Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 2, 1957 · Page 17
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 17

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 17
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INDIANA: Mostly fair tonight, a littlt warmer north port i o n , Wednesday mostly fair, warm and becoming more humid. Temperature - 12 noon 82 degrees. Low tonight 65 to 70. High Wednesday near 90. Sunset 8:17 p.m., sunrise 5:22 a.m. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY HOME TOWNT NOW IN OUR 113th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844— F«ir AH PkoM 4141 LOGANSPORT, DTOIAKA,' TUESDAY-EVENING. JULY 2. 1957~ »'«ll-L««»rd United Pr«> Wlr«« DDT •»* KlKkt Price Per Copy, Seven Cent* St. Louis Area Threatened By Major Flood Rain-Swollen River Climbs Toward Crest Merramcc Is On Rampage Following To.rrential Downpour; Prepare to Evacuate Residents By UNITED PRESS A major flood disasler threal- ened porlions of the St. Louis, Mo., area today in the wake. of torrential rains laced wilh tornado funnels. The Merramec River was rising faster lhan expected at Valley Park, Mo,, soulhwesl' of St. Louis, and was expecled lo crest this afternoon al 32 feel, 15 feet above flood slage. Some 200 persons in 75 homes were warned to evacuate. About 75 of the refugees were housed al I cumulalive building fund fr.om SO •a Red Cross disaster cenler in;, , -. Valley Park High School over-] „ to *'• night. Others moved in with I Representatives of local orgam- friends and relatives. zations attenddd the session to sup- IRYIN IS DENIED CLEMENCY Cumulative School Fund 3afe Raised Fifty-Cent Increase Is Approved By Board at Meeting Held Monday Night Cily school board members in a special session Monday night voted 3 to 1 in favor of increasing the NEW PHONE BUILDING NEARLY COMPLETE US66, a main east- west route, was closed due to floodwalers port the proposal made earlier by sllar Pi school su- ••>.«un»^.»- ncar Valley pTrk, "aV'the "penn" ' P erintcndcnt - sylvania Railroad had to reroule' A public hearing will be held on ils Irains over New York Central I Monday, July 15, in .the adminis- tracks because of washouts. A total of 14 bridges were washed out in St. Louis County. Flash floods also hit the, Springfield, Mo., area and parts of Kansas, The Saline Hiver overflowed at Tescott, Kan., Monday, and Stranger Creek swelled lo become a mile-wide lake near Tonganoxie, Kan., inundating valuable crop land. In the west, a Colorado heat wave sent torrenls of molting snow down the high Rockies, boosting rivers and streams to dangerous levels. Lamar, Colo., recorded a top of 102 Monday and it was 94 in Denver. Highway crews took advantage of the warm weather to ram through 50-foot snow drifts and open a road on 14,260 - foot Ml. Evans. Funnel clouds swepl from overcast skies Monday night near Kansas City and Chamilc, Kan., and near Norfolk and Lincoln, Neb. Several funnels were sighted southwesl of Huron, S.D. Severe wind storms buffeted the Iration building for local taxpayers concerning the decision of the! board. The increase will not be in effect until Ihe public hearing and (he approval of the stale board of bx commissioners. The motion to increase Ihe fund —lo prepare for the forthcoming jump in enrollment—was made by Wayne Schaefer. Ed Jasorka casl Iho dissenting vole. Newman Gee was not present. During the discussion period question about the future of 111 fund if Jhe increase was disa] proved by the slate board! Schoc board prcsidenl Don O'Neill slalc thai ho had lalkcd wilh Ihe la commissioners concerning the in crease. He was told liiat the ol regulation required '.hal Ihe pros enl rala be set aside when an in crease was voled. Thus, if the pro posed increase was not approvec the school city would be left with out a cumulative fund. However, a' new regulation made this month stipulates that state: officials can only reduce the fum lo whal it was before the increase Plains slalos, causing some dam-'If the increase was not approvec .... .. r,, ,_ ., „ ..., the fund would be reduced only lo age al Bismarck, N.D., where gusls reached a peak of 02 miles an hour. Heavy thunderstorms drenched eastern Nebraska, and high winds uprooted trees at Butle. Rain also was reporled during Ihe nighl along the Mississippi Hiver in soulhoaslern Missouri, northca.slern Arkansas and western Kentucky and Tennessee. Cars Collide Headon; Eight Persons Die Newly Married Connie and Ihe present CO-cent level. Jusorka objected lo Ihe possibl loose interpretation of "remodel ing" and would nol vole for Ihe in crease unless a qualification was allached lo Ihe motion slalinfj lha Ihe money could be used for new school buildings and addition!! classrooms. Sharp said the first slcp—if the fund Is approved—will, bo to move Lincoln Junior high to the studl um area. A new grade school will probably be built within Ihe nexi four years. Sharp slated. In other action the board hired three elementary teachers — Mrs, Goldie Bowman, Richard Rothget, and Ann Meyer. , The board accepted the bids from -...., ..-„.. „ ....„ lirce local coal companies, but re- Five Soldiers Killed in Wy- !;f n', nn ,MK-'. to lx " advot ' tisc Accident |for fuel Coal bids accepted wore: Bcasey ROOK SPRINGS, Wyo. (UP)—!Coal Co,, for Old Glory at $0.08 a Two late model automobiles col-! 101 " Gl ' ce " Valle y "t *» "I n Ion lided slraighl-on near here ^l 1 ™™^;™*^ ^.f^ Fml Monday nighl killing eight . ,, t < umi ni.-.i.Tn^u ivjumuiy LIIU MitlLJL'ML sons, including a noivly married for additional help lo complete the couple, in Wyoming's worsl high-.summer work program sit Ihe var. way accident oh record. ' jious schools. A check-list of pro- Two other persons were lnkcn!- lect!i ' Prepared by Ihe teachers at to Swectwatcr Memorial Ho*U..;^^'™^ P ~ MW in very crilical condition. • T FJ - ve «/f T!," icrs lrm Forl F'rst Band Concert ' Lewis, Wash., riding in a conver- ,., . . • n i tibic, were killed and tho oilier Wednesday at Park was Injured. Killed' In Uio olheri Tlle American Legion band will vehicle were three young rcsi-:°P l!n 1Ls summer series of bond dents of Green River, Wyo., ip.iconcerts at II o'clock Wednesday eluding Iho ncwlywcds, Another evening at Ihe Riverside park pu- passcnger in that car was injured. Police said the .two cars mel on the north shoulder of the road, The engines at both vehicles were pushed inlo ihc front sents, and Ihe cars were squared off lo the windshields by the impact, Lost July l.'l, seven persons were hilled In a collision on the same itrelch of road. vllion. Dan Mordent! will direct the bund In its 1057 debut with Jane Ann Co'nnul, baton twirler, a featured performer. Among the selections are: "liarl- Icsvllle Hoogic", • "Mr. Wonders, Overture," "Park Avenue Fantasy," "The'Scenic West, Overture'," "Stompin' al Ihe Savoy" and "Sen- siiljon". * HV. h , * T ™ re , C " K "," "" t)le " ew " mcK b " IU11 " B of lhc Whtte-Pulnskl Telephone Coop«r» tlve building at Slur City, which will switch to dial operation in August. The building will house ilia switchboard equipment, and company offices. Working are Ihroe 'employees of Courtesy Builders, Win* mac, Imlliilng contractor. They are Ed Knarr, Mel Balr. Dean McBeth. all Wlnnmnc. (Pliuros-Trilmnc Photo-Engraving.) Pulaski-White Telephone Exchange Prepares To Serve 610 Subscribers STAH CITY—Into operation here and Pulaski in Augtisl will go .'i(!fl dial telephones, and this will he followed in September by 2-11 telephones switching to dial operation at Buffalo—all at a cost of $'1011,000. Renovation of the Whlte-Pulaski telephone system inclildes new telephones for each of the flio,country and (own subscribers in '.hat avei —costing $20,000. It also includes l.wo office build- ngs—at Buffalo anil Star Cily — .0 cosl $44,000; ?(!1,li(ll) worth of dial equipment at each of the two centers; and $200,000 worth of. poles, wires, and cables. Long distance culls will go oul from Star Cily and Pulaski through Wlnamac and from Buffalo through Monticello, The telephones have operated on the magneto system, which required a switchboard operator at Buffalo. The operator will be eliminated when the new system goes Inlo effect. The telephone company is under co-operalivo ownership. Contractors for the new system Flood Crest Rolls South; Skies Clear Wednesday Forecast For Showers Cancelled But Ituinfa.ll liny. Probable Xhurs- Thundershower forecasts for Indiana were hauled down loday ns he big flood crests of the Wabnsh and White Rivers rolled slowly ioulliea.slward. Predictions of .showers Ihis afler- loon, tonight-and Wednesday were illmlnalerl from Ihe noon outlook or Iloosierland. But Uie outlook or Thursday still contained the irobablllly of rainfall. Meanwhile, the Indiana dentil oil blamed directly or Indlreclly n Ihe flood was hiked lo at least 0 when John Newion Harlman, 7, Bridge-Ion, was killed by the ollapse of a culvert weakened >y the flood, Harlrnan was repairing flood aniiigc- on a Parko Counly rood when liie culvert gave way be- cnlh Ihe weight of his county ilghwoy department truck. /-Ic ras buried beneath stones he had hoveled into a washout. The crest of the Wabnsh passed 'erre Haule and headed for Vln- enncs this morning, A secondary resl was in Uie Hlronm's hend- 'nlers northeast of Wnbasli. The cresl on Ihe casl fork of ic White was bclwecn Seymour ml Bedford, and on Iho west fork etwcen Spencer and Klliston. were: for the outside lines niul cables — LP&J-I Construction company. Lh'iton, Ind; dial equipment— Kellogg Switchboard and Supply company, Cljicago; telephone ift- stnllntlon—Lcuicli Sales Corp., Chicago; and buildings• —'Courtesy builders, Winamac. Officials of the telephone company-sold the Star Cily-Pulaski subscribers will be switched over about Ihe latter part of August, The Buffalo switch will take place- about ten days later. Farmers counted unosttmnlctl isses lo crops as Ihe muddy /aler spread over hundreds of crcs of land. In some coses, it ashed out newly planted corn nd soybeans. In others, it Intm- nlcd fields and ruined the crops. Sees End Of Communism WASHINGTON (UP) — Secretary of Stale. John hosier Dulles said today thai free governments eventually will supplanl Communist despolism in Russia and Red China. Dulles lold a news conference Ihal changes in Ihe Iwo countries toward free governments evcnlu- ally will come aboul by evolutionary or possibly even revolutionary means. ilussiu. fiul he would make no i atomic or hydrogen weapons, flat predictions or revolution ln| He said the U.S, assumption Isi Engineers Get Raise CHICAGO (UP) - The N T al!onnl Mediation Board announced loday that Ih-e nation's railroads and Ihe Brolherhood of Locomotive Engineers have agreed on a 13 per, eer.t wage increase over Ihe next Uiree years. The agreement, reached Monday night, calls for u B per cent raise In the 'average basic daily rate, effective last Nov. 1. Second and third year increases of 3V4 per cent each would become effective Nov. 1, 11)57, and Nov. 1, 1051!. The agreement now will be submitted lo the brotherhood's gen- oral chairmen, Hie board said. Terms Include n cost-of-llvlng es- , , ., , • -- clause under which wage 'l^arlon County all late Man- rales will he geared In changes in the consumer price index. Rates will Increase or decrease I cent an hour for each *h point change in Uia price Index, with an Index of 117,J. serving ns a base, Adjustments will bo made every six months, A. J. Mogilner Freed Under $36,000 Bail ' Salesman Indicted With Virgil Smith in Road Scandal Surrenders INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — "Mystery" man" Arthur J. Mogilner was free under $3(!,000 bond today wlillo Ms attorney prepared a defense against n $41,000 highway scandal. bribery charge. Mogilner, wearing dark glosses n ' d " dark s '> ort ahl1 ''. surrender- Tipfon Renews Old Feud Over Consolidation Trustee Unable to Obtain Approval of Additional Appropriations For School Addition ECforls of Tipton Township Trustee Herbert Grant to obtain approval of additional appropriations totaling $5,710 Tor the construction of an addition to the Tlptoa township high school with federal funds have been blocked in a renewal of the old feud between consolidation Gov. Handley Rejects Petition of Slayer Convicted "Mad Dog" Killer Scheduled to Die in Electric Chair at State Prison July 9. INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - Governor Handley today denied exrai- live clemency to Leslie Irvin, Evansvillc pipefitter under sentence to die a week from today for one of six '"mad dog" murders in Indiana and Kentucky. and anii-consolidation forces, it was reported Tuesday. Petitions for and against the proposal were presented to the .."ii-slee and. advisory board at a meeting Monday night at Grant's iome. It was reported that at least <10 residents of the township had signed both petitions. The petitions purportedly bore .he signatures of registered voters of the township, and the trustee was said to have announced that lis next step would be to check the names again.st the list of re- jlslcred voters in the court house lo determine how many were valid. The Pharos-Tribune was unable o obtain any statement from 3rant Tuesday since! the person rvho answered the phone at his iome said he refused lo come to he phone. The hearing on the request for ,he additional appropriations had Girard Weds Jap Girl But No Honeymoon Young Army Specialist Facing Trial for Manslaughter Confined to Camp. TOKYO (UP) — Specialist 3C William S. Girard married his Japanese sweetheart loday and pronounced married life "wonderful" even though there was no ceremony and his bride was 40 miles away. The marriage became legal when his sweetheart, Hani (Candy) Sucyama, who will be 2il on Friday, rcgi.slc.-ed the match al he Akasakn ward office in Tokyo, all thai is necessary under Japanese law which the United Slates recognizes. ' "1 feel jusl wonderful," Ihe 21- year-old Ottawa, 111., soldier said .hrough n friend when inlormcd thai he was married. "II. would ;.akc me a long lime lo tell you low much we are looking forward o nil those good things we expect as man and wife." "1 jusl can't express liow precious being married to Candy is lo me," Girard said.-, Candy hurried back lo Camp Handley turned down a petition filed wilh him lale Monday asking clemency and a stay of execution from July 9, . Ihe 'dale Gibson Circuit Judge A. Dale Eby set recently for In-in lo die in the electric chair al Indiana Slate Prison. Handley rejected a petition for clemency for the Evansvillc pijie- fltlcr as Irvin's attorneys headed for Lafayette lo file a petition- for a writ of ITabens corpus in U.S. District Court with Judge W. Lynn Parkinson. Parkinson then set a hearing for July 5 and issu<>d an order for Indiana Slate Prison officials, where Irvin is in "dealli row" awaiting execution next Tuesday, o deliver the prisoner lo Federal Court at Soulh Bend. Handlcy's excculivc secretary, loberl Kink, said .lie understood Irvin's attorneys went to Lafayette loday to file a petition for n wril of habeas corpus with Judge W, Lynn Parkinson in Federal District Court, Irvin was senlenced lo death for the robbery shooting of W. SVesley Kerr, I'Jvansville filling station, operator, in December, 1'JM. Kerr was one of six persons slain in a four-month period in HIM and IMS been set for last Wednesday cven-[Wliilllngton immediacy after 'he ! m ' r j no ™\ po " od '" m * n " -iR,'but the trustee wn., unable lo rcgislralion lo mcel Girard B | the .!L V , a " d , C ^" R . h -' 1Jnd .. P ;iH the approval of a majorily of ils advisory board al Ihat lime, il .vas reported. Another meeling'was ;ol for Ihe following evening, but. home of a friend, Sgl, Gilbert Saylor, New Market, V«., jusl as they have met every night, since May 16. t was conceled by the traslce uflerj Bui there will be no forma delegation of Tipton lowiishlf •csldcnlji arrived at his home li ittend, il was reported. Grant had announced thai he ilnnned to use $30,715 in feclera units lo bulkl a iwo-room add! Ion lo the high school nl Onward •fie room for the bond and out. nr shop facilities. To comply wit! late requirements, II also wo ecessary for Ihe township lo pur IMISC 11 acres of land on the north ide of the school, Grant said. School consolidation forces feni nit (he plan to build an ac/diUoi ) Ihe present high school al On- 11 move i» forestall ihcii llonipls to bring about a con. olidntion with one or more of Ihe Iher townships In southern Ouss ounty. Classify 11 Youths 1-A Eleven youths have been classified J.-A, available for military service, by the Cnss county Selective Service board, il was reported Tuesday by Mrs. Bornlec Hawthorne, clerk of the board. They ore Lance D. Frechafer, Gerald D. Pugh, Donald D, Barbard, Ronald 0. .N'aiterlnc, Ronald J. Adah 1 , Bobby R, Bolln, Paul L. Hall, Joseph D, Sabatinl, Charles E. Pnschcn, Ronald L. Bock and Ivor D. Burrough. The board also classified 13 youths. 1-D, five In 5-A, two In 4-A, -wo In t-C enlisted, one in 1-C Inducted, and four In other classifications, ellhcr country, or when freedom would prevail over communism, Dulles also affirmed President Elsenhower's statement on June 19 Ihat Rod China would not have to be brought inlo a- worldwide ills- armamenl agreement. He said, however, that a system can be devised which would provide for calling off a disarmament agree- 'Ill-, vw..,.. tt un u wl.Tlll 1IIU1HCI1L «4i l 13« Dulles said, Indued, tiie (rend In menl If Red China, even thought the Soviet Union today. Is toward i nol a signatory, violated terms of greater freedom. He said there i any agreement. are more revolutionary elements !• th« Communist China than In Dulles voiced doubt that Red China would allcrnpt to produqe that Communist China would not gat nuclear weapons aid from Russia if an East-West disarmament agreement Is signed. He said provisions of such an agree-i nail»'i »' llabert B. Amlermm at Bulletins WASHINGTON (UP) — T li e loilny approved the nonii- flay and stepped momentarily behind bars to post bond. Mogllner was Inrliclod on 12 bribery counts by u grand jury that accused him of giving former stale highway chairman Virgil (Rod) Smilh $41,000 In bribes lo Influence Ihe awarding of large- scnSe stale equipment contracts. Accompanied by his attorney, John. Iloyse, Mogilner dodged a barrage of questions by newsmen, "At Ihis tlm« I have no comment, gentlemen," Mogilner said. "Whnt s l have lo say I'll suy In court." Mogilnor, Indianapolis salesman, was accused of winning more Uian *l million worth o/ contracts during tho administration of formor Gov. George Craig, including W3;l,000 worth of "Glo," an cx- punsjve engine additive. Smith surrendered for the second time last week and posted tx>nd on six counts of bribery for allegedly accepting the J'U.OOQ. Earlier, he and Ihrce oilier persons wore Indicted on charges of emberallng public funds and conspiracy, Mogllncr, missing since the highway scandal Investigation boson n April, refused to soy where he iad been. He also declined to say f he knew Smilh, Crnlg, or two of Craig's associates, William Saycr and Elmer (Doe) Sherwood. Will Arraign Four Youths Pour of the five Cass county youths who were jailed Siiliirdny night in connection with Ihc theft of m cases of beer from the City Beverage company are scheduled In be arraigned In juvenile court Wednesday morning, according lo Sheriff 0. R. Carson. Sheriff Carson Haiti Die youths have made statements ndniiUing also three broak-hw at Iho JSlllotl DlsU'lbulors, in 0:10 of which Ihey did not obtain any loot. Two of the boys, who are being held In the female section of Die Jnll in the absence of any female 1 prisoners, turned over to the sheriff n home-made blackjack which they said they had found in the cell. It consisted of a glass nsh tray enclosed in a piece of cloth which apparently hud been lorn from a blunkel and then tied to form a handle. The fifth boy who was taken Inlo custody Saturday nighl was released Sunday when It appeared that he was nol Involved in the break-Ins. ceremony honeymoon for the newly werldcu couple since Girard is confined to Ihe camp. Al llghls oul tonight Girard wi escort Candy lo a bus .stop an. she will return lo her honiii neni the base and Girard will return li his b-flrr.'K'ks. A Methodist church will be held Friday in the chape", with Army Chaplain Maj. JIarrj C. Ririturd of Washington D.C. presiding. Snylnr will be host man and the bridesmaid will be M/.SS Kcsi Okado, a' dressmaker who lives near Iho camp. Glrnrd Is confined lo Camp WhltUnglon pending outcome of a controversy over whether (In U.S. or Japan. should try him lie accused of accidentally shoolln/j and killing a Japan-Mo woman nolnl scavenger on u U.S. Army firing range. McDonald Inquest Held by Coroner Dr. M. B. Stewart, Cass county coroner, took under advisement he verdict in the death of George McDonald, flff, Longcllff patient, after hearing the testimony of seven witnesses Monday afternoon at lhc inquest conducted ul Ihe stale lospilal, Authorities said it. appeared Ihat McDonald hail taken his own lite nst Wednesday in one of Iho Long- cliff greenhouses by pulling a crowbar in his month and then 'limping down a flight of stairs. Trucking Company Is Incorporated Articles of Incorporation for the (le Trucking Company, Inc., were IJed Tuesday wilh Counly Recorder Slewarl Gordon. They show that James Ide, route is tile resident agent mid the company has a paid-in capital of 10,000, Directors and Inrorpora- ors arc James Ide 11, and Bobby Martin, route 2. lies in Indiana 'and al Henderson, Ky. He was convicted in a 1055 trial al Princeton and sentenced to <!:<> early in 195C. Bui Irvin escaped jail and was free for ivcclts until California authorities caught him. Al least Ihree slays of execution postponed his date with death ns Irvin's altornpys ran ihe gamut of legal moves lo seek a new trial or save his life. Handley explained in denying clemency thai (he case wont through Indiana and Ihe U.S. Supreme Courts anil relief was denied "In all Instances." "I feel trial by jury Is one of Ihe basic concepts of our system," tho governor said. 'There have been no extenuating circumstances Hint have come to my aUvirtlon in this case and 1 therefore will abide by he decision of the court." In his petition, Irvin claimed ho in<l a right lo clemency because: 1. He was nol gnilly. 2. He was nol given fair trial K'causc II of the K jurors who convicted him had a "preconceived opinion" Ihat he was gnil'y. :ullly. 3. He was unjustly denied » change of. venue from Gibson Counly. A confession accepted as evidence in (he trial was not lawfully received. Sovernor Re-Opens Ellettsville Branch INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — Cover- lor Handley tod;iy rescinded an n'dcr by Slale Motor Vehicles Commissioner Robert McMnhnn to 'lose Ihe aulo license branch at Cllellsvlllc. Hundley's order actually revived he office, which was closed last %)lurduy at MoMahun's direction. The office rnopons wilh Mrs. Hazel Sharp, H reslaurunl oper- tor, succeeding Charles May as nnnager Aug. 1. Mrs. Sharp was ppolntecl by McMnhnn on rccinn- nendalion of Frit-/. Ryan of KUclU- . wli» heads the personnel fflce of the State Highway Dc- arlmcnl and serves as Monroe Counly Republican chairman. Louisiana Toll Now 300 LAKE CHARLES, La, (UP) The hurricane Audrey death Loll soared lo nearly :IOO today and officials planned to bury -10 more unidentified disaster victims in a Asked how he fell about being ; common ffl ' nve ' "mystery man" in the highway i Calca.vleu Parish Sheriff Henry wave were burled In two common graves Monday, Oilier bodies, identified and claimed by friends or relatives, were being buried in private ceremonies. The search for bodies still continued. Sheriff Reid said he ex- ment would preclude such a Irans-iN«w Vork und Texan to be seers.-scandal, Mogilner replied: jrteld said late Monday night 2»5 peets the loll lo run to 350. Olher tor. and any vlolnllons undoubted- larv of lhc trennurv. n» win «m._ "I'm jusl an averaae cillzen."! bodies hnvo been recovered from' death esllmates ran as high aji tho southwosten Louisiana area j val Pelerson's 500, which he mon- for, and any vlolallons undoubted-' tury of the treasury. lie will tin: iy would become known, Dulles' news conference tered almost entirely on China. He said his San Francisco .speech last Friday restating U.S. opposition to the Chinese Coinmu- jceed retiring SccroUry George M, cen-! Humphrey on » date not yet fixed. Red 1 WASHINGTON (UP) — Son. Illcliuril ]), Kusfli'Jt proposed CAPTURE BAIL JUMPER INDIANAPOLIS (UP)—Olin Leo Turner, 34, n Soulh Carolina fugl- Uve whose bail was doubled when that the controversial civil right*Ihe foiled to appear for an Indian- nisi roglnw was approved by the j bill he submitted to the people la apolls court hearing, was caplurcd President. • I a nation*! referendum.' 'Monday night in Paducah, Ky. around Cnrheron, soulh of Lake Charles on the Gulf of Mexico. More than 40 unidentified bodies, mostly Negroes, were to bo buried In a common grave today, Sixty-six other unidentified victims of the hurricane and tidal Honed in his roporl to President Elsenhower. Peterson U Ihe President's personal represenlallve In the disaster area. area throughout Ihe night to pro- vein looting. As .some searchers scoured Iho area for more bodies, others had Ihe grim job of burying or burning thousands of bloating and rotlliiK callle drowned by Die 24-fool lldal wave. The decayed callle flesh pol- lules water.and provides a breeding place for disease, il wat said. II must be destroyed before any number of inhabitants can return lo their homes in the area. Many of (ho search parties were Sheriff's deputies, civil defense!armed ngnlnsi swarms of poison- officers, state police-and National ous coltonmouth mocca ini Guardsmen palrolled tho slricken washed up from the marshes.

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