Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 31, 1957 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1957
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, MAY' 31, 1957 Dial PA 2-^600 for a WANT AD Takpr A football relationship tha 1 • looms as a "natural" will be renewed in 1959 when the l'niver-1 sity of Maryland and West Virginia clash. Hose Boost Lead Over mkees To 'Trio Games A two-game seilcs has born arranged the first to he play, erf Scpl. 13. 1959 al fcllcsc Park, n-illi the second set for Sept. 17, 1960 at Horgiinlou-n. By rRKD D1C l.L'CA NEW YORK—tINSi—The Memorial Day landmark has passed .with the National League leaders as lightly hunched as ever, jhut Chicago's Go-Go-Going White ]Sox arc showing their heels to Robert "Red" Brown, West Vir-l tllc rcsl of " lc American League ginia athletic director, in mak-j TtKla . v . only throe games scp- ing the announcement of the re-! arale Cincinnati's frontrunning sumption, said "\Vc arc vcry|" 0< "°S s ' rom Philadelphia. Ihcj happy to include Maryland among fmir "'-P 1:i< e NL train. The Whilel our most respected football rivals.!^ 0 " boast that margin over thei \Vo hope to meet Maryland every second place New York Yankees year the same as "Pill. Penn and lead Detroit, the No. 4 learn, State and Syracuse. They are!by six games. 9 White Sox Beginning To Show Heeh natural opponents for The Terrapins arid Mountaineers played on an Blmost yearly basis eight times during 19-13-51 after an initial meeting when Ati- Amcrica fullback Ira (Rat) Rodgcrs led the 1919 tt'VU eleven to a 27-0 victory. However, .Marrl<'uid leads In the all-time series, four Tictories lo throe, with two games ending in ties. While all lhc National Lea igue learns split doubleheaders yesterday during the Memorial Day festivities, the White Sox, Tigers and Boston Red made hay by sweeping AL twin bills. The 1 Yanks and Washington split. Dick Donovan and Billy Pierce} bolh went the distance for the Pale Hose to take a pair from m ,-,,,.. Cleveland 6 to 4 and 2 to i. I'lnyer Of Day Tierce Wins Eighth In lhe laller years of lhe series! n <"">van. in recording his the two schools played for the| foljrlh win against one loss,! "fron Maul," a trophy given hy' hcl l" : '' i himscJf immeasurably by; the Maryland Junior Chamber ofj h '"' n S " lr ee singles to drive inj Commerce. Idea of (he awardj"? rec runs. Pierce also wielded a was conceived by the late I)avc|big bat, driving in the run off! Kauffmau of Cumberland. iMike Garcia that decided the! The two teams haven't met nightcap. COUNTY l.KAGUK CHAMPIONS — Here arc the Fort Hill High Sentinels who captured the County High School .League baseball championship by compiling an ll-l record in their first 12 games. They will try lo make it a ""double" in today's contest with Allegany. Winner of this gome will win the city championship. In the front row (left to right) are Jimmy Slinson, Ed Weaver Donnie Shantz Fast Becoming Yanks' Particular Pet By International Nevi Service Bohhy Shantr, big league baseball's littlest player, is' FORMBV, Ridgely, U. Jack Wilfong gave up four hits. each side of the 6.803-yard par 35- Foytackl' 0 lal(e some sharp ribbing fron Lou Boudreau For Athletics BV HARRY GRAYSON NBA Sporls Editor NEW YORK — i NBA) — LSu Boudreau kept gesturing with his hands to two big kids silting together on a couch in the holitf lobby. * A qualified observer figured they were ball players. Bond reau is lhe man-! ager of Kansasl Cily. The kids|j had short-cropped haircuts,^ jackets and loafers, Pasl t h i s,| you didn'l know! who llicy were | 1,1 All second di '<^t vision clubs seem to be nothing more than' 25 nobodies. Harry Simpson They come and go quickly and it is only once in a while—when Baltimore comes in with George Kell or Washington with Eddie Yost — that a familiar face is £een. Second division clubs largely arc composed of baseball wanderers and kids. The rover boy is in Kansas Cily this season, in Triple or Double A parl of the nexl. then Baltimore or Washington. Flasrb.ill Vagrantj MULLENS, W. Va.—(AP)—East Bank's Pioneers went Practically all of the current England uv-Haroldigfter their fourlh stale high school baseball crown here! A , lhIetics are bascb a» vagrants, s. i\ir rorce masier i j rir ^ av ucraincr •» Buckhannon f "" nA v^-i— i.. ....:__ *i_:_ 'enows who have been passed Lewis. Walter Hillegas. Jesse Markley, Thurl Roy, Tom Shaw, Gary Wolford and Russell Jones. In the back row are coach Bobby Cavanaugh. Carl Slonaker, Eddie Shoup, Gary Thompson, Allan Largent, Bob Fogtman, Ronnie Long, Clarence Kcan and Charles Jankey. The league championship was the seventh for Cavanaugh-coached teams. Ridgely Wins WayToFinals InBritishGolf Unearned Run Tops Martinsburg) 1-0 Bellowed an order for ed a drop-kick over the crossbar In the final moments as tli taineers emerged or the Ion; of a 16-14 count. Maryland won 47-7 in J949 and 41-0 in 1950. Thc[ sas Cl - Athletics. Jackie .Ton-; . Terps scored a 27-0 shutout in'47.! scn ' s " 0| ! ' at carried the Boston' wi ' lcr | n ™°"' » ilied Sox to 7-to-B and Ifi-tooL S)llanlz learned to take tt wins over the Baltimore Orioles! heii | lfevcIo P«l ji philosophy. with the first game going innings. Walker, after losing five of the who moved up to his office fromjfirst six holes, began .hitting wild- for Buckhannon yesterday. Mar-| linsburg. unable to hit "\Vilfong| ing the clutches, left a man on ••i ce chairman of the board, said Kel-jly and pulling uncertainly. He base in each of five innings'and'i lett !ias been named to serve as,never had a chance to overtakejlost its first game in 14 starts! West Virginia copped a 6-2 decision in 1013, bill the following Iwo years fouiul ttie teams lying at fi-6 and 13-13. Maryland is the first new op- pc enl announced for WVU's 1959 schedule. Oklahoma and Indiana were added for 1958 and Illinois is listed on the 13GO card. Five new opponents are on the 1957 schedule — Wisconsin. Virginia. Virginia Tech, Boston U. and Wake Forest. About Recreation and len If >'°"' rc big they call you a! The changes baboon," says Shantz. "and i^loom explained ' both executive vice president and 1 the American, general manager. Walker didn't win Hedlcgs Explode Power In the senior circuit, St. Louis irippcd Cincinnati, 7 to 2. before! :he Redleg home run power exploded to account for a 7-to-3 win. Sal Maglie. earned Brooklyn's opening game 4-lo-3 win over Pittsburgh, but Bob Purkey continued his inaslcry over the Dodgers in the 2-to-l afterpiece. Milwaukee and Ray Crone won. jthis year. hole from] The Buckhannon run was scored in titles. Hosen-l tlic '"nth through the 20th. He fi-jby Fay Slaughter, who reached ...- ~..r-—•••-*•, were made "for[ na "- v S°' one hack at the 21st. but'first on a fielder's choice. He then you get the Ireat-ireasons of clarity and organiza-; Ri dgely won two of the nest thrcejraced all the way to the plate ment. loo. Nobody is immune, regardless of color or build. Rat- lling (he opposition is part of the game. Rabbit ears will ruin you.", Shantz, who was horn in Pottstown, Pa., started his pro career in 1948 with Lincoln of the V.'cst- ern League, winning 18 and immediately being called up by lhe tional purposes" and there won'ti^es to close out the match. when Martinsburg"third baseman any changes in administrat-l In tfie final of the 193! BrilishjJcrry Hovermale threw the ball be live operation. Keith Jlolesworth, who was head coach in 1953 and executive {amateur, l.awson Little, anotherjaway attempting to cut down American, beat James Wallace 14 Slaughter at second on Bill War- and 13, Ridgely's margin was the vice president and chief talent biggesl in a 36 - nole match since scout since then, will be known as director of personnel. then, i S lo 2. before the Cubs snapped won 13 for the A's and the next year he captured 24 tn lead Scl This Evening Two games are listed Switchhitter Vow •okenBvMaiitle I WASHINGTON the .Mantle is sure now lhat ner's grounder. East Bank will be in lhe title game for the sixth time and lhe Pioneers will be seeking a fourth championship to add to those won in 1941, 1951 and 1952. Buckhannon has reached t h e stale title contest only once, los. if. _ Mickcyj'"S to East Bank, 6-3. in the paj "father; 0 " clash in 1941. ! sustaining ballplayers, enable a champions in 1941, 1951 and 1952,]manager fo field a club. Lou Boudrcau. lhe one-time boy manager, has been around himself as a pilot—Cleveland. Boston and now Kansas City. So he has plenty of sympathy for and patience with guys who carry (imctablcs from force of habit. He is the ideal manager for the Kansas City nomads. "Mickey McDermotl won 18 games for me in Boston," he recalled. Success. Boudreau tells you. is coining to Kansas City (or sure. And it is going to come with kids, like the ones he was talking lo. Maybe Fourth Place "This is the besl we've been." Boudreau said. "1 believe we'll be looking for fifth place, maybe fourth. We're off lo a good start. Jue DC Maestri is playing short stop well and hitting more than ever before in his life. Harry Simpson is any place you need him and hitting. Vic Power hit 5j 'better than .400 after missing the first 10 days of the season. Tom Morgan gave the pitching a.tVfc, mendous lift. 'But the big thing is (he fulure. We have several bright prospects in (he minors xvho are a couple of seasons away. That's the solid fee-ling you need. It's gelling bel- Dave thought it a good itlca from an economic standpoint. 11 was the opinion of the lite far-thinking local attorney that putting Cumberland nn the professional sports map might have some hearing on Industries considering totaling here. Kauffman was also an avid Coleman gave the Senators two! runs and they added another pair Steal-Proof Slogiin ' ,- ... r ,, . ~, , H L| L L " <"<-- :>i.\iii inning -"^ . <:r, r ,-- f, 0 " H r !ond same with lhe Washington mans at Stitcher field in the:c. n ,. nr City tilts. Post Playground willj' p)ay National Guard at East Side' Mickey batted righthanded on Jim Lemon's homer. CamiloiKn.- [ ncrjnti's To-,,,, Pascual got credit for his firs/ l -'? IO »--> 1 «•»» win over New York after losingj AUBURN', Neb. OP, — Slogan of J 1 ' ie ' d in lne Rec Io °P- 10 in a row. Shantz scored hisj"' e Auburn American Legion Jim- r . . ~. ^ .^—77 fifth win in the nightcap and[ i<7 Baseball program: jUplmust lo Drill jnlso drove in two runs with a 1 . " Il ' s beller '» be caught steal-' Optimist Club will practice lo- and decided to take a shot al (he; single. Andy Carey homered forl'" s l)ascs then to be caught;morrow, 4:30 p. m. at East Side'bleachers from the right side of against Emilio Hernandez, a right handed pitcher. And he hit into a double play. lie had twice just missed homers batting left handed Major Pacesetters By International Nevs Service NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTIXC. (Baitd on Ittv odlcu] M b»li> Mrr *nd Club r; AH R 1{ I'd. Jiial. SI. I>3iJis . 37 155 21 M .161 Robin rooMvn . 2K 121 Cincin'ti ZS 164 32 *3 31 5S HOT ROD—Emit C. Nelson. to come." UI-LUIU in * ui i^ajiu, itit". i^uu- ,- n t ~ f i sidered the oldest hot rod racer, i '"ms On Large Scale Nelson, who has it grand- ; Boudreau went into the Kansas children, has defied crack-ups ( Cily theme song about how Gen- for 40 years. c ra | Manager Parkc Carroll, giv- |cn a free hand by Owner Arnold , . c i r r iJohnson. has gone into baseball t rncttre Scliediile 'farming on a large scale. Carroll. ;hke so many of the Athletics, is Jaycees of Hot tomorrow. 10 a. Field. Uniforms will be issued. Elks of Hot Stove the Yanks. The Tigers tied the game ^stealing watermelons." ! Field. - : in booster of the local recrcation;lbe ninth off \Vally Rurnetle he- setup. "One nf the first lhings;fore Slealcr won it off the same industry looks at in a ccmimunityiJiutier. Foyfack received second it is considering for a plant site game halting support from Frank is the sports and recreation pro-;Boiling, who hit two homers, gram there." Dave once told me.|Arnold Portocarreio lost. This is borne out in the recent; .Iriihen Hits Pair following thought-provoking bul-' Jensen had two homers among lelin from the L". S. Chamber of his five hits for the riny as he Commerce. .drove in four runs and scored "Xcw industries place major ; six. His first game roundtripper emphasis on recreational facili-iwas in the tenth and decided that ties in selecting potential planllcontesl. His second game situ- sites. Taxes and sports facili-'eing broke lhc game wide open tics receive primary attention in' ; for Dave Sisler. The lied Sox surveys made by Ihc companies.'overcame a five-run deficit to . "A city that provides adequate take the opener. i recreational opportunities for its! Don BJasingame had four hits! citizens is considered an iclcalilo lead the opening game St.j site for a new industry. 'Louis attack that gave Willard "Said one industrialist: 'In.Schmidt the win. George Crowe, looking over a new business sitc.JGus Bell. Frank Robinson and we can't afford to overlooked Bailey all hnmercd in the sec- sports. If no recreational facili-;ond game for Cincinnati as reties cxisl we go on to the next licvcr Torn Acker got credit for community.'" 'his- sixth win in seven decisions Undoubtedly. Cumberland's The ftcfilecs stayed a came recreation program had some and-a-half ahc.-id of scconri'place significance in the selection by Brooklyn. the Pittsburgh 1'lale. Glass Com- Maglie was making his first pany of the local site for its 34- start since May 15 and needed million dollar plant. Kviflcnce of talc inning help from Clem Lathis was Ihc eagerness of the^nne. Duke Snider drove in three glass concern lo place a Icam.of Brooklyn's four runs off Vern made up only of employes in ttuvLavv. In the nishlcap Purkev Rocking Chair Softball League. • - - COMING DOWN TO EARTH the plate. Manlle always has said he would' Vet our city fathers have a difficult lime seeing eye In c>e on recreation! SI-STATE TOMES' /A' .ICTIO.\ TODAY AM right trams play nin; in the Bi-Str.lf Tony Baseball League as tl-.r circuit winds up its first week of the schedule.! All four undefeated cluhs will I face the ron-winning second-! division teams in today's card, j Frostburg invades LaVale. Midland is host to Corriganville, Ml. | Savage is at Cresaptown andj Ellerslie takes on I.onaconina at' home. 'Savage. Krosthurg. Mid-! land and Kllcrslic all racked up opening-day triumphs. The four games start at fi o'cJock. i .beat the Dodgers for Ihc thin I lime this season. He hasn't hfxt- :cn any other loam. Sandy Kou- f.ix lost. Crone finished his lirsl came in almost n in winning the first game for Milwoukkec! Bill Briilfin and Del Rice homered. The Cubs ROI even in the second this eve- samc (0 cn(i a three-game losing streak. 'Continued on Ps^c IT HOME RUNS — Aaron (Milwaukee), 2: Mnon (SI. Ijiuis>, 10; Snider Brooklyn! antl Musial (Si. Lo\m>. 9. nuxs BATTED IN — A»ron (Mil. morrow, 9:30 a. .aukcc). 35; FurillD (BrooV.I>n>. 33 nri Musial (St t-ouisl. 32 Hl'SS — Aaron (.Mihvjukrel. 3J. 1IIT.S RobinMln (Cincinnstil. is. never stop switching because lie! M J,?, l1:B( s^,~,"°* Ik3 ICiriela """ " made such a promise to his lather,! TRIPLES — scho«rid;«nn ana M Stove League out of the Yankee organization m.. Stitcher and knows where to look for tal- League lo-: Meanwhile. Boudreau is turn- Kast Side ing in a fine, early job wilh and i (Continued on Page 19) who died five years ago. Jones Finds Way To Beat Horses tXnr Yort). 4. -STOLEN B,VSES-May« (N««- Voikl.^ IS; Temple f Cincinnati). 7: Cllliarvij 'Brooklynv and Brulon <Milwjukft), fi.l PITCIItNG— <Ba»rd on moit wins) - Ja<rkson (St. L«uis) and AcV«r (Cinfin- natii. s-1 and Oomez (N'cw York>. K-3: Sanlord 'Philadelphia). 3-1 anil Bur- (Ictto anil Spahn <Miluaukeel 32; >Rrookl>-n>. SL CAMDEN. .V. J. — (NEA) — Jimmy Jones has much of the }{™ .vn-to-the-straw iiorse sense of P^ father Ben. but the Calumel lrain-,S; er stays up in the air as much as possible. Wilh parls of his stable quartered al several tracks during a season, Jones keeps in touch with all of them via a sleek plane that is his version of a car. What sold Jimmy on his private j^ air line was one week of racin^i ilast year. He Hew to Pimlico to!., HO -" K RVNS - X™*™' supervise Fabius* training for !{;•»««€•"*> ,i5Vi«ntS°(x, jthe Preakncss. He then went to "• Sk"as <Kan»> Cityi and •Belmont Park, where Princessi' D Rl-Ns''_ 7 M a n, 1( . , : •Turia and Beyond were entered' HITS — wmiamj r in the Acorn Slakes. The next' Tnn"'^-"^'^* lift was lo Garden Slate Park, simpsW'Kansas at ; wiiere Trerttonian was to run. STOLEN BASES — i All of Jones' entries won. with ;Princess Turia and Beyond fin> a jf° v - iishing in a dead heat. 'Philadelphia). 4-s. ^STRIKEOUTS — Koufax (Brooklyn), o AMERICAN LITAGtF n.vrriNC. (Riacd aa 100 ollklal PUj«r and Clob fi AB Williams. Bosion . 3S J25 25 52 .41.1 Mantle. New York 33 125 13 « .363 I>clroit .32 106 II 37 ,3!9i [Big Ten Football j Opens All Al Once. i ! CHICAGO - f* - All (en foot-, ball teams in the Western Con-1 Terence will open thoir seasons! on Sepl, 28. Illinois visits UCLA.Wichna !for a night game. Indiana visits!??: F * ul 1 .Michigan Siaic. Michigan pbyaJbmTh" |at Southern California and North-j i western is at Stanford. j Charlc | Al home. Iowa meets Utah! nlrnw. jStato. Minnesota plays Washing-!^"112. [ton. Ohio entertains TCU. Purdue' .hosts N'otre Dame and Wisconsin j lakes on Marquetle. :>; Francona <BaStirrorc) and Aparicio 'C"hlra xnt, i; Ri\cra .nnd Minnvs H iBoslonl. Plhrcik (BA1- limnr*) and >Tantlc (N>w York), 4. PITCHING-* Based on most \vin*> — Pitrce (CTitcapo), 8-2; Xlaas (Detroit). ;-2 and Brewer (Boston^. 6'3: Truclis Kansas Cily), 50; Shantz (N>w Vnrk>. SI: Grim <N"tu- York> and 'Oiica KO >. 5-2; f.oea ' BaUfmrT<1 a n<3 Koytack ctHIrolt). 5-a Jir.a V>'ynt\ (CK-x-clar.<1>, 5-5. SlHIKF.OUTS-Pirrrc <C>iicA«;n>, 57 A»r.nrcAN ASSOCIATION IT. L. 2A U . 2-S IS 27 18 . 21 21 on 10. Wrchiia u S6. Indianapoli LITTLE SPORT By Rouion LET US KEEP YOU IN GOOD SPIRITS MARTIN'S Liquor Store 15 Bolfimorc St. Next to W.M. Crowing FREE DELIVERY Diol PA 2-1459 TOMC.nT IKST, Protubl* Piuhfr** Oiic* K t> a.t Cinpinnalt. R p, tn.— (&6) \*. Jtffcoai <3-2>. SI. I-iui5 *t Mt.waukte. * p. r I2» it Pi/arro >t rhilaclclphla. 7 p. m, — •U \t. Roberts (4S> a1 Pitlsftureh, 7:IS p. m.— Mr.S TO-MORROW !at Fittsbwrgh. 1J:3» t Cincinnall. 1;31 p at Philadrlphla. 7 p. Al Milwaukee, AMERICAN LEAOVE TE^TKRDAT'S RESVLT5 "a^hinjtlon 50. Nc» VorV Dftron fi-3. Karuai Oly 3-a (1st 10 inning Bostr>n 7-16. Baltimore «S <lrt 10 inninc«l C'hlraco 6-2.

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