The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California on August 27, 1978 · Page 2
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The San Bernardino County Sun from San Bernardino, California · Page 2

San Bernardino, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1978
Page 2
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A-2"THI SUN"TILIG,AM t. 27, im. Si paa b . s U.Gslti.G peopOs Golden Dragon massacre tale told 18. to the restaurant. Folice said the grisly shooting grew out of a rivalry between Chinese outh canes thp Hong Knnc born Jnp Roys and the American-born Wan Chine. Yu said Tarn's mood was "very happy" in the cetaway car after the bloody raid and recalled Tarn saying that he "thought he shot a girl down'- and that he "wanted to shoot more people but lanothert girl came up front and cot in the w av." Tarn sat quietly and appeared downcast, rarely shifting his gaze from the w ltness. Purine iross examination, defense attorney Douelas Schmidt tried to show that Tarn lied about shooting people because he was afraid of Yu's brother Tom, an alleced Joe Boy leader. Schmidt asked Yu. "What do you think your brother Tom would have done to Curtis if he came back and said he didn't shoot anvone?" Yu said he didn't know. z7 . ; 5 ' - i i ! i , . 1 ' s , Yu held his hand to his face and spoke slowly as he described how the attack was "revenge," planned at a suburban Pacifica home and launched after a caller tipped them that leaders of the Wah Ching and Hop Sing youth gangs were eating at the Golden Dragon. Yu said the Wah Ching and Hop Sing were responsible for the murder of Felix Huie in a July 4. 1977 attack in w hich Melvin Yu, no relation, was wounded. Yu described on a map his approach route to the Chinatown restaurant and said he parked in front and waited while Tarn, Ng, and Melvin Yu. all with stockings over their heads, ran inside. He said Tarn had a short-barreled shotgun. Ng had a long-barreled shotgun and a .38 caliber handgun and Melvin Yu had a .45 caliber rifle. The weapons were recovered from the mud of San Francisco Bay. Yu said Ng instructed Tarn before entering the Golden Dragon to fire a shot up at the ceiling and "when the people panic and get down on the floor, we w ill decide w ho to shoot." A tape Tarn gave police claims he fired all his shots above the heads of diners. Judge Walter Calcagno has yet to decide if he w ill allow the 50-minute tape to be introduced as evidence. Bird wont wage campaign for seat N v Court threats two weeks ago, Ms. Bird asked if citizens "want a system that simply reflects the views of whoever can harangue the loudest . . . bully the best . . . scare the most . . . make his threats felt most forcibly?" Ms. Bird is opposed by two "No on Bird" committees formed by Republican legislators, law and order groups and San Joaquin Valley farmers- SAN FRANCISCO (AP The confessed driver of the getaway car in the Golden Dragon massacre testified Curtis Tarn carried a shotgun into the restaurant, said later he was "very happy, and apologized for not shooting more people. Five persons were killed and 11 wounded in the shootincs last Sept. 4 in the bloody Chinatown outburst that emptied streets for months in the usually teeming district of shops, restaurants and tenements. Tarn was identified in court Friday as one of three triggermen by Chester Yu, 17, the Hong Kong-born wheelman whose charges were reduced to accessory to murder because he agreed to testify against the other defendants. Yu. whose native Cantonese was translated by an interpreter, told a Superior Court jury how he drove Tarn, Peter Ng, and Melvin Yu, all S.F. paid out welfare funds to the dead SAN FRANCISCO (AP) District attorney fraud investigators say welfare payments have been doled out in the name of dead persons and ineligible recipients on the public payroll, a newspaper report said Saturday. The account, in the San Francisco Examiner, said criminal indictments in the cases were expected within two weeks. The investigation, under way since last year by city and federal officials, uncovered cases in which up to $100,000 was paid in the name of dead persons, the story said. At least two Social Services workers who allegedly allowed the payments to continue in the case involving a dead person were suspended or fired, the story said. Assistant District Attorney Don Disler said fraud Investigators were using computers to check payrolls for other possible abuses. AP wlrphot Tree's victims Nixon for cutting federal spending FRESNO (AP) The oath of office judges take "does not ask them to make popular decisions, to act as barometers of public opinion, or to serve as interpreters of the Gallup Poll," said Caliornia Supreme Court Chief Justice Rose Elizabeth Bird Saturday. Ms. Bird has said she does not intend to conduct a political campaign to retain her Supreme Court seat because she feels it is inappropriate. However, an independent group called California Women for the Chief Justice has been formed to support Ms. Bird's retention and the National Women's Political Caucus has endorsed her confirmation. While not directly speaking of her ballot confirmation in November or death threats the high court has received regarding rulings on Proposition 13's constitutionality, Ms. Bird told a group of supporters here that what is needed are "judges with the courage to uphold their oaths of office without regard to promises of reward or threats of harm." "Often, their decisions will be unpopular, and sometimes those decisions may cost Judges dearly as individuals," the 41-year-old Chief Justice said in opening the National Women's Political Caucus here. Alluding to Supreme Defense could make a 10 percent reduction in civilian employees. Nixon, w ho resigned from office four years ago, reiterated that his plans include "nothing in the political area at all" and denied reports he plans to visit Europe and China. He said a new book he is w riting will be about "the long-term future of the free world and western civilization, and in that I include Japan." "The Communists look forward for a century, but we Americans have no sense of history. We think in terms of about five years," Nixon said. SAN CLEMENTE (AP) Former President Richard M. Nixon says an across-the-board cutback in federal spending is "the one move" that would curb inflation. "Agriculture and all the old-line agencies are overstaffed. The whole government is overstaffed, including Congress. We've got to grasp that nettle," the former president was quoted in today's San Jose Mercury-News as telling a reporter in an interview at San Clemente last week. Nixon said the Department of 'or Sunday o no c Figures show f I temperatures (or area 90 0 IVYJ Cold Worm r mmmm X f Dot0 (rom ewf Stotionory Occluded N ATI ON A I Associated Press Hi to Pre Otlk Albany 75 54 clr Albu'que 89 59 .08 clr Amarlllo 89 6fi .07 cdy Anchorage 71 51 cdy Asheville - 88 66 cdy Atlanta 88 71 cdv Atlantic Cty 74 63 clr Baltimore 83 71 .01 clr Birmingham 93 71 cdy Bismarck 88 65 .18 cdy Boise 74 49 clr Boston 88 58 .06 clr Brownsville 94 74 cdy Buffalo 76 57 cdy CnarlstnSC 94 77 cdy CharlstnWV 83 68 rn Chicago 82 70 rn (county A summary ) SK WEATHER SERVICE NOAA. US Oept of Commerce area forecasts c Francoise Schoffeneils, 18, and Marc Parthoens, 22, tourists from Belgium, had their American vacation ended abruptly when a National Park Service crew felled a 120-foot pine tree on their tent in the Grand Canyon. Doth have been hospitalized in Flagstaff, Ariz, with back injuries. Little truck driver saves a policeman MIAMI (AP) About 150 bystanders ignored the shouts of a policeman being struck and kicked by attackers before a man stopped his dump truck, rushed through the onlookers and chased the attackers from the officer. "He was just a little guy, really," said Metro Police Officer MILAN PILAT. "About five feet seven inches but everybody backed off." Pilat's rescupr disappeared without identifying himself and police are searching for him in hopes of citing him for bravery. "I just want to get a hold of the guy and thank him personally," said Pilat, who suffered a sprained finger, cuts, bruises and a battered face when he was struck by a foot-long chain. The anonymous hero helped the officer Friday after Pilat tried to arrest a man on a narcotics charge. The man struck Pilat with a length of chain and began running. Pilat said he chased and finally tackled the man and they began to struggle on the ground until others Pilat said he is uncertain how many gathered around them and started hitting the officer. Globe -walker prepares book COSTA MESA (AP) Round-the-world walker DAVID KUNST, former Waseca, Minn., resident who finished his 15.000-mile trek nearly four years ago, is still trying to get In print in a way that will pay off. Kunst says he is nearer his goal, and expects a publisher will have "The Man Who Walked Around the World" off the presses by spring. Kunst, now 38, began the walk in 1970 with a younger brother, JOHN. John was slain by bandits in Afghanistan, and David Kunst attributes his survival to the fact he played dead until the gunmen had left. But w hen it came to his next great ambition writing Kunst found the task confounding. He produced a 500,000 word narrative and a publisher rejected it. Later, he teamed with an English professor in New York who is slimming it down to about one-tenth of the original tome. Nixon back in public life? SEATTLE (AP) Don't be surprised if former President RICHARD NIXON returns to public life, possibly as a roving ambassador, says Rabbi BARUCH KORFF, one of the ex-chief executive's staunchist supporters. Watergate, Korff said, "was a fluke" and "When all the flak . . . is obviated by time, we will remember that he had a brilliant mind. He has an enormous capacity for service. He's a leader, a patriot beyond question. "Perhaps in time," Korff suggested, "some president, be it Mr. Carter or someone else, may find it in the national interest if Mr. Nixon was named a roving ambassador. You know, he has no peers in international affairs. He's highly regarded by the heads of state." Italian prince freed from jail AJACCIO, Corsica (AP) Former Italian Crown Prince VICTOR EMMANUEL, a well-known European jetsetter, was released from jail Saturday pending trial on charges he shot a 19-year-old German tourist during a scuffle near the prince's yacht. The tourist, DIRK JEERD HAMEL, is in serious condition in a Marseille hospital following amputation of his right leg resulting from the Aug. 19 shooting in southern Corsica, a Mediterranean island south of France. Victor Emmanuel, 41, has been held in Ajaccio prison since the incident, facing charges of assault and illegal possession of firearms. The crown prince only son of Italy's former KING UMBERTO II went into exile after a referendum established the Italian Republic on June 2, 1948. Billy won't answer question DENVER (AP) BILLY CARTER'S commercial cavalcade came to Denver this weekend as he promoted a local furniture store's 80th anniversary celebration. "None of your damned business," Billy replied to reporters' queries on how much the furniture firm was paying him for his appearance. He reportedly will earn about $500,000 this year from public appearances and endorsements. His brother, President JIMMY CARTER, earns $200,000 elsewhere Cincinnati 83 72 rn Cleveland 83 59 cdy Columbus 83 64 rn DalFtWth 100 79 cdy Denver 90 53 cdy Dps Moines 89 72 .21 rn Detroit 84 66 rn Duluth 64 57 rn Fairbanks 64 42 cdy Hartford 76 54 clr Helena 73 49 .10 cdy Honolulu 88 74 clr Houston 92 80 cdy Ind'apolis 86 71 .09 rn Jarlu'ville 93 66 clr Juneau 71 41 clr Kan's City 96 74 rn Las Vegas 100 82 clr Little Rock 100 75 cdy Los Angeles 81 62 clr Louisville 90 71 rn Memphis 95 74 clr Miami 87 79 clr Milwaukee 72 63 rn Mpls-St. P. 79 69 .01 rn Nashville 89 71 .42 cdy New Orleans 91 70 cdy New York 78 60 clr Norfolk 84 72 clr Okla. City 101 74 .04 cdy Omaha 88 fi8 .55 cdy Orlando 93 69 clr Palm Springs 104 65 clr Philad'phia 85 66 clr Phoenix 105 75 clr Pittsburgh 81 56 cdv P'tland. Me. 72 46 clr P'tland.Ore 75 48 cdv Rapid City 86 56 .01 clr Reno 83 37 clr Richmond 87 72 clr St. Louis 92 67 rn St. P. Tampa 91 75 clr Salt Lake 88 53 clr San Diego 77 64 clr San Fran 64 55 cdv Seattle 73 53 .06 cdy Spokane 73 45 clr St Sie Marie 73 54 cdy Tulsa 104 81 cdy Washington 88 75 clr TRAL CALIFORNIA Clearing northern California this evenings then fair through Monday except fog and low clouds on the coast nights and mornings mostly clearing afternoons. Slightly warmer inland. Small craft advisory San Francisco Bay to the Sacramento Delta afternoons and evenings. c national weather SAN BERNARDINO VALLEY Fair through Monday with sunny days. Lows 55 to 60. Highs 88 to 92. LOS ANGELES Some patchy low clouds near the coast late night and early morning hours otherwise fair through Monday with sunny days. Overnight lows near 63. Highs today and Monday near 83. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MOUNTAIN AREAS Fair through Monday with sunny days. Local gusty west to northwest winds at times. Overnight lows 42 to 55. Highs today and Monday in the 70s. BEACH AREAS -Patchy late night and early morning low cloudiness, otherwise fair through Monday. Lows 52 to 62. Highs ranging in lower 70s. LOW DESERT Fair through Monday w ith sun-nv davs. Lows 65 to 75. Highs both davs 100 to 107. HIGH DESERT Fair through Monday with sunny days. Locally gusty westerly winds of 15 to 25 mph afternoon and evening hours. Lows 56 to 66. Highs 88 to 98. peratures recorded from Southern California across the southern Rockies and from the mid-Mississippi Valley to southern and mid-Atantic Coast states. Readings in the 60s were recorded in the Northwest, with 70s prevailing from the northern Plains, across the Great Lakes and into the northern Atlantic coast" states. Associated Press Showers and thunderstorms extended from southwest Texas across wide patches of the central Plains and the Tennessee and Ohio valleys Saturday. Scattered storms were reported along the Gulf of Mexico and the extreme eastern end of the Great Lakes. Elsew here, the weather was calm, with hot tem Official San Bernardino high and low temperatures yesterday as reported by the National Weather Service: 90-55. One year ago yesterday: 85-61. Daytime temperature range at Norton Air Force Base: 90-52. Relative humidity 1 p.m. yesterday: 19 percent. A permit is required for all burning. Contact nearest fire station for information. Area Temperatures High Lew Apple Valley 88 50 Barstow 92 58 Big Bear 74 39 Colton 86 54 Daggett 95 66 Devore 84 55 Etlwanda 84 45 Fontana 89 52 Lake Arrowhead 76 46 Needles 102 69 Ontario 87 58 Redlands 89 51 Rlalto 90 53 Riverside 88 55 Wrightwood 80 46 THIS MONTH c 3 smog forecast for today mini-almqnaT The Air Quality Management District has predicted the following ozone for today: NORTHWEST VALLEY (Upland): .21 CENTRAL VALLEY: .21 EAST VALLEY: 15 CENTRAL MOUNTAIN: .16 The pollution standard index is unhealthful for everyone. NORTHERN AND CEN c yesterday's smog readings 3 Monday, August 21, 1971 Sunrl t:M a.m. Sunut 7;20 p.m. RAINFALL August 9, 1971 01 174-79 July 1 to dt oi 1977-74 July 1 to date 2.40 1977-71 season total 32.23 (extended " forecast ) NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Tuesday through Thursday, fair with some afternoon clouds over the mountains and patchy low clouds aiong the coast. Temperatures near to slightly above normal. Highs in the 0t near coast to the 90s inland valleys. Lows m the 50s to low 60s at low elevations. CENTRAL CALIFORNIA - Tuesday through Thursday, fair except for patchy low clouds along the coast. Temperatures slightly above normal. Highs in 60s along the coast to the 90s inland valleys Lows i UPLAND CENTRAL CENTRAL REDLANDS MTN. VALLEY AREA smog report OZONE TABLE Ati(unl isAutuit 21 San Bornardlno 17 .20 Badlands II .11 Yucalpa 14 .11 Fontana 19 .24 Upland.. 12 .14 Vlctorvlllt 13 .01 Lak Orogory Rlvorsldo 14 .11 Pomona 15 .25 Azusa 14 .22 Pasadona 15 .21 Let Angoltt 07 .10 Jl'LY Jul 24... 102 Jul 27... 104 Jul 28... 101 Jul 2f... 101 Jul 30... 104 Jul 11... 101 Aug 1. 101 Aug 2... 97 Aug 1... 97 Aug 4. 10S Aug S. 105 Aug 4. 105 Aug 7. 102 Aug I... 99 Aug 9... 94 Aug 10... 99 Aug 11. Aug 12. Aug 1). Aug 14. Aug 15. Aug 14. Aug 17., Aug 11., Aug 19., Aug 20.. Aug 21.. Aug 22.. Aug 23.. Aug 24.. Aug 25.. Aug 24.. .. 97 44 .. 94 41 .. 92 41 .. 93 59 .. 95 SI . 94 55 . 92 54 . 95 55 . '4 51 . 91 55 . 95 40 . 91 57 . n 54 ' . 92 SO , 90 52 . 90 55 .16 Ozone N02 CO .24 .17 5 .18 .05 4 First stage smog alerts were called at 3 p.m. in the San Bernardino-Fontana area, cancelled at 7 p.m.

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