The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on May 1, 1959 · Page 3
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 3

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 1, 1959
Page 3
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Girl Gets Too Many Pen Pals By LYNNE HOLT Fort Scott Tribune UNIONTOWN, Kas. (AP)-For •everal months Sherry Wood virtually begged for correspondence Irom pen pals. Now she's on the verge of begging them to stop. It isn't that she doesn't like to get letters, but for five weeks she's had a heavy! volume of Incoming mail, numbering as high as 121 letters in a single day. Her big problem is finding time to open them, answering them and finding some method of raising funds to buy stamps. A look at the 12-year-old girl's stack of mail-less than half of it opened—gives proof she has some real problems. Five months ago she submitted her name to the pen pal column editor of her church's weekly Sunday/School, paper. Weeks passed and Sherry received no letters. Disgustedly she sent a second letter, informing the editor there had been no response to her first letter and "I'd still like to have a pen pal." Within a few weeks she was all smiles after getting her first pen pal letter. But it didn't stop there. She has received more than 700 letters, mailed from 45 states, Canada and Hawaii. Asked why more than half the letters were still unopened, she said: "I don't want to -rush through them. When I open them, I read them carefully, then decide whether they should be answered right now or if they can wait a bit. "You know, it isn't fair to disappoint these pals like this but I just don't know how to keep up with them.'' Although Sherry hasn't taken any such action, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wood, indicate she'll probably offer to share her distance pals with her hometown pals in the near future. Godfrey Faces Uphill Fight NEW YORK (Apy-Arthur'God- rey slept under sedation after ive-hour surgery Wednesday for emoval of a lung cancer. The 55-year-old, red-haired radio aJid TV star spent the night n the, recovery room at Columbia- 'resbyterian Hospital. His wife Mary remained at the hospital. Pacing an uphill fight for sur- ival, Godfrey stood up well under the operation. A hospital bulletin, after sur;eons took out a tumor in his left ung, said: "The upper lobe of the ung was successfully removed with the contained tumor. He withstood the operation well. His OVERWHELMED—Sherry Wood, 12, of Union town thumbs through some of the more than 700 letters she's received In '• nast few weeks from 45 states, Hawaii and' Canada. A letter seeking a pen pal brought the deluge of letters (AP Photo) Demos Taking Second Look WASHINGTON (AP)—Jolted by their inability to upset an Eisenhower veto, congressional Democrats took a new look today at their plans to push through some big-spending legislation. They may have to mark down sharply the price tags on some pending bills or risk vetoes which they now have little hope of overriding. "They will have to be a little more reasonable after what happened yesterday in the House," commented House Republican Leader Charles A. Halleck of Indiana. What happened was a double reverse for the Democrats and a dual victory for President Eisenhower. The House refused by vote o 280-146 to override Eisenhower'; veto of a bill which would hayi taken from Secretary of Agricui ture Ezra Taft Benson .his powe to refuse loans to rural telephone and electric cooperatives. The 274 Democrats and 6 Re publicans who voted to override fell four votes short of the re quired two-thirds. Four Democrats joined . 142 Republicans .in voting to support Eisenhower's position. The Senate had voted 64-29 t< upset the veto. It was the 138th bill vetoed by the President. He has never hai a veto overridden. Facing probable vetoes if they ever reach the White House ii their present form are bills call ing for heavy federal outlays fo airport development, housing community facilities and aid for depressed areas. Planning to Build or Remodel? 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For Further Information Please Contact Us. Now on Hancf for Immediate Delivery Calf Creep Feeders 25 and 50 Calf Capacities Fly Time Is Here Heavy Galvanized Screen Wire 9c P For Door or Window Termite Time Is Here TERMITOX , 55c Gallons 1.75 — Apply Yourself 18" White — 25 Ft. Picket Fence 4.25 No. ONE Quality (the best) Rough FIR Fencing Lumber IScbd.ft. Ph. CH 2-1492 - Your Lumber Number STAR GRAIN AND LUMBER CO. 114 W. 4th Ottawa, Kansas general condition , Immediately postoperative is good.'S Doctors said it would be at least two months before Godfrey'can return to'the air. Oct. 5 is Godfrey's 30th anniversary as a radio-TV performer—a career which has made him a millionaire and, at times, a controversial figure in the entertainment world. After X-rays disclosed a chest tumor several weeks ago, Godfrey said on a TV show: "Keep 'your fingers crossed. I think I'll be back again one day." Generalized figures on lung cancer from the American Cancer Society put Godfrey under, 25-1 odds against complete recovery. The society considers a lung cancer victim as "surviving saved" if he is alive five years after treatment. Godfrey, a veteran plane pilot, flew north from his 1,700-acre farm near Leesburg, Va., to enter the hospital Monday. Since he has been hospitalized, he has been deluged with letters and telegrams wishing him well. The entertainer has a two-room suite and bath on the 10th floor of Harkness Pavilion, overlooking the Hudson River. Women To Meet At Pittsburg PITTSBURG, Kas. '(AP) About 1,000 women from Cherokee, Labette, Montgomery, Wilson, Neosho and Crawford counties are expected in Pittsburg Monday for a meeting of their district home demonstration unit. The meeting coincides with National Home Demonstration Week, May 3-9. Judge Stanley Didn't Like It TOPEKA (AP) - Ben C. Holthaus,, Seneca trucker, wrote the word's "crooked fine" on the face of a $1,119.20 check in payment of a fine for violating Interstate Commerce Commission regulations. Federal Judge Arthur J. Stanley Jr.t who had fined Holthaus on six counts to which the defendant had pleaded guilty, hauled Holthaus back to court to explain why he had written the words. Holthaus denied he was trying to cast reflections on the court. He said he thought ICC agents had been picking on him as it was the third time he had been arrested. That was his motive for writing "crooked fine," he said. The OTTAWA HEfULB Friday, May 1, 1C59 The judge found he wjail ? Iftnfc cent of contempt of court but ordered him to write a new check without any extra words On it; Ice Cream Special SATURDAY and* SUNDAY , ZSCaPint For Ice Cream and Sherbet JOHN G. KAISER Drug Store Masonic Bldg. RANEY'S Your Rexall Drug Store exalt ^ORIGINAL MAY 4,5,6, MONDAY THRU SATURDAY REXALL 100's, 5-ar* Reg."" 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