of an extension of Crestview drive, served by one street to be called Westview drive, and another, Leondla I road. lias being a revision of earlier plans, nobody knew the origin of Leosella — even Dr. West arid his engineer, Joseph E. Bonadiman, of San Bernardino. Commissioner Ben Rabe, who made the motion to approve the tract subject to departmental recommendations, also made it subject to changing Leonella to! Prospect M flagpole to be^pedar 'tody be extended to Booserdt road, said Bonadiman. through a possible future devdopment _ Here be asked Itar an encoorag- It wifl be no ordinary flagp* ing sign from thb planners — list rises in Prospect pifk K i?* "P"" Leon H- Armantrout, committee tbou^ of high«e apartments chairman, has his say He it m a 10 -acre area, a former grav- m» any. ne d pit? But the commission gathenng mformation from var- dodged the opportuni^ of judg- isus manufacturers, hoping to ing sudi an emInTonic devdop- Qnd an everlastii^ pde of ment. preferring to await actual beauty and maintenance -free PiMK- • IquaUUe Bonadiman also got slight comfort for his hope of developing the Crestview extension as a 28-foot road mstead of the prescribed 60 feet He asked for the narrow measurement because for the time being the The appn^riate pole, he toU I his committee today, win be of best material and deaen, suitable as the first step in Prospect Park improvements. Mrs. Charles M. Gniber will specialize in the proposing of con- kauac iw* ^^>apt:ciduzi; m uie propobiisg ui ma- street would have improvements I tents for a time capsule, to be on only one side. ' -• —•- =- -•-•= encased when the p3le is dedicated. John W. S^sums' respon- jsibility will be placing the pole and determining its proper : height. Erwin S. Hein is responsible YMCA trip postponed , . .for completion of a memorial »u«j«.-L tu ..uBugius iA:«uc.«. .V, P"IP *1™ '"P. *° Ust of names whose friends and somethmg else, lliere was. heiD|sneyland Uus Saturday has^gu^.^ have made Prospect recaUed. a suggesUon that new;been postponed two weete unUl^par^ donations in their mem- streets sometimes be named in:March 15 because of the bad morrow evening at Tang's Pan-, thankfully a rare service need- try. Goodwin Knight to be speoicer for Lecpion Former Gov. Goodwin J. Kni^t is sdieduled as main speaker for the fiftieth anniver- sarj' dinner of the American Legion in San Bemardmo. according to plans bemg completed by Redlands committeemen. The dinner uill be at the Masonic temple Tn San Bernardino on May 3. Fifty-year memba^ of the Legion, including a number from Redlands Post 106, wiD be guests of honor at the dinner. Tbe cmmty-wide event is expected to attract several hundred. Another feature of the day will be the dedicafiwi of a bronze irfaque at the county courthouse, memorializing all veterans of American wars who were from diis county. ed locally — forced Smiley and Missicm elementary schools into dual rolco yesterday. By day. they were institutions of learning, but after hours became a home away from home for some 53 Bryn Mawr and Loma linda area victims of yesterday's disastrous floods. The first arrivals at the fiood , shelter set up at Smiley around [5 p.m. last ni^t were three family groups from the washed-out! area west of Redlands. Weather A\'«nce febnaiy ninfaU 2.49 Avmge Mason totil ninfaU ItOS RainfiU Temp. 24 Sea- Eoun ion .59 M .56 11.00 . SS 41 .47 11.471 48 40 .ns 11J6 53 31 J* UM Jan. 26 Jan. 27 Jan. 28 Jan. 29 Jan. 30 55 Jan. 31 -59 Feb. 1 57 Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 4 Feb. S Feb. 6 Feb. 7 Feb. 8 Feb. 9 Feb. 10 Feb. 11 Feb. 12 Feb. 13 Feb. 14 Feb. 15 Feb. 16 Feb. 17 Feb. 18 Feb. 19 Feb. 20 Feb. 21 Feb. 32 Feb. 23 Feb. 34 Feb. 25 55 families spend the night Smiley, M/ss/on schools set .up io house flood victims Three youths caught hi theft at Sage's memory of Redlands men who have died in war. Others had personal dislike for the name except fbr Chairman Ed Hales, who said "I happen to like Leonella." The street in question — Leonella on the map — would even- niarcu M ucvauac ui uau j^py weather and flooded conditions —'. [Of the roads, it was announced today. Signups for the new date will be accepted starting Monday. I those already signed up will automatically be included in the trip on the March 15 date. lies Ollivcu. u»u ifcwMM.w., .. - - ^ buses bnwght the remainder of dmo Valley CoUege, arrived at the group who had spent most j Ihe shelter to pick up two of of the afternoon at Missioo school in a temporary shelter set up by the Red Cross. Over 100 west side residents, young and old, had arrived at the Mission facilities during the afternoon hours after either being evacuated from their flooded homes or being uoaUe to reach them. Red Cross volunteer E. J. Zi, lionis and Mrs. Ruth Bnickert I Redlands cbapter Red Cross vol Mr. and Mrs. WiUiam A. Da- unteer, along with Redtaids [ris Jr.. 10S59 Und avenue. Loma Linda, arrived at Smiley with two of their children shortly after 5 p.m. still not knowing utietber their home was standing or not I "We couldnt get dose enough to see," explained Mr. Davis, a Patton State Hospital employe. Mr. and Mrs. Manud Hendvil and their three children, who reside at 25091 Redlands boulevard, also checked into the school district facihty under Bed Cross supenision, at about the same time. Still w^ and muddy. Mend\il explained that his bouse was full of mud and iminbabitabte. Mrs. Gary Fletcher and her daughter, who live in an upstairs apartment at 2S093 Redlands boulevard, reported she was directed to the shdter by neighbors wto feared for her safety. school district administrators and Floyd T. Allen, Mission principal, set up bausekeQ>ing in the school's multipurpose room. While waiting out further storm deyeli4>ni«iits, Redlands hi^ school giiis Gwen Gage and Nancy Jensen supervised games for the younga: children, wlule odiers kept occupied watching tdevision and listening U> record players. Tbe dder evacuees spent their time drinking coffee supplied by the Red Cross and watching the younger members. Many Mission piQ>ils spent a longer day in class than usual. Allen decided to keep bis pupils busy in class. Six teachers remained bdiind to conduct overtime sessions until sometime past 4 p.m. Among the adults at the Ad- ter was Mrs. Catherine Bell, Vital Records •niree teenage Redlands youths attempting to burglarize Sage's uere arrested last night after B, VIC MILLER , Shortly after the three fami-, 24871 Redlands boulevard. Mrs. ^ *2vtar a'ste?^* sd^y flood disaster shelter -l-ies arrived, two RedUnds school' BCU . a__st_u^^^^^^ closed, police reported. Officers said the youths, two of them 16 years of age and Uie other 17, placed a piece of copper in the locking mechanism of a rear door during the day to prevent the door from being se- curdy kicked. According to pdice, the trio returned at about 10:15 p.m. after the store had closed and one of the youths dipped in through the door wiiile the others served as lookouts. Store emjdoyes, who heard a noise in tiie camera department, found one of the teenagers clipping tbe wires of a stereo set preparatory to removing it and took him into custody. TTie other two youths heard the commotion and fled but were later arrested. Ilie trio was bo<Aed in City Jail far investigation of burglary. her diildren attending Mission only to have to remain herself. Returning from SBVC classes, she could see her house from the Redlands freeway but it sat in water "about three feet deep." United with her cfaUdren, her only concern was a dog still trapped in the bouse. Donald C. Beckord. county supervisor, appeared at the shd­ ter around 4 p.m. offering County assistance. Shortly afterwards, Dr. H. Fred Heisner. Redlands district school superintendent, and Bill Gibson, assistant superintendent, arrived at the scene to offer otiier facilities fa> the victims. It was dedded to transfer those who definitely weren't aMe to return to their homes to Smiley where "better Idtdien facilities were avaibWe." The ominous roar of the IXis- sioa storm drain across the street ^ flickering li^ at the school were other deddmg factors. After serving as shelters yesterday, Smfley and Mission returned to the academic field today with "dasses as usual" The multipurpose room was returned to pupSs this morning as most of the evacuees retained to their homes and the remain- Ider found shelter with relatives and friends. 70 65 ._ _ 57 52 _ 67 . 65 _ 71 . 61 . S9 _ 61 _ «1 _ 55 . 48 . 57 . 55 . 47 . 53 . 58 . 53 32 32 34 35 39 45 45 37 36 37 38 40 47 .43 43 45 40 41 44 40 34 44 33 41 45 52 J8 1.43 .38 1257 13.70 13.98 Tr. 13.98 .03 .30 J6 .63 .54 .54 .15 2.60 2.15 14.01 14J1 iiOl 15.37 ICOO 16.56 16.56 16.71 1»J1 21J6 BIRTHS BRUCE — Bom, a daughter, to Sir. and Mrs. Roger Bruce. 30 North Ash street. Feb. 24 1969 at Redlands Community hospitaL MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED CRISWELL-BEEHLER — Davis W. CriswdL 19, Redlands; and Bonnie R. Beehler, 17, CresUme. CARPENTER-MOBIN - Michad T. Carpenter, 21, and Cynthia A. Morin, 22; both Redlands. GONZALES-HOLGUIK - Jack M. Gonzales. 19. and Rosalie O. Holguin, 19; both Redlands. 4nnonncement of Funeral Services FEOIER. Rudolf, Sr. Rosair: S:Of> pjn. Today EnnMfaan-Bartlett Heniorial Cbapd, Calimesa Keqoieai Mau: im ajn. WedncMlay ». Franeea X. Cdrtd Cfavch, Vocaipa HELGESON. Hn. Olga Private Serviee Flidv BAGLET. Mn. Etta Loma LiDda Chipd JOTN50W. Bna Forwded to Head Itotnaiy. Batriow UNDER DIRECTION OF F.JUmiBK CORTNER 221 BROOKSIDE AVE. 1411 Is lOMAUMM CAUWESA .793-2441 WOUM 7«MK>I BAY (Kcntady) HOWJETT Viiitatioa fram 4 pjn Tteeday. mtSk aooa IMd- Mday. at the F. Aitfanr Cortacr OMiid. BEV; RAT EUGENE ORB Fteml lenrioci U ant. TInradar. at OeFSnt Coa' gfgaHwMl Ctardt MRS. LOLA OWEN Services pending. MRS. BERTHA VARY . HigSSLER Services pending. JACOB A. PORTE Ssrices pending. CONNOR-WALLEN — Michad L. Connor, 21, Redlands; and Peggy L. Wallen, 22, San Bernardino. ROBINSON-AUm - Edward D. Robinson, 28, Redlands; and Gloria J. Auvil, 19. Loma Linda. FOLDGNBERG - EMMEBSON — Louis E. FoMenberg. 79. Paradise; and Hazd L. Emmerson, 74. Redlands. MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED (Lai Vetas) LYNCH-DeMENT - William N. Lynch. 57, and June E. De- Men t, 55; both Yucaipa. FUNDERBURG - JACKSON — John Fredrick Fundetburg m, 19. San Diego; and Rebecca Sue Jadeson. 17, Yucaipa. GRIFFIN-HILUGAN — Geoi «e 0. Griffin, 39. Las Vegas, Nev.; and Cberji A. MiUigan. 22, Redlands. DEATHS HELGESON — Died in Sw' Bernardino. OdiL. Feb. 26. VXa, Mrs. (Mga Hdgwm aged 82 -years, native of Hawley, Minnesota and resident of Redlands for three years. Deceased is survived by her sons and daughters: Charies L. (Roy) HdgesoB Redlands; Robert B. Hdgeson, Phoenix. Ariz.; Miss Hden I. Rdeeson. Redlands; Mrs. Haad E. Agotness, Cave Credc Ariz.; Mrs. Ethd Mae St Lawrence. Atama, Va.; dgtt grandchildren and the fd- lowing broUien and sisters: Herbert CWsoD and Geocva Carlson both of Ha«ley> ICBB. and Mrs. Efaie Bemli. Farr. North Private ftaetal sendees «in be hdd EMday at the Chapd of GrA Hfit CtapecatiaBal charch. Dr. Tbxtf G. Sntiaer. IMrtor. oOdatinc. CkcufioB in lllgatedto MemHW Paik An- incnaa«aifielt MoMrial chap- d in cbaece.' 1»_WU1 Tt« WILLIAM is. MOOBB. PobUifecr. rBAKK «. MOmtE. Bdttor. 700 amoUMcAin. at Ccstcr. Bed. UB V CVIX' X- •"*» *>-^ <*>^ nontlu $«J8. ilx monUtt «9;aa. <« >Mr SIS .40L Br aaU per Bonth %IM. jat S24J0O. DENNY'S Casual Shoes In Yucaipa BUSTER BROWM For Boys Sold Enlusivtly by DENNY Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 JIM HANEY. Service Uqr. at JIM GLAZE LINCOLN-MERCURY Announces Tliat Now A Q u I c K . 420 W. Redbnds Blvd., Redlands SERVICE LANE IS OPEN FOR MINOR REPAIRS RAIN, RAIN, RAIN - I dcn'l knew about yau, but I am about raady to buiU an ark. All kiddins aiidt, wllh waaMiar JKkt wa have baen havkie, M la necessary to pra'cliea daftnsivo drivins liie navar beta*. Wllii boHi streats and brakaa wet mast of Ifca lima, anyliiinf can, and may happen. Sawyer,Cook&C6. /isiraice I Sireff Inrfs 12 W. State. Phone 793-2114 REDLANDS, CALIFORNIA We make shoes fbr playing gamesi climbing trees, riding bike* and fbr kxddng treat in at KbooL Tbey'ra rugged. And they fit! ; •ankAmaricard • • MaHM-Charfla • OpMi7Days Friday Ivankw'HI f Sunday — IM p.m. 12142 4rii Sr. & In Food Fnr Sbopping Ontv JIM GLAZE SAYS . . . SPRING INTO ACTION WITH THE VALUE LEADER 1969 MERCURY MONTEREY SEDAN 4 doer Sedan •ngine, Select-Shifl misslsn, FACTORY ING, Po%»w staaring and disc brakM, Radio and haalsr. Tinlwl Class, Foam Rub._^ ber saah, teat bdts, bead rests, cMh and vinyl trim interior, whita wall tires plut all factory equipmwit. Spring kite Actitn Prka- 3932 HmTa md UCMM M. In Mlaiidt -ACTION PRICES ON ALL USED CARS-66 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 2-doer hardtop, VI, automatic trans- C«ft mistien. Factory Air, Red wHh Black ^XAVK Landau Top. N*. UA. #9 '66 FORD LTD 2-daar hardiap, 3N VI, a4ilematic, fcll CAV^pa c.T^tt^'^.'^'-.-!.*-. .'2195 -67 FORD WAGON *iMismger, Vt, awlamaHc trantmissisn, C«%VApi FACTORY AIR, FaiMr steering, ^^IVK brakes, now tirak No. IIU. 4# I #9 '66 COMET CAUENTE lOR. HARBTOF - Vi Mgkw w«fi aulamaKc radio and beator. A gesd M car. Na. ISA ... •64 COMET 2-dear, VI, 3-tpaad transmission, radio, healer. EacaHant trantpartatisn at tow cast. Na. RIA. n095 'M BARRACUDA 2-dswr haidlap, VI, angkw, pawar sitarkig C ««wiE> radio and haatar. WMto with gaU #1 <W|% •itoriar,Ne.«A. |4 #T9 'M CYCLONE Hardtap, VI, avtomalfc iransmisslsR, tVAAPi FMvsralaaringand brakes. V IWK Biidnf seal*. New 7SA. ACTION M #0C PRICED I0T9 Your Trade Is Always Worth More( LINCOLN •MERCURY • COUGAR 420 W. Redlands Blvd. 79^2141

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